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August 3, 2015
A feather wreath? from Stitchin' Therapy

  The blank space on the Hot Dish table runner was a good area to try a feather wreath.   something a little different for me.
   I needed a have to look really close to see the faint pencil marks.  I used a bobbin ring for the shape.   I was not sure if I could follow the circle  with out having a lot of wiggles.

  I began in the center of the ring and lined it with plumes.  The start was good....making the end of the inner ring was not good. My plumes got too skinny at the end ...

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Midnight Flight at Moonlight Stitching Studio! from Quiltville's Quips & Snips!

Oh my dear ladies, I miss you all already!

Today was our second workshop day at Moonlight Stitching Studio and Sisters Retreat –but these gals had been sewing away, some since Wednesday evening when the retreat first opened!

Their first two days they were taught by Jo Kramer and Kelli Hanken of Jo’s Country Junction while I taught another group down in Oelwein for THEIR first two days..and then on Saturday we teachers swapped locations!  I stayed with this group in West Union while Jo and Kelli headed down to Oelwein!  It has been the best retreat fun ...

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Life at 60 from Ravelly1

Hi everyone. First I'd like to thank those who wished me a Happy 60th Birthday! I had a great time going out to dinner and getting to shop at one of my favorite quilt shops. I've given you a little taste of some of my purchases below. What I'll do with the purchases, nobody knows but it was so much fun looking, fondling and talking to the story owner.
As for the age thing.....I feel great at 60. I've been exercising to keep the body moving smoothly and I'm told by my doctor that ...

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Get It Done – August 2015 from Katy Did Art

This is going to be a hectic week. Bosses # 2 & 3 want me to work extra hours. And some of the DGC will be showing animals at the Fair. So Mimi and Papaw will be going out to watch on four different days.

I tried to write this post twice last night, so that I wouldn’t have to rush around this morning so much. But for some reason it wouldn’t go through.

Anyway, let’s review July’s goals;

July goals:
1) Quilt Amish – Not quite – I’ve started the quilting, but it is not completely finished.


2 ...

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Trite and Profound from Fret Not Yourself

We had dinner at Chipotle yesterday, an American chain restaurant that serves burritos. I had a craving for their cilantro lime rice. We also ordered iced tea. Chipotle prints different things on their paper cups - sometimes funny, sometimes educational. The current series is called Cultivating Thought. Mine had a short essay by Neil Gaiman, "Two Minutes to Run" which started like this.

"I am thinking about the fragility of civilization. Look around you, at the building you are in, the road you travel on. What you see was made by people who agreed that they would get up in the ...

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More patterns................. from Exuberant Color

I finished going through all of my patterns, tossed a few, some will go out for the garage sale, but there were a few I couldn't part with.  On the left is the first skirt I made at home after learning to sew in the 1954-55 home ec. class my freshman year.  I used our treadle machine and made the view with the ruffle out of a red print.  This pattern preceded printed patterns.  There were just series of holes punched in the tissue for identification.  The western shirt pattern was used many times for shirts for my dad ...

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Moccasin Block of the Month Club - August from Gen X Quilters

The Moccasin Block of the Month Club goes back for a second try at curves this August.  Now I know many of you are grumbling at me.  The curve in the Glorified Nine-Patch block is much gentler than the Drunkard's Path block we did in month #2.  Aren't you glad the harder one is over?  You can do this!  The pattern is out for this classic block with a fancy curve.  

Block #9 (Glorified Nine Patch)
Fabric is Cotton Supreme Solids by RJR Fabrics for my version of the BOM.
Here is a link to a video tutorial ...

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Busy Day from Quilts....etc.

Yesterday for a change I got a little bit done!  I got back to Winter Wonderland, I figured out my problems and got the sashing strips on to make it a good rectangle of an even number size so I could make 6.5 inch blocks to start putting around it.  I decided to stay with […]

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Kilim Me Softly: My Aurifil Bundle from Blossom Heart Quilts

When Melissa asked me to curate a bundle of Aurifil for her Aussie Aurifil Club, I was honoured, excited… and overwhelmed – where to start choosing the colours?! Enter Pinterest, and this is your result:

Aussie Aurifil Club August

Kilim Me Softly was inspired by my love of kilim rugs and designs. The rich colours and gorgeous geometrics were just calling out to me!

Kilim rug Aurifil bundle

The colours just work together, with the rich burgundy of 1103, the spicy orange of 2150, the glowing teal of 4093 and the soft salmony pink of 2435.

Aussie Aurifil Club Kilim

If you are located in Australia or New Zealand, subscribing to the Aussie ...

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My Sunday... from ~ CowgirlQuilter ~

 Sunday...Richard and Andrew both had to work Sunday.  I was up early canning before Church.  Hunter and I rode to Church with mom.  After Church mom had dinner so we ate and spent some time with my brother, John and his family.  They stop by mom's house most Sunday's after Church.  

When I got back home, I finished up my canning.  While I was canning I sat down at the machine in the kitchen and did a little bit of sewing.  Nothing major but I worked on my Windmills.
 My canning for the day...5 more pints ...

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Boxes of Goodies.... from Lynette Anderson Designs

 Lots of goodies going into the boxes that are being packed and ready to ship to the UK ready for the Festival of Quilts in the UK.


 Gail and Vince had lots of fun with the sticky tape getting the boxes ready for pick up... I supervised!


 Meanwhile in the UK, Teresa did a 'dummy car pack' with the boxes that are filled with pre-cuts fabrics that have already arrived from the US. I hope she has left room for the driver!


The 'dream' team are gearing up and are ready to man my stand H36 without me. I feel ...

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Sewing & Quilt Gallery: From the Bride's Trousseau from

Sewing & Quilt Gallery: From the Bride's Trousseau

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"Lapjesverslaafde aan het werk",... from Wilma's Homemade Quilts

Nu eerst de kaarsen met een hoog herfst gevoel van het vorige berichtje,
 veranderen in een zomers tafereeltje.
Wat is het al heerlijk warm buiten,....

Door de kamer heen staan verschillende bootjes die mijn maatje door de jaren heen heeft verzameld.
Natuurlijk op tafel applicatie van mij want ik blijf natuurlijk een heuse rommelkont,...

Heel wat uurtjes zitten in de hartjes,
en blaadjes,....

Helemaal niet erg natuurlijk want de top zag je groeien,....

En dan is het ineens tijd om een stof voor de achterkant te gaan halen 
en natuurlijk een binnenvulling,..

Dat is natuurlijk voor een lapjesverslaafde helemaal ...

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Cot Quilts at NEC - Festival of Quilts from Welsh Quilts

This year at the BQSG stand, we are having a display of cot quilts, to fit in with the Quilt Museum display (which is always adjacent to our stand). Liz Nally suggested this, and is showing several of her Durham cot quilts. In addition, Liz has prepared patterns for two of the cot quilts to sell as a fundraiser for BQSG. So I have also sent four of my cot quilts for display.....and included a pattern for my purple Welsh cot quilt, which is based on a 1930's pattern for a nightdress case...

The little Saltburn cot quilt ...

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Stash Sunday: Anna Maria Horner Stash Sale Bonanza! from Sew Psyched

I recently saw that Anna Maria Horner was having a stash sale over on her website... And you know I HAD to answer that clarion call of savings!! First the voiles called to me... Banner days Magenta, and Echinacea Sparkle, from Pretty Potent And then they called some more!! Pretty Potent But then, oh THEN... Joel Dewberry Let's see that AGAIN! Field Study and Cherry Aloe

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August 2015 Book of the Month from Quilt Fabrication

Time for another Book of the Month!

This month, I'll be searching Judy Woodworth's Freemotion Quilting Handbook for inspiration to finish some quilts. There are lots of ideas in this book, plus it's geared towards those with longarms. (Sorry domestic machine divas!) 

So let's get these quilts finished!

Happy Quilting!

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Thoughtful use of quilting lines to create appearance of depth from Feelings of Quilt

I am still in the process of quilting this block. Here is my work so far. Just wanted to talk a little about the orange diamond shapes around the blue star.

I wanted to somehow give it some depth. Notice the two on the bottom. They are done in a diamond shaped spiral. Now see the two on the top. They are done in a wide V shape echo. Since I am no expert in creating depth, I drew it out on paper many times first to see what directions the lines would look best. 
Once I decided on how ...

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Lacet table runner....journey to explore a vintage pattern.. from Made To Treasure

I'm a self learned person when it comes to  crochet. I learned to do crochet by reading written patterns and not by reading graph, so initially when i see a pattern in was a language that i didn't understand. Later i learnt to read graph too, and also enjoyed working with graph. But always prefered a written pattern...but this time i hoped if it was a graph when i read the pattern...hmmm.

I was never a great fan of filet crochet, because it never seems to be challenging and so i get bored fast ...

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How to Sew an Accurate 1/4" Seam from Quilters Corner

Many quilting patterns direct you to piece your blocks using a 1/4" seam allowance and doing so accurately and consistently is important to help ensure that your quilt blocks fit together nicely and your finished quilt is the size that you want it to be. Piecing with accurately measured ...

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Festival Of Quilts 2015 from Angie Quilts

We have seats available on our coach for the annual pilgrimage to the FESTIVAL OF QUILTS at the NEC in Birmingham.

Sunday 9th August
Picking up and returning to...
Copeland's Depot in Meir, Stoke On Trent 
Cheadle... Main Car Park
Tean... High Street 
Uttoxeter... Bus Station

Tickets are £23.00 and that includes entrance to the quilt show... an absolute bargain, supported by my very own, Patchwork And Quilting shop!!!

If you only want an entrance ticket, they are still available. £12 each.

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