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July 27, 2016
Le bloc du mois d'août déjà from Patchworkrama

Envoyé cet après-midi dans vos boites mail, le voici terminé :

bloc 8 Nathalie (2) (533x800) Nathalie

réminiscence japonaise kaleidoscope (800x418) (800x418) le mien

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Twinkling Bug Jar from From the Strawberry Patch...

I would like to introduce you to M.J. (Mason Jar); he's the latest addition to the natural area just off the side porch outside the studio.  He guards the birdfeeders and the birdbath by day with his whimsical good looks and bug-eyed, rustic charm; but it's after dark that M.J. really goes to work!  M.J. was a gift from Mr. Goodneedle's cousin and her husband, who visited with us earlier this

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Twinkling Bug Jar from From the Strawberry Patch...

I would like to introduce you to M.J. (Mason Jar); he's the latest addition to the natural area just off the side porch outside the studio.  He guards the birdfeeders and the birdbath by day with his whimsical good looks and bug-eyed, rustic charm; but it's after dark that M.J. really goes to work!  M.J. was a gift from Mr. Goodneedle's cousin and her husband, who visited with us earlier this

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When Difficult Quilts Happen to Determined People from Pink Doxies

The Best Part So Far 

Just in case you're asking yourself why on Earth I would make this my opening photo, it's because it's the best part of the quilt at this point. 

I created these two monoprints above a few weeks ago because there was something about the colors that really drew me in. I found I chose them a lot, and yet, if someone asked me what my favorite colors were, these would never come out of my mouth: red, black, yellow, peach, pink, and grey lavender. Visually, I choose them. Consciously, I would never ...

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Quick Updates… from Cultured Expressions

As it turns out, I WON’T be able to get to Philly this Friday July 29 for the museum visit to see the #CreativeAfrica exhibit! Just as well, as there will probably be overflow crowd from the Dem convention. UGH! Will try to resched…lisaOdysseyBooth16

Had a great time at Quilt Odyssey last weekend — as usual — visiting with old friends and meeting new ones…and collecting ideas for more Fabrigasmic products and projects, so stay tuned!! I also learned about the PA Farm Show in January, where apparently I can get a year’s worth of Goat Gallery pix ...

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Press And Snip from Bunbear Quilts

My half square triangle blocks are getting pressed and their little dog ears snipped!  Going to be all ready to move forward with making the Christmas quilt.

I did find two squares that were too small on one side and 8 squares that had the material sewn on the wrong side.  Not too big a deal.

Why do chocolate covered raisins taste so good?  mmmm  I picked some up at the store a few days ago and have been munching them at my desk.  Sooooo gooood.

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serizawa :: master of japanese textile design from Okan Arts

By Patricia Belyea

SEATTLE WA  Help! I’m in love with a married man with two grown children. To make matters worse, he’s been dead for 32 years.

I met him online—at His description said: clean, in good condition. Just $6 and one week later, Serizawa was in my arms. He surprised me with his stunning textile masterpieces—so simple and yet so complex at the same time.

Serizawa, Master of Japanese Textile Design

Serizawa’s life story (1895 – 1984) starts as the child of cloth merchants, so textiles were in his blood. FIRST SETBACK: His family had major financial losses. Instead ...

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Oops, I overslept, but Perfect Pairs – Peas and Carrots Is Released.. from Seams To Be Sew

Most kids either dislike peas, or spinach, as a kid myself, I was not fond of peas at all. I can still remember the days where my mom would serve them, and I would stack them in the window sill … Continue reading

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Handbags and Thermofax Screens from StegArt

Since I haven't been able to get back to my screen printing project, I have been working on other things. Those things include a couple of handbags and some new Thermofax screen designs.

There are 12 new Thermofax screen designs now in my shop and most of them are ideal for printing repeating patterns. Thanks for stopping by and visiting.

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Pat Sloan I'm featured .. not just once... but in a FEW places! from Pat Sloan's Blog

Pat sloan row 5

It is time for Row 5 of my American Patchwork & Quilting Mystery!!!  

This row is in the October 2016 issue which will be getting to you any day.

If you are looking for my Batiks, You can find some HERE 


The cover of this issue has my long time friend Lisa Bongean on it with her antique quilt collection.. love this photo!

Subscribe to American Patchwork & Quilting so you NEVER miss an issue!

Photo Used with permission from American Patchwork & Quilting® magazine. ©2016 Meredith Corporation. All rights reserved. 

Pat sloan antique baskets

I don't own a lot of antiques.... so when I purchase ...

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Changing Quilt World –Modern Magazines Emerge from Carol Lyles Shaw


Changing Quilt World–An Icon Dies and Modern  Magazines Emerge!

After 47 years, Quilters Newsletter Magazine is being discontinued.  Wow…that is stunning news….

This magazine, along with Quilting Arts, really helped me understand the quilt world when I started making quilts back in the 1990’s.  I read every issue of both magazines to learn techniques.  I reached out to quilters that I read about and I entered quilt shows they featured. I saved every issue of both magazines for years.


When I heard the news today about Quilters Newsletter, I realized that I hadn’t looked at this ...

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Miss Kate Rag Quilts + Finished or Not Friday {a Linky Party!} from Busy Hands Quilts

Welcome to Finished or Not Friday - where we share our fabric, thread, and yard creations from this week - finished or not!!

My finish this week is two Miss Kate flannel rag quilts!  One of my lovely, loyal custom quilt customers began a rag quilt as a gift and the person decided they didn't want it after all.  I was the lucky recipient of the blocks!  They were quick to sew together, and the clipping went faster than I thought it would.  The two quilts I made are really weird sizes {the larger being 28" x 64"} but are made ...

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A little challenge....met! from Jean's Quilting Page

 Last month I did a trunk show for the Piecemaker's Quilt Guild in Missouri Valley, IA. I had a great time and taught a class on making the Miss Tess quilt the following Saturday. It was fun to see their quilts start to come together during class and I promised (or did I issue a challenge....) I would come back this month to see how many finished the tops.
 Amazingly, 8 of the 10 brought their quilts back in various stages of completion. One made many blocks and made two quilts!
Jeanine's 2nd
 The other two ...

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Free modern table runner pattern - a new felted wool technique with free pattern from Thistledown & Co.

Greetings fellow stitchaholics, Here at last is the free project I promised you. It uses a new technique I developed for projects using woolfelt and felted wool. I call it a making a "Wool Smoothie" The free project is a modern table runner pattern and you can find the link for the download below. If you work with woolfelt or felted wool, you know that the seams can be quite bulky due to the

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Practice, practice, practice from Elsie Quilts

Matt Sparrow, the man-quilter, says he practiced 10,000 hours on his longarm machine before hanging out his shingle. I might not live that long, but am learning the value of practice. For me, the best way is to use a panel. Then if I mess it up it is not a huge waste of time and money like it would be if using a pieced top... but it is also useful when finished, unlike using a big hunk of fabric with no plan for it other than scribbling stitches.

This is the current practice panel. I wanted to use ...

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Recipes for Perfect Embroidery from Quiltwoman Blog

By Lee Fletcher, Sulky Freelance National Educator

Embroidery, whether it is Free Motion or Digitized Embroidery, is a great way to make the ordinary outfit, quilt or fashion accessory extraordinary. Like cooking in the kitchen, there are basic recipes with all sorts of variations. We are going to pass along a few hints for you to use as basics as you expand your cookbook of possibilities.

Let us look at the basic ingredients for your embroidery project:

♦ Threads of various densities. 40 wt. & 30 wt. polyester and rayon are common for embroidery, however, 12wt & 30wt. Cotton Blendables® and Solid Colors ...

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Summer Break from Pinkadot Quilts

A Flowering Snowball in the middle of this hot summer to cool you off! I am taking a break and will be back soon.


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Registration is OPEN for ICQC-101 (Design Plans and Block Piecing) from Shawkl

Intermediate Crazy Quilt Course (ICQC)-101
Designing and Piecing Crazy Quilt Blocks
is now OPEN for Registration
You are "eligible" for this class IF you have finished the Basic Course (BCQC) OR are currently enrolled in that course (It's not easy to do both courses at the same time...but is possible; so I'm allowing that this year).

Registration will close at midnight 30 July (Saturday) , Central Standard Time
The class will begin on 31 July and should take no more than 4-6 weeks to complete. 
These mini classes comprise this ICQC-101 course:
A - Printing on Fabric
B ...

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Who's idea was this? from Cheryl Lynch Quilts

Heading to our lake house in the Pocono Mountains to escape the DNC in Phildaelsphia via Burkholders Fabrics in Lancaster County turned out to be not such a good idea. We thought we could consolidate 2 trips to save time.

I have been asked if I had kits for two of my patterns, Fishalicious and Beachalicious.

Since I bought all the fabrics for Fishalicious from one quilt shop - Burkholders- I decided to make kits for this pattern first. Unfortunately, it really didn't save us any time on the road. It seemed like we were driving forever, but the scenery ...

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Studio 37 Fabrics Welcomes Casey York! from Marcus Fabrics

CaseySwatchesCaseyYork-HeadshotAs autumn approaches, we’ve got lots of great things planned for Studio 37 Fabrics, and one big highlight is the introduction of our newest “Marcus Maker”,  author and designer Casey York.  

Her debut collection, A DAY IN SPAIN, hits your favorite quilt shops in January, and you’ll be able to read more about Casey, and view the entire collection (with great quilt concepts!) in August. But we couldn’t wait another day to give you a glimpse into this talented designer’s contemporary take on historical motifs, based on her travels in the south of Spain.  We know ...

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