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June 18, 2018
Sunday Quilt Inspiration: from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories

Love batiks? They are such pretty, fun fabrics. I had a love affair with batiks for a while. 

paisley fabricBatik Fabric. Gorgeous colours.  I like the more subtle batiks, where it stays within the same color family.LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!  Bali Batik Fabric Palm Fronds by PearTreeRoad, via Flickr

Bali Batik Fabric Midnight Jungle | via PearTreeRoad blue aqua teal turquoise goldTeal batik    LOVE this one!!!very cool Batik from Lunn Designs. available in 2 colorways

traditional batik "look" , the dye moves through the cracks in the wax creating vein-like linesTotally Tropical Batik Fabric Seaweed - AloeBeautifully simple batik.  Love this ...would love to bees and hives.

sunflower quilt pink yellow | Batik Fabric- Sunflower Yellow on Pink | A Celebration QuiltBatiks for ChristmasHoffman batik Oak leaves

Batik quilts? Wow, there are so many! Here a few that I found in about six seconds! (Okay, maybe minutes.) Enjoy.

Exuberant Color: Colorwash quilts- 2.5 x 4.5 batik scraps

Batik Quilted Table Runner.  Well, Mom, this might have turned me on to batiks!

Oregon Batik Waterfall By Bear Creek Quilting Company Batik Quilt Pattern Books Batik Quilt Patterns For Beginners Free Batik Strip Quilt Patterns

Baby Girl Modern Batik Quilt, Baby Girl Quilt Blanket, Variety of Colours Baby Quilt, Pink Yellow Orange Nursery Bedding, Toddler Lap Quilt

Love the floating border with matching bindingGorgeous lap and throw quilt pattern. Here & Square Quilt Pattern QCD-032 by The Quilting Cupboard - Ann Kisro. Check out more of our quilt patterns. Subscribe to our mailing list for updates on new patterns and sales!

Batik Quilt & SHAM PDF Pattern/Tutorial drunkard path block.

Free Batik Quilt Patterns | Painter's Palette.Use my leftover H2O Row Quilts

Vintage Inspired - A Remake Of Winding WaysHere is the final installment of the Island Batik April Challenge. My Winding Ways quilt remake includes these modern elements: • A diagonally bisection to emphasize the two fabric • An overlapping square...

Look for these and more on my "heart, quilts" Pinterest board. Have a great week! 

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Show 2213: Ann P. Shaw / Anna Bates from Wollie Mammoth

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Pattern for Blueberry Hill from Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara

I did a little research and found the pattern for Blueberry Hill. It’s a pdf and it was 2011 or 2012 when I originally shared it.  Hopefully it will open up without any problems. For any who are fairly new to my blog and may not have been around when I was sharing free patterns,...

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Father's Day - Without My Father from Quilting My Way

Today is father's day. I took a picture of dad and posted it on Instagram. AND cried. I would have loved to have given him a hug and kiss!

So, we worked around the house till it was time to go to the movies. We decided to go to the movies. I worked on my red heart piece.

We went to see "Then Incredible s" at the theater. It was a good movie! I really enjoyed it. Trouble was, I could see some political stuff in it, but I didn't care.

Got back and enjoyed working on my ...

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Little Plant heads from Quilting Lots Moore Designs

Today I'm shamelessly promoting my DIL's YouTube channel and it does use scraps! LOL
Just slightly different scraps to our fabric ones.

A quick update on my scraps - the new direction I have taken on Danielle's quilt is progressing well.  Having such a lot of triangles already cut out has made a big difference.  Almost finished all the small sizes - 2"  and 25" and the larger ones will not take as long as there are fewer to make.  Now onto my DIL's scrap use.

I just love this series of videos my lovely DIL Kea has ...

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Kingfisher Stitch Along update from Quilting & Learning

I had some ideas for my EPP (English Paper Piecing) for the Kingfisher Stitch Along - but I changed my mind, and I re-read the instructions :-)

Kingfisher Stitch Along

Pink hexie with a yellow and blue centre
Something wasn't letting me start my hexie flowers. I just wasn't inspired. Since these are hexies we're talking about, this was serious! I figured out that I just didn't want to be making hexies with the same fabric that I've been using for the last, to be different, I've started using batiks. Wow, am I motivated ...

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Happy Father's Day 2018 from Random Thoughts... do or "di"

It's become a tradition that I share the post I first wrote 7 years ago about the fathers in my life. Here is that same post with a few updates.

This Father's Day I write this post not only to honor my father, but also the fathers I admire, who have touched my life. I am fortunate enough to know many men who are amazing fathers, the first of which was my own dad.
My dad was tough. He loved us and raised my brother, sister and I to be independent thinkers, as long as we thought ...

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How do you store your thread? from Lilabelle Lane

Continually evolving the studio .........

For the last 6 months I have been in the process of reducing and decluttering the studio. This has included all the cupboards that 'stuff' just gets placed in, rehoming old UFO's (unfinished objects) and taking a serious look at the fabric stash and making the decision that some just had to go.  It has been a very rewarding task. 

Some items have taken a while to get to the top of the clean out / re-home list but I do have to admit that the more I was cleaning out, the more I wanted to ...

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Epic Neutral Bow Tie Quilt from Quilting & Learning

Making neutral quilts is not my favourite thing to make. I generally love working with colour - the more, the brighter, the better! Working without what I perceive as colour is not easy, but I have grown to appreciate the quiet restfulness of neutrals.

Epic Neutral Bow Tie Quilt

Some blocks to try out
I've been wanting to make a quilt from Make Modern Magazine for a while now. When I saw the Epic Bow Tie Quilt by Jen Van Orman on the cover of the latest Make Modern (Issue 22, May-June 2018), I knew that I was going to ...

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Kelly’s Custom Quilts 8, 9 from Virtual Quilter

Kelly's Custom Quilts 8

A design for an applique quilt … love it.

Kelly's Custom Quilts 9

Love the little bit of quilting too.

When I started quilting it was essential to quilt heavily as most wadding we could buy was not bonded like modern wadding. I find it a bit sad that quilts are now quilted densely, which makes them stiff … and every line of quilting takes away some of the warmth as well as the comfort.


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Wildlife Panels and Photos from Tamarack Shack


Cindy found these really stunning wildlife panels and created a wonderful quilt with a 16 block layout.  The panels are by Robert Kaufman and called North American Wildlife.  I searched online and the only information could find was they would be available in September 2018 in Canada. So they must have had an earlier release date in the States and that is probably where she purchased them. She wasn’t sure of the shop she got them at and the ones I frequent across the border did not have them.


I love the sashing fabric and black borders as they ...

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QuiltNSW Quilt Show from Wendy's Quilts and More

The QuiltNSW show is almost here again. I was thrilled to receive an email this morning telling me that I've won a prize!! QuiltNSW sent us this fancy graphic so we could let all our friends know too.  I don't know which quilt, or which prize, but all will be revealed at the prize giving on Wednesday afternoon.

I'm heading to Sydney tomorrow and looking forward to seeing the exhibition on Wednesday.  I'll be volunteering on Thursday morning and late afternoon, and back again on Friday because it seems that's when most of my Instagram ...

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Living in Texas from Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara

Every night during the summer, I go out and hunt scorpions. I have to take a regular flashlight so I can look for snakes, and then I take the black light so I can find scorpions. There’s never a night I don’t find at least three. Yes, I kill them! This seems to be the...

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The week is flying by from Cats in the Quiltoriium

So much to do, but I am starting to catch up before the next wave hits. Got a small writing gig to tend to as well. I don't want to let go of all my clients and it's still easy money if I can make the deadlines work.

I finished a rosette on Sunday, it's about my favorite hot beverage:

I decided to make the filler/joiner pentagons consistent with the diamonds in the star ring of this one. Hope that works out ok. I'm definitely of the "my quilt=my rules" school on Willyne's ...

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Progress slows from Cats in the Quiltoriium

A bit of a sewing slowdown due to life's other commitments. But I managed to get this far on my latest rosette this week.

Hosting a reunion of my spouse's cousins next week so it's really pedal to the metal in terms of all the long overdue cleaning and garden tasks. Whew, will I be glad when life quiets down after this. Also having a quiltorium kitty health scare. Took BonnieCat to the vet this morning as she's been withdrawn and off her food. Vet didn't find any cause and took some blood to see ...

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Another quilt fills The Gap from Koolkat Quilting

This another quilt from Andrea at The Gap in Brisbane, and it is being quilted with the paisley feather e2e machine quilting pattern.

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How to Make a Quilt Sleeve using Prairie Points! from "...laugh yourself into *Stitches*, follow me..." ~Shakespeare~

If you've not tried this sleeve's worth a look!

 Begin with an 8-1/2" square (can be less depending on the size of the quilt or hanging).

 Place the raw edge of the triangles along the edge of the quilt.

Sew less than 1/4" from the edge, so the binding will cover your stitching!

Once the Prairie Point Triangles are sewn into place, take a tacking stitch to secure each point.

It's that easy!!!

More of the new Star Spangled Picnic quilt getting some feathery fill!

And don't forget about the Give~Away ...

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June 17, 2018
National Forest Campground from Quilts....etc.

We found a nice campsite in a national forest in northern Minnesota that we stayed at for four nights – we have never camped at a national forest campground that had electricity before – we have just never seen that and were surprised by it. This place is called  South Kawishiwi River Campground – very […]

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Slow Sunday Stitching . . . from The Quilting Garden

Well, this is my last swap Patchwork of the Crosses block.  I have gotten all the pieces fussy cut and sewn onto the papers.  Now, I just need to sew the pieces together.

I'm hooking up with Kathy over at Kathy's Quilts.  Come see what everyone is playing with today!!

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Slow Sunday Stitching . . . from Lavender Quilts

Well, this is my last swap Patchwork of the Crosses block.  I have gotten all the pieces fussy cut and sewn onto the papers.  Now, I just need to sew the pieces together.

I'm hooking up with Kathy over at Kathy's Quilts.  Come see what everyone is playing with today!!

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