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June 19, 2021
Saturday Seven 186: Lifestyle & Inspiration for Quilters from A Quilting Life

Saturday Seven 186 featured by Top US Quilting Blog, A Quilting Life

Hello, friends, and happy Saturday! We were out of town last weekend (which was wonderful), but I do love Saturdays at home, too! I have all of the plans to have a relaxing weekend along with getting a few things checked off of my list. I hope you’ll enjoy today’s Saturday Seven 186: Lifestyle & […]

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A little nature........... from Exuberant Color

The pots by my garage are filling out nicely.  The Coleus will grow a lot taller before summer is over.

I spent a lot of time in the basement yesterday putting things away and pressing sewing was done.

Here is the other pot by the garage.  I depend on the Coleus for most of the color in these pots.  The trailing vine has little purple flowers for some contrast.

I put some of my flower pots by the tomato garden along the driveway.  I have planted some Marigolds between some of the plants and I see a few ...

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Playtime - from A Left-Handed Quilter

First I sorted the Bali Pops™ - Mulberry - Into pairs of strips - For another 16-patch - Pattern by Wanda S. Hanson -  Exuberant Color - You can find her EXCELLENT tutorial - HERE -    I had so much fun sewing the last one -  I thought I would make another -  The blocks go together quickly -  And the size of the top is perfect - 64" x 80" - for a lap-size throw -  Wide enough to snuggle under -

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A New Quilt Project from Lovin' Life At The End Of The Dirt Road

After a long, dry spell, I have been able to spend some time in my sewing room. I figure that's worthy of a quick blog post.

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Take a Picture from Jo's Country Junction

Around Memorial Day the whole family was a little down.  We were all looking back and remembering where we were two years ago.  If you’ve been reading the blog, you know that Memorial Day of 2019 is when we found out Kramer, my husband, only had weeks to live.  He ended up dying on June 2nd, so in all honesty, we had from Tuesday to Sunday in the wee hours of the morning.

What has been comforting to us all is seeing pictures.  Sadly, most of the pictures we have of Kramer are from when he was sick.  Here ...

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Pattern Decomposition from On Point Quilter

Do you remember the first time you found a critical error in a pattern?  For some of us it ranks up there to remembering where we were when 9/11 struck.

For me it happened during my second year of quilting.  I don't remember the pattern name, but I remember the quilt.  it had browns, reds and tans.  It was going to be big -- queen size.  I had reached the stage where I had gained some confidence in my piecing abilities and to be efficient I cut out the entire quilt top before I began piecing it.  Yes -- all ...

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JUNE BRIDE, 2021 from Kwilty Pleasures

Our granddaughter Ashleigh and her boyfriend Billy,
tied the knot after 12 years together.

Phil aka Grandpa, waiting for the fun to begin.

Ashleigh asked her Grandpa to walk her down the isle, with her Dad.

The small wedding chapel was just perfect for the event.

Ashleigh was so beautiful on her special day.

Mr. and Mrs.
Notice the sunglasses on Billy....
yep, he forgot they were even on his head!

The family ...grows.

Phil, Ashleigh and Me

There was a lovely garden on site,
 but with heat in the 90s they opted just to take pictures outside

Grandpa photo ...

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My Friends Love Their New Wall Hanging!! from Lavender Quilts

 Well, my brother, Kelly and I went over to Don and Julita's for homemade split pea soup and to hang their quilt!!  The soup was delish and the hanging went well.  

Don did say the wiggly bottom bothered him so we are going to put a small dowel through the bottom binding so it lays straight!!

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Frames from Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara

The frames that I’ve ordered have all been ordered from Custom Frames. Denise found them first and told me about them. She’s ordered a good many frames from them and been happy with them. Today while in town, we had an extra few minutes waiting for Chad, Nicole and Addie to get Addie’s shoes at...

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Patriotic Things from Sunshine in the Attic

 I've been seeing so many ideas and beautiful talented bloggers making red, white and blue things and figured I'd start making these scrap busting 6 1/2" star blocks (unfinished) which could be used for all sorts of projects. 

I'll include some no waste cutting instructions below.

I got my triangle quilt loaded onto the quilting machine.  You can see a peak at the backing which is white stars on blue fleece.  I decided to forgo batting since it's a summer quilt.

I'm using this free pantograph, Starlets, that I saw on another blog (thank ...

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Red and White Quilts 44, 45 from Virtual Quilter

Basic pieced 9P blocks, mixed together and I like the results.

The second design reminds me of a game board, but I have no idea what the rules might be!

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Blue Quilt progress... from Elsie Quilts

I offered to make quilts for refugee families thinking with Covid and the crazy amount of paperwork to get them here, I had lots of time. Not. One family is coming in July, a mom and three daughters. The yellow one is done. The blue on is on the longarm, pictured here. The red top is finished and next in line. The black one is still in my mind. I do have the fabric though. It seems best if they are all done before these gals arrive, but I'm not sure it will happen. I do have another life ...

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Zucchini in Abundance from Ravelly1


One of my girlfriends gifted Mr. Cowboy & me with several large zucchini......OMG...... I was over the moon but only knew one way to cook them. So Google came in handy with an oven recipe.  There are several recipes to choose from. I use the one with Parmesan cheese.
Let's just say yummy doesn't even describe the tastiness.
Hope those of you who still have your dads around or granddads.....have a happy Father's Day weekend!

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June 18, 2021
Busy, Hot Friday from Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara

The heat index has been right at 100, just above and just below all afternoon. 5:10 p.m. and it’s 99 (heat index) now. It is miserable. This has been a busy few days for us, especially since we rarely leave the house but we went to Branson on Wednesday and met Marlene, met Julie and...

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Blast from the Past: June 2011 from Jo's Country Junction

I’m doing a little series of posts that feature old blog posts.  I have been going back and looking at them.  It’s been fun.  I started blogging in June of 2009…WOW.  Over ten years.  I’m so glad I’ve kept the blog as a diary of sorts…today I’m telling you about projects I finished in June of 2011.

My yo-yo table runner was in terrible shape.  I made this back in the 90’s.  By 2011 it needed a little updo.  I had to take a yo-yo apart to get the size and remake ...

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One Secret Sewing Project Revealed from Thistle and Thicket Studio

Well Hello! I'm back after an unexpected hiatus that included a couple of weeks camping in Texas, taking care of my mom after a fall and surgery, three secret sewing projects, a 40-60-80 girls' birthday trip, and a family wedding. Whew! Where did the time go? I'm glad to be back to share one of those secret sewing projects that has been gifted so now I can share!

Stash Buster Quilt Made By Thistle Thicket Studio.

Last year, our quilt guild chose to participate in Border Creek Station's 2020 Stash Buster Challenge. I decided to pull all of my pastel floral prints from my stash ...

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Saturday Sparks Link Party 427 from Pieced Pastimes

Welcome to Saturday Sparks 427!Starting off today's party with a sneak peak of a much needed creative break.Life takes us in many different directions and we adjust to the ebb and flow, but there are times we find ourselves needing to veer off course in order to bring back balance.In recent days, such was the case for me.We've had one too many irons in the fire lately and I was in need of a

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New Patterns Available via Quilt Woman from Curlicue Creations

Two more of my patterns are now available for purchase on the Quilt Woman website.

These patterns are available as both paper copies or PDF downloads, take your pick.
You can see all of my patterns that are available through Quilt Woman here:  Curlicue Creations - Jennifer Thomas  Thank you for your support!
Be Creative ~ Sew Something Beautiful Today

Jennifer Thomas

Connect with me:

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This is an affiliate link.  Clicking this link will not affect the ...

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Hearts galore from Espritpatch

 Another very old project... I will confess that I used to be a swap addict! The swap blocks were from before the high speed internet since they were made in 2006!

The idea for this swap was to prepare some blocks with 3 raw edge hearts applique on top of each other. The hearts have an indent on the side and in the middle to be sliced up. This is a variation on the "bull eye pattern".

After the blocks had been swapped, we were supposed to cut them in 4 (in half vertically and horizontally). Next step was to ...

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Little Bit of Sewing this Week from Wont to be Quilter

Hi friends!

I have been making different styles of hanging towels for the oven door.

Not as pretty as Dawn's but hoping to do all the females in my family at least one.
Still haven't started the quilting on this!

Still have a few of these to finish!
Have a great weekend.


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