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March 29, 2020
March in the Garden from From My Carolina Home

Anybody have cabin fever, yet?  One way to fight that feeling is to get outside, especially with spring making our temperatures warmer.  Digging in the dirt is a cure for the inside blues, isn’t it?  I feel for those of you stuck in city apartments, or in cold weather, where there are no gardens nearby.  We are so fortunate to live on our beautiful mountainside, with forest all around us.  So, I hope you enjoy a walk around our place today, with some pictures taken over the past couple of weeks.  My bulbs have bloomed beautifully, at least the ...

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March 28, 2020
ART IN BLOOM - FLORIDA STYLE from Kwilty Pleasures

I love flowers, I love gardens and I love art.
So when The Edison-Ford Winter Estate and Garden
 sponsored the Art in Bloom Event...I was there.

I loved that most of the art pieces had something to do
with a truck, motor or gear of a vehicle. 

Artists are given a piece of art to interpret into flowers.
Sit back and enjoy!  I did!

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March 25, 2020
So, How Are YOU Doing?? from Appalachian Quilts

A month ago none of us would have known that we were going to be where we are today.  If you had known, what would YOU have done differently (besides stock up on toilet paper...LOL)?  How are you doing right now?  My prayer is that you are all doing well.  I have watched the sometimes funny social media memes depicting everything from how parents are handling new-to-them homeschooling to concerns about grocery shortages.  Would you have lived your life the same way?

I never knew how to 100% explain the rationale why Hubs and I live the way we ...

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March 6, 2020
» Bayou Quilts

Yesterday, I sat on the back porch reading and watching the birds feeding in the rain. All of a sudden there was a whoosh and mourning doves, finches, and sparrows  all took off at once.  I looked around to see what had startled them and saw this Cooper's (?) hawk settle on the fence.

I waited for him to fly away, but after about five minutes, I realized the rain didn't bother him and he was in no hurry to leave.  I looked at the time and decided to wait and see what happened next.  I kept reading and ...

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February 29, 2020
Oops! I did it again! from Appalachian Quilts

(Now I can't get that song out of my head!)

I told you I was going to need an intervention, but you didn't believe me.  The thing about being a gardener is you sit all winter and wish it was spring/summer.  You plan for all the things you will grow.  You plan for all the new things you have never tried.  You think about past successes and failures.  Then those seed catalogs start coming.  You envision your garden somewhat like this:

Of course, yours never quite makes it to this status.  (and if yours does, KUDOS!)  They ...

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February 16, 2020
February in the Garden from From My Carolina Home

In the garden this month, there has been an interesting contrast of dull days and bright color, sunny mornings and then snow followed by days of rain.  Just the day before our QOV sew day, it snowed.  As I watched the snow fall, it seemed that every bird in the neighborhood needed a bit of extra fuel to deal with the cold.

February in the Garden at

Fat flakes came down all morning.

February in the Garden at

A bluebird showed up to share the bounty.

February in the Garden at

The red bellied woodpecker shares the buffet with a titmouse.

February in the Garden at

On the snow covered ground, a flock of juncos was looking for seeds dropped ...

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February 3, 2020
The New Decade has begun... from Quilting Lots Moore Designs

with very little being done by me.  Oh dear, I shall be hoping to get a lot better so there can be some progress made soon.
Had a  most fabulous visit to Wellington for the 5th birthday of Marceline Moore.  A schoolgirl now, oh my!  Where has this last five years gone I wonder, with so many major changes.  We managed to navigate the 29 steps up to Richard & Kea's house, twice I might add, lol, but it was maybe a bit much.  Should have used the brain and had a bigger rest gap between trips, but I was ...

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February 2, 2020
Rainy Day Saturday! from Joanie's Trendy Quilts

We certainly have had our fair share of rain in Charlotte, NC this winter. One can expect a day of sunshine followed with 2 or more days of rain. This morning it appeared as though it was going to be another rainy day when about noon the sun came out. When it did, it encouraged me to go out and enjoy it while it lasted. Of course, it needs to be productive, such as a trip to Michael’s to pick up 4 more skeins of yarn.

My next stop was at Target looking for a pair of garden boots ...

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January 24, 2020
Not Quite Ready for a 12-Step Program from Appalachian Quilts

...but I'm close!

I was more intentional this year when ordering seeds.  I save seeds.  I love to save seeds.  I haven't, however, been able to save all the varieties I want to save.  While shopping for seeds this year, I deliberately chose items I wanted to save seeds from.

These are just the flowers I ordered from Baker Creek.  I also ordered a few from Seed Savers and Bluestone Perennials.  A lot of these were chosen for pollinator attraction/feed as well as their defensive mechanisms against garden pests.

These are the herbs I ordered from Baker ...

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January 11, 2020
Announcing the 2020 Block of the Month from Sew Incredibly Crazy

So the time has once again come
to announce the Block of the Month.
We are all really excited for you to 
join us in this our 5th year.

It is Words to Grow By.
It will be a combination of flowers, 
animals, and words that mean 
a little something to each of us.
This BOM will be mostly applique 
 with a few pieced blocks 
thrown in there.

Here are all the designers for the BOM:
Here is the list of designers and the months that 
they will be designing for.


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January 5, 2020
January in the Garden from From My Carolina Home

January in the garden is not really very colorful, but here and there we find some things to make us smile.  The geranium didn’t know it was winter when it bloomed in December.

January in the Garden at

And it still didn’t know in January, as it is still blooming.  I have high hopes of overwintering these again.  They are the same ones that I successfully kept alive over the winter last year.

January in the Garden at

I whacked off the parsley to harvest the last of it in October.  It is putting out new growth again, so I’ll have some fresh leaves for cooking over ...

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December 31, 2019
Tips for Starting a Garden from Appalachian Quilts

Seed magazines have started piling up at our house.  The temptation is strong and I am weak!  Many of my YT friends are doing a collaboration of 5 Gardening Tips in 5 Minutes.  This will somewhat be my contribution.  :)

Image result for vegetable garden"

We've all seen the pictures of the perfect garden.  There are never weeds.  You can't find pest damage on the plants and they are beautiful.  It's not what I strive for.  While it would be 'nice' to have that perfect garden, I refuse to set myself up for disappointment.  I want to grow food.  I want to know ...

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November 8, 2019
Propagating Mother-in-law’s Tongue from Samelia's Mum

Mother-in-law’s Tongue, Snake Plant or Viper’s Bowstring Hemp, Sansevieria (Sansevieria trifasciata) seem to have become very popular plants of late. 

My friend Vicki has a great big patch of Sansevieria growing near her front door. I asked her what she does to make them grow so beautifully and she told me her secret is neglect. She never waters hers and they're absolutely thriving.

Image Source

When I was heading home from her house, I helped myself to a leaf and after looking through some YouTube videos (honestly, how did we ever live without YouTube?) I grabbed my ...

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November 6, 2019
Next quilt on the list please.... from Quilting Lots Moore Designs

I'm trying to keep this roll going after the Sunflower quilt.  I managed to put two baby quilts together for Shala's newest grandchildren and enjoyed making something that was small and simple. The little pink quilt has an embroidered centre that I did while re-familiarising myself with the Janome MC500e Embroidery machine.  It was totally from my stash.  The boy's quilt is a little range of fabric I fell in love with in a quilt shop after Lucas was born.  Couldn't resist of course.

Now I have Kea's Star Wars quilt up on my design ...

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November 3, 2019
November in the Garden from From My Carolina Home

Autumn color is slow to develop this year, and it will be well into November before we can say we are seeing the peak.  Rain this past week should help some leaves stay on the trees, and freezing temps overnight may bring out some color before they all fall off.  At least I hope so.  Still, there are things to do in the garden before it gets into winter.

November in the Garden at

The hydrangeas continue to bloom, last week the shrub was covered in these pink and green blooms.

November in the Garden at

Here and there, a beautiful lavendar one will appear.

November in the Garden at

The dahlias are going crazy ...

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October 30, 2019
October Draws to a Close from Bayou Quilts

I bought the holographic picture in a frame a couple of years ago.  
This year I decided to spruce up the frame a little with fabric scraps.

Finished these two eccentric skeletons.
Oops, almost finished, I just realized I haven't added his arms,
which were still drying from a last coat of sealer.

The skulls were from Dollar Tree, I think.

We took a day trip to Natchitoches a couple of weeks ago
and I liked this skellie outside of a shop.

 Bryce Eleanor drew the tiger below--
with some shrink plastic they turned into earrings!
Lucky me, I ...

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October 7, 2019
Maybe...Fall Is Here from Bayou Quilts

On Oct. 4, we finally got rain!  And a little cooler weather (low 90's) that has refreshed the garden.  Soon I'll have to pull up annuals that have continued to bloom with zest, but while they continue to bloom, I resist.  The low, bushy zinnias I planted this year have been such a delight of color, and I'm collecting a few seeds to try next year.  Not that I have a problem with buying the plants, because the way they spread out was so fast, covering more area than I anticipated.  While tall zinnias are still a ...

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September 17, 2018
Back Yard Beauty from Splendiferous

Back Yard Beauty
36 x 36"
Hand dyed (by artist) cotton sateen, hand painted commercial black fabric, cotton thread
fused applique, extensive thread work, machine quilted
To be exhibited at International Quilt Festival, Houston 2018, as part of the Power of Women exhibit.
Step-by-step progress photos at this previous post.

Also on exhibit in the show as part of the Hands All Around special exhibit:

Dizzy Miss Lizzy
52 x 54", cotton fabrics, machine pieced and quilted

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