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November 5, 2019
Unique fussy cut options with Banyan Batiks Baralla Collection from Quilt Social

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Welcome back! I hope you all had a fun time shopping for your beautiful new Banyan Batiks Baralla fabrics which I introduced you to in yesterday’s post, which are available in 7 sumptuous color palettes; Crimson Red, Pink Slate, Emerald Red, Magenta, Spring Leaf,Midnight Gold and Exotic Purple.


Banyan Batiks Baralla Midnight Gold Colorway


For this quick and easy disappearing 9 patch quilt, I selected fabrics from the Crimson Red, Emerald Red and Pink Slate color palettes, but you can select from whichever you desire. The hardest part of this whole project is choosing the ...

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November 4, 2019
Making a disappearing 9 patch quilt with Banyan Batiks Baralla from Quilt Social

With the cool fall breeze in the air, there’s no better time to stitch up a fun and easy disappearing 9 patch quilt to snuggle under, especially when using the gorgeous new dynamic Banyan Batiks Baralla collection.


I used fabrics from 3 of the 7 color palettes of the new Banyan Batiks Baralla Collection: Crimson Red, Emerald Red and Pink Slate.


I confessed in a previous blog post I really wasn’t a big fan of batiks, but oh, how my tastes and opinions have changed since I discovered Banyan Batiks! Overnight, I became a Banyan Batiks fan when ...

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November 1, 2019
Get your Banyan Batiks Baralla, we’re making a quilt! from Quilt Social

Check out the very new Banyan Batiks Baralla Collection, you’ll likely fall in love with all 7 colorways. Right off the bat, I know I love the Emerald Red colorway, BUT, given two more seconds to look at the other colorways, I know I love them all.


Banyan Batiks Baralla Emerald Red colorway


Join Michael Smith of The Sewcial Quilter, as he walks you through a fun and easy disappearing 9 patch quilt. He uses some fabric from three of the seven colorways. I’m guessing it was difficult to choose colors as they are all stunning!

The instructions ...

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October 27, 2019
Fabrics with my own printed designs from A Beautiful Day - O Zi Frumoasa

If you really want to do something, you will find a way!
I keep telling this to myself, whenever it seems to me that I want something unrealistic or when I am about to give up something difficult to complete.

Having fabrics with my own printed designs is an old dream.This dream began to come true, slowly, very slowly, gathering small bits of active breaks taken to reorder my thoughts by drawing. Between job and other activities, between something and something else, or while I drink a coffee, or before bedtime...
One day, when the good planets were probably ...

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October 18, 2019
Adding Bosal In-R-Form to the Date Night Clutch from Quilt Social

Hello and Happy Friday! All week, I’ve been demonstrating how to make The Library Tote and Date Night Clutch using BOSAL In-R-Form Double Sided Fusible Stabilizer. Yesterday, it was all about applying Bosal In-R-Form and hardware, such as the zipper, the magnetic snap, and anchor straps, to the clutch.

I promise you it’s easy, there are just many small steps. The lining is completely ready to go with a discrete faced zipper pocket, anchor straps and a magnetic snap. The straps for the bag are already made and set aside.

Today, I want to talk about the sides ...

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October 17, 2019
Applying Bosal In-R-Form and hardware to the Date Night Clutch from Quilt Social

Yesterday we made the strap anchors and the strap for this modern and professional-looking Date Night Clutch made with the Bosal In-R-Form Double Sided Fusible  Stabilizer, refer to yesterday’s post if you’re just joining us today.

Now it’s time to make the faced zipper I promised. What’s really nice about this zipper is it’s neat and tidy and hides a pocket where all the private stuff needed in a bag can be hidden. I find a zippered pocket always handy as it is a secure place to put things so they cannot slip out of ...

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October 16, 2019
Making a Date Night Clutch using Bosal In-R-Form from Quilt Social

Happy Wednesday! Yesterday I finished off making the library tote. Today and over the next few days, I’ll discuss how to make a smaller clutch bag with the Bosal In-R-Form stabilizer. This compact Date Night Clutch bag looks like it has been purchased in a store all because the Bosal In-R-Form gives such polished, structured results.

I’ll also share how to make a zipper facing so that the zipper is embedded in the lining (looks oh so gorgeous) with a hidden pocket and how to make removable straps with D rings and swivel hook toggles. This time I ...

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Flowers and Fish (and more f-words) from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories

Is that not an odd combination? But, yeah, that's today's title. Flowers on my family's graves. Fabric for a new challenge I've found. And fish from our pond, thanks to a sweet husband. First though, I'm going to stop making all the fs bold. You get the idea, right? So enough of that. 

Okay, the flowers are new silk flowers that Richard and I put on the graves of parents, grandparents and one great-uncle. Richard swept the graves to get the dust and leaves off while I arranged ...

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October 15, 2019
How to attach magnetic snaps and making the easiest tote pocket ever from Quilt Social

I hope you stopped by yesterday to see the beginning of The Library Tote bag, Bosal In-R-Form Adds Great Structure to Bags. Materials needed and cutting instructions along with a great method of making handles for this bag are included in yesterday’s post.

Today, I’ll demonstrate how easy it is to make a hanging pocket, inserting a magnetic snap and finishing this easy, handy bag for busy lifestyles.


The Library Tote


Constructing the pocket

Press the fusible woven interfacing, fusible side down to one end of the pocket piece (green as shown).


Woven fusible interfacing pressed to wrong ...

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October 14, 2019
Feeling Grateful: Kushukuru Collection from Art Gallery Fabrics-The Creative Blog

"My inspiration comes directly from my life, mostly, and my experiences throughout. When creating collections for fabric, paintings, illustrations, and everything, I draw on my life, memories, feelings, and messages that I’d like to share with myself and with the wider world. I’m also deeply inspired by the natural world and could draw and paint animals forever and never get tired of it!" - Jessica Swift

It's always so inspiring to learn where our designers gather their inspiration for a fabric collection. After the unexpected passing of her husband last year, our designer Jessica Swift received an overwhelming ...

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Bosal In-R-Form adds great structure to quilted bags from Quilt Social

This week I’m talking all about Bosal In-R-Form, a fantastic foam product to stabilize sewing and allow sewists to have very professional structured results. I have used it many times with many projects including bags, backpacks, quilt as you go placemats, baskets, bowls, lunch bags and more.


The family of Bosal In-R-Form stabilizers


What’s really cool about it is:

  • It’s a foam product that provides a sturdy look and feel to projects giving them a professional finish.
  • It provides strength to straps and handles and the projects itself.
  • It looks and feels soft so projects do not ...

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October 11, 2019
5 tips to create the best ever quilt binding finish from Quilt Social

In yesterday’s post, I quilted my table runner so in this final blog post of the week, I want to share my 5 tips to create the best ever binding finish. This project, made with the beautiful Kayana Autumn Collection by Banyan Batiks is the perfect example of how you can play with the fabric in your binding to get the final touch just right in your table runner.


5 tips to create the best ever binding finish


I usually make a binding by adding the strips at an angle so that it’s virtually impossible to determine where ...

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October 10, 2019
The secret to modern quilting using the straight stitch from Quilt Social

In yesterday’s post, I used a short stitch to perfecting align my seams. As time was the essence for this project, I wanted to finish making the table runner in two days, so for quilting, I opted for a simple yet elegant straight line stitch with a solid beige color thread. The use of the beige color quilting thread was perfect again to show off the beautiful Kayana Autumn Color fabrics from Banyan Batiks.

Here is the secret to a straight stitch.


A simple yet elegant straight stitch with a solid beige color thread


In order to ensure I ...

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October 9, 2019
How a short stitch, in quilting, can save the day from Quilt Social

Welcome back to my fun and easy project made with the lovely Kayana Autumn Collection from Banyan Batiks. Today I’ll show my foolproof trick: the short stitch that saves the day.

So now I have six blocks as shown in yesterday’s post. I also have cut out six solid blocks from the main fabric piece. It’s now time to play with the positioning of the blocks to make the project. Now you may notice that this pattern isn’t as cookie cutter detailed as my usual posts. That’s because I really want you to play with ...

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October 8, 2019
How to choose a quilt design for fabric too beautiful to cut into from Quilt Social

I’m back and ready to show you how to not be intimidated by beautiful fabrics. If you’ve been following along this blog post, yesterday I cut up all the lovely pieces of the Banyan Batiks Kayana Autumn Collection and am ready to begin a beautiful table runner project that can be done in a weekend. I bet you didn’t have any time to feel intimidated as I made you cut the fabric out of the main piece without really knowing where they would go in the project.


Ready to begin this beautiful table runner project that can ...

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October 7, 2019
Falling in love with Banyan Batiks Kayana autumn fabric collection from Quilt Social

If fall is your most favorite season of all than you will love this project as it features the Kayana collection from Banyan Batiks featuring the awesome autumn colorway. It’s the perfect weekend project you can make, no matter your skill level, and gift without breaking your heart.


Falling in love with Kayana Autumn Collection from Banyan Batiks


The secret to this easy project is the beautiful masterpiece #80296-25 from the Kayana Autumn collection as its color changes from one selvage to the other. It’s the perfect key element for the pattern I have in mind.


The main ...

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October 4, 2019
Banyan Batiks Kayana Autumn fabric steals the fall show from Quilt Social

Friday is my favorite day of the week and what better way to celebrate it than in your company!

There’s freshness in the autumn air today and the leaves have already started to change color, red, orange, yellow, and green still persists. The crisp air entices me to make heartwarming soups and stews, as if the bountiful harvest at the farmers market weren’t enough of an incentive.

What’s missing in this autumnal picture?


Celebrating autumn with a quilting project using Banyan Batiks Kayana Autumn collection – Autumn colorway


Right! Quilting fabric! Banyan Batiks Kayana Autumn collection is perfect ...

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November 26, 2018
La Droguerie from Quilting Stories

La Droguerie

La Droguerie

La Droguerie

La Droguerie

La Droguerie

La Droguerie

A little trip to Paris last week. And for me, going to Paris means visiting and shopping at La Droguerie, my favorite haberdasher's shop. They have their own production and dyeing of great quality yarns. In this wonderful shop you can find quilting fabrics, Liberty fabrics, all sorts of threads, buttons, beads, ribbons... as well as catalogues with their great patterns for children or adults.

I remember when this shop was created in 1975, I was one of their first customer and so happy to find cashmere yarn, out of which I knitted a sweater for the one who ...

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