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August 29, 2015
Another Slow Day from Quilts....etc.

We had another beautiful day yesterday that meant more time sitting on the porch then sewing.  I did get done with some things though. I put on some Netflix this morning – I’m watching all 10 or 11 seasons of NCIS – I don’t remember how many seasons were available – I’m to season 8.   […]

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Sewing in the 1950s............... from Exuberant Color

This is a page from my 1955 4-H project book.  This is why we sewed back then; it was cheaper than buying ready made clothes as well as they fit better.  Even though it only cost me $3.47 to make that dress, my babysitting pay was 50 cents an hour so that took me 7 hours of work to earn the money.  There was a page to list how many extra garments we had made that year and I made 15 extra ones.  I had only learned to sew one year earlier.  I spent most of my babysitting money ...

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How Stephie, Sujata, and Sherri Saved Me from Myself.. Or Not from Fret Not Yourself

This is my entire stash... after 46 years of quilting. Small shoe boxes of scrap quilts in progress are topped with my scrap bag (formerly the packaging for a set of bed sheets.) The larger boxes are my stash and a couple of tops. The fabrics definitely need sorting and refolding. That's okay; I love to pet fabric. It's important for me to remain intimately acquainted with each piece. {I have no idea why; I'm just weird that way.} Then there's the top box... I'll get to that.

All my fabric and WIPs
Three years ...

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A Leap of Faith Pays Off from The Snarky Quilter

I’ve entered my work in several quilt shows, including one national show, but none have been juried shows. What’s that, you ask. For a juried show acceptance of your quilt is based on quality of design/workmanship rather than your name … Continue reading

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Private Hexagon Class... from ~ CowgirlQuilter ~

It was a busy day yesterday.  I accomplished lots of cleaning in the house and also got some sewing done.  I may be a little slow going on this project but I have a million other things going on too.  I'm not in any hurry, just want to enjoy the process.  I now have 12 of the 20 strip sets needed and I also added another postage stamp block. 
Now on to the other things that had me so busy yesterday.  Hunter has a friend over for the entire weekend so I cleaned the house up nice.  

I mentioned ...

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Loominous Stash Sunday from Sew Psyched

When Anna Maria Horner named her new line of fabrics Loominous, She wasn't kidding!!! Each of the colorways has a stripe, a check, a solid and a pattern,  Can you see how the Weave in the check just glows, and how the solid is like a luminous shot cotton? The weight is perfect for clothing, about the same as a Peppered cotton by Pepper Cory.  Soooo Soft, and Rich!! I

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Catching up from Lilabelle Lane

Just dropping in to say Hi :)

 Thank you to the lovely ladies who have sent FQ's in the Birthday FQ Swap.  
I have received the last few, thank you again. 

I'd love to include a picture but I'm having a few technical difficulties, 
one involving a new computer!

Lots happening here behind the scenes and if all goes to plan a new look blog will appear soon and hopefully a return to regular blogging.  I have missed you all.

Now, does anyone know a Blog reading app/program that works well on an Apple Computer?
Actually does ...

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Saturday #37 from Sew Slowly

The last days of summer.

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Quilters Unite - Let's help Josh from The House on the Side of the Hill

Let's help Fee's son, Josh 

When I first started blogging wonderful Fiona from Designs by Fee was one of the first people to welcome me and make me truly feel part of our wonderful piece of blog world. 

She is a truly good human being, someone you can really turn to in the hard times.  She is such a brave person and suffers from debilitating ill health herself.  But she always soldiers on, always puts others first, is kind and generous and good... and is a real animal lover which puts her on the top of the list ...

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Saturday at the Quilt Museum - New York Beauty (Rocky Mountain Road, Crown of Thorns) from Piecing the Past Quilts

New York Beauty Collage

Wow, what a lot of information there is out there on this quilt pattern!

After quite a bit of reading, it seems that Barbara Brackman has best summed up the history:

"The pattern has many vernacular names in the South, commonly "Rocky Mountain Road" or "Crown of Thorns" (also "Rail Through The Mountains,” "Rising Sun," and "The Great Divide"). A similar pattern was published and sold by Mountain Mist in 1931 as "New York Beauty", which is today's standard name nationwide. An 1854 diary refers to a "New York Beauty" quilt but whether it is the same design is ...

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A Quilted Passion Birthday Giveaway! from A Quilted Passion

Hi All! I'm so excited!  Today A Quilted Passion is 2 yrs old! Who would've guessed I'd still be blogging 2 years later? Definitely not me! But I am, and it's all because of wonderful readers/followers and fellow quilters/bloggers! Thank you!  

As we all know, when there's a birthday, gifts are sure to follow.  So to celebrate my blog turning 2 yrs old...and hopefully attract a few more followers, I'm doing a giveaway!  
When I was deciding what to give away, my eldest son suggested a purse.  I recently ...

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We Went to See Alex Boye . . . from Lavender Quilts

tonight here in Logan for my brother, Kelly's birthday present!!

Oh, my what a performance!!  And I got to talk to him and hug him AND he sat in my lap!!  LOL!!

If you have never seen any of his videos, this is one of my favorite ones, and it will give you a taste for his talent!!

And what a truly awesome guy!!

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We Went to See Alex Boye . . . from The Quilting Garden

tonight here in Logan for my brother, Kelly's birthday present!!

Oh, my what a performance!!  And I got to talk to him and hug him AND he sat in my lap!!  LOL!!

If you have never seen any of his videos, this is one of my favorite ones, and it will give you a taste for his talent!!

And what a truly awesome guy!!

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Outside Improvements from Jo's Country Junction


Hubby has really been pushing himself.  He’s started to hear his fall harvest clock ticking.  There aren’t that many more days until his time for making improvements around here comes to an end-at least until harvest is over.

Along the street by the mailbox it was muddy and yucky.  He took the skid loader and dug out the dirt…then ordered a load of gravel.


He’s been getting other things done outside too.  The plot for the garden has been sprayed.  The eaves for the house have been buried on this side.  He’s made the “stall ...

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Creating Curves ... part 2 from quilting prolifically

So, I'm back over on the Sizzix blog today with an update on the curved piecing that's not actually curves.  You can go find my post here, if you'd like to go take a look

this is the second block used to make the quilt

Quilting to commence shortly!

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Winner Lori Holt's Modern Minis from In the Boondocks

Congratulations to Dody for winning the giveaway! I can't wait to see what you create. I have contacted the winner by email.


Due to the health of my daughter I have been away from the blog for more time than I intended. I apologize for my lapse and have so many new projects going on to share with all of you! Thank you for all your help and support! - Lisa







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Unaccustomed As I Am... Updated from Angie Quilts

Unaccustomed as I am... to having any time for my very own self...
I am taking almost a whole week off...
One almost whole week of not going to my very own, fully stocked and wonderful, Patchwork and Quilting Shop.... well... I am going to try not to go there!!!
** update... I will be back in my shop on Friday... but it's still almost a week off**

There's a very convenient Bank Holiday weekend coming up so I am going to make the most of it!!
So, here's the plan...
Saturday 29th August... open as normal.
It ...

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Farm Girl Vintage from My Sewing Room

Just for fun on Friday after work - since my husband headed to a high school football game with a buddy - I played in my sewing room.

The Sew Vintage group I belong to meets one Saturday afternoon each month. Even though I missed last month I learned that we'll be "playing" in the Farm Girl Vintage book (by Lori Holt of Bee in My Bonnet) for the next several months.  I already had the book and was told we at making the strawberry block for our September meeting.  

I have a pretty good stash of 30s fabrics and it ...

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15 Minutes of Play from Ants to Sugar

Do you ever feel like some books find you at just the right time?

I passed over 15 Minutes of Play last year when I took Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s class. I liked scrap projects with right angles. I just wasn’t into the angled scrappy patchwork.

15 Minutes of Play by Victoria Findlay Wolfe book cover
I’m not even really sure I’m into super scrappy right now, but a few things have changed since last year. I’ve just moved to a new house, and during the packing process, I had two epiphanies: (1) I now know just how much fabric (specifically scraps) that I have and ...

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Pet Project Show #35 from Pink Doxies

Classroom Quilt

Amy Stauffer-McNutt is a passionate teacher with a special interest in butterflies, and self-dedicated to saving the Monarchs. She started this butterly quilt project last year in her classroom, and I promised to quilt it for her. She'll use it as a visual aid, and I'm sure it will hang in her regular classroom when it's not travelling.

I'm a bit flighty on the details, but the individual blocks were each made by her students, and then several with a little more sewing experience made it into a quilt top. They've done a ...

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