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May 20, 2019
Orange chandelier from Not Afraid of Color

12 more chandelier blocks, this time using orange scraps. Orange makes me very happy. I love the orange scent, and orange blossom is such a lovely  scent. I remember riding along with my father through orange groves as he estimated the yield. When the trees were in blossom it was an unforgettable aroma, that a young girl never forgot.
so my design wall was pretty this week. I've done about 12 blocks in each color so far. I have no idea how they will go together, but I know orange will spark the whole quilt.
Orange is made with ...

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May 15, 2019
Orange snowballs from Not Afraid of Color

The color for May at Rainbow Scrap Challenge is orange, so here are my orangecicle snowballs. Like a snowcone, or some people call them shaved ice, with orange syrup.

I love the color orange for it's warmth and sparkle, and the smell of orange blossoms, the taste of a really juicy orange. Sweet and tart.

I have a small but mighty stash of little orange scraps, and since they are a bit small for my template, I had to use many of the same fabrics in both snowball blocks and chandelier blocks.
I made 12, to be combined with ...

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May 12, 2019
International Sister Block from Sew Preeti Quilts

I first came across the African queen block in 2017.
The newest one

I hunted for the pattern/tutorial but found nothing. I drafted the pattern.

First scribble

I made a block. It was midnight. I was dying to share it with someone who could share my enthusiasm.

My first sister block

I called Bernie on the west coast, knowing that she was likely to be awake. True to my expectations, Bernie was a mountain of encouragement.
Bernie:  I'd be happy to sell it in my Etsy store.
Me: You are very kind.

Internal Voice: It is ...

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April 28, 2019
Aqua... chandelier blocks from Not Afraid of Color

Rounding out the month of Aqua at the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, are my chandelier blocks.
(The pattern came from Stitch Therapy)

We've used four colors of scraps so far: red, green, yellow and now Aqua. In my last RSC post I put a description of Aqua lovers. I have lots of it around the house in chairs, dishes, vases, decorations, towels, clothing, etc.

the blocks are very simple, and will be set on point to look like the  beaded curtains of my youth.
I'm doing about 12 of each color
each one with little surprises in them

since ...

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April 17, 2019
Aqua as a color from Not Afraid of Color

getting the pieces planned out before sewing them
The color for April at the rainbow scrap challenge is AQUA which is a personal favorite.
As a working artist I need to know my colors... and as a fiber artist I need to have all colors here and ready to be used.
 The challenge is to use your scraps to create something beautiful. I have a lot of scraps organized by color. I have yardage organized by color or sometimes by type (flamingos) I label my drawers, and bins of scraps. None of them said Aqua. More about the snowballs in ...

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March 27, 2019
Party On from Sew Preeti Quilts

This is what was advertised

And this is what I received

Same ingredients but a vast difference in appearance. It seems that the avocado slices were tortured and squished into submission before they made it to my plate :-D
Fortunately it was just as tasty as advertised.

Party 1
The Alison Glass Trinket Sew-Along is well underway.  All Lines blocks are completed.  As I work on the Shapes blocks I wonder how will my finish compare with the advertised look.

I am sure it will look nothing like the picture-perfect, glamorized version on the pattern booklet.  That look was so ...

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March 20, 2019
The flowering snowballs are green in honor of St. Paddy's day! from Not Afraid of Color

the color of the month at Rainbow Scrap challenge is green, and these 12- 8" blocks are my Flowering Snowball blocks done in greens from my scrap bin. I love this block!
Fun way to use up scraps, sometimes the scraps have a pelican sometimes a kite, little birds again or daisies.
sometimes a frog! I like the mix of tones, and intensities.
Did you hear about our blizzard? It was the scariest storm I've lived through so far...So it was a good time to make my snowball blocks! I made a few in black and white too ...

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March 10, 2019
green chandelier blocks from Not Afraid of Color

I have three sets of blocks going for the Rainbow Scrap challenge. This month the color is GREEN so I made some green chandelier blocks this week. The free pattern came from Stitch Therapy and the block size is 6" finished.
I probably have more green scraps than others, but while digging through the three little bins this week, I realized a lot of them are dark, or grayed out. Maybe I've culled out the brighter clearer greens over the years.
This pattern calls for small pieces which is nice, for a mix of pattern, tone, and availability. If ...

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February 17, 2019
exploring the color yellow from Not Afraid of Color

The color of the month for Rainbow Scrap Challenge is yellow. Sunny yellow, happy energetic, glowing yellow.

I went back with the flowering snowball templates, and made last month's red to go with this month's yellow blocks and whee! what fun!

I sorted through my yellow squares to make the chandelier blocks (from Stitch Therapy) and something about going from raggedy scraps to tidy blocks piled up soothes me.

My chandelier blocks  don't look outstanding in yellow but I know blended in with all the colors, they will make the quilt sing and glow.
The fabrics are ...

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February 10, 2019
Don't eat the yellow snowballs and two sweet videos from Not Afraid of Color

flowering snowball blocks
For my Rainbow Scrap challenge this year, I have three sets of blocks going each month in the chosen color. Gem stones done with improv techniques, Chandelier blocks a la StichTherapy, and flowering snowballs.
8  8" blocks
 I got my ordered templates this week, and hurried to make a few Snowball blocks to show.

I also worked on my  Valentine top, and finished the top Friday. Time to quilt it now!

It's fun to use my turning cutting board, and the templates, to cut up scraps making order from chaos.
It's going to be fun ...

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January 29, 2019
Studio time... from Not Afraid of Color

I've been enjoying studio time this week. It's treacherous to walk outside right now...
that's the street, under the snow, no plowing around here
 So I find joy going up to my little studio these days...with my little shadow...
It's all about me...
I am obsessed with my cattails in winter piece, but took some time out to do Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks in reds. I like the chandelier pattern from
I made 8 blocks in various reds, with various white/cream colored backgrounds. I plan to do about 8-10 in ...

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January 20, 2019
rubies! from Not Afraid of Color

Don't you love Rubies??! I do! What a nice gift they would make for Valentine's day!
Well, these are made from red scraps. Inspiration came from Jean Wells art quilt book, and the Rainbow Scrap challenge color of the month, red.

I'll just show some close ups so you can see the fabrics are different. I pulled thin strips out of the bin... and for some reason wanted to keep them kind of even. I did the log cabin setting courthouse stairs.
I started with any size rectangle... and tried to keep the darker shades to the ...

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