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April 20, 2014
Happy Easter from Tim Quilts


Happy Easter from the Teddy Easter Schnauzer!

I had a fun day today!  Gwen Marston was in Lansing with the Capitol City Quilt Guild and I was a student in her class on liberated baskets.


DSCN1528 DSCN1527 DSCN1526

Gwen is so talented and such a good teacher. It was great to finally meet her after all the good things I have heard…she lives up to her reputation.  Thanks for a great class Gwen!
I will post pictures of my liberated basket quilt when I get it a little further along.

Meanwhile I have one row of blocks done on the New Your ...

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Grow Your Blog - Giveaway Closed from Sew Incredibly Crazy

Hi, My name Amy.  This is my very first year to participate
 in the Grow Your Blog Hop at
2 Bags Full
2 Bags Full

Well, I thought I would tell you a bit about

I started blogging almost two years ago
after a little contest I entered,
before that I really didn't even have a clue
what a blog was! 
This was also the time I started quilting.
Since then, I haven't stopped.
I love meeting new people and
some great friends along the way.

Here is just a few things that I blog about....


I love to do ...

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Craftsy Giveaway - Giveaway Closed from Sew Incredibly Crazy

I am excited to share with you a chance to win a class from Craftsy.
I have taken several classes on Craftsy  
One of my favorite is actually free. 
It is the Pictures to Pixel Quilts. 
 Sew Fun and modern. 


In honor of National Craft month,
Craftsy is generously giving
away a free class to one of my readers!

To enter, all you have to do is click on this link.
If you are not already using Craftsy, registering is easy,
and if you are a Craftsy user all you have
to do is log in and you will be ...

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So What Did the Little Leprechaun Bring You? + a Giveaway - Giveaway Closed from Sew Incredibly Crazy

My Little Leprechaun didn't bring me a pot of gold,
but I did get a bounty of
pretty gold
crocuses blooming
and a couple white ones too.


But it is the strangest thing
he brought something
for one of you!
I am celebrating  my two year
blog anniversary
this month and
 The  Fat Quarter Shop
is of course super generous.
Here is what the are giving
to one of my lovely little readers.

Two charm packs of Sketch by Timeless Treasures.
What do you need to do to win?
1. Leave a comment below. ( first entry) Any old comment ...

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Colonial Patterns Giveaways and Some Folksy Farm Stitchin' - Giveaway Closed from Sew Incredibly Crazy

Let's just say I have
a small collection of
Every time I see one that I
like or the kids would enjoy
I pick one up, but I am totally in love with
their newest patterns.
If You haven't seen them,
they are sew fun and some are a
bit funky!  Just up my
alley. I made a set of these
Kitchn' Stitchn' towels last summer.
I also love their towels
and napkins to add the transfers to.
I have been busily working away.
I get on little tangents and
I like to ...

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Happy Easter from In the Boondocks

I hope all of you have a wonderful Easter!

Enjoy this holiday with family and friends!

We are not all the same and I accept you as you are and I hope you will accept me as I am!

I borrowed the bunny from one of the most creative people I know the
Madam Samm @
Sew We Quilt

I am getting better but still unable to sew!
Sew and be Creative!

The Pity Party Giveaway

Ends at Midnight April 20, 2014!

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"Shades of Mercy" Book Review and Giveaway from Dawn's Quilty Fun

"Shades of Mercy" by Anita Lunstrea and Caryn Rivadeneira is a great book.  It's enjoyable from the very beginning and by the end it's a page turner that doesn't stand a chance of being left alone when any free moments pop up during your day.  The characters are compelling and real and the authors do a wonderful job of of creating almost instant empathy for all of their plights.  The main characters, Mercy and Mick, have had a sweet friendship since childhood.  We meet them as teenagers who are now in love and forced to hide their ...

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Market Dash from ... Cat Patches

It was overcast when we awakened this morning. The weather seemed harmless enough, however. Erik, Mae, and I had a plan to go to the Portland farmer's market this morning. We found a parking place right next to the market, which was nice, and then we headed up the hill for our customary huevos rancheros served up with lots of veggies. Yum. Definitely one of the most important parts of farmer's market days. Everything smells so good while it's being cooked up.

We were able to sit and eat our breakfastin peace. Just about the time we ...

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Sunday Stash #226 - Nesshome Fabrics and More from Red Pepper Quilts

Wild Flower and Friends by Nesshome - Red Pepper Quilts
Wild Flower and Friends by Nesshome - Easter Bunnies!
available from Miss Matatabi (Etsy Store)
Today I have some Nesshome - Korean brand fabrics - and a few other fabrics to share with you. Nesshome fabrics vary in weight/blend, with some designs printed on an all cotton base and other designs printed on a cotton/linen blend base.The bunnies and floral fabrics pictured above - Wild Flower and Friends by Nesshome - are cotton/linen blend fabrics (55% linen, 45% cotton) and are a medium weight fabric - somewhat heavier than standard quilting cotton. But they are super soft! The 6 different designs are ...

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Transforming UFOs from Maria Elkins -- Original Art Quilts

nc2-proj3part9I’m still working on this UFO, although I haven’t had too much time to work on it the last two days. It does appear that I am making progress on transforming this from a “UFO” to a completed project. Here’s where it stands right now. I think I have three sections left to design and then I can finish sewing the whole thing together. At this rate, maybe another day or two (…or three).

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Are you afraid to start? from Creative Quilting by Debbie Stanton

Sometimes it can be very intimidating to touch a lovingly created quilt top, a piece that has taken hours of hand crafting. Will your quilting make it better? Will it make the piece sing? What if you think you are not up to the challenge? What if your hands can't do what your mind sees?

Well, guess what? Even the most successful, award-winning quilters are scared at the start of a project. Karen McTavish, a pioneer in heirloom machine quilting, and the originator of the McTavishing fill design, says she is nervous and fearful every time she faces a ...

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Happy Easter Everyone. from Aussie Hero Quilts

From my family to yours
Happy Easter
with love

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Stiletto making from Mel's quilting blog

I asked DD to make some stilettos for sewing.  
These are supposed to help with pushing that last bit of fabric through without losing seam allowance.
They are made with turkey basters.  
The hardest part is closing the loop at the top.  
DD had fun making these.

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Have a Blessed Easter from Quiltzart - Joy in Art Quilts

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The Ruffler from Quiltzart - Joy in Art Quilts

Rufflers come in various styles, shapes, brands, etc. and have been around for a long time. I know the Singer Featherweight sewing machines had a ruffler attachment, I guess there was one earlier than that. Each sewing machine company has its own ruffler, and sometimes there are multiple rufflers available. There are rufflers for high-shank sewing machines, low-shank sewing machines and sergers.

Gathering feet are different from the ruffler feet. The gathering foot is used mostly for softer gathering and not having a pleated look. There are generally two different styles:
Again, it depends on your machine and the shank ...

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Patch Play 6, 7 and 8 from Virtual Quilter

Patch Play 6

A couple of days ago I showed designs which started with the quilting, but this one started with the applique which left lots of room for quilting!

Patch Play 7

I wanted the quilting to start with the applique design, outlining the shapes, and in some cases extending the design from the smallish applique with one of the bigger block designs over the top of it.

Patch Play 8

The remaining background has room to play a little, but I think I like the idea of cross hatching on the diagonal, changing to straight lines around the border.

Filed under: Applique Tagged: Applique, Patchwork, Quilt

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Making a Come Back... from The Parish Piece

I've been not posting for a while, but now I think I'm back! Folks have been commenting that they enjoy the recipes, however they really like projects, tutorials, and tips. To that end we will try to offer some thing new to hit those interests. However, we are not the only ones with great tips! So if you have a great tip to share send it to us at and if we share your tip you will win a free gift!

Now that Kathy is back with us full time she is offering a Beginning ...

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A little break in the rain from AND SEW IT GOES

There are times when it is cold and gray and the rain seems endless, and I wonder why we chose to live in all this rain. But then I remember what it gives us. Glorious spring and summer, for starters.  It has been raining off and on today— gentle, fragrant spring rain that makes everything sparkle and seems to pump up the color saturation. This view out the back door made me think of Impressionist paintings. (The "Glaze" app helped the illusion along.)

So many parts of the country are in drought. Alarming. I wish we could share some of ...

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Happy Easter... from Crazy Victoriana

Happy Easter!

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April 19, 2014
The New Carport from Shawkl

Today was a very busy day! The entire family (almost) got involved in cleaning up the yard and the menfolk took down the old carport that was really rotting away...and put up a new one. Thought y'all might enjoy a bit of family photos...especially since I'm behind the camera! Ha! But, even before these...the above is a fuzzy photo of Brady...he doesn't stay still long enough for me to focus even! He's is walking now...and thinks he is already a big-boy at one year old!

 The old carport is already down ...

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