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July 27, 2016
» Sew Psyched

The 2017 Quilter's Planner is now on Pre-Sale! Each Month has a weekly spread with a different FREE quilt block pattern, And my block Parisian Tiles is the first week of September and in ALL of the print ads! Woo! You can tailor the Planner to suit your needs. There is a daily top three to help you keep on track, Each page has TO-Do lists and Notes, for Quilting, Work, and Personal

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Thread Journey Sightings… from IVORY SPRING

…. also known as Eye Candies that make my heart flutter!  Friends, it’s been extremely busy over here.  Can you believe it’s already getting ready for Fall Market season?  Truth be told, I have been working with companies on Fall Market stuff even before Spring Market was over, but ’tis the season of pattern writing (LOTS OF IT!) to make sure samples happen for the upcoming Fall Market.  And I am also working on a new book…. and this week is when I finalize most of the projects!  Lots going on, but always with a heart filled with gratitude ...

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July 26, 2016
Double Irish Chain from Tim Quilts

I posted a few days ago about the quilt I put in the frame for basting.


I pin basted it in the frame and then took it out to machine quilt it on my treadle

I had a few questions about how the frame worked and how to do the set up so next time I do this I will take pictures to show the process.

Here is a picture that shows the rails on the frame.


I got some of the treadle quilting done.


And did a video about that part of it.

Happy Quilting



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My Books from Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara

As many of you have probably heard, AQS will no longer print quilt books. Apparently once the inventory they have is gone, there will be no more.  If anyone is interested in any of my books, I suggest you order them very soon. I believe Nine Patch Extravaganza is already unavailable except by buying used, […]

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Pandalicious Blog Tour Re-Cap from Art Gallery Fabrics-The Creative Blog

Hello wonderful makers!

First off, I just want to say that we are super thankful to be surrounded by so many creative people like yourselves! Here at the studio, we always get excited to see on social media all the beautiful projects that you make with AGF. For me, it’s even more exciting when I’m able to meet makers who love AGF in person.

During Quilt Market in Salt Lake City, I had the opportunity to meet Karly from the blog Paisley Roots. Since it’s always nice to talk to someone face to face (especially since technology ...

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Listen Learn Sew - An All Quilting Talk Show with Pat Sloan + Free pattern! from Pat Sloan's Blog

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 *** Free pattern at the END.. guests are the really fun American Patchwork & Quilting Editors!
1 Podcast Banner FINAL
On this week’s American Patchwork & Quilting Talk Show the fun editors of the magazine (who ALL quilt) are giving out VIRTUAL HIGH FIVES to celebrate the magazine readers’ big (and small) accomplishments, love this!! The are sending out encourage to everyone to keep our online quilting communities a safe place for quilters to share their projects, ask questions, and learn new things ...

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a sewing day with a friend from Quilt Nut Creations

Is always the bestest

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Learn All About It! from Bear Patch Quilting

Hi there!  It has been busy, busy, busy at Bear Patch during our past 9 days of sale fun!  We heard from many of you that the extended days were greatly appreciated.  That allowed quite a few people the chance to come shopping even if they were tied up with work, vacation, family, etc.  That's good to know!  It also allowed happy quilters the opportunity to make repeated visits!  A great chance to do some advance planning, scout out the goods, and land a good deal on supplies for a project still in the envisioning stages!

Also, a huge ...

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Exercising Creativity from Terificreations's Weblog

I spent the weekend with my sisters, and cousins. The place we were staying in upstate NY was out of range for the my cell provider, and the house we rented didn’t have wi-fi. For a person who works social media as part of her job being without internet access was really challenging. Really challenging. […]

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Quilted Clamshell Videos from One Designer Pursuing her Dreams

The Quilted Clamshell Videos! It is video time! I have a few short videos to showcase designs from The Quilted Clamshell. Watch them here, on ReannaLily Deigns facebook page or on Youtube. Each of...

See more sewing and quilting adventures from Jen Eskridge of ReannaLily Designs

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July 25, 2016
Summer Doldrums? Try New Fast Track 1 Hour Sessions! from Roxane Lessa Fine Textile Art

 Please click on the title to read the full post.

Hi Everyone! A big welcome to all the new readers!

Ah Summertime!  It’s hot and lazy here where I live.  Makes you want to lay about sipping cold drinks lying in a hammock with a good book, doesn’t it?  Or better yet, take a long nap like Huey.


But most likely you may be tied up with taking care of kids out of school or your grandchildren for a while.  Or on the road traveling. And that’s great.

But I bet part of you is itching to ...

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The Fun of Childhood: Playground Fabrics By Amy Sinibaldi from Art Gallery Fabrics-The Creative Blog

Hey there!

Do you ever get moments where you start remembering how fun it was to be a kid? You reminisce about playing tag in the yard, hand drawing your hopscotch path, and plucking flowers petals determined if your crush really liked you. Those were simpler times where technology didn’t take over our lives and we appreciated going outside with play mates. If all of these memories are close to your heart, you’re going to love Amy Sinibaldi’s newest collection, Playground.

This collection is all about “old school” fun, when kids use to run around, fly kites ...

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Pat Sloan Block Stand Winner, and unique ways to use them! from Pat Sloan's Blog

1 Flash-Sale-Header

I have Winners of the THREE Stands.. all have been emailed... and I'll list them below.. PLUS I want to share some of the creative ways you are going to use your Block stand to display!

Pat Sloan Splendid Block hanger 2

The Winners are 

  • Bonnie 
    Definitely would display this in my sewing room and move it to the dining room table when I have book and quilting clubs! Might even put it near the front door to greet visitors as they come in--especially during the various seasons and holidays!
  • Beth F
    I would put this stand in the corner of my kitchen desk to ...

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Storm at Sea – Take 1 from Lisa H Calle's Blog

Before we get to the Storm at Sea block,  We are celebrating our new packaging and new website… make sure you visit our website for 15% off storewide- now through August 1 2016.  The sale will show up in the cart.

This block was fun to do and I know want to make one….

Step 1:  Divide up the block… this is one of the reasons I like to have so many ProEcho’s and ProCircles to choose from!


Step 2:  Since it is storm at sea… I thought I would use some ferns vs feathers.  If I were doing ...

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Design Wall Monday – July 25, 2016 from Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara

Sorry to say nothing has changed on my design wall since last week.  What’s on your wall?

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In the Mail Monday: ZipIt! from Becca's Crazy Projects

I love bag projects with zippers. So much that when I buy zippers it seems I'm buying them by the pound.

Sadly, you can't actually buy them by the pound, but you can buy them by the dozen. Or the 25 pack, or the 50 pack, or even the 100 pack. A for an exceedingly reasonable price, too. I buy my zippers from Zipit Zipper Supply. Great prices and excellent service.
I quickly sorted these into the appropriate bags. I sort by size instead of color. I always know what size zipper I want. I like to be ...

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Last Weekend Fun – Part One from Katy Did Art

Life moves fast

This past weekend was hot and humid, but we still managed to have some quilty fun. On Friday, QFF Barb made a day trip down to spend a little time getting projects closer to finished. (Boss #2 had switched days, so I was able to be home.)

Barb is in the last stretch finishing her daughter’s quilt. She was piecing the borders and got three out of the four sections finished. Yay!!! She did very well with her “controlled randomness” and they look great. Sorry, I can’t post photos, since she hasn’t gifted it yet.

I started ...

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More Trendy Table Runners and Quilting Ideas from Trends and Traditions

I spoke too quickly in my last post – We have now had a heat wave that reminds me of what our summer is normally like!   I am hiding out in my sewing room and enjoying the air conditioning.  It’s a chance to go through my photos.  I found a few things that I finished early this summer that I haven’t blogged about.  All 3 runners are from my Trendy Table book.

First up, this Tango runner, made using Mochi Linen by Moda Fabrics.

DSC_3418 adj


I am working on this whale pattern for Carter using Mochi Linen and I had ...

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Hobbies Up To Here Episode #47 from Hobbies Up To Here


Hello, hello hobbyists and crafters! It’s time for another podcast episode!

Have you ever realized how easily crafting can become a one-man show? One minute you are starting a project and then within weeks you realize you haven’t really talked to another human being but HEY! You have a finished quilt! Crafting can be a very solitary part of the day and it’s easy to forget to reach out to those with common interest.

Enter guilds and groups! We’ve talked before about our feelings ...

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Convergence wall hanging - nine! from Quilternity's Place

I can't even remember when I completed this Convergence quilt top, but it was probably around 2003/2004. I've got two completed Convergence wall-hangings that I alternate hanging in my sewing room and while I still like them, I'm ready for something else on my walls... now to figure out what that is! :)

Anyway, in my quest to complete more UFOs/WIPs, I "dug" this out of my pile and decided it was the next project I wanted to complete. Easy, actually, since it was already a top. I tried and tried to think of ways to ...

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