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May 18, 2022
Paducah 2022 and a wee one:) from Nestlings By Robin

Not my first choice, but rooms
went fast in Paducah this year!
Thankfully the view was pretty
and watching the tugboats
with their multiple barges
was interesting!

I had the wonderful honor
to appraise at the AQS
Paducah show along 
with taking my 
appraiser class.
After work, I was able
to peek about and see
the fabulous quilts on display.
Here are a few of my favorites:
Janet Stone's work 
is magnificient!

Keiko Morihiro's quilt
blew me AWAY!
I am completely inspired
by her lovely,
intricate work.
Linday Roy Never
I have been a fan
for many ...

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May 10, 2022
2022 Travels, so far:) from Nestlings By Robin

Mostly a picture post:)
In February/beginning 
of March,
we were still traveling
to various quilt guild shows
so that I could do 
Our view in Daytona...
Above: Naples at night
Below: Naples in day
(both views from our hotel).
After Naples, I had a ton
of work to catch up on 
including another magazine 
quilt coming later this 
year to AQ magazine.

Finally, in April, I had 
a bit of time to recharge
when I attended a FAB
quilt retreat at the 

The group of talent
and kindness at retreat
Sooo many laughs
and ...

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February 16, 2022
SPRING GARDENS from Nestlings By Robin


AQ magazine with Spring Garden quilt by Robin Koehler
Inside you will find my fun and easy
strip quilt, "Spring Garden".

pepper cory shot cottons
Where do we always start,
the fabrics, of course! 

For this design I used 
shot cottons. 
Thank you, Judy Gauthier, of 
for getting these to me!

This quilt is SO EASY and 
these fabrics make it 
so soft and snuggable.
Piece your blocks...

Cut out your applique'.....

Make some vines.....

one applique butterfly
Use teflon pressing sheet
OR parchment paper to 
make completed butterflies.....

Applique butterflies all laid out
I absolutely love seeing 
these all together!

Model quilted with floral and swirl designs.


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February 4, 2022
Winter Games QAL: Time to Quilt:) from Nestlings By Robin

 WELCOME to the 2022
Winter Games QAL:
Blizzard Quilting.

The FULL pattern is available as a 
PDF digital download HERE 

Etsy offers tips for printing digital patterns.

Please be sure to print ACTUAL SIZE.
All templates have a 1" square for accuracy.
This is a single-copy purchase for a single user!
Copies may not be forwarded or copied to 
be shared with others!

The pattern is required for the QAL.

My accompanying posts and videos
will not provide any measurements.
I will be providing technique tips.
The QAL will take place in 
my FB Group with blog posts
adding additional ...

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February 1, 2022
Winter Games QAL: Blizzard Supplies from Nestlings By Robin

 We are 3 days out from the start
of the Winter Olympics 2022 in
Beijing China!
Time to support our athletes
that have trained tirelessly
for this one moment!!
I am excited to see your 
fabric selections.
You saw mine HERE.
Please show progress 
over in my

If you are new to the conversation,
go read the introduction HERE
We will wait...
Ok, now that you are back, 
let's talk supplies.

Winter Games

Still love the Magic sizing 
for PRESSING all my seams
nice and flat.
*You see my favorite 
Bohin pencil is back.
That ...

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January 24, 2022
Not all blizzards are blue: WINTER GAMES FABRICS from Nestlings By Robin

 When I first designed Winter Games,
I went in with that old taught color
theory that Winter, cold, snow, 
ice, etc. all equated to a 
blue and white color palette.

That doesn't have to be true!

Entering into this quilt along
with you, 10 years after 
making the original, I realized how
much my fabric choices 
and color palette 
have changed as I studied
what was truly pleasing to me!

So, I will be making my 
new version in lovely
muted colors of 
taupe and gray and mustard.
Not sure I have the exact yardage 
I need for each ...

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December 31, 2021
Apple Baskets in AQ Magazine from Nestlings By Robin


Apple Baskets

Hello Apple Baskets!
Now appearing in the January 2022
issue of American Quilter Magazine,
this delightful reproduction of 
an antique quilt in my collection
brings that red and green 
cheer to any home.

When I started thinking about 
how to reproduce my very large
collection of red and green
applique' quilts from the 1800s, 
I truly considered making a one
off (in miniature) of every 
single quilt until I counted-LOL!!!

The idea eventually turned into
Well-Loved Ladies Sampler

I am so pleased I did the 
sampler but there were
one or two that had been 
started and needed to ...

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December 29, 2021
Winter Games QAL: SAVE THE DATE from Nestlings By Robin

Who is ready for some 

Anyone else have wonderful memories 
of watching the Olympics every year?
I think the most exciting one for me was 
1980 because we lived near
Albany, NY then and the excitement was 
amazing living so close to
​where it was all happening:)
SO, this year I will be hosting a QAL 
during the 2 weeks of the Winter Olympics.  
We will be sewing on my quilt, 
Winter Games.
This quilt was designed 
years and years ago 
but never made it to pattern stage
until now:)

As with previous QALs, 
all the information will ...

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November 30, 2021
Quilter's Workshop of Tampa Bay, FL 2021 Quilt Show from Nestlings By Robin

 This guild does a FAB show 
and they didn't disappoint this year!

One of the members
even wore her best 
poodle skirt and scarf.
Wish I had asked for a pic:)
Here was my booth for 
conducting business and 
catching up with familiar faces!

Lots of vendors with lots
of lovelies!

This fun vintage booth
had a couple of 'take me home'
pieces just for me:)
Then we must not forget
the quilts:)
All silk ties!!
Margaret Stephens

Spinning Spools
Margaret Stephens

LOOK at the fabulous
ribbons they make 
for their winners!
Lorraine Masten
Around the ...

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October 21, 2021
HOPE for Christmas:) from Nestlings By Robin


I don't know where my
grandpa got his love of candles
but it passed down to my
mother and to me.
For years one of my shopping
highlights was going to 
Yankee Candle every season
to see what new wonderful
candle décor was available.
Being brought up Catholic
there were many opportunities 
for candle lighting.

Once old enough to light my
own candle in thought or 
remembrance of another was
a big deal for me.
I enjoyed the ceremonial aspect
 of lighting the candle then 
kneeling to prayer.
Then there were the Advent candles
every Christmas season and ...

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October 3, 2021
Beginnings, Breaking Free, & Sexual Abuse Awareness from Nestlings By Robin

Years ago I was part of an 
art group that did a challenge
where we were given a 
monthly prompt from which
to write a Haiku.
I really enjoyed the Haiku
writing and the creativity it brought.
Once our Haiku was written, we 
were to create a small art piece
that represented our Haiku.
Breaking Free
Bound by darkness then
bubbling want from within
Breaking free, blooming.

When "beginnings" was our 
prompt, I found myself thinking 
a lot about my past and how many
"beginnings" I had been offered 
over the years and not taken advantage of.
WHY ...

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July 1, 2021
FLOURISH QAL: Ready-Set-Stitch! from Nestlings By Robin


 I am beyond excited to bring my
FLOURISH quilt pattern to you!
Lots of information in this post
so please read to the end. 

As you can see at the time 
of this posting, I am still quilting it:)

Although I rarely use 
blue in my designs, the fabric
and the design itself both
required it for this layout
to be joyful and balanced.

Now to the QAL:
I am so excited you are here.
The FB group has continued
to grow & since this is a 
smaller project, I am looking forward 
to lively participation ...

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June 18, 2021
FLOURISH: New QAL from Nestlings By Robin

 Well-Loved Ladies was a Huge success
and we still have many that are 
working on it because it really
isn't a quick project:)

As promised many moons ago, 
a smaller more attainable project
would be next so that those 
intimidated or not up to the 
task of WLL would be able to
join the quilt along fun and 
sharpen their skills for when
they are ready to tackle WLL. 

Twice a month starting July 1st,
I will present a tutorial via a
post here & FB that prepares us 
for the next step in the quilt along.

You will need ...

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June 13, 2021
TWINKLE WHEELS from Nestlings By Robin

Meet Twinkle Wheels
Connecting Threads'  
new line of fabric 
I was fortunate enough to 
design a new pattern for them
and I needed to test out the 
block design since I 
was doing something a bit
different for me:)

OK, not the first part that
starts with half-square triangles
(some of my favorites to 
design with:).
Figuring out how to align
the center bit was a tiny
challenge but it 
worked out wonderfully
(if I do say so myself:)!

Here is my cover with 
the finished quilt and 
the second layout you
get from your cut aways
so there ...

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June 8, 2021
THANK YOU PIGEON FORGE!! from Nestlings By Robin

This is a beautiful shot of 
I was able to eat dinner here one
evening and the food was 
delicious, home cooked, stick
to your ribs eats.

I spent weeks cutting kits
and preparing patterns and 
packing quilts....

so that I could arrive
in Pigeon Forge
and teach in this 
lovely setting...

The day before classes 
started I took a short 
drive toward Gatlinburg.
So Beautiful!!
Found a covered bridge
by accident:)
Here is the wonderful
slate of instructors I 
had the honor to share
a page with!
The FUN banner 
outside of my room 
showing my ...

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May 29, 2021
Poppy Pod Lane from Nestlings By Robin

I have a love of poppy flowers and 
have designed some larger quilts 
that the magazines maybe find

So I designed a smaller piece and
picked it up:)  YAY!
Their magazine is so full of beauty.

I started previewing my fabrics
to see how they would look
as quarter-square triangles.

Once the top was finished,
it was time to work on the 
embroidery for the 
applique' section.

Once all my applique'
was fused in place,
on to basting....

Yes, I pin baste 
small projects for 
machine quilting.

My quilting was straight
stitching along the diagonal line ...

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May 14, 2021
Bramble Blooms from Nestlings By Robin

 The May issue of AQ Magazine is out and you will 
find my Bramble Blooms within its fine pages.

Let's talk fabrics:)

My fabric supplier was very
generous with this HARLOW 
collection from Northcott.
There is some truth to having too many decisions:)

Sometimes you need to try a new
technique, quilt style, or in this
case, a new block.

I have an affinity for pinwheel
blocks and tried something new 
this time by splitting one square of 
a half-square triangle set up 
before stitching together.  
It gives some fun extra movement.

Then you chain piece
every step of ...

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March 17, 2021
FQSG Antique Quilt Block Challenge from Nestlings By Robin

The March 2021 issue of 
AQ magazine is out and inside
you will find an article by Moi :)

Last year the Florida Quilt
Study Group did an antique
block challenge with very
few rules, thankfully!

I was overly ambitious and 
worked on 2 blocks because 
each had different fabrics that spoke 
to me. Using techniques 
workshop, I created 2 unique pieces 
and then wrote an article about 
the process for AQ.

Our Fabulous exhibit is 
now on display
at THE Quilters Hall of Fame
in Marion, Indiana. 
IF you can ...

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March 10, 2021
Well-Loved Ladies QAL: Sashing from Nestlings By Robin

You are so close to the finish;)
This week we are on to the
sashing for the blocks.
Making the decision to blend
the sashing so the stars jump out
or to give your blocks a small
bit of framework will be
the hardest part of this step.
I promise!
My blocks rested on my 
guest bed for a good solid
week just as you see them here.
I just couldn't wrap my 
brain around how it would
look when done and I 
didn't want to waste time
making all those little 
star points just to hate ...

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February 20, 2021
Well-Loved Ladies QAL: Ruffled Tulips from Nestlings By Robin

Welcome to block 12 
and our last block 
before we get to assembly.

The photo above is a detail of
a circa 1860 quilt in my collection.
Normally I show you the block
and you can see a bit of it
in the upper corner, but I wanted
you to see the fun border
that was added too.

As we come closer to adding 
a border, I wanted you to see
that I had other options from
my collection and it was
sooo hard to choose!

The quilting on this one
is all over the place from
clamshell, to flowers ...

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