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July 6, 2015
2015 Plan Update! from Quilting Affection

Well it is over half way in 2015, so I would like to post a update on my yearly goals for Quilting Affection.

1st Goal - First, now that I have a few patterns published, and many more planned for 2015.  I would like to get them out to the stores.  So one of my main focuses is to advertising my patterns so that quilt stores will start carrying them.  We started some advertising back in 2014, going shop to shop showing examples in California, they loved the patterns, but it was the wrong time of year.  So hopefully 2015 will ...

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Eastern Bluebird from Carol Sloan

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Screech- Bang! ... and Much More from Tea Rose Home

I have written about one of life's curve balls in the past; this post is one of them... as you can see in the picture, that's what happened to my minivan last Monday.

I took my car in for an oil change. I take mine in to the car dealership where we bought our car brand new almost 5 years ago. Even though I made an appointment for the oil change, there were so many cars in the garage. So I talked to a person who works there, did the paperwork and signed my name and headed in ...

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Final layout........ from Exuberant Color

I made the final blocks and rearranged a little so I could start sewing this top together.  This is more true color than yesterday's photo.

Here are the buds on the Balloon Flowers.  They look a little like hot air balloons at this point.

As the buds get larger they start turning color.  In past years I have had pale pink ones in addition to these periwinkle blue blooms.

The coneflowers are opening.  The bugs start eating the petals within days of blooming so it is hard to get a good photo.  This one is probably fully opened this ...

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Granny’s Binding Started from Quilts....etc.

I figured I better get busy and get the binding sewed on to Granny so I can finish her up.  I was going to do binding with leftover backing fabric but changed my mind and chose something totally different. Getting this big quilt on the table and machine is some hard work. But I got […]

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"Een gezellig UITJE" from Supergoof Quilts

Op zondagmorgen reed ik,
rustig op m'n gemakje richting Utrecht,
om precies te zijn naar,...

 Marina's Quiltcorner in Den Dolder.
Wat ging ik doen?
Een Supergoof Trunkshow geven.

Ik was vroeg vertrokken,
 was bang,...
 nog enig oponthoud door de Tour de France te hebben.

Maar daar was helemaal geen sprake van,...
deze Goof was op tijd aanwezig,
ruimschoots op tijd,...
nog vroeger dan anders,
want ik vertrek altijd TE vroeg,
je weet immers maar nooit wat er onderweg kan gebeuren,
'n lekke band,
de weg kwijt,
deze Goof wil op alles voorbereid zijn,
dus ze vertrekt ...

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I Won, I Won! from The Snarky Quilter

Occasionally I enter quilting blog giveaways; very rarely I win.  Recently I got lucky. To give some perspective, I’ve begun to use thermofax screens to print on fabric, and I’ve bought some from an Etsy shop called PGfiber2Art. Like most … Continue reading

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Het zomert maar door from Quilting Jeannet

Het zomert maar door, we wilden zomer en we kregen zomer,zelfs net een kleine hittegolf achter de rug, dan heb ik diep respect voor al die mensen die gewoon doorgaan met zwaar lichamelijk werk, daar waar ik mij alleen maar koelte hoef toe te wuiven vanonder een boom en de telefoon beantwoorden, vanonder diezelfde boom.

Een gewone Nederlandse zomer dus, het verschil zit hem net in de dingen die je doet, of juist net niet,een zonnige dag maakt iets anders in je los dan een dag met somber weer, iedereen krijgt zin om er op uit te trekken ...

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Rain Walk by Anna Graham now in stock from The Village Haberdashery

Rain Walk is the debut fabric collection by Anna Graham for Cloud9 Fabrics! Rain Walk is a collection inspired by family walks and gathering bits of nature along the way. It is a simple and happy reflection of colours, nature and happy memories!

Rain Walk by Anna Graham at The Village Haberdashery

Anna is well known in craft world as Noodlehead and she designs awesome bag patterns, so we are stocking all of the canvas fabrics from Rain Walk. These will be perfect for bags, cushions and upholstery. Here are some snaps of her samples from Quilt Market!

Rain Walk by Anna Graham at The Village Haberdashery

Rain Walk by Anna Graham at The Village Haberdashery

Rain Walk by Anna Graham at The Village Haberdashery

Find Rain Walk in the shop here.

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Cutting, Sewing and lots of progress... from ~ CowgirlQuilter ~

Yesterday I did some cutting and sewing of some scraps.  This was another sleepless night as didn't even go to bed until after 4am.  Anyway...I cut out more of my pieces for Tumbler II and actually started sewing a few together just to see how I was going to like it.  I ended up sewing together a little over 100 sets of 2!!!  Not too shabby of a day! 
 Here I even sewed 4 together just to see...
I ended up with 8 more Windmill blocks which brings my total to 159.  I have a bunch more cut ...

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Gone Sewing from Scraps of My Life

Summer has finally come to southern Sweden!

It's been pretty ridiculous, to tell the truth - still wearing winter boots, socks, jackets and gloves when cycling right up to July.  It's not normally like that here but we keep having Arctic winds blast through - brrr!  According to the forecasts, it's just here for a week so I jumped at the opportunity to spend time at friends' cottage in the warm weather and of course do some sewing while we were at it.

We worked on a baby quilt for friends, who had their baby last November (so yes ...

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It's A Wonderful Life.... from Quilt Doodle Doodles...

National Telefilm Associates Screenshot of Donna Reed, Jimmy Stewart and Karolyn Grimes
 in the final scene of “It’s a Wonderful Life.”
I found something I never expected to find... an old Singer sewing machine that reminds me of my Grandma. I was on Facebook and there listed in the Lakeville Garage Sale Forum was a sewing machine cabinet for $25. It looked just like my grandma's so I immediately messaged the seller that I was very interested. I went to take a look and had to restrain myself from jumping up and down and screaming when I opened ...

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Monday Morning Star Count, July 6, 2015 from Life under quilts

I'm getting a little better with these guys, slowly but surely.

I've got basting down and I've started piecing them together.  Once you get into a rhythm it's fun, but not mindless yet.  I think I have been clipping my inner curves too deep..
I pieced almost all of these units together and I want to make it three times the size.  I basted a few more this weekend, but didn't grab a full count.  less than 20, I think.

I've got a new sewing partner too-- I'm visiting friends in Oregon for ...

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Making Two Boxed Gifts from Heather's Sewing Room

Recently I came across an interesting panel of fabric full of charming ladies. The panel was called Lady in Red and was designed by Loralie Harris. You can see more of her amazing art work here.
I decided to place one of the  designs onto a lid of a box and then frame. 

Inside the box I place an embroidered tea towel that I had purchased in a craft market.

The second box I made was covered with decorative paper.

On the lid I used a glass bead and then attached small beads to a ribbon and pulled the ribbons ...

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Round Up of Bits and Pieces from Vicki's Fabric Creations

We are definitely in the middle of winter here in Tasmania. Cold dreary days do not do much for me at all. However, one daffodil has decided to make an early appearance so spring is trying to come.
I have just finished the Hoopsisters 2105 Mystery quilt.I have used fabrics i had in my stash and went for clear bright colours so that the elements of the design stood out. 

Hoopsisters 2105 Mystery Quilt
Roberta and Sandy have both completed their BFC 10 000 member BOM that I just finished the lessons for.
Roberta has used the black, white ...

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Turkey Red and Hexagon Coverlet from Welsh Quilts

Here is a coverlet that I bought recently. It was found on Tyneside by a dealer, at the bottom of a box of textiles. It looks as if either a hexagon top was shared out by cutting it in half, or less likely, someone did not finish a project. You can see that the border design has been cut in half....and then a border of turkey red fabrics added......

The turkey red prints are OK in some areas..but in a few, the overprinted green has perished....must have been a different lot of dye? It is very specific ...

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Finding Some Much Needed Focus from Quilty Folk

It wouldn't be 4th of July weekend without starting a new quilt project! That seems to be my modus operandi for the last couple years, so why not this year too?

Background for the new quilt blocks
The problem is, I've been stacking up fabric and playing with all sorts of ideas for quite awhile now. Hesitating and deliberating. Second guessing and mostly just sort of wallowing in self doubt. I worry that I'm stuck in a rut, always doing the same 'ol, same 'ol--maybe it's time to branch out? uhuh  Like the Fire quilt wasn ...

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sashiko quilt from susis quilts

hi friends,until now the sashiko quilt looks like this,the middle section is quilted and now i am thinking about what to stitch on the border,meanwhile i made four more dolls and started with the stonefield quilt,have a nice week,susi

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Aiming For Accuracy 2 Quilt Along {Lesson 5} from Busy Hands Quilts

I've completed the three blocks for Lesson 5 in the Aiming for Accuracy 2 Quilt Along.  I'm making two of each block, one with a white background and one with a black background since I couldn't decide which to make.  Lesson 9 is due out in a few days!  

It's not the best of pictures, but I'm too tired to take a better one.  The picture in which the top blocks weren't cut off had poor coloring.  I struggle with taking pictures of groups of blocks on a table because I am so short ...

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Green Fairy Quilts is sponsoring the Pet Show (in August)! from Lily Pad Quilting

Most of you know who I'm talking about when I mention Green Fairy Quilts, right? A lovely couple: she is a talented long-arm quilter, published writer and mom, and he is an awesome hubby, dad, and online store manager! Yay! Meet Clint and Judi!
They have sponsored our Pet Show before, and they are back to help us with Round Three! Pets on Quilts 2015!
I sure hope that you are signed up to receive their email alerts -- they won't spam you, and you will be ever so glad when you get word of their super sales!
 (Pssst ...

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