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July 28, 2021
Impromptu quilt top from Espritpatch

 A break from bag making! Some time ago, while I was going through my UFOs etc, I digged out the blocks for my Impromptu Quilt, with the aim to finish the top to send it for quilting. The top finishes at 90'' square so it is too big for my own frame and after sending my Flabellum for quilting, I thought it would be a good idea to send this one too. The only problem was that

1) the top wasn't anywhere near ready to go

2) I am pressed with time with the house move

Anyway, Kerry kindly ...

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July 1, 2021
Thread, Tension & Free Motion Mavericks from Quilting & Learning

Welcome to week 337 of Free Motion Mavericks. Here is a short update of what's going on with Version 2.0.

Thread & Tension 

Whether I've wanted to or not, I've learned a lot of things making my son's Version 2.0 quilt. At the beginning it was math - the hard way, and now it's quilting with black batting, choosing the thread and making sure that my thread tension is good. 

Back and front of stitching-in-the-ditch


I was really hoping that I could use the same colour of thread for the back, but still have ...

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June 29, 2021
Modern HST from Espritpatch

 Finally, a finish, just before the end of the month! I am so happy that this UFO is no more. It is now a finished quilt that I will be able to gift to a good friend before I leave. I just finished sewing the binding tonight, didn't have that much left to do really.

And here it is, all done, finished, completed, ready to be gifted. Not sure why I took 5 years to get to this point but I am glad it is no longer a pile of blocks in a box.

I used this lovely floral ...

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June 24, 2021
Snow people from Espritpatch

 Another UFO has left the house. I can't even remember when I started these 2 snow people but I think it was over 10 years ago. I was planning to make them for my 2 older children(the youngest wasn't even born...)

They were not that far off really but they've been sitting in a bag in the cupboard for years. 

I think it was time someone gave them the attention they needed!


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June 19, 2021
Just Takes 2 from Espritpatch

 Another quilt-along that I started years ago (in 2012) and that has never been picked up again. Just Take 2 blocks were released twice a month by Brenda Papadakis and the quilt was supposed to be made in 2 colours. I duly started in January 2012 and made a few blocks during the first half of that year and then it was parked for later... 

There were lots of different techniques in the quilt, including a big applique block (Hawaian if I remember well) that I never found the courage to start.

Another bag that I have emptied last week ...

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June 18, 2021
Hearts galore from Espritpatch

 Another very old project... I will confess that I used to be a swap addict! The swap blocks were from before the high speed internet since they were made in 2006!

The idea for this swap was to prepare some blocks with 3 raw edge hearts applique on top of each other. The hearts have an indent on the side and in the middle to be sliced up. This is a variation on the "bull eye pattern".

After the blocks had been swapped, we were supposed to cut them in 4 (in half vertically and horizontally). Next step was to ...

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June 17, 2021
Double wedding ring from Espritpatch

 Not long after I first started quilting, I decided I would make a Double Wedding Ring quilt for my parents' 30th wedding anniversary. 

I bought John Flynn's book to use his method where you cut strips of fabric that you assemble. You then slice the pieces and you sew back to make an arch. It is quite difficult to explain but a lot easier and quicker than cutting some shaped pieces. Before starting on "the" quilt, I decided I should practice so I picked some Christmas fabric to make some blocks. 

Of course, once I was confident with the ...

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June 16, 2021
Busting the UFOs! from Espritpatch

I am still into the big tidy up/clean up/declutter activities here, partly why I am sewing so little. Part of the exercise has been to go through "parked" projects and decide whether I really wanted to keep them/I had hope to finish them one day or if I had completely fallen out of love or they would require so much more that I know deep down that I will never complete them.

One of the projects that came out of its box was my "Impromptu" quilt, which has been on my finish-along wish list for a long ...

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Eliza is a top from Making A Lather

I am happy with the top of Aunt Eliza's stars. This was my one monthly goal for May. Which I didn't get ready on time. It turned out larger than I expected. 82x 92. My favorite part is the border. I am not sure where it came from, but, I know it is a vintage piece since it was 36 inches wide. And it is so cute.

It was so windy that I almost didn't catch a shot of it before it rolled itself into a ball.

It is time for this quilt to live in the ...

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Planning and Free Motion Mavericks from Quilting & Learning

As you may have read, I finished the quilt top for Version 2.0 of my Mother's quilt to my Son as my May One Monthly Goal (OMG). For June, my OMG is to sandwich it. I trimmed all of the threads on the back of the quilt top, pieced the back, and it's now ready to be sandwiched!

Planning the Free Motion Quilting (FMQ)

My mother made the quilt in 2000, for my son's 9th birthday. All of the hand-quilting were motifs of things in my son's life, such as nature, school, books, sports, math ...

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June 15, 2021
Quilted! from Espritpatch

After finished the Modern HST sampler, I didn't want it to sit there for ever. So we got the quilting frame out about a week ago and I duly quilted it over the weekend. 

I want for an easy all over pattern and added a few personnal notes for the recipient. 

For the back I used a floral I had in my stash and that was just big enough!

It is all squared up ready for binding now. And I've cut the binding this weekend for the leftover fabric I had so hopefully it should be finished before ...

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June 5, 2021
TWO of my own finished and the Garden Terrorist from caledonia quilter

 I set a few challenges for myself every year, in a feeble attempt to accomplish something.  Otherwise, Facebook, you know?  This year's UFO portion was to finish any three UFOs, and I completed that at the end of May.  I already showed you the Vintage Tulips a couple months ago - that was #1.

#2 completion is the sampler quilt that the Binbrook guild ran as a block of the month from 2017 through 2018.  I managed to finish it in only three years!  Woo hoo!

The objective was to make each block twice, but reverse the colours on the ...

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June 4, 2021
seeing stars from Making A Lather

 This is as far as I have gotten to a finish with this Bonnie Hunter quilt ufo, that, I started before she printed the pattern. I didn't like her version (xing) from string frenzy, so it was time to decide how to finish it. I have a vintage red fabric, I want for the borders.

I have bonnie Hunter quilt zuckerwatte from her book string fling. on the frame to quilt. So I may have a finish next week.

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June 2, 2021
May's OMG and Free Motion Mavericks from Quilting & Learning

I didn't manage to sandwich the quilt, but when I read my One Monthly Goal (OMG) for May, it stated " My OMG for May is to finish piecing Version 2.0 of my Mother's Quilt to my Son". So thank you Patty for keeping us motivated! My OMG for May was achieved!

Piecing Version 2.0

There isn't much to tell except that when I came to prepare the back I found that I didn't have enough fabric

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May 24, 2021
Practice what you preach from Crazy Quilter on a Bike!

 OH MY GOSH!!!!!   We had so much fun at the Virtual Retreat. And I accomplished so much - way more than I normally would. And can you believe - I didn't shut the call down until 10:30 last night. I'm dead serious -- we had a NORMAL conversation, the same as if we were in the room together. The best part? There was me, someone from Ottawa, and two others in northerly regions of Ontario. Totally distanced apart, and we would NEVER be able to do that in person. Am I hooked on Zoom? Oh, you bet! What I love ...

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May 22, 2021
A finished top from Espritpatch

 Well, it didn't take very long after all and I didn't want it to be pushed to the bottom of the pile so I assembled all my HST squares into a quilt top, after rearranging them about 20 times!

I like the look of it. Now to find time to quilt it and to select a fabric for the backing. I am so happy this is finally outside of its box on the road to the finish line.

Linking to Brag about your Beauties, Off the wall FridayPeacock Party Whoop Whoop Friday, Patchwork and QuiltsMonday ...

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May 17, 2021
Have Fun, Quilt and be Merry from Adele Mogavero

Life should be fun – and if you love to quilt, it should be fun too. Or why Quilt?So I’m not going to get all in your face about getting those UFOs done. When I started this post I considered writing a post about how ....

The post Have Fun, Quilt and be Merry appeared first on Musings From The Bungalow.

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May 16, 2021
An old friend - with HST from Espritpatch

 In 2016, I joined the Modern HST quilt-along with Alyce. I didn't quite follow through but eventually caught up with the blocks in January 2019. I had all but one block done and a problem: I didn't have enough background fabric left for the last block. 

I searched online, ordered some, my order was cancelled because the fabric was out of stock. I launched an appeal online but never got any reply. So I was stuck with 23 blocks, not sure what to do to finish it off. 

And finally earlier this month, I decided that I could ...

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May 15, 2021
The Design Wall for Quilter's - Part Two from Crazy Quilter on a Bike!

 A design wall is a CRITICAL part of a quilt studio. Why? You can't really appreciate what your quilt will look like, how the fabrics behave together, whether the values and colors work together without standing back and have a good long look. I've been known to throw stuff on the wall and then sit on a chair and just look. I would not be happy without my design wall. I'm working on my UFO, and here's what it looks like. 

I got all the rows stitched together for this quilt top. Now it was decision ...

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May 13, 2021
Why does a project become a UFO? from Crazy Quilter on a Bike!

For the most part, I'm happy with all my quilt projects. I like the fabrics I picked to work with, I like the pattern instructions, and I like the design. My issue is that I take on too much and literally run out of time to work on the project and that's why most of my UFOs are UFOs. Once I drag a UFO out and start to work on it, I get that same feeling of excitement as when I started. 

However, I have ONE project that's a nightmare. I've stitched a fair number of ...

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