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June 27, 2016
Top sewn............. from Exuberant Color

The top is sewn.  There are a lot of pieces on the bias on the edge so I staystitched it to keep it from stretching.

A recap in case you haven't been following my progress on this quilt top:  all Keiko Goke Japanese fabrics, cut with Strips 'n Curves templates sets 1 and 2.
Here are 2 small pots that sit in front of the garage door.  I don't use this side of the garage for a car so the pots aren't in the way.  The pink flowers were on clearance so I had to rescue them ...

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Breath of Avignon Plus Quilt Finish from Lovin' Life At The End Of The Dirt Road

The fabrics in this collection just say summer to me:

I posted about them here when I was debating about using my extra jelly roll and making this bigger:

Plus Quilt Using a Jelly Roll

The decision  was Skeet approved:

Since I am still on a mission to use up my jelly roll collection, I cut into the extra strips and added to what I had already pieced:

I never met a Plus quilt I didn't like...or a puppy who stole our hearts faster

Jackie quilted a pattern called Wrought Iron across it...once again, the perfect choice ...

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Little Ruby Sew Along: Quilt Assembly from Blossom Heart Quilts

Assembling my Little Ruby quilt was so much fun. Playing with colour and layout and gradients of colour, seeing it all come together through the quilt assembly pattern! Finally getting to piece the star blocks, that I worked so hard to make, into rows, and finally a quilt top, was so satisfying.


Some people were wondering how to make this quilt smaller, because using 2 jelly rolls is a big expense. I made my quilt smaller because I didn’t need or want a bigger quilt at this time, but yes, not using 2 jelly rolls was also a perk ...

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Luckiest Girl Alive and Red Velvet Cake from Canadian Needle Nana

But First...the book. 
 This is the book I decided to travel with last week. Jessica Knoll's wondrous hit, Luckiest Girl Alive.  It is well written in a slickish kind of style though with many a clever turn of phrase. I thought I might not like the style at all but I did and wound up enjoying it more than Gone Girl or Girl on The Train...books that are of a similar vein.  It seems you either love this book or seriously seriously hate it; I thought it a good escapist/beach/ fun/ weekend kind of read.

You ...

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Back To Nature from The Snarky Quilter

This year nature ruled at Quilt Canada – both landscapes and animals. I have to say that I can admire the skill of the animal portraits, but I’m not transported by them. The landscapes were a different matter. First up … Continue reading

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Design wall Monday - Catching up with the Rainbow Rose! from Charly & Ben's Crafty Corner

I need a bigger design wall!  So far my 80" version of the Rainbow Rose is looking like this! There are pinks hiding behind the purples and the yellows are a bit squished trying to fit it all on the wall!  Standing as far back as I could in the kitchen this was all I could fit in the photo this morning - might have to go wider than 18mm on the lens to get it all in!

I'm happy with the blues but there is still one triangle in the blue green that is sticking out to me, overall ...

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Sweetpea Pods from Stitch Quilt Knit

I made these Bendy Bags a couple of weeks ago.
Pattern: Bendy Bag by Lazy Girls Designs

These Sweetpea Pots are made using left over triangles from Bendy Bags.
Really love the patterns and classes from Lazy Girl Designs, so easy and clear to follow :)

Linking up with:

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Travelling teacher news…. from Hugs from Helen

right after market we hit the airport and travelled across the US to Minneapolis. Then it was a three hour drive north to Duluth arriving at about 3am – the joys of being a travelling teacher.

Hosted by the lovely Kelly (who I had met on last year’s cruise to Alaska) we had two lovely days sightseeing and taking in some sunshine at her lake front home..01012f519217b923589a7865660da3d2c02bd5554a

It was truly serene, looking out over this each morning…012a14a01a32a654e82af307ea52dd470d762fb368012dce003d63ea37523015d7be34943dc2f5af0c4d

We visited the sites of Duluth including the very interesting Glensheen house

0124d8d3f5f4b452a7ac30423957e19af2b04fd3a8Which was full of design inspiration!

01c55cea4b1520dfbea8bbe583a7d5e4a5de2e9226A visit to the Karen ...

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Expérimentations finies from Patchworkrama

Les 2 thèmes sur lesquels j'ai travaillé durant le week end à La Petite Pierre avec la délégation France Patch 67 sont finis. J'ai pris beaucoup de plaisir à les réaliser.

exercice de sashiko main fini (800x600) Mon petit sashiko

transparence fini (718x800) et ma "Transparence".

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Minecraft Mondays #24 Bonus Blocks: Guardian, Elder Guardian & Polar Bear from Seriously...I think it needs stitches

Twenty four weeks into my son's epic 10th birthday quilt (which was only supposed to last 20 weeks), it's turning into the never ending project. :) But the end date for sure is Oct. 16th, his birthday. At first I was disappointed that he found out about his surprise quilt, but now I'm glad because he's taken an interest in helping to design it and we're having lots of fun with it. He's been busy

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June 2016 Baby Quilt Club from The Village Haberdashery

Time to reveal our June Baby Quilt Club selection! It’s a ‘boy’ month and we created a teal, citron and orange palette that is citrusy and so much fun! We started with Fablewood by Joanne Cocker and added basics and solids to the mix. Read on to find out more about the fabrics in this bundle and find a few limited edition extras here while stocks last!

June Baby Quilt Club selection

Clockwise from top, this bundle includes:

Kona Cotton SolidsWhite (Robert Kaufman)
FablewoodTall Trees by Joanne Cocker (Dashwood Studio)
Kona Cotton Solids – Ice Frappe (Robert Kaufman)
Simply ColorfulLotsa Dots in ...

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Mini Round Robin Round #2 from Pink Doxies

Tish's Beautiful Block!

This is round #2 of our 2016 Round Robin with Sandra of mmm! Quilts, Cindy of Stitchin At Home, myself, and the original creator of this block center, Tish of Tish's Adventures in Wonderland. 

If you've missed the original post, jump back there, and do a quick peek at the rules we created. This is all just a fun round robin between blogger friends, and a way to push ourselves. 

This was difficult for me to decide how to add to it. I looked at her colors, fabric styles, and construction. The original block ...

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Plattelandsgeluk. from Quilting Jeannet

Plattelandspraatjes, dat heb je zo als je er middenin woont, weinig te schrijven over musea,s, films en festivals, opera,s en theaters, hoewel het hier op het platteland ook soms wel één groot openluchttheater lijkt, zoveel is er te beleven en te zien als je goed om je heen kijkt.

Op ons rondje door de polders s,avonds is er meer dan genoeg te zien, Quackgors richting Hellevoetsluis blijft een geliefd stukje, altijd weer anders, steeds weer prachtig door de wisselingen van de seizoenen, zie je er geen reeën, dan wel schapen en koeien.
Haagse school in het Westen ...

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What I’m Working On… from Jo's Country Junction


I should show you pictures of my garden…my flowers…my completed book work because truly that’s what I’ve been working on…but a Monday morning post is suppose to be more about what I’m working on in the fabric department.

So…here goes.  There’s not a lot to show.  Kelli brought me a box of scraps that I’ve been trimming up and sorting.

While I’ve been doing that…A BIG package came in the mail.  Goodies galore! See??

Well in with all the big pieces of fabric are quite a few smaller pieces ...

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A new project from Espritpatch

I have finished a few this month so I guess I am allowed to start one (or more!) new projects now. This one has a deadline so it should help to keep me focused! Another very close friend turned 40 earlier this year and I will have the great pleasure to spend some time with her soon so I thought it would be the perfect time to gift her a quilt. So far, I have just selected the fabric (all from my stash I am proud to say!)

and started the cutting of the strips (I still need to cut ...

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Peek-A-Boo Pachyderm! from Quilt Doodle Doodles...

I am in love with this little elephant.... I had so much un drawing it up and even more fun sewing it. It was one of my new designs that I featured at International Quilt Market in Utah this year. What I love most of all about this particular quilt was the fabric that I used from Adornit. When Janet at Adornit sent me the fabric I knew exactly what I wanted to make with it and this sweet little quilt with the peek a boo corner was born. I just love playing peek a boo with little ones. This ...

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Peek-A-Boo Pachyderm! from Quilt Doodle Doodles

I am in love with this little elephant.... I had so much un drawing it up and even more fun sewing it. It was one of my new designs that I featured at International Quilt Market in Utah this year. What I love most of all about this particular quilt was the fabric that I used from Adornit. When Janet at Adornit sent me the fabric I knew exactly what I wanted to make with it and this sweet little quilt with the peek a boo corner was born. I just love playing peek a boo with little ones. This ...

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I'm in a magazine! from Patterns by Jen

Yes, it's true! Can you believe it? I can't. I've been pinching myself since February when I heard from McCall's that they would be putting Criss Crossing in their McCall's Quick Quilts Aug/Sept issue. Yeah. Crazy! I can't tell you how crazy. Goosebumps, crying, laughing, jumping up and down crazy! 

Criss Crossing was such an adventure for me. Something you will hear more about in a few days. For now, I am going to be giving away 2 copies of the McCall's Quick Quilts Aug/Sept 2016 issue. That's right, 2 ...

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Rina's Quilt Top from Quilting Corner

The top is finished.  She's now looking for borders.  

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Two and a Tute from On The Go Quilting

Today I’m going to do a tutorial on Wool Applique from pdf to completed block.  I’ll show you how I transfer the pdf to applique ready pieces that will complete a block.  I hope you  read through the tutorial and the mystery of how to do a wool applique block will be solved.

Maybe I’ve been watching Zero Hour, a mystery serial, too long.  It’s definitely a mystery and we are getting closer to the solution. However, we learned that Zero Hour was canceled at or near the end of Season One so we might never ...

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