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January 29, 2015
back to finishing....... from Exuberant Color

I'm not going to try for 4 more finishes in the last 10 days of January.  I think I will be happy to have a total of 10 finishes instead of 12.  I quilted this baby/lap quilt with a large meander.  I have trimmed the quilt and cut the binding but didn't sew it on yet.  I will do the binding all by machine this time.
I basted the last of the 5 Wonky series quilts.  I will quilt it on my straight stitch machine, ditch quilting.  
Today is the twice monthly sewing group so I'll ...

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Pat Sloan: Machine Quilting Videos from Pat Sloan's Blog

I have a few machine quilting video that you might not have seen, you can watch them right here! 

Quilting Bubbles

How to move from one spot to the next

Fast action basting!

What do you most want to know about for machine quilting?

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A Room Full of Color from Quilts....etc.

Don’t you just love it when your sewing room is chock full of color – here is an over view of my room – and let me get it straight right now LOL – the tumblers on the wall are not a border for Ciera’s quilt – it is a completely different quilt – I […]

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Love Thoughts - Valentine Embroidered Patchwork Pillow - Free Pattern from A Beautiful Day - O Zi Frumoasa

It's the end of January and I have spent about half of it pondering, drawing and sewing for this Valentine themed project. It came out one Heart Quilt Block and two Embroidery Designs: one for Her and one for Him.

 Trying to suggest rather than explicitly show, I decorated "his" heart with straight lines and "her" heart with curved lines. My favorite source of inspiration - as always, Romanian needlepoint stitches.

An important mention: it is a quick project. It takes just a few hours to sew it, including the embroidered heart.
I equally thought about embroiderers and quilters: I ...

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Sponsor News from Lily's Quilts

New in stock at Elephant In My Handbag is Suffolk Garden from Dashwood Studio which is one of my personal favourite new lines.

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"FOEP en,..." from Supergoof Quilts

Misschien heb je het al gelezen,
ergens op dit Supergoofblog of op Facebook.
Ik ben al een tijdje,
bezig met Foeps Quilt.

Een quilt die eigenlijk helemaal niet voor Foep is,
maar wel geïnspireerd door Foep

Voor wie?
Voor peuters, kleuters,

Maar wie is Foep?
Foep is een hele grote zwart-witte kater,
die heel lief is,
en altijd een ongelooflijk goed humeur heeft,...
Je zag 'm al weleens op foto's voorbij komen,...

Kijk daar zit tie weer te genieten,
op de kussens met quilts om zich heen.
Niet te slapen,
rustig om zich heen kijkend,
naar ...

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Emmys Half Square Triangle Quilt from Grace Quilts & Stitches


Here’s another example of half square triangles .. I really do love the possibilities and they are an awesome stash buster quilt

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Two years late but a finish never the less from Caesarea Scrappers

I bought the kit for the Christmas knitted bunting at Knit & Stitch over two years ago. I also bought one for Claire as her Christmas present. Claire finished hers and made a second for a baby. Mine was almost finished apart from the string which I finished this month. I've even blocked it and it's ready for the Jersey Eisteddfod in March. I think I need to put it on a cardboard base to keep it nice and flat.
I'm also trying to finish up all of the odds and sods of moisturisers, cleansers and more. I ...

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Two Truths and a Lie with Elizabeth Olwen from The Village Haberdashery

Elizabeth Olwen is in the hot seat for this edition of Two Truths and a Lie!  Elizabeth Olwen is a Toronto-based surface pattern designer and flower enthusiast. Inspired by pastoral beauty, nature in its most playful forms, folklore, and romance, Elizabeth’s work is driven by the desire to leave something beautiful behind with every step she takes. Her ever-growing client list includes Target, Land of Nod, Cloud9 Fabrics and Madison Park Greetings on products like bedding, fabric, stationery, packaging, flooring and more. Her next fabric collection for Cloud9, Morning Song, is due in April and you can set up ...

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Light it up! from Ros-the-quilter

A few weeks ago after struggling for the umpteenth time to inspect the back of my quilt on the longarm I had a real light bulb moment.  I was tired of the time and effort it took to crawl under the table with a flashlight every time I wanted to check stitching, backing etc.
How wonderful it would be if I could light the entire area on the table so the mirror I use on the table would reflect the condition of the backing stitching perfectly.
Hmmm, now how could that be accomplished? Then I remembered the LED lighting I ...

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Allegri mewaspadai serangan balik Parma di Coppa Italia from Dysfunktional Knitter and Quilter

Allegri mewaspadai serangan balik Parma di Coppa Italia

Juventus tidak akan membiarkan bentuk liga Parma miskin mempengaruhi fokus mereka menjelang Coppa Italia bentrokan Rabu, kata Massimiliano Allegri.

Massimiliano Allegri tidak akan meremehkan Parma depan Juventus Coppa Italia perempat final, Rabu.

Parma yang abadi musim panas terik di liga, dengan catatan hanya tiga kemenangan dari 20 pertandingan meninggalkan mereka bawah meja, tapi cangkir telah memberikan jumlah sedikit lega.

Pria Roberto Donadoni tersingkir Cagliari di putaran terakhir, tetapi tugas mereka jauh lebih tangguh di babak delapan besar, dengan para pemimpin Serie A Juventus bepergian ke Stadio Ennio Tardini.

Allegri tidak akan mengambil ...

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Gedichtendag 2015 from Quilts Van Kippetje en Meer


Hij zocht het geluk, het grote “het”
hij zocht, maar vond het niet
en vele malen stond hij met een kluitje in het riet
hij zocht het geluk in het riet
hij zocht het geluk in het dal, aan de top
maar werd het zoeken moe
Pas toen hij zei: ik geef het op
toen kwam het naar hem toe.

Een eenvoudig maar o zo waar gedicht van Toon Hermans.

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Bootkamp, 5 from Multicolored Snippets

When in doubt, do a lot...more continuous line selfies.
Five different people, each one with a bit of me. 
Maybe the red/purple one is closest. Fun and fast, all the same.

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Mitered Corner Blocks from Shirts from Jo's Country Junction


So my daughter Kayla has been taking a grad school class…and playing with fabric.  Lucky for us, it’s actually a great combination.

Kayla is a Family Consumer Sciences teacher Marion, Iowa.  She’s a great teacher and is always looking for ways to integrate technology into the classroom.  Kayla is a bit techie herself and knows that students especially love technology…so it’s a win-win.  She uses it and the kids love it.

On her quest for college she took a grad class that taught her how to “make movies”.  She learned about voice overs, adding music ...

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I Hate Moving from Grace Quilts & Stitches

I know that hate is a really strong word, but after this last move – it really is appropriate – there just isn’t a strong enough word in English, and even that falls short

This isn’t the first time where my move last May has caused me endless issues finding things. As you can see, I’m still ‘struggling’

It’s my fault of course. pfft House wasn’t fully packed and that created no end of issues. But the worst of it was, I decided that I and my gf would stay back at the old house with the ...

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Simplifying Your Life and Getting Rid Of The Clutter from Dawn's Quilty Fun

         I find great delight in organization. I crave order in my everyday life to the point that I even enjoy organizing other people's rooms and collections.  My most recent organizing project is that cute little cart you see in the photo above.  I wanted to have a little collection of art supplies and games within arms reach of our dining room table, but I also wanted this little collection to be organized. So we invested in a couple (extremely adorable) carts from a large Swedish big box store nearby and now I consider them to be my trolleys of ...

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A Tiny Bite Of Stitching News from Angie Quilts

Rose's piles are growing! She's been making these lovely blocks for a while and soon, very soon, I think we will be spreading them out and having a good look at the plan. Rose is following a pattern from a book... which always helps.
Giggly Gillian continued with her lovely Teddy Quilt. She played with her stitches and decided to use a blanket stitch for her edges... we love 'sticky stuff' applique! Gillian is going to change thread colours as necessary, which always looks great.
We had a busy day and, as I have said before... two pictures ...

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Snow?!... Won't stop this girl! from WAZOO! Newsbits

Yesterday was the first time to go to the big guild here in Blairsville, and I wasn't going to let a skim of snow ruin it! Fortunately for me, the sun came out and the roads were fine. I miss snow...I'm from Wisconsin, and we know snow! This little dusting was enough to stir my northern soul and the nip in the air made me feel really alive. Hot weather just doesn't do it for me; I am a cold weather gal!

First light, and I see snowflakes!

Oh yeah...

I'm glad it was melting ...

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Welcome to the We Support You Blog Hop! from Life in the Scrapatch

Welcome to the We Support You Blog Hop!

I sewed my support by making a bag!

Ms Snowlady wanted to be my model ... ;)

Here is the back of the bag, which also has a deep pocket. 

I had a fun time in my sunny snowy backyard and took lots of photos ...

Ms Snowlady likes the ruffle ...

... and the very convenient "pockets" ... ;)

When dear Madame Samm

asked me to cheer this heart warming hop ... 

I said "Yes!' in a heartbeat!

As some of you may know,

I am a cancer survivor.

I see my doctor and have regular screenings and am ...

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Playing with my Silhouette Cameo cutter from Renee Valdes

I tend to doodle a lot.  Some doodles are just that.  Others are more complete.  Some stay on the scrap paper, others get done over and over again.  Some get added to my sketch pad, others go in the garbage.

But this one doodle has been intriguing.  It has made it from the back of an evelope, to a piece of paper, to my sketch pad, to being done again in ink, to being scanned, to being cut on my Cameo.  I am not quite sure it is ready for prime time yet, but I do think I know where ...

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