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Fiber of All Sorts

Last Update: April 6, 2024, 7 a.m.
Quilting, Sewing, Knitting, Crocheting, and other fiber adventures

Home Designs by Amanda

Last Update: April 3, 2024, 10:44 p.m.

Crayon Box Quilt Studio

Last Update: April 2, 2024, 7:09 a.m.

Quilts From My Crayon Box

Last Update: April 2, 2024, 7:09 a.m.

quilts and more

Last Update: April 1, 2024, 7 a.m.

quilting and fiber artwork and anything that captures my interest...
meine und andere quilts, textile arbeiten und was mich sonst noch so interessiert...

de Quiltschuur goes Italy

Last Update: April 1, 2024, 12:36 a.m.
Adventures I have since my move to Italy. I'm a quilter and can't do without, so you will read a lot about quilting and my passion to teach quilting. Also you will read about my italian life, my friends, the feasts, food, wine etc. When you like what ...

Cold Feet Quilter

Last Update: March 31, 2024, 11:34 p.m.
COLD FEET QUILTER-------A journal of an Alaskan Quilter, fiber artist, teacher & Longarm quilter.Life in the Last Frontier.

Having Fun

Last Update: March 31, 2024, 12:16 a.m.

Tuppence Ha'penny Quilts

Last Update: March 30, 2024, 7:29 p.m.

Quilting Under The Midnight Sun

Last Update: March 29, 2024, 10:45 p.m.
Tales of thread and fabric...