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September 25, 2021
Mirage Quilt Pattern - the Throw size in Moda Grunge Seeing Stars! from Busy Hands Quilts

Today I'm sharing a new quilt pattern called Mirage!  This fast and easy quilt pattern is made with Moda Grunge Seeing Stars fabrics.

Mirage is in the Busy Hands Quilts shop right here.

Moda Grunge Mirage Quilt

This Mirage quilt is made with Moda Grunge Seeing Stars in cream, taupes, gray, and black (those aren't the exact Grunge names), just their general shades.  This quilt will look fantastic in any colorway you choose.  :)

Fabric Collection Ideas for Mirage

There are so many current fabric collections out now that will work for Mirage because they have four to five ...

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Border Beauties 51, 52 from Virtual Quilter

I like the first … the distortion of using block designs in odd shaped spaces in borders makes for very interesting borders.

I like the borders in the second design too, but was intrigued with the result of using a square applique block in the sashing, and exactly the same block in the sashing squares, but with different colouring.

Distortion again!

Thank goodness Electric Quilt will print out blocks as they are in a quilt design, not in the original shape as designed.

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New Auction Format Test Run from Jo's Country Junction

A guest post from Kayla…

Usually when I call or pick up a call from Mom I say “Why hello, Jo Kramer!” and she says “It’s Kayla Pins!”

One afternoon I called and asked how she was and she said she was absolutely awful. Dozens of things went through my mind but then she said she was overwhelmed with her blog auction. While I was grateful it wasn’t worse (I mean, it’s always something with this family!) I felt bad that she was struggling.

My role is to protect Mom from technology and I took this on ...

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September 24, 2021
The Stove from Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara

I’ll eventually get over the fascination with this stove but I love it. Here are a couple of features I like best: Here’s the little control panel area and it stays black til I turn on one of the knobs. As soon as I turn one of the jobs on, this happens. Isn’t that cool?...

The post The Stove appeared first on Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara.

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Land That I Love Part 2 from Humble Quilts

For part 2 you will need to cut 36 2" squares. If you want your quilt fairly calm use mostly lights. Feel free to use lights, mediums or darks if you want to go crazy scappy!

That was simple! yay!

I hope you watch the video. I share how I store some HST and squares. 

Have a wonderful weekend!


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The Floor Update from Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara

I understand that in the grand scheme of things, our floor damage is minor. It’s easily fixed but I’m angry that it happened when it should not have happened – purely through carelessness, and I’m angry with the appliance store’s handling of it. They did send someone out to fix the connection. Vince had already...

The post The Floor Update appeared first on Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara.

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Pieces of the Santa Fe Trail - Comfort Of Home from Melva Loves Scraps

In the words of Marion Russell...

The spring of 1860 found us still in Fort Leavenworth.  It also brought to us the first, faint rumblings of civil war.  We heard much talk of the Fugitive Slave Act, the Missouri Compromise, the Dred Scott Decision, and the John Brown Raid.  Perhaps mother grew tired of hearing so much of the nation's unrest.  Perhaps like Will and me, she was just homesick for the west.  One morning when we three were eating breakfast at a small round table and Will and I were talking about the wonders of Santa Fe, she ...

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Growing the Fruit of Goodness from Adele Mogavero

Quilts aren’t just scraps of fabric thrown together. They embody the Fruit of the Spirit. Love, Peace, Joy, Kindness, Patience, Faithfulness, Self-Control, Gentleness, Goodness. Those gifts from the Holy Spirit are working in our lives every time we sit down and create.   How? When you ....

The post Growing the Fruit of Goodness appeared first on Musings From The Bungalow.

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Beginner’s Guide to English Paper Piecing from Felicia's World

English Paper Piecing has endured for several hundred years and has in recent years had a huge resurgence. A wealth of new shapes, many of them looking deceptively complicated, have surfaced. Instagram is lush with gorgeous photographs of all manner and sizes of EPP projects.

Read on and learn how you can get started with English Paper Piecing.

english paper piecing

Why English Paper Piece? 

Here are some good reasons to add English Paper Piecing (EPP) to your quilting repertoire.

1. EPP does not require a sewing machine

EPP is a very traditional way of doing patchwork by hand. It can be a ...

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Organic Cotton Blouse from Adventurous Quilter

I have a free pattern drafting and construction printable tutorial available for this sleeveless blouse design, click on my tutorials tab to find it!
This organic cotton sateen by Harmony Art Organic Design, feels divine and has a luscious sheen:
It's a great fabric to work with!
This blouse only took about an hour to make, so I'm pleased I took the time in 2020 to design the initial pattern and tweak my personal pattern until I perfected it!

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Bonnie Hunter Mystery Retrospective from TheEclecticAbuela

Like so many other quilters, I am looking forward to Bonnie Hunter's Mystery quilt this year. I decided to look back at the ones I have done in the past. The dates refer to the year of the beginning of the mystery.

Allietare (2015)

 My first mystery quilt, Allietare (2015), was serendipitously in my favorite red! I was apprehensive about this one--it was my first BH mystery, and I knew there would be so many small pieces. With the wonderful instructions for each step, I wound up having no trouble at all! I changed the border a bit from ...

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WIP Wednesday #46: Sew a tiny faux leather zip pouch! from Crafty Gemini

In this week’s Work-In-Progress Wednesday, I’m showing you how to make my “easiest tiny zipper pouch” out of faux leather. Like, fit in the palm of your hand tiny! I love making these to store all my knitting and crochet stitch markers, tapestry needles and other small notions. They work great for sewing notions, too! Store your thimble, a few needles, a small spool of thread and you’re good to go!

All you need is some faux leather and a craft zipper. That’s it! It’s a super quick and easy make you’ll want to ...

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Dresses from The Colorful Fabricholic

Wednesday was a sewing day for making Dresses from the Heart for an organization called Dress a Girl Around the World. One of the PCQ members is an ambassador for this organization, and she facilitates the making of hundreds of dresses each year. 

Everything was already cut from previously donated fabric, and kitted up with the elastic and bias needed. We knocked out a couple dozen dresses on Wednesday, and members took home kits to finish.  

I made four dresses, but they were already cut out so all I had to do was sew them up. Here are two in ...

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Rule #7, Embroidered Primitive Mini Quilt, Links, Shopping from Canadian Needle Nana

 Rule #7 All life on earth is vulnerable. Money, intellect, education or prestige don't protect against all the ills that can befall us. So there is nothing that has happened to me or will happen to me where I can say those two little words, why me.  While I didn't say that out loud when I lost everything in the fire, a part of me inside felt let down by the universe.

 I'd been through enough by then with my various losses to know I wasn't special enough to be given a free pass from bad ...

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Cardinal Progress from Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara

The projects with just a few colors certainly go faster than those with bunches of color changes. Of course, the size helps too. This little cardinal may well be finished today and if it is, it will be the first time I ever guessed correctly at when I’d finish a project. Here’s what can happen...

The post Cardinal Progress appeared first on Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara.

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So Much Progress from Mel's quilting blog

I have been long arming.
UFO #33 is quilted and bound.
These squares came from my friend Carol and have been around for many years now.
It feels good to have it completed.
My daughter will be working on these this weekend.
The one on the left is the practice piece from Girl Scouts many years ago.
It is definitely not well put together, but it will work for a practice quilt.
I used the backing fabric from the cushions from the stools we made in scouts.
It will end up covering my embroidery machine.
The art ...

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One finish and some almost finished.... from Pointless Quilter

 So the move is starting to take shape.  I have packers coming in early October who will pack, then the movers come after that and then they will store my stuff until I know when my house is ready.  So finishing things just isn't in the picture  I have so much to do to prepare for the packers since I'm not taking a lot of my stuff.  But you are here to look at what I have done since August.

I had this fabric and pattern from a magazine for many, many years.  I don't remember when ...

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Gnomes All Around Quilt from Curlicue Creations

Let me introduce you to these four little guys:  Gnomes All Around.

This quilt and pattern is featured in the new Annie's Quilting book, Quilted Gnomes for your Home.  If you love Gnomes, this book is for you.  There is a variety of projects and each one is cuter than the last.  Most of them look quick to make, too.  I have an extra copy of this book to give away at the end of this post for one lucky reader.

I designed and made four of the Gnome blocks for my quilt.  The blocks are partly paper pieced ...

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There's a bear on my quilt from The Academic Quilter

 Hi everyone, and happy first weekend of fall! How did that happen? I would swear that it was just the first weekend of summer. Of course, I would swear that just last week my folks dropped me off at college for my freshman year, but I had a birthday this week that puts me many times beyond college age, so my sense of time may be a bit skewed.
 I got myself a lovely birthday present, but before that, I had another longarm quilting lesson! I'm getting much more comfortable with the machine, and it's getting easier each ...

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Eight Ways to Quilt on a Budget from Craft Gossip

Looking to save a little money?  Just starting out on your quilting journey?  These eight tips from The Little Mushroom Cap can help you out.

Not only does the blog post cover the eight tips, it has numerous examples from other bloggers on how those tips have been incorporated.  I am a scrappy quilt lover who likes to save money, so this article is right up my alley.

Articles with tips like these are always helpful, both for beginners and for seasoned quilters.  Sometimes we forget, or just don’t think, about certain options for us.  We tend to go ...

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