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March 19, 2019
More new techniques from Quilting and More...

I’m working very slowly on the Bethanne Nemesh class I wrote about a little while ago. So this photo shows the various things I’ve been practicing, and I’ll explain what each is. At the top left is the first sample I showed you, with the beaded piping. To its right is a sample with more […]

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March 18, 2019
Finish Alongs, saturated color, Style and how dreams come true all on my show today! from Pat Sloan's Blog

Guests Marci Debetaz, Carole Lyles Shaw, Shannon Fraser, and Kelli Fannin join Pat for a chat!

CLICK THE PLAYER & Listen to Show 414 -- My favorite find at the end!

LISTEN to THIS show right at the player above. 

American Patchwork Quilting Pocast episode 414 Marci Debetaz

Marci Debetaz is Marci Girl Designs and she hosts these wonderful Finish-A-Long! Who doesn’t need encouragement to finish? She also started sewing with Barbie clothing just like me, I knew I'd love her!

Visit her at http ...

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Joint Venture with Karen Miller: Mystery Quilt Along – Part 9 from IVORY SPRING

Jan 7: Announcement post
Jan 21:  Planning, basting, batting, etc
Jan 28:  Stabilization quilting or just to catch up
Feb 4, Feb 11: Inside center panel
Feb 25: Top and Bottom Rectangles
March 4: Top and Bottom Squares
March 11: Left and Right Side panels
Mach 18: Narrow Sashing
April 1: Outside (wider) Border
April 8: Binding & Hanging


Happy Monday, and Happy Week, Friends!  It’s time to catch up work on some domestic machine quilting again!  I cant’ believe we are at Round 9!


In the event of you might still be gathering your supplies, don’t worry! That ...

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WIP Inventory from High Road Quilter

Having finished a couple of small quilts, I decided to take inventory of my current works in progress and their current status.  I am hoping that this will help me see that progress is being made during the spring and summer slowdown. These are just the quilts I have been working on in the last few months, and not the other unfinished projects that are stored away.

Some people might be overwhelmed by the number of projects listed here, but I really enjoy getting to choose which project I want to work on. Since they are not standing in a ...

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Centering the Back on a Longarm from From My Carolina Home

Recently I was asked to do a fun kid’s quilt, with trucks on the front and a city street print on the back.  The quilter put borders around the back panel, and asked me to center it on the back.  This is a bit harder than it sounds.  When the backing is loaded, and the batting is placed, you cannot see the back, so centering the top on the back becomes a math challenge.

Kids Quilt at

The top is pieced in a nine patch design, with directional borders and black sashing.  It is adorable for a boy, with trucks and bulldozers ...

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Domestic Machine Ruler QuiltingHave you tried ruler quilting?  I... from Living Water Quilter

Domestic Machine Ruler Quilting

Have you tried ruler quilting?  I love it. Some might say, I am obsessed  LOL :-D  I enjoy exploring the outer limits of designing with rulers.

It’s a fun challenge to see what can be designed with one ruler. The quilt above, featuring Island Batik Bazaar fabric by Kathy Engle is quilted with the Spin An Echo 6 and straight edge rulers.

NOTE: I am an Island Batik Ambassador. As such, they provide me with fabric for sewing and quilting projects.


The Star Cross quilt, a pattern by Karen Pharr, is predominately quilted with the ...

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Walking Foot Quilting from Quilting Solutions

I began quilting my star pillow cover with light colored thread and a fancy design.  Three hours of quilting and it looked awful.  Three more hours to pick it all out listening to a good audiobook.  OK.  Now what?  Clearly fancy, special quilting was not doing anything for the pillow cover.  Neither was the light colored thread.

TIP:  Sometimes fancy quilting is not the best way to quilt.

Fancy quilting is so beautiful on negative space.  It is stunning on a whole cloth quilt.  It doesn't work so well on fabrics with a busy design.

I threw my hands ...

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Longarm Gallery Update from One Designer Pursuing her Dreams

After a brief blogging break, I wanted to share more longarm quilting pictures with you. I’m enjoying free-motion quilting on my customer’s quilts and my own. I think I learn something...

See more sewing and quilting adventures from Jen Eskridge of ReannaLily Designs

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Special Greetings from Heart Desire Creations

I wanted to send two special greeting cards recently. Cards in the stores usually leave me feeling like they don’t quite fit the bill. So…for someone going through some health issues, and who also happens to like the color red, I did this:


I sewed the log cabin on a piece of stabilizer as the base then glued it onto a blank card. I keep a stash of those on hand for just such occasions. A hand written note on the inside and a personal greeting card was sent!

Then, for my sister’s very special birthday, I ...

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March 17, 2019
I Can See Clearly Now from The Quilt Quine

My intention to start the week with a customer quilt at 8.30am on Monday was temporarily halted by the arrival of 2 packages from overseas. 

The first contained my bulk order of custom carved waril figure wood block stamps from India (I could only order them in batches of 10!) which arrived too late to be printed on the front of my Warli quilt but may yet appear on the reverse. 

The other package was zippers for the longarm machine to allow quilts to be loaded or swapped easily. I had to really pay attention to get them on ...

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Leftovers from February and Book Recommendation from caledonia quilter

Clearly, my schedule of posting weekly has flown the coop.  Organizational skills must have gone to Florida, where the inspiration for this quilt's colours could have originated?  By the beach, where the sky and the water blend so you can't see where one ends and the other begins.  Where it's warm.  Oh, sorry - my mind is wandering again.

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Are you going to sew with me? It's Quilt Day! from Pat Sloan's Blog

The third Saturday in March is Quilt day each year!  What better excuse is there than to gather a group of friends and sew all day long?

Pat Sloan Quilt Day

I'm sewing with you online and will be using this post to document my day. I plan on doing a few videos and I'll insert them here. 

I've got fabric options and 800 projects .. do you think that is enough?  I'm also continuing to sew on Sunday as.. well.. it's more fun to have a whole weekend for quilting!


To celebrate national quilt day, my friend Katy Jones ...

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March 16, 2019
Sentimental About So Many Things from Canadian Needle Nana

I am trying my best to observe and even savour the beauty of the natural world around me while walking our little patch of wild land each day. Fresh snow reveals so many critters have walked my way, stepped in my footsteps even.  Our own little ecosystem! And they seem to be faring well considering all the tracks visible in the snow. This is just one way the winter season is special.

 Here at the back of our property, Murphy is crouching, assessing fox tracks with her very clever nose; they must have been fresh as she kept looking up ...

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Pin It Weekly #272 from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories

The Bonnet Carre' Spillway (photo from the US Army Corps of Engineers New Orleans District) haven't mentioned the rising waters in the Mississippi River. Of course, it's been all over the news recently because the Corp of Engineers has opened the Bonne Carre Spillway. 

This is important for several reasons, one is that it's the first time in history that the spillway was opened two years in a row. 

World’s Longest Bridge -Lake Pontchartrain Causeway in Southern Louisiana

All of this water is normally controlled to prevent the Mississippi River from spilling over its banks, flooding New Orleans and rerouting itself. Rain, floods, and melting snow many miles north of Louisiana tend to come pounding along in huge volumes. The ...

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March 15, 2019
A wonderful Free Aurifil Block and all mine together from Pat Sloan's Blog

I love the Aurifil Designer of the month day. What I love is getting to know each designer. March is Sedef Imer who is from Down Grapevine Lane. Once you read her interview you'll know why she selected that as her business name! This is my 9th year hosting and I'm inspired each month. Let's get to it! 

Image 3

Each year I pick a theme and give the designer a set of color criteria for their challenge block. Then I interview the monthly designer at the Aurifil  blog.

And each month share your block at the Aurifil interview ...

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Scalloped Border on Quilt - Tips and Tricks from High Road Quilter

In my last post, I showed you my completed quilt with a scalloped border. Kate asked me for my advice on making a scalloped border. I'm glad she asked because I was thinking about writing a post to remind myself how to do it in case I want to do it again, so I am happy to oblige. Most of this will be in the form of YouTube videos. I watched several videos to get ideas, and am providing my favorites.

I watched this video from Missouri Star Quilt Company. It uses a tool to draw the borders. I ...

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Our Newest AGF Sewcialite - Elizabeth Chappell! from Art Gallery Fabrics-The Creative Blog

Hi There Makers,

You may know her as the founder of Quilter's Candy Box where you would sign up for a subscription box of curated sewing goodies..and now she's officially part of our AGF Family! Please give a warm welcome to the wonderful, Elizabeth Chappell!


Currently living in Texas with her husband, daughter and two sons, we first noticed Elizabeth while scrolling on social media, and would stop in awe whenever she posted something beautiful using our fabrics. Often inspired by home decor, she finds a lot of her inspiration in rugs and tiles. In 2015, she ...

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Multiplying Like Rabbits from Quilting and More...

The ladies at my local quilt group really liked the biscornu cushion that I made some time back, so they asked me to teach them the biscornu technique. To get ready for yesterday’s session for that, I made another pin cushion, and then I also made another “shell” of one, but I didn’t stuff it so […]

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Unchained from Liz Makes Crafts

My latest finish is a significant finish for me, not because the quilt or quilting itself is significant, but because of the mental process I went through when I'm quilting it, and I named it Unchained for two reasons.

First, of course it's a play on words, since it's an Irish Chain. The pattern is from Jenifer Dick and Angela Walter's book Nine-Patch Revolution. I did modify the size of the blocks so I could use a jelly roll, but the layout is the same.

More importantly, I named this quilt Unchained because by quilting it ...

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March 14, 2019
Are you joining me Saturday? And it's Charity block #4! from Pat Sloan's Blog

Saturday is Quilt Day around the world!! And I'm HOME!! I can't tell you how excited I am to be able to host a fun day of quilting with all of you online

Also It is Block #4 of the Charity Sew Along with a design board trick I use. Now for the details!

*** IF YOU ARE reading this as an EMAIL NOTICE, click the banner or the 'READ MORE' at the end to come to my website.

Pat sloan norm 1

Saturday is the 3rd Saturday in March, officially Quilt DAY across the World! So grab a project and sew along ...

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