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December 13, 2018
Slow finishings from Art In Search

     Due to a sudden knee pain attack out of nowhere, I have slowed moving down to a crawl. Lots of ice. Finally have a doctor appointment tomorrow at 7 am. Sharp pain has hobbled my ability to concentrate and focus. 
     I finished my son in law's pillow, 18", made from fabric he picked out this summer when I bought all the flannel pillowcase fabrics for Christmas presents. I FMQ it with some Kona white backing and batting to give the cover dimension. I made an overlapped back so the cover could be washed. I used a pillowform from Joann ...

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The Everlasting Quilt Project from ... Cat Patches

Okay, well you know there was nothing going on here yesterday except free motion quilting. By day's end, I had the edges cut off the quilt, and now it's ready for binding. Let's review, shall we?

First, I'd been thinking about how to connect the motif I wanted to use in the final border. If you look at what I'd done the day before...

You can see that it starts and ends at the same place there on the left. And so the question becomes: How do I move that motif across a border from ...

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Things I like: December 13, 2018 from 3 Poodles and a Nana

Well it's Thursday and that means we post whatever we have that is positive to share with the world!  Join LeeAnna (our hostess) at Not Afraid of Color for more posts.

It's been an off week since most of what I do these days is rest my back.  I've been lucky that I have such a good husband and a good brother.  My mom, my sister-in-law, and I have all been infirmed lately and the men have been running everywhere and doing everything.  Brad even drove me and helped me do a lecture at a tea party ...

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Quarter Sections x 2 from Night Owl Quilting

I made this Quarter Sections quilt to have on hand for the arrival of a baby girl.   Quarter Sections by Highway 10 Designs uses fat quarters this baby size only takes 5!   Add a border and you are almost done!

 I decided to quilt some freehand flowers in the body of the quilt and and fun feathers in the border.

The backing is is a pretty pink flannel.

This is Reneta's latest version of our Quarter Sections pattern.  The  Dr. Seuss fabric is cheerful and Reneta even trimmed some small panel pieces to fit in place of few blocks ...

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Maywood Studio 12 Days of Giving and Giveaways from Terificreations's Weblog

Welcome to the Maywood Studio 12 Days of Giving and Giveaways. You can find more on both of their social media pages here, and here. There are so many amazing charities in need of quilts, veterans homes, shelters, families who’ve lost everything due to fire or other natural disaster. A friend of mine is a… Continue reading Maywood Studio 12 Days of Giving and Giveaways

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Wat was het stil from Mijn Quilt Blog

Het was even stil op mijn blog. Mijn man heeft 5 weken in het ziekenhuis gelegen. Hij is gelukkig weer thuis. Het gaat inmiddels weer goed met hem.

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Wat was het stil from Never Too Old to Learn

Het was even stil op mijn blog. Mijn man heeft 5 weken in het ziekenhuis gelegen. Hij is gelukkig weer thuis. Het gaat inmiddels weer goed met hem.

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Spakenburgse Quilt from Mijn Quilt Blog

De kostuums zijn prachtig, maar wat een prachtige Quilt op de achtergrond.

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Spakenburgse Quilt from Never Too Old to Learn

De kostuums zijn prachtig, maar wat een prachtige Quilt op de achtergrond.

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Mystery Quilt from Quilts....etc.

Well I didn’t get the quilt on the frame yesterday!  What a day — I was busy.  I got the backing fabric and the batting cut to size in the morning and it is ready – the quilt is laying over the bars of the frame but things just didn’t go right and I never […]

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Too Much Purple? from The Snarky Quilter

People see red, turn green with envy, are blue, etc., but what emotion is associated with purple? Passion? Overheated prose? Anger? Elegant decadence? I ended up with a very purple quilt top for a prosaic reason, nothing to do with … Continue reading

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Multitasking............ from Exuberant Color

I started out the morning in the basement doing laundry and starting to load the backing for this quilt.  Then I made 2 batches of Chex Mix and then baked muffins.

Then I went back down and finished loading the backing and batting and laid the quilt top on it and chose my thread.

This is the backing fabric.  It is 40" wide and I bought it in the late 1970s.  It is the first batik I had seen and the store had it marked down to a couple dollars a yard so I bought all of it.  I have ...

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Cutting a Diamond - LEFT-HANDED - from A Left-Handed Quilter

I recently saw a video demonstrating how to cut a Diamond unit - First - RIGHT-HANDED - Starting at the LEFT end of the strip - placing the 45-degree line at the BOTTOM of the strip and making the first cut just to the RIGHT of the selvage - to cut off the end - for your scrap basket - Then move the ruler to the RIGHT to the line that measures the same as the strip width - Make your

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"Het foto-model-in-klein-formaat, Margootje" from Supergoof Quilts

Hoi lieve allemaal,
daar zijn we,
met de teckeltjesquilt,
"Plaatjes & Praatjes van Margootje".
Deel 4 al weer,...

De hoofdrolspeelster in deze teckeltjesquilt,
showt nu eens zelf de plaatjes,...
En Goof?
Die 'breit' alle plaatjes-praatjes aan mekaar tot 1 verhaal,...

In blok 10 zit Margootje tussen de knotjes.
Roze natuurlijk,....

En blok 11?

Daar meet Margootje de kerstboom op,...

In Blok 12,
glijdt Margootje het oude jaar uit,
op naar het nieuwe.

Mocht je je afvragen of Goof dezelfde tactiek heeft gebruikt,
als toen,..
bij Bregje?

Dan kan ik dat volmondig beamen,...
Alleen hoeft de beloning nu niet zo groot ...

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Charity Quilt: the Cathy Lewis and Anita Stevens Edition from Jo's Country Junction

In my email I recently got a note from Anita…She writes:

I’m sending a completed quilt update with photos of the quilt.  The fabric and Bonnie Hunter’s pattern was donated to your charity efforts by Cathy L. in Mustang Oklahoma.  I volunteered to complete it and donate it to a charity.

I received the box from you in early August, and right away I sorted through to see how far Cathy had gotten with the steps.  Then it sat for a week or so while I finished up another quilt top for the shelter.

As I worked ...

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Letting go of the stress! from Pamela Quilts

Another half day at the quilt shop for me today.  We got lots of fabric in today!  That's always fun, sometimes so much time has gone by since we put in our order that we have no clue why we ordered it.  Then I have to go ask google what to do with those fabrics.

The Garden Bright line by Sue Penn is beautiful - and we are excited to have someone make a sample of the Sunshine in the Garden quilt to show it off.   And we got more in from M and S fabrics, too:

We are loving ...

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Spent The Morning With Dian from Quilting My Way

This morning I was up with Patrick. He asked me to do a casserole like the one I did the other day. I had most of it together, and just needed to add the other stuff. So, I pulled it out of the refrigerator, then I added the corn and frozen tatter tots. I had it all set for him. All he had to do was cook it at work.

Headed to Staples for the last gift for Patrick.

Then I enjoyed about an hour getting ready to leave. I got moms gifts from Katt as well as the other ...

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Using buttons instead of applique for a small quilt! from Quilt Social


Yesterday I showed you how to use some blue buttons from a bottle o’ buttons to mount a small modern quilt on artist’s canvas.

Today I’ll show you how to make this little quilt using some purple buttons for flowers. In this case, the buttons take the place of applique.


Use buttons to create flower designs.
Use buttons to create flower designs.



Purple buttons - one of the many "Bottle o' Buttons" collections
Purple buttons – one of the many “Bottle o’ Buttons” collections


materials for a small quilt measuring 12″ x 16″


  • 9″ x 16″ piece of purple fabric for top of quilt
  • 4″ x 16″ piece of gray fabric for bottom of quilt ...

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A footnote from WAZOO! Newsbits

The day is done and my lip still hurts. Tomorrow, we go Christmas shopping. Here's what transpired during the day. We'll be back later with more Wazoo stories.

Mr Wazoo helped me out today by quilting this QOV.

Panto: Square Spiral

He did a good job, and now I only have one more to do.

I am working on this beautiful log cabin quilt on the APQS. The pattern is complicated, so it took all day to get three quarters done. Maybe because the quilt is 105x105, too!

While that was going on, I did the stitch in ...

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New Home Journey Part 1 – The Decision to Move from Christa Quilts

So we just did a crazy thing. We decided to buy a new house!! After 13 years of living in the same home, we started thinking about how we could expand my studio space – because thanks to all of you – I’ve outgrown my current situation. So my husband Jason and I sat down and started planning out whether to renovate our current home, rent out a separate office/studio space, or just buy a bigger home.

Our New Home

This will be our new home very soon, if all goes according to plan.

Being the former CPA that he is, Jason was ...

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