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September 3, 2014
September Sunrise from Tamarack Shack


I was greeted with a beautiful sunrise this morning as our family got back to our regular routine.   Daniel was off to school and then I quilted my first quilt for September.    This is Sandra’s Halloween quilt that she made for her grandkids to enjoy.   I don’t know the name of the fabric line or pattern but it is very cute.   Sandra’s 4 year old grandson told her, when he saw the quilt top done, that it ‘wasn’t that scary!’    Guess he was expecting something more creepy and less cute!    :)


I quilted it with the Gossamer ...

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Why Not Hocuspocusville? from Michelle's Romantic Tangle

A couple of times, I've started to wonder if I should spend the time that I'm putting into these blocks making progress on Hocuspocusville. But I've decided that there are a couple of very good justifications for plunging into a new project.

First, I really love the quilt that inspired this project. The more time I spend sorting through vintage patterns and deciding which ones I want to use, the more I become convinced that I'm absolutely going to love my own quilt.

Second, I don't have to worry about these blocks. If I make ...

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Yes, I Still Quilt Occasionally from Quilty Folk

I'm not sure I even know how to do this anymore! Taking pictures, blogging--it all feels kind of odd after taking so much time off this summer. We left on our trip August 13th thinking we'd be back home again on August 27. haha Life had other plans for us tho as we only got back last night. So good that I had my applique bag all prepped and ready to go or I'd have probably went (more) bonkers.

Getting the project bag ready to go.
No time for details, so I prepped the bias vine,
chose ...

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Log Court 57, 58, 59 and 60 from Virtual Quilter

Log Court 57


Log Court 58

Like it!

Log Court 59

The third would make a striking wall hanging.

Log Court 60


Like the star which is hiding in there.

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WIP Wednesday from On the Windy Side

On Friday night, I cut and stitched up this super quick quilt top.  There's someone I've been wanting to make a quilt for for a while, but I couldn't think of quite the right thing.  I've also been wanting to make an all Echino quilt for ages, and a couple of weeks ago it clicked that an Echino quilt might be just the thing for this particular recipient.

Echino quilt top 

I choose a whole bunch of Echino fabrics from Stitchbird's extensive selection, sticking to mainly black, pink, purple, yellow and blue/aqua fabrics.  Because the Echino fabrics ...

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Winner Winner Winner–QUILT SHOW GAME! from Quiltville's Quips & Snips!

My week is all kinds of out of whack! Do you know that for a week I’ve been fretting about flying out TOMORROW, Wednesday? I went to do my online checkin, and it told me I had 16 hours before I could check in ---WHAT? Yeah.  That’s me. I don’t fly out until Thursday morning ---HA! AND THEN…because I was so giddy with an extra day to catch up on things this week…nearly forgot that we are

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On the go... from Blueberry Patch

I had a great long weekend with lots of sewing.  With being back to work, I was away for a bit of last weekend for a work thing and then spent Sunday making and canning salsa so sewing was on the back burner.  I have to say I was suffering a little sewing withdrawal.  I have also been having sewing machine woes.  I wore out the automatic thread cutter on my Janome Horizon 7700.  Seriously.  Apparently it is a first for my sewing machine shop.  I do use it a lot.  Anyway, the folks at the shop were lovely and ...

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Sew, is this a problem. . . ? from AND SEW IT GOES

The other day I happened onto the blog 13 Spools, where the very clever blogger had posted her "10 Quilty Little Secrets" which were all the ways she defies the informal "rules" for quilt making. It was well done, witty and I identified with her spirit. Then readers started leaving their "secrets" in the comments and it got pretty hilarious! It's a good read if you want to be entertained.

I had to laugh when I got to one comment that said "Stop using the word sew in place of so". You mean like, "and sew it goes" ? Yeah ...

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The Grinchy Advent Calendar from Robot Mom Sews

Hey guys!
Are you sick of seeing the Grinch on my blog and IG yet?  If so, I totally don't blame you!  ;)

I've created a pattern to make your very own Grinchy Advent Calendar!  YAY!!  The Grinchy panel is
SO adorable.

This will be sure to delight all your little Whos!  I am not the biggest fan of Christmas, but when my LQS asked me to make something for the Christmas in July sale, after cringing first, I saw Mr. Grinch.  Angels were singing - I knew immediately what to make.  Phewsh!  I've always loved the Grinch, mostly ...

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More Helicopter Parenting from Priscilla's Workshop

At the beginning of the summer I was contacted by a neighbor whose son was to start senior year so he was also thinking about college applications. I agreed to read his college essays but when the first versions came to me, I immediately emailed back since the common application prompt he responded to was the prompt from last year. I asked him if he was sure that was the correct prompt since the same one had not been used two years in a row before and also since it was still a little before the new prompt was published ...

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September 2, 2014
See You In September and Giveaways from In the Boondocks

Welcome back blog hoppers!
I really have missed you!
That includes you Madam Samm, Sew We Quilt

This is Day 1

You are at "In The Boon Docks" and I am Lisa!

See you in September!
(It is now time)
Day 1

3 projects

Project 1
Riley Blake Designs Gingham.

I started searching through my stash
and found the blue medium gingham
and this great matching blue with white polka dots!
I used small blue gingham on the inside for the lining!

Strawberries are really popular
on Instagram lately and made for great contrast! I found these two strawberries on ...

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8 Fabulous DIY Father's Day Projects... from Cass Can Sew

Father's Day has crept up on me once again! I can never remember if it's the first or second Sunday in September here in Australia.  With a few days to go, I went in search of some fab DIY Father's Day projects that I could whip up in a day. So I thought I'd share what I found with you guys.   There are some fantastic modern projects out there now that don't leave Dad pretending to smile

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Lone Star...a little sneak peek.. from Julia's Place

So far so good...
Second guessing the background fabric, thinking it may be a bit too light /pale...but then again it  may just be perfect to let the star pop and shine...
Ok, have to admit, this is also a tricky one to piece. I must remember to cut the diamonds in pairs, left and right angle diamonds.....but it's so much fun and sure keeps the brain working.
Take care....enjoy your day...

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Make Modern from Quiet Play

 Hello quilty types!

Just in case I haven’t shamelessly plugged it enough – did you know I’m part of a fabulous new digital magazine called Make Modern? I know right! I kept that one quiet didn’t I!

MM cover

You can find a little free preview on Issuu – gives you a bit of a feel for what the magazine is like and what sort of things you can find inside.

Well in case you don’t know much about it yet, we have a month-long blog hop where you can meet a bunch of the makers and find out a ...

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Miss Kate from In the Sewing Basket

Sneak Peak
I got busy today and did not post about the Blog Hop Around The World that Amy asked me to join.  I will be posting my
Quilting Journey on the 8th of Sept.....I will link to DeAnna for the day, who will post hers' on the 15th.

I see it popping up in different blogs and it is cool because you just share as much as you want too and what you would like to share....sweet.....

Just wanted to share a is on the longarm now....becoming
what it was meant to be....a ...

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Echo Block # 5 from Wayne Kollinger's Quilt Blog

Friendship Star

Friendship Star is a very simple block. Adding a second smaller star to it makes it more interesting. Quilts made with the new block have more variety and life as a result.

If, in addition, the way the block is colored is changed, then all sorts of different quilts are possible.

Here are some examples:

Play with the color enough and the Friendship Star totally disappears.

What was a variation on a traditional block suddenly becomes a new and original block.

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Es geht wieder los.... from I like to Quiltblog

-der erste Bloghop nach der Sommerpause !

 Wednesday, September 3

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SEE YOU IN SEPTEMBER BLOG HOP from The Quilting Queen Blog

What a fast summer it has been.  I don't know where the time went!  But alas September is here whether we're ready or not, fast or slow.  And with September comes this fabulous blog hop

I'm ready!  Well, not quite but my day isn't for another week  - September 9th - and I just have a few finishing touches to  do.... like quilting one project and binding it but in the whole scheme of things that's pretty darn good for me.  Remember I'm a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl and I ...

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SEE YOU IN SEPTEMBER BLOG HOP from The Quilting Queen Online Blog

What a fast summer it has been.  I don't know where the time went!  But alas September is here whether we're ready or not, fast or slow.  And with September comes this fabulous blog hop

I'm ready!  Well, not quite but my day isn't for another week  - September 9th - and I just have a few finishing touches to  do.... like quilting one project and binding it but in the whole scheme of things that's pretty darn good for me.  Remember I'm a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl and I ...

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Vintage Inspired...Not OverDone! from CollectInTexas Gal

It has been a 'Vintage Inspired' last few months with vintage buttons, beads and baubles.   That same inspiration is overflowing into the displays as well.

Thank goodness I have a stash of vintage 'stuff/ treasures' to  put into practice what I '4R' preach.  That would be Recycle, Repurpose, Renew and Resale.  It's been an ongoing thread of posts this past summer.

For the vintage inspired necklaces  I have really  reached a new level of scrounging and cheap-scape-ness.  It took me awhile of digging, but I found a burned out light bulb to pad and poof.  A crocheted doily cover ...

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