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December 16, 2017
Editors and Publishers Day from Terificreations's Weblog

Welcome to the 2017 Edition of Editors and Publishers Day 16 December 2017 This day started a few years ago to honor the editors and publishers who work so hard to make the publishing world go round. As a writer please accept my assurances that a good editor will hear the voice of the one … Continue reading Editors and Publishers Day

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Fragmental from Liz Makes Crafts

Fragmental is the easiest quilt top I've ever pieced. That's because it's cheatercloth! I was browsing on Quilting Is My Therapy one day when I saw a quilt kit that consisted of a few panels of this really pretty geometric design, and I knew it would be fun to quilt.

Piecing of this took about 20 minutes, and most of the time was spent on pressing the fabric. But the real purpose of making this quilt top, of course, is to quilt it.

When I loaded this quilt top, it was actually a piggyback. I use wide ...

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A Short Tutorial – Square in a Triangle from Katy Did Art

I’ve figured out a simple way to make a lot of Square in a Triangle units. And I thought I’d share the basic instructions to help anyone that needs to make a lot of them.

First you need to decide on the size of the square that will be in the triangle. In my example I cut a 2 1/2″ square, but you could make it any size. Cut one strip of fabric at 2 1/2″ The second strip of fabric, in a contrasting color will be cut 3/4″ larger than the first strip. In ...

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December 15, 2017
Quilting Adinkra from High Road Quilter

I've been quiet lately because I have been quilting the Adinkra quilt.  I've cut some pieces for Ringo Lake mystery, but I wanted to make progress on the Adinkra quilt while the machine was set up for quilting it.

Quilting is always scary for me, especially if I like the quilt top, because I am afraid I will ruin it with the quilting. I could have mechanical problems with thread tension or needles breaking, or I could make bad choices of quilting design and thread.

 In this case, I forgot to change the thread to a lighter one ...

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Vintage Ornament Quilt and a Winner! from Sew Incredibly Crazy

In between being completely
busy with decorating
for Christmas, 
and all the fun preparations
for it, 
I managed to finish
off this quilt.

It was part of the Vintage Ornament
quilt block series at Thermoweb.
The quilt was created using
Windham Fabrics O' Christmas Tree line.
The colors are vibrant and fun.
I really love the gold stripe.
You can find the complete collection 

All the blocks are free
of charge.  

The block I designed for the hop is
a vintage style 
Joy Ornament. 

You can find the pattern for it
Using the quilt above ...

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Aurifil Block Challenge, Block 12 by Amanda Murphy - Enter your block! from Pat Sloan's Blog

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Block #12 finishes our Aurifil colorwheel Designer challenge for 2017!  Amanda Murphy comes in for the win with this incredible block. I can see an entire quilt done with this!  


She used her fabric line Winter Games ... get it.. in for the win??  ok... let's continue!

 DOWNLOAD the pattern at the end of the interview and come right back!.

Pat sloan 2017 Aurifil designer of the month blocks

In Late January I'll have a layout for this set of blocks!

Read on for my design option and to enter your block for a chance to win! >>> 

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Free Motion Quilting Progress from Goer

Since I'm without my own laptop, my posts will be pretty brief. (But oh how nice it is to be type on a machine with a working space bar!)

My One Monthly Goal for December is to finish my son's bed quilt. It is a twin-sized quilt and had been basted for quite some time. I had thread and a quilting motif picked out. This week I finally got it under the needle and got started. After the first spiral I calculated that I needed to make about 179 more to finish the quilt. Eek! I made some ...

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Tidying, Rearranging, and Gratitude from Terificreations's Weblog

So the cool thing about being on social media is that asking just the right question will get an answer pretty dang quickly. Thank you John Kubiniec for reconnecting me with this amazing block: Letha’s Electric Fan Here’s one And another And one more – John designed this one for Windham Fabrics You may notice that … Continue reading Tidying, Rearranging, and Gratitude

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New Project in the Works from Quilt Fabrication

Another quilt idea is bouncing around in my head, and is slowly coming into reality.

block sneak peek

This is just a little bit, 'cause I'm still not sure if it will be what I envision. Though the Electric Quilt software is fantastic for designing quilts, it's one thing to see the quilts on the computer, and quite another when they're in fabric.

That's because design, fabric choices, size, and placement all go into the making of a quilt, sometimes with great success, and other times, not.

So far, this quilt has challenged me with the main block. Attempting ...

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My Laptop from Goer

My laptop is in the shop. Think good thoughts.

The post My Laptop appeared first on Sarah Goer Quilts.

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Updates from Tim Quilts

It has been a while since I posted, I have been busy, and still not quite up to par.  But the good news is that next procedure (to break up the pancreatic stones) is Monday morning.    I should be able to fee the benefits of that fairly quickly </p>
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December 14, 2017
How do we decide if we want to keep working on a quilt? from Pat Sloan's Blog

Happy Cloud Quilt Batting by Fat Quarter Shop

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I've been thinking about what I like to read about  and what I like to write about. I miss reading thoughtful articles at sites I follow. I miss writing them myself. We all tend to write short to the point. Because it takes longer to write an article that makes us think. And frankly, it takes you longer to read that article. Today I've got two things... One.. do you like reading an article with a bit more to it, not just photos & captions? 

Pat Sloan quilt 2 of grandmas kitchen

And second.. do you have parts of quilting, maybe ...

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Longarm Quilting Edge-to-Edge Designs from One Designer Pursuing her Dreams

Longarm Quilting Edge-to-Edge Designs The blog has been quiet for a month as I’ve longarm machine quilted on a collection on customer quilts. I’m happy to share a quick slide show with...

See more sewing and quilting adventures from Jen Eskridge of ReannaLily Designs

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2018 Word of the Year from Terificreations's Weblog

As a word of the year Gratitude was a good one. I am grateful for the experience of 2017. Creativity is slowly returning. The Quilted Block of the Month Started (with big plans to continue in 2018). A few teaching opportunities. Learning about embroidery. Having a spouse who loves me deeply. One of the considerations … Continue reading 2018 Word of the Year

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Pineapple Log Cabin Therapy: Block 34 of 42, etc. from Cheeky Cognoscenti

Greetings from the midst of Advent!  "Busy" does not even begin to describe all the balls I've got in the air right now, but I blocked out some stitch therapy time and managed to complete another pineapple log cabin block this week.  That's 34 blocks completed, 8 more to go, in case anyone's keeping track.

Pineapple Log Cabin Block 34 of 42
Here are the four most recent blocks up on the design wall.  Each block finishes at 17 3/4", and the fabric strips finish at 3/4" wide.

Blocks 31-34 On the Wall, With Bear ...

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German Baby Quilt from Lovin' Life At The End Of The Dirt Road

It's been a long time since I had a finished quilt to share One of my co-workers is celebrating the arrival of a new granddaughter and as I think all babies should be welcomed into the world with a quilt, I began to sift through my stash. Her son-in-law is stationed overseas, in Germany, and I thought it would be fun to take my inspiration from Germany. I was born in Germany and this fabric

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And More from Houston from Tales from the Raspberry Rabbits

Hi ya!

How's your week going? Do you have snow in your little part of the world? I'm actually visiting Florida right now. It isn't any warmer here. This morning it was 35! So much for a vacation to a warmer spot. hee,hee,hee. Oh well, it is December.

Here are some more quilts from Houston. I tell ya, it's been really fun looking at all of these again. Next week I will share some photos of my students work. They were amazing!

Here ya go!

 Check out this crochet detail on this border and ...

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December 13, 2017
Bountiful Minis from the Portland Modern Quilt Guild from Art Gallery Fabrics-The Creative Blog

Hey there, makers!

 How’s everything? It’s insane how it’s already the ending of the year. Before 2017 comes to a close, I’m here to showcase three wonderful makers from a long overdue recap. At AGF we love partnering with quilt guilds and makers for different activities. So, from May to September we paired up with the Portland Modern Quilt Guild and our designer Sharon Holland to host the Bountiful Mini Quilt Challenge.

The participants were asked to create a “modern mini quilt” inspired by rustic elementsthat complement the homey and earthy feel of Bountiful fabrics ...

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Finished Project! from I Have A Notion

So what do I do.... when... I am not cooking, cleaning, puppying or going to guilds? Creating of course. Most of my creations don't start on Monday and finish in a chronological fashion. They start, get sidelined by an obligation or other deadline... like the project I am going to talk about today. "The Night Circus" was inspired by a Facebook post made by a member of one of the Quilt Guilds I

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Christmas Commission from Roxane Lessa Fine Textile Art


Please click on the title to read the full post.

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the new readers!

The Christmas Commission is almost done! Let me catch you up. This week I put all the finishing touches on the painting, and completed the quilting.  OH and made my very own Charlie Brown Xmas tree with branches from the woods and lights.

I do love the lights this time of year, but Teeny would eat them if I made them readily accessible on a real tree indoors. Also, woe betide any ornaments and the tree itself would probably be knocked over. She ...

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