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May 20, 2019
Herb Garden Mossy Planters from From My Carolina Home

These small pots were found on a recent thrifting outing, and I knew immediately what I wanted to do with them.  Taking them to the workbench, I got out the basket of acrylic paints.  The green stuff in the glass dish is moss.

Mossy Planters at

I scraped a the moss from the stone and concrete drainage half-pipe in the back yard..

Mossy Planters at

Then I mixed green paints until I got a nice a marbleized color with the base being close to the moss color.

Mossy Planters at

I kept mixing and comparing until I got a color I liked.

Mossy Planters at

Next, a damp sponge is dipped into ...

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April 19, 2019
Preparing for the Easter Parade from From My Carolina Home

Tomorrow, the Mini Cooper club will participate as a group in the Dillsboro Easter Parade again this year.  We went to last year’s event, although we didn’t have our Mini yet so we couldn’t be in the parade.  This year, we will be part of the procession, and I needed to get a few things done so we could hold our own in the decorations area.  I got this inflatable rabbit after Easter last year and saved it for use this year.

Easter Parade Prep at

I had some magnet sheets left from making ornaments for the Holiday Parade last December ...

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April 17, 2019
“In Your Easter Bonnet … from From My Carolina Home

…with all the frills upon it!”  Yes, we are doing the Dillsboro Easter Parade again this year with the Mini Cooper club, so I needed to step up the Easter Bonnet from last year.  My Spring Hat was cute and went well with the sweater I wore last year, but didn’t have the panache of the ones in the parade.  Time for a re-fashioning to a bit more spectacular for the show as we will be in the parade this year.

Easter Bonnet at

I began by removing the yellow rose and the flowers around the tulle bow, along with the bow ...

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January 27, 2019
It’s been 5 years! from From My Carolina Home

It’s my blogging anniversary!  Five years ago I decided to begin writing my own blog, and I am still here, with more to say, LOL!!  From the beginning, I wanted my blog to be a bit different.  I wanted to do posts on all the things I am interested in, not just a single subject, after all, we are multi-faceted beings with lots of interests.  Everyone knows that quilters are often great cooks, stampers like to garden, readers like to sew, and many do other crafts as well.  I also wanted it to be more than just a diary ...

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January 21, 2019
Dig Out Your Copy of AFRICAN ACCENTS!! from Cultured Expressions

It hit me yesterday, standing in the kitchen.  This is 2019…and African Acents: Fabrics and Crafts to Decorate Your Home was published in 1999.  OMG, is it realy 20 years since I wrote my first book? My baby is 20 years old??  It took me several minutes and a glass of Gewurztraminer to process it.  The book that launched the Cultured Expressions brand. Wauw…

Thank you to everyone who bought the book, shared it, gave it as a gift or otherwise helped it to reach a second printing before it was “retired” by the publisher.   Here’s a little ...

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January 14, 2019
A Basket of Comfort for the Recovering Heart from From My Carolina Home

The day after Christmas, a dear friend had a heart attack, and then bypass surgery two days later.  We went to help bring him home on New Year’s Day, taking a gift basket for the recovering patient.  I know from my experience with upper spine surgery just over 5 years ago, that after a week or so, boredom becomes a huge problem.  With weeks of recuperation in the future, several things would come in handy.  I began with a plastic basket that he can keep on the sofa next to him to corral the remotes for the TV and ...

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January 4, 2019
Hello, Crobbies #99 from Hobbies Up To Here

Hello 2019! We’re gearing up for a crafty new year and we’re glad to have you join us! Katie’s Word for 2019 Dori’s Word for 2019 We’ve got a question for you: Is the blog going the way of the dodo bird? We’ve been using our blog less and less and we are debating whether … Continue reading Hello, Crobbies #99

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December 27, 2018
planning party from Charm About You

charm about you, lucy brennan, quilt making

I like writing lists. I write them a lot, about all sorts of things! It's become essential for me, lists give me focus and direction. I'm joining Quilting Jetgirl for the #2019planningparty and in this post I am outlining a list of plans for 2019. I'm trying to stay realistic with a hint of optimism, bringing back some much loved projects and joyful sewing. This is what I want to do...

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December 3, 2018
A Merry Christmas Wreath from From My Carolina Home

This year’s holiday wreath is silver and red, inspired by the number of silk poinsettias in the stash.  I have spools of wire edged ribbon and making big bows is very easy with it.   I have a tutorial on making big bows HERE.  Knowing I wanted a good size bow, I started with that.

Christmas Wreath at

Attaching it to the grapevine base, I began adding poinsettia blooms on both sides.

Christmas Wreath at

I had bunches of both red and white flowers, so I arranged them in a candy cane manner, with stripes of red and white.

Christmas Wreath at

I thought I’d stop about halfway ...

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November 14, 2018
Thanksgiving Projects and Ideas from From My Carolina Home

Every year at this time, I go through the some past posts that have relevance to the season.  There are so many fun things to do for Thanksgiving and the Autumn season, that I have not run out of ideas yet.  But, new readers may not have seen these ideas from past years, so here is a round up of some ideas.  First up, in 2014 I told a bunch of Thanksgiving stories from years gone by in Thanksgiving 101.  I love reading your stories too!

Thanksgiving Decor 5

From the first Autumn Jubilee, a Pumpkin and Leaf Table Topper with links to ...

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October 28, 2018
Autumn Jubilee Pine Cone Crafting from From My Carolina Home

Pine cones are in abundance in Autumn, so fitting for an Autumn Jubilee crafting project.  I have so many pine cones it is fun to find a way to use a lot at once.  For a centerpiece, I thought this wire basket would make a good base for a pine cone basket.  The wire basket isn’t in that great of shape, it really could use a coat of spray paint for the tarnished area on the bottom, but covering the pearls would be a pain.  The pearls would peek between the pine cones, though, adding a bit of bling ...

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October 18, 2018
Calling all COLOR LOVERS!- AGF Color Master from Art Gallery Fabrics-The Creative Blog


Hi there Fabric Friends! 

The past three weeks have been filled with super fun product releases featuring AGF BUNDLES and I hope you are as excited as we are to get busy sewing with every single bundle! If you have been out of the loop let me fill you in! AGF is now offering three new products featuring curated bundles.

  • AGF Bundle Up is all about concept sewing and creating based on a theme! Get all the details on the 8 amazing themes offered in AGF Bundle up here


  • AGF Color Master Designer's Palette celebrates our AGF designer's ...

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September 4, 2018
Quilter’s Meet and Greet from From My Carolina Home

Today I am participating in an event called Quilter’s Meet and Greet – a blog hop of quilting bloggers, some new, some established.  Welcome to From My Carolina Home!  I am a longarm quilter, pattern designer and speaker for quilting enthusiasts, and I’ve been blogging for over 4 years. I do lots of free patterns and projects, along with my published ones.  I have numerous tutorials on the blog for new and experienced quilters, gathered at the top of the blog in pages.  One of my most popular is Quilt Borders Understanding the Why, which talks about why it ...

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August 31, 2018
Getting Ready for the Fair from From My Carolina Home

The Mountain Regional State Fair turn-in day for the competitions is Monday, and I am entering 23 contests this year in a bunch of divisions.  I actually started early enough in August this year pulling it all together, getting my online entries done,  and completing projects.  I have 5 quilt entries, 5 photography entries, several in crafts and clothing, along with a couple of cooking competitions and for the first time two entries for the gardening division.  The tall board with four photos on the right is a storyboard, the first time I have entered that category.  It is a ...

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August 22, 2018
Bird Nest Art Project from From My Carolina Home

One of the categories in the Mountain Regional State Fair is Natural Materials.  This one is always a challenge to use items found on our property, created by nature, in a project.  This summer, a Carolina Wren built a nest in a little bucket on the veranda and then abandoned it when DH was painting the boards.  Good thing it did, as I really don’t want a nest of baby birds to work around, and I certainly didn’t want their eggs to be destroyed.

July In The Garden at From My Carolina Home

Carefully lifting it out of the little bucket, it was so delicate and fragile ...

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July 18, 2018
Watering Can Garden Art Project from From My Carolina Home

This idea of a cute, painted watering can has been circulating around the internet for a while now, and I wanted to do something like it for my garden.  It was one of those projects that was planned quickly, but went low on the project list as other projects with deadlines took priority.  Then with the heat and humidity of the early summer this year, I just couldn’t find the optimum time to do it until recently.

Watering Can Makeover at From My Carolina Home

Some time ago I picked up this watering can at a thrift shop, and used it to plant an annual flower in ...

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July 11, 2018
Creating Yard Art from From My Carolina Home

Gardens full of flowers are a joy to behold.  Sometimes it is nice to have some art pieces in with the flowers to add some interest when they finish blooming, or before the blooms appear.  Something to add a bit of charm to the flower bed like this miniature rusty bicycle.

Yard Art Project at From My Carolina Home

So, with that in mind, I wanted to do something with these doves.  They were our bridal cake topper when we got married, in the 70s.  It has been stored away in my cedar chest for years and years.

Yard Art Project at From My Carolina Home

The piece is plastic, with a lot of yellowing on ...

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July 3, 2018
Quilt Block Design Boards from Snowy Days Quilting

quilt block design boards

I've wanted to have a stack of design boards for a long time. They're super handy for keeping track of the pieces whenever you have a block that you need to lay out before you can sew it. The fabric pieces stick to the batting, so you don't have to worry about anything getting mixed up!

To make them, I followed a two-part tutorial by Lori Holt at Bee in my Bonnet (part 1 and part 2). I biggie-sized my boards since most of the blocks I make finish at 12". Ideally, I think I would have ...

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July 2, 2018
A Safelight Project for the Fourth of July from From My Carolina Home

It seemed fitting that on the day we celebrate our Independence as a nation, the residents of the Safelight shelter might celebrate their independence in their new lives.  Safelight is the name of the domestic violence shelter in our little town.  This organization incorporates many services for domestic violence victims and sexual assault victims providing counseling, case management, court advocacy, support groups and job training under one umbrella organization.  Their mission touches my heart, and I like doing little things for them.  Not only does it benefit women (and sometimes men) in need, but it allows me to be creative ...

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June 25, 2018
Caliente Hat from From My Carolina Home

Having some fun with the Caliente theme, I made a few fun things to use on drives with the Mini club like the Geocaching Drive on yesterday’s post.  For those who missed that post, one of the club ‘rules’ is you have to name your car.  Ours is red, so DH called it Caliente.  You can see the chili peppers hanging from the mirror that he put up when it is parked.  I reworked those from dog toys.  Today I’ll show how I reworked a thrift store hat to fit the theme, and next time we’ll begin ...

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