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April 25, 2017
My April Stitch Along Week 4 from Learn to Applique

This week I needed to make 'windows' in my cover fabric to see the best sections of my project. As I checked each project I noticed there were only a few areas that I really didn't want to highlight so I decided to do this a little different. I used the computer to help me determine where to place the windows.

I opened the three images of my projects in GIMP so they were all in different layers, but within the same image file. Then I added a fourth layer and filled it with white which will make my ...

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Sparkling Sampler Block B from Mel's quilting blog

Block B for my sparkling sampler.
We might only have 1 of the multi colored fabrics. 
This is all of them together.

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Rainbow Scrap Challenge--April--Multicolor from TheEclecticAbuela

April's rainbow scrap challenge is to use  multicolored scraps.

Because I've been sticking to one color during previous months, and I am planning to use the blocks in a rainbow-type quilt, I decided to do the multicolor blocks for a separate project.

I'd been designing a block in my head, so I tried it out.  I plotted it on EQ7 and then started sewing. While there are lots of multicolor strings in the blocks, I used a constant dark red for the centers, and I added some strings in solids and blenders to tame the confusion!

I ...

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Rainbow Scrap Challenge--April--Multicolor--Part 2 from TheEclecticAbuela

I'm putting together the multicolor blocks. You can read about them HERE.

There are lots of places to match, but I am making progress. I'm calling this one "Stringing Beads." It reminds me of the beaded curtains that people hang in doorways.

Beaded Doorway Curtain

I'll finish assembling the center of the top, then wait until it tells me what type of borders it needs.

I'm linking to Scrap Happy Saturday at soscrappy and with Fiber Tuesday 108 at The Quilting Room with Mel.

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Fiber Tuesday 108 from The Quilting Room with Mel

Welcome back to Fiber Tuesday!  How was everyone's week? I finally broke down and passed a project on to Paul.  It had exceeded me and if I didn't let him have a go at it it was going to be a UFO.  Passing it on pointed out a few design choices I had made which had made it harder to do.  We've adjusted those and with the progress he is making he'll be done in no time.  I've been on it for months and just couldn't get it.  I guess I may be a ...

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Make-A-List Monday - from Confessions of a Fabric Addict

Hi, all!

There's nothing like coming home from a vacation where you had perfect weather, only to find out that it rained the whole time you were gone and still hadn't stopped.  Thankfully, it seems to have stopped now, but we received over 5 inches of rain in the week we were gone!  I miss the sun....  but it will be back later this week!

Since I was on vacation last week, I didn't really have a to-do list, just an "if I feel like it" list - so let's see how it went...

1.  Write a ...

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Raspberry and Cream BOM {Block 8} from Fort Worth Fabric Studio

Hi there! Today I am ready to share my eighth block for the Raspberry and Cream Block of the Month!!

***We only have a couple of finishing kits left for this and we are unable to reorder fabric since the manufacturer is out of this fabric! Also if you would like your backing to match, be sure to snag some before we are completely out of the fabric! Purchase HERE

 For backing you'll need to purchase 5.625 yards (44" wide) or 2.5 yards (108" wide) backing. 


Goose Tracks

For this block you will need to use ...

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Curve Pieced Hydrangea Flower Tutorial from Quilt Art by Olena Pugachova

To mark the arrival of spring I'd like to share with you a nice little flower pattern that would be nice to try for somebody who is learning curve piecing or just wants to add some curvy zest to their piecing. It can look as modern or as traditional as you want it to depending on your fabric choices.

I designed it to go together with my butterfly pattern, it is compatible in size and style and together they can form lots of different layouts. I played with a couple of options for a bed quilt here:

The flower ...

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White Wedding Quilting 5 from Virtual Quilter

White Wedding Quilting 5

What is not too love?

Filed under: Quilt, White Wedding, White Wedding Quilting Tagged: Applique, Double Wedding Ring, Pieced and applique, Wedding Ring

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A Picture for Sunday - Chaffinch from Lizzie Lenard Vintage Sewing

Easily the chirpiest little bird around at the time, this chaffinch was singing away at the top of a hazel tree and kept me entertained while I was busy digging the other day.

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Tucker from Ruth Powers Blog

A couple of weeks ago I started this little 12 x 12″ piece of a friend’s dog. The first step, after making the pattern, is to pull all the fabric that even looks like it might work.

Then it’s time to choose which ones to actually use. I will audition different fabrics and sometimes a piece needs to be cut from several different fabrics before the right one surfaces.  After a couple of days the first half was finished, and looking pretty good!

When the second half was done and sewn together, I was not real happy with ...

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One Thing Remains. Slow Stitching with Fabri Flair! from Faith, Trust and Breast Cancer

Hello Everyone!  
I'm so glad you stopped by on this beautiful Spring morning in Southern New Mexico!  The birds are joyfully singing, the waterfall is cheerfully chortling, 

the breeze is blowing gently - for now :), 

my babies are snoozing next to me on our swing 
and the blooms are bathing us with their sweet scents!  
If I have to have a fibro flare, this is the place to have it!

Thank you all for your kind comments and well wishes.  
I'm doing about the same.
As we were leaving church, 
the worship team played this song. 
It's our ...

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We will remember them............. from Aussie Hero Quilts

This ANZAC Day I will honour all our military heroes, past and present, as well as their loved ones, those who stood behind them and those who stood beside them.  My thoughts will also be with those who are home, but still have a battle to win. 

This is for all of those who will commemorate ANZAC Day away from Australia this year.

Lest We Forget.


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Family Heirloom from Lost Quilt Come Home Page

Fran Ebert hopes that someone has seen this family heirloom which belongs to her friend, Jo Anna Ackerson Palmer. It was made by her friend’s mother. It was on display at a church in Kansas when it went missing. This quilt features a large star in the center of a black background.

If you find this quilt, please contact Fran at

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New to Me - Lakes and Challenges from Celtic Thistle Stitches

It is the 25th of the month, so time to look to see if I have tried anything New to Me this month and to invite you to celebrate the highs and lows of trying something for the first time too.

My New to Me's are pretty thin on the ground this month, although I did manage to complete all three of my challenges for Jen's 100 Day Challenge. That was definitely a New to Me experience :)

Not only did I work out the problem but also managed to correct it when the neckline of my newly serged ...

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April 24, 2017
Quite a Trip from Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara

The trip my package has taken looks like someone got directions from me! It left Las Vegas, NV, went to Warrenton, PA and then made it’s way to Texas. Considering all those extra miles, it’s pretty amazing that it left Vegas on Friday and arrived here today. That’s hard to believe because I’ve had packages...

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Pyxis Nautica Completed from Quilting is a Fine Art

The silk vintage compass is totally finished. I've named it Pyxis Nautica which means "the nautical box". It has little blue crystals in the flower heads along the curved inner sashing. It's quilted using minimal marking for the curved mirrored spins in the cream background, chalking for the piano key outer border, and ruler work. Nothing complicated, just stretch to fill for the feathering. A little trick I use after quilting the first row is I take a photo that I can look at when I get to the last row, so I quilt them the same. It ...

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A Blog Reader’s Version: Points of Interest from Jo's Country Junction


You might remember a bit ago we had a quilt featured in April edition of American Patchwork and Quilting.


Our quilt looked like this…

Well I got a note from a blog reader, Jill Klopp.  She writes, “Hi Jo!  I just finished a version of your Points of Interest quilt and wanted to share it with you. I’ve been wanting a patriotic wall hanging for the house for a while. I was given some red, cream and blue fabrics last fall. When you posted your quilt, I knew right away that was my project. I ran out and bought ...

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7 Habits of Highly Successful Quilters from All Pressing Matters

These habits are not endorsed by anyone in particular and are things you’ve probably thought or heard before. I am here to back you up! Consider this a “RIGHT ON, SISTA!” kind of article!

  1. Enjoy what you’re doing. The happiest and most successful (if you judge success by the amount of happiness it produces….and I do) quilters love the process. That little (or large) smidgen of joy when seeing the fabric for the first time! The idea that pops into the brain, the pattern that is just right! Cutting then sewing, borders then binding! It’s all ...

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Finding Purpose from From Blank Pages . . .

One thing I've really been struggling with is finding purpose, and my place, in life. I've felt like I really need to know what defines me, as if I need my answer to be on some big billboard for all the world to see. (It sounds dumb saying that out loud, but I wouldn't be surprised if I'm not the only one that feels something along these lines. I think there are a lot of us who want to be noticed, want to feel special, and want to know that we are making a difference in ...

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