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July 29, 2014
Boho Shoulder Bag Online Class & SALE! from Crafty Gemini

My friend Jen over at SewFun is offering a fun summer sale on patterns right now! When you use discount code "CRAFTYG" you will get 50% off all Sew Fun patterns! If you recall from a previous post she is the genius designer behind the Boho Shoulder Bag.  I teamed up with her to offer an online class where I teach you how to make the fun, reversible bag from start to finish using her pattern.  I've made three of these bags and take them with me everywhere- library, beach, play dates, vacations, weekend trips, sewing workshops, farmer's ...

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Seersucker summer shorts! from The Village Haberdashery

I decided to whip up some shorts for Harvey to get through this heat wave. Breakers Seersucker from Robert Kaufman was an obvious choice – it’s so summery and playful! Plus, seersucker has a unique slack-tension weave which creates puckers all over the fabric that hold small pockets of air next to your skin to keep you cool in hot weather. Cool, right?


I downloaded the Kid Shorts pattern from Dana at Made and decided to make two pairs at once. It’s quicker that way! I also chose this fun plaid from the Planet Buzz collection.


The basic pattern ...

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Hickity Pickity for Jenny Eliza from Sisboom

hickity hickityp hickitypick HickityPi HICK HickitypickitySo by now you have heard of Hickity Pickity and I know for some of you it can be confusing because we are always talking about them on Facebook. they are the leaders in their genre. They use quilting fabrics for all of their products and we couldn’t be happier that they are smitten with both Sis Boom and Jenny Eliza. Judy Buchannan has been the visionary of Hickity Pickity and now along with her daughter they have artistically styled a very branded look.  They bow to Lily Pulitzer but have a certain signature that moves beyond that ...

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Colorate stoffe Kaffe Fasset,base "rasterquick" e voilà il lavoro è fatto!!!!Sarà un pannello bellissimo appeso sopra un mobile....MI PIACE!!!!!

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'BackInTheDay' Buttons and Birthdays from CollectInTexas Gal

Remember when a calendar was just a when one day was pretty much like the one before.  When the months you paid the most attention to were June, July and August because school was out for the summer.  Not that you cared what day it was or marked them off on the calendar like in the month of May. 
Remember when your Mom hung the freebie calendar from the local 'Grocery Store' somewhere in the kitchen...usually near the door where you stood barefoot tall with a pencil pressed against the top of your head to make the ...

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Today’s funny from Delaware Quilts

I stopped at a local farm stand while out running errands today, good stuff at great prices.  I purchased 5 fresh juicy peaches, yummmm.  When I got home I found only one in the bag.  One was next to the bag on the floor, and the other three….

One was under the car seat on my (drivers) side.  Since I was in the garage and couldn’t get to the other side, I didn’t see the other two. 

I pulled the car out of the garage, walked around and opened up the back door.  I looked under the seat ...

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Utah block - Building Blocks Tuesday from Closet Quilter

For Patty - Star of Africa Bee

Here is a block I made ages ago for Patti in the Star of Africa Bee.  We just returned from our trip to Colorado on Saturday, and we drove through a good part of Utah.  It was gorgeous!  We didn't actually stop at Arches National Park, or Zion, or Bryce Canyon, or any of the many other national parks on our route (is the whole state of Utah a national park??) as we were focused on getting to our destination, but I must say the scenery just along the interstate was breathtaking!  The section of I-70 from the I-15 ...

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Indelible Blog Hop Part 1 from Art Gallery Fabrics-The Creative Blog



Hello fabric lovers!


We are more then thrilled with the positive feedback everyone has given us about the Indelible release, Katarina's collection is definitely a world between magic and reality.  

Through the month of July many talented artists have created and blogged about their charming creations using Indelible fabrics and we wanted to share them with you! 

Savor these beauties!


1). Marija Vujčić | Fabric of my life

2). Marija Vujčić | Fabric of my life

3). Sara Lawson | Sew Sweetness



4). Kathleen Kerr | Kathleen Quilts 

5). Kathleen Kerr | Kathleen Quilts 

6). Amy Friend | During Quiet Time


7). Rachael Gander | Imagie ...

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My Indepence Challenge for Project Quilting from Crafty Sewing and Quilting

It is very typical for me to start out making a quilt and then come up with another idea and change it all around!  That is why this quilt, that I created is perfect for the Independence Challenge. 

I will be publishing a PDF Quilt Pattern in August on using charm blocks for the quilt, instead of doing a transformation on the Rainbow Quilt. That is the quilt made from 6 fat quarters. The PDF Quilt Pattern will have all the exact measurements, so you can make the quilt too.  I will post when I share it in ...

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Quilting with Paper during the Storms from Crafty Sewing and Quilting

What do you do when it storms?  

I do not run my quilting machine or my sewing machine.  
I do not iron.
I do not blog.

I quilt with paper!

I am not a scrapbooker, but I bought a bunch of cool scrapbook/greeting card stock from a friend who was destashing her supply of cardstock. It looks like fabric to me!  Everything looks like fabric or a quilt to me.

 Some of the pieces, I cut a little smaller than the card and I adhere it with double stick tape.

Some I cut into squares and rectangles.  Three pieces ...

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red scrap sugar cone block from Not Afraid of Color

unfinished size 6.5 inches

As if the mugs weren't enough red, here's this month's scrappy star in red!
The color red stimulates brain wave activity. It increases creative energy on all levels.

I took a workshop in color vibration and it's effect on people. Fascinating! Apparently I need more orange/red in my life. A lot of my quilts have blue/turquoise/green/purple in them. I think I use
all the colors actually, except beige.
Red really resonates with me, how about you?

What will I do with this little rainbow of blocks?? 

I ...

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Change of plans from Love Laugh Quilt

I'm stitching lines today.


After I set this all up to make a new corduroy camping quilt.......
I realized.....
There's NO NEEDLE.

Oh yeah.
It broke the last time I used this machine.
When you're camping.....
You don't head over to the sewing supply cupboard.
You pull out another project!  ;)

Happy sewing!
I'll have to make another corduroy quilt NEXT time.

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Making progress on my Midwinter Red Quilt from Cozy Little Quilts


 How is everyone enjoying there summer so far ?

We have been busy around the house tending to our gardens , cleaning windows & just taking care of things that need to be done around here :-D

We have  lots of tomatoes , zucchini , blueberries and plums we are enjoying right now.
Hubby is making lots of salsa with the tomatoes . Hmmm !

I did finish making my 16 blocks for my Midwinter Red Cozy quilt .

As I started laying my blocks out on my design wall my eye was immediately drawn to the block on the last row

Yes this one !  I just ...

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Double Irish Chain from Tim Quilts

I have another antique top to share.    The pattern is Double Irish Chain.


It was made in Pennsylvania.   The Fabrics are beautiful and in great shape for its age (circa 1870)

DSCN3420 DSCN3419

The wide border and large blue squares leave me a lot of room for hand quilting.

Here are some more pictures (click pictures to enlarge)

DSCN3422 DSCN3421 DSCN3420 DSCN3416 (2) DSCN3416 DSCN3417 DSCN3418 DSCN3419

Happy Quilting


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July Potholders from stitchnquilt

I went into my scraps and picked out colorful prints to use for these potholders.  Then I found fabrics to coordinate with them.  I checked out my potholder board and my quilt block board on pinterest and came up with these potholders.
 This one was supposed to be more contrasty. I'll try it again with the right kind of fabrics next time.

 You can really see the zig-zagy lines on the quilting on these.  My machine has rebelled and only zig-zags any more.  But I came up with a solution for that.

 Here is my solution to the wavy ...

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A little bit of this and a little bit of that... from Blueberry Patch

Yesterday I quilted this St. Louis 16 Patch That Stash Bee quilt.  It will be donated to an at risk youth fundraiser when all done.  And it felt good to be at the sewing machine.  I have been busy with all sorts of things that aren't sewing.  Like crazy raspberries this year.  Oh my goodness.  The size of thumbs and endless quantities.

We have also been picking blueberries.  Typical July.  So many blueberries that husband says that is all he sees when he closes his eyes.  We were at the veggie store yesterday picking up some pickling cucumbers and ...

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Mrs. Lincoln's Sampler from Creative Quilting by Debbie Stanton

What a beautiful piece! But, believe me, it was a challenge! Those blocks are 5 inches square exactly. There are 49 of them, alternating applique blocks with pieced blocks. And, most of the pieced versions are made up of lots of one-inch half square triangles! This must have taken a long time to accomplish.

Obviously, the tiny spaces in the backgrounds of the applique blocks had to be filled with a small, simple version of McTavishing. But, what about all those one-inch half square triangles?

I finally decided, after lots of sketching on top of printed photos of the blocks ...

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» Rose Cottage Quilts

Hello Again! 
Wow. What a month we have had at our house. Our 4th of July was pretty quilt, all of my children went away with either their friends or family. It was a nice quiet day with my husband. That does not happen on a holiday. The next day was busy with our boat. The whole family went to Jordanelle Reservoir for the day. I have to admitted that I love being on the boat with my family. We have no phones, TV, I-pad, etc. We have to have a good time with each other.

 I have not had ...

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The Charity Quilt and CAKE! from greenquilts

Here's the charity quilt I've been working on (with the pile of ugly fabrics). Just goes to show you, even ugly fabrics have a place in the world. Somehow these fabrics play well together and will provide someone with a warm cover. One more block to make before I sew them together. I'm thinking I may tie this instead of quilting it. We'll see….

And now for that cake recipe I promised. This is a Blueberry Banana Pound Cake and it is absolutely DELICIOUS! You'll find the recipe here:

By ...

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Sawtooth Star Quilt from Piece N Quilt

Kristen made this beautiful Sawtooth Star quilt. The quilt is beautiful, when Kristen brought me her quilt she told me I could machine quilt it as I liked, she just wanted it to be really pretty when it was done.
This quilt was screaming feathers, so I machine quilted a lot of feathers.
I love feathers, I love how they can really dress up a quilt, I've only machine quilted a few quilts using feathers as the background filler, but I really love them, I should quilt them as a filler more often.
I also machine quilted a melon ...

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