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August 29, 2020
One block, two blocks from The Academic Quilter

 Hello everyone! Well, the first week of school is in the books, and it went pretty well, if I do say so myself. The students seem pretty much up for Zooming, and they actually showed up for class, so it's looking good so far. This is a huge relief, and I feel so much better now that the first week is behind me. The planning takes a long time, but it certainly pays off. My only trouble right now is getting library materials, but they are reopening on Monday, so that may just work itself out as well. Yahoo ...

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August 19, 2020
Stress planning from The Academic Quilter

 Hi everyone! How are you today? The last couple of days we've been having amazing weather, so much so that I've managed to get several miles worth of walking in. I even considered wearing sleeves one morning because it was a bit on the chilly side, relatively speaking, when I started out. I warmed up plenty, don't worry. But it's been just a lovely late summer these last few days, which feels fantastic. We even ate outside last night! And they made progress on our renovation! Happy spots in the midst of this weird year.

Do ...

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August 17, 2020
Sunday Quilt Inspiration: YELLOW from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories

 Although we've gotten a few rain storms here, they are short lived and before you know it, the sun is drying things up again. We are talking about a brilliant, sweltering, yellow sun. I doubt that it's any brighter at the equator. Regardless, I've been thinking yellow today. The steam on the concrete only adds a hazy, mushiness to the yellow. It's bright y'all. I thought I'd share the glory...

Short inspirational quote art print that says You Got This in a colorful yellow and white typography design. #yellowaesthetic #motivationalquotes

Colors for Life

And a couple of yellow quilts to add to the glow. Don't forget about my "heart, quilts" board!

Large-Scale Prints are Stunning in This Quilt - Quilting Digest

Yellow-and-White Diamond Quilt | Blogged at Salty Oat. | Flickr

Timeless Traditions: The Secret Life of Quilters.....

Schumacher With all the charm of a traditional quilt, Tristan Patchwork is a jacquard weave with wonderful character and dimension. Since 1889, we've been setting the bar with our exceptional products. A passion for beauty, respect for classicism and eye for the cutting edge are woven into everything we do. Color: Yellow

Stunning! Vintage Dated 1951 Yellow & White Pickle Dish QUILT 84x74

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August 14, 2020
Small distractions from The Academic Quilter

 Hi everyone! I hope you're all doing well today. Still hot and rainy here, so, you know, looking to start growing mushrooms on my north side any time now. Unbelievably, this weekend is our one-year anniversary in Baltimore. For some reason, this feels really momentous. Maybe it's the heat. Or the quarantine. Who could have known what the last year would bring? 

This week I needed some distractions from everything that's going on, but I just didn't have the mental energy to work on anything important. Do you ever feel that way? You want to sew ...

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July 17, 2020
Taking a wrong turn from The Academic Quilter

Hi all! So, here we are in the middle of July. How do we feel about this? I feel like I lost about four months somewhere along the line, but at the same time I feel like the last couple of months have been as long as a couple of years. Anyone else feel the same way? On the upside, though, and as a direct effect of being cooped up for so long, I have discovered heirloom tomatoes, and now I never want to eat any other kind. This will undoubtedly make the squirrels quite happy, as I suspect they ...

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March 13, 2020
Stitching out the stress from The Academic Quilter

Hello all, and happy Friday the 13th!  Just what we need, right? Gosh, I hope you all are having a much better time than I am right now. I want to keep this light, so I'll just say that my university has shut down, like many many others, and we are moving all of our classes online. This is *much* harder than it sounds. It's Thursday night as I write this, and I've already put in about 55 hours this week, with more to come. Why cancel meetings when you can have them all online? Why not ...

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January 15, 2020
Partially pieced from The Academic Quilter

Hi everyone! How is your week going? I don't mind telling you that it's been fairly good here for the past little while. It has been unseasonably warm and mostly just lovely outside. I spent last weekend at an academic conference in Washington DC without a coat. In January. It was so nice that a couple of us skipped out on the afternoon session and went sightseeing-- and we walked. It was awesome. The conference might have been okay, too. At least my paper was!

So now I'm home and I have a ton of work to ...

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October 25, 2019
Yellow and blue and fuzzy, too from The Academic Quilter

Hi everyone! I hope you have had a great week. This week I finished up one of the very hardest things I have done to date, which is saying something, because I raised three kids.  But it's done now, and I am so happy I could sew something. So I did!

As you may know, I have a closet full of tops just waiting to be quilted.  As you don't know, and I didn't either until this week, I also have an office that was apparently built on an iceberg. It's really cold in there, and ...

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April 2, 2019
2018 – Delectable Yellow from Lotus Cove Quilting

I just realized that I hadn’t posted on this blog about the quilt I made last summer for my daughter, who is now a junior at SUNY Geneseo, majoring in Art History. The school’s colors are blue and white, so it doesn’t completely match.

Long enough for her dorm bed, this was made from indigoes and yellows from my stash, using a modified Delectable Mountains block and free motion quilted on a longarm. While I hoped to make a dent in the dark blues, my stash is still blue-heavy.
2018 Delectable Yellow
2018 Delectable Yellow detail 3
2018 Delectable Yellow detail 2
2018 Delectable Yellow detail 1
This was before I bought my longarm, so ...

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February 9, 2013
Modern Circles and Squares Quilt from I Love Baby Quilts!

It's finished! This queen sized modern circles in squares quilt is done. It may be my favorite quilt so far. I based it off of this baby quilt I made last year and made it bigger and better. You can't see the quilting in this far view, but the quilting is the best part.

I thought I'd take you through the process, in case you'd like to make one for yourself!
First, decide on how many blocks and what sizes of circles you'd like. For the baby quilt my circles were smaller, but for this ...

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