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May 18, 2021
March till now sewing from Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting

 Not nearly enough sewing has been going on since I posted in March.  Here is a quick catch-up.

I've had reproduction (Chinese) hand cranks to use on my sewing machines for many years. I found an original hand crank at a quilt store that was going out of business, several years ago, but the handle doesn't lock in place, so I haven't used it. I've been wanting an original hand crank, but hadn't come across another one.  Well, I ordered 2 of them from Helen Howes in England.  Helen is a parts supplier for vintage ...

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A Rant, OK? from Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara

There were several comments about the food truck incident today suggesting I contact the manager and let them know what happened. There were several comments yesterday to contact the county roads department or whomever put the “Impassable During High Water” sign out on our road. I’m not angry or upset about the comments; probably a...

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Nightingale Quilt from Mama Spark's World

I am still trying to adjust to being home again.  There is so much to do here!  I bought plants for the garden and some hanging baskets.  I did weed the side garden and now I need to plant.  There is SO much yard work to do!!!  I have had zero motivation to actually sew in the week since we have been home.  I changed out all the bedding in both bedrooms today and did some laundry. I put away all

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Hexies galore and Free Motion Mavericks from Quilting & Learning

I can't believe  it - I totally forgot that I had a post and a link up due today. I did vaguely think about it this week and then my sleep deprived brain skipped right over it. Such is life these days!

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Brandis Street Blocks 5, 6 from Virtual Quilter

I like it. These designs use similar colours to the 1970s floor covering the block designs are based on, just after the 60s orange started to become unfashionable.

I love the second one, but am not happy with the way the quilting looks here. Perhaps my virtual thread is too thick, or the design has too much detail.

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May 17, 2021
Retreat! from The Hexie Blog

I got back yesterday from our guild's yearly quilting retreat. It was fabulous! It made life feel normal again. Wonderful fun. Lots of laughing. Met some new friends. Enjoyed old friends. Drank wine. Sewed LOTS! 

I usually work on a few projects, but this time I focused on this quilt top. I arrived with all the half square triangles cut with my Accuquilt. 

I sewed one row at a time. Sunday morning I finished the quilt top! Marathon sewing. Last night when I got home, I ordered minky for the backing. When it comes in I'll let a ...

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The Beginning of a Solids Cross-Hatch Quilt Top from Jan's Quilts

I really liked the Black and White Cross-Hatch Quilt Top; so I decided to make two more using solid color scraps.  I have plenty to those!  I spent some time sorting, then cutting enough 5" squares for the two new quilt tops.  Then I made the 80 HSTs I'll need for two tops.  I've become a believer in doing two at a time!

I am assembling each quilt top separately because I want them to look different.  I have the first 7 rows assembled, and the next 3 rows are already pinned together.  I just needed a little ...

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Boots from Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara

It seems like a lifetime ago that Boots was being so weird and biting and I was kinda afraid of him. Does he look scary? He has the run of the house til he jumps over the fence and goes into the kitchen, then he gets scolded and goes back to the sewing room. No...

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The Solid Cross-Hatch Quilt Top is Complete, the First Edition from Jan's Quilts

I'm really happy with this Solid color version of the Cross-Hatch Quilt Top, warts and all.  On the Black and White version, I planned imperfection; this time it just happened.  Guess I'm Amish at heart.

I have enough squares and HST ready for another quilt top, Guess I better get busy!

As you can see, it's Frisco approved.  I had the darndest time getting and keeping him off this quilt top!  This time I made the squares 5", instead of 5.5".  That made the quilt top smaller, 51" x 64", as opposed to 56" x 70 ...

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Three Points—Student Showcase from Tales of a Stitcher

Last night, we finished the first ever indie version of Three Points—A Triangle Workshop. It was a virtual roller coaster ride–full of points and degrees

Amy Krueger @ackrueger

Students came at the triangle from all angles—from avant garde deconstructed triangles to traditional quilt block patterns, to modern and contemporary designs. 

Babara Wuestinger

It was very rewarding to see everyone’s ideas.

Carollee Schuegraf

If seeing all of these cool triangle quilts makes you think want to take a workshop with me—you can!

Heather Pregger @heathpregger

Under the Influence–How to take Inspiration and Make it Your ...

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In My Mail from Jo's Country Junction

Mail is flooded in and covering my kitchen and entryway.  I’m eager to tell you about it and find homes so I can have my kitchen back.  HA!!

The first package was quilt tops and they were from Charlet.  She wrote, “Thanks so much for doing this!  I have more if these work out for you.  Just let me know.”

I’m sure they will work out and we always can find a home for quilt tops.  Here are the two tops Charlet sent.  This one is a polka dot paradise.  You can’t see the best in the ...

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Video: Quilting Grid Designs in Borders | QJ Clubhouse from Quilted Joy

Did you catch our May 2021 Quilted Joy Clubhouse online meeting? 2021 is our year of grid designs! This month we looked at quilting grid designs in borders! If you missed the livestream it’s available to watch (or re-watch!) whenever you’d like. Find it on the Quilted Joy Youtube channel or on the Quilted Joy Clubhouse page on our website!

Our main program for this month’s meeting was how to quilt grid designs in borders. Watch the video below to see Angela quilt these designs, and so much more!

How to Quilt Grid Designs in Borders

So ...

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» Pat Sloan's Blog

I know this sounds crazy... but Join me tonight at 8:00pm est for the LIVE 'chat' portion of my podcast where chat before and during the video!

Pat sloan old school block 5

My May Old School Block of the month

Share your block photos at the end!

Pat sloan old school group 1 to 5

***All my Old School Blocks so far ***



Screenshot 2021-05-14 163444

*** 20%  off my Holiday ...

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Checking the List and Checking Items Off from Melva Loves Scraps

Another quilt DONE!  Again, the week went so smoothly, that I was able to out do my To-Do List.  The Papa Ray quilt has been mailed (not in the original plans, but sometimes life happens), the TOPS quilt has been labeled, washed and photographed, and as I type this, the Cowboy quilt has been washed and photo shoot done.  We walked up the lane in our little neighborhood to a semi-abandoned corral area.  A storm is moving in, so it was a little windy, but I have a few shots I am pleased with.

❧  This means that I will be ...

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Free Motion Quilting my Landscape from Learn to Applique

Before heading off on my trip, I carefully rolled up my applique landscape and packaged it in my suitcase ready for travel. I also bundled together a few threads that I thought I'd use. I'm now ready to pull it out and continue working on it but before I do, I need to think a bit about how I want to stitch it and I definitely want to warm up my skills.

Time is of the essence today so I may not even get to the quilt, but I'll definitely play with some ideas. I have plenty ...

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In 2016 , I was organizing my bins of scrap fabrics and needed a diversion project.  I started pulling out fabrics that I thought could be fussy cut and sewn together as little medallions.  

 I ended up with 63 4-inch blocks and sewed them in a strippy-style quilt top. 

Top only

The sashing and border fabrics are from Moda's Grunge line.  I love the name as it reminds me of the "Grungies" (clothes) and "Woodsies" (outings in the mountains) of my days as a student at Colorado State University and University of Northern Colorado back ...

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String Star Quilt from Quarter-Inch Capers

I am going to try and link to an old post to a String Star Tutorial. Hopefully it works! I was going through some old pictures in my Google Cloud hoping to find anything that needs finishing so I can locate it and get it finished up. Many UFO's have been finished and either gifted or donated, but I have a suspicion there are some more hanging out somewhere that need to be finished and moved along. I did find a picture of the String Star Quilt I did a tutorial on in 2016. It's finished, and it ...

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Monday's With Marcus II ~ Laura Berringer of Marcus Fabrics from Heartspun Quilts ~ Pam Buda


I really can't believe this is our last Monday's With Marcus for this second series.  Boy, the weeks have just flown by.  

Today, we showcase our super talented Art Director, Laura Berringer.  Laura designs many fabric lines for Marcus' Studio 37.  I'll bet you have admired and purchased her fabric and didn't know it!

Laura used her Spice Bazaar fabrics to make these quilt-as-you-go coasters.  Fun stuff.  You can access the free pattern here.  All of us at Marcus Fabrics hope you have enjoyed the many projects we have offered these past weeks.  When visiting Marcus ...

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More Blocks and a Mini Completion! from The Modern Diary

This cake block about killed me.  One heart is still not right.  I am over it!
Next was a nice simple block and I raided my HST bin so it was even easier!
Really enjoyed the Crops blocks.  They were fun to make.
These are the Farm Fresh Eggs blocks.  Also nice and simple.  I now have 24 blocks (two sets of 24) and am thinking that should be enough for a few baby quilts.

 I decided to quilt a baptist fan on this other Bachelor Button Blues quilt too.  I managed to break two buttons while doing it.  Note ...

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Flexing my quilting muscles from Closet Quilter

 Anytime I have a lag in quilting time/mojo, it seems it takes one of two things to get me going again.  Either it is a good swap or it is a One Block Wonder quilt.  This time around, it was swapping that got me back in the studio in 2021.  

Starting in January, I started keeping my eye out for my favorite swap of the year - May the 4th, a Star Wars swap.  As the middle of March approached, it was looking like it wasn't going to happen and the previous host finally admitted that she wasn't ...

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