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June 6, 2023
Christmas Mystery Quilt and Stitch Along is Coming Soon… from Fat Quarter Shop's Jolly Jabber

Like our love for Christmas, the sweetness of this quilt and cross stitch combination is Evergreen! Gift yourself the joy of sewing and stitching with us during the Evergreen Mystery Quilt and Cross Stitch Along! For five weeks, we’ll unwrap another part of this joyful mystery. Join us in sewing along to uncover this mystery and greet the season by stitching something new!

Here’s a peek at the Evergreen Quilt, but the rest remains under wraps for now. This festive design would make a lovely wall hanging since it finishes at 31.5” x 37.5”. We are ...

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Trailblazer BOM Five by Five Blocks from Patchwork Posse

This month inside Patchworkers Plus we are sewing up the first parts of the four corners of the outside of the quilt.

I’ve circled the section that we’ll be sewing this month.

This is only part of this whole section- next month we’ll be sewing up the second part of it.

Materials Needed:

Take a look at some progress from other members:

You are invited to sew along with us! Get more info here.

This month we’ll be joined by Pamela as well! She’s going to be chatting about Batik fabrics! You can find more ...

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Broken Herringbone from Night Owl Quilting


Bridy made this great quilt using the "From Far and Wide" fabric collection from Kate and Birdie.  This truly Canadian collection is really interesting in a non traditional colour palette.  This pattern is Broken Herringbone from Violet Craft. 

Bridy chose the Maple Syrup pantograph which fits the theme perfectly.  Bridy treated herself to more fabric from the collection for the quilt back and the pantograph shows up really well there.

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Vintage Rose BOM quilt from Pieced Brain

Vintage Rose BOM quilt

Build your quilting skills with the Vintage Rose BOM quilt this summer! Roses are red, but sewing fun has many more colors!

Vintage Rose Block of the Month

Let me introduce you to the Vintage Rose Block of the Month program that I designed for the Vintage Rose collection by Timeless Treasures! It measures 87” x 87”, and every block finishes at 12″.

Are you a beginner quilter? I’ve got your back! These blocks use regular piecing techniques – only one block requires the simplest paper piecing on the corners. You already have at home all you need to make ...

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Sew Sampler Box June 2023 Sneak Peek! from Fat Quarter Shop's Jolly Jabber

The June Sew Sampler box is brimming with nostalgic fabrics and notions! We’re excited to share this month’s Sew Sampler box memorable sneak peek with you. Beware of spoilers!

Don’t miss out on this box! If you aren’t yet subscribed and want to join, do so very SOON, so you don’t miss this month’s cut off date for sign ups!

Be sure to follow us for more box reveals, and future sneak peeks on all social media outlets by using #SewSampler and tagging @SewSamplerBox!

Join us on social!

Stay connected to Sew Sampler!

The ...

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To Do Tuesday from My Sewing Room

I played cards yesterday afternoon with some friends, so the projects I planned to work on at home didn't happen.  We hadn't gotten together for almost 2 weeks due to graduations and some travels. So it was so good to catch up with them, while playing Hand & Foot. 

Three more stuffed "critters" have been paired with doll quilts for a donation project I'm working on. Last Friday my granddaughter helped me find some very cute little animals - at the right price.  They had to stay in that $5 range. However, Sophia talked me into that cow - which ...

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Boxed Up :: A Finish from Alamosa Quilter

 This one took me a while to quilt. I used rulers for the whole thing. It took so long because I didn't get a chance to work on it for over a week. Too busy with other things at the shop!

hanging view of Boxed Up quilt

Here is another photo of it without shadows.

laying down view of Boxed Up quilt

The pattern is called Boxed Up. Its a Cluck, Cluck Sew pattern - which means it is a good one. This is the crib/baby size and finishes at 48" by 58". The fabric collection I used for this is called Swatch.

Here is a close up view so you can ...

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Cruise Ship Quilt Block from Expect Moore

I’m so excited with this cruise ship quilt block. The theme this month is places, and I had to think hard about

The post Cruise Ship Quilt Block appeared first on Always Expect Moore.

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I Heard It Through the Pumpkin Vine from Sew'n Wild Oaks Quilting Blog

 Hello Everyone,

I've been growing more pumpkins over the past couple of days using my Hearthstone fabric collection combined with Lanacot Wool, both by Marcus Fabrics.

I think I may be dreaming that I'm going to take pumpkins with me to New York and get some stitching done in the downtime....if there is going to be a spare minute.

I finished stitching this cutie the other day.  I LOVE working on wool applique!

I have to get serious about packing for the trip. There is just so much to think about and do, and all I want ...

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half paper, half fabric from Karen Ann Ruane

half paper, half fabric

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To Do List for the Week of 6/6/2023 from Life In Pieces

It's been a long couple of days. My back is slowly improving.  The only place I can sit comfortably for more than a few minutes is my sewing room chair.  So I went with that to spend most of Sunday and yesterday in my sewing room.  I can sit at the computer desk for about 30 minutes at a time, so I'm slowly replying to emails and catching up on everyone's blog. But all the sewing room time paid off in a fully checked off to do list.  

To Do List for 5/30/2023

1. SAHRR ...

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Lots of Projects and No Progress from From My Carolina Home

It seems like all I am doing lately is flitting from one project to another and not making progress on anything. I loaded Quadrille on the longarm, and have been staring at it for days, with no plan on how to custom quilt it. The big reveal for Quadrille’s last step and final block is Friday. Would you like a sneak peek to see it on the frame?

Oh, you really didn’t think I’d give it away ahead of time, did you? Bwahahaha!! But you can see the lovely pink dogwood print I’m using for backing ...

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What's wrong with my feet? from Crazy Quilter on a Bike!

I'm starting to think there's something seriously wrong with my feet. Those new sandals? They feel great, although I wouldn't be able to wear that pair on the Camino as they will be too small after one week of walking. However, I noticed a wee twinge in my heel as I walked, and when I came home, it was to discover a hot spot forming just below the neoprene strap at the back. How the heck is this happening? 

The skin is not damaged in that area; there were no prior blisters. But I appear doomed with ...

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BOO!!! Halloween Mystery Kick off!! And a bit of the Crabs! from Pat Sloan's Blog


This is a bonus article  this week. For the REST OF JUNE, the articles will be 

  • Tues - Instead of Monday
  • Wed
  • Fri 

Here we go!  

  • Boo! Haunted Halloween Mystery Quilt and Cross stitch along!
  • Feeling crabby?  let's hang out!
  • FREE Sandpail pattern
  • PREORDER the Liberty Box!
  • Daily Video  
  • Did you get the Next Block Wed Details yet?
  • AccuQuilt Deal of the day Link, check it out!
  • If you missed some of my videos go to   and catch up!

Correct block 1

*** Boo! ***

::Haunted Halloween Mystery Quilt Along Kickoff!! Tips for fabric selecting on my video ...

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Quilt Block Mania - June is Places from The Inquiring Quilter

Welcome to my stop on the Quilt Block Mania Blog Hop. Each of the designers participating in the hop are sharing a block pattern inspired by this month’s theme, which is Places.

I had a hard time with this one I will admit. Should I do London? Paris? Somewhere in Ireland? Finally though I hit on the one place I love to return to as often as I can—the beach!

To learn how to get my free pattern, see How Do I Get the Free Beach Pattern? at the end of this post.

As ...

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First Five Days of June Stitching from Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara

The first five days of June were spent stitching on a new project, Noble Birdseed Banquet by Artful Offerings. This project is for my June Cross Stitch Camp project. Here’s how much I was able to accomplish June 1 – June 5. There are about 12 rows left to stitch on the bird feeder. There...

The post First Five Days of June Stitching appeared first on Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara.

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Improv Scrappy Progress from Adventurous Quilter

This afternoon I made 43 dark blue scrappy improv foundation pieced quilt blocks for a future quilt project. 
For over a year I've been working on sewing up two batches of scraps gifted to me by fellow sewists Carol & Teresa. I'm getting there and can't wait to start making quilt tops with these, I have made well over 1000 of these blocks during that time! 

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Bordering the Waves from Fret Not Yourself

To be happy at home is the ultimate result of all ambition; 
the end to which every enterprise and labour tends.
~Samuel Johnson


Is it just me or is anyone else having difficulty adding photos to their posts? I've sent messages to Google but have yet to see an improvement. Eventually I got two photos added; don't ask me how. 

The border idea worked. One light and one dark unit make a four-patch of triangles. {Look back here to see the basic units.} Groups of four-patches formed this border. 

Adding them only to the top and bottom ...

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Pinks and oranges................. from Exuberant Color

I sewed roses and soft med. purples to the dark purple dotted batik yesterday.  Then I looked for some orange and red-orange fabrics to add.  In the photo I'm working on the dark single row borders first.  Any pieces not used in them might end up in the mix for the center section.

I keep looking at this batik trying to decide if it will work.  I'll probably go ahead and cut a strip of it and die cut some triangles.

I went out before noon to see what is blooming.  The yellow Evening Primrose is just starting ...

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Labels - from A Left-Handed Quilter

Today I sewed two of the labels to their quilts -    Upstairs/Downstairs - Pastel Brights -  And Happy Trails -    Imperial Bargello still needs to be re-quilted - Then it will get its label -  And I didn't get a chance to play with any of my new thread -  Maybe tomorrow - ;))   Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

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