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June 3, 2023
A Trip To Olympia And Then Relaxing from Quilting My Way

This morning we were up at 7:30 am and out the door by 8:15 am. I had to be in Olympia for my Gastro appointment at 9:45 - with them telling me to be there 30 mins early!! We arrived around 9 am and then sat in the car for 10 mins. I was looking for Sherry from the Stars and Stripes QOV. She wasn't there so, I went on in to my appointment. I hadn't quiet signed in when they called me, so they had to wait on me. lol First time for that! After ...

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June 2, 2023
Presentation Day For QOV from Quilting My Way

 This morning I was running around trying to find all the stuff I needed to take with me. Thinking I had everything and finding out I forgot something isn't unusual for me! And of course, I did forget something! 

I had to finish up the quilts that I needed to get to the museum. 

This was one that Connie made. I put the label on this. Time was coming fast and I wanted to be out the door by 11 am. 

This one was made by one of Kristi's friends. Label on and ready to go. I was ...

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June 1, 2023
Started Out Calm Then Went to Hectic By Night from Quilting My Way

 This morning I had my massage therapy and she worked me hard. I had a different gal and when I told her what my PT'ist wanted she worked it. We have a lot to do. I was sore while she worked on me, but it helped because by the time she was done, it felt good! 

Stopped at my sons before heading home. Had to give him a big hug!

Came home and worked on my beading (sorry no photo yet). I was able to cross another row. Then Patrick came back from getting chlorine for the water system ...

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May 31, 2023
Worked On Quilts Today from Quilting My Way

 Patrick went golfing and I decided to work on my QOV quilts that needed labels. One of the quilts needed the binding stitched down. 

I stitched the binding down on this today. It was several hours of sitting and stitching. Then I put the label on it. It was made by Connie. 

This was done by Pat Stenhouse and Marion Hazzard. They are related to Debbie. I like the design they did!

This is one I got from Victoria Parrott. I love her work! She lives in Ocean Shores. I will send her a couple more panels to help us ...

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May 28, 2023
Working On QOV Quilts Again from Quilting My Way

I wanted to work on my quilt today. Patrick wanted to go to Safeway for tomorrow when Nick and Joanne come by. He wanted to go at 2, which had me between times of working on my quilt. I was going to wait till we got back. That didn't last. I went downstairs around 11 am. That should give me plenty of time to work on it. 

I was able to get this much done. Patrick liked it. Then I talked him into letting me finish it. Said he wasn't in any hurry, so I did. It was ...

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May 27, 2023
Quilt Meeting At Moms from Quilting My Way

 This morning I had a few things to do before going to moms. I had to stop at the bank and then Connie's. Dropped off my quilt top but realized the backing was still in the dryer! So, I'll have to drop it off on Monday. Mom called me at 10 am to see if I was coming. Told her I was on the bridge and would be there in 5 mins. 

I arrived to only 2 people already there. There was one quilt done that I put in the back of the car. Then Hildi arrived when ...

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May 26, 2023
Best Laid Plans - Get Messed Up from Quilting My Way

 Patrick went golfing today. I had most of the morning to myself. I took my audio book downstairs and got busy on the quilt top. 

I got started on working on all my 9 patches. 

I had the darker yellow that would go in the corners.....but noticed that the blocks where so much bigger, and to add another 9 patch to the bottom would make it way too big!! I should have made the 9 patches 16" and not 18". So, then I had to rethink things. 

I couldn't do the 9 patch on the top and bottom ...

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May 25, 2023
Quilting Day from Quilting My Way

Today I was up just as Patrick left for golfing. It was nice to see him going golfing again. He's going again tomorrow. As for me, I had to get up and do my exercises before going to the dentist. Of course it didn't go well!! I have to have a crown replaced. UGH UGH UGH! I paid for my visit (not cheap!) and then received a call saying that I have special cleaning (which I think it BS!) and it cost $78 more. They will send me a bill. GRRR I also had to schedule my replacement ...

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May 24, 2023
Working On QOV Quilt Top Today from Quilting My Way

I changed my mind on what I wanted to do today. So, I went downstairs and got to work on putting some of the fabrics away that we received. As well as putting the backing that came in today downstairs. 

I now have plenty to work with. So does everyone else in the group. I just wish they would come get some to help make quilts!

I decided to work on the stars that mom made. I added the white border on the panel. It was a pain to square up! Then I decided to get some of the "busy ...

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May 19, 2023
Finishing Up A Few Quilts from Quilting My Way

This morning Patrick took off to go golfing - thank goodness! I was getting worried he was slowing down. I was woken up at 7 am from our neighbor who decided to weed whack! Then mow the yard.  I kept going back to sleep to be woken up again 10 mins later. Just couldn't get my eyes to stay open. lol

I got to work on the certificates for tomorrow. Then I went downstairs to print them. While I waited on the computer to start up (older one), I took out the right side of the border I put on ...

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Presentation & Meeting Day from Quilting My Way

We were having a meeting this morning at 9 am. Chip was a little late to let us in. No worries. I had to leave early to go to Safeway and then get our drinks at Dutch Brothers. I was the first one there, then Smiley arrived. We chatted for awhile before Debbie and Connie came. Once they arrived, everyone started coming in one after the other. Mom and Nancy were running a little late. 

We got our meeting going. Letting everyone know we were short on money for our group. Then my mother ended up talking to mom on ...

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May 17, 2023
A Day Of Fun - Sort Of! from Quilting My Way

 Today I slept in. Didn't feel like getting up early. I did get up before Patrick - lol. He's doing okay, but not so good either. I just take each day. 

I went downstairs this afternoon to work on the quilt top. I wanted to get it done and possibly give it to the church to quilt. I need to get a few quilts over there to them again. Since Debbie won't be doing much for a good month or more. 

Ran into trouble. I was trying to get the last border on, when it didn't come ...

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May 14, 2023
Quilting All Day! from Quilting My Way

This morning I was up and enjoying the cool weather - before the heat hit! Then after all was done, I went downstairs to get moving on finishing the challenge quilt top. 

I finish this up. For some reason I was in the mood to get this done. Now that it's done, I can try and get moving on some of the blocks that are downstairs. I need to get them into a quilt. 

I laid out the blocks. I have a lot of both of them. The colors are the same in both block so decided to mix them ...

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May 13, 2023
HUM - What Do I Usually Do On Friday's? from Quilting My Way

This morning I was up and getting stuff ready to go to Connie. I had 5 bags and a tub to take to her. I also had the batting that I got from the shop that I gave her. told her she can do whatever she wanted with it. Of course I had to be at her place by 9:30 am, I was there by 9:15 am and dropped everything off. Next stop was gas. We had 80 cents off per gal of gas, so I paid $3.49 for gas. It's more than most states pay ...

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May 12, 2023
Decided To Work Downstairs from Quilting My Way

Today I woke with the alarm - Sophie meowing till I got up! She's my alarm clock. It was 9:30 am - lol - I overslept. 

I played some games and then went downstairs to work on my quilt. 

I had to rip out the middle of the 4 barn hole blocks to add the red. I couldn't believe I was that far off. I had to figure it all out as I went. The measurement changed on me, and I went with it. I will put all this together later this weekend. I was hoping to finish it today ...

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May 11, 2023
Went Fabric Shopping Today from Quilting My Way

What a day! I slept for a little while then got up and went to my PT appointment. I had to call the One Touch (for blood sugar tests) and ended up asking them to call me back. I waited an hour before heading to my PT. While I was waiting for him to come out to get me, I found they called me back. I didn't hear the phone ring and trust me, I had it with me the whole time. 

Went through my PT and then stopped to see mom. She was on her way out to ...

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May 5, 2023
Another Presentation Day from Quilting My Way

Today I was up at 7 am to be at my massage therapy by 8 am. What a day. It felt good to have the massage, but right now I'm not feeling that comfort. lol 

Then it was to the vets to get the meds I couldn't get yesterday. I was thrilled they had it ready when I arrived. I was kind of expecting them to say it wouldn't be ready till later today. 

Next trip was back home to pick up the 6 quilts that needed to go to the museum. I had everything ready and ...

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May 4, 2023
MOM TURNS 88 YEARS OLD from Quilting My Way

 This morning Patrick had me up at 7:30 am. I was not happy! We didn't have to leave till 9! I did my exercise and then played a few games. Once all that was over, we headed out the door. I was still tired and ended up sleeping a half hour in the back of the car while Patrick went to his meeting. I went in when I woke and waited about 10 mins for him. 

We headed home. Stopping at Connie's to drop off some fabric and bags. Then she gave me 2 quilts to be ...

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May 3, 2023
Back To Best Laid Plans from Quilting My Way

Okay, give me credit - I haven't tried to plan anything in a long time.....till today.....and we all know how that works for me. 

Patrick was golfing this morning. I had to get some cleaning done before I wanted to sit down and cross stitch. I vacuumed and did the dishwasher when Patrick came home. He wanted to go get some flower pots today for our deck. 

We picked up 4 and got a different pot for mom. That's for Mother's Day. 

They look great on the deck!

Then I gave some TLC to Sophie. Before ...

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May 2, 2023
Hello Monday - Here We Go Again from Quilting My Way

Had 3 stops to do before I got to the grange for our meeting. I had to stop off at Connie's to deliver 3 quilts. She was glad to see them. She was in the process of finishing one of her quilts as well. I have 4 or 5 that I need to put a label on. We chatted a bit and then I headed to the grange. Sandy was picking up drinks today. I got to the grange before even Cindy today. We had a good visit and I worked on my Bonji (sp) tree. 

I worked on ...

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