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January 20, 2020
Morning Glory from Quilts....etc.

Seeing as I was doing Slow Sunday Stitching yesterday I didn’t work at the sewing machine at all taking a break from the Christmas blocks instead I picked up neglected Morning Glory and worked on needle turn applique while watching a movie which I lost interest in half way through (The Irishman with Robert De […]

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Scrap Dance Minuet Mystery Quilt S L O W Finish from Melva Loves Scraps

Last yearI joined in on my first Mystery Quilt - Scrap Dance Minuet - hosted by Carole over at From My Carolina Home.

It was a scrap buster and easy to follow along.  The clues were offered at an easy pace and the steps were beginner friendly and came together quickly.

Once the blocks were pieced I was stalled... 

I had the idea to use sashing strips between the blocks.  

I like the way it looked on the design wall and when someone commented that the sashing strips would take away from secondary pattern that was formed when the blocks were joined ...

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A little sewing.......... from Exuberant Color

I knew I wouldn't have much time for sewing yesterday so I just made 3 blocks.  The first is a postage stamp block for a quilt in progress.

Then I made 2 zipper blocks.  I think I just need 9 more blocks for this quilt.  I have decided I want to finish one of the solids with prints quilts each month and this will be the January quilt.

The basement is clean and ready for the art quilters today.  Cookies are baked.

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Shuffle - Part 2 - from A Left-Handed Quilter

I shuffled the Victoria and Albert Interweave strips - From left to right - To mix up the colors a bit - And even though I could have gone on f.o.r.e.v.e.r. - I had to finally s.t.o.p. - LOL - The top section looks OK - And the bottom section looks OK - So - while I was at it - I chose the strips for the left borders - And the right borders - Now - tomorrow - after my

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Design Wall Monday - January 20, 2020 from Small Quilts and Doll Quilts

The decision has been made on my January UFO.  Thanks for your input.  I am in the process of making small half-square triangles to ring the outside of the cheddar baskets quilt. Here is a picture of the progress on the hsts: The six quilts that are going into the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show in February are now ready to be sent to Virginia. This week I finished the hanging sleeves and labels

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What I’m Working On from Jo's Country Junction

I had a busy week and thought I wasn’t going to get much done in the sewing department but happily the weekend came along and all was good.

We had weather here this week…a late start one day and no school on Friday.  I thought Friday I would have a house full of kids but it turns out that several parents didn’t go in to work so I had an easy day with early pick ups so by 4pm, I was done with childcare and the house was already picked up!  YAHOO.  That day I had older ...

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Make-A-List Monday - What a Week! from Confessions of a Fabric Addict

Hi, all!

What a week it has been, and what a week to come!  We closed on our new house last week, and wonder of wonders, it went perfectly smoothly!  I've never had that experience before, and let me tell you, it was wonderful.  So I think I'll just quit buying houses now, while I'm ahead of the game!

Let's see how last week's list went...

1.  Pick a winner for my blogoversary giveaway!  
(Coming up next!)
Done, and the package is already winging its way north!

2.  Pack, pack, and pack again.
I have ...

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It's Day 1 of The Winter Blues Blog Hop! from Creatin' in the Sticks

Today we begin
 The Winter Blues Blog Hop.

We are celebrating the color blue!

This is a picture from the International Quilt Festival's Sapphire Exhibit in Houston.

I was so inspired by the Sapphire Exhibit at the quilt festival in Houston with all the blues.
Some of the blues were dark, some were light.
Some were more like teal (my favorite).
They were all blue.

So, I invited my blogging friends to
Stitch something up with the color blue. 

Let's celebrate winter with projects in blue.

I'm excited to introduce today's line-up of bloggers.

Monday, January ...

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What A Day! from Quilting My Way

The day started out pretty good. I fixed some blueberry muffins for breakfast - after waiting on Patrick to get up. Then I cleaned up my mess. lol

I decided to work on my beading.

I put a row on, and saw a mistake.....ended up taking out TWO ROWS! Then I had to put it all back on. I was able to get 2 more rows. After that, I called it good. I couldn't believe I did what I did. I went and worked each row all over again.

Then I went to get my cross stitching.

I worked ...

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Piece an Hourglass Quilt Block – Mini Block Monday #3 from The Free Motion Quilting Project

Who would have thought an Hourglass Quilt Block could save the day? That’s exactly what happened in the book Mally the Maker and the Queen in the Quilt! This is one of my favorite blocks for this reason and I’ve only just begun to imagine how Mally will use this block in the next book!

Looking for a pattern for this Hourglass Quilt Block? It’s all in the video! I’m trying something new with these Mini Block Monday videos and including all the information in the video itself. Just hit “pause” when you need to and ...

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Making a Valentine’s Day four heart table topper from Quilt Social

Welcome back to QUILTsocial! This week I’ll be using some unique features and attachments on the Brother Innov-ís BQ3050 machine to create some easy Valentine’s Day projects.


Brother Innov-ís BQ3050 machine


Today’s quilt uses a pieced heart design. I used scrap fabrics for my quilt, but you could use fat quarters or jelly roll strips for the pieced hearts.


Four Heart table topper or wall quilt


cutting instructions

Hearts (red)
16 – 2½” x about 16″ strips in a variety of colors
1 – 2″ square to use in the sashing

Background (light color)
16 – 2½” squares
8 – 2½ ...

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Pieced Primrose Quilt Along Week 3 – Foundation Paper Piecing Tutorial from Christa Quilts

Are you ready to start sewing your blocks? Notice how there are 3 separate sections you’ll need to create for each Pieced Primrose block. Just follow my step-by-step tutorial below and you can adapt this process to any foundation paper pieced (FPP) design you can think of!

Paper Piecing with Christa Watson

Preparing the Paper Foundations

One of our quilt along participants, Michelle Hanus recommends folding all of the sewing lines (the dark lines on the pattern) before ...

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Winter Blues Blog Hop ~ Starts Today from Life in the Scrapatch

Monday, January 20th

Tuesday, January 21st

Wednesday, January 22nd

Thursday, January 23rd

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Joining the FINISHALONG2020 on IG from Northern Deb Quilts

Have you joined in the 2020 finish-a-long? With my long list of UFOs, I really need the push finish-a-long gives. 

This one, below, is going to be first to finish up. It's not the oldest. I started it when Henry was a baby and now he's 5-1/2. This quilt needs to go on his new bed, a queen size. His twin bed will be passed down to little brother Charlie, along with his doggie quilt...maybe...

I've just finished the 9th and final block. After those are sewn together I'll start the border. Maybe I ...

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Monday quilts in pairs from Koolkat Quilting

The first 2 quilts are from Colleen from Millmerran who asked for the budget I Love It trailing hearts pattern on her quilts.  The second pair are from Glenda at Mt Rascal, the LHS is being quilted with nouveau scallops and the right with frisky feathers.

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I Do Love a Good Mystery from Hooked on Quilting

As mentioned before, I greatly enjoy reading mysteries. It has something to do with the need to have my brain in constant motion in order to keep myself from becoming bored. Yes, I do read the occasional romance novel, but they’re almost always so hokey and unrealistic that slogging through a whole one is quite an effort. No, give me a good who-dun-it, and I’m happy. What has this to do with tea, you’re wondering? Well, on one of my orders to Plum Deluxe I decided to add their Blender’s Choice option to my cart. I ...

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More slow stitching, meditation style from Quilting & Learning

I've been doing some more slow stitching. This time with a little meditative quiet time added in.

Slow stitching, meditation style

In the October/November edition of the Quilting Arts magazine, I read an article that spoke to me. The article, Stitch Meditation, by Liz Kettle talked about meditating while stitching, since she found that regular meditation didn't really work for her. Wow! I've been trying to meditate and find it one of the most painful things to do. Quieting the mind is really difficult, except when I'm immersed in my quilting, or playing with code ...

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Courthouse Steps Quilt – Completed from Stitching Matters

I added the label and popped this one in the wash to be used on a bed.  I am satisfied with the outcome.

This is the back

To see how this is made, find the YouTube video HERE

Grandson turned 3 yesterday and we all celebrated with this little guy. I understand they have to grow up but what upsets me is that I too grow older as fast as I think they grow up.

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Sunday Scenery, Part 1 from Allen Quilts

Today, I thought I’d share some pictures I took while my mister and I were doing a little hiking on some family farm & ranch land I share with my brother and my cousin Dee. It belonged to our grandparents on Mom’s side. Someday soon I’ll try to write a longer post about it, but… Continue reading Sunday Scenery, Part 1

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Back In The Saddle, I Hope from Indigo Threads

Hey Ho!  I will try to do this blogging thing again.  I fell off the "blog/horse" last year and have been having trouble getting back to it again.  Mostly because I really wasn't doing much that was blog-worthy.  At least I felt that way.  So, a new year, a new decade and hopefully I'll be a more successful blogger.

My broken ankle has healed up beautifully.  I'm able to do pretty much whatever I want now.  I am more careful about how I do things now though!

"Positive Vibes"
60" x 80"

I did finish my ...

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