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September 2, 2014
How low can you go? from Podunk Pretties

 Working with scraps can be quite the challenge.  You can't just grab a nicely folded piece of fabric and make a few quick cuts and start stitching.  The picking and cutting of fabrics can take days sometimes.  This year I've been working on keeping all my scraps sorted by color instead of throwing them all in one large tote.  So far it's working out much better.  My daisies are coming together quickly with my new system in place.
The biggest problem now is throwing away fabric.  Every quilter has a limit to what they will keep.    The ...

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Tiny Blocks!! from Seriously...I think it needs stitches

Hello! Is anyone there? It's been forever since I've blogged!  The last half of our summer seemed to drop several things on us at once.  (More on that later..)  I've still been trying to get in some sewing time, though.  It's been great therapy actually for these trying few weeks.  When so many heavy things are on my heart and mind, it feels good to just sit and listen to the hum of the machine.

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Around the World Blog Hop from Karen's Quilts, Crows, & Cardinals

Yippee!!  Your stop today:  
Finger Lakes Region, USA.

Hi - I'm Karen Miller, chief blogger at Karen's Quilts, Crows and Cardinals, and Owner of Redbird Quilt Co.  I'm thrilled that you stopped by to join me in the
"Around the World Blog Hop".
 I would love to be able to tell you where the Blog Hop started... but I'm not really sure.  If you know, please leave me a comment and let me know - I would love to give credit where credit it due -- such fun!!

I want to give special thanks to the wonderfully talented Raewyn ...

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5 Patch Block #2 from Wayne Kollinger's Quilt Blog

I designed this 10"x10" block on a 5x5 grid; it is a 5 patch block.

Part of the fun part of designing your own block is you get to color it any way you please.

The other part is seeing what happens when you do:

Of course, you don't have to design your own block.

You can always try coloring traditional blocks nontraditional ways. That's fun too.

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"Camp Wilderness" from The Painted Quilt

The pattern for "Camp Wilderness"...more affectionately referred to as my 'man quilt' now available for purchase in my Etsy shop here.

The pattern is 27 pages in length and includes detailed instructions, illustrations, tips, full sized line drawings and 7 color, close up photos.  The finished size of the quilt is 102" x 92" which translates to a very generous queen or king.

What am I going to do with all my free time now?  Ya, right!!!

And just a reminder that this Friday, the 5th of September, is the First Friday of September when I ...

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Bee Blocks from Seaside Stitches

After driving Pete to the airport this morning at zero dark thirty, and then a quick nap, I worked on some bee blocks. The RI Modern Quilt Guild just started our first bee. For the first month, Suzanne chose these adorable Sunshine Star blocks from 42 Quilts

When I started clicking around the 42 Quilts blog, I was excited to see all 64 blocks that Jennifer designed for her Modern Monday series. I think I might make a bunch of these to replace the Farmer's Wife blocks I'm really not crazy about. I'm such a rebel!

I ...

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My library from Quilting, Patchwork et Appliqué

My quilting books are on line, on LibraryThing.
You can find them here:

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My library from Quilting, Patchwork et Applique

My quilting books are on line, on LibraryThing.
You can find them here:

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Well Darn. I forgot the Camera again! from Jenn's Quilters Depot Blog

I have been told several times.  Don't Blog just for the sake of Blogging.

Ummm.  Well.  I never have followed the

Yes I forgot to unload the camera yet again.  Not sure if there was anything on it, but I forgot!

So as far as I know we did not have any success stories.

So let's go with.  Are you getting your stuff ready for Fabric Swap!  You can legally bring it in to the store!  Check out tomorrow's blog for the details!

remember the one with the most stash wins!


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New Arrival! from Southern Fabric

Bonnie Christine’s collection, Winged takes us on an inspiring journey through nature.  
The butterflies, birds and colorful flowers represent the beauty of spring time.  You can’t go wrong with colors like plum, apricot, coral and sky blue.  So, spread your wings and watch your creativity blossom with Winged. 

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Promised You a Pic.... from Paula Reid - Machine Quilter

This was the Macy's ad that I posted on Facebook asking you -- Do you think I can rock this look? Since I only got one no and a whole bunch of yes, I tried on and bought the dress....

I found out it's really hard to take your own picture in a mirror! This is with my own leather jacket....

Of course, since I'm not 6 foot tall like the model, the skirt's a little longer. The lining is just above my knees and I like that, don't think I'd want it shorter. I ...

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meet Donald from Sue Bleiweiss

donald_full_web_wm “donald the dotted dragon”

40″ x 49″

Hand dyed cotton, machine quilted

and a detail:


Created entirely on my BERNINA 750QE


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september days are here . . . from Count it *all* JOY!

With summer's best of weather,
And autumn's best of cheer.
                                                                                         --Helen Hunt Jackson

It never fails . . . as one month passes into the next, I'm blown away by the speed of passing time.  Oh how I desperately want to cling to it!  But time is mastered by no man (or woman), so here it is, September already!
I have to admit, I'm kind of excited.  September means the autumn is just around the corner! I do adore decorating in the autumn . . .
Like this darling subway art print!  I found it over On Sutton Place.  She shares lots ...

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Audiobook Review - The Accounting by William Lashner from Field Trips in Fiber

The accountingI have been getting a lot of book listening in the past few weeks and I need to catch up on sharing some reviews.  Some of my recent reads have been really good, a couple were pretty bad and a few were good enough. Today's book falls in that category. It was good enough that I've ordered another from the same author.

The Accounting is a good basic mystery/intrigue novel.

Here's the publisher's summary:

Jon Willing was just a teenager when he and his buddies Augie and Ben stole a fortune in drug money. Brazen ...

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Paris Fat Quarter Bundle Giveaway from Diary of a Quilter

Happy Weekend! To make it even better, we have a fun fat quarter bundle giveaway from Fort Worth Fabric Studios. FWFS is an online-only fabric store out of Texas with one of the biggest selections of fabric collections from wide variety of manufacturers. It is so well organized and easy to see the available fabric collections on the FWFS site.  FWFS specializes in putting together

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Bright Little Pincushions from FunThreads

It’s been a while since I’ve made pincushions. Here are a couple of bright little stars that I created this weekend. Hubby says it looks like too much work for something you’re just going to stick pins in. Hah! He just doesn’t get it sometimes. LOL.

pincushion swap sept

Have a fun day!

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5 Times = Success from Keep me in Quilts

Success!  Or at least what I'm calling success. I am making great progress on this Million Sweater.  We have become good friends - this yarn and I.  I have ripped and reknitted and ripped and reknitted WAY too many times.  This is the fifth time I've started some sort of sweater and I think I'm going to finish it.

Many mistakes - in design, technique, size, but this time ... I nailed it ... or so I have convinced myself.

It's still a bit big and boxy but I'm going with "big, cozy, warm". I am NOT ripping and ...

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Sep 2, Salisbury, MD - Seven Sisters Stitching Co from Generations Quilt Patterns Blog

Seven Sisters Stitching Company is a fresh modern quilt shop featuring fabrics from Robert Kaufman, Amy Butler, ClothWorks, Cloud 9, Birch, Marcus and

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Farm Chores from 44th Street Fabric

I love working on Farmer's Wife blocks because they are so fast to make that I can easily do one when I don't have much time. Here are the two latest blocks:

Block Sixty-eight, Postage Stamp. The last two Farmer's Wife quilts I made, I made this block from all sorts of fabrics just jumbled together. I decided it would be fun to use the reds and pinks on this one.
Block Sixty-three, Ozark Maple Leaf. As you know, I've put together a fabric starter kit of Fat Eighths for this quilt and so far, have ...

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Two New Children's Aprons. from stitchnquilt

Eloise needed a new apron for cooking at our house.  She was getting too big for the one I had and it became Juliet's turn to use it.  Clara actually might be about ready to use it.  But I decided to make a new one for Eloise.  My aprons are just too large for little girls.
So I took some of my stash fabric and came up with this.
 This is Eloise's pose.

 I was so excited with how her apron came out and also how quick it was,
that I decided to make another apron a size ...

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