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October 16, 2018
Weekly update: the sampler is a flimsy from With Strings Attached

I talked about Toby jugs
The first week of every month is meeting-ful.  I hosted my P.E.O. chapter Monday evening. I was also my own co-hostess (since the person assigned was not able to attend) and the program presenter. The topic was "an item from my collection" and each member showed samples and told the story of something she collects.  (I'm the chapter recording secretary, too.)
 Zion Woman's Club meets the first Tuesday. I was the program coordinator.  Our club members contribute canned and boxed goods to the local food pantry using Green Bags.  This month ...

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October 15, 2018
Weekly update: blossoms, books, bunco, blocks, and WIP from With Strings Attached

 The week flew by as quickly as cumulus clouds on a bright autumn day. 

Fringed gentian is in bloom at Illinois Beach State Park. Isn't that a beautiful shade of blue?   Along the same trail:  flame-red sumac.

 Natalie Rompella was the speaker at Tuesday's AAUW meeting. I didn't get a picture of her but I did snap a photo of two of her children's books. She's a former teacher turned nonfiction writer (with one upper-grade novel to her credit). As a librarian I've been the penultimate consumer of children's books. Natalie provided insights ...

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October 2, 2018
Weekly update, part 2: an accessory, two finishes, and the stash report from With Strings Attached

Antoinette's Quilt Shop of Plover, Wisconsin, was one of the quilt show vendors (see previous post). They make ironing board extenders in three sizes (and a 36" square mini-board).  I bought the small size -- just $50 and "free shipping to your car," as they joked.

It's made out of particle board covered with reflective stuff, batting, and heavy cotton duck.

I had a productive week in the studio with two finishes!

Here is my version of Rowan Baby, made from a pattern in  a 2005 Kaffe Fassett book.  There are no Kaffe prints in it so perhaps it ...

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September 25, 2018
On My Design Wall from Quilting Reader's Garden

One side of a border for my something big quilt For once it's cloudy outside in the morning (a sort of June gloom but in September) so the photo is a bit dark.  The corners are reverse applique. I'm linking to Design Wall Monday, BOMs Away,  and Monday Making. What's on your wall?

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On My Design Wall from The Quilting Reader's Garden

One side of a border for my something big quilt For once it's cloudy outside in the morning (a sort of June gloom but in September) so the photo is a bit dark.  The corners are reverse applique. I'm linking to Design Wall Monday, BOMs Away,  and Monday Making. What's on your wall?

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Weekly update: OMG report and a new flimsy from With Strings Attached

 Here are my September OMG finishes.  I'm linking up with other OMG participants here.

A.  Catch up with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  Here are the Nine Chinese Puzzle blocks. Each is made out of 32 different prints.

B. Make and send a small quilt to my assigned partner in the Teal Mini Swap hosted by
Beth Helfter (d/b/a Eva Paige Quilt Designs).  My partner is Pat in Pennsylvania. She and I have mutual quilting friends.  She said she likes Kaffe and bright.  I used both. The swap fabric is the ogee print used in the vase. The ...

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September 17, 2018
Retreat Progress and Week 38 Goals from Patchwork Sampler Blog

This past week I was in Duluth, Minnesota at a reunion retreat with women I met at last year’s Bonnie Hunter retreat in Oelwein, IA. This was the longest time I’ve ever been on a retreat and I’m happy to say I made nice progress on a number of projects. I want to continue working on these projects to get them out of my sewing room. A couple will be my Week 38 goals.

For me it works best to precut projects and work on piecing blocks and simple tops. With all the chatter and interruptions that ...

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September 10, 2018
Weekly update: baskets, blossoms, and sprouts from With Strings Attached

My aching back is somewhat better. I have had two acupuncture sessions with a third scheduled for tomorrow.  I make a conscious effort to sleep on my side.  It takes an hour in the morning to unkink. By mid-day I'm fine.

I was sorry to miss the Wisconsin Quilt Expo. The quilt shop that coordinated the bus trip gave me a refund (thanks, Heather!).  On the bright side: look at how much fabric I didn't buy!

As I posted on Saturday, I finished the September OMG projects.  I'm now caught up on this month's Block Lotto ...

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September 7, 2018
Stash report, a finish, and OMG for September from With Strings Attached

I had oral surgery on Tuesday to remove both left wisdom teeth. All went well in my mouth.  On Wednesday I developed severe lower back pain -- the muscles at the tailbone. My primary care physician (whom I saw Friday) said the cause is likely the sedated sleep (immobile) in the reclining dentist's chair. She prescribed a muscle relaxant and recommended continuing ibuprofen and using a heating pad.  The tightness eases during the day but comes back at night as I turn and turn to find a comfortable position to sleep.  Getting out of bed is hard.   (I can reach ...

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August 27, 2018
Weekly update: a finish and a flimsy from With Strings Attached

Ta da!  "Cardinals in the Pines" is finished!

It's 60 x 72 and used 8-5/8 yards.

The churn dashes in the pieced back are from Barb V's swap. I've used them in the backs of three quilts and still have a couple of dozen.

I used white thread to quilt spirals.

My cutting table is also my basting table. The table is approx. 58 x 34. When I have the center of a quilt basted I remove the clamps and slide the quilt sandwich, bringing the sides or ends to the top of the table. I ...

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August 20, 2018
Weekly update: inspiration strikes! from With Strings Attached

The shower for Baby Riley (well, for her parents) was Saturday.  They received several crocheted afghans but the I Spy that I made was the only quilt. They like it!

This was the first baby shower my husband had ever attended. I hadn't been to a shower for years but in April there was a wedding shower for my niece and then this one. 

# # # # # # #
Last week I wrote that I hoped for a flash of inspiration for the holiday quilt for our AAUW raffle.  The flash came, all right.  The pattern is Pinwheel Pines from McCall's Quilting, Dec ...

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August 13, 2018
Weekly update: batik week from With Strings Attached

We had free tickets for a concert at Ravinia on Tuesday, but free means lawn seating and it poured. The Zion Park District's weekly concert on Thursday was also free, also outside, and it poured.   That meant two evenings to sew!

I finished the maple leaf wall hanging. It's my OMG for August. I will donate it to the quilt guild for the silent auction at Sept. 29-30 quilt show.   24 x 36, 1-1/2 yards.

Though the maple leaves were finished I didn't put the batik FQ boxes back on the shelf.  Here's what happened ...

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August 6, 2018
Weekly update: vacation fabric, stash report, design wall from With Strings Attached

I splurged on souvenirs this vacation -- four t-shirts, two mugs, a stack of postcards, embroidered patches, and refrigerator magnets. The patches and the magnets have become a routine and the postcards are handy.  I actually needed to replenish t-shirts.  The mugs will replace some that are irredeemably stained.

Is fabric a souvenir?  I suppose not, though sometimes when I cut a particular piece I can remember when and where I bought it.  On this trip I went to three shops -- Golden Gese in Concord, NH; Quilted Threads in Henniker, NH; and Fabricate in Bar Harbor, ME.  I also went to ...

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August 2, 2018
Weekly update: gardens and three finished projects from With Strings Attached

Six local gardens, three in Beach Park and three in Winthrop Harbor, were featured in the Illinois Dunesland Garden Club's annual garden walk on Saturday.  The library is the pickup point for maps.

All the gardens looked so lush!  Fountains, garden benches, and gazing globes added nice touches. The hubcab fence was fun!

There's no admission charge for the walk but there's an array of raffle prizes on display in the library lobby.  I won two of them: an envelope with a $5 gift card for a local restaurant and a coupon for a dozen free donuts ...

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July 9, 2018
Weekly update: stars and pine trees from With Strings Attached

I met a mermaid on the beach last week. I left her to splash in the very calm water. 

The early July wildflowers are wonderful.

We skipped the country classics bands and fireworks on Wednesday but on Thursday we enjoyed the Lake County Symphony Orchestra concert in the park.

Meanwhile, in the studio:  I made 8.5" (unf) stars
for the I Spy quilt. The novelty squares are 4.5"

There are two pink prints for the background  because I didn't have enough of either one to make all backgrounds the same. I'm contemplating designs for the borders ...

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July 2, 2018
Weekly update: stash report, a flimsy, and OMG for July from With Strings Attached

Halfway through the year!
Fabric in, June:  25-3/4, $138.50  (avg. $5.37/yard)
Fabric out, June:  28-1/8

Fabric in, January to June:  160-1/4, $503.25  (avg. $3.13/yard)
Fabric out, January to June: 338-3/8

Net decrease: 178-1/8 yards

I began this quilt before I went to the ALA conference. The pattern is by Nancy Rink and was published in Quilt magazine some years ago.  The box blocks are 8" (unfinished); with sashing, 9.5" (unfinished).  68" x 82:, 5 yards.

My One Monthly Goal for July is to make a baby quilt. The ...

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June 18, 2018
Weekly update: lobsters, spoon rests, and postage stamps from With Strings Attached

 On Saturday afternoon we joined Chicago-area Bowdoin alumni for the annual Lobster Bash.  Incoming students and their parents are invited--this year that's the class of 2022,born in 2000. That's a demographic milestone.

Stevens ('62) was the oldest alum -- another milestone.

 Bill ('65) and Carolyn have been the hosts for 40 years at their beautiful home in the northwest suburbs. This was their last year.  There was talk that it will be held at Lincoln Park -- more convenient for young alumni and families, but it won't be the same.
Class of '22 and Class of '62

Alumni ...

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June 11, 2018
Weekly update: wildflowers, a quick finish, and a new start from With Strings Attached

I remember the first time I saw wild flags (wild iris):  circa 1990, driving home to Auburn, Maine, on Route 202. That was long before cellphones with cameras. I looked for them the next year, and the next, but never found them again.  Now I make a point to visit Illinois Beach State Park each year to see both blue and yellow flags in bloom.

Flags differ from hybrid iris -- they like wet feet.

There's a patch of hybrid iris along the road in the park. I speculate how they got there. Did someone (illegally) dump a load of ...

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June 4, 2018
Weekly update: stash report, a disappointment, and OMG from With Strings Attached

Fabric IN, May:  56-3/8 yds, $185.75 (avg. $3.29)
Fabric OUT, May: 39-7/8 yds
*  I used a gift certificate, ordered on-sale Aurifil thread and (to get free shipping) fabric, and bought a king-sized flat sheet at Salvation Army. On Wednesday we had a medical appt. at Froedert (west of Milwaukee) -- too close to Patched Works in Elm Grove to not visit. I hadn't been to PW in years. It's as well-stocked as ever and some of that stock came home with me.

Fabric IN, January-May: 134-1/2 yds, $364.75 (avg. $2.71)
Fabric OUT ...

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May 28, 2018
Weekly update: part 3, in the kitchen, in the garden, in the studio from With Strings Attached

"I've got rhubarb if you'd like some," W.D. posted on Facebook.  I went to her house and came home with this. 

A half hour later it was cut, bagged, and frozen. (Though today I made a rhubarb-strawberry pie. I found a bag of sliced strawberries at the back of the freezer dated June 30. Time to use them!)

Dicentra (bleeding heart) 
Hardy perennials and wildflowers are the mainstays of our garden.  I appreciate flowers more than I like cultivating them.

The vegetable patch will be tilled this coming week.  We are late but we are hopeful.
Aresaema ...

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