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September 23, 2022
Friday check in: welcome autumn! vintage finds, OMG all set, and something new from With Strings Attached

 It's gotten so that if I don't take a good walk at least every other day I really feel it! This week we went to Sedge Meadow/Des Plaines River Trail and Illinois Beach / Camp Logan.  

Top: compass flower, snakeroot, false Solomon's Seal (b.erries). Center: goldenrod, fungi, riverbank grapes. Bottom: white heath aster and skyblue aster, New England aster, butterfly weed (can you see how the spent stems make a whorl?).

# # # # # 

Isn't this the coolest souvenir tablecloth ever??? I got it for $3 at a church rummage sale.  The midcentury graphics are terrific! 

It has ...

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September 5, 2022
Friday check in: stash report, a finish, and OMG from With Strings Attached


A blue-eyed bunny for the September Rabbit Rabbit good luck charm.  (I do remember to say it first thing on the first of the month.)

# # # # # 

Stash report:

August fabric in: 99 yards, $15 (I got some great gifts)

August fabric out:  26-1/4

YTD fabric in: 1520-5/8, $8.70.  That's $1.86/yard.  (Imagine if I'd paid today's going price (say, $13/yd) -- $19,760!)   Remember, I've gotten several destashes in 2022.

YTF fabric out: 146.   

# # # # #

It's nice to begin the month with a finish.  Here is It's Not Ohio Star. 

The back ...

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August 26, 2022
Friday check in: it's not Ohio star from With Strings Attached

 After the four-patch homespuns (see Wednesday's post) I still had a box of 4.5" homespun squares. I also had a heap of homespun scraps.  I found several yards of cream muslin.   I used the homespun and the muslin to make a bunch of 3.5" hourglass units. 

 Sure, I could put them in a box to stew for a while. Maybe a long, long while.  Instead I recalled a magazine pattern from years ago called "It's Not Ohio Star!"  

 This is the initial layout.  (I thought about using 3.5" nine-patches instead of the 3.5" squares ...

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August 12, 2022
Friday check in: five columns and a stack of blocks from With Strings Attached

 I made 98 homespun monkey wrench blocks.  The inspiration was a FB photo (I didn't get the maker's name) that alternated the pieced blocks with an assortment of squares. 

On point? Hmm.

Controlled selection?  But I'd need at least 2 yards if I used just one fabric for the squares.

I asked a half-dozen other quilters who thought the inspiration photo was the best.  Thank you all!  I got to cutting and then to piecing.  

As of 9:15 Thursday evening I had five columns with a stack of wrenches and squares to go. 

And "go" is ...

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July 15, 2022
Friday check in: batik crumbs flimsy from With Strings Attached



Bumblebee on wild indigo, baptisia alba. Also called false indigo.  (Pine Dunes Forest Preserve on Tuesday.)

The sunshine and moderate temperatures are great for walking.  This morning (Friday) we are finally getting some rain.   That's fine because I have a lot of office-work to catch up on.

# # # # # #

In the studio:   

The batik crumb HSTs got lost in a straight setting.  

They stand out more as flying geese.

The flimsy used 5 yards.  I still have 2 yards+ of the turquoise batik. (The tag pinned to it said it was a 2014 purchase in the red tag section at Joann ...

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July 1, 2022
Friday check in: the stash report and a new flimsy from With Strings Attached

 Rabbit, rabbit!   Welcome, July!

The ALA Annual Conference was GREAT.  I will post the account this weekend.   Suffice it to say it was wonderful to see friends and colleagues in person again.  

I got home early Tuesday afternoon.  My husband did all right in my absence and I appreciate the neighbors who kept an eye out and friends who came to visit him.

The stash report for July:   some planned, some unplanned growth but all very satisfying.  

Fabric IN:  1272 yards, $595.  Average $2.13 per yard.  (That includes 1200 for $233 for my birthday stash bash, a garage sale ...

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June 10, 2022
Friday check in: apologies, iris, and works in progress from With Strings Attached

I apologize that I haven't commented on your blog posts this week.  I use Bloglovin and it was down for several days.  It's back today, fortunately.  (Barbara recommended Feedly and I'm going to set that up. Better to have two blog feeds than none.)

The AAUW summer luncheon was Tuesday.   No program, just pleasant conversation.  We had was a silent auction to benefit our STEM scholarship. I contributed some of the patchwork potholders I made for Joy's Table Scraps and this quilt as well as a stack of books that I'd read or that I ...

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May 27, 2022
Friday check in: rhubarb and a flimsy from With Strings Attached


Thursday:  it was great to join AAUW, P.E.O., and GFWC friends for the last Clara Cummings Book Club luncheon of the season.   Lynn Rymarz presented another one of her Tales in History, this time as Hedy Lamarr who was not only an actress but a patent-holding inventor.   It's always a delight to see Lynn, a friend and P.E.O. sister. 

Our friend Mary Lou said I could pick all the rhubarb I wanted from her garden.  I took her at her word!

Each bag has three cups. Because it loses so much volume when it's ...

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May 21, 2022
Friday check in: a field trip with quilts from With Strings Attached

Back in January Mary (Zippy Quilts) wrote this post about the Ken Burns quilt collection. I looked it up and found out the exhibit's next venue was Peoria, opening March 5 and closing June 5.  I thought I'd meet a downstate friend and combine the museum with fabric shopping, but we never firmed up plans. I thought I'd create an itinerary to visit other downstate sites that I never seem to have time to see.   Meanwhile gas prices have soared and my calendar has filled up.  Now or never!  We went yesterday about 8:45 and got ...

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May 13, 2022
Friday check in: sandal karma + string flimsies from With Strings Attached

Temperatures in the mid- to upper 80's mean open windows and the seasonal transfer of winter clothes and summer clothes between the basement cedar closet and the bedroom.  I know that we'll have a cool-down (it's too soon to plant tomatoes) but the warmth and sunshine are promising. 


I found my mid-70's Dr. Scholl's sandals on the shelf in the cedar closet.

Did you have a pair? Why did I haul them from Missouri to Texas to Kansas to Maine to North Dakota to Illinois where they have been in the basement closet for 19 ...

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May 6, 2022
Friday check in: bargains! from With Strings Attached

 It was rummage sale night at the guild meeting on Wednesday.   Members could buy tables for $20 and sell quilt-related stuff.   I bought a table and a half (Irene shared the other half).  I rounded up fabric, books, kits, and notions that I figured I'd never get around to using.   I made $135!  Less the $30 for the table-and-a-half = $105.

BUT  several members of the guild are very involved with Project Linus. They brought totes and totes and totes of donated fabric and yarn.   The fabric was $3 per pound (= .75 per yard).  Lots of brand names.  Fat quarters ...

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April 22, 2022
Friday check-in: quilt presented, asterisks, and fabric pull from With Strings Attached


My husband's barber is moving out of town.  The shop closes on Saturday. We stopped by yesterday to thank her for five years of great haircuts (and for listening to his stories).  She said her new stepkids love to read with her and now they can snuggle under a quilt.  (It's my version of Bonnie Hunter's Bitcoin.)

# # # # #

I'm having fun making asterisk blocks in Christmas prints!   

These are 6.5" unf.  I'm planning on making 90 blocks.

Here is the fabric pull for the tote bag that's my OMG for April.  (Will I have ...

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April 16, 2022
Friday check in: a fine, a field trip, and a finish from With Strings Attached

Wednesday turned out to be an expensive day.  The first expense was to the electrician who came after lunch. He replaced the 8' fluorescent tubes in the laundry room with two 4' LED fixtures. It's bright enough to perform surgery in the laundry room now!  ($$ to pay him.)   

 Then I drove up to Joann's in Racine to buy batting.  I usually buy it by the bolt but I couldn't get the Joann's online system to take the five $25 gift cards I wanted to use.    I was nearly at the mall when I got nailed by ...

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April 8, 2022
Friday check in: a busy first week and a flimsy from With Strings Attached

 The first week of the month is always busy with regularly-scheduled meetings. 

It was wonderful to have dinner with P.E.O. sisters on Monday after months of Zooming.  We had great fun with our white elephant exchange (sidelined for two years due to Covid).  I'd had custody of one of the perennial white elephants -- a funny plaster pig--and successfully handed it off.    

 Deb got the bead-and-safety-pin basket.   Lenee got the owls--we think they are travel jewelry holders. One owl has been around for 20 years. I got the other owl and the basket at this estate sale way ...

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April 1, 2022
Friday check in: birds have perched, OMG for April, and a new start from With Strings Attached


Rabbit, rabbit! Happy April to all! 


I appliqued three birds to the quilt. 

Look at the dates on the two fabrics in the pieced back.  Sometimes I remember where and when I got a particular piece. The daisy-print was a purchase when I spent a weekend in West Virginia in August, 2001.  There was enough left (after chipping away at it for years) for a 10" insert.  

# # # # #

My OMG for April is to make a daisy-themed tote bag.  It's for the chair of the Illinois P.E.O. Home Fund committee.  

# # # # #

I have a complete run of American Patchwork ...

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February 28, 2022
Friday check in: two blue ribbons and a quick start/finish from With Strings Attached

As Steffi and I were driving to the The GFWC Tenth District Art Show on Wednesday we turned onto an enchanted scene.  The ice-coated trees on both sides of the road just sparkled in the sunshine.

Art show results:  I won blue ribbons for both my entries.  Confession: blue ribbons were a  foregone conclusion since they were the ONLY entries in the two categories!  Attendance at the monthly D10 luncheons has dwindled due to Covid and participation in the art show is way, way down.  But, hey, I'll take blue ribbons when they're offered.

(I made Batiks by ...

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February 11, 2022
Friday check in: two quilt history programs from With Strings Attached

I'm composing this post on the computer while my iPad is tuned into a Zoom committee meeting.  Though we gripe about the screen time, Zoom is an easier way to meet than a conference call. (My first experience with conference calls was the White House Conference on Library and Information Sciences Task Force back in the early 1990's.  A dozen people on a phone call meant prefacing comments with your name, and a lot of pauses while people tried to figure out who should talk next.) 

I attended two quilt programs by Zoom this week. 

On Tuesday the ...

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January 21, 2022
Friday check in: QBL and some progress from With Strings Attached

82 looks good, doesn't it?

 Look who had a birthday on Tuesday!  We had pancakes as a celebratory breakfast.  I posted the photo on Facebook and reported to him the number of comments and "likes."  He was surprised and appreciative. 

The tumbling ribbons wall hanging from last weekend's workshop is QBL -- quilted, bound, and labeled.   

I decided on a simple pieced border for the floral applique wall hanging. It's under the needle now.  I will wait until it's finished to post pictures.

I made the setting "triangle" and corner units for Rhododendron Trail.

Here's the ...

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November 21, 2021
Friday check in: field trip! from With Strings Attached

Yesterday we headed north to see the Victoria Findlay Wolfe retrospective exhibit at the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts .   

Wow!  My husband was impressed, too.  

Her grandfather and grandmother.

Her grandmother made the quilt on the lower right with polyester pieces appliqued onto a red and white sheet.  She had severe arthritis and sewing was difficult.  

A series called Red Dot. 

Left:  Is That You? 2020.  Top center: Everything But the Kitchen Sink, 2000-2009. Top right: You Are Here.  Center: Star Storm Explosion, 2021. Center right: Ignition, 2021.  Lower center: Color Study H1, 2017.  Lower right: Garden Delights ...

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November 12, 2021
Friday check in: goal accomplished and a new project from With Strings Attached


I first read "In Flanders Fields" in junior high. The powerful image has stayed with me all these years.  Take a couple of minutes to read about the inspiration  in this story

Our Rotary program (Zoom) on Thursdas was about Quilts of Valor. The presenter is a quilting friend who is an active QOV volunteer (and a veteran herself).  Rotary members were impressed.  I learned a lot more, too. 

# # # # # # # 

My OMG for November is to quilt three flimsies.  I've done that!  I showed  photo of the first on Monday.  Here are the other two.  The backings for both are ...

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