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March 4, 2015
The Sixth Plague: Boils (rough) from Nina Paley

This one’s only 10 seconds long! Shortest plague ever.

“10 And they took ashes of the furnace, and stood before Pharaoh; and Moses sprinkled it up toward heaven; and it became a boil breaking forth with blains upon man, and upon beast.

11 And the magicians could not stand before Moses because of the boils; for the boil was upon the magicians, and upon all the Egyptians.” –Exodus 9, King James Version

Music by the Beatles.


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Quail progress from Quilting and More...

I’m almost finished with the quilting on my quail project! There will be a slight delay, though, while my Bernina 780 has a bit of an adjustment. I don’t want to switch to my 630, as I’m afraid the quilting will be noticeably different at this late stage. Luckily for me, the problem was discovered during one […]

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Third Skein from Thread Head

I finished spinning the third skein of yarn yesterday (tomorrow I should finish spinning the last skein).

It was so pretty when it was spinning on the wheel.

The two bobbins before plying (each skein is made up of two different colour ways plied together),

and the finished skein. About 190g, and just over 400m of Sport weight, 100% Merino wool yarn.

You can tell it is getting a bit warmer because the partridges don't need to puff out their feathers so much. They seem to have split off in to pairs now - spring must be on the way ...

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Concertina VS Accordion from Crow Calling Woman

I thought I'd never see the day again, when I could NOT find what I needed on youtube. Upon searching for concertina binding, I found a whole slew of videos claiming to show the what and the how, but turns out, most folks don't seem to know the difference between concertina and accordion. I clicked on one that said "Concertina Binding" and it turns out, she made an accordion book with absolutely no binding. That is not concertina. It is similar and involves some accordion folding, so I get why people mistake one for another.

The reason I ...

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LaCrosse? Soccer? from In the Sewing Basket

So, the Grandgals are playing Lacrosse......did we know what Lacrosse was
when we were growing up?   Not me!  We played backyard games....Basketball,
Soft Ball, Spud, Statues, Badminton,   Hide and Seek at the winter we skated
on a rink my Dad filled with water to freeze....our backyard was the first step
into our World.....

That World has changed but kids still like to be!!.....

So, one of our youngest Grandgals is now practicing .... playing....Lacrosse......
and we must say she will be "fearless"....she has abounding energy....she does
endless cartwheels (at one point down ...

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A Modern Misunderstanding? from Tallgrass Prairie Studio

I finally got back to the blog and I was approving loads of comments that had built up and was getting ready to write a post about a new book that I am thrilled to be a part of and then I read this.  You know, I should let it go.  Why can't I? Maybe Taylor Swift is right.

Linda left a comment on my Modern Manifesto post.  Maybe she didn't read the post.  I was surprised by the anger in her comment.  It's comments like this that make it hard to blog sometimes.  Some days I ...

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WIP: Stretched Star Quilt from The Quilt Yarn

I have been missing in action pretty sick as a dog (cold, blocked nose etc)! Flula would like this saying, I reckon. If you don't know who Flula is have a look  at one of his YouTube videos. Be warned, he swears a bit and some people may find this offensive. He is a young German in the US and his accent kills me...very funny.

Anyway this is what I had been working Stretched Star quilt

In the end I decided (and regretted it immediately) to stitch-in-the-ditch along all the seams. What a hassle ...

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Little Hexie Thread Catcher Tutorial from Cornbread and Beans Quilting

candb quilting and decor 097

I’ve been wanting to play with English paper piecing for a long while. Specifically hexagons.  I have dabbled with them in a pattern I wrote a while back, but I would love to make a whole quilt with them someday.

To satisfy my itch, AND create something useful, I made a little thread catcher.

**If you would like a kit scroll down to the bottom**


I’ve needed this little cutie forever. If you ever looked at my floor or table while I’m sewing you would see that I usually just toss the threads willy nilly all over ...

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I’m In Love from Joy Studio

With YOUR, Handmaids® Challenge 2015 entries!


They are truly wonderful. I am so impressed with the talent and skill displayed in each of the post cards we have already received. We are blown away with your spectacular Valentines. It’s difficult to believe so many of you expressed this was your first fabric post card.

Still waiting on eight more to arrive but posts are still coming in. So, if you have not yet sent yours to your assigned partner, please do.

There’s still time!

Winners as stated in the previous post will be announced March 15, 2015.

Now ...

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BE EPIC! from Sew Psyched

Here's a message we don't hear often enough: BE EPIC! As women, we hear all sorts of messages; Have straight hair, Have long lashes, Have no wrinkles, Have big boobs, Have this and that thing that will MAKE you what you need to be in order to be fabulous.  But I am here to tell you that what you need in order to be fabulous is... YOU You, just as you are. You with messy hair and no

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Out with pink. In with What? from Driving Miss Stacey

Due to the frigid temperatures here, I sure got a lot of quilting done.

You should have heard me, singing along with all my favorite country songs up in my sewing room.  
I thoroughly enjoyed myself this week.

  The hubster was in Texas this week.  I spent hardly any time in the kitchen.  I used my bread machine to make some egg challah and brought out the new crockpot.  
I made a fabulous dish of Indian Chicken Korma.

You know, I've been married for 32 years and never used a crockpot.   What was I waiting for?  It's ...

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Color Monday ~ Home from Driving Miss Stacey

The theme this week is "home"
We get our inspiration from Jennie

Being from the South and all, I thought I'd share my favorite time of year at my home.

Fall is my favorite.

Home is a place where I'm so glad my kids always feel comfortable coming back to.   Home is having my husband home from a business trip.  Home is the gathering that happens around our kitchen table.     Home is roasting fall veggies.  Making huge dinners.  Making drinks and enjoying the fine weather out in our screened porch.  Nothing could be finer in Carolina.

There used ...

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Red and White Logs 81, 82, 83, 84 and 85 from Virtual Quilter

Red and White Logs 81

How come the middle of the week rolls around much quicker than the weekend?

At least it is a chance to show off some designs featuring Log Cabin block variations!

Red and White Logs 82

In this series I have tried very hard to keep the designs in sequence … showing incremental changes as they happened, and not mixing them up for more variety.

Red and White Logs 83

Somehow the one above seems to be out of that sequence!

Red and White Logs 84

Obviously I didn’t like where I was heading and went back to the previous design and carried on!

This is one of the few series of Log Cabin designs where ...

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March 3, 2015
Quilting with Kids from Sewing & Quilt Gallery

Today I saw a Facebook posting inquiring why the applicant number for the Quilting With Kids was down this year.  MQX has a wonderful category for children/teens, and I cannot imagine, with cash to be earned, why more kids are not jumping at the opportunity to make and enter a quilt.   We are looking for suggestions for what to do to increase this number, and to make the process of getting your child or another person's interested in quilting.  While there are plenty of people my age or older quilting, it would seem that those of the youthful ...

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Easter Shabby Shapes Are Here! + GIVEAWAY! from The Shabby

 Easter Shabby Shapes | Shabby Fabrics

Easter is the holiday with the most adorably sweet decor, isn't it? Pastels and cute animals... What could be better?! We have created some seriously darling Shabby Shapes that are perfect for your Easter projects!
Our pre-fused laser-cut Shabby Shapes are a great iron-on item for quilters, crafters, and DIY-ers of any skill level and with only a little over a month left until Easter, these shapes arrived just in time for you to begin that Springtime "to-do" project on your list!

We have Easter eggs that come in tonal polka dots, chevrons, and beautiful damask designs!
 Easter Shabby Shapes | Shabby Fabrics

We also ...

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DuckaDillly and a Giveaway! from Red Pepper Quilts

A sponsored giveaway.

Introducing a new sponsor and a give away!

DuckaDilly is a boutique fabric studio and online store, specializing in Liberty of London Fabrics. Located in the charming Kerrytown district of Ann Arbor, Michigan, DuckaDilly carries a variety of seasonal and classic Tana Lawn, jersey, chambray, and fleece. Visitors are welcome to stop by the studio by appointment.

Liberty Tana Lawn ~ Pictures and Conversations Collection
to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the first publication of Alice in Wonderland.

The team at DuckaDilly are over heels in love with Liberty of London (I am rather partial to stashing/using ...

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Quilts from Brisbane's west from Koolkat Quilting

Lesleigh from Westlake in Brisbane is moving house and decided to have these quilts machine quilted during her move.  The large quilt is being quilted in the budget I Love It trailing hearts e2e machine quilting pattern and the cot quilt with the budget meander e2e.

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My Ninja QuiltCon Bag from The Animated Librarian Quilts

In preparation for QuiltCon I decided to make myself a bag for all those classes I had signed for.


Meet my Little Ninja Bag. We have a little Ninja girl on one side

IMG_0793And Kuromi (the evil Hello Kitty character and my little mascot) on the other side.

IMG_0799I have a double inset zipper on top and I kind of made my little ninja’s hold hands.

Ninja BagThe inside has pockets (hard to see with this fabric, I know, but trust me, they’re there).


And there are some nice little elasticized pockets on the sides which are great for ...

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All Babies Need Quilts from All Pressing Matters

I thought I’d share some baby quilts that I’ve made in the past couple of years. I’m a big believer that EVERY baby needs a quilt.

I don’t care if it’s a firstborn, second born or third. That third-born kid especially needs his own quilt! 

This is a terrible picture and I’ve never gotten a good one of it. I called it “Embrace the Green.” 

A weird name for a baby quilt for sure, but soooo appropriate. I hosted the baby shower for my brother and his wife, and as they didn’t know ...

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Custom King Size Rainbow Sparkler Quilt {Finished!!} from Busy Hands Quilts

Meet Mr.Sparkles, a king-sized beauty!

The grass is growing, and the flowering trees are in bloom!

This calls for a clothesline photoshoot!

Oh, drat!  Did you see the block that is turned wrong?  
Just kidding - they can be turned any direction and still be correct!  Gotcha!!
I love it all jumbled up.  If I made this quilt for myself, I'd lay the blocks out totally random ... maybe ... if I had enough courage to break out of the expected! 

The quilt finished at 108" square and shrank to 104.5" x 106.5" when washed and dried in cool ...

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