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April 24, 2015
Turmeric and Ginger from Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara

You’re probably all familiar with ginger and most of us have used it ground or fresh. We use a lot of fresh ginger, especially since I’ve been on my wonton binge. A while back, I think I mentioned that I had ordered some edible ginger plants. They arrived recently and have been planted and are […]

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Personalized cloth book the easy way from Maria Elkins -- Original Art Quilts

Personalized cloth book the easy wayMy granddaughter, Hazel, will be one next week! She loves reading books, so I thought it would be fun to make her a personalized cloth book, but I don’t really have the time to make it as elaborate as I would like. Instead, I needed something quick and easy.

A couple weeks ago I found a really cute book panel on Spoonflower that is customizable with the baby’s name, so I ordered one. Yesterday, I got the idea of printing Hazel’s picture and sewing it to the front of the book, covering up the baby motif that ...

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Yay! I Finally Finished a Quilt! Can I Get a Parade, Please? from Cheeky Cognoscenti

Drumroll, please...

Amish Baby 54-40 Or Fight, 50" x 50", with Minky Backing and Satin Blanket Binding

IT IS FINISHED!!!  Arm slings, thumb splints, frozen shoulder, surgery, and uncooperative satin blanket binding could not defeat me.  My Amish Baby 54-40 Or Fight quilt is finished, and I like it!  I even ended up loving the double row of zigzagging on the satin binding (a functional necessity since I did not manage to perfectly align the inner edge of the binding in a couple of places on the first pass).  I think it looks decorative, almost like another skinny border coming ...

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Fab Friday from 120 Blocks

Okay, I have no idea what that title means, and I don’t think you should naturally assume that this will actually be an ongoing feature, but we’ll go with it for today. First on the agenda is a little Show … Continue reading

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Row by Row Experience @Quilters Depot! from Jenn's Quilters Depot Blog

Have you heard of the Row by Row Experience?

It started a few years ago as a New York Shop Hop and then started to expand.  The past couple of years it was a Pennsylvania one.  Well they have have expanded again and it is nationwide and in Canada!

Quilters Depot will be participating this year:  The theme is H2O!

Here is our row!  You know we love our lighthouses!

Row by Row is:

All 50 US states and Canada, too!

No passports! No fees!

How about this… a shop hop type event with no fees, no passports and all ...

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What I Did This Week #13 - WIDTW from Sew Stitching Cute

A quick update this week as I am looking forward to seeing What YOU Did This Week...

WE Saved a Quilt and experienced the power of our community...

Finished two round robin rows... the other you can see here...

I finished and got caught up on my #craftybirthdaybash1 swap for February and March birthdays, April's birthday month will be finished this weekend...

The Inside - the zipper is my favorite
Here was the February package for Melissa over at @ohhowsweetco... (yes, that is how far behind I got... I am proud to say I am all caught up...)

So all ...

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Success at last! from Luv 2 Stitch

I didn't want to do another post until my General Jack quilt was pieced. Well, that turned out to be a tad longer than I would have liked. But, it is now a flimsy! Not the best picture, but you can see it is in one piece. It's about 44" square.

This little zipper bag was made in a class from a local quilt shop. It was intensive, but not difficult. I hope to make more before I forget how to do it.

Lots to catch up on. I won't wait so long for my next post ...

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Single Wedding Ring Quilt [Finish] from A Little Bit Biased

Happy Friday, friends!
I know it's been a while but I recently finished a quilt that I wanted to share with you!  I originally posted about it HERE (with a link to the free block pattern) during the Fat Quarter Shop's Single Wedding Ring Blog Hop.  Well, the quilt is finally finished and I love how it turned out!

I always love to find a fun location when I photograph my quilts (apparently it's a little hobby that I didn't know I have :) and a friend of mine recently purchased a home with a lot of ...

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The Little Love Quilt from Late Night Quilter

It’s Friday, and after an unfriendly week, I am thrilled to post a pretty little finished quilt today!

Little Love Baby Quilt Close Up

Little Love Baby Quilt

We had a hail storm beyond belief last week in our Texas Hill country town. Every home in our development had at least one blown out window and on top of that, every house needs a whole new roof. This affects my blogging partner Michelle, too, as she and I live in the same community.  With news like that, I prefer to just bury my head in the sand, and quilt away.  Happily for Michelle, she’s ...

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Farm Girl Fridays - Bee Prepared!!! from Bee In My Bonnet

My post today is all about
getting ready for our 
Bee Prepared
is my favorite motto
 when it comes to starting any project:)

We only have one week until 
officially begin and 
I'm sew super excited!

So let's talk about a few
Farm Girl Vintage
 things so that you can 
"Bee Prepared!"

This is the book we will
be using for this sew along.
If you don't have a copy yet…
to get one and join us!

If you are using 
Swiss Dots on white 
by Riley ...

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How to: Pineapple Star Quilt Block- 30 Days of Sewing Quilt Blocks from Piece N Quilt

Today's star quilt block tutorial is the Pineapple Star! It's a fun block made using half rectangle blocks.

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Разноцветные забавы from Roolen

Как обычно - всего понемногу:  и звезды, и "пьяная дорожка", и еще многое другое..
Смотрите сами:

Полоски-разрезалки всем пришлись по душе: ни одного криволинейного шва, а в результате - чудные переплетающиеся волнистые дорожки..

Специально не обрезала верхнее фото. Видите, на заднем плане кто-то усердно строчит, пока все разглядывают заготовку Галины Викторовны?
Это Нина Фетюхина, шьет барджелло:

А эту кошечку, наверное, узнают все, кто побывал или следил за репортажами с Квилтфеста:

Тоже Нинина. ) . Результат МК с Norico Nozawa.
Фото с ФБ ( Нина опять усердно шьет )):

Так что, мои утверждения, как мне повезло с ученицами, отнюдь не голословны..)

 "Скраппи" от Тани Швалевой:

 "Семинолы дубль ...

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Aiming for Accuracy Quilt Along {Lessons 2 and 3} + Free Craftsy Class! from Busy Hands Quilts

Yeah!  Finishing these blocks catches me up in the Aiming for Accuracy Quilt along!  I have no plan for colors.  I just pick what I have in my scrap bin that is close to what's given in the instructions and as a last resort use yardage when the scraps don't come close enough.

I'm making two quilts - one with a black background and one with a white background since I couldn't decide which one to make!  I am amazed at how little extra time this takes.  Since the only difference is black vs. white, there are ...

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My Thursday from Wont to be Quilter

Hi friends!
Had our boy yesterday!
He was fighting the dead stalks of orka.
He though he was hid!
He is the sweetest little baby boy!
I made him a pillow the day before.
I finished it and gave it to him. He loves to punch pillows.
This is his tired face! His face when i asked him to look tired!!!
He ran around the cars several times.
He is a bundle of energy all the time and doesn't take naps but he may have gone to sleep in the car going home after the battle of the Orka ...

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New HQ Promo, Demo Machine Sale Time, and other stuff. :) from Bobbins 'n Threads Sewing Room

I think spring might be here...for 10 minutes, anyway!  ;)  I am SO looking forward to summer and sitting out in the garden.  This winter was not bad, by any means, but enough.  :)

Here are a few websites to look at:

A good explanation of the dreaded batting bearding:

And on how to take care of fabric bleed:  (Vicki does amazing hand dyes!)

And...a great way to baste a quilt!

This has been a ...

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I can die happy!!! from Sisboom

Hey that’s me on the cover of my own thread box!!  Thank you Aurifil!!  I feel like the luckiest girl alive and to think I get to share the cover with George of customer service.  My life keeps getting better.   A big shout out to all the other designers I share the stage with and all of the peeps that keep our thread at the ready.  We love Aurifil and love the colors so perfect for your next Sis Boom Sew.  So get your 40 weight thread this summer and tell them I sent you!!!  I hope I get ...

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Home From Quilters Dream Weekend from Crazy Horse Quilting

I'm just home from the Quilters Dream Retreat held at Camp Arnold in April and October. I've been going to the April retreats since moving up here. My friend, Lisa, from Canada, found this retreat and got us in -- no easy feat since they are usually full.  Since then, we've met there annually. This was the first year that Lisa couldn't make it--still fun, but just not the same without her.

The first year we had no idea what we were getting into. However, we were fortunate enough to pick a place to sit that turned ...

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Artful Machine Quilting AKA 250th Blog Post from Tales of a Stitcher

What you are reading right now is my 250th blog post. Can you believe it? I’m not sure I can. I started writing Tales of a Stitcher in December 2012 and two-and-a-half- years later, I am still stitching and writing. I want to thank all of you for taking this journey with me.

Maria Shell 250th Blog PostI’ve shared my life in Alaska both in the studio and out with you readers. It has been a amazing experience. Who knows what the next 250th blog posts will be about, but no matter what, I am glad very grateful for you dear readers ...

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Jackie's A Winner from Angie Quilts

Toot toot toot, toot toot-etty-toot...
First Prize winner at Uttoxeter Quilt Show, made by our Princess Jackie

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Have a Latte Blog Hop Winner from MooseStash Quilting

Oh my goodness, did these Lovely "Latte" Ladies, just do a magnificent job, with amazing projects or what?   I can't tell you, what a privilege it was to cheerlead for all of you! Each and every one of you inspires me every day!

I consulted my crystal ball (also known as and #19 was picked as my winner of the Have a Latte Blog Hop.   That would be none other than Super Mom No Cape.  Now if that isn't the greatest name I've ever heard. Speaks a lot about all moms, doesn't it.  I ...

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