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July 29, 2016
Big plus, little plus (what begins with plus?) from Fabric Engineer

After about five years, "Big Plus, Little Plus"* is finally finished

It'll be for a little boy due any day now...I'm rather excited that I finished before the baby came!

This time I took pictures at my parents' cottage.  I took them just as the sun was setting, which was rather bad for coloring but great for background.

The quilt is made of a bunch of strips; it was the easiest way to get all of the little pluses in correctly.  I started the design by putting in the big plus and then added the little pluses ...

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Day With Mom from Quilting My Way

Today we got in our 2.5 mile walk. I even took my camera with me to take photos of the Golden Finch birds that we see every I was taking photos, I realized I was missing my disc that holds all the, the photos I thought I was taking...didn't happen...ugh.

Got home and cleaned the living room carpet. Took a good amount of time to do it. I could have done it again to get more dirt up, but really wasn't in the mood to spend my hole morning cleaning ...

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Something Old, Something New from Sew Preeti Quilts

I am happy to report that Side Effects is complete.  Read about the process here.

Paul, the model

Even though I had (still do) at least two other projects that are urgent, this is the one that I wanted to finish.

For Sandra, who loves this shot of quilts (see the cute elephant in the corner)

Feathers, Beads and Cupcakes

May be because these scraps helped me through my doldrums.
I see Fish. Can you find the rabbit?

Chose a Christmas backing.  Quilted with gentle curves. Red binding makes it pop.
Red Binding on a Christmasy Backing = Christmas in ...

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Quilt-Cam & Give-Away! 7/28/2016 from Quiltville's Quips & Snips!

While Quilt-Cam was a bust due to no audio tonight, we still have a Quiltmaker Giveaway going on!

When I arrived home on Tuesday night, there was a HUGE pile of mail to go through and in amongst the envelopes, mailers and boxes were my sample copies of the September/October issue of Quiltmaker!  One for me to keep, and a spare to give away to one of our lucky readers.

In it I found ALL kinds of autumn pleasure.  Could it be that cooler temps are just around the corner?

I certainly hope so.  Here in North Carolina the ...

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Daughter’s Love {a finish} from Factotum of Arts

I have finally finished the quilt, I have been working on for my Mum. Making something for someone you love has been very humbling experience. Even more so, since my mum (as mentioned previously) has a brain tumor and currently undergoing Chemotherapy. This quilt “Daughter’s Love”, I hope will bring her comfort as I can not be with her.

The original design was inspired by the crosses/pluses that are in the stained glass window of a Scottish Castle.


I thought the plus blocks in the original design looked a little heavy, so I removed two of the corners ...

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Squishy Delight from Gene Black an Alabama Artist

Today I got a lovely squishy package in the mail.  This was preceded a few days ago by an email from Maureen Cracknell Handmade telling me that I was a winner.  I confess that I love winning pretty fabrics.
The prize was sponsored by Llama Fabrics on Etsy.   So, What was in the lovely squishy package?
Oooooh prettty!!!!

It is a fat eighth bundle of Forest Floor by Bonnie Christine for Art Gallery Fabrics.   There are some great prints in this bundle.  I love the mushroom print (bottom, second from left)  And isn't the bunny adorable too?
There is ...

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A day in Halibut Cove... from Thoughts From Taylorsoutback

...we love our shelties, Kelsie and Seana (and missing little Molly) and when we travel, they go with us. On occasion, either Mr. Outback or myself must stay with them while the one of us goes off to participate in another activity..recently, Mr. Outback went out on 2 fishing charters with a friend. I stayed behind with the girls and caught up on laundry, sprucing up the rv, etc. Not complaining at all though, as the catch of halibut will taste fabulous when we return home. The opportunity to share something together (knowing the girls would be ok on ...

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Creativity Challenge #25 from Prairie Moon Quilts

I kinda fell off the blogging wagon for a while there. I’m still not completely back on it — I feel more like I’m being drug behind that wagon right now!

I’m really hoping August is a bit slower month for me, but I can already tell that the first half of it won’t be. But it’s OK. It’s a good problem to have!

I managed, in spite of myself, to find time to go to my new art group again, and this was our subject for the session — a branch from a golden raintree ...

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May's Tall Nine Patches 3 & 4 from Kat & Cat Quilts

Deja vu?  No, just the next (and final) two of May's Tall Nine Patch quilts from the May Covered in Love block drive.  The first two were quilted by Judy, I posted about them a couple weeks ago. These two were quilted by me.

The smaller one is 60" square, the other is 60"x72".  Both of them were quilted with a stipple and bound with pastel blue/grey fabrics.

This color scheme was my favorite that we've done on the block drives in a while. I love love love the soft, soothing blues and yellows with the ...

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Fabric Frenzy Friday from Fort Worth Fabric Studio

Happy Friday friends!! I hope you enjoyed your week! We have such a bright and happy bundle of fabric to share with you today! Be sure to scroll down to see what I made using this week's Bundle Batch! :)

Lemonade Mixup

Lemonade Mixup

Lemonade Mixup is this week's Bundle Batch!   Sunny yellow mixed with berry pink and tangerine orange.   We love this fresh, summery color combination! 
Fat Quarter and Half Yard bundles include 8 different prints.
Included in each bundle:
  1. Pretty Little Things Orange Ella Geometric - Free Spirit
  2. Oval Elements Passionate Fuchsia - Art Gallery
  3. Swiss Dots White Dots ...

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Mexican Rose Quilt 6 from Virtual Quilter

EQ Mexican Rose Quilt 7

I like it.

Sort of like a medallion, but not quite.

Filed under: Quilt Tagged: Applique, Mexican Rose Quilt, Patchwork, Quilt, Quilting

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What Is Ministry? from From the Strawberry Patch...

I am blessed to be a part of two ministries that have nothing to do, necessarily, with a church in particular. I always believed that the word itself, ministry, implied the church. My understanding of the word is broader today: I think of it now as service to others; of meeting a specific need. Webster defines ministry this way: "a person or thing through which something is accomplished". So,

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What Is Ministry? from From the Strawberry Patch...

I am blessed to be a part of two ministries that have nothing to do, necessarily, with a church in particular. I always believed that the word itself, ministry, implied the church. My understanding of the word is broader today: I think of it now as service to others; of meeting a specific need. Webster defines ministry this way: "a person or thing through which something is accomplished". So,

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crosscut quilt along from Ellyn's Place

Ever since Debbie at A Quilter's Table posted a tutorial for her awesome Crosscut Quilt I've wanted to make one. When she announced that she would be hosting a quilt along this past week via Instagram I was all over it! I quickly prepped my fabric and was ready to start on Monday when she posted her first step.
I chose a variety of low volume prints from my stash for the background and an assortment of red strips for the accent. Honestly, I chose red because that's what I had the most strips of!

Day one ...

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» comequiltwithme

 Another small inked quilt.
Star from a class given by Shelly B.    Was a fun time designing our own star blocks.

Hope all going to NSQG convention this weekend have a ball.     Looking forward to seeing all the things learned in the classes etc.    Only the second time in 30+ years I will have to miss.     have fun everyone.   

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Free E-Book is #1 on Kindle Quilts from The Chester County Criswell Quilt

This week has been very exciting.  My E-Book is free on Kindle for a limited time only.

All the stories from the Chester Criswell Quilt are in the e-book "Round is the Ring That Has No End".  For the next few days you can download the book from Amazon to your Kindle at no charge.  If you don't have a Kindle you can download the app and read the book on your tablet or smartphone.

The promotion has been running for two days and the book is rating very well.  I don't know about you, but I think ...

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TSNEM – June 2016 from The Quilting Hiker

Yeah, I know. It’s July. But I finished my June project a little late. June was a heavy craft. This is not something I generally do. I work mostly in fabric. But I did have an idea. This past winter, I kept picking up coats and jackets. My husband and I have gotten into the […]

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Finding the Muse #9 Sorting your stuff from Not Afraid of Color

Artwork by Queen's Ink  in Savage Mill MD
Isn't that something? It appeals to me for several reasons. It's a female face, it's like a line drawing, lots of color with black and white, and not the least of which, it's 3-d.

Last week a friend of mine was in town and called me for a visit. We met at Savage Mill for shopping, lunch and laughs. More on an upcoming post, and it's full of color!

For today's post on Finding the Muse... when your inspiration well is low, it's a ...

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Loaded from Mel's quilting blog

This is a combination UFO
Tulips - 2 kinds
Misc few blocks

I had some leftover blocks and they seem to go together fairly well.

It is loaded for quilting.

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Spools of Thread Mini Quilt from Pinkadot Quilts

Technically it's not a mini but that is what we call them at our guild. Next year we have our Penn Oaks Quilt show and one of the main events is our small/mini quilt raffle. Almost every member makes one (some make more). We do this instead of a large raffle quilt which can be very specific and not to everyone's taste.

The quilt is 16" x 24" and they are all the same size. Every pattern or theme is welcome! The thread in my spools is about 3/8" wide to give you a perspective.

I ...

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