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January 18, 2017
Philippians 2:6. Finish The Old, Then Welcome The New! Yes! from Faith, Trust and Breast Cancer

Philippians 2:6

Jesus lived this verse! 
Though He is our LORD, He doesn’t lord it over us.
He gently invites us to serve Him.
He doesn’t use His divine status to woe us.
He uses loving tenderness to bring us to Him.


Verse 6 brings me to tears, especially when I read it in context.  I’m caught off guard because I have read this verse so many times before, yet today I seem to be one with Christ in understanding His sacrifice and my ...

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Philippians 2:7 (Part 1). To Do Tuesday. from Faith, Trust and Breast Cancer

Philippians 2:7 Part 1
(I am including v. 7 in context as well.)
rather than claim His position as the Son of God – Jesus made himself


Did that really sink into your spirit?


Let’s look at the Amplified version:
He emptied Himself, BUT DID NOT renounce His deity.  
He gave His all, but maintained His identity.

I can only be in awe of my Jesus. 
(To be continued in the next post.)

To Do List for 1/17-24/17

- work one hour on my Embroidery Around the House project ...

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January 16, 2017
The One With Babies and Bears from knot what it seams

I have long been of the opinion that chocolate is the complete cure-all. There is now further proof that it really can cure anything, including pregnancy! While out with friends the other night enjoying hot chocolates, my very pregnant friend – who was overdue by about 5 days – went into labour! It was quite exciting, and eight hours later a gorgeous little boy was born. I submit to you that chocolate was the reason, and thus it is an necessary part of life.

And while on the subject of chocolate, and in extension, Valentines day (it’s not that much of ...

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So much for daily writing from Silly Goose Quilts

Good thing I didn’t promise to write daily, because I’ve bombed out on that one!

School holidays are always a flexible, juggly time.  Now that we have Christmas out of the way, we are firmly into playdates here and away, and messes being made everywhere (I try very hard not to call them messes to the kids, but they are Messes with a capital M!)  They are playing together so lovely though, I don’t want to make them clean up their Creative Endeavours (messes) too often, so I just grin and bear it.  Or try to.

I ...

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January 9, 2017
The One With Red Gloves And Quick Unpicks from knot what it seams

After a mere two weeks notice and two weeks madly sewing (eating? Pah! for weaklings! And sleeping? Only after I drop from exhaustion!) my Partner-In-Craft and I had a stall at the Kalamunda Markets!! They are one of the more well know markets in my fair city and has been dream of mine for years to one day have a stall there, amongst amazing handmade jewellery and unique clothing and so many other creative stalls.



Setting up the stall. That strange fellow lurking in the background? Munchkin 1’s fiancée </p>
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January 8, 2017
Political Crochet, Nasty and Nice from Gefilte Quilt

Although I am mostly loyal to quilting, I dally with crochet on the side. Especially when convinced that crochet might save the world, which occurs with surprisingly frequency.

Those of us who are appalled by the grabby President-elect are planning to participate in protest marches on or near inauguration day. Someone came up with the idea of pink, uh, cat hats. (OK, I'll choke out the words: Pussy Hats.) It's called the #Pussyhat Project, and you can learn about it here.

They're extremely easy to make, and therapeutic to boot.

Crocheted, they take me about an hour ...

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Slow Stitching Projects for 2017. A Song. from Faith, Trust and Breast Cancer

Hello There!
How were your holidays?  Are you getting back into the groove of normal life - or at least as normal as possible?  Have you set some 2017 crafting goals?  I'd love to hear all of these events!

I was revisiting UFOs, WIPs and patterns I started/purchased before and during my battle with Triple Negative Breast Cancer. 

These poor projects sit hopefully waiting to make it to the "finished" category as they are so eager to begin their intended purpose in life.

And you know what?  They take up too much storage in my studio and mind!  

So ...

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January 5, 2017
Philippians 2:3-4 . Complete! Baby M2's Afghan! from Faith, Trust and Breast Cancer

Philippians 2:3-4

Paul is referring to the dissension in the church in Philippi.  He gives solutions to dissension:
I recall a conversation with a non-believer who was confused about a teaching about the acronym J.O.Y. 

By placing Jesus first, we are in tune with His will for our lives.  Consequently we can live our lives confident of His guidance.

By placing others’ interest above our own we become better listeners.

What is this person truly saying?
What truly is their need?

These verses are saying,
“Let go of your own agenda.
Really listen to ...

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January 4, 2017
Knit/Crochet Klub from Jenn's Quilters Depot Blog

Start your new year off right and come to Knit/Crochet Klub!

you can do anything you want.  if you need help Emily is there to help you!

Come tell us what classes you would like to see done this year!  Come check out our felted clogs,  our dishcloth toppers and find out about our knit and/or crochet class coming up!  

Thursday, January 5th @5pm!

remember the one with the most stash wins!


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January 3, 2017
WIP Wednesday #268 @ TN&TN from The Needle and Thread Network

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January 2, 2017
The One With Worms. Cute Worms. from knot what it seams

I am so proud of myself! I actually overcame my procrastinating inclinations and completed a project not that long after I said that I’ll do it! Such a thing is rare, but it does happen occasionally. See Exhibit A.

Exhibit A

Meet Wormy the Worm, from the Houdini Chicken bedtime story. I said that I would do something with him, and here he is!

And while we’re in a wormy mind frame, here is something I prepared earlier…


Exhibit B


I have around ten of these little cuties sitting on my desk at present, testament to my slight ...

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December 29, 2016
2016 @madetotreasure from Made To Treasure

...It was an amazing year....

I was very active in my studio .

I could finish so many beautiful projects as i expected....

I was trying to compile all the pictures of this year's finish and i felt so happy about myself...

I'm proud of every single quilting project i finished this year....

These are the few new things, made out of my comfort zone

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Textured crochet - 7 from Made To Treasure

My  effort to learn to crochet using yarn was an awesome experience .

I learned a handful number of new crochet stitches 

It was another easy simple stitch, which gave an awesome texture

I finished it into a quick cushion cover as always...

This is also made of Alize cotton gold yarn .

The c2c crochet block also finished into cushion cover...

It was a quick finish just in time for christmas.

After finishing christmas crafting, i was trying to finish some of the unfinished works,

which i don't want to carry along for more ...

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December 27, 2016
Crochet wearable from my studio from Made To Treasure

I haven't tried any crochet wearable for myself, 
even though i have whipped up some baby stuff for gifting..

Our winter months are not usually very cold, 
but during night and early mornings, it will fall between 14 -19 degree celsius..

So i never needed a serious winter dressing, unless we go out for late night open air events...

This year i took a serious effort to learn to use more of yarn, and i made a poncho for myself...

I was hoping for a proper photoshoot and it was not happening,
 so decided to write the post using ...

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December 26, 2016
Crochet Cactus and Pot Tutorial from knot what it seams

This is what happened when I tried to crochet a cactus and pot.


No, I didn’t turn the photo sideways. The pot just won’t stand!

Not quite what I had in mind when I made it. The Marvellous B managed to get the tipsy pot upright, but I haven’t mastered the technique yet! And yet, I still wanted to crochet a cactus because I think they are really cute and make lovely desk decorations.  Hunting through garden sections of shops proved fruitless (ha! pun! Get it? Garden areas, fruitless? Okay, never mind) until my search ended in ...

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December 24, 2016
Squeezing It In from Quilt Paint Create

Like everyone else, I’m trying to wrap up a few projects before the end of the year.

I finished my hat Thursday night, just in time for the weather to warm up so I don’t need it. I’m sure I’ll have other chances to wear it before spring.

hatI also finished quilting the Stitching To Dye #2 piece. I thought I would get it bound yesterday, but life got in the way.

s2d2-quiltingI’ll wait to show the front once I finish the binding, maybe today.

I’m linking to Whoop Whoop Friday.

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December 22, 2016
Tree Ornament… And Merry Christmas! from France Nadeau

Crocheted Tree Ornament - francenadeau.comChristmas Tree Ornament - crochet - francenadeau.comChristmas Tree Ornament - crochet - francenadeau.comChristmas Tree Ornament - crochet -

This Christmas Tree Ornament was created by Anabelia Craft Design. You can find her pattern here. Such a talented lady. She makes splendid creations with her crochet hook.

Christmas Tree Ornament - crochet -

Tutorial for Christmas - pdf at francenadeau.comThank you for visiting!

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The Three Christmas Trees - available in my Crafsty Pattern Store - francenadeau.comDowntown Houses - blocks 1-8 in my Craftsy Pattern Store

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December 15, 2016
Gift Exchanges from Butterfly Threads

I've enjoyed making some folded star hot pads for my friends for our gift exchange. I used this pattern and found it super easy to follow. I also added a layer of Insulbrite to make sure it does the job properly. I made a couple of tiny ones with some modifications for ornaments. Try not to be too impressed! LOL

I also made a couple of crochet cowls for gifts. I only know one crochet stitch so my work is very simple but I fancy it up by using two different colors of yarn or adding a twist.

I ...

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Philippians 2:1a (Part 3). Day 6, Gift 6: Scarf Tuesday To Do. from Faith, Trust and Breast Cancer

Philippians 2:1a
We receive encouragement from being united with Christ, but exactly what is encouragement?

Definition of encouragement

1:  the act of encouraging :  the state of being encouraged
2:  something that encourages

Ok.  It’s an act or state of being encouraged. 

So what is encourage?

Definition of encourage



1.            transitive verb
1a :  to inspire with courage, spirit, or hope :  hearten <she was encouraged to continue by her early success>b :  to attempt to persuade :  urge <they encouraged him to go back to school>
2:  to spur on :  stimulate <warm weather encourages plant growth>
3 ...

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December 7, 2016
Christmas - Reason for crafting... from Made To Treasure

I love crafting for christmas...

This time, sewing and quilting went into last row... When i decorated the place, i couldn't find more place to display quilted/sewing stuff

So I'm on crocheting.... some for myself and some for gifting 

I got this wooden coasters custom made from Nissiwood , my tag makers...

It is something similar to the coaster i did earlier....Got it done in christmas theme...

I got few sets printed in christmas theme,

and finished 2 with crochet edging...

I tried 2 different types of wood, to see the difference ...

I loved both colors...and ...

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