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September 1, 2014
Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.2 - Progress Report from The Quilt Yarn

It has been some 8 months since I exchanged my Pfaff Expression 4.0 for the newer version, the Pfaff 4.2. I talked about my first impression of the machine HERE. Be warned that this is a long blog post.

Several readers have in between emailed me and asked questioned or just inquired how it is going, so I thought it might be useful to give an update. Please be aware that these are my personal views on the machine and as I had said to one reader I am probably a bit biased as I only ever had ...

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Classic meets Modern QAL: September! The Maple Leaf block! from Sew at Home Mummy

It's September!

Sew at Home Mummy

Kids are going back to school, the leaves are starting to turn, the weather is (hopefully!) getting a bit cooler.

Why not celebrate this (my favorite!) time of year with a nice Maple Leaf block? (plus, I'm missing home like crazy lately [I'm from Vancouver originally] and I thought I'd throw a bit of Canadiana into the mix ;))

This block is a really quick and simple block, even simpler than last month's Churn Dash pattern. It's basically a bunch of squares and HSTs. With a stem. I am really pleased with how ...

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Adios August! from Rose and Dhalia

After a lovely holiday in Spain, we returned with just a few days of August and with work and washing I've not touched my sewing, so here are the makes I blogged about in August.
Some were made at the beginning of August, but others were made back at the end of July, but I never got to share them!

I'm really sad to be saying bye bye to the summer, but I can't wait to get back into a proper routine and get near my sewing machine! I'm also really looking forward to OWOP which ...

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Batting - Is There A Back and Front? from The Quilt Yarn

I knew it!...there is indeed a front and a back to batting. Had read about this before but could never remember how to apply this. As I have some issues with bearding from time to time, I researched this a little bit the other day. Found this great description at the  APQS blog

So started looking at the samples that I had, putting the side that I identified as the right side, i.e. facing your quilt top on the left side of the photo.

Bamboo batting

Cotton batting
 Initially I tried to look for the small needle holes ...

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Last of the Summer… from Sew Create It

Warmth? Sun? Holidays? Any of those words could sum up this post! I debated about splitting this post into two halves as it is so picture heavy, but I think the pictures together sum up our final holiday for the season so perfectly that it would be a shame to leave you in suspense.

In August I shared pictures from our trip to the New Forest, where it was HOT HOT I’m sharing pictures from our second getaway which was the complete polar opposite... “polar” giving you a BIG clue!   Well…I guess it’s not ...

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"100 blokjes,...Jubilee",.... from Wilma's Homemade Quilts

 Voor iedereen die het nog niet zat is,....
zijn hier nog wat baby Jane blokjes.

Voor iedereen die het wel zat is,...
tot het volgende berichtje.

De afgelopen week werden de volgende blokjes gemaakt,..
H-10 Ben's Bowtie, H-11 Piercing Rays, H-12 Hanna's Hearts en H-13 Farm Fields maakt de rij weer compleet 
zodat die aan de top kon komen.

Niet zo goed te zien zo op de bank,....

Kun je de top even hoog houden?

104 blokjes zijn klaar 
en als je dan op de dearjane pagina kijkt 
kun je lezen dat dit Jubilee is,....
100 ...

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Happy Labor Day from StegArt

I hope you are having a lovely Labor Day Holiday.

Here's a couple photos of what I've been doing in my studio. The first one is a work in progress. It will be a small art quilt...a special request from a client.

I've shared the following four small art quilts here before, as I was working on them. They are done in this photo, all except for a binding. They all measure 12" x 12".

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Design Wall – September 1, 2014 from Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara

If you’re here looking for the Tell it to the Stars Block for September, keep reading . . it’s one post below this one! Here’s the progress on my Tell it to the Stars project.  

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edges from Karen Ann Ruane

edging samples

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Stitch Regulator Thoughts from The Champ Life

When I first posted about buying my Gammill, I mentioned that there was no stitch regulator on the machine. I knew that it was not a necessity on a longarm, but it really seemed like it would have been a great feature to have, especially for a newbie just starting out. I had a lovely comment from Kristi on that post, and she said:

Congratulations! I bought my Gammill in 1999 because we were buying a new home, too. You’ll never regret it. I learned without a stitch regulator and never missed it. You’ll do fine without it ...

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Around the World Blog Tour from From My Carolina Home

You know, for me it is a rare day to be the popular girl! Never happened to me in school, but I did get ‘tagged’ by two other bloggers at once for the Around the World Blog Tour. It is a blog hop, where a blogger tags you to share about your blog, then you tag three more for next week.

I ‘met’ Beth at Cooking Up Quilts – – when we did the New Quilter’s Blog Hop a couple of months ago. Beth loves color, and her quilting shows it! She ‘tagged’ me first.  Look at ...

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What have you been doing this summer? from Happy Cottage Quilter

This summer has opened up a new experience for me and my hubby.  We bought a travel trailer and made our first big trip.

This has certainly been an adventure.  We've never camped before, so there was a little bit of a learning curve.

It was fun watching our mobile cottage follow us for our 2,000 mile trip.

The first night on the road we enjoyed a beautiful sunset.

And our very first campsite turned out to be a wonderful place in Albany Georgia.

And then we hit the road, heading north.

Our second night stay was not ...

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Sales to talk about from Southern Fabric

Let's get right to it!
At 30% off, enjoy 

Happy Go Lucky by Bonnie and Camille for Moda

Scenic Route by Deena Rutter for Riley Blake

take 20% off

Solstice by Kate Spain for Moda

Super Hero by Riley Blake

Coming in at 10% off,

Pepe in Paris by The RBD Designers for Riley Blake

 Enjoy this and so much more on sale at today!

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Show and Tell is so Swell... from Little Quilts

Show and Tell Quilts From Second Saturday Sampler Event
Madelyn makes and gives so many quilts away we’re glad she finally made one for herself. 
She used all the leftovers from her quilt to make a second one. We love two-fers – no fabric left to go back to the stash! 
  Janice made a cute baby quilt with three dimensional pinwheels.
Loretta made a quick and easy table runner with her 60 degree ruler. It turned out so good and was so easy to make… 
  she made a second one!

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Blocking and How to Square up Your Quilt from Patchwork Posse

Sometimes you are a speed sewer and when you get your quilt all done you realize that it has a slight angle or slant to it.  WHAO! what happened and how do we fix that?!

You will need to block your quilt to get it back into ship shape and ready for the next step- binding.

how to block a quilt


Why does your quilt get all wonky?

When we sew, fast or slow, we have a tendency to pull on the fabric.  This will stretch it out just a little bit at a time- distorting it, but by the time you are finished these ...

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September Quilt Block of the MONTH from The Quilt Ladies Book Collection

September Block of the MONTH Finished Block size is 8" x 8" 

"Crazy Man" Quilt Block Patterns

The “Crazy” part of this quilt is the background fabric, it’s bold, it’s yellow and it’s what makes the blocks a “Crazy Man” quilt.
12 blocks each block 8" x 8" complete instructions how to put the quilt together finished size is 48" x 60"
Instruction on how to do quilt binding included too.

free triangle quilt block

How to piece Triangle Tutorial is HERE
How to piece 4-Patch Tutorial is HERE

simple triangle quilt block pattern free

Cut 4 Red        2 7/8” x 2 7/8” 
Cut 4 ...

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Design Wall Monday from Quilts and More - Home Made Creations

Nothing at all is on my design wall today. But I do have a project in progress, all lined up on my sewing table waiting for the next step.

I also managed to finish a quilt this week.  Put the binding on it just in time for my son to sleep under it one night, before he headed off to university.  Last minute Mom :)

Drop by Judy's blog for more design walls today.

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Repurposed Dust Bunny Collector... from CollectInTexas Gal

...AKA Hardback Knife Edged Pleated Lampshade.

Believe it or not there is a history behind pleated lampshades, and insignificant as it may seem, the invention of this illuminating diffuser gives new meaning to 'let there be light...less light...okay, shaded light.   It's an AhHa moment...LAMPSHADE!

I am not a Lampshade Historian...made that up...probably not an official genre of historical study, but the 'Pleated Lampshade' is an official 'Patent Filing' with the US Patent Office in June 1944.

From the accumulation of Dust Bunny droppings between the knife edged pleats, I think this one might have ...

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Sunday drive from Tink Squared

Sunday drive

Saturday was busy.  Jim and I met Jonathan, our dozer man, up at the land so we could pay him for his artistry, a super nice guy we enjoy visiting with as well.  I came back to the house to make Jim his favorite chocolate almond pie, since it was also his birthday, while he stayed up at the land and sighted in a scope for a rifle he got for last year’s birthday present.

We’ve missed our last Jeep ever since we gave it to my eldest when he returned from Africa, and have talked about replacing ...

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As August ends from Stitchin' Therapy

  As August ends, I know that fall is getting near.  I really enjoy each seasonal change.  I especially love each new beginning.  August feels like it was full because I crammed so much into the days.  There was the computer re-build, as well as a lot of doll quilt shows.  And a couple of finishes always help.

    All the scrappy trip blocks were turned into a top.  This was a Book It project from May and it barely made a dent in the floral stash.
    When Evening Comes, a Faux Braid quilt  in batiks was claimed by Sir Old Man ...

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