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May 22, 2020
Can I Get a Whoop Whoop? #ufonomore from Confessions of a Fabric Addict

Hi, all!

Friday has rolled around again - the tenth, I think, since we started staying home.  The days all roll together, but it's always good to remember when Friday rolls around and we get our whoop whoop on, isn't it?  So let's get started!


On April 13th, I took this picture, of nine quilt tops I had pieced since moving to our new house.  Oh the shame of it!  But I put Jolene back to work, and this week I finished the last of those quilts!

First to be finished were four baby quilts that are now ...

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May 8, 2020
Hands2Help Finish from Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework

Okay, so technically this isn't a real finish, but I am sending off an older finish for the H2H quilt drive.  I have so many quilts around here, some really need to find a home!

Remember this quilt I made back in 2017 out of a bunch of orphan blocks? (You can see the initial post here.)  Since completion it has been stored away and hasn't seen much daylight.  So I have decided it needs to find someplace where it can bring some comfort.

It has been packaged up with this recent finish and is on its way ...

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April 8, 2020
I May Have A Scrap Problem... A Little Sanity In This Crazy World! from Confessions of a Fabric Addict

Hi, all!

Still hanging in there?  We are - although I have to admit that it is hard to stay in all the time!  I've been going a little stir crazy, and while I love making masks, they don't take much mental effort, and my thoughts have been running around in circles as a result.  So when I filled all the orders I had received for masks, I decided to take a little "personal" time.  The orphan block quilt had been hanging on my design wall taunting me, so I decided it was time to make a little progress ...

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April 7, 2020
Make-A-List Monday - Still Looking for Inspiration? from Confessions of a Fabric Addict

Hi, all!

Are you still hanging in there?  Or wandering around in a funk, missing your quilting mojo?  I feel like I've been making so-o-o-o-o many face masks - useful, helpful, but they don't require much thought or skill, and today I took a break and did some piecing that did require both thought AND skill.  

It was a good break, and I'm feeling more "centered" now.  Tomorrow I'll get back to making face masks - especially since there's so much more demand now.

In the meantime, if you're not making face masks, and need a ...

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March 27, 2020
Day from Pinkadot Quilts

My son just texted me and said "I am so glad it is Friday, or just day as I call it now." It does feel like all the days are the same.
I have been busy. I made this quilt top that I am calling Pademic 2020 #1 because I think I may be making another one.
The large applique bird is from Blackbird Design. I was loathe to see it languish in a box so it became the centerpiece of the quilt. Once it was up on my design wall I just started adding blocks around it until I ...

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March 25, 2020
I May Have A Scrap Problem... Help Out With Your Scraps! from Confessions of a Fabric Addict

Hi, all!

Wow - what a difference a week makes!  One week ago, I was enjoying using my orphan blocks to make quilts - and I still have one up on the design wall in progress...

But then I started getting phone calls and messages from medical personnel who needed face masks, and wondered if I or some of my quilting buddies could make some for them.  And how could I say no?  So I started researching patterns, found one that seemed to fit the bill (after consultation with the medical professionals) and went on a face mask making binge!

And the ...

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March 23, 2020
Is It Monday? from Pinkadot Quilts

This is not all of them!
 So what is everyone up to? Sewing a like a maniac or not sure what to do? I find myself walking around my house and not being able to focus. I have done some sewing but not a lot. I decided that was going to change today.
I save all my orphan blocks. I also save all the snowball ends of blocks that become half square triangles. I have a lot of leftover blocks!

Yesterday I grabbed a bunch of them and layed them out. I did not have enough room! I have made ...

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March 21, 2020
Orphan Adoption from Art In Search

    Cynthia Brunz of Quilting is more fun than Housework, is sponsoring another Orphan Adoption with links on her blog.
Quilting is more fun than Housework     This is a good time, with cleaning out all my studio, to offer something. In some bags of scraps given to me for my comfort quilts, I found these blocks. They are made from Cherrywood Fabrics and are 6 1/2" unfinished and there are 18 now. It looks to me that someone made intricate blocks along with the 365 quilt block patterns, but petered out. I would have. I love the fabric and the blocks, but I have too much ...

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March 18, 2020
I May Have A Scrap Problem.... Orphan Blocks! from Confessions of a Fabric Addict

Hi, all!

Are you going stir crazy yet?  It seems like the whole world has gone bonkers, but we know the secret to staying sane - quilting!  I decided that while we are homebound, I am going to do two things - make lots of comfort quilts using scraps and stash, and I'm going to work on a Christmas wall hanging kit that I've had for several (seven?) years now!  

So yesterday I grabbed my orphan block tub (yes, that's it above, plus I found another smaller one hidden away!) and pulled out some pieces that caught my eye ...

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March 6, 2020
Pandora's Box from Sew Preeti Quilts

Paul: There is a lot going on here.
Me: Yup. Do you like it?

A new finish

Paul: It kinda works.
Me: Doesn't it?
Paul: What is this one called?
Me: Pandora's Box.

Orphan Blocks

Paul was shocked!!!  He proceeded to relate the story where all the monsters (death and sickness) were unleashed and all that was found at the bottom of the box was Hope.

Gathered and Captured

I tried to (somewhat calmly) explain. I did not open the Pandora's Box. I did not release the monsters. I captured them and put them back in the ...

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January 17, 2020
Every Quilt Eventually Finds a Home from Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework

 Over the holidays, I took some time off and focused on getting some tasks done around my house.  One of those tasks was to replace the canvas leads on my longarm.  
Once I got them installed, I needed to test them out with one of my own quilts, so I loaded up the Kaffe Fassett orphan block quilt I was working on at the end of last year.

I was really thinking hard about not finishing this quilt.
The beauty in this one was in the making of it, not the finished top!

All of the bits and pieces in ...

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December 29, 2019
Oh Scrap! : In A Slump from Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework

I am finding myself in a bit of a creative slump right now.  2019 was a really busy year for me and I think I hit my limits around mid-December.  So for the past few weeks, I have just been focusing on tasks like housework and health so that I feel a bit more in control.

When I have felt like going into my sewing room, I have been working on my Kaffe Fassett orphan block project.  I decided to bring back the dark plum fabric I used in the center to the outside border.  I had a "tunnel" block ...

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December 14, 2019
Finishing Up the Last Minute Christmas Makes Was Great Fun from Quilty Folk

Well, here it is! Playing with Scale #2 is a true blue finish. It's been hanging around for awhile, just waiting on the binding stitches. While hand quilting this one, I decided to gift it to our oldest granddaughter. This seems to have a happy, youthful vibe plus it will match with the decor in her bedroom. Not that it matters to me, but it will probably make her mama happy!

Playing With Scale #2 is finished!
It's large enough that she should be able to use it for years and years too. Personally I have a fondness ...

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December 13, 2019
Last Minute Maker from Quilting through Rose-colored Trifocals!

Are you a last-minute-maker?  I am!!
It's funny how old habits die hard.  For the 26 years I owned a quilt shop, I always did 75% of my Christmas gift making during the month of December.  It was a slow retail month for me and I just relaxed and did lots of stitching at the shop to fill the quiet time.
(I say 75% because it was rare that everything was finished so the other 25% happened after Christmas.)

Here I am, 15 years later in full retirement and I still wait until December to swing into full production ...

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December 9, 2019
Orphan Block Potholders from Studio Dragonfly Quilts

Making new potholders usually falls into my schedule in the January time frame when all the organize, renew, and refresh vibe is going around. It's okay that I did not get to this until November. My poor old potholders from two years ago got a real workout. There were holes and a few good burns on them.

These orphan blocks came from a fun quilt I made for my son during the brief period of time he was interested in learning to play the electric bass guitar. And it made for a great shop sample back in the day ...

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December 8, 2019
Oh Scrap! : Lots of Distractions from Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework

I have been finding myself a little lost lately without any specific scrap projects to work on.  So every time I get a few minutes in my sewing room (that I am not sewing holiday gifts), I find myself hopping from bin to bin and creating a mess.

I did start a project I have had in my head for a bit.  After I made my Improv Garden, I kept thinking it might be fun to use the same technique to create lights in a midnight sky - they could be thought of as stars or lighting bugs.  I finished one ...

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December 6, 2019
Trash into Treasure from Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework

Even though I have had little time to sew, I have been trying really hard to finish up as many UFO projects as I can by the end of the year.  So any spare moment I have is focused on completions.

This week has been all about holiday gifts - but I did get one little quilt finished.

This one actually started out as a stack of orphan blocks and some coordinating scraps.

I used some darker gray, made more HSTs and then made these fun 9' blocks.
I really like how the two colors of solids look - I will have ...

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November 24, 2019
Oh Scrap! : Buried Treasure from Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework

After finishing a few quilts, it was time I straighten up my sewing room this week.  I try to keep all the fabric together for a project until its completion - or I will inevitably use the needed fabric on something else. 

I admit there is a LOT going on in my sewing room right.  There are piles and stacks of projects everywhere.  As I was moving things around, I found buried one of my last orphan block stacks I was planning on making into a quilt.  I had completely forgotten about it!

I didn't have any of the light ...

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November 5, 2019
This is the Last of the Little Quilts from Quilty Folk

There are times we would rather be working creatively and yet other things pull at our time and attention. This isn't necessarily wasted time. It just is. We all prioritize and make decisions based on real life events and happenings. No need to apologize!

Another baby quilt finish!
Making baby quilts for friends and family is something that {most often} doesn't feel especially creative. It's fast, fun and sorta fluffy. Boom! The quilt is done and there's a sweet little rush. It's even sorta needful once in awhile, like eating a good piece of chocolate ...

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October 21, 2019
What is under that Quilt or orphan blocks deluxe! from Art In Search

     At a quilt show a couple of weeks ago, this was in front of the venue. I did not have my camera, so I used my phone and forgot I took these until I was looking for something yesterday.
     Hope this brings a smile to you today!

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