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March 29, 2020
stash report March 29, 2020 from Making A Lather

These were fabric purchases from the thrift store before covid -19. I was thrilled  to find a quilter's cast offs. There was about 9 1/2 yards.

Stash report 

Fabric Used this month -nothing yet for March as I haven't finished a quilt
Fabric Used year to Date: 53.25 yards

Fabric Added this month: 9.5  yards 
Fabric Added Year to Date: 54.75 yards
net fabric: 1.5 yards bought more than used

I sewed at least 15 minutes per day

I have an old ufo on the frame and hope to have it quilted and ...

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March 28, 2020
irish chain quilt from Making A Lather

This week I worked on the rainbow irish chain blocks for the rainbow scrap challenge. I have been able to stay current with this quilt.

I found some little bits of teal/ aqua that I made into more of my little blocks.

I think I have everything done for March in teal /aqua, and I am ready for a new color.

My rainbow projects for 2020 with links:
 Irish chain
row by row
scraptastic star
country road

I am linking to:

rsc20 super saturday

oh scrap

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March 25, 2020
Curfew UFO Sewing from Grandma's Red Needle

Hello everyone! 
I hope you all are safe and staying at home sewing in this crazy CoVid-19 times. Mauritius has been on lock-down for some days (except grocery stores, supermarkets, bakeries etc), then curfew and from today there's a 7 days complete lock-down (curfew) all over the island. 

I've been stuck at home since last Thursday (when I had to get some groceries). I've been busy with this and that, finished a few items for my shop (no photos yet). 

As most of you know, I love log cabin quilts. Recently I have finished two scrappy log ...

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March 14, 2020
rsc teal from Making A Lather

The color for March and the rainbow scrap challenge is teal. I chose a more aqua color for my shine quilt.

I dug through my 2 inch scraps and found a little of everything for the tiny houses.

My rainbow projects for 2020 with links:
 Irish chain
row by row
scraptastic star
country road

I am linking to:

rsc20 super saturday

oh scrap
UFO busting - I am featured this week

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March 7, 2020
little bits from Making A Lather

I think these blocks are cute and fun. There is a link at the bottom of the post for the pattern. The rainbow scrap challenge color for the month of March is teal. I really like having a new color each month to help me weed out the useable scraps, and make something useful. These use 1 1/2 inch strips and squares.

I use the littlest triangle scraps for this fun wonky star block. Each block is a little surprise. The centers and background are 2 inch squares.

My rainbow projects for 2020 with links:
 Irish chain
row ...

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March 6, 2020
frolic top from Making A Lather

I spent an afternoon at Church as the second person for teaching a young boy having trouble with school. My job was easy. Just be there as a back up. I decided I would bring my sewing machine, and, take advantage of a floor to layout the rest of my frolic mystery quilt.
By mid afternoon, all the parts were sewn and I had 2 halves left to put together.

Before I went home, I had the top together this far. All that is left are the borders.

I'm linking to:

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March 2, 2020
one monthly goal and frolic from Making A Lather

It was so nice yesterday, we took a walk in the park. There was just a little bit of snow left under the fallen tree. Spring is close I can feel it.

Friday group I had a chance to layout  frolic and make the center row and the smaller one before it. It is all downhill from here. There is a lot of pinning and matching. It was more fun to sit and pin when in the company of other quilter friends. With every row, I like it better.

This is part of my one monthly goal for March. I ...

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APQ UFO Challenge March and February Finish from Grandma's Red Needle

It's March already, and another UFO to finish. 
APQ UFO Challenge this month, is #7. For me, that means 'Log Cabin #3' (Updated UFO list; #18). GEEZ! Looks like I can't make anything else than log cabin quilts! LOL Seriously, I love log cabin quilts! The more scrappy, the better! Such a great way to use up some of the 1.5 inch fabric strips I've been cutting and hording for some years. 

So this is #7. (Blog post here
I purchased the backing earlier this year and have the batting as well. I'm eager to ...

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February 26, 2020
flower box quilt from Making A Lather

This quilt has been at the top of my list since the beginning of the year and, I feel pressure to do it right, so I have procrastinated. sigh...

I started cutting for this quilt. The colors and fabric is just scrumptious.

The pattern calls for sets of strips in light, dark, light, and, sets in dark, light, dark. I really tried to make these accurate. From here, I will be cutting diamonds for the tops of the baskets. I am a little intimidated to work with diamonds.

Once I get over the apprehension of cutting the diamonds wrong, It ...

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February 25, 2020
to do shoofly from Making A Lather

My hubby's heart catheritization went well - no blockages. But, it was a long day. There were 2 emergency hearts that were the high priority, so we did a lot of waiting. The prceedure was 15 minutes, but we were there from 10:30 am to 9:30 pm. Now, we wait to see if the back surgery will be rescheduled. My mind has been a little absent lately. I was grateful for the fun little bits of machine time I have had. It does soothe the soul. I have a few new shoofly blocks.

And the pile is growing ...

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February 24, 2020
frolic rows from Making A Lather

My husband was scheduled to have back surgery today, but his cardiologist wanted to do a heart cath first, so the back surgery was cancelled. What a disappointment. But, we will still be visiting the hospital for the heart cath, and see what road that takes us down.

Friday group met, and I worked a little bit on rows for frolic mystery quilt. There is a lot of pinning involved in piecing these together.

And, there was no mention in the directions about joining the sashings together with the navy 1 1/2 inch square we cut earlier in clue ...

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Using up a few Fabric Stashes from Grandma's Red Needle

It's already Monday and the last week in February, how did that happen?! 
Last week we took advantage of the nice weather and spent almost every day doing some long overdue yard work. 
Not much time for sewing, but I'm happy to say the scrappy log cabin UFO is FINISHED! I've also made a couple of Easter Table Toppers, just have to take photos. 

We all have fabric stash, don't we? I have fabric I bought long time ago - I won't say 'years ago', that doesn't sound good, does it? lol. You know, this ...

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February 22, 2020
orange cross block from Making A Lather

I didn't have very many orange squares, and the row x row quilt required 2 5/8 inch squares ( weird size for me). So I started cutting big chunks into 2 5/8 squares and 2 1/2 inch squares and whatever finished the scrap

The triangles called for strange sizes cut diagonally, but after doing one that way, I knew my accuquilt dies would work.

It needed a little trimming.

I only did one row this month, and will do the other orange row later, for the month of color that I don't need for the quilt ...

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February 15, 2020
shine blocks from Making A Lather

I have the orange blocks finished for shine quilt. I almost missed this second orange, because it was more coral to me. But, it really is orange next to pink. It definitely looks orange on the computer.

I fell in love with cathy's  at sane crazy crumbly quilts  tiny houses quilt.
She has been making houses with the rainbow scrap challenge for awhile, and, I had fun searching for them on her blog. And, then, I wanted to try them too. They are fun and dandy.

I think all I have left for orange is the row x row ...

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February 14, 2020
Scrappy Log Cabin Under the Needle from Grandma's Red Needle

If you read my previous post, you know I - at that time - have a flimsy. 
Monday this week, I received the batting and backing for this quilt and since then it has kept me super busy! 

I took this photo two days back and last night I finished the quilting! Phew! 
There are some thread tails to be taken care of before I add the binding. 

Clear sky this morning and no rain during the night, which means it's time for some gardening / yard work today. 


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February 7, 2020
Scrappy Log Cabin Flimsy and Tea Cozy from Grandma's Red Needle

First of all; THANK YOU  EVERYONE for your comments on my previous post
Currently I have an email problem, which I hope to sort out soonest.  

I got so excited and almost out of breath about the scrappy log cabin quilt (UFO) that I couldn't stop until it was done! 
Well, I did eat and sleep in between! LOL

100 blocks later, this is how it looks like. It measures approximately 80 x 80 inches (2 x 2 meters). In my previous post, I said I have 122 blocks. That's wrong and I don't know how I ...

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February 4, 2020
Voila! I figured it out....happily! from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories

Remember that I went to a Sherri Lynn Wood workshop some time ago?

As you can see from this photo, I was a bit discombobulated by my work. I kept at it, but while there was something I liked, there was more I didn't like. People kept telling me it was good. That was nice, honestly, but I have to be happy from the inside. So I decided to put the whole thing on the design wall when I got home.

On the design board waiting for a plan
There it stayed and stayed. Life kept getting between me ...

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January 26, 2020
Scrappy Quilting and Rainy Week from Grandma's Red Needle

It has been a wet week weather wise. We had a 'cyclone warning class 3' caused by Moderate Tropical Cyclone 'Diane'. 'Class 3' means 'no venture out'. 'Diane' passed 40 km (24.85 miles) off the North coast before 04:00 a.m. Saturday morning and we did not even hear the wind or rain! Luckily it was not a strong cyclone; no flooding or other damages in our area.

I've been super busy with a couple of my scrappy UFO's and happy to say I have a FINISH!

This is my UFO #10 (my UFO list) and ...

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January 18, 2020
Scrappy Lap Quilt, getting it ready to quilt from Grandma's Red Needle

A couple of weeks ago I got the wide (108") backing for the scrappy lap quilt. 
If you read my previous post you can easily imagine how 'fun' it is to empty the table to get ready sandwiching the three layers together. 

The backing may not look wide on the photo, but it is double! 

UGH! How easy is it to deal with this width?!
Do you see the carton boxes to the upper left? That's the cat's! He loves them, uses to sleep in one and sometimes just hide in one of them, jumps out and scare ...

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January 15, 2020
WIP's and another UFO from Grandma's Red Needle

It's early Wednesday morning, I'm enjoying my first cuppa of the day and listening to the birds' chirping (before the traffic sets in). 
It's time to update what I've been up to since I counted UFO's! :) You can see that post here I forgot to add one UFO though, the updated list is posted below. 

My creative mess this past Sunday! 
I've been working on so many things I've almost lost count

Close to my heart are mug rugs. They are easy and fast to make. I've had Loralie's 'On the ...

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