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May 29, 2015
Knit One, Paint One, Repeat from My Inner Thread

My quilt 'Knit One, Paint One, Repeat' has been hanging at Nancy's Stitch Studio for a few weeks now.  It is mostly the same as 'Knit One, Paint One (see here and here) except the colour is less blue and slightly lighter to fit the colour scheme for their new shop.

Kint One, Paint One, Repeat

In March I posted about my initial progress with the quilt (see here).  

A couple of detail pictures ...

finished quilting
back view

It takes a bit of getting used to seeing the quilt when I enter the shop.  A nice feeling and now ...

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And so I took the day off! from Monkey's on the Porch

Yes I did, I took the day off.  I pretty much took the day off of everything.  I think sometimes that you just need to do that for yourself and there is nothing wrong with that at all.

Today I got back to it. More time in the sewing room and I have the final seams left for the wedding quilt blocks.  I look forward to being able to complete them tomorrow.  Small Blonde and I had a chat this afternoon about how the summer was going to go…so that we still had some kind of a routine and ...

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May 28, 2015
Quilting Rulers - what's the big deal?? from Little Mama At Home

I've been a fan of Free Motion Quilting since I got into quilting about four years ago. It's such a wonderful art-form and in all honesty, I draw better with my sewing machine than I do with a pencil in my hand. That all being said, I've always been interested in what machine quilting rulers had to offer. There are several types on the market and I have recently investigated the Westalee rulers. I chose this brand mostly because of their specially designed foot which prevents you from accidentally slipping and stitching over the rulers. They also ...

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Vignette Mini Quilt from twin fibers

Today was one of those days where I just needed something new and fun to work on for a little while. Laura Gunn so kindly shared with me some of her new fabrics several weeks ago. I've been thinking about them ever since and today I just decided to cut into them and try something out! 

The fabrics are from Laura's collection called Vignette by Michael Miller Fabrics. I had a sampling of fabrics from a colorway that includes lots of pretty blues, oranges and greens. There are a couple prints in that have flowers in little glass ...

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WIP update from Crazy Mom Quilts

I wish I had more progress to report on my WIP week, but everything always takes longer that it should. (Right?) At least I have gained some focus.....I'll take it!

I hand quilted about 10 rectangles with perle cotton randomly in the background of this piece, then I started to machine quilt it with my free motion foot. I'm working on forgiving myself for a few wavy lines. (Yes, I'm tightly wound! I so wish I could change that.) Starting is always the hardest part! It's getting much easier as I go.
The mix of ...

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A Giraffe Arrives! from High Road Quilter

When last we left our elephants, they were waiting for the elephant parade to begin.  It's been a long wait, and although they are well fed, well rested, and keeping entertained by each other's company, they are getting impatient.  Where are the rest of the animals that will be in the parade?

They were expecting an adult giraffe to join them, and were going to give him a stern lecture about keeping other people waiting, but what they saw instead stumbling across the savanna was a little wonky baby giraffe. Nobody knows what happened to her parents, but ...

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Quilting The ZigZag Runner | Quilts By Jen from Quilt Social

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Stash Blasting Wednesday.
I’ve been trying to get ready for the Coldwater Studio Tour in June and so far I have managed to quilt a couple of pieces. I highlighted these pieces not too long ago in a post called Fast & Easy Designs With 5 Inch Squares.
Today I am highlighting the zigzag runner that I used 40 – 5 inch assorted batik squares and made 40 half square triangles with them to create this zigzag pattern. I added a blue inner border which very easily could have ...

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secret sewing from Quilt Nut Creations

There's been a lot of secret sewing going on here. 
I love what has been created!

I have two more projects still in the works; stay tuned!

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Thread Thursday from Becca's Crazy Projects

This week we have the wonderful threads from Superior that arrive every month until I am buried in thread.  I'm hoping they run out of colors before I run out of room.  The lime green is beautiful!

What do I do with all this thread?  I quilt with it, of course.
Here are couple bits of a current project that I'm working on.  The quilting is done and I need to add the binding and label.  This section of the quilt is quilted using So Fine! #50.  Like most of my quilting, this is hand-guided work without the ...

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‘Quilt-Along-With-Me! Part Six: Quilt Label & Finish! from 3and3quarters

GET THE FULL PATTERN: QAWM – ‘Geo Dreams’ Quilt Pattern

What a wonderful day! You wanna know why? Cos it’s the final step in finishing our quilt!! Yay!!

In part six, we find out how to make and attach a quilt label so that we can officially say that our quilt is finished!

I think it’s super important to take time at the end and document all of the crucial details of the quilt in a label. It’ll serve as a great reminder of when the quilt was made, by whom it was made, for who it was ...

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Doodle Thursday from The Inbox jaunt

  Good Morning, Quilters and Doodlers! (and by now All quilters who read The Inbox Jaunt are Doodlers, right?) Sometimes we just need a prompt to get the doodles flowing.  And what better prompt than a slice of fabric? TODAY’S … Continue reading 

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Travelling with the Old Crank from Dora Quilts

Singer 99 handcrank from the late 1930's.  I took it along to my daughter's college apartment for the long weekend to make some covers for the arms of the living room chairs.  (They were wearing a definitely amateur fix.)  I had quilted the yardage at home before I went.  She and the young woman who will be her roommate for this coming year share some favorite colors--most notably that pale

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Over The Fence in AUSTRALIAN QUILTERS COMPANION (Issue 73) & Giveaway! from IVORY SPRING


Hello Friends, I hope you had a blessed Memorial Day weekend.  Ours involved a bit of whirlwind traveling.  We are home now, and are back to our normal schedule.

I have been anticipating my copies of the latest Australian Quilters Companion to reach me from Australia… because I am being profiled in the issue – a small fish like myself!  A huge thank you to the editor for the lovely feature!

It felt sort of weird reading about myself in the profile — because in the core I am a private person and always do my best to not stick out.  I ...

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After Pompeii OP 13 and 13a from Virtual Quilter

After Pompeii 13

Not a lot of room for quilting ….

After Pompeii 13a

… but there is enough room to fit in a feathered wreath.

Feathers are a feature where there is an appropriate spot for them … but rarely look great as a filler.

Filed under: After Pompeii Tagged: Applique, Double Wedding Ring, Patchwork, Quilt, Quilting

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Tyler’s Quilt: Indomitable Spirit from Nita Dances

Warning – this post has lots of pictures!

I have a quilt finish to show off today! This is the quilt I recently made for my second-youngest nephew, Tyler.


A quilt is never finished until it has had its official photo shoot, and this quilt had two photography sessions! First, we took it on a beautiful nature walk to Margaret Falls. This was the perfect place to photograph this quilt.


Look at how the shapes in the landscape compliment the shapes in the quilt. It makes my little quilt-photographers heart sing!


The second photo shoot was just up the road. I ...

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May 27, 2015
Pat Sloan: A few things bouncing around my studio from Pat Sloan's Blog

Life can be crazy right? Do you sometimes feel like you are working on 800 projects at once, but none seem to get done? Maybe none are even worked on? I feel like that sometimes.  

pat sloan vacation time block 6 coming soon

Quilting is SUCH FUN .. right? Fun to start new things.. I'm a starter.  I have some projects that REALLY need to be finished.  I have projects for my business, like our Vacation time, The Aurifil Blocks, my books, fabric lines and patterns.  But I also have things I do for fun and I want to get more done on them. Sound familiar?

I can ...

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Work In Progress...Scrappy Mountain Majesties from Lily Patch Quilts

 I had to take a break from this quilt while I finished up some garment sewing last week. Now that Summer break is here, I can get back to finishing up my unfinished quilts. I made this quilt using Bonnie's Scrappy Mountain Majesties tutorial. I love the scrappy look and it was a great way to use up my stash.

The fabrics I used for this quilt is from Moda Fabrics called Simple Mark Summer by Malka Dubrawsky. I love the bold bright prints in this collection. I used one fat eighth and one layer cake bundle. I used ...

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A Finished Quilt! from The Crooked Banana Quilts

Yes, you read that right! I finished a quilt!

I made this on commission for a customer through my Etsy store. I don't really sell quilts there anymore- I'd like to focus on knitting/crochet accessories- but this customer bought a quilt from me last year and asked if I would be willing to make another. So of course I said yes!

Rainbow star quilt front

I really love how this quilt turned out. I drew up the pattern myself, but it's fairly simple. I star in the center with flying geese radiating out from it on a background of low ...

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Free-Motion Quilting - Baby Lock Mid-ArmNot too long ago, an... from Living Water Quilter

Free-Motion Quilting - Baby Lock Mid-Arm

Not too long ago, an Instagram friend asked why I was not using my new-to-me Baby Lock Tiara for my free-motion quilting projects.

My answer was and is that I lack comfort and confidence in using the Baby Lock for free-motion quilting. I’ve had her for 3 months now and have only practice with the three projects pictured above.


The last project I stitched with the Tiara is the purple table topper. I even took a bold step and used Accents in Design’s Fine Line Quilter’s Rulers to stitch the curved lines ...

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On entering quilt shows from Field Trips in Fiber

I go back and forth on whether or not I want to enter shows. I entered Start Struck in the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in 2012 and was totally surprised with an Honorable Mention ribbon. I’ve decided that if I really want to improve my skills that I need to enter quilts just to get some feedback.

I could ask for feedback on the blog but I know you readers are too nice! I’ve read blogs where people asked for honest feedback but even I avoid doing it because you really don’t know if the person is really ...

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