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December 31, 2019
A quick look back before forward to 2020 from Nestlings By Robin

Hard to believe 20 years have 
passed since this crew was 
together for a new year, decade,
century, millennium!!
We were stationed in Puerto Rico
for 2000 and what a party!
January in Florida is prime
'drink and a nosh on the water' time:)
March was more hockey watching 
the Bolts kick some ass 
(before imploding later in the season). 
Wearing my new awesome fingerless 
gloves my mom made for me:)
I find them so comfortable for 
handwork too.
April brought a new adventure working
the Connecting Threads booth in Paducah
with this crazy ...

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December 30, 2019
June 2017 from Nestlings By Robin

I hope you have enjoyed the peeks 
back as much as I have!
These looks back have been
eye opening and I am appreciative
of all that has been accomplished.

This ca 1890 string star quilt was found in 
Plant City, FL on one of my appraisal 
training outings with my friend, Brenda.
It really doesn't fit in with my normal
style but I Love it!  I can't tell
you why other than the red and gold
together is very captivating.
String stars are normally haphazard
and this creator found a way to speak
to my OCD nature ...

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December 28, 2019
Grand Rapids Adventure from Nestlings By Robin

August of 2019 I flew to 
Grand Rapids, Michigan to
take my appraisal test that
I had been training for
close to 3 years.

 Here are a couple of shots from inside
the convention center that sits 
along the Grand River.
My test would take place over 2 days.
A friend from Florida (also training to 
be an appraiser) was in town so we 
hung out taking in a lecture,
walking the floor looking at quilts,
and attending one of the Quilts of Valor
presentations where 3 quilts were gifted to Veterans.

 Montage of old quilts (above)
and new quilts ...

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Another PEEK back in time from Nestlings By Robin

We looked pretty good on our  
29th Anniversary:)
We decided to try country line dancing.
It was a fun low-key night out
at our local joint.
This is our dancing instructor.
That summer also treated us all to
We used a minnow box from 
my mother in law to look at 
it and loved the design it made.

How did you watch the eclipse?

for more blogs to follow.

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December 27, 2019
Color Play from Nestlings By Robin

Do you ever just pile up pieces of 
fabric to photograph and see
how they look together?
This grouping came home from the 
shop with me and I hadn't been 
putting them together on purpose
but they look lovely together!
What quilt would you make with them?

for more blogs to follow.

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December 26, 2019
Building Relationships from Nestlings By Robin

In 2017 I was very excited to have a design chosen
by Connecting Threads for their catalog.
I had no idea at the time that it 
would be the beginning of 
something wonderful.
Meet Autumums...
Pattern still available 
for download HERE

This sweet little design opened
the door for my continued design 
work with a great team.
It has also allowed me to work 
the Connecting Threads booth
at AQS shows and I will be
at the Spring show in Paducah
so come by and say HI:)

I am a bit more choosy with my 
time and ...

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December 25, 2019
MERRY CHRISTMAS & from Nestlings By Robin

whatever holiday you celebrate!
I didn't decorate at home so 
here is a peek at Christmases past:)
Today I get to be with my family
including both daughters and their
guys, my mother, my brother and nephew
(plus a few puppies:)

It will be a weekend full of hockey, 
display lights, card games, laughter, 
food, some tears, and the 
new Star Wars movie! YAY!

HUG those dear to you
whether in person or virtually.
Those virtual hugs can be just
as valuable to someone's soul
because they know they are loved.

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December 24, 2019
Christmas lights & PJs for all! from Nestlings By Robin

Our Christmas tradition has been
new pjs opened on Christmas eve.
This year will be a bit different
but there will still be pjs!

One of my boys found this 
amazing Chinese Lantern Festival
for us to go to last night.
The rain let up just in time
and the weather was perfect for
strolling whilst drinking spiked hot chocolate:)
We entered through the archway and then 
these moving and light changing 
butterflies met us!

My family Chinese horoscope animals
include Me as the Monkey, a sheep,
a snake and a dragon.
These renditions are very 
Hello Kitty.

This bird ...

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December 23, 2019
STAR WARS! from Nestlings By Robin

Today the family went to see the final
installment of my childhood FUN!

It was action packed and cheesy just 
like every other episode and did
not disappoint.

The makers made sure to hit all the 
nostalgic points for the true fans
and we cried a bit too.
I am pleased that most of our 
major character actors made 
it to the end aside from 
one or two which is to be
expected when a series has 
spanned 40 years.

Thank you to everyone
who completed the WHOLE 
story for all of us that 
were completely swept away to that ...

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December 21, 2019
21 Parrots from Nestlings By Robin

I am guessing there were at least that many!!

They are here most of the year and 
you can hear them fly over very loudly.
Usually I see anywhere from 3-8
together at one time but
on this day, there were gobs of them 
all chirping away.

Plus they were right up close and I 
had NO idea how big they are...
at least a foot long.
All this time I have imagined 
they were more like the parakeet size
in the pet stores.
A quick google search found
Nanday Parakeet...??
They did look like the one on 

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December 20, 2019
Be safe out there Part 2: from Nestlings By Robin

This came across my FB feed the other
day and shows just how easy it is to 
get scammed at the gas pump.

 We no longer use our 
ATM cards at the pump!
If I am going to get ripped off,
then they can’t have
access to ALL the money!

Be street smart!

for more blogs to follow.

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December 19, 2019
A look back to 2018 from Nestlings By Robin

Today is the 19th day of the month and 
for lack of a prompt, I went back 19 months 
to see what I was up to then...
I may use this prompt again:)

In May of 2018 I had gone up to 
Virginia to dog sit my parents 
little pup so they could take 
a 50th Anniversary trip.
I brought plenty of work with me 
and made an appointment with 
behind the scenes tour of some of
their antique quilts for my appraisal research.

Isn't this a lovely design?!!
The trip to Williamsburg ...

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December 18, 2019
BABY LOVE from Nestlings By Robin

Out on stands now is the 
January 2020 issue of AQ magazine.

 My new design, BABY LOVE, is 
featured within on page 64.
 I was very thankful to have Ann Hamel's 
(AQ's fantastic editor) advice on 
what is trending with baby colors since I 
am not a grandma and so a bit out of the loop:)
 Once I had my lovely Shadow Play 
fabric from Maywood Studios, I 
went shopping for some basic thread
and found the perfect pink with my
mother's name:)
Then it was time to get to work
paper piecing these simple little blocks ...

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December 17, 2019
Be Safe out there! from Nestlings By Robin

Two days ago there was a road rage
 incident about 2 miles from my house
where someone was shot.

My husband felt the need to tell
me all about it in a,
"You better beware or it could
be you next", tone.
He knows me....

I live in an area where the main road
to get to anywhere is 4 lanes each way
and super busy especially this time
of year with the holidays
and the snowbirds are here.
Between them 'being on vacation', 
some people texting and driving,
and various other factors, you really
take your life in your ...

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December 16, 2019
What we do for LOVE... from Nestlings By Robin

If you have a fur baby, then I probably 
don't need to explain any further.
We have 2 with our second one being
the oldest and the one we adopted
from the Wheaten rescue.

He is an absolute doll most of 
the time and his name is Biscuit:)
 He came with allergies, none of which
were specific, and a bag of pills and sprays.
We used some of them and then he got better
so I attributed his issues to anxiety.
After a year or so we noticed that he 
did have allergies that were cyclical and we 
treated ...

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December 15, 2019
Living History Series from Nestlings By Robin

Coming in 2020 (SO WEIRD to write that!) 
I will introduce my Living History Series 
of workshops for guilds to book in 2021.

How interested would you be in 
seeing and touching and learning
about a 100+ year old
quilt and then making a small updated
reproduction of that same quilt?

That is what we will be 
doing in each 3 hour class.
You aren't out a lot of time
or money and you get to 
be a part of our quilting ancestry!

If you are super excited about
this idea, keep an eye out
for Houston next year ...

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December 14, 2019
'Currant Pinwheels' in Simply Vintage! from Nestlings By Robin

Thank you all for sticking through 
some of the boring posts this past week
and here is your reward:)
 Here is the new issue of Simply Vintage
one of my Favorite publications!!
Inside you will find a sweet
red and green treat based on
this antique quilt below.
 This is Coxcombs and Currants which I own.
I thought I would try designing a 
smaller piece inspired by the quilt
but in a different colorway.
 These are some of my other 'go-to' 
colors; red, orange, black.
 I really like the small loop design within the leaves.
This one was all done ...

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December 13, 2019
Friday the Thirteenth from Nestlings By Robin

Are you superstitious?
I guess we all are in some ways
but this date doesn't bother me.

It was an all around lovely 
day with my husband.
We did some Christmas shopping,
ate at a new-to-us restaurant
in Dunedin, The Hono.
It is a Hawaiian themed restaurant 
and the food was delicious!!!
The pork was pull apart moist 
and the spicy sauce did not disappoint.
We picked up a few groceries
and headed home where I 
proceeded to work on a few of
those Christmas gifts that are
still in parts.
I know none of you have 
that problem ...

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December 12, 2019
My Energy is back-FINALLY from Nestlings By Robin

During my November craziness, 
I came down with a cold. 
Then I got better....
Then it came back....
I don't think I have ever had 
a cold come back but in a bit
weaker strain.
Very Frustrating to say the least.

Yesterday I felt I turned a corner
just in time to finish one deadline.
Now to start on my submissions
for Houston Festival so I
can see this lovely city
again in the Fall.

Do you have a technique or class
you would like to take?
Are you interested in reproductions
of 1800s quilts?
Miniatures ...

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December 11, 2019
Birthdays... from Nestlings By Robin

I hit mine last year and now it is this
guy's turn to be part of the over 50 club:)

Interesting role being an older sibling:
Does the protectiveness come with being
human or does it come from the parents
always telling you to look out for the younger?

I spent many years looking after this
guy and getting into trouble with him too!
We had a pact as kids to not rat
each other out to the parents so 
there were a lot of "I don't know" 
answers when being questioned about ...

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