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July 30, 2016
New quilt and more blocks! from ~ CowgirlQuilter ~

 I know you are shaking your head but I started a new quilt.  LOL!  Actually, I think this one will go rather quickly.  No pattern really but just a traditional block that can be made any size.  This one is made from 2.5" squares, 2.5" HST, and the sashings are 2.5"x8.5"  I have a bolt of the blue so I figured that I would use if for the sashings.   Totally different from what I usually would use for sashings.
 I also made 10 more Garlic Knot blocks.  This take my total up to 61.  I ...

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Gift making, garden path, and cutting................ from Exuberant Color

I have a baby shower to go to tomorrow so I made 2 kinds of burp cloths as part of my gift.  I got the free patterns off the internet when my great grandson was born.  They are 2 layers of flannel and backed with PUL, a waterproof fabric.  
The Rudbeckia are in bloom in the back garden now.  I had one bag of wood chips left from 3 years ago so I spread them on my path around the tree.  I love this wild and tangled garden.

Last night I decided to start cutting the Drunkard's patch blocks ...

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Pink Diamonds from Not Afraid of Color

Pink Diamonds??  Yes, please!!!  9 of them arranged into one large solitaire.  What a surprise this would be for a person's anniversary! 
Now you can see the individual blocks are made of the smallest scraps. I think I had a moment midway into this... While I do enjoy a small scrap like the teeny little free form geese there, It's a little crazy to sew such tiny pieces together. 

Then again, who cares what a crazy sewing woman does to keep sane? Keeps me busy. It's kind of meditative. To drop everything, and just sew these small ...

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Bee-utiful QAL from Susan P Blog

I survived the first week at school! This week went so quickly, it is unbelievable. I didn’t do much in the afternoons after school as I was quite tired, but I managed to finish the two latest blocks released for the Bee-utiful QAL. The latest block was the one I saw when Pamela talked about this QAL the first time and when I saw the block I just had to join. I still love this block with the bike and basket filled with flowers. Definitely still my favourite

My favourite Bee-utiful QAL block

3 rows

I now have three completed rows ...

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Bunny Trail by Jodie Carleton and a Giveaway! from Red Pepper Quilts

Bunny Trail Drunkard's Path Quilt | Red Pepper Quilts 2016
Bunny Trail Drunkard's Path Quilt | Red Pepper Quilts 2016

Earlier this year I was commissioned by Jodie Carleton from Vintage RicRic to make a quilt with her brand new fabric line ~ Bunny Trail for Ella Blue Fabrics ~ for Jodie's booth at Spring Quilt Market. The timeline was short but Jodie knew exactly what she wanted and I got on with the task ... a Drunkard's Path Quilt with a fun circle layout.

Bunny Trail Drunkard's Path Quilt | Red Pepper Quilts 2016

The Bunny Trail collection is inspired by the walking track near Jodie’s home and the fluffy-tailed inhabitants. If you walk there at the right time of the day you will see all those little bunnies ...

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July 2016 in socks from Just Sew Sue

I have been hit by the sock making bug and so has my credit card. So many photos of so much lovely yarn on Instagram tempts me every day. However this coming month I am going to give myself a weekly budget (with some birthday money added on) to try and get my stash under control.

Kate Selene is a case in point, even on holiday, she tempted me with her wares and unfortunately Juicy Oasis had good Wi-Fi and thankfully good air conditioning. These are the popular pattern - Hermione's everyday socks in grey pop fizzle.

And these are ...

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Fabric News from Lily's Quilts

The 2017 Quilter’s Planner is now available for pre-order at Fat Quarter Shop! Perfect for managing both daily life and quilting projects!

Plush Addict have some amazing Summer Special Offers on until the end of August, including a saving of £12.95 on 100 Wonderclips.

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Stitching & Lace & News from Angie Quilts

All Day Di has musical chums...the perfect fabric had been collected, time to make the gifting cushions... Di's first chosen design wasn't doing it... whatever IT is... but this second choice was a big hit... Di was happy... all the parts were cut out perfectly (eventually!) it just needs to be sewn together now...
You know.... when we give these stitched gifts to folk... there's no way they can know just how much of us we put into making them is there?...

Farmer Lynda loves Fairies and was delighted to find a kit with everything she ...

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Barb of Bejeweled Quilts from Lily Pad Quilting

Barb was a fabulous sponsor last year, for the Pets on Quilts Show, and we appreciate her sponsorship this year!

Many of you know Barb for her great patterns. She has such cute ideas! That one above is something that would look great in a corner of my kitchen - how about yours?

You can check out the selection at her Etsy shop, over at this link.

This is one of my favorites - it's a great change-up from rectangular table toppers!

Barb spent time in Samoa, so these lovely fabrics are near and dear to her heart. They feature ...

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Blended Quilting from Quilt Fabrication

Last week, while quilting the Holiday Forest runner, I was very conscious of making the background quilting blend in with the trees. And by that I mean making the background quilting in the small areas relate to each other, creating unity between all the small spaces.

Notice the landscape lines in between the trunks. See how they hit the trunks, follow the trunk for a small distance, and come back out again?

This is what I mean by 'blending'. It creates unified quilting between all parts instead of a bunch of separately quilted areas. It also makes the background quilting ...

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Flight Feathers #1 - Mounted Fiber Art from Linda's Art Quilts

Flight Feathers #1 - 8"x8" - Mounted Art Quilt
Recently I completed a 40" x 40" work that featured a crow on a telephone wire.*  The theme had emotional significance for me because the call of crow on a wire was in the background as my father and I hugged and said for the last time, "I love you", before an accident took his life the next day.  Every time I see or hear a crow, I am reminded of my father and that he loved me very much.

Because many of my works have implicit undertones, I wanted to have ...

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I Have Internet…Glory Bee!! from Jo's Country Junction


I have Internet….you read it right.  I am back on line!!


Last Saturday we had the lightening strike that took out the computer modem.  I called into Windstream (our internet provider-which I no longer recommend).  I was on hold for about 20 minutes, I got through and for some reason, the call dropped.  I called back and was then on the hold trying to get things figured out for 98 minutes.It was the typical now days run around…”you can no longer buy a modem from us, you can only rent them”…and that rent will only be ...

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Rotary Cutter - Quilter's Tool Chest for Throwback Thursday from Prairie Sewn Studios

Written by Laura Chaney, daughter

We're gearing up for some super exciting things this fall, so we thought we'd kick it into gear with Throwback Thursday. Every Thursday we'll feature a post from the blog archives that we think is still useful today! 

We're kicking off a new series called Quilter's Tool Chest where we share our favorite quilting notions, tools and gadgets.

Our first ten posts will focus our top recommended notions, tools and gadgets for new quilters. These are the perfect items to help a new quilter start building her quilty tool chest ...

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Running Amok from Fiber and Pulp


I finally finished the second block for Rose, this month's bee queen. As soon as I get her mailing address, she'll be getting two squishy envelopes from me. ;) I finished this appliqué today, sitting on the living room sofa during a thunderstorm.

That thunderstorm raged on right overhead for about two hours. Our power flickered several times - the storm has moved off now so I figure it is finally safe to post. :)

The past two days has been full of errands, driving and adventures (not all of them pleasant ones). :P

Yesterday I started off at my lawyer ...

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One Heck of a Friday! from Quilting My Way

Walked with Ruth this morning. Ended up with a 3 mile walk today. Hard to believe I walked all that much but when the rest of the day was added, I had move then usual in my steps! I've walked 11,178 steps so far today.Will probably add another two hundred before the day is over.

Got home and Patrick was ready to go. We did go to the casino. After that we ended up going to Walmart, Shop'n Kart, and Safeway. We picked up a cooler at Walmart as well as the drinks for our family ...

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Special Reach pillow covers from Mel's quilting blog

The pillow forms are already made.
Now for the pillow covers
I have 10 made 
I need 20 more.
They are all cut out, but need sewn together.
I think it took me a little over an hour to sew the 10, so 2 more hours to being sewn.
DD is going to turn them.

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QOV #6 quilted from Mel's quilting blog

Such a great design.
I did leaves across the quilt because of some of the fabrics.

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Big plus, little plus (what begins with plus?) from Fabric Engineer

After about five years, "Big Plus, Little Plus"* is finally finished

It'll be for a little boy due any day now...I'm rather excited that I finished before the baby came!

This time I took pictures at my parents' cottage.  I took them just as the sun was setting, which was rather bad for coloring but great for background.

The quilt is made of a bunch of strips; it was the easiest way to get all of the little pluses in correctly.  I started the design by putting in the big plus and then added the little pluses ...

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Land one here! Rob and Bella. from Sew We Quilt

I remember the first time I heard this phrase of "land angel " I was looking after a patient named Ken, he was my first terminal patient. You never ever forget that first goodbye to someone whom you cared for- for months. I knew his time was nearing as he slept a lot through his brain cancer, the last few days of his life he was alert and could carry on a conversation. That was when I heard "Samm, you are a land angel- do you know what that is?". Of course I had not, but the term was sweet, he ...

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Yep still in the car! #denvertoseattle #roadtrip #moving #prisma... from Wolf Creek Quilting

Yep still in the car! #denvertoseattle #roadtrip #moving #prisma #elsiesweetpea @prisma #ilovemydog

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