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September 4, 2015
It’s a “Lucy Boston Lovefest” at Yankee Cloth from Marcus Fabrics

Recently, our own Pati and Regina took to the road, including a visit to Yankee Cloth in Wallingford, CT, where they treated attendees to wonderful presentation!  They had the crowd entranced as they shared tips for creating Lucy Boston style quilts and other English paper piecing techniques. It begins with novelty stripes like HISTORICAL STRIPES by Paula Barnes of Red Crinoline Quilts and ends in a surprising variety of looks, dpending on how you cut the fabric motifs.  Of course, Pati also incorporated her favorite supplies from Paper Pieces to simplify the intricate-looking process.

Lucy Boston event Marcus FabricsShown standing are (l. to r ...

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A New Design……..From "Aged" Fabrics! from Ros-the-quilter

The black and white tree trunk fabric in this quilt came from Timeless Treasures years ago and I tea/coffee dyed it to neutralize the stark white background. Two quilts like this used most of the fabrics and I set the remainder aside.
 This week I went looking for ideas for a quilt for friends whose home is all browns, beiges and neutrals. The wife is from Korea so I thought to make something that might appeal to her and hope that the organic nature of these fabrics and the colors will please our friends and fit in with their ...

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On My Mark, On My Set....Go! from Quilting My Way

Today was a great day! Did my usual walking with Ruth first thing in the morning.

I played games for a very short time this morning - unusual for me. I tend to keep playing and before I know it, it's noon. Today I had Charlie on my lap, and played till she got up. She moved around 9:30 this morning. I was working on laundry as well. When she decided to go outside, I pulled out the Dragonflies in Flight" 2 Fabric Applique Quilt.

I took over the dinning table. The lightbox is on the right of the ...

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Glycerin Gelatin Plates... from May Your Bobbin Always Be Full

Making Jello Printing Plates...

This is my first attempt at adding glycerin when making

jello printing plates


1.5 Cups Glycerin
1.5 Cups Water
7 packets Gelatin

This recipe makes a 9 x 13 inch plate - 1/2 inch thick

Many times I print with large bontanicals, so made a

JUMBO printing plate 24 x 18 inches

1 Gallon of Glycerin makes 10 batches of the recipe above.

Apparently, the glycerin acts as a preservative so the gelatin

will not mold.

If the plates deteriorate and split from use,

they can be reheated and reset into shape.

p ...

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Modern Mermaids Thread Catcher, Book News, and QAL Blocks from Buzzin Bumble

Modern Mermaids Thread Catcher Set Modern Mermaids is a thank you gift I made for Heidi of Red Letter Quilts.  Heidi is a swimming coach by profession and loves the water, so that was my inspiration for her thread catcher.  The bag turned out a bit bigger than I intended.  I loved the Heather Ross "Calypso Mermaids" Munki Munki fabric so much that I wanted to show it off.  Modern

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EQ Seasonal Row-A-Long Summer Row from The Quilting Queen Blog

On Tuesday we launched the EQ7 Seasonal Row-A-Long with the first set of rows from each of the 4 seasons and some filler rows as well.  If you missed it, you will want to go back and read about it here.  Plus here are some fabulous prizes for giveaways that you'll want to register for.  You can also read all about the EQ7 Seasonal Row-A-Long, all the participants, and all the giveaways here.

I thought I'd share a little bit more about my row with you since there was so much information on the original blog post.   You ...

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Pink Lemonade - A Finished Quilt from Red Pepper Quilts

QUILT STATS The finished quilt measures 48 inches x 60 inches. 80 patchwork blocks measuring 6.5 inches x 6.5 inches, each block is made from four strips of fabric ~ 2" x 6.5" incl. seam allowances. (for piecing instructions please see this blog post) Approximately 100 different quilting cottons. The "green" quilt challenge that I set myself has been accomplished. I was

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Flannel Scraps Quilted for Covered in Love from Kat & Cat Quilts

So remember back ages ago when I cut up my flannel scraps into 2.5", 4.5", and 8.5" squares to make scrap quilts?  Well the first one is finally done. This is the one that had more manly colors.

The scrap quilt finished at 56"x72" and it's super cuddly with a flannel back and everything.  I used a slightly fat seam allowance to make sure my seams wouldn't ravel.

This is another quilt to be donated to Covered in Love.  With the latest batch of quilts we are up to over 20 donated!

20 families ...

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An Instagram Giveaway! from 44th Street Fabric

Hello everyone! For anyone who is on Instagram, we are having a Giveaway to celebrate the fact that Bev figured out how to put an account on Instagram for 44th Street Fabric! Just go to 44thstreetfabric on Instagram and like the post, become a follower and invite a friend to enter the Giveaway! The prizes will be a Hello Darling layer cake and a Hello Darling jelly roll! 

If you aren't on Instagram, we will shortly be announcing another giveaway with one of our friends and a great pattern designer! So be sure to check back here this weekend ...

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Modern Log Cabins - A Friday Finish from Dizzy Quilts

I cannot tell you how excited I am about my latest finish.  I am a huge fan of Jacquie Gering's work - I just love the simple, clean and modern style of her designs.  I love her colour choices and I especially love her passion for what she does.  She inspires me.

When I decided to make myself a wall hanging for the bedroom a few weeks ago, I knew it needed to be something similar to Jacquie's work here.  That picture had been on my Pinterest board for a long time and it was perfect for the wall ...

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Something Purple on the Needles from Nita Dances

I’ve been in the mood to knit, but not anything overly complicated. So I rummaged around my stash and found this beautiful skein of  purple fair trade Peruvian wool that I bought years ago.  I’m going to knit a chunky infinity scarf with it.

knit2It is 98% merino wool…so soft!

knit 1It feels lovely in the hands. :)

I don’t need another scarf, so I think I might sell it. I’ve never sold anything I’ve made before, but I’ve been looking at prices on Etsy, and I’m thinking of opening a store of my ...

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Progress on Whimsical Baskets Quilt from Pinevalley Quilts

Progress on Whimsical Baskets Quilt

The weather has been wet and cold here at Pine Valley Quilts. A good time to hide away in the sewing room. The Whimsical Baskets Quilt has been calling to me, so I decided it was a good time to get it basted it and start the quilting.

Whimsical Baskets / Pine Valley Quilts


Feathers seem to be a good fit for this quilt, I randomly quilted some feathers into the background of the applique center.

Whimsical Baskets / Pine Valley Quilts

Cross hatching seem to be the obvious fit for this applique center, I have one side of the crosshatching done and today I will hopefully ...

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String of Beads 5 from Virtual Quilter

String of Beads 5

Not too sure if this design should be described as ‘happy’ or ‘giddy’.

Perhaps I will settle for ‘fun’.

Filed under: String of Beads Tagged: Applique, Patchwork, Quilt, String of Beads

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Mostly Batik! from Ros-the-quilter

Linking up with Heather for Needlework Tuesday [on Thursday!]
Occasionally I have issues quilting batiks but this one gave me no trouble. BJ needed it ready for her friends' wedding the end of the month so she has lots of time to bind and attach the label which I made separately since I did not have the details in time to embroider the backing.

 BJ said that this quilt went together very fast so it might be one I will try when I need a quilt in a hurry. It turned out very pretty in batiks.
 Freehand peacock feathers in ...

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49 days post surgery - Basal thumb arthroplasty with tendon interposition from Calgary Quilting Momma

Looking much better than last time! Massaging with oil 4 -5 times a day. Exercises are painful, but giving me more movement slowly. I cannot bend backwards/upwards at the wrist. the thumb is moving a bit. The photo below shows how flat I can have my hand thus far. I cannot lay my hand flat on a surface.

Extreme wrist pain during the night -- I am back to wearing my full length splint for sleeping and the smaller splint during the day. Still pain in the wrist during the day as well. Physio is having me work on not ...

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Mystery Quilt-Along Step 4 from The Painted Quilt

The fourth step to my Mystery Quilt-Along is finally done thanks to the low humidity of the past couple of days during which time I spent many hours happily playing in my upstairs sewing studio.

Mystery Quilt-Along Step 4
After Step 4, the quilt top should measure 66 1/2" long x 62 1/2" wide.  We're getting there!

I decided on a French braid border and for those of you who have never made one, you'll find that it is surprisingly easy to do.  

Below is one of the many links I found on how to go ...

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Day 37 post Thumb surgery recovery from Calgary Quilting Momma

Hi All! I just got home from the hospital! PIN IS OUT! Thank you God!  -- fingers are not moving the way I want. Surgeon was surprised with bruising, but not surprised about the swelling. He said everything else is great. I did hold my breathe when the surgical pliers came out trust me..they look the same as any other pliers! Chef watched as I did my Lamaze breathing that was used 26 years ago! Chef said it was like watching someone pull out nails from a baseboard haha! My physiotherapist kept me focused on breathing! Thank you Vanessa!


The ...

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Friday finds....nope! from Stitchin' Therapy

No finds this week.......something unexpected has occurred and I am re-accessing sharing these.   I do not ever, ever want to infringe on anyone's designs or rights.  I will share more later, but not right now.  I need to process a few things first.
I am fine....just need some stitching time.  It is my therapy, you know.  

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Yo-Yos & Half Squares: Contemporary California Quilts from Quilts and Stories by Sherry Ann

CONTACT: Scott Horton, 510-229-9739, or [email protected] 
Kelly A. Koski, 510-318-8453, or [email protected]


New Exhibition Features Stunning Contemporary Quilts Artfully Handcrafted by Five Bay Area Women 

Vibrant and Boldly Unique Quilts Expand the Notion of Craft in: 

Yo-Yos & Half Squares: Contemporary California Quilts exhibition
—on view Sept 10, 2015 through Feb 21, 2016—


This September, the Oakland Museum of California (OMCA) presents Yo-Yos & Half Squares: Contemporary California Quilts, an exhibition showcasing a dynamic and visually vibrant selection of ...

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A Woman Of Unshakable Faith from From the Strawberry Patch...

This is our son, Kyle and our Pastor, Martha McCracken, on his confirmation day in July of 1996; we lived in Puerto Rico at that time and were members of Grace Lutheran Church in Santurce. Pastor Martha was a woman of many talents and was then, and always will be, a model of faith to me. I received word this morning that Pastor Martha unexpectedly passed away this week, I just know that she's

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