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June 28, 2017
Harry Potter! from Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting

Happy 20th Anniversary, Harry Potter!  20 years ago, today, Harry Potter was released.  Wow, has it really been that long????

We read all 7 books with our kids.  We went to several of the Harry Potter book release parties, held in downtown Naperville, IL (Anderson Books hosted these).  All of downtown Naperville became a magical village, with Harry Potter themed stores. 

On Monday, I found 2 new Harry Potter fabrics at Walmart.  I bought all 8 yards of both fabrics (great for backings, too).  One of these days, I'll finish the 4 different Harry Potter quilts that I've ...

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New in the Curlicue Creations Shop ~ Week of June 28, 2017 from Curlicue Creations

The Turning Twenty...Again Quilt Book, is an outstanding beginner quilting book, by Tricia Cribbs. This book is filled with three easy quilt patterns using fat quarter fabrics. 

This book is softcover, in good condition. Full color photographs and diagrams throughout. 10 pages. Copyright 2005.

This book includes a General Instructions section, a Quilt Gallery, and three Patterns.

The Dog Cabin and Others Quilt Book, is an outstanding beginner quilting book, by Kay Mackenzie. This book is filled with techniques and tips regarding different aspects of quilting, plus three easy quilt patterns to ...

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FAL end of Q2, part 1 from Midget Gem Quilts

Would you Adam and Eve it? It is the end of June , half way through the year and time for the round up that is Finish A Long. Way back in March, only a blink of an eye, I rather optimistically put forward my list of proposed finishes. We all know this isn't really a proposed list of finishes. It is really a list of things that I am working on at that time. Here's a link up to the proposed finishes at the time and a quick recap of my list:
Jam Sandwiches and Red Lemonade picnic ...

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Drie jaar op rij... from Quilts Van Kippetje en Meer

Precies drie jaar geleden kreeg ik deze mooie orchidee van mijn nichtje Martha en haar man voor een speciale gelegenheid. 

En ieder jaar bloeit ie rijkelijk op 28 juni. Maar hij start al veel eerder met bloeien, vaak al in mei en dat gaan maandenlang door. Prachtige kleuren maar vooral VOL bloemen.
Ik geniet daar nog steeds van!

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Memories & Southwestern Spirit: Arizona After & Heritage by April Rhodes from Art Gallery Fabrics-The Creative Blog

Hey there, fab makers!

I hope your summer is going well. This is such a great season because the days are longer, you can do all kinds of outdoor activities and you can take adventurous family trips! One place I’ve always wanted to explore in the summer is the southwest region of the U.S. There’s something about the golden sunsets and vast deserts of this region that peak my curiosity.

Until I plan my trip, I’ll vicariously visit the southwest with the beautiful prints in April Rhodes’ new collection: Arizona After. This collection revisit many of ...

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Repeating the binding from Stitchin' Therapy

   I loved the flange binding so much that I did on the 9 patch quilt that I wanted to try it again.  So the small  wall hanging of raw edge roses with string blocks was ready to quilt.   Easy  meandering quilting over most of the quilt.

  The corner areas were wide open and I filled those with some feathers.  The flange binding frames it so cute!

    The only thing left to add is a label and give this a good wash to fluff it up and fray those edges.

  The report from the ophthalmologist was good!  With my old glass ...

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Green Fairy Quilts sponsors again in August! from Lily Pad Quilting

Have you ever seen a green fairy? 
I have!
Or at least, I've seen the fairy's online store! (Grin)
Many of you know our buddies at Green Fairy Quilts. Clint and Judi Madsen have a lovely store filled with gorgeous pre-cuts!

And you may know Judi from photos like this:

She works magic as she quilts -- so inspiring!
Right now, there is a wonderful sale going on:

I know I may have lost half of you by announcing that, cos that is a great sale, and y'all are probably clicking and drooling now. 
Well, for the rest ...

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Creativity: Different Chapters of our Life from Val's Quilting Studio

Like you, I am a girl who is always growing. A woman who's soul is filled with curiosity and find inspiration in the ordinary. A creative spirit that is expressive and aware. But I noticed after my weekend retreat that my day to day life hasn't been balanced with my need for personal creative outlet. Curiosity getting the better of me, I asked fellow quilters, what they planned to do with the quilt they were making. Though all their answers were respectable, the one that struck a chord was the one who exclaimed: "I have absolutely no idea ...

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Timeless from Stitchin' Therapy

   Timeless means something is lasting, enduring, and without beginning or end.  That is how I feel about those 9 patch designs.  A scrap quilt, planned fabric palette or not,   just turns those 9 patches into a timeless thing of enjoyment for me.

 I had to go back and look to see when I actually started this one......December of last year.  I think I had been making the 9 patch blocks before I got sick over a year ago, and pulled them out to work on then.

  So what does this pile of strips have to do with the quilt ...

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Is "Catching Up" Possible? from Quilting through Rose-colored Trifocals!

I've been pondering that possibility the past couple days -- no answer yet, just more questions.
I'm supposed to be on a little botany trip with friends but a brief illness changed my plans and yielded 4 empty days -- bonus!!  I can get caught up!!
A little naïve, perhaps?

I've fallen behind on the blocks for Sew Fresh Quilt's Jolly Little Christmas SewAlong so spent time last week getting three of the blocks cut.
And now happily, here's the time to piece them
I tackled the snow men first!  Look at these cute little faces!?!
Zoom ...

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Ski to Sea Queen Quilt | Finished or Not Friday Linky Party! from Busy Hands Quilts

Welcome to Finished or Not Friday where you can share your finished {or not} projects!

My Finish is a queen size Ski to Sea quilt for my son.  This quilt has been in progress for several years and has finally been released from WIP purgatory.

I placed it on his bed today after he left for the summer to work on his grandparents' farm.  I wasn't about to put it on a perpetually unmade bed!!

You can view closeup pictures of the quilting in my Instagram feed.  I post a lot more in-progress pictures there.

Ski to Sea is ...

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Q-Bee Quilt from Wont to be Quilter

Hi friends!
I am making this from a layer cake I won this year !
I measured and five down will be about right for this quilt.  It says 36 by 45 for a wheelchair quilt.
I didn't wash the fabric because it was a layer cake! so their may be some shrinkage so I don't know weather to make it a little bigger or not.I may add a small border when I get it together , right now I need to finish making some blocks.
Have a good one


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Q-Bee Quilt from wont-to-be quilter

Hi friends!
I am making this from a layer cake I won this year !
I measured and five down will be about right for this quilt.  It says 36 by 45 for a wheelchair quilt.
I didn't wash the fabric because it was a layer cake! so their may be some shrinkage so I don't know weather to make it a little bigger or not.I may add a small border when I get it together , right now I need to finish making some blocks.
Have a good one


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Sometimes I Am Right, Frequently Not from Priscilla's Workshop

Goodness knows that I make mistakes every single day. Humans are genetically wired to follow patterns, to be stubborn, to simply make mistakes. Scientific tests have shown that even dogs are better than humans at changing behavior. But occasionally the variety of the experiences both I and my husband have had do add to our understanding of some aspects of life.

The case in point is the young lady who just received her diploma from Harvard. Even before she matriculated my husband and I told her that it would be wise and beneficial if she took advantage of the wide ...

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Workshop Wednesday: Beachy Quilt Projects for Summer Fun from McCall's Quilting

I just got back from a weeklong beach vacation in North Carolina’s Outer Banks and I am tanned, rested and ready! Well, “tanned” may not be entirely accurate; “sunburnt in some spots, more freckled in others” is more like it.

But I am definitely in a summer vacation state of mind and I want to extend it to all areas of my life, especially since the hottest days of the season are still to come, which is when my quilting mojo usually takes a vacation of its own.

IMG 39381 Workshop Wednesday: Beachy Quilt Projects for Summer Fun

the beach in Avon, North Carolina

If you’re like me ...

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American Vitriol from CurmudgeonlyQuilter

Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA)
I didn't really want to talk more about the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) again, but, in light 
of the comments made over the past two weeks, I feel compelled to do so.  See America the Beautiful for my first post on this subject.

On the plus side, we have seen genuine outpourings of love and compassion expressed across all political spectra.  It's so pleasant to see political enemies express heartfelt sadness and support in the wake of such tragedy.  It's how families are supposed to act; it's how Americans are ...

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» Quilters Dream Batting

"Come Together" Quilt Winner!

Congratulations Susan!

Congratulations are also in order for our runner-up prize basket winners Michele and Julia!

Thank you to all who participated and supported this effort spearheaded by Victoria Finley Wolfe and Marcus Fabrics to raise funds for ALS research.

This quilt was created with the help and love of many quilters who attended QuiltCon 2016 at the booth of Marcus Fabrics.  It was a truly inspirational event where quilters came together to raise money for ALS patient services and research.  We are truly thankful for everyone who participated!

 Come Together quilt raffle on Raffle River

We surpassed our goal of $5000!

Many ...

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A guide to sewing with knit fabric - Tips and trick you need to know when sewing with AGF knits from Art Gallery Fabrics-The Creative Blog

Hello Dear Makers!

Do you remember our series of blog post where we explain in detail each AGF substrate? We are sure you mastered already sewing with voile and canvas , so now it's time to learn all tips and tricks to succeed with knit fabric! We created a little cheat sheet for you that you can bookmark and go back to it whenever you want. The good news is you don't need a serger to sew with AGF knits! Just follow the tips below and you will fall in love with this substrate! 



I hope these tips will ...

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Artist Portfolio: Another Version from The Cloth Parcel

Our Artist Portfolio is one of our favorite lesser-known patterns.  It’s the perfect companion for a vacation, so we thought we might show this never-before-seen version to spark some creativity.  The fabric for this version is Echino canvas, Joel Dewberry for the floral and birds, and mustard yellow polka dots from Hobby Lobby.We designed the […]

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Its in the Details from The Quilt Rat

Recently, I have been playing with some ideas of adding details to garments I make. I tend to wear a LOT of black (there is not much in my wardrobe that is not black) but lets face it, black can be boring. I LOVE to hand stitch with interesting thread, so I thought why not try it on my clothing.

Of course, if you know me, you will know that I have to do more than thread a needle. In this experiment, (just a test sample for now)  I wanted to see if I could create a subtle print on ...

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