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December 7, 2016
Christmas - Reason for crafting... from Made To Treasure

I love crafting for christmas...

This time, sewing and quilting went into last row... When i decorated the place, i couldn't find more place to display quilted/sewing stuff

So I'm on crocheting.... some for myself and some for gifting 

I got this wooden coasters custom made from Nissiwood , my tag makers...

It is something similar to the coaster i did earlier....Got it done in christmas theme...

I got few sets printed in christmas theme,

and finished 2 with crochet edging...

I tried 2 different types of wood, to see the difference ...

I loved both colors...and ...

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Christmas creations from Bizarre Quilter

It's a crazy time here at the end of the school year, heading for Christmas. Full of Christmas parties and get-togethers.

What a perfect time to create!

Staying up late, and getting up early for creative baking is just as exciting as it is for creative sewing (although it's a necessity here in the tropics to chill and roll out bikkie dough or to ice and decorate treats in the cooler times of the day). It's also child free time, when I will not be distracted by little feet running about, and perhaps touching the hot oven ...

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December 5, 2016
What’s New With Us: Episode #57 from Hobbies Up To Here

It’s an episode without a theme. This week we update you on what we’ve been up to and also what’s to come on Hobbies Up To Here!


We have a few posts and projects up and coming so be sure to come back and check them out!

  • Basting Gun review
  • Our first guild meeting (eek!)
  • Road To California (mid-January)
  • Design wall how-to post

Jake and I finished his Darth Vader quilt. We’re very pleased with the out come!


My dad finished his crocheted doily ...

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December 1, 2016
The 40 D'oiley from Bizarre Quilter

Phew! Breathing a sigh of relief that the 40th birthday d'oiley is finished.

I think I can safely say that my penchant for very fine crochet has come and gone. I think I will save it for the edging on fine linen tablecloths now - and I have already made two of those.

I am tempted to pin the d'oiley out and paint on spray starch to "block" it, but I am posting it to the U.K. and I don't think my gf will even notice if it's a little crinkly.

Besides, I like the way ...

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November 22, 2016
WIP Wednesday #262 @ TN&TN from The Needle and Thread Network

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November 21, 2016
Monday Making from Love Laugh Quilt

At the end of a busy day 
I enjoy sitting down and working on something.
Recently THIS is what it's been.

Lots of pretty yarn
and rows and rows of crochet stitching!!

I do NOT need another afghan.
I DO NEED this calm and peaceful project
at the end of my DAY!!!

This afghan is made with the spike stitch.
A very simple stitch
that makes a simple afghan INTERESTING!

Now it's YOUR turn!!!

What are YOU making this week??

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November 20, 2016
Crochet Dress from Quilted by Me

I made a crochet dress for my granddaughter for Christmas. I got the pattern from Red Heart and it is such an easy pattern. I already had the pink and white yarn, so I began making it and in two evenings, I had it complete. I made the 6-9 month size. A quick gift for baby gifts.

baby crochet dress

Cheveron crochet dress for Arya.

The post Crochet Dress appeared first on Quilted By Me.

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November 15, 2016
WIP Wednesday #261 @ TN&TN from The Needle and Thread Network

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October 29, 2016
Fabric and Crochet Quilt! from Selvage Blog

While I was admiring pillowcases with crocheted edges yesterday, I found this elegant fabric/crochet quilt. It's from The Whoot in Australia. It looks like one-patch and four-patch blocks made like pot-holders, then bordered with a crocheted edge. The off-white roses are a very nice touch.

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October 28, 2016
Friday Finish from Love Laugh Quilt

When my Mom said she'd like an armchair pincushion this week....

I hopped over to pinterest and looked around.
It's so easy to find inspiration there!

I used ONLY the scraps
that were ON TOP of the other scraps!
I didn't have time to dig too deep.
The bottom piece is actually an orphan block.
I added a nine patch pincushion
and some little pockets.

There's a pocket for scissors
and a bigger pocket for thread scraps or something else!

Inspiration for this project came from Amy.

Hope you like it MOM!!!


I'm not the ...

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Pillowcases With Crocheted Edges - Nice Gifts! from Selvage Blog

Good idea! Beautiful pillowcases with crocheted edges would make great gifts for my sisters. Lots more inspirational photos on Pinterest too. The photo above is from Polka Pics

And here's a good resource for making crocheted edges: The Finer Edge, Kristin Omdahl.

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October 27, 2016
The One With Pretty Pillowcases from knot what it seams

Tootsie and I have had an emotional reunion. It involved a lot of stroking of slightly dusty plastic, sighing in rapture over the fact that I was actually sitting in front of my much loved sewing machine, and drinking of coffee.


My seams match up! So proud of myself!


The project that I chose for this exciting occasion? A set of pillow cases, one for him and one for her. I had bought a set of rulers from Jaybird Quilts, the Sidekick and the Hex N More, and I decided to pull them out and play around a bit. Came ...

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October 24, 2016
Slowly cranking along from Cats in the Quiltoriium

The weather is cooler, and it's time to sandwich up some quilt tops and get them done. Plus Lazy Sunday, whose picture is so far back in the archives, I can't find it!

When I am too exhausted to sew (which is still often!) I am moving my hook along.

This one is actually done, need an updated photo. I'm liking this corner to corner crochet and also started a baby blanket for donation with this stitch.

This is premier yarns sweet roll yarn, the color runs are very long. I started a second scarf, longways to ...

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October 18, 2016
WIP Wednesday #257 @ TN&TN from The Needle and Thread Network

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White Hat and Cowl from France Nadeau

White Hat and Cowl - francenadeau.comWhite Hat and Cowl - francenadeau.comWhite Hat and Cowl - francenadeau.comWhite Hat and Cowl - francenadeau.comWhite Hat and Cowl -

Some may remember my misadventure with the washing machine when I tossed in it my Alpaca Hat.

Grey Lacy Beanie -

Well. After spending some time regretting my impulsive gesture, I decided it was time to crochet another one. To make it, I used a sock yarn and followed the same pattern written by Yarnspirations. You can find the pattern here.

Thank you fall 2016 -

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October 17, 2016
Jingle bells @madetotreasure from Made To Treasure

Made to Treasure studio is all set for christmas crafting....

This is my favorite time of year, crafting for myself and for my loved ones...

My little studio is all set to start busy sewing, quilting, crocheting...
crafting for this beautiful time of the year....

This picture is from the long overdue post about my stash...

which i never got time to sit and compile...

so I'm showing off my christmas fabric stash now....

I have made some beautiful snowflakes this year...which i haven't blocked yet...

...long way to go...i have to speed up my crafting ...

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October 15, 2016
Making Changes..... from Quilting Along the Grain

2016 so far has been a year of epic changes.... moving house and town, changing schools -twice and changing job!

As with any changes all of this has taken a toll on our family. We love where we now live in Stroud. It has taken 5 months but we finally feel at home. It is a great town with lovely walks into town and all sorts of lovely shops.

Image result for images of stroud

The rest of life is settling down, but we have had to make some changes. The boys have stopped Saturday morning activities for a little while - family time has been needed ...

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October 11, 2016
WIP Wednesday #256 @ TN&TN from The Needle and Thread Network

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October 10, 2016
Fiery Hat and Cowl from France Nadeau

Fiery Hat and Cowl - francenadeau.comFiery Hat and Cowl - francenadeau.comFiery Hat and Cowl - francenadeau.comFiery Hat and Cowl - francenadeau.comFiery Hat and Cowl - francenadeau.comFiery Hat and Cowl -

I made this hat and this cowl with a fiery sock yarn. This yarn is a leftover from the Log Cabin Afghan I crocheted last fall. The afghan was a Christmas gift and I was very happy to have some of this gorgeous yarn left for myself. I crocheted the hat first and was able to made a small cowl. Which could only make me happy.

Log Cabin Afghan (crochet) -

House - Thank you for visiting -

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October 6, 2016
New Pattern Announcement: Cornish Sunset Crochet Throw from The Stitching Pixie: Quilt Love

I devised this pattern some months ago, but having taught it to a group of lovely ladies at Roseland Mews last weekend, I finally had the impetus to dot the slip stitches and cross the trebles, and get the finished result listed up on ravelry

crochet workshop cornwall
Cornish Sunset Crochet Throw 

The colour scheme was mainly dictated by what I had in my stash at the time, but I feel it works well for the sunset theme, with a little pop of colour in the centre of each motif. 

crochet lessons cornwall

The pattern is both written and charted, allowing my workshop participants to ...

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