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August 3, 2021
Love Letters from Quilts....etc.

Well I didn’t have enough aqua for August to make the Love Letters that color and have enough to make my star blocks, in fact I’m not sure if I have enough to do my star blocks I still have to explore the boxes.  So I decided seeing as my pink Love Letter block is […]

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July 25, 2021
Quilt top and backing, Quilt blocks and Slow Stitching from The Cozy Quilter

 I finished off the zigzag quilt top and pieced the backing from leftover fabric from the front of the quilt. Nice to use up some fabrics from the stash that have been there a while.  I still have some HST's left and may make a few more placemats for Meals on Wheels with them. 

I hope to get this one quilted this week--my sewing machine is back from repair and this will be a good test for it! The quilt top is 56" square. 

Two more blocks were put together for my Rainbow Scrap quilt... dark green and orange ...

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July 23, 2021
One More Block and Muffins from Quilts....etc.

Finally one more block finished for the Rose Garden – this makes nine finished.  For me I really have to get into an assembly line type of mood to get this done.  The day before I had lined every thing up – first thing I do is sew the flying geese unit to the top and […]

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July 12, 2021
Ruined: The Angel Food Cake Saga from Terificreations's Weblog

Baking is my first creative love beginning with the staff of life, bread. Oh how I enjoy kneading the dough until it’s just the right consistency then there’s that yeasty build up from the moment it goes into the oven when dough and heat combine preparing the bread for consumption. Waiting until the bread has… Continue reading Ruined: The Angel Food Cake Saga

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May 30, 2021
A Great Day with the Girls! from Tink Squared

A friend texted me Friday night to see if I wanted to come over for a BBQ yesterday. I did, but I’d already promised to bake my mom bread. I decided if I got up at 3am and took the dough out for the remainder of it’s proof, I could get it baked by seven, and have time to bake chocolate chip pecan cookies and make a crunchy bacon pea salad.

I went back to bed and slept until five thirty, so that worked out beautifully!

The girls loved the pea salad, so here’s the recipe. I ...

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May 29, 2021
It Was A Busy Day from Quilts....etc.

But didn’t do any sewing – we are getting a short visit from our grandchildren later today – our grandson who got married last month is stationed in Oklahoma with the army and his wife was in Tennessee getting things cleared up working out a notice on a job and hadn’t moved to be with […]

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May 10, 2021
Snapping Turtles and Snakes, Oh My! from Tink Squared

Yesterday was cloud covered and very windy, and absolute beautiful day to walk at the lake after lunch, despite being over eighty degrees. It felt fabulous!

I met a couple of the girls and we got our six miles in, but while walking we almost stepped on a large copperhead, noticing it just in time to step well back and chase it off the trail with a branch and some rocks. Scary, as it was quite angry and jumping.

Further up the trail we came upon a snapping turtle.

Now mean humans don’t scare me nearly as much as ...

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May 7, 2021
Miss Myrtle The Maestro from Tink Squared

I caught the little mouse inside my violin case the other day. I’m not sure how she managed to get inside, and we had to have a serious discussion about that, because now I’m wondering if that string that broke on me last month was due to a little mouse scampering about where she shouldn’t have been, and not caused by me over tightening it?

And then, this.

I mean, come on! I know exactly what she’s up to here. Trying to shame me into playing! I wonder why she didn’t restring my violin for ...

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April 22, 2021
Gardening from Tink Squared

It dropped down to freezing for the last two nights here, so I lugged my four pots of tomatoes and several pots of herbs into the shed overnight… and left them during the day because they’re just too heavy for me to move around much. That should be the last of the freezing weather, hopefully!

I put them back out this morning with the cages back on. I am going to take a walk at the lake today as it’s going to be nice and I haven’t been able to walk at all this month. Afterward, I ...

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Sourdough Olive, Thyme, Lemon and Parmesan from Tink Squared

I tried a new recipe a couple of days ago. While I have a freaking library of bread baking books, and quite a few of them are sourdough, my hands down favorite is Emilie Raffa’s “Artisan Sourdough Made Simple“. I’ve yet to try a recipe out of it that isn’t spot on perfect. She has amazing sense for blending flavors.

I used half castelvetrano green olives (my favorites!) and half greek black olives. Four o’clock in the morning had me outside in my beds with a flashlight hunting down enough fresh thyme for the dough, the ...

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April 14, 2021
A Surprise Visit! from Tink Squared

More or less. Jim let me know Saturday he was going to make it home for my birthday on Monday. He drove through the night Sunday (twelve hours from Georgia!) and made it in by 8 am. It was a very short visit as he had to leave at dawn again this morning, but I was so happy to see him!

Cosmo got a much needed bath! They both had fun, it was a beautiful eighty degrees out and I enjoyed watching them play from the comfort of my camp chair </p>
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April 5, 2021
She’s Alive! And Hungry! from Tink Squared

Look who crawled downstairs? I think Miss Myrtle smelled cheese. I don’t know how, the aroma of freshly shaved garlic surely overwhelmed it, combined with the rosemary!

The potato pizza was a bit of a hassle to make. I soaked the potatoes (Yukon Gold’s) in salt water for a couple of hours, then drained, pressed, and squeezed the water out of them, before lightly coating them in olive oil and tossing with pepper, freshly grated parmesan and garlic, and some rosemary out of our garden.

The 65% hydration sourdough crust performed beautifully again, despite the amount of heavy ...

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April 4, 2021
Good Intentions from Quilts....etc.

I really meant to get started on the two large star blocks yesterday for the RSC quilt but I didn’t realize the second covid shot was going to wipe me out as much as it did!  I had the shot on Friday and got barely anything done on Saturday – I ached all over so […]

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April 1, 2021
Has Anyone Seen Miss Myrtle? from Tink Squared

She appears to have gone missing. I guess I better ask Siri cat to hunt for her. Cat’s track down mice and bring them to you right?

I had plans to get more of the weed whacking done yesterday, but the morning was drizzly and cold, with a bitter wind. It was all I could do to talk myself into a walk after lunch, but I’m so glad I did as while I started out with my winter coat and gloves on, I was able to remove them halfway through my six mile walk.

The clouds blew off ...

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March 22, 2021
A Very Busy Day! from Tink Squared

Lately I can’t get enough of this bread. It’s sourdough with rye and spelt and full of flaked grains and seeds.

I mill my own grains, but I also flake them using my FlicFloc. It’s a bit tedious as it’s a hand crank model, but the flavor difference is oh so worth it!

My mix varies all the time. This particular batch began with emmer wheat berries, rye berries, white wheat berries, amaranth, tri-color quinoa, teff and barley, which I added to a jar and tossed in a bit of water. I use about a tablespoon ...

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March 17, 2021
Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! from Tink Squared

I might have a bit of Irish in me, or I might not. I’ve DNA tested with 4 different companies and while their ethnicity results always agree I am mostly German, some put a small percentage of me in England, and some of them place it in Ireland, so who knows?

Yesterday I decided to bake an Irish Soda bread for today. It’s quick and easy! I’m a sucker for anything baked with a bit of fresh orange zest, and buttermilk!

Irish Soda Bread

4 cups all-purpose flour, plus extra for currants
4 tablespoons sugar
1 teaspoon ...

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March 14, 2021
This and That and Apple Pie from Quilts....etc.

Yesterday the temperature was in the 50’s when we woke up and I closed the windows first thing and turned the heat back on but it only came on once so that was nice, another cool night and then maybe spring again? Who can tell.  But seeing as it was a drizzling rainy kind of […]

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March 10, 2021
Sourdough Maintenance from Tink Squared

My perspective is likely skewed as baking bread is probably my favorite thing to do in life, as I find it immensely soothing to sink my hands in the dough, heartwarming as it bakes and fills the house with the most wonderful aroma, and gratifying when I sink my teeth into it.

Which brings me back to my point, sourdough maintenance. I know that most people consider it too much work to maintain a starter, and dislike feeding and discarding.

I don’t “feed and discard”. I keep anywhere between 10 and 25 grams of sourdough culture in my fridge ...

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February 28, 2021
Morning Walk from Tink Squared

It’s supposed to rain all day, and most days for the next week, so I’m squeezing in a walk where I can. I took a look at the radar this morning and figured I could get an hour’s walk, which is about four miles, in before it hit.

It still isn’t raining so I probably could have headed to the lake for a much more enjoyable walk, instead of traipsing back and forth on the road in front of our house, which gets quite tedious as there is only a little over a quarter mile stretch ...

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February 22, 2021
Border Decided from Tink Squared

I finished the appliqué on my little wallhanging, trimmed the appliqué border down and added one more. The dark on the outside is leftover binding that I will use on it when I get it quilted.

I’m pretty tickled with this as it began with me just needing to sew for a little bit the other morning, and use up some scraps. I also used two fat quarter colors (each bordered took two each) that I never thought I’d use, so I’m happy about that too!

I had some binding leftover from my lone star quilt I ...

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