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August 28, 2014
{ In my own defense...this is why I get suckered into buying more fabric.} from {The Sweetest Dreams}

It happened again today. I received squishy mail from Stash Addict Quilts. It was the Fat Eighth bundle of Best.Day.Ever! that I mentioned in yesterday's post. I stumbled on their online shop by accident two months ago and have been ordering from them ever since. One reason is their great prices, even without  Deal of the Day pricing, and the other is a special gift that comes with every order......a mini Moda charm pack and a coordinating fat quarter. The first time I ordered with them and I saw the gift  I was thrilled. I really ...

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Quilting Grandmother's Flower Garden from twiddletails

The end is in sight for the Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt top. At least, I feel like it is. I've been working on it fairly diligently.
I'm thinking about hand quilting it, since it's hand pieced but I'm the world's worst hand quilter...

Anyhow, research has ensued and I thought I'd share a couple of photos from around the web.

A popular method is to shadow quilt in each and every little hexagon. That's a lot of quilting!

 It does make for a beautiful back though.
Another way is to outline the ...

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The other dyed skirt that was almost a failure from Field Trips in Fiber

Aug 28 skirt

This is the skirt that I'm going to wear to the wedding this weekend. I started with the Summer Festival Skirt/Dress from Dharma Trading. I didn't have much hope for this skirt looking good on me. The wide elastic waist/top is not flattering on me as a dress or skirt. But I figured I'd give it a try anyway.

Aug 28 skirt 1

This is what the top looks like. You know these dresses. They are ubiquitous at the beach every summer. They look horrible on a short person with big boobs.  I liked the dye results so much ...

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August TQS 2014 BOM from Quilts by Joyce

And here are the August blocks:



The July and August blocks joined by sashing to create a larger block of the quilt:

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Surrounded by Flowers from Sewn With Grace

Good Morning friends!  I have been away for far too long.  I've been doing quite a bit of traveling the past three weeks and have missed being at my sewing machine and have missed being here.  Right before the traveling began I came across a set of blocks that I had forgotten about.  I made them sometime in the past couple of years.  I don't have any memory of what the pattern was.  I know that it was a sampler along, and some of the blocks were paper pieced.  I used Lecien's Flower Sugar as well as ...

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Wild Thing from Sewn With Grace

It's that time of year again when the weather gets hot and the kids head back to college.  First year of grad school for the boy and second year of college for the girl.  I'm handling it much better this year since I've gotten used to having an empty nest at one point or another.  I still get those heart pangs but don't find myself randomly crying throughout the day as I did before (not yet anyway...)

I had a baby shower to attend for a special lady and had so much fun knitting and quilting ...

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July TQS 2014 BOM from Quilts by Joyce

I had these done weeks ago but am just getting around to posting them:



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Strawberry Swap from Sewn With Grace

I have participated in a couple of swaps this summer on Instagram.  One of my favorite swaps is the Strawberry Swap.  This is my second round of it and it's always a ton of fun!  Today I'm showing you what a received from the very talented Shari of Doohickey Designs.  This was such a fun package to open.  She made the most beautiful runner out of some of my most favorite fabrics.  The runner looks perfect on my buffet.  Shari was so kind to include fabric from her line as well as the Cath Kidston phone cover and ...

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Metropolitan Tree Skirt from Inside Quilters Newsletter

BCQ14 Cover 2501 Metropolitan Tree SkirtWelcome to the blog tour!

When the Quilters Newsletter team was looking through all the submissions for the Best Christmas Quilts 2014 special issue (available at the Quilt & Sew Shop), I noticed that there were no tree skirts among the entries, so I volunteered to make one. I had a few design ideas floating around in my head, but once I saw the beautiful Shimmer collection by Jennifer Sampou for Robert Kaufman, I knew I wanted to do something using the gradient of neutral, metallic printed tone-on-tone fabrics. The faux-snakeskin print is especially cool, I think.

treeskirt Metropolitan Tree Skirt

Metropolitan Tree Skirt

This ...

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Sis Boom Bed! from Sisboom

Hi Everyone!

As I previously mentioned, my professional background includes putting together bedding collections.  In fact, long before I joined Sis Boom, I was using Jennifer’s lines to make duvets, sheet sets, dust ruffles, upholstered headboards, toss pillows, curtains and more! While my mind automatically sees a large scale floral and thinks “duvet,” you guys turn the same exact print into the most beautiful clothing, quilts, aprons, shower curtains, etc. I have ever seen! I am CONSTANTLY blown away by your creativity. Since you have been so gracious in sharing your creations with us, I’d thought I’d ...

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Those Mesa Ladies/ August from Cactus Needle

 Yesterday was my favorite day of the month
A day to quilt 
Those Mesa Ladies
Amanda brought her latest Work In Progress
This month we met in the cultural hall of the church
while electrical work was being done
through out the building.
We each bring our own projects to work on.
Most bring
Show and Tell
Peg just got her Block of The Month quilt
back from the quilter.
Right away she threw it into the washer and dryer
making it nice and soft and cuddly.
Peg also just finished her
Quilty Fun Sampler
designed by Lori Holt ...

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Quilty Secrets from Katy Did Art

I didn’t think I had time for a post today – lots of things to do, not enough hours in the day!! But then I saw a post over on 13 Spools about listing your 10 quilty secrets and I came up with a list pretty quickly.

10 quilty secrets

1. I almost never pay attention to a fabric “line”. In fact, I think that using all the same line of fabrics in one quilt is too matchy-matchy.

2. I almost never pre-wash my fabrics. Unless I’m really afraid the color will bleed or it’s going to shrink up a whole ...

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Mini Quilts - Mega Fun Swap from Becca's Crazy Projects

I came a cross a mini-quilt swap last month and just had to join in.  Now that my partner has received her darling mini quilt I can share some of images from the construction.  This swap was hosted by The Sewing Loft.  The majority of the communication was over on Flickr, which wasn't new for me.  I've participated in several mug rug swaps (mostly through Facebook and email) and even some charm square swaps.

This swap was designed so your partner doesn't know who you are.  Meaning I got a short description from my partner about the ...

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Parasol Ladies Finished and Zucchini Report from caledonia quilter

This turned out so pretty.  The Prairie Points around the edge add a bit of a challenge when quilting because 1)  they add a lot of bulk on the edges when the quilt is rolled, and 2) you have to stay an inch or so away from them when quilting so they (and the backing) can be turned and slipstitched closed.

I placed a motif in the white cornerstones, a motif in the sashing, then outline quilted the embroidery and added curls to fill the background.
Very pretty on the white back.
As far as my recovering fractured foot - I ...

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What’s Your Favorite Holiday?! from 3 am Inspiration

Is Back to School a holiday??! Maybe not to everyone, but, yes! It is to me!!

I am so excited to see my Over the Rooftops quilt in Quilter’s Newsletter’s Best Christmas Quilts 2014! There’s a mix of techniques in there, to give an interesting look. This can be easily translated into a tablerunner, wallhanging or larger quilt because it’s constructed in rows. Add more houses, try some taller buildings for a cityscape appeal.

holiday quilt/holiday batiks!

A cool, refreshing holiday look!

Let’s talk color– I love to change my “theme” every year, sticking with treasured ornaments, but ...

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Quilting from Wayne Kollinger's Quilt Blog

Shoo Fly Place Mat

Version 4

Once again I'm playing with the idea that quilting can change how a quilt looks.
This place mat is made using 6 Shoo Fly blocks.

The quilting is continuous and proceeds as follows:

For other Shoo Fly place mats see version 3, version 2, and version 1.

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Sunny Delight: Sneak Peek from IVORY SPRING

Hello Friends, I hope you have had a lovely day!  I am happy to see a happy quilt shipped out – Sunny Delight!  This quilt has so much white mixed in that it took me forever (or it seemed like) to quilt all the extra quilty happiness on the quilt.  But here is a sneak peek — you can see I opted the informal look for the quilting.  Quilting this quilt has been a learning experience for me.  And I have more to learn for sure.


You probably noticed the fabrics are Benartex’s Luv Bugs fabrics.  More about the fabrics here ...

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August 27, 2014
Another Reason to Love Whittles from Jo's Country Junction


It’s no secret, I love Whittles Fabrics.  They have the best prices, often $5 a yard, for buying fabric.  Their service is fast, helpful and friendly too.  Never have I had a complaint about them.

Well Whittles recently updated their website.  Typically I hate when place do that because I can’t navigate the sites as quickly for awhile as I get familiar with the new layout…but this time, no complaints.  I love the new site.  I especially love the new feature they have.  Check this out.

I went with the intention of buying some backing fabric but ...

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WIP: And Now We Bind from In Stitches

This weekend we had some out of town guests from Washington State. The house was in a major state of disarray as we bumbled along making room for two more bodies in our little condo. One of our guests was my niece who turned 10 just the week before. This trip to California was her gift and we were excited to have her.

I was super excited because the Peaceful Planet quilt was for her! And the whole thing was coming together smoothly, until last Wednesday when I put the layers together and the whole things went wonky. Not only ...

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Your Next Beauty Queen from Sisboom

Hi Guys!

We’ve noticed lately that it has become more and more difficult to purchase our Beauty Queen line! Have no fear, we’ve got you covered! Check out the links below of online vendors across the world where Beauty Queen is still available:–Jennifer-Paganelli.htm

https://www.fabric ...

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