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September 1, 2015
A New Cabinet from Jo's Country Junction


So Sunday while I was trying to make sense of the wedding quilt Hubby was off at an auction.  We did visit a garage sale before the auction that I did go to but the auction he went to on his own.

He wasn’t gone very long at all when he called and said he was coming home.  I asked if it was a bad auction.  He said it was okay and that he had purchased $44 worth of goodies.  A person never knows what that means.  Then he went on to explain that he bought a cabinet.  He ...

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2015 EQ Seasons Row-A-Long Start and Giveaway! from Stof genoeg

English only: Week 1 of the 2015 EQ Seasons Row-A-Long: My pattern and sewing instructions for a 2 inch hour glass row. Plus an EQ7 tutorial on Notecards. And giveaways!! XXX Annika Continue reading

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My turn on the 2015 Fabri-Quilt New Block Blog Hop! from Thistle and Thicket Studio

Welcome! I'm sew excited to share with you the block I designed for Fabri-Quilt's New Block blog hop. This blog hop features 60+ quilt bloggers who have all created block designs and tutorials using Fabri-Quilt's Prairie Cloth Solids in Chartreuse, Turquoise, Coral, Aqua, Lapis Blue and White.

In addition to getting more than 60 free block patterns, if you visit each of the blog hosts (links below), you can register to win one of 8 half yard fabric bundles of each of the fabrics featured in this blog hop. How cool is that!

Without further adieu, let ...

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And it’s a wrap!!! from IVORY SPRING

It has been a FULL summer for me… filled with memories,


Ft Myer1



Ft Myer2



featured quilts (click on quilt pictures for more information on the quilts),




hop image1


upcoming features,









and even more excitement for a friend’s new book (click here to find out more),


… as well as for my sewing mother ship (click here to read more),


and goodies shared with friends… (click on quilt images for more information on designs).

Dream Blossom

High Res_Monkey Business Quilt

High Res_Design 1e_64 x 70

All mixed in with smidgens of randomness…




Miss Baby is back to school, but life remains full and busy for us.

lunch bag

I have always found it hard to explain to people ...

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Go Slow from Free Motion Quilting Adventures

When you've left your kids twice during the summer and then birthed a new baby in the form of a Craftsy class, the quilting slows down for some important things.

Like this beautiful, creative, crafty, free-spirited girl of mine. We've been sitting down to watch a Craftsy class on crochet together, Crochet Basics and Beyond. She's been crocheting for a while, but not following patterns and not really wanting me to teach her more than a few basic stitches. She likes free form crochet. After going through enough yarn to wrap around our house a few billion ...

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Diva Dane’s Instagram Swap Projects from The Craft Divas

Hey Everyone,

I hope yall had a wonderful summer, filled with traveling and lots of fun with family and friends.

I have shipped out my three Instagram swaps I’m participating in to ship to my secret partners. I am so pleased with what I designed for them and I hope each one of them likes what I made.

The first swap is the Text Me Swap. This swap is where we had to use two text  fabrics along with any other fabric you wanted to use to create a mini quilt.  I decided to make two items for my ...

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August 31, 2015
Still flat as a pancake! from Tink Squared

Still flat as a pancake!

No, not me (although I’m close) my quilt top!  After the last two, I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying this actually!  First advance of the quilt.  I know it doesn’t seem like much, but when doing an on point quilt I have to roll it back and forth.  It also takes me much longer to do custom.

I’ve had a really good day with the quilt and am very pleased with it so far.  The light blue thread is very subtle and difficult to see, you’ll have to click on these images ...

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Design Wall – August 31, 2015 from Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara

This post was scheduled for this morning . . don’t know why it didn’t show up but I’ll put it up now. I probably spent more time in the sewing room this past week than in the recent past and still have nothing new to show on the design wall. Bad Judy! Please share what’s […]

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Pat Sloan: Scrap Happy Little Wishes Challenge from Pat Sloan's Blog

Time for my Fall 2015 Quilt Challenge! My challenges this year have been to use up your SCRAPS.... this is a GOOD thing right? Because then you have more ROOM for new things.. like my fabric... wink!

Pat Sloan Scrap Happy Little Wishes challenge button tall

My family has a fall tradition. We take time to go outside in the evening and look at the night sky. Once the air becomes crisp and clear, pull on a sweater and stand out under the stars, then Make a Wish! 

'Little Wishes' is the name of my Scrap Happy Star block! Fall is a GREAT time to dig into  your scrap ...

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And on to the next! from Tink Squared

And on to the next!

Over my first cup of coffee this morning, I pieced the backing, cut the batting, and loaded the next quilt of valor up.  This one happens to be mine, and I’m feeling every so grateful!

It’s as flat as a pancake.  And even though I don’t really enjoy this part of the quilting process, I’m a little excited!  I love designing quilts, I love piecing quilts, and I love designing and choosing the quilting and the threads, but that’s where my love affair ends.  But it has to be done, and I’d rather do ...

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An Organised Quilt-a-long for now ! from Sewn by Leanne


Organisation – is something I like to be, and something I loved prior to having children.  A Type A personality, I LOVED colour co-ordinated stationary and could spend HOURS colour coding, filing and being prepared.  Some may have called this “procrastination”, instead of doing the study I needed to do.  But I had convinced myself I couldn’t work without things being “pretty” (aka organised </p>
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Philly Fanatic ! from Slightly Off Quilter

That is what I am calling the latest project ! There is no more fitting name than that, since it proudly showcases all the Philadelphia teams !


This one is being made for someone who has become very close to my heart, and also happens to be the same friend I mentioned a few months ago who gave me the push to get back into the studio. He is a truck driver, so I wanted to make him something to help keep him warm on the long cold nights that are not too far off.

It measures roughly 62 x 70 so ...

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Check out 64 Free, Brand New Quilt Block Tutorials Starting Today from Late Night Quilter


Welcome to Day 1 of the Fabri-Quilt New Block Hop! Over the next 4 days, you will have access to tutorials from 64 bloggers who are all creating brand new quilt blocks for you.  How cool is that?

If you’ve wanted new ideas for quilt designs, and want to see unique and modern blocks, this is the week for you!

Click over to my co-host Yvonne’s blog, Quilting Jetgirl to check out the amazing blocks designed by the first 16 bloggers.

Here is the list of today’s participants:

Host – Yvonne @Quilting Jetgirl
Kelly @Quilting it Out
Martha ...

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A Modern Flourish–the structure of a fabric collection from 3 am Inspiration

Been awhile since I’ve posted–between forgetting all the sign in details and transitioning to a new position with EBI Fabrics Corp–it’s been awhile. So new direction in my life with lots of challenges, so I thought I would use this to share.

At last Spring Quilt Market we showcased a few fabric collections under the EBI Fabrics Studio Collections. These were fun compilations of designs, mixed together to share a new direction the market is demanding for cotton prints. So let’s start with A Modern Flourish!

fun bright collection

A Modern Flourish by EBI Fabrics Corporation

This collection ...

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August 30, 2015
Help from Readers PLEASE! from Jo's Country Junction


Hey all…I got a note from Jill it reads:  ”I bought these fabrics several years ago to make a picnic quilt.  I purchased them at Joann’s because I saw the free pattern using these fabrics and fell in love with it.  Problem is, I can’t find the pattern.  I was wondering if you could possibly help me locate it.  I don’t mind if you ask others in your blog.  If you could help, that would be great.  Thanks is advance.”

Here’s a picture of the fabric.


Does that jump out to anyone?  Does anyone know ...

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Totally burned out. from Tink Squared

Totally burned out.

This quilt really did me in.  I’m done for while, other than the QoV I made and have yet to quilt, and I also promised to make another for a wheelchair bound vet, but I don’t mind doing those, there won’t be any nasty surprises!

I’d nearly reached the end of this one, after already have dealt with a seam that wasn’t sewn… this one was well pressed and I didn’t see it until the foot had already caught it.  I stopped it a split second before it ripped and screwed my machine up ...

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one thousand posts from Tim Quilts

This is post number 1000.    I had no idea when I started blogging in 2011 that I would even make it to 100 posts but here I am at 1000 posts and over 1,650,000 views from 156 countries.    I didn’t  realize I had so much to say :)   or that anyone would want to read it.    Thanks to everyone for following what I do!

Now back to quilting.

I finished my crazy hex quilt top (click pictures to enlarge)

DSCN7976 DSCN7977 DSCN7978 DSCN7979 DSCN7989 DSCN7987

I think it looks better when I erase the background


I have enough of the lighter fabrics left to ...

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The light at the end of the tunnel :) from Tink Squared

The light at the end of the tunnel :)

I’m about two-thirds of the way through the second quilt of valor.  It’s again going much slower than I had hoped it would.

Every advance of the quilt I have very full borders to deal with.  These in fact, are so full I probably would have been better off taking tucks.

About halfway through the quilt, I was once again grateful that my longarm is computerized.  When I first started quilting for hire, before I had a computer, I was doing a pantograph for a lady, all was going well then suddenly the machine caught, made a horrible ...

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Great day trip! from Tink Squared

Great day trip!

I had a wonderful time with the girls yesterday, we drove out to Mama’s Log House, a quilt shop a bit over a hundred miles from where I live. It’s in the middle of nowhere, so we packed a picnic lunch and took it along.

My friend Sindy gifted me with this gorgeous basket!  I can’t wait to fill it up!  It’s locally crafted right here in the Ozarks.

I bought these beautiful blue fabrics.  Blue isn’t typically a color I’m drawn to!

I didn’t have a quilt pattern in mind, I just ...

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More Animals Have Arrived for Elephant Parade from High Road Quilter

More animals have arrived for the Elephant Parade.  First a lovely brown elephant has arrived to take care of her babies.

Next up is a Block Lotto bird.  I've been seeing these whimsical birds on the Blogosphere since April 2013 and kept thinking I should make them.  Now I did!

Last and certainly not least, is a Zany ZebraZ, at half the size as in Lorna's pattern. Since making those teeny-tiny Irish chain pieces, I could handle the teeny tiny pieces on this zebra. I made the neck simpler but otherwise followed the directions exactly.  I might have ...

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