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September 24, 2021
WIPs Be Gone is Underway! from Goer

Today was the first day of the last 100 days of 2021. Time sure flies. I've mentioned in recent blog posts that I did #99DaysofWIPs this summer, from Memorial Day to Labor day, focusing on WIPs that were started in classes. I finished three small bags, two pillow covers, and five quilts in that time. Plus progress on a handful of other projects.

Today I started #WIPsBeGone2021 with Leanne of Devoted Quilter. We're spending the last 100 days of 2021 working on WIPs (works in progress). This time I'm not limiting myself to class WIPs. And I ...

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September 19, 2021
stash report September 19, 2021 from Making A Lather

Aren't these cute? They were on sale and I am always sad that charm packs don't make very big quilts, so, I bought 4.

 stash report September 19, 2021

Fabric Used this week: 1 yards    

Fabric Used year to Date: 150 yards

Fabric Added this week: 2 1/4 yards 
Fabric Added Year to Date: 110 1/2 yards

net fabric: 39 1/2 yards used more than bought 

 I stitched at least 15 minutes every day this week. I finished ode to joey quilt here. I have been very good about sticking to the longarm and getting ...

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September 6, 2021
chain upside down from Making A Lather

Something is not right here. I was pinning the next three rows from the bottom of Carolina chain and it didn't look right. I was watching TV so, it must have been a great show, that I bungled the direction of the rows. haha

I knew I was working from the bottom, but, I pinned as though it was from the top. Then, the angles of the setting triangles were off and the lengths were wrong. Such a rookie mistake. Back to the book and diagram and another round of pinning, sewing, and it was finally together.

Jumping back ...

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August 23, 2021
snails trails from Making A Lather

Hooray ! I started assembly of my sea swept quilt at my Friday quilt group. The left 4 snails trails are sewn together but, the rest are only webbed together to check and secure placement. It is really cool. I came home, and I am doing some of the pinning watching TV in the evening. 

meanwhile, I am back to sewing easy breezy blocks but using 1 1/2 inch squares and strips as leader/enders while sewing other blocks.

I am linking:

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WIP 2020 from KISSed Quilts - Keeping It Simple and Stunning

Here is my annual year in review for 2020

New and Finished Quilts for the year

1. Snoopy Deep Space - Kit w/free pattern available 

2. A new design released at Fall Market - Island Batik fabrics - Citrus Sun - Pattern to be released soon!
Pattern: Sintra Central - inspired by my trip to Portugal Oct 2019.


3. Holly Berries in the Snow (two items) - pattern to be released soon!
Made with Island Batik fabrics - Holly Holiday; Pattern includes 8" and 12" block sizes.

4. Lots of masks! Craft Passion style pattern. Ear Loops, Head loops, ties, or combination.
Pellon911FF 60" wide and ...

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August 20, 2021
more sea swept from Making A Lather

My finish for the week is all the diamonds for my sea swept quilt are done. They haven't been trimmed in the picture, but, I am ready to start the assembly today at our quilt group. I made 10 a day after coming home, and, I finished trimming yesterday.

I am so glad to move this forward after the debacle of last week and the wrong size diamonds

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August 16, 2021
sink or swim at retreat from Making A Lather

Oh my - my retreat story. I just couldn't find a project to work on except my sea swept quilt. And I was closing in on finishing all the blocks I would need. But, I thought it would just take a couple of hours. Silly me, thinking I needed another project.  Just as I finished sewing 388 triangles to 97 diamonds, and began to trim them, Someone asked me what I was making. So I showed her my snails trail blocks and how this was the sashing.   And, Oh no,  they were too small for the block. I had chosen ...

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August 14, 2021
crumb stars from Making A Lather

I had fun digging in the scrap bag for aqua crumbs. I knew I wanted to make crumb stars this week and with the color of aqua. Aqua is the color of the month for the rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy. I was able to make 9 centers and then, 9 blocks.

I found all of these crumbs in the crumb and string bins. I had cleaned them all into one place as we prepared for company. I was afraid, if I broke them out of hiding, a mess would ensue. But, I think I outsmarted it.

I am ...

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July 21, 2021
Album or Chimney Sweep block – A Wedding Quilt Journey from Modern Sunbonnet Sue

I began a quilt for my nephew & his wife on the day they were married. I placed 2-1/2 X 5 inch muslin strips backed with freezer paper onto a table at the reception and invited guests to sign their name in the center. Some guests drew photos while others wrote messages. I collected 52 […]

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June 27, 2021
stash report June 27, 2021 from Making A Lather

I added a new bright layer cake to the stack. I really want to add a solid quilt to the list of quilts I want to make. Any ideas?


Stash report June 27, 2021

Fabric Used this week: 0 yards  

Fabric Used year to Date: 87 1/2 yards

Fabric Added this week: 3 yards  
Fabric Added Year to Date: 84 1/4 yards

net fabric: 3 1/4 yards used more than bought 

 I stitched at least 15 minutes 4 days this week. 

All the hooking is done for Mr. Scarecrow rug, I just haven't spread him ...

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June 24, 2021
Sleepless in NYC & Stitching Projects from Where Art & Life Meet

There’s nothing quite like being woken in the middle of the night only to then not be able to go back to sleep. I took this opportunity to read. I read about Britney Spears and her ongoing battle to gain her full independence and then an article about how learning a new language will increase […]

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June 20, 2021
stash report June 20, 2021 from Making A Lather

Happy Father's Day! I married a good one. He was right in the trenches with me. He changed diapers, cleaned up yukky things, went to all the events, held them, carried them, taught them. He was right there with me. He was better with them in the night - I was a zombie. And so far, he is good with all my fabric.

And I have some new treasures. They were on sale.

Green fairy had mystery honey buns and I love honey buns. 

Stash report June 20, 2021

Fabric Used this week: 0 yards  

Fabric Used year to Date ...

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June 16, 2021
Mandolin quilt – WIP from Zarkadia Quilts

This quilt is the Mandolin quilt. It started in the summer of 2019, and it is still ongoing. This pattern is written and sold by Tales of Cloth, and I highly recommend it, if English Paper Piecing is your thing.

For me an EPP project is my to-go project, meaning the project I take out of my home comfort, in the park, by the sea, on my vacations! It is super-portable and easy to make.

I decided to use only solid colors, to make a test on my color palettes, and so far it is going really great. I am ...

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June 13, 2021
stash report June 13, 2021 from Making A Lather

I attended a sleep in your own bed retreat this weekend and there was a free table. I haven't had a chance to count what came home. ( I was really really tired). Unfortunately, the table was on the way to the restroom, and, right next to the food. I remember, I found purple, and florals which I was looking to add to my stash. My table buddy was a good girl for her stash, but, kept bringing me fabric she thought I needed. haha

I can always use neutrals

and blues

Stash report June 13, 2021

Fabric Used this ...

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June 11, 2021
zuckerwatte quilt finish from Making A Lather

I have a finish -bonnie Hunter quilt zuckerwatte from her book string fling. It is a smaller quilt than I thought when I started it. It is about 58 x 70. I started working on this ufo in January at a retreat, I had started at the beginning of January with only string blocks made. I made the string blocks in June 2017. I cut a gazillion  HSTS - (half square triangles)... sewed a bunch together, and made  rows. and blocks. It is really pretty in person.

I used a plain pink sheet for the backing that I had in my ...

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Appliqué Hearts from Modern Sunbonnet Sue

I’m on track stitching my appliqué hearts. My 100 blocks are prepared for needle-turn stitching. I’ve finished the first 10 blocks & met the check-in today. I’m using a new needle-turn appliqué technique on these blocks which I learned from a quilt friend. The appliqué shape is traced onto the back of the fabric. The […]

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June 6, 2021
stash report June 6, 2021 from Making A Lather

I just had to have a few charm packs for....a project I have planned for 2040.  for....inflation proofing my stash. for.... insulation. for ....I have been such a good girl. yep that's it.

Stash report May 23, 2021

Fabric Used this week: 0 yards  

Fabric Used year to Date: 73 1/2 yards

Fabric Added this week: 2.75 yards  
Fabric Added Year to Date: 70 1/2 yards

net fabric: 3 yards used more than bought  I am still on the positive side of usage.

I stitched at least 15 minutes every day this week. 

I ...

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May 23, 2021
stash report May 23, 2021 from Making A Lather

I indulged in 2 moda scrap bags. I know they are not really economical, or practical, but, I love the mystery. Some bags are a disappointment, but, these were great. The strips were mostly 3 inches wide, and, many were coordinating. 

Stash report May 23, 2021

Fabric Used this week: 0 yards  

Fabric Used year to Date: 73 1/2 yards

Fabric Added this week: 3 yards  
Fabric Added Year to Date: 67 3/4 yards

net fabric: 5 3/4 yards used more than bought  I am still on the positive side of usage, but, I better start finishing ...

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May 16, 2021
stash report May 16, 2021 from Making A Lather

I couldn't resist a mystery fat quarter bundle when I bought a new quilting t- shirt. It is really adorable. And I have a new missourri star t - shirt for summer.

Stash report May 16, 2021

Fabric Used this week: 14 yards  

Fabric Used year to Date: 73 1/2 yards

Fabric Added this week: 1 1/4 yards  
Fabric Added Year to Date: 64 3/4 yards

net fabric: 8 3/4 yards used more than bought  

I stitched at least 15 minutes every day this week. 
I started with empty circles last week on my random circle ...

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May 9, 2021
stash report May 9, 2021 from Making A Lather

I bought these fat quarter  bundles in preparation for a new quilt I am making as part of our Friday quilt group. At least Linda and I are making a quilt called sea swept., others may join as we go along. I have chosen to make it with batiks in the colors on the pattern. I pulled some fabric from my small, but, rarely used, stash of batiks. I was worried I didn't have enough.

for sea swept

Stash report May 9, 2021

Fabric Used this week: 0 yards  

Fabric Used year to Date: 59 1/2 yards

Fabric ...

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