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October 8, 2015
Flowers from Veriquilt

I have bought Bobby Britnell's "Stiched Textiles:Flowers" and got interested in her technique Dyeing in a jam jar. She says that the aim is to cram in as much fabric as you can in a jam jar so that parts of it resist certain colors while other colors seep through. I have tried her technique twice and got some lovely colors and today I cut the fabrics into a small 12 by 12 inch quilt and will start the quilting, I'll call it "Marigold".

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A Finish! from Hills Creek Quilter

I recently finished this baby quilt that I was planning on sending to a new baby in the family, but I changed my mind and made another one instead (I'll post that one in another post soon).

It's just an enlarged version of Bonnie Hunter's Scrap Crystals block (you can find info about it here). The block pattern was first published in a magazine and then in one of Bonnie's books. All I did was enlarge the size of one block and made it into a quilt about 42 inches square.

Here's a closeup of ...

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14 blocks sewn, 1 designed....... from Exuberant Color

This is one of my favorite blocks so far.  The light fabric is Banded Poppy by Phil Jacobs and I love the movement it gives the block.


The block from 2 days ago got sewn last night too and it is in the bottom row.  I definitely need to do some more dark blocks to balance that one.
I got this one designed last night and need to cut 2 more of the pink print squares to finish it.  I might change the center square to a red or pink.

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Met het oog op... from Quilts Van Kippetje en Meer

het kouder wordende weer,

en met name de koude nachten die ze aankondigen voor de komende week, brei ik gestaag, maar iedere dag een beetje aan mijn shawl, die toch waarschijnlijk maar gewoon een kol gaat worden.

Dit omdat ie veel te breed is, en daardoor te kort gaat worden om echt goed te dienen als shawl.
Want met bijna 1 ( tover) bol op, kan ik wel zeggen dat ie anders niet erg lang zou worden.

En extra strengen erbij kopen? 
Das ( voor mij althans) geen optie. Ik kocht drie strengen en ze waren rond de dertien euro per stuk ...

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Come See My Quilts from Cheryl Lynch Quilts

I'll be the speaker at my guild this month, next Wednesday, October 14. My talk is about taming dupioni silk and how to incorporate it into your quilts. I'll be sharing my most recent silk quilt plus many more. 

The meeting takes place at The Goshen Fire Company at 10:00am.  1320 Park Ave, Easr Goshen. Hope to see you there. 

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6 Free Tutorials on Flowers for Quilts from Jackie's Art Quilts

You heard it right!  I am showing tutorials on my 3D flowers over at the Quilt Social blog this whole week!  How cool is that?  These little flowers are fast and easy to make, the only way I quilt=) Take a look at what you can create for your next quilt!

Check out how I can make hexies in under 15 seconds flat!

Enjoy ...

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6 Free Tutorials on Flowers for Quilts from Jackie's Art Quilts

You heard it right!  I am showing tutorials on my 3D flowers over at the Quilt Social blog this whole week!  How cool is that?  These little flowers are fast and easy to make, the only way I quilt=) Take a look at what you can create for your next quilt!

Check out how I can make hexies in under 15 seconds flat!

Enjoy ...

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Dog Gone Cute - Blog Hop - day 2 from Sew Fresh Quilts

Hooray! Today is the second day of the Dog Gone Cute blog hop!

Did you see all the adorable quilts and the pillow from Tuesday's line up of participants?
Wow! I am amazed at how each one has taken the same pattern and tweaked it to suit their own style!

If you missed that post, head to the Dog Gone Cute quilt along blog hop page for the full schedule.
And get Dog Gone Hopping!

We made it through the month of September. And now the instructions for the Dog Gone Cute quilt along have all been posted. Those ...

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The Quilters Knot from Joy of Quilting

I'm often asked to show people how to do the Quilters knot.
It's an easy and quick knot to do.
I managed to confuse the quilter who tried to teach me this knot many years ago now.
The poor lady spent ages showing me how to make this knot, but every time I tried it my knot disappeared.  In the end we gave up.

When I got home I was telling my son about how I couldn't learn how to do the Quilters knot. I wondered if it had anything to do with me being left ...

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Stitching News from Angie Quilts

Christabelle embroidered this Hexagon design whilst on a recent jolly-holiday... We stitchers will find a way and do it anywhere! ha ha ha. On her return came the question "What could I do to make it larger?" Well now... you purchase lovely fabric from my very own shop Chris. Lots of different ones, the Dutch Chintz will look great! How about finishing it with that lovely linen mix from Moda... done deal... doesn't it look wonderful... Those Dutch fabrics all love playing together.
AnnBacan had a question... I want to use these fabrics to make a cushion, 22" in ...

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Crowdfunding update! We are working with Crowdcube from The Village Haberdashery

We recently announced that we will be launching an equity crowdfunding campaign! Your enthusiasm and support for this announcement has been overwhelming and we want to keep you well updated throughout the process. I can now share the exciting news that we’ll be working with Crowdcube on this campaign!


Established in 2011, Crowdcube is the world’s first and leading investment crowdfunding platform, where a community of like­minded people pool their money and knowledge together to back startup, early and growth stage businesses. Crowdcube gives everyone the opportunity to become ‘armchair Dragons’, building upon their own investment portfolio ...

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Doing it My Way…. from Jo's Country Junction


If you’re a regular reader here you know that I typically have several projects going on at once.  I SQUEEZE time in where ever I can and that often means having project fit into my life style.  I’ve been getting up 45 minutes earlier each day so I have time to sew.  I’ve alternating the time between something I have to sew and something I want to sew simply because.  So I might sew on something that has to be sewn for 35 minutes and the last 10 minutes I’ll sew something I want to sew ...

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Blog-Tour "Quiltessential" from quilts und mehr

Im September ist die deutsche Übersetzung vom Buch „Quiltessential“ von Erin Burke Harris im Haupt Verlag erschienen.

In September the German Translation of the book "Quiltessential" by Erin Burke Harris was published in the Haupt Verlag.


Als ich es das erste mal durchblätterte, fiel mir auf, wie umfassend über die Herstellung eines Quilts geschrieben wird, begonnen mit der Stoffauswahl über die Farbwahl zum Entwurf und nähen der einzelnen Teile bis zum fertigen Quilt. Für Anfänger finde ich es ein geniales Buch.
When I first looked through that book I noticed that it has good instructions about how to make a ...

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Information Dissemination - HELP!! from Aussie Hero Quilts

Hi all

Wow what a busy week it has been and it does not look like letting up until after our dinner next week.  

This is an information post so please keep reading.


I am having trouble getting information out to everyone as there seems to be no one method of communication that I can use that everyone reads regularly.  Not everyone reads the blogs, not everyone receives or reads the request list emails and not everyone is on Facebook.  

I have had a number of people tell me they did not know anything about the dinner and ...

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Q4 2015 & October Goals from Peachy Pages

First more often!  I'm going to try to make it a point to blog at least twice a week.  Checking my sidebar, I've not done that for the past several month and I'm going to do better!  in addition, my October quilty priority is to finish up Labor Day Madness quilt I began at my quilt away retreat back  in May!

So, for last quarter, here's how I did...5/15.  I'm happy with that, especially since we had such a busy summer and early autumn!  The good news is...3 on that ...

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Another Busy Day....Waiting to Calm Down! from Quilting My Way

This morning started out with a walk. After that came back to the house, vacuumed, cleaned, changed the table cloth, and put dishes away. Made brownies and oatmeal bars for the ladies. Headed over to Physical Therapy. Was given a couple more exercises to do!

Hurried home, ate, and then got ready for the ladies to show up. We had a meeting for the TAS Annual Meeting in May next year. We talked about all the things we can do, and will meet again in November.

After the meeting it was bowling - not a good job of bowling but can ...

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ICQC-104 Mixed Motifs with Fabric - OPEN 8-10 Oct CST from Shawkl

Welcome to ICQC-104, Mixed Motifs with Fabric

Registration is NOW OPEN...and will close at midnight CST on Saturday, 10 October 

You must have completed ICQC-103 Prior to registering for this ICQC-104 Course.
(NOTE: If you are presently working in the ICQC-103 course...get busy...and be prepared to join the next offering of this ICQC-104 on 12-14 November)

This course is expected to last 8-12 weeks
The ICQC-104 includes these modules/tasks:

104A-Embellishing OVER Silkie Images
Task 1: Stitching Hair
Task 2: Stitching Flowers

104B-Framing Silkie Images
Task 1: Create a CQ Block with Framed Silkie

Task ...

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Happiness is a Hexie Quilt from Quilt Social


Have you discovered fabric hexagons, or hexies for short? Every quilter needs to know the happy giddy feeling of quilting with hexies! This post boasts of hexie happiness for any quilter. I’ll show you how you can use hexies in modern quilts or as quilted embellishments. Also a way to do a hexie in 15 seconds flat! No joke, that’s how fast I can do one using this simple, fast and modern method! Ah yes…happiness is a hexie quilt!

Fabric hexies for quilts.
Fabric hexies for quilts.


The traditional way to use hexies was to create hundreds of them and stitch ...

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Thoughts on Comments from On The Go Quilting

I’ve just spent the last hour reading another person’s blog posts going backward. I found an interesting post and had to read all 27 of the comments that followed the post. I find her blog has interesting content and have left her comments.  To date, I’ve never seen a response to any of them.

The gist of the post was the blogger saying she was brought up to say ‘thank you’ for everything given her and she was undecided about whether every comment on her blog required — REQUIRED — a reply.   I could answer that in just a ...

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Tamarillos for Breakfast and other matters from Romany Quilting

When I was young we knew this fruit as Tree Tomatoes.  Not nice enough to eat raw, I always found, but delicious when peeled, cut in half and stewed up with just a tiny bit of sugar.  Years later they became known as Tamarillos, goodness knows how that happened.  Perhaps just a bit of creative marketing, I imagine.  Robin doesn’t care for them at all, but I just love them, so buy some over the winter months and cook them up for myself.  So while he had cereal this morning today, I enjoyed this lovely healthy breakfast.  They cook ...

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