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December 2, 2021
Working On Another Quilt from Quilting My Way

 This morning I felt a lot better. I did stay home while Patrick went to his 8:30 am appointment. Sophie decided to let me know he left at 7:30 am. Then she let me know she wasn't happy about something at 8:30 am, so I finally gave it up on sleeping in. lol 

Oh, last night I flushed the toilet and it wouldn't shut off. Patrick was ticked because he had to get up in the middle of the night to TRY and fix it. So, he shut the water off and we went back ...

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December 1, 2021
Headache Day from Quilting My Way

 This morning I work with a headache, and it's still here. So, now I'm going to call it an early night because of it. 

I worked on my QOV quilt today. 

I was able to get this much done and realized it needed some kind of border. 

So, I added the blue border. I think that did it. It turned out better than I thought. Patrick was golfing, so I had all day to work on this. It did take a few hours, but I do like the results. 

Then came up and worked on my bead, starting ...

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November 25, 2021
Presentation Day Among Other Things from Quilting My Way

 This is another one of those days where I started out slow, picked up the mood all afternoon and then came home to end up slow. 

I headed over to the museum to work on setting up for the presentation we were doing today. We honored my cousins husband and Debbie's cousin today. It was awesome and I would love to show photos, but it was their wish that we not take photos for posting. I can show the quilts however. 

This quilt was given to Debbie's cousin. She had this waiting for him. He's active duty ...

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November 24, 2021
This And That And More from Quilting My Way

 Today I was surprised when Patrick left for golfing. lol - I completely forgot he was going today. I have a list of things to do, so headed out early. First on my list was to stop at the church and pick up a quilt. Dropped one off that the same time. I got to meet Linda who was making the quilts for us. She's really sweet! I was so thrilled to meet her. Told her to call me if she needed anything. Then I was off to Safeway for hamburger. The store was already busy, so had to wait ...

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November 20, 2021
The Usual Friday! from Quilting My Way

Today started out with getting ready for golfing and quilting. No, I don't golf - Patrick does. 

I stopped at the church to drop off a batting and backing to one of the members who made a quilt for our QOV group. It's awesome what she had done for us. 

I worked on my binding of the quilt. I'm happy to say I have one side done and will work on the rest later. Everyone loves the colors and loves the yellow that is the binding. 

I had to leave right after lunch because we had to go ...

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November 13, 2021
Three Guesses What Today Was from Quilting My Way

 I seem to be repeating myself lately - just like the days of the week! Today was quilting day at moms. I ended up helping mom out with getting the booster shop appointment she wanted. She tried to get the booster shot at Rite Aid - had the appointment confirmed - and when she went over there, they had her come back 3 times - "in an hour," "in a half hour," and "try again in an hour." They had her in the computer because she got a confirmation - but they didn't have her in Centralia. She gave them her confirmation number, everything ...

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November 12, 2021
VETERANS DAY from Quilting My Way

 Today is Veterans Day! I spent the day at the Veterans Memorial Museum. We set up a table and "nominated" about 20 more Veterans for our QOV quilts. 

On a day like today, I wish my father was here. He would have joined me today and helped out. I feel close to him when I can honor veterans. My best friend and father!

One of the people we signed up was a WAV - Navy woman Veteran. She got so emotional that we would honor her with a quilt. She joined about the time I would have, if I would have ...

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November 11, 2021
Sewing Day from Quilting My Way

 This morning Patrick went golfing and I went downstairs to see if I could get my plan to work on the quilt. 

I ended up with this idea instead of my other idea. 

I was going to do it this way, but it didn't look like what I wanted it to look like. I wanted to be able to "weave it" around, but it didn't look right. So, I texted Patrick to see what he thought and he liked the first photo above. 

Then I worked on getting the center the right side......worked on it, like I ...

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November 10, 2021
Movie Tuesday from Quilting My Way

 I'm behind again! I completely forgot to do my blog last night. 

Yesterday was on busy day. We were up and getting a few things cleaned up. Then I went downstairs to cut some batting and backing for the 2 quilt tops I have done. I will drop one off at Connie's and then I may or may not drop the other one at the church. The church has 3 and the last time I gave them 3, it took 4 months to get them all back. Half way through cutting for the next quilt, Patrick told me ...

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November 8, 2021
Lazy Sunday - Then Bowling from Quilting My Way

 I was trying to get my book finish - audiobook. So, I got laundry going and then played on my weekend game. I seem to keep playing that all weekend. At least I get my dragons! lol 

So, while working on the game, laundry was getting done. Then I had to get moving on cleaning up the litter box. Once that was done, then it was time to clean the kitchen. I had to get the dishwasher unloaded and then add the dishes in - we all know we put the glasses and things on the sink side because we are too ...

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November 7, 2021
It Was A Good Saturday from Quilting My Way

I was playing (yes, as usual) on the tablet this morning. Then Patrick brought the mail in and I was thrilled to see the new panels I ordered. 

 I have 2 of these, which are pretty. They are different, which is what I like to do. After awhile doing the same panels gets a little old. 

I liked this one, so got 3 of them. This will keep me busy for awhile. Even though I have more panels downstairs. We do get tired of the same panels, so this mixes things up. 

While Patrick was doing yard work in the ...

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November 6, 2021
My Day Got Away From Me from Quilting My Way

 Yesterday was quilting at moms. So, I headed over there. We were expecting one of the gals to come but she didn't and surprisingly we had all relaxed when we figured she wasn't coming. 

I worked on the binding of the quilt I took last time. I need to get it done, but didn't. I've got 2 sides done and right now it's not in a big hurry to get them done. I did get one of my panels in yesterday. 

Of course Sophie had to check it out as well. 

It's long and ...

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November 4, 2021
Guess I Was In The Mood To Sew Today from Quilting My Way

 This morning Patrick went golfing. I played a few games and watched 2 shows that I had recorded. By then I was ready to head downstairs and get to work. 

I sent this photo to Patrick to see if he liked it. He's my go to for making things look good. I had to work on the strips. I didn't measure, but used the the panel as my guide. Being Dyslexic has it's problems, but in this case, it wasn't a problem. 

I also sent a text asking if the red works for this (before I ...

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November 3, 2021
Time To Get That Quilt Top Done from Quilting My Way

 Today I was up and ready for Debbie to show up. She was dropping off her quilt top for me to take to the church. Patrick got up after she left. Then we got ready to go grocery shopping. 

We headed out the door, went to moms to help with turning her bed and putting the new bed warmer on the bed. Then we headed over to Safeway. Once all that was over, we headed to the church to drop off the quilt top. 

Came home and I headed downstairs. 

I finally finished this quilt top. I had the red ...

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November 2, 2021
Meeting And Potluck! from Quilting My Way

 This morning I was up and baking my sourdough bread for our potluck today. I had to put it in the oven as soon as I was out of the shower. To my surprised it turned out really good. I was running late because of how long it cooked. 

After it was done, I put the potato salad, bread, butter, and knife in the box. Then I got the stuff I needed for Georgie and myself. Out the door I went. First to the bank to deposit the bowling money. Then I was off to the gas station to fill ...

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October 31, 2021
Making Changes from Quilting My Way

This morning I enjoyed sleeping in. lol 

After getting moving, I played a few games then went downstairs to work on that quilt top. I ended up taking the 2 sides of the border out. Then I decided to add the red between what is done and the blue that I took out. I'm adding another piece in it's place. 

 This is a 2 1/2" piece added to the sides. I got the 2 sides done, and decided I would stop. Wasn't in the mood to fight this. I had to trim the piece once again ...

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October 30, 2021
Another Meeting Day from Quilting My Way

This morning I was having to load the car with a list of stuff. Loading the car was putting 2 tubes of fabric, fabric for Barb and Donna, quilt to work on, and my quilt top. 

First stop was at the church to drop off a quilt top. Then next stop was going to Donna's house - but went to the wrong area. Had to call her and ask where she was. I finally go there. We chatted and she took some fabric. I also dropped off 3 of our panels for her. Next stop was at moms, where I ...

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October 29, 2021
Was On A Roll from Quilting My Way

 This morning I had a list of things to do. I seem to be getting better of making lists of what needs to be done. Tomorrow's list is really will keep me busy for sure. 

First thing I did was get moving on the last side of the binding on a quilt. This quilt was Debbie's and I wanted to finish it for when she showed up. I was able to get 3/4 of the label done. I was almost done with the label when she showed up. She waited for me to finish it ...

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October 27, 2021
Presentation Day At The Museum from Quilting My Way

 This morning I was playing before having to get moving. I left around 10:20 am. Headed over to the church to pick up my quilt that was finished. Then I headed over to the museum to get everything going. I worked on setting up for the veterans. When Debbie showed up, we worked on getting the quilts out and set up. Waited on Heidi to show up so we could figure out what order to put them in. Had to clean the coffee pot, since they hadn't done that from the last time. Got the snacks set up ...

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October 26, 2021
While I Watch The Seahawk...... from Quilting My Way

 This morning I was up early to see if I could get my game done...nope. I was out the door by 9:30. Then made 3 stops along the way. I wanted to get Patrick a peanut butter doughnut like the one he got for me the other day. They didn't make that kind today, but they did have one like his maple bars but was peanut butter, so got that. They had some really good doughnuts. Now I have a place to go for doughnuts!

Arrived a little late at our meeting. Only Sandy and Cindy were ...

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