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May 26, 2016
Howdy Y'all: A Moda Bake Shop Recipe from Thistle and Thicket Studio

Yee Haw! I'm kicking up my heels with excitement. I have a new 'recipe' on Moda Bake Shop today as part of their ABC Birthday Quilt Along. So scoot a boot over there to check out my "Howdy Y'all" quilt and tutorial on how to make my Cowboy Boot filler block!

Howdy Y'all Quilt by Thistle Thicket Studio for Moda Bake Shop.

When MBS put out an invitation to submit project ideas for their birthday co-hosting application, I immediately thought of this Howdy Y'all banner quilt. When I think of Moda, I think of visiting their warehouse in Dallas on our way to quilt market in Houston back ...

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Kits and Such from IVORY SPRING

Hello Friends, thank you for stopping by again.  I have been having so much fun reading what shade you are in my RJR What Shade Are you Giveaway post here.  Keep those comments coming!


Every so often, I get emails asking for kits of my designs. I am happy to share with you a few that are currently out there…

#1.  Springtime Butterflies in Craft of Quilitng catalog – click here to view and purchase.

High Res_Design 1a_63 x 63

#2.  Constellation of Colors (Keepsake Quilting) – click here to view and purchase

Rework_Fons and Porter3

#3.  At the Aquarium (Keepsake Quilting) – click here to view and purchase

Design 3a_45 x 65

#4.  Gears ...

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May 25, 2016
Child Smile from Charm About You

I finished up another Secret Pocket Envelope Clutch, the last one for a while as this is the fourth I've made recently. This one was Size 3, possibly my favourite as it would fit nicely in a large handbag and is useful for carrying make up or bits and bobs.

I made it using a mini origami pack of Retro 30's Child Smile by Lecien from Sunny Day Supply and I have 3 little squares left over! Don't you love that adorable heart Kam snap?!
This is finish #5 from my FAL list ✓ 

I had thought about ...

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Another Quilt Has Been finally Quilted. from My Love of Quilting and Sewing

Took a deep breath and just jumped in and quilted it. 

Nothing fancy bu still very nice. 

YES Completed!!!! I AM HAPPY!

Now to get going and complete the Binding. 

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Amazing Wonderful Retreat Time. from My Love of Quilting and Sewing

Had The Most Amazing Time Laughing Smiling & Sewing. At A Retreat I was ever so honored to be gifted with a great invite too.  here is a couple of my finishes.  

My Mom with her gift I made her A cat wall hanging 

This is the quilt I call Alligator for a wrestled it and also made the biggest mess ever to haunt everyone at the retreat.  

Here Is the Completed project after 2  complete washes and 1 hr plus some in the dryer at the laundry  mat

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PostCards Mail ART Fun. from My Love of Quilting and Sewing

Some of my makings of Mail ART PostCards 

Sharing A Fun Shopping Moment 

 Soon To Become a new project  Keep Coming Back To See

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Applique Towels & Sewing Room ? Studio from My Love of Quilting and Sewing

Love Making Gifts! for others and some fun ones I just completed. 

I have also been working on the studio space. 

As well as  the Workshop space is getting a make over. 

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Anasazi Beans from Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara

We have beans! Not ready to eat yet but at least I see beans! You can’t believe how happy I am to see these beans. The garden this year has tried my resolve! After last year’s total failure at gardening, and getting loads and loads of free rabbit poop this year, I was so optimistic. […]

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sunny's quilt top from Crazy Mom Quilts

Our neighbor girl, Sunny, is about as sweet as they come. She graduated from high school last Friday and her dad passed away in January. So, for two reasons she needs a quilt! I had no idea what her tastes are, so a few weeks ago I invited her over to help pick fabric for her quilt. I would much rather have her input and make something that she likes rather than try to guess what she might like. (I did guess and I was terribly wrong. Hahaha!)

This was our initial fabric pull and she chose this pattern. I ...

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The Great Retirement Quilt Retreat from Katy Did Art

Spread Love

My very dear friend, Barb, was able to retire at the end of April. She told me that her plan was to quilt for the entire month of May. So I started making plans to help enable her. We were going to have a full week retreat to celebrate her retirement!! The plan was this: On Monday Barb would drive down, get settled in and we would start sewing. She and I would have had a few days together. On Thursday we were going on a road trip to pick up the third member of our quilting trio, Bev. We ...

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Shimmer Braid Quilt – Braids quilted from France Nadeau

My sewing machine is still working hard on my Shimmer Braid Quilt. After a trip to the store to replace the empty bobbins, I was able to finish the quilting of the four central braids. Please note that I did not … Continue reading

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Another Knitting Project Bag from Becca's Crazy Projects

After I finished my last knitting project bag I decided I needed a little more room if I was going to keep knitting shawls like a crazy person. I wanted a deeper bag so there was more room at the top of the pouch for the work.

I pulled out one of my coveted pieces of Spoonflower fabric and a coordinating solid. I pieced the front and back panels to fit my fabric. The pattern is Noodle-head's Open Wide Pouch.
Using a piece of white muslin as the backing fabric, I loaded the long arm with a piece of ...

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May 25th: Favourite Sewing Memes! from 3and3quarters

Ooo, I love a good sewing/quilting related meme! When you find a fab one that you achingly relate to, it’s like finding gold right underneath your bobbin case! (I wish! Ha!)

In this post I wanted to share with you a few of my favourites I’ve been able to come across on Pinterest. Some of them are incredibly (and very scarily) accurate while others are just down-right hilariously true!



When ever anybody calls my quilts blankets I always think of this meme! And then it makes me chuckle to my self and people think I ...

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What I've Been Up To from Lovin' Life At The End Of The Dirt Road

 Last week I was away, spending time with my mom for her birthday. It rained a lot and even when it doesn't rain, the humidity is just so oppressive. It's hard to breath and even the smallest outdoor activity, like cleaning off the deck and re-potting plants, left me drenched and wrung out. I'm so glad that I was able to spend that time with my mom and help her tend to some chores, but I am definitely a low humidity kind of gal. Thankfully, 1" of this glorious rain ended up in the headquarters rain gauge ...

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It's a Big Project! from Bear Patch Quilting

It's the season of DIY in so many ways!  Whether at home, in the garden, or at your local quilt shop!  It's just as important to refresh, renew and rejuvenate for the store as well as at home.  I know how great it feels when we get to re-arrange and redecorate at home, even if it's not major.  So we are in the process of some of those changes around here, too!  Some of these are way behind the scenes, some of them are out in the open.  Here's some highlights (or lowlights, depending on the ...

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Let’s Landscape Art Quilt Together! from Roxane Lessa Fine Textile Art

 Please click on the title to read the full post.

Hi Everyone! A big welcome to all the new readers!


So last week I began a new piece of the wisteria blooming at Biltmore.  Then I had the idea- why don’t we do a sort of quilt along?

I am documenting all the steps to creating your one of a kind landscape art quilt as I make mine.  And you can follow along and make yours as we go!   See last week’s post if you want to see how I started.  So here’s my picture:




So here ...

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What Shade Are You FQ Bundle Giveaway from IVORY SPRING

Hello Friends, I am excited to share the news that RJR Fabrics is generously sponsoring a giveaway of a FQ Bundle of fabrics used to my Blueberry Pie House!

Style Shot1a



Leave a comment between now and this Friday, and tell me what shade you are, in order to win this FQ bundle! Winner will be announced next Monday.

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May 24, 2016
Boardwalk Delight Fabrics by Dana Willard: Sew Tasty! from Art Gallery Fabrics-The Creative Blog


Hello beautiful makers!

We hope everyone is great! Here at the AGF HQ we are full of energy and super inspired because we just came back from Quilt Market! It was a great trip, but now it’s time to start releasing all the beautiful collections we’ve been teasing you about.

To start the week right, we’re releasing our first fabric collection of the 2016 spring/summer season. Are you ready? We are excited to present to you our new limited edition collection, Boardwalk Delight by Dana Willard from Made Everyday!


This collection consists of ten fun prints ...

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Bobby's Quilt Is Basted, Ready for Quilting from Cheeky Cognoscenti

Six Hundred Safety Pins Later...
Happy Tuesday Morning!  I'm headed to the dentist in a little bit, but wanted to share that I've got Bobby's Quilt basted and ready for quilting! 

I had quite the time with this.  As it turns out, I haven't finished a big quilt in several years, and the last time I had to baste something bigger than a baby quilt I used this standing height, temporary island cutting table made from a 1" thick melamine top balanced on top of four small book cases:

Basting Lars's Drunken Dragons Quilt Back ...

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How to make your own Grid Foundation for Quilts from Patchwork Posse

This month in the quilt group we are working on a little doll quilt- the Honey Bun Doll quilt.   It’s soo cute and simple and uses those small mini charm packs—

honey bun doll 1

The process is pretty simple and can save you a lot of headache because it keeps your fabrics right where you place them!

How many times have you laid the quilt top out perfectly only to loose the placement when transferring it from the design wall (or floor) to the sewing machine! No matter how hard I try I always find that they get out of place and ...

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