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Start A Quilter Blog 

Are you interested in starting your own quilting-related blog? The following are a few resources that may help you:

Free Services

Free services let you get started on your blog quickly.  They may not offer much human support, but it's free.

Paid Services

Paid services offer human support and tutorials.  They can also help you get started on online photo galleries, shopping cart systems, custom graphic design.  For those who are serious about their quilting business, the following may be the best solution:

Tips For Effective Blogging

  • Revolve all of your blog posts around a particular theme
  • Use pictures when appropriate
  • Keep topics upbeat
  • Humor is a great way to keep people reading
  • Focus on new items, give reviews of products and services
  • Read other blogs related to yours to gain inspiration

A Book To Help You Out

A great book that talks about how to effectively run a quilting-related business on the Internet is availavble:

Websites For Quilters - A Practical Guide