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February 24, 2017
Philippians 2:14 Part 1. Surgery Update. Mason Jar Cosy. Speaking of Mason Jar Meals.... from Faith, Trust and Breast Cancer

Philippians 2:14

in his usual style of writing in absolutes 
made this act of character development clear:  

Do Everything
Grumbling or Arguing.

Grumble: to mutter in discontent; 
the act of complaining in a low voice

Even as I write about this verse, 
I find myself wanting to grumble!



My first thoughts 
are how I've grumbled about 
the little acts that irritate me.  
They are too meaningless to even list.  

Then I recall that, 
after teacher staff meetings or 
when new demands were announced, 
we would grumble.....
and ...

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Temperature Blanket - January Completed from Creating Chaos

Very pleased with the progress I'm making with my Temperature Blanket as I was late starting.  January is now finished and as you can see from the photo, it is very blue!  I'll be glad when the temperatures rise a bit and I can get on to some different colours.

Looking so closely at the temperatures (I'm using the highest recorded for Bournemouth each day) you get a bit obsessed and how much they change.  Also looking back on January I was surprised to see we started the month on 10 deg C although it did drop ...

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February 22, 2017
Comfort. A Finished Scarf. from Faith, Trust and Breast Cancer

Just a note:

My posts will be short and minus the Philippians Bible Study for a while.  I'm recovering from cataract surgery and I'm finding the computer is hard on my eye!  

I'm trying my surgery sunglasses and they seem to be helping!  :)

I'm blessed to be recovering in the comfort of my home and oh so loving family and friends!


Isn't is so humbling how the Lord 
cares for us, 
loves us each individually 
with all our quirks and faults.  

He rejoices over us, 
He provides for ...

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February 21, 2017
Granny Heart (crochet) from France Nadeau

Granny Heart (crochet) - francenadeau.comGranny Heart (crochet) - francenadeau.comGranny Heart (crochet) -

I have crocheted this heart by following the lovely pattern created by Anabelia Craft Design. You can find her tutorial here.

My heart is not as lovely as hers because I only had a bigger cotton thread than what she used. And I did not make the picots along the edge (they were not pretty with the big yarn). But I know that this heart is fun to make: easy and fast.

Granny Heart (crochet) - francenadeau.comGranny Heart (crochet) -


Thank you for visiting -

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Heart in Stripes - tutorial at

On a Case - pattern at

Crafsty BOM Lone Star

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February 19, 2017
Stash Report And Adjusting from Quilt Paint Create

No fabric in or out this week.

After a long, slow decline, my mother passed away last weekend. Most of the week was spent on services and their planning. Even though she didn’t live with us, I took care of many things for her for several years. She was an everyday part of our family and will be missed.

I worked on the crochet rug because I needed to keep it mindless this week. I finally got the knack of it, and it’s going faster. Crocheting with fabric strips is a lot different from crocheting with yarn.

rug-in-processI ...

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February 17, 2017
Odds and Ends from Becca's Crazy Projects

This one will be kind of quick. Getting back into the swing of work mean's I have so little time for creative pursuits.

I've been trying to figure out how to get this shape with crochet all through the week. The first three tests I did just didn't have the result I wanted. This one was the best of the bunch and worth my time to explore. This is done on a micro scale. This is the test for a full-size shawl. I used the planned increases and decreases just as I will for the full-size shawl ...

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February 16, 2017
let’s start again! from block-a-day


on the rocks

in the shade



yellow door


house skirt

rabbit skirt




checked shirt


pantry rearrange

at the beach

making baskets

little door

baby doll

rocky beach


luna lapin

crepe myrtle

quail eggs



I am sitting here this morning, flicking about the internet – reading the news on several different sites, checking the rain forecast, looking at my favourite few blogs to see what they’re up to, checking to see what animals are for sale this morning (I’m addicted) – and it occured to me that I really really loved the old blogging days when I could spend a good hour reading wonderful stories from women around the world.  Reading about the projects that were occupying their hands, their dreams, sometimes their sadness, what their families were up to, the lifestyles they ...

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And So the Crochet Begins from Joy of Quilting

2017 The Year of the  Hook. And no, I haven't given up Patchwork and Quilting. In fact there is plenty coming up on that front this year.
I have decided that now is the time to share my Joy of Crochet. And so in January I opened the doors on my Once a Month Crochet Group, open to all levels from beginner up.
We kicked off last month with a Basic Granny Square.
And this month having made five Granny Squares we have progressed to a bag/box.

To view my Beginner Crochet Videos (UK Treble Stitch and ...

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February 15, 2017
New Project from Creating Chaos

A lovely bag of wool arrived in the post today bringing me a new project!

I've been seeing temperature blankets on Pinterest for some time and following a weekend visit from my daughter Karen, who is currently crocheting one, I decided it was an ideal project to take away on our caravan breaks.  The wool was ordered Monday and thankfully a quick delivery means I won't have to wait long to get started.

I've done some homework on temperatures and where to find my local ones since the beginning of the year, so am pretty much ready ...

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February 14, 2017
Philippians 2:12 Part 3/4. More Mason Jar Meals! Hexagon Afghan from Faith, Trust and Breast Cancer

Therefore my dear friends, as you have always obeyed – not only in my presence – but now much more in my absence – continue to work out your | image tagged in flowers | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Working out our salvation is a continual , lifelong process. But, looking at the King James Version, I can see this is also an individual process as well. 

In my last post, I wrote about detaching
 from our loved ones
regarding their salvation.  
It is only as individuals
that we can make the decision to
grow in Christ.
This is a very
individual and personal process.

In realizing this, my prayer life has become almost “without ceasing” for my love ones.

I guess the King James Version
really hit home for me:
“…work out your ...

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February 13, 2017
This and That from Cats in the Quiltoriium

The blizzard took its toll last week. Even with a snowblower, it's an all hands on deck job around here. Gave me such a case of tendonitis in my right wrist. That joint had been acting up recently from too much rotary cutting and crocheting.  Kind of frustrating to look forward to retirement and free time to follow your bliss, and find out that your body has other ideas!

I dug out my old Martelli Ergonomic rotary cutter, which had been idle for years since the spring that locks the blade guard disappeared. I emailed Martelli and they sent ...

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February 11, 2017
Freeform Crochet from Creating Chaos

I've long been a fan of Freeform Crochet and have several pictures on my Pinterest for inspiration in the hope that one day I would have a go at it myself.

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I had a pack of yarns called Moorland so I used this to have my first go at Freeform Crochet.   It's not very adventurous but using such a range of yarns - from very thin to very thick, smooth to hairy - did make it hard to get variety, so I tended to stick to doubles and trebles and let the yarn ...

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February 6, 2017
The One Where Money Solves Everything from knot what it seams

What do you do when you have a problem? Throw money at it! Solves everything.


Yes, I am fully aware that there are several problems with that statement (many, many things actually) but in this case it is quite simply true. My crochet pots, which previously had the unfortunate habit of toppling over, have had a change of heart. Basically I’m paying them to stay upright. Extortion, I know, but what can you do?  I shall let you into the secret of bribing an inanimate object into obey your directions, so lean in close, I’m about to whisper ...

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February 5, 2017
Stash Report And Enough Already from Quilt Paint Create

No fabric in or out this week.

I’m still assembling the Safehouse top and prepping to cut fabric strips for the crochet rug. It was surprisingly easy to come up with several yards of fabric I wanted to use up, even limiting the choices to two colors.

rug-fabricI also did some rearranging in the sewing room yesterday. One of my fabric shelves was in the way and not really working for me, so I moved it into the dining room where it does a great job of storing my son’s work supplies (he does subcontract work from home ...

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February 4, 2017
February Short List from Quilt Paint Create

The months just fly by.

In January I completed two projects and creative play. I haven’t posted pictures of the creative play, but will soon.

The Short List includes something old (UFO), something new, a handwork project and Art Quilt Creative Play. I started using this system in November 2014 to keep myself focused. I adjust the categories as needed to add new interests and drop things that no longer appeal.

  • Something old – The Applewood Farms BOM from 2009 is UFO #9 that was chosen for January’s Get It Done Challenge at Patchwork Times. I have a lot ...

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February 2, 2017
Pussyhats and their Afterlife: This Teapot is Not My President from Gefilte Quilt

This just in!
 And this!

To those of us who have been stitching for years, it's not at all shocking to see stitchery expressing political sentiments. In fact, political stitchery has a long history in the US. A couple of years back, I wrote a blog post about political quilts that included this donkey quilt made by African American quilter Beatrice Williamson of Arkansas, around 1933, as sign of support for President Franklin Roosevelt and the Democratic Party.

And speaking of party animals, that brings us to last weekend's women's marches. The marches became an opportunity for ...

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January 30, 2017
The One With Instructions for Bees (And Sheer Corniness) from knot what it seams

I love romance, just like any other female. I binge watch Pride and Prejudice, sigh over the man opening the door for his girl, sniff at red roses dreamily and I’ve even taken a photo of complete strangers snuggling on a bench watching the sunrise. But there is only so much hearts and flowers one can sew before one starts getting twitchy. And when there is sharp items like needles and pins around, it’s not a good idea for me to get twitchy.

So in the interest the health and safety of my family of Munchkins I have ...

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January 27, 2017
Spring Shawl from twiddletails

If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen this one already. I thought I'd add a couple of extra photos.
Spring Shawl
The pattern is the "Spring" shawl by Bernadette Ambergen. I have used one of her patterns before and loved it. I love this one too. I'm not an overly experienced crocheter. This looks harder than it is.

I was, once again, amazed by the difference blocking can make.

Here is the shawl before blocking, all curly and too small:
Spring Shawl
I blocked it by getting it really wet,
Spring Shawl
rolling it in a towel to get as much ...

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Another Small Finish from Quilt Paint Create

One of my January Short List goals was to try out a rug pattern by making a small hot pad.
I decided to use a pattern I found in a 1970s woman’s magazine that used fabric strips crocheted around clothesline. If you have ever tried to make something using the instructions found in those old magazines, you know that you might as well not have any instructions at all. I ended up adapting the pattern for a rug crocheted with fabric strips and no clothesline from a rug book I picked up at the thrift shop.

hot-padI like the ...

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January 24, 2017
WIP Wednesday #271 @ TN&TN from The Needle and Thread Network

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