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November 10, 2021
sewing saturday from Not Afraid of Color


welcome to this week's sewing round up... I sewed a lot, but not much to share right now as I want to wait til the quilted piece has binding, and the basted piece has quilting and binding! 

Some week's are like that... lots done but nothing finished. I did a post on paintings yesterday and am taking another free 30 day workshop with Joanna Basford, which takes painting into a priority. 

The color of the month at rainbow scrap challenge is "neutral". I am choosing to do light neutrals this month and dark neutrals next month since I ...

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November 1, 2021
sewing saturday table scraps autumn from Not Afraid of Color

 Welcome to this week's Sewing Round up!

Remember all the scraps from making the kaleidoscope quilt a while back, and I made all I could into 60 degree triangle blocks like this one...

then tried to arrange them into a new to me configuration

about 21" X 50"

  Here it is quilted, and ready to use! 

  I would show you some of the other configurations but I'm afraid I liked one of them better (in hindsight which is 20/20) 

  I like the strong but interrupted vertical lines of scraps and the triangle lines that show up as ...

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October 28, 2021
sewing saturday from Not Afraid of Color

welcome to this week's sewing round up! Lots of finishing going on this week and some RSC lime green scraps used too. The picture above is the Purple Mountains finish.. 

I'll show some close ups while telling you about it. I started it a few months ago and got inspired to quilt and finish it this week. Lots of metallic sparkling threads, free motion quilting and some flowers...

I combined two fabrics for the binding, sewing the one color along the bottom, a special batik with green and purple on lime... love it... and leaving long tails to ...

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October 14, 2021
sewing saturday... hexi blocks plus improv work from Not Afraid of Color

For sewing this week, I made the hexi kaleidoscope blocks in light/lime greens the color of the month at the RSC. I went ahead and took a pic of the ones already done, and noticed by setting them this way you see kind of a light shadow around the outside... I'll have to take care when I have finished all the blocks. I think it might be a possible twin size with the blocks from the next two months. 

The newest blocks in light greens

I also spent some time with the scraps from making the Ricky Tims ...

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September 29, 2021
sewing Saturday.... peach wine and ghosties from Not Afraid of Color


to start this week, I finished the Bats and Boos quilt (pattern fatquartershop) complete with binding, sleeve and label. It's on the wall now. Earliest I've ever finished a halloween quilt! 

Along with quilting straight lines to stabilize the quilt, the free motion quilting was leaves, vines and spirals

then some ghost buttons were added for fun texture

can you find 6 of them?

the backing was older holiday fabric, another to make a sleeve, and as it finishes at 40 1/4" square, was just a bit too large for my backing fabric

I pulled the back ...

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September 22, 2021
sewing saturday orange rules! from Not Afraid of Color

 For this week's sewing round up I have a lot of orange... 

the bats and boos quilt is in process of being quilted now
love a scrappy pin cushion

remember back to the 70's?? I do... The colors were earthy harvest gold, avocado green , chocolate brown, and hanging on was 60's orange. I didn't like it then but now that I mix my own orange paint, 

 and have so many pretty orange fabrics I realize the sparkle it can give artwork. 

I did the large hexie kaleidoscope blocks in orange

and looked at them with the ...

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September 17, 2021
Sewing Saturday from turquoise to orange, goddesses to pumpkins from Not Afraid of Color


For this week's sewing discussion I have three small finishes. The photo above shows the transition in color of the month at RSC from turquoise to orange.

The calendar says we are getting into Fall even if our temps remain nearly 100 F and the wildfire smoke is choking us when we go outside.  We are having record breaking heat when it traditionally was cooling off. 

My three finishes also show the transition from turquoise to orange and don't they compliment each other?  

I love Fall. I grew up in Florida where we had two seasons, hot and ...

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September 1, 2021
sewing saturday scraps, and table scraps from Not Afraid of Color

47 half square triangle blocks!! The coaster is 6.5" square

 It is small but it goes on a table, it's a coaster. I made it from the cut away triangles after making the bats and boos block, so when the tiny sparkly triangles are sewn they make a 1.25" square block to use.

tried lots of concepts with them...

 this is my table scraps offering this month... two finished coasters and two runners for fall in progress

I used a turquoise scrap as accent. Turquoise/teal/aqua is the color of the month at rainbow Scrap Challenge ...

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August 25, 2021
Sewing Saturday from Not Afraid of Color


this week in sewing... lots of sewing going on this week amid finishing the creativity course, and the writing/meditation course. 


Let's start with the rainbow scrap challenge color of the month, teal/turquoise/aqua. I made two more large hexi/kaleidoscope blocks.

I have finally this many months in corrected the original instructions I saw on a tv show. 

When you are dealing with angles that must come back together just right, even a 1/16th of an inch can make a difference. 

The teacher said to take two 5" squares, face to face, mark one and 3 ...

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August 18, 2021
Sewing Saturday from bottles to bats from Not Afraid of Color


would you like some wine? This pattern is free from Hoffman Fabrics, and I used that turquoise in the upper right corner this month for the RSC color of the month. All from the scrap bin too.

Senor Flamingo Rose and Moonbeam Winery gewurztraminer

I have made them in all the RSC colors of the month since January and will eventually make them into a table runner

I looked at my Kaleidoscope this week and finally chose this fabric as my favorite border

However I only have a half yard and it's directional. So. Sew... it will be pieced ...

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August 11, 2021
Sewing Saturday from Not Afraid of Color


I have been mostly sewing on the kaleidoscope quilt this week and would rather wait to show you the top finished. So.... these are two little sweaters in the color of the month, sort of since it's hard to identify. I think Angela at rainbow scrap challenge said turquoise or aqua or something between blue and green. 

When I looked it up, I read the color cyan is a mix of blue and green and there is talk of it here

My favorite shirt falls in this color range, and I love turquoise  in general ...

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July 30, 2021
Sewing Saturday... Summer Blues from Not Afraid of Color

 Welcome to this week's sewing round up!

I worked on scrap challenge blocks in dark blue, made a whole new piece, and finished borders on last week's piece. Let's get this party started, shall we??

the design wall was exciting this week!

I'll start with the wine bottles in dark blue scraps... here is the mock up, supply gather...

pattern free from Hoffman Fabrics

They are a bit close in value to the "bright blue" month at rainbow scrap challenge but that's okay, at least I got the labels different. 

Lesson learned
1. fabrics look ...

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July 23, 2021
sewing saturday from trash to treasure from Not Afraid of Color


Here we are at Saturday again and that means, let's talk SEWING! I LOVE to sew, handle fabric, buy fabric, choose fabrics to use and see color next to color. It's like hands on painting! 

 This month the color of the month at RSC is darker blues, urging us to use our scraps. I'm lucky enough to have a stash of scraps in many colors and organize them into bins. This is my blue bin. I made two projects from blues this week, plus made another cool usable object from my painted piece from two weeks ago ...

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July 16, 2021
Sewing Saturday Weather extremes from beach to sweaters! from Not Afraid of Color


Cabanas  45" X 19"
While sewing this week, in the extreme heat of summer (100F) I finished the cabana's quilt and made my sweaters in the RSC color of the month, dark blue! From coppertone to winter gear! 

Above is my finished summer quilt (pattern Moda row by row book) quilted and ready to hang. 

love the beach quilting effect!
 So I changed up the pattern... I made the tiny snail's trail blocks but chose to offset and double them up to resemble waves approaching a beach. I took out one cabana to make the quilt slightly less ...

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June 2, 2021
Sewing Saturday from Not Afraid of Color

about 14" X 44"
I finished my "Table Scraps" entry for this month, in red because I wanted to use the color of the month at RSC too. 

I've been hanging some of my previous quilts on the bannister, pattern from Bonnie Hunter

why don't you come on up to the studio to see how it was made? (Milo will greet you and lead you in)

yea for improve piecing!

It started because I sorted some leftovers in the studio and put random blocks in with their color bin if possible. There were about 6 improv diamonds, plus ...

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May 28, 2021
sewing saturday from Not Afraid of Color


for this week's sewing round up I present wine bottles made from red scraps for the RSC.

these seem a bit pink but in person they are definitely red! And the labels are silly!

One from a valentine fabric and one from my alcohol fabric collection! Seeing pink elephants???

Mostly this week I have worked on my tumbling block quilt, fine tuning colors and arrangements.

I pin them in place and carry it down to the family room to stitch in front of the tv. I made a felt covered cardboard tray to use, the pin cushion was from ...

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May 12, 2021
sewing Saturday from Not Afraid of Color


So... sew.... it's Saturday and time to see some of what I've been sewing this week!

RSC color of the month is red, and I love it! Out came the scrap bin and I made the little sweater by appliqueing a strong woman on it!

all the colors so far

I spent several days this week sorting my finished quilts... many many of them that were jumbled from the move. I put them in categories, and number order for lectures, and found a couple UFO's mixed in! 

One of them started at our rental when we were ...

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April 28, 2021
sewing Saturday three finishes from Not Afraid of Color


Blue Moon #1 13" X 18"
I sewed a lot this week, and finished three items. Let's start with the one above, made for my husband's bedside table. I want to use my scraps to make a table topper for Joy's "Table Scraps" party each month this year. My husband loves blue, and the color of the month at RSC is blue, and Angela encourages us to use our scraps so I got out skinny strips and got busy!


I knew I wanted to insert a circle of strips, and make something like the moon on water ...

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April 21, 2021
Saturday Sewing Round-up! from Not Afraid of Color


for this week's sewing round up I have four projects to share, each with their fair share of challenges!

First up, the hexi kaleidoscope blocks I learned on a tv show...

In this month's RSC color bright or light blues
Okay.... these do not go back together into a flat block, they cup up around the outside and pucker at centers. I asked my resident engineering expert, AKA husband Drew, to figure out what's wrong. 

After 30 min of sketching and drawing and using higher math, well, I'll have to let you know

I made two ...

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April 10, 2021
Saturday sewing sweaters and stars from Not Afraid of Color

No I don't remember where I saw the image I used to make the patterns

 For this week's sewing round-up I have been busy... First off the color of the month at the Rainbow Scrap Challenge is bright blue, so here is the sweater I made this month...

I love poodles! (Milo asked that I color his hair pink) 

Mainly this week I've been painting and trying to catch up on the Sketchbook Revival videos before they go away...but this isn't the time to discuss painting.... 

 I made myself stop making star blocks, and choose ...

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