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August 18, 2021
new shirt project from Making A Lather

 Part of my stress reliever project for retreat was just sewing 4 patches out of shirts. I started with 2 1/2 inch strips in dark and light and sewed  a bunch whenever I needed to destress in between sea swept.

I'd sew strips for awhile, and, then, subcut them and sew four patches. I was doing just dark and light.

I have one pattern that uses these as frames around a center block. I needed 32 for the sides and a larger set for the top and bottom.  I did get the 32 sewn. I have a few ...

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July 11, 2021
Christmas Flimsy, Preparing Backing and New Projects from Grandma's Red Needle

 Hello everyone! 
I hope you've had a good week. To those of you in the US and Canada; stay inside, stay cool. Can't imagine the heat some of you're dealing with.  As you know; it's 'winter' in the tropics and to keep my fingers warm, I've been busy sewing! 

If you read my previous post, you know I was sorting 2.5' Christmas Fabric Squares (already cut) on colors. Rather boring, to tell the truth! Good thing there weren't that many!

After the sorting was done, I started sewing, and sewing... and sewing!!! Couldn ...

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June 30, 2021
Weekend Sewing and Updated UFO / WIP Lists from Grandma's Red Needle

Happy Wednesday!
(I started writing this post Monday, some paragraphs are updated)
After working hard on WIP's and actually finish some of them  (previous post), it took me a day or so to decide what's next. 

I decided to work on the tea cozies. They are quilted and ready for binding.

Update: 2 tea cozies are done, just have to fix the loop on each. 

I've this one left to do. Insulated tea cozies are a bit tedious to make, especially to machine sew the binding through four layers cotton batting, 2 layers insul bright + the front ...

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June 25, 2021
Migration to Africa (UFO) and Other Finishes from Grandma's Red Needle

Hello everyone! I hope you're having a good week and get lots of quilting done. 
It's winter on the Southern hemisphere. We're having a cold front from Antarctica; rain, wind and 3-4 degrees (Celsius) drop in temperature. (Actually no rain the last days!). This morning we have +14C / 57.2F and 65% humidity. The cold gets into my bones! BRRR! Never in my life did I imagine I have to wear wool clothes in the tropics, but that's what I'm wearing!

To keep my fingers warm, I've been working on my list from my ...

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June 15, 2021
What's on your sewing table.... from Grandma's Red Needle

...and chair, that needs to be finished? 

This is my sewing table today. It doesn't look that bad, eh? A couple of projects, right? 

The chair; overflowing! Some WIP's hiding there!  

I'm determined to work on UFO's, but in between I need a break to work on smaller projects. After doing a little counting today, I've decided to finish (most of) the projects laying on the table and chair, before I touch anything else! (Easier said than done!) I've not set a timeframe, because that won't work for me! I didn't take ...

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June 5, 2021
This, That, a Finish and Christmas in May from Grandma's Red Needle

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a good week and got some quilting done. Since my previous post, I've been busy with several projects. I usually work on one project at a time, although not always get them finished. That's quite normal, isn't it?! :) 

First of all, I have a finished UFO! 

Yep! Another Postage Stamp Quilt! This is #9 (my UFO list). It's the same size as the other PSQ I finished recently; 72 x 95 inches / 183 x 241 cm. 

This is the one I struggled to get the 108" backing straight. We ...

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May 21, 2021
A FINISH! ...and that's a UFO! from Grandma's Red Needle

Good Friday morning from a rainy and windy Mauritius! 

It's the beginning of 'winter', or 'cold season', as the locals refer it to. It's past middle May and the last days the weather is typical for July/August; rain, wind and drop in temperature. Meteo predicts the temperature drops to +11C  / 51.8F on the plateau this 'winter'. BRRR! Some of you may be laughing, but with high humidity and wind, this sort of weather IS cold! Time to wear warm sweaters and socks! 

We took advantage of the sunny weather and did some long overdue yard work ...

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May 10, 2021
works in progress from Making A Lather

What I am working on this week. I am trying to make 2 easy breezy blocks every day. I still have 70 + to go.

And if I have enough extra 1 1/2 inch squares to make a waffle stamps block, I make it in any color. Otherwise, I use the color of the month from rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy. This month is red and I finished the red here.

I made a batch of  quilted twins free pattern called swingin checkerboard. I have another 30 - 40 to go.

I worked on rsc blocks in red for ...

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April 26, 2021
Progress on UFO's during the Lockdown from Grandma's Red Needle

It's Monday again! How did that happen?! Hope you all had a great week. Lockdown continues (to be eased, phase #2, as from May 1, 2021) and the week has been wet, wet, wet! Lots of rain which caused flooding in the South-eastern part of the island. It has been raining in our area too, but that's nothing compared to the South-East. No venture out except twice a week (lockdown restrictions) and the rain! Thank goodness for fabric and notions, stay inside and stay dry! 

I've taken a break from the pineapple blocks. I am going to ...

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April 23, 2021
One of these things {a finish} from Factotum of Arts


I have trouble expressing my feelings and thoughts into words and talking about it. This quilt represents my wish that human nature can embrace difference. Different is beautiful, wonderful, inspiring and makes life and things around us interesting. It saddens me that often being different is used to divide us, introduce fear, hate or violence. We need to do better.


The design and name of this quilt was inspired by the Sesame Street Song “One of these things“. It teaches that things are different and says “one of these things doesn’t belong” so are we teaching children ...

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April 19, 2021
30 Days of Quilting: Week 3 – 5 from Factotum of Arts

I have thoroughly enjoyed quilting these smaller projects, having finishes each week and a chance to experiment – Week 1, Week 2. This project was no different. “One of these things” is a 4 part piece, with each piece measuring 20 x 30 in.

These pieces are minimalistic and geometric in nature. They only have two colors, both being primary colors, blue and yellow. As I thought through the quilting I knew it needed to be simple and complement the elements in the design.

I decided on using 1/2″ straight line on the background aspects of each piece, both horizontal ...

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April 14, 2021
what I am working on from Making A Lather

 A little bit here and there. I found some bright 4 patches in my reorganization of the project selves. I think I was planning on making a stepping stone quilt with them. In any event, I brought them over to work on as more of a leader/ ender. 

I need to cut more upcycled shirts for the anvil blocks. I really like making these. Each one looks so nice. 

These are the little easy breezy blocks made with 1 1/2 inch squares. I still have some cut and ready to sew.

I tried  a new bread recipe - honey orange ...

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March 31, 2021
30 days of quilting – Week 2 from Factotum of Arts

Check out week one on my 30 days of quilting experiment. This week’s project was Beating Heart. It is an abstract piece that shows the 4 chambers of the heart and the arteries.

I choose to finish this piece as it has more meaning now, than when I originally made the top. Since I turned 45, I started having panic attacks. These occur mostly at night for me and I really think I am dying from a heart attack. It could start with a twinge and then my mind jumps straight to I’m dying. Of course, logically I ...

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March 30, 2021
# IGQuiltFest2021 ~ Must Make ~ UFOs from Life in the Scrapatch


For my "Must Make Quilts" I have chosen the UFOs from

My Quazy Queens Post in March, 2019

Rather than post some new huge goal, I decided to revist some of my old ones.

My "Must Make" Projects are:  

Patchwork of the Crosses EPP Blocks 

My Ventana and Trinket SAL Quilts

365 Blocks in 365 Days ~ "Good Karma" 

My Postage Stamp Scrap Quilt

I am also adding my 

My Simple Stitches Embroidery Project

on which, I think, the stitching is near or complete and just needs to be taken out of the project bag and finished into a wall hanging ...

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March 22, 2021
30 days of quilting – Week One from Factotum of Arts

I have started a new 30 day project to help finish some smaller WiPs and bring back some joy to walking foot quilting. The quilting part of making a quilt is not my favorite part. It’s obviously needed to finish a quilt, but I always feel like its work. I am hoping that I can experiment and play with these smaller quilts and enjoy the process. My goal is to finish one mini quilt (smaller than 30×30″) each week.

Also, I decided with home schooling and work loads my 30 days is not necessarily continuous. I am allowing ...

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February 27, 2021
yellow stars from Making A Lather

I have more sunshiny yellow blocks made for the rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy. I have started crumb stars just this year. I sit for one evening sewing crumbs in the color of the month. However many I can cut from that, is how many I can make for the month.  I am cutting the centers at 4 1/2 inches and using 2 1/2   HSTS - ( half square triangles )

I made 10 yellow tiny houses, but, one has played the vanishing game. Maybe it found an empty lot somewhere warm.

I managed to get the Bonnie Hunter free ...

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February 21, 2021
waffling and blue skies from Making A Lather

I overdid the yellow waffle stamp blocks , but, that gets me to a larger number already done for the whole quilt. These are very easy to do and a bit addictive.

One of the Ufos I wanted to do for yellow at rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy, was Bonnie Hunter blue skies from her book string fling. I made the string blocks during a string basket cleaning in 2016. I was string piecing anything in the book I might want to make while I was playing with strings. Last month, I assembled zucherwatte with pink. After reading that I ...

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February 13, 2021
postage stamp fun from Making A Lather

I hope to follow a plan for working on the rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy this year.

1. grab color wire basket and sort

 I keep my fabric chunks in wire baskets by color. Some baskets are in tidy shape, others, not so much. yellow is very tidy and nearly empty.  I have a few boxes of scraps stored by color elsewhere. I pulled the yellow out and emptied it into the wire basket. It was still not full. I need to keep my eye out for yellow to purchase. But, I am in no hurry.

2. decide ufo ...

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February 12, 2021
color blocks from Making A Lather

It was time to sort through my 2 1/2 inch strip drawer. The color of the month for the rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy is yellow. I wanted to make 16 patches in yellow 16 patch blocks for the Debby Brown color blocks quilt along, but, I only had 5- 2 1/2 inch squares to be found. I pulled out the shortest strips and cut squares. I really didn't count.

I had fun sewing them together. I had several repeats, but, they will be in various places in a quilt.

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February 6, 2021
still in the pink from Making A Lather

Even with an extra Saturday in January, I did not get all my pink projects finished for the rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy. I am using my 2 1/2 inch squares to make 16 patch blocks for the Debbie Brown color blocks quilt along. I am making the blocks each month with the rainbow colors, and, then, deciding which blocks for which quilt at the end of the year. I wonder if a person can ever empty the 2 1/2 inch square bin.

I wanted to get started with full stop quilt that Angela is doing, but ...

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