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November 17, 2017
Going to the chapel from The Academic Quilter

Hi all, and happy Friday!  I hope you've had a good week.  Mine was seriously busy, but I did get a lot done.  I have several non-sewing projects going on, all of which are really important, and all of which are due at the same time.  My brain is working over time.  And of course my computer updated right in the middle of everything, too.  I really dislike when that happens, don't you?

I did finish up my little free-pieced chapel quilt, though!  Here's one of the few good pictures I managed to get:

I love this ...

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How Did This Happen??? from MulticoloredPieces

I turned the page on my calendar and there it was, the first Christmas tree and reminder of the coming holiday season...How did this happen??? Seriously???It seems like just yesterday I was making my calendar for 2017...just yesterday...

After getting over the shock, I decided that I should at least end the year with a finish, a big finish. So I pulled out the Pomegranate Tree and realized there wasn't much left to do. I've been stitching a few weeds and cutting bias binding. The end is in sight.

And in the meantime, I've ...

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Nov 17, Amish Star Quilt Block Tutorial: 6", 9" and 12" finished from Generations Quilt Patterns Blog

Amish Star quilt block tutorial

With all its patches, an Amish Star quilt block looks pretty complicated.

In truth, it's just a simple 9-patch made from basic units.

See how simple it is to make!

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12 days of Christmas sampler from Just Sew Sue

After the recent retreat I went on, I returned home a little under the weather, possibly due to the extra brackets added to my brace which irritated my mouth. So instead of ruining a big sewing project I decided to work on a Crosstitch project.

I was so pleased to actually finish the 12 days of Christmas sampler and it is now ready to take to the framers. Are usually choose a simple frame but wonder if something more ornate and painted red might be more suitable.

It's now time to work on the November block for the once ...

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Quilt Beginnings, Endings & In Between: Without a List from Pink Doxies

One Sweet Baby Quilt Ready to Deliver

Week 2 with No List

Welcome back to another weekly narrative of living/working without a list. I've gained unexpected insight while purging the house of too much stuff, and am eager to share it with you. I keep hearing in the comments how many of you are on the same journey, and feel I'm in good company. 

The Sweet Modern Baby One Patch is finished and delivered. (I wish all my own deliveries had gone so smoothly.) The red binding was a cheery zinger on a traditional design that still ...

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Messy Painted Canvas... from May Your Bobbin Always Be Full

The Permission 2 Play members

gathered together to play with PAINT...

We are using craft grade paint and foam rollers...

We are creating a Messy Painted Canvas:

Class is about to begin...

Grab a name badge and a seat!

The classroom is set up for......FUN!

The tables are covered with primed canvas...

P2P Instructor Debbie 

sets up the trays with foam rollers...

The canvas will be painted in 4 layers:

Layer 1......Light Paint Colors

The students apply paint with foam rollers...

First Layer......Complete!

P2P Instructors:

Nancy and Kathi

Layer 2:

Medium color paints,

stamping with found ...

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Turkey For Thanksgiving from Priscilla's Workshop

The House passed its version of tax reform yesterday with numerous poison pills and hidden prizes. The Senate is still working but hopes to have their vote before next Thursday. No matter what political stance you hold, this should bother you. There won't be time for even the senators to read the whole bill before they vote let alone for the populace at large. And don't even start with the what about the ACA nonsense. That was discussed and amended for months before the vote even if Pelosi's remarks seemed to indicate the opposite. So this very ...

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Work for the Weekend from Wont to be Quilter

Hi friends!
Got this one ironed yesterday.
 Maybe i can get it quilted this weekend.
I am trying to do at least two or more log cabin blocks every day so yesterday put the eight up and started making them again.
Got my next three done!
yesterday all i did was go get a haircut so should have gotten more done. But it was my night to mop and clean. At least i got finished with that and today i feel awful! Maybe i did to much! I can hear my mom saying that!
Drinking a cup of tea hoping ...

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Work for the Weekend from wont-to-be quilter

Hi friends!
Got this one ironed yesterday.
 Maybe i can get it quilted this weekend.
I am trying to do at least two or more log cabin blocks every day so yesterday put the eight up and started making them again.
Got my next three done!
yesterday all i did was go get a haircut so should have gotten more done. But it was my night to mop and clean. At least i got finished with that and today i feel awful! Maybe i did to much! I can hear my mom saying that!
Drinking a cup of tea hoping ...

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Sugar Plum Challenge [OFFICIALLY CLOSED] from Fat Quarter Shop's Jolly Jabber

A HUGE Thank You to everyone who entered to be a part of the Sugar Plum Block Challenge! We were blown away by the amount of entries and the creativity all of you brought to making a project out of the Sugar Plum Block, which we made with Joanna Figueroa from Fig Tree Quilts!

We provided our free Sugar Plum Block pattern and video tutorial and all of you ran with it! While we decided to make our version of this block using the Hazel & Plum collection by Joanna Figueroa for Moda Fabrics, we got entries using every type of ...

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O ZO. from Supergoof Quilts

Even een berichtje voor een ieder die Kopietjes maakt,
van mijn ontwerpen,
voor je beste vriendin,
en haar beste vriendin,
voor de hele vriendenclub.
Voor de buurvrouw,
voor weet ik wie.

Ik heb zo'n hekel aan jullie.

En voor de Lieve Schatten, 
die wel sparen voor een patroon,
die me mailen en zeggen,
zo te genieten van de nieuwe blokken,
van de verhaaltjes die erbij horen.
Gaan voor de hele BOM,
alle vertrouwen in mij hebben,
dat het leuk zal zijn.
Er zelf heel blij van worden.
En ik ook,
want wat heb ik al lieve ...

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Delilah Quilt - Block 9 from Sew Some Sunshine

Sprinkled the name of this block!  For month 9 of the Delilah template of the month program we've moved on to six inch blocks.  The challenge continues with this one.  The next few months of these six inch blocks will be used to fill out the rest of this scrappy quilt.  We need to make nine of these little ones and here are my first four.

We're back to small curves with this one, but having done all the others, these come together pretty quickly.  Cutting bias edges is important here so that you have some ...

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Wholecloth, Batiks and Hexies from Quilting & Learning

It's been a busy week since the last post. I've made some progress on a couple of projects, including starting a new one.

November's Learning Quilt-A-Long

My goal for November is to create a wholecloth quilt from each different batting being tested. In some of the projects, the FMQ follows the design on what will be the backing.

For this first piece, I began by quilting on the silk batting. Last month I had quilted on the cotton-wool batting first, so the silk batting felt very thin in comparison. This time, the silk batting was great.

FMQ ...

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Collecting Fabric - for Scrap Quilt Lovers from A Sentimental Quilter

Recently, I met some quilters who told me that making scrap quilts terrifies them. They said that they're often intimidated and don't quite know how to put their fabrics together or even what fabrics...

Click on the title to continue reading the post.

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En utmaning from Veriquilt

Facebookgruppen Art Quilts har temat "Peace" för november och jag har gjort en liten tavla 40 x 40 cm.

Vallmo är ju en symbol för fred och jag gjorde råkantapplikationer av handfärgat linne på akryltryckt bakgrund. För trycket använde jag en Gelliplate. Tavlan är maskinkviltad med en tråd som är melerad i guld och silver, det ger en väldigt mjuk och fin effekt som kanske syns på detaljbilden. Jag har monterat det hela på sk Deep Edge Canvas som jag köper hos Panduro.
På mina träffar med Söndagsgruppen har jag sedan i våras hållit på med några scrapskviltar av ...

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Reintroducing Euclid Avenue! from Sassafras Lane Designs

When planning what projects we wanted to make for the Foundation Lookbook, Euclid Avenue came up as an option. But, I didn't want to make it the same way the original pattern was written. So.... I made it with a background and we added those instructions to the pattern! Here is the new quilt:

Euclid Avenue Quilt Pattern

Euclid Avenue Pattern Facts

      • Pattern includes 3 different sizes: Tall (40" x 48"), Grande (64" x 72") and Venti (72" x 96").
      • Blocks large, easy, fast and paper-pieced.
      • Legal-size Foundation Papers and the Add-A-Quarter Ruler are recommended.
      • Play with color placement to create all sorts ...

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Goat Cherubs from Nina Paley


Our Father’s Kids.


flattr this!

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Favorite Things This Week from Quilty Therapy

Target When Target announced they were phasing out Merona and Mossimo, I was a little sad.  What if the new brands don’t fit as well?  What if I don’t like the style.  Those worries have been wiped away with my most recent purchases.  After working from home for over four years, I realized my sweater […]

The post Favorite Things This Week appeared first on Quiltytherapy.

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Kennel Kwilt Krazy! from MooseStash Quilting

I told you last week that there was a lotta sewin' goin on at Quilt Club...
and we made it happen again this week.
Joi, delivered 43 Kennel Quilts to the Denver Dumb Friends League on Wednesday.
We recently received lots of Christmas fabric, to make kennel quilts with.
Many cats and dogs from Puerto Rico made there way here to Denver after the hurricane.
"Sew" we fired up our machines and went to work
Mach speed, it's said we were stitching.
Making sure all these new lil ones have a warm and comfy blanket for the holidays ...

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Lap Blanket with Palm Trees from Lizzie Lenard Vintage Sewing

Now that I have just returned from a quick holiday where I was surrounded by palm trees, I find this blanket particularly entertaining.  I could quite easily get attached to this particular blanket, but I have to give it in to the church knitting group today so that it can be donated to a local hospital, where it will be given to a patient suffering from dementia.

I have sewn on a few large buttons, which together with the palm trees are designed to keep restless hands busy.

This palm tree has lost a coconut.  I'm glad I wasn ...

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