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August 29, 2016
Teddy from Tim Quilts

I decided to try doing a portrait of Teddy.   I drew a picture a bit over life size and did embroidery on my treadle

Here is how it looked after day one of work


Here it is after adding the rest


and framing (the glass makes for glare :(  )



I wanted to see if there was a way to do this for those who aren’t good at drawing and here is what I came up with




I have also been having trouble answering your comments .   Every time I try to add a response my computer freezes up and I have ...

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Quilting... sort of from Not Afraid of Color

 This blog is about living the creative life. 

So this post is quilt related.
Grief is my normal right now. I do not feel like creating. It's been one long month since we said goodbye to our poodle son Cole. I have stitched on my hexie quilt during our long car trip but cannot get inspired to put myself into fiber art at the moment however I thought I might show you some purchases.

If I'm buying something, that's a sign that I hope to regain my creativity, right?? Sometime?

The above kit, and I SELDOM purchase ...

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Meeting the Twins, Sedona and Five Baby Quilt Flimsies! from The Modern Diary

 We finally met the twins!  They are already four months old.  We got to see Ollie too! These guys are my honorary nephews and niece.  Their older half brother is my nephew Ben (he was with his dad for the weekend) but we love his ex and her husband and all the kids.  You may remember I made the twins with foxes and one with racoons.  We went to lunch at the Cowboy Club in Sedona where their daddy is the executive chef.  We had a great lunch and did a little shopping while juggling babies.
Everyone took ...

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More beauties from the Quilt Walk Show from Quilt Walk Talk

I have been so discouraged by the hundreds of pictures I took and very few turned out.  Here are some of the awesome quilts from the floor of the show.  Crystal made this one and it is fantastic. 

hope you are enjoying the show.  

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Can close count in quilting? from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories

I've been working on this big ole quilt for weeks now. I know, I know, it's taking me longer than I anticipated forever, but what can I say? I have a full time job that does not include time for quilting. 

For some reason there's this idea in places (where there are no teachers) that we teachers work from 8 to 3 and then we go home to eat bonbons do nothing.  Well, let me dispel that lie myth: I start work at 7 a.m. and, while I may not get paid after 3 p ...

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Paisley Playtime and sticky buns patterns featured today from Koolkat Quilting

Jean from Bill Hill, Victoria, is having the paisley playtime edge to edge machine quilting pattern on the quilt with the triangles, while Christine from Wahroonga, NSW, asked for the sticky buns e2e pattern on hexagon quilt below.

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Sunday Best from Rose Prairie Quilts and Farm

So happy to be able to say and show something on this last Sunday of August, which is so hard to believe that another month has gone by. You know it's 119 days till Christmas, WowWee.

My day is making, attaching and sewing down the binding on the 2 I Spy quilts.

I decided to just use the leftover trimmed pieces from the backs.
It will be a colorful binding don't you think.
I like to start with a 2 1/4 inch strip, I find 2 1/2 too wide and 2 inch usually not enough.

I ...

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Fussy cutting... from frog cottage designs

Two packs arrived this morning from Shiralee Stitches...I had to start cutting...

I'm not sure which block is which but they are blocks 9 and 10 for me...time to start thinkng about the setting...hmmmmm...I am sooo enjoying this BOM

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whilst the cake baked from block-a-day

original label


fabric choices



ironing the pockets

pinning it on


from corner



1 slice left

chickens pottering

moon rising

on the way home

sun setting


I love skirts.  Long, full, gathered, brightly coloured and richly patterned skirts have been my favourite thing to wear for many years.  I love the traditional skirts of many parts of Europe with their richly embroidered details and cheerful sprigged florals.  I love the full skirts of 19th century dresses.  I love the batik wrap around skirts of the 1970s. I love tiered skirts with their crazy mixing of colour and pattern.

Since I realised all I had to do was buy twice the length I wanted, chop it in half, whip up two side seams (if you leave the ...

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Patch Play Quilted 7 from Virtual Quilter

Patch Play Quilted 7

I like it … a practical version of pretty colours so the man of the house could live with a design which would look rather feminine with softer colours.

Filed under: Patch Play, Quilt Tagged: Applique, Patchwork, Quilt, Quilting

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Time Off for a Show from Quilting Solutions

My daughter and I went to the Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival.  This is where the Hoffman Challenge traditionally displays all the entries that were accepted into the show.  Imagine our surprise to find hardly any of the Challenge...maybe 15-20.  I didn't count.  No dolls.  No apparel.  No booth for information.  On the way out we asked about it, and apparently Hoffman has changed things around and this was all they sent.  The lady at the ticket table said they were as surprised as we were.  What a disappointment.  I did take a few photos of some of those ...

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My shell of a House from Average Quilter

So this is what I have to look at.
Kind of sad really
It seems like every time I turn around I think of something else that I lost.
I guess that will pass with time.
Everyone says now I can start with a clean slate -
I would rather have the old slate.
Guess this is my poor pitiful me day.
That will pass with time too.

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Requests 29 August 16 from Aussie Hero Quilts

Hi all

Before anything else…Please please, please keep an eye on the blog.   This is my most effective way of keeping you all informed with what is going on and I really need your help supplying info when asked so that I can get the request list and other data sources up to date after the fire.

I am not yet able to write posts every night but I am working towards it. 

All emails should now come to me at [email protected]

Here is this week’s list.   Anything you are not sure of.. JUST ASK!


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Follow Up on My Samurai from Priscilla's Workshop

Although it doesn't have much impact on our lives or our attitudes, my husband does have a samurai heritage. We know this for sure because my husband's younger brother wanted to marry a Japanese woman whose father would not give permission unless it could be shown to Japanese standards that the family was samurai or higher. Given that I had defied my own family to marry my husband, the notion was laughable to both of us.

So my husband's background, including an aide-de-camp to George Washington and a samurai, shows the real strength of the United States.

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Block 57 – Starting Point from Texas Quilting

20160828_174747_001.jpgI decided to go out of order again with the Splendid Sampler blocks, skipping temporarily past blocks 55 and 56 which are both applique and going straight for block 57.

I actually really like the last two blocks and I’ll get them knocked out here before too long but one thing I know about myself is patchwork is probably my favorite followed by paper piecing for the most part!  There was one block that gave me a run for my money….

I like the way applique looks and I enjoy the sewing part of it.  I liked cutting out ...

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Bargello Quilt Top Kit and Pattern from Eric the Quilter

DSC00273 DSC00274 DSC00272 wilmington

I finally got around to finishing the quilt top! Now just to quilt it! However, I did take the time to make the pattern and I’m selling it with the Wilmington 40 Karat Black set. Check it out on Etsy here! Now

if you’ll excuse me, I have a commission Mario quilt to get cracking on! Wish me luck!

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Wool applique! from JulieKQuilts

 Jeni from the Willow is having another free quilt along!  Since I had so much fun with hers last year, I really want to keep up with this one. are the first two blocks.  I am loving them!!
 You can find her blog here, and also the free patterns.  Thank you, Jeni!!

 I have made a tiny bit of progress on the Buttermilk Basin "Let it Snow" bom.  I am missing some blocks, and I know I have printed them out, so will go through my files and find them, LOL!!
I had a ...

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Musical Interlude from On The Go Quilting

I want to share my Slow Sunday Stitching and I have today’s musical interlude to thank for some of the progress.   I think I showed you my little packets of EPP shapes I took to Maine and planned to stitch on the way there.


I’m showing you because it’s possible that I shared them on IG and not here.   These are what my two La Passacaglia rosettes looked like on Friday of last week when we left for Maine.  I figured I’d have an hour or more of good riding when I could stitch.  I can ...

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Musical Interlude from Quilter in Motion

I want to share my Slow Sunday Stitching and I have today’s musical interlude to thank for some of the progress.   I think I showed you my little packets of EPP shapes I took to Maine and planned to stitch on the way there.


I’m showing you because it’s possible that I shared them on IG and not here.   These are what my two La Passacaglia rosettes looked like on Friday of last week when we left for Maine.  I figured I’d have an hour or more of good riding when I could stitch.  I can ...

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Licensed to Carry (Your Junk) from CurmudgeonlyQuilter

Here we are after the Mother's Heart quilt and Regarding Dutch.  It's a hard reality of life that a well thought-out and technically precise quilt posted along with a warm introduction to a wonderful mother gets less than half the views of a few cute puppy photos.  I reckon that's why people post so many YouTube videos of kittens and puppies.  That's where the money is.

For the more hardy amongst you, I hope you enjoyed meeting my mom.  She's worth the effort.

Based on past performance, today's post might not get the views ...

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