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March 29, 2015
Slow Stitching on Sunday from Quilty Joyjoy

I just wanted to share a quick peek of one of my many current projects. 

I am working on a mini quilt for an Anna Maria Horner Mini Quilt Swap on Instagram.

I am really proud of this quilt, and I’ve decided to make a second one for myself (someday)!

So I won’t show you the whole quilt, because I still have work to do, but here is a little glimpse.     The focus fabric is Honor Roll (in charcoal) from Anna Maria Horner.  

I couldn’t decide how to quilt it, so I started hand quilting the top ...

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Some Editing At Last from The Quilt Quine


I can’t claim that I completed all that I had hoped to achieve last week but I did get a lot done – I did not start an irrelevant project and I even decided on the design of the quilt that I plan to make for the Bernina stand at FOQ.

In addition, I had a Longarm pupil one day, assisted Ann to quilt 4 “Eye-Spy” quilts using Quilt Path and I quilted a shot-cottons customer quilt in EVERY single ditch then every horizontal and vertical line. It had to be done just like the example in the book, which ...

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Batiks Are The Best! from Bear Patch Quilting

I have previously posted a video showing the process of making batik fabric for Moda.  I have been preparing a new pattern using a quilt that I made from batiks, and I started thinking about that video.  While looking around to find that video, I came across another that is a new and improved version.  This one is narrated by a designer for Avlyn Fabrics, and explains what is happening to the fabric.  Plus, he includes information about the copper stamp making and the history of the art of batik.  So here you go---

Here's the quilt I made ...

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Fabric Report – Week 13, 2015 from Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara

I think I can just copy my fabric reports for the rest of the year and nothing will change . . unless I make a point to make it change!! Nothing in and nothing out. Used this Week: 0 yards Used year to Date: 7.75 yards Added this Week: 0 yards Added Year to Date: […]

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My New Adventure!! from Heart Desire Creations

Great news! Last week I retired!! I have grand plans to do a lot of sewing. There has been much celebrating and meeting friends for lunch. Things will soon morph into my new normal and the studio awaits me. I have already done some rearranging – even set up my mini Keurig. Now how’s that for a sign of commitment?! Pohutukawa (Large) small block (Large) My big tackle right now is this wall quilt. (Also knowing what day of the week it is!) It is a pattern from New Zealand’s Kiwi Quilts called Pohutukawa (New Zealand’s Christmas flower) by Mary Metcalf Designs..  What ...

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Snowflakes in March...... from Mimi's Passions

Here it is March 28 and it snowed again today.  Oh please, Spring, will you finally come and just stay?

Anyways, I had a quilt top done for a very long time.  It was a guild challenge.
I don't remember the name of the block, 

but the block consists of a half square triangle and two quarter square triangles.  

I don't even remember how I came up with this design other than the fact that I had this fabric in my stash and with the medium shade blue looking  like snowflakes with a blue sky background,  I came ...

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March 28, 2015
Aunt Mary’s Quilt from Pebble Creek Arts


In addition to getting a bunch of my great grandma’s quilt tops, my grandma gave me some stuff from her Aunt Mary. There were mostly just scraps, but there was one quilt top in the bag. This is it.


This thing is so soft. It is like she just picked the softest pieces of fabric she could find and put them all together. I couldn’t think of anything more I could do to this quilt. I think it is a double size. I added a border so I could try to make it a little larger and also ...

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Windmill in the Mail from Fret Not Yourself

Windmill is quilted, bound, washed and in the mail. What a fun and easy process from Sujata Shah's book. She's started a blog for Cultural Fusion Quilts where you'll find many more made by herself and others.

This quilt started with leftover fabric I used to make some centers on Propellers and Planes. I'd set them to the side while deciding whether or not to keep them. But as I was sorting my stash, more fabrics appeared that just went with these wild things.


I don't know what came over me: the fabric seemed to ...

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It takes time from Terificreations's Weblog

hand quilting 001Spending time quilting is a great joy. When I get to I relish each and every moment, particularly when I get lost in the stitching and lose track of what’s going on around me. It’s freeing, meditative, relaxing and joyous all in the same moment.

49-pieces-of-chocolat-flower-close-upQuilting wasn’t always that way. It was downright painful and hard. Sometimes things would be so awful that I’d knock my head on the front of the sewing machine or leave the room in sheer frustration. The tension was off the stitches were uneven, ranging from so tiny that no seam ...

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Black and Gold 5 and 6 from Virtual Quilter

Black and Gold 5

I find the more I play with quilting designs, the more they look like my quilt designs but without the applique and quilting.

The same type of designs appeal with or without additional colour.

I am designing quilting block by block, like I do the pieced and applique quilt top, and modifying the design by adding and taking away lines of quilting.

Black and Gold 6


The biggest difference is that changes within the block design can translate an elaborate filler design into a stand alone motif … though that is really not that much different to what I do with a pieced or applique ...

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March 27, 2015
March Bee Day Show and Tell from Cookie's Creek

Yesterday was Bee Day!  What a great day!  Linda was our hostess with the mostest – thank you Linda!  Now I usually take a lot of pictures of the food, the visiting, the laughter and the fun but for some reason I was having so much fun I forgot to take pictures.  But I did get the show and tell and that’s a good thing – it was particularly fabulous yesterday … so here you go!

First up was Lynda – she was having a dilemma assembling her quilt and asked for a bit of advice.  Well, we are never short on advice ...

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Yarn Report – March 27, 2015 from Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara

I remember this about my fabric reports from  years ago. It was exactly the same as the yarn and I was buying fabric and adding to the stash and I kept saying I was going to do better and I never did and then one day . . I stopped! Almost instantly . . no […]

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What I Did This Week #9 - WIDTW from Sew Stitching Cute

Please continue to the next set of stars if you wish to not read anything personal and only quilty things.

Life has a way of taking hold of you sometimes, and sometimes more than others. In the beginning of the year I stated my resolutions for the year, more pertaining towards my blog; I started off well this year and was met with a bumpy patch in which I thought I was able to jump on track. Unfortunately, exactly on that evening is when it was as if life took me by the throat. I do not necessarily like to ...

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New mosaic sections from Field Trips in Fiber

I’ve finished 2 more section on the mosaic wall this week.

Mar 28 mosaic 1

This one is made from 5 pasta bowls that we had. They were cracked and, because of my gluten and chlorophyll allergies, we don’t eat salads or pasta anymore. I did use these bowls a lot at one time and I liked them so it’s nice to have them now in my wall.

Mar 28 mosaic 2

I think this design came from one of my nights searching through my design books. It’s kind of weird but I like it.


Mar 28 mosaic 3

When I finish a section I’ll use any ...

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TGIFF: Old Yeller from In Stitches

12 years ago I bought a fat quarter set. It was bright, obnoxious and I had NO clue what to do with it.

12 years ago I brought home this fat quarter set and decided to make something with it. Using a book, I sewed and cut and pieced and made a few squares of mismatched colors.

It was a mess. But I loved it anyway.

Then, I put it away with all my quilting things and forgot about it.

That was 12 years ago. And last night, I officially finished it.

This little project was probably my longest lasting ...

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Working in a Series Link Up from Field Trips in Fiber

It’s the last Friday of March so it’s time to check in on our series progress. This month I learned the most important lesson about working in a series. Not only do you get to build on your skills with each new piece, you get a chance to fix things in your process in future pieces.

I like all of the samples that I made this month but one didn’t work at all like I planned and one highlights that I need to keep making more to fix my techniques.

Mar 27 0

Here’s my 4 pieces ready for ...

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The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims! from Lisa H Calle's Blog


I had so much fun at the taping of the show!  I do not know when my episode will air but will keep you all posted…

Here are a couple of fun photos….


I got to watch Jamie Wallen‘s taping from the control booth…. It was amazing but not as amazing as Jamie’s show is going to be!  If you have the opportunity to take a class from him….run to it!  You won’t be sorry.


The very talented Andrea Brokenshire was there taping as well.  Her quilts are beyond spectacular!  Another talented quilter you must take ...

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Building a town, one house at a time…Show n Tell | Crazy Quilter on a Bike from Quilt Social

More show n tell today – this time from our session at Sew Sisters his past Saturday.   I just love to see all the show n tell. So exciting to see how creative everyone is. We started with our Amish with a Twist Series II. Amish with a Twist II It is a gorgeous quilt and we are working our way through the blocks. This past month, we used the star blocks that we made the first month to complete the “day and night” blocks. They surround the ...

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Four Little Easter Baskets from Sew Simple Life

I decided to make the kids' Easter baskets this year. I made them with fat quarters. They are quilted, of course. No pattern, I was just winging it, these are pretty simple to make.

It did seem to take forever to finish these. Maybe because I did them all at once... I cut everything for all four, then I did all four bases, then I quilted all four boxes, then I did all eight handles. It just seemed like it took forever.

I guess I prefer to work on things that get finished quickly, which these would have if I ...

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March 26, 2015
today from Charm About You

I took some fabric, turned it into hsts

and started making blocks

I usually don't get much sewing in during the day and surprised I could today... all the kids were home and have had the dreaded stomach bug again. They didn't have the energy for trouble making though and mostly sat watching TV, so I took advantage when I could ;)

There was some random hugging 

and reading, writing and drawing too. Here's what Joan gave me:

A lovely note and a story - which is about a silly pufferfish that hit herself in the face because she ...

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