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September 18, 2014
A Gaggle of Geese from Better Off Thread

Do you ever get an idea for a quilt in your mind and you need to see it realized, no matter how time consuming it is?  Yeah, that is me right now.  I love drawing up a design and then figuring out how it can actually be sewn.  It’s like doing a brainteaser.

If you read my blog, you know how much I LOVE flying geese. I wanted to make a Mariner’s Compass completely from flying geese.  Here was my photoshop design:

Flying Geese Mariner's Compass by Better Off Thread

It’s only 320 geese.  That’s not so bad, right?  The diameter of the circle ...

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Bees Knees 9-Patch Blocks from Cactus Needle

 Once upon a time
there was a lovely lady named
Shari Butler of Doohikey Designs
who sent each of her fellow 
Bees Knees members
a packet of fabric.
That would have been 
last June of 2014
Unfortunately my package was sent to an old address
and never heard from again.
Lots of e-mails back and forth
and we still had no idea where the package ended up.
Now, there is a happy ending to this sad story:
Just this week I 
finally  (!)
located the long lost package  !!
Inside were some 
wonderful Riley Blake Halloween fabrics
with the instructions ...

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Quilting With The Roosevelts from Jump Cut Arts

I've settled into a nice little evening routine with two quilts, hot tea and the Roosevelt family, specifically, Teddy, Franklin and Eleanor.

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September 17, 2014
It's going to be in the shop tomorrow! from Quilternity's Place

I've finally decided that this quilt will be in my etsy shop tomorrow, although I'm still having a small struggle with myself whether to sell it or not since I love it soooo much! I think it makes the most perfect Christmas wall hanging and I love the way it's quilted.

Here's the link to see a previous post which is very picture-heavy, if you think you may be interested in purchasing it. You are welcome to contact me at imquilternity at yahoo dot com for more information.

Take care,

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Let's Bee Social #38 from Sew Fresh Quilts

Since I started the series for the Top 10 Tips for New Quilters last month, it seems I am spending more and more time writing new posts and less and less time sewing.  I am really pleased with the results though.  This morning I wanted to thank everyone for their wonderful feedback and for sharing little tidbits of friendly advice in the comments.  Thanks to your help, this will be a great source

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Latest & Greatest: Row by Row Photo Bomb from Pipersgirls's Weblog

Row By Row Quilt Photo BombOur Row by Row quilt is all quilted, finished and hanging in the shop! Jeanette machine quilted more than half of it on her regular old Pfaff, and the rest was done for us by Karen Morgan (who did a phenomenal job!) We are so excited to start making this again with all of you! Make sure you register if you want to get started with us next week, all of the info is in the post below to order and have it shipped or to pick them up at the shop. Check out who photo-bombed my pics! This little ...

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Holiday Show from Sisboom

That chill in the air could only mean one thing…The Sis Boom Holiday Sale is around the corner!


Wahoo!! Get excited because this year’s annual event will take place on December  4th, 5th and 6th! The sale, located at the address above in Wilton, CT, will feature many handmade items crafted by Jennifer herself as well as items featuring exclusive Sis Boom designs!

Handmade items will be easy to spot with this adorable tag attached:


FYI – If there are any business owners out there looking to make tags and save some money, here’s how we did the ...

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Added to my Stash! from Scraps of Life

The creative Stitches Quilt Show was a screaming success....for the Vendors!
I did some serious damage there, but oh well, I will have projects to keep me busy throughout the long hard Winter we are supposed to have.

 I love Quilt Kits! Apparently!

 An Quilt pattern designer form Alberta ~ Shauna Case
 Some Little Bites patterns. Ive been wanting to try these for awhile 
 A 30's bundle of fun!
 Now its back to getting some Client Quilts done. To pay for all this fabric :)

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Wednesday’s works from Always Quilts

It’s a rainy day here in Kansas, but that’s ok because i am in my workroom getting as much done as i can! I’m almost finished with the quilt on this machine. I’m using one of my favorite pantagraph patterns on it.


I finished this custom one and just took it off the other machine.

I love when I can work feathers into them. :)

Meanwhile, over at the sewing machine, I sit down every once in a while and sew a few more strips for a strip quilt.


I have a class coming up at my ...

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Moving Right Along from Katy Did Art

Now that I’ve finally got all the string pieced units made, I can start sewing all the units together for the “Jamestown Landing” quilt that I am working on. Woo-Hoo!!!

I can’t dedicate entire days to sewing – something about needing to keep the house clean enough to keep the health department at bay and people wanting to eat once in a while – but I’ve been able to sew in the early morning and late evenings. So I’ve been able to get all the string pieced units sewn together to make sashing units:


Uh-oh. I just counted ...

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Starting Mom's #2 quilt from Field Trips in Fiber

Sept 17 1 hour 1


Time to start the second quilt! This is Mom's version of Judy's Back To Square One mystery quilt. If you Google "Judy Laquidara Back to Square One" you will find links to each clue. I love the colors that Mom chose for hers. I can't remember who will get this quilt but I think it might be one of my brothers.

I started this hour attaching the back to the leaders, loading the back and batting and pinning the top in place. Then I spent a little time looking at thread. I pulled out some Rainbows and ...

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Last Chance Sale from From My Carolina Home

A number of items are getting ready to expire from the listings in my Etsy store, and I would really like to get the space back on my shelves.  So, one more chance to get these great deals.  My fabrics are 100% good quality quilting cottons at wholesale prices, the buttons are all vintage and some antique, the threads are all brand new in shrink wrap.  The quilted items were handmade and machine quilted by me.  These listings will expire tomorrow, and I would rather sell them than relist them.  In fact, I probably will not relist most as they ...

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What's on your table now? from A Ditchin' Time Quilts

What's on your table now?  

Here are some close up photos of some of some of my quilts.  I really haven't quilted in about 5 months due to being so busy in our Etsy shop.  I am really looking forward to October, I have a 14 day break from work and our shop is usually very slow that month.  Keeping my fingers crossed that I will have time to make some magic.  

Bicycle fabric from Spoonflower! 

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Charity Quilting: Simple Squares from Becca's Crazy Projects

I was tidying up my sewing room and found this unfinished quilt top from Quilts for Kids hiding under some batting.  This what happens when you are creative - you misplace things (translation - I can't be bothered to tidy up so I lose sh.... stuff).
I changed the needle on the long arm, threaded it and set about quilting.  I just wanted to get this quilted and see if I had some inspiration for another quilt I'm working on.  This is the back of the quilt.
This is the simplest kit that the Annapolis Quilts for Kids hands out ...

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Dear Jane from Hayling Quilts!

Dearest Jane Stickle...

Creator of the well-known Dear Jane quilt. I first started working on replicating your quilt over a year ago when I was new to quilting.

Yes, new to quilting. Foolishly, I decided to work in row and number order from A through to M.

Even now, all this time later, I have only done row A and the start of row B.

However, now, I am much better at quilting than when I first started and even though row A was one of the trickier rows for a beginner to start with, I made some decent attempts ...

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Cocktail Shakers Quilt Finish from Cactus Needle

 One of the nice things about making
Mini Quilts
is that they work up fast.
Cocktail Shakers
21" X 24"
 I love how these
Kaffe Fasset solid Shot Cottons
work together with this pattern.
 I really enjoyed making this delightful little quilt
designed by Amy Lobsiger
in her new book with Sarah Fielke
Little Quilts
  I even braved it and did my own machine quilting
using variegated 
by Superior Threads
a high sheen Trilobal polyester
with a one inch color change interval.
 The binding:
a Kaffe Fasset print
 Cocktail Shakers is now ready to be mailed off to 
one ...

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WIP - Under the Needle I’m making progress on stitching the... from Living Water Quilter

WIP - Under the Needle
I’m making progress on stitching the batik blue border with McTavishing.

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Yuletide Snowflakes: Sneak Peek #1 from IVORY SPRING

Hello Friends, I have been working on my Yuletide Snowflakes quilt that uses RJR‘s new Christmas line Starry Night by Lynette Anderson.  I absolutely love this blue/cream Christmas combination, despite the fact that I am pretty much a green and red person when it comes to Christmas colors!  I think those particular shades of blue just strike a very soothing cord with me!


This is the last of my Christmas project for 2014.  My 2015 schedule is starting to fill up – it’s really weird thinking about how this year has gone by so quickly for me. In ...

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New in the shop - shibori! from Field Trips in Fiber

Check out the new shibori fabrics that I've just added to the shop!


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15 Minutes of Play – Quilted from One Designer Pursuing her Dreams

Free Motion Quilting | Scrap Quilt | ReannaLily Designs

Oh my gosh.  I love quilting.

Hum… I guess after the 6th year of running a sewing/quilting blog, that might be a bit redundant.

But seriously.  I was lucky enough to get to quilt my 15 Minutes of Play scrap quilt on my mom’s longarm Handi Quilter.   If you haven’t flipped through the book, 15 Minutes of Play by Victoria Findlay Wolfe, I highly recommend it.

Free Motion Quilting | Scrap Quilt | ReannaLily Designs

This is the largest quilt I have ever quilted for myself.  It took about 3 hours or so.  I went with an edge-to-edge swirly design.  That is a free motion quilting ...

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