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April 23, 2015
Been One of Those Days from Rose Prairie Quilts and Farm

It's been one of those days when you plan on doing one thing and end up doing something totaly different. First of all I planned on  writing this morning when I am better at it but that is also when I have the most energy. My plan was to work outside for a while, then come in and write. Well I didn't work outside because it looked as those it would rain. So then I started putting around the house and couldn't stop. By the time I did, it was lunch time. Sat down to have a ...

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April 17, 2015
Free Crochet Washcloth Patterns from Patchwork Posse

free crochet washcloth patterns

I love little crochet projects.   The crochet washcloth patterns are one of the best things to try out when you are first starting to crochet.  They are smaller in size….and square.  You can practice keeping your edges straight (mine don’t always turn out that way!), a few new crochet stitches and you can play […]

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Spinning Wheel from Thread Head

I got a new spinning wheel - an Ashford Traditional Double Drive.

It is a joy to spin with - I was amazed how different from my other spinning wheel (an Ashford Kiwi - which is a really good wheel too, just different).

I spun my first skein of yarn on the new wheel - it came out very even (the fibre was easy to spin).

This was the fibre - 75% Superwash Merino and 25% Nylon (Bare Stroll Roving from Knit Picks), that I dyed with an odd assortment of colours (I am trying to step out of my 'colour box' when dyeing).

The ...

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April 16, 2015
My Big Secret Crocheting Binge from Alsha's Space

hi everyone!

I know I have been very remiss and not around a lot lately, but i have had 2 special birthdays to prepare for and not much time to do it in.

The first birthday was a 21st and the 2nd was a 15th.

Both were grand children.

I can show you what I did for the 21 st, because she has it now.

Here I have an artistically arranged crochet blanket  over a chair. The crochet blanket has a crochet hat artistically arranged over it's right ear.

Here you can see the fringe on the artistically arranged ...

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April 14, 2015
Black Sheep Wools ~~ Giveaway and discount code! from Charm About You

I am really excited to welcome Black Sheep Wools as a sponsor here at Charm About You! They are a family run crafts business based in the North West of England. They are the largest knitting store in the country and their selection of yarn is really impressive (they've won awards) and yarn lovers can check out all the yarn here! Regular readers will know I'm a quilty person and I'm excited to show you that Black Sheep Wools have more than wool.

They run the magnificent Craft Barn in Culcheth, Warrington, which houses many crafting goodies ...

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April 9, 2015
2015 Finish a Long - Q2 goals from Wendy's Quilts and More

It's time to think about what I want to get finished in Q2. Mmm, so many options.

I'd already decided that 2015 was my year to work on WIPs and I'm going quite well so far. I finished all 4 items on my Q1 Finish a Long list, and although I have started some new projects, I am exercising restraint and not plunging into everything that looks appealing.

So Q2 - what's it to be?

1. Finish my crochet ripple blanket which is almost done. This blanket is about 1.7m tall so will cover me nicely ...

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April 6, 2015
Scallop Border Shawl – Crochet Tutorial from France Nadeau

I used a 100% polyester recycled thread for which a 4 US (3.5 mm) crochet is recommended. I suggest using a smooth thread because a small 2 mm crochet is used for this project. Choosing a wool that easily separate … Continue reading

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April 4, 2015
Happy Easter from Wendy's Quilts and More

I hope you're all enjoying an Easter break. We're having a lovely time with my mum and dad here for five days.

Yesterday we took a trip up the Kapiti Coast and went to Te Horo. It's a very stony beach with lots of driftwood, but funnily enough just 10 kms down the road there's another beach with beautiful white sand. I think the other beach is protected by Kapiti Island so there's less debris washed ashore.

me and mum

We also went to Ruth Pretty's Cooking School for coffee and cake. I love ...

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April 3, 2015
Not-So-Sweet Bunnies from France Nadeau

Those two are not-so-sweet bunnies. They are not the usual gentle bunnies we see around Easter time. But they are the kind my sons like. I crocheted the bodies with cotton yarn. I followed the tutorial generously written by Kristi. I … Continue reading

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March 31, 2015
A little crochet.... from frog cottage designs

I've finally started my Ripple blanket, pattern by Attic24, Yay!! 

I started to crochet when I was 5 and spent many hours crocheting away.  I've taught a few foster kids as well as my daughters to crochet, as its an easy craft to learn when your young. I've been reading lots of crochet posts on blogs lately which has inspired me to grab the hook! 

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March 30, 2015
Bunnies and Kitties – Crochet from France Nadeau

My Bunnies and Kitties now have a scalloped edge made of soft baby yarn. And tails. The next step will give them faces. And maybe some more decorations involving lace, ribbons and beads. France my Web site     my Craftsy Pattern Store   … Continue reading

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Crochet Dish Scrubber Tutorial from Patchwork Posse

how to crochet a scrubber

I saw a dish scrubber the other day that had little floppy bumps all over one side so it could scrub a little bit better than a flat surface.  After looking and thinking for a bit I decided to give the crochet hook and design a little bit of work and came up with this crochet […]

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March 28, 2015
Snuggies from Bizarre Quilter

Even though they are not quite finished, Shelley and Rhette needed to snuggy under their blankies...
 both feeling a bit under the weather, and really, it's all a crafter asks for is her creations to be used, loved and appreciated.

 Here is a pic of the robot and dinosaur bunting hanging in situ.
And even though I'd love to get them finished, (and the purple one on the couch which is for my sister expecting her first baby), the mailman brought the horse fabrics to make my little girl's quilt.... and I'm going to try to ...

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A little distraction from Bizarre Quilter

At the same time as juggling deadlines for the July cushion, I am trying to finish two crochet blankets. When will they be finished? Er. How long is a piece of wool. No really, I want to use as much of the wool as possible. So I will make them as large as possible.
 I've just joined on another piece to Shelley's blanket, and it is now doubled in size. It's just big enough to go over her body. Really needs to be bigger. Of course, ends must also be sewn in.
I am loving the variegated ...

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March 20, 2015
A little crochet Ta-Dah . . . from Gilly Makes

As promised . . . here it is - all sewn up, bordered & edged . . .

 my pretty Pick 'n Mix cushion .

(Cautionoverload of pretty cushion and cute pup pics to follow)

ta - dah 


The pattern is from Simply Crochet Issue 18 and I used a mix of various DK yarns from my favourite online yarn shop Tangled Yarn.

It's a fun way to use up yarn from your stash too, don't you think ?  

Right, now that's ticked off the List,  I really need to knuckle down and catch up with my Orza KAL - I'm way behind everyone else so time ...

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March 16, 2015
Crochet Dishcloth Pattern from Patchwork Posse

crochet wash cloth how to

One of my favorite things in my kitchen is my crochet dishcloth.  This thing works wonderful!  I have a few in the drawer and I am always finding really there isn’t enough of them around.  Of course this led me to make a few more and now share the crochet dishcloth pattern. If you are […]

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Crochet from Itchin to get Stitchin

Crochet. Habu Fine Merino

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March 10, 2015
I've been . . . from Gilly Makes

. . . A little under the weather :  

knocked sideways for a couple of weeks by the lurgy that seems to be going around at the moment, so really wasn't feeling up to much.  As a result, I most annoyingly indeed,  missed out on the little sojourn in London at the Knitting & Stitching Show. 
 Isn't that just so infuriating when plans you've made go awry all because of a horrible little germ-bug?
And look who popped in at the Sew Me Something stand to say hello to Jules & Claire,

  none other than some of our favourite contestants from this year ...

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March 9, 2015
Not a Sweet Bunny – Work in Progress from France Nadeau

I am working on an unusual kind of bunny. The not-very-smart kind. Can you see the little toy in the left bottom of the picture above? Do you know it? My sons sure do. When I saw a rendition in crochet on … Continue reading

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March 7, 2015
What Took You So Long? from madebychrissied

A while ago I shared this crocheted blanket with you

during the making of which my pup Thatcher (Tatty to her friends) ate my bamboo crochet hooks several times

but I got there in the end and gifted the blanket to my eldest son

much to Tatty's disappointment.  

So just like any good puppy dog Mum I promised to make her her very own identical crochet blanket and set to it straight away almost finishing it in less than a week but didn't.  The blanket than sat in a knitting bag for the next year and the next ...

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