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August 4, 2015
Clearing out some fabric from A Pieceful Journey

I finally got around to clearing out some fabric. I don’t have what quilters refer to as a stash. I have big scraps. I’ve never had a stash. I wouldn’t buy fabric without a pattern or plan. I haven’t ever felt like I couldn’t leave the quilt shop without “that” fabric. In fact, I often leave quilt shops with no fabric at all. What gets me all jazzed up is when I see a pattern I find intriguing, or beautiful. That’s when I get excited for fabric.

Early on when I started quilting, I ...

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Tuesday Treasure...Memories from Patchwork Stories


Last Friday was my mother's 2nd heavenly birthday. I'm still trying to adjust to the loss. Today's treasure is memories with mom - 
of hugs, 
inside jokes, 
shopping trips, 
craft days, 
trips to the Appalachian mountains and      Hawaiian beaches, 
church hymns on the piano, 
sharing a new magazine, 
having cinnamon toast and a cup of tea or a rootbeer float, 
standing amazed watching God's sunsets,
and praying together before bed.

Mother is so much a part of my life, my thoughts, and my behavior, still. 

Because of Mother...I can't look at a flowering weed ...

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Tuesday Tutorials: Fussy-Cutting Fabric Motifs from McCall's Quilting

Patterson Kathy 225px 150x150 Tuesday Tutorials: Fussy Cutting Fabric MotifsSometimes a design printed on fabric is just so wonderful we don’t want to cut it up for our patchwork. In instances like this, fussy-cutting can be a very creative option for quilters.



Block Tuesday Tutorials: Fussy Cutting Fabric MotifsIn fussy-cutting, fabric patches are carefully cut to showcase a particular design element in the print. In the block at left, the center square features a pretty flower motif that was fussy-cut from an allover print.


block with temp plastic Tuesday Tutorials: Fussy Cutting Fabric MotifsFussy-cutting is an easy skill to master, and we’ve got a short, FREE video loaded with tips to get you started. Learn how to use template plastic to get ...

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Playing Catch Up from Jo's Country Junction


Wow…am I ever on a different clock.  I sat down to the computer and looked and I didn’t have a blog post up.  Then I thought that’s okay.  I often take Sunday nights off from blogging but then it dawned on me.  It’s not Sunday.  It’s Monday.

I took today off as a vacation day from childcare.  So today I actually started working on Kalissa’s wedding quilt.  Kelli was here and we had a plan of attack.  She would start cutting…I would start sewing.  Hubby had a meeting tonight so that gave me ...

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August 3, 2015
More about Managing My Stash from Inside Quilters Newsletter

I’ve talked before about my method of storing fabric. I have a lot. It’s sorted by color in 60-quart plastic tubs.  When we moved to our new home in March, for the first time in a long time, I saw all of my stash in one place and frankly, it was overwhelming. I sorted and got rid of a lot of old fabric and a lot of I-wonder-why-I-bought-that fabric. I sorted all the smaller pieces into a container for string piecing. My stash is better. But I kept thinking there must be a trick I’m missing. Surely ...

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I Finally Tackled Y-Seams! from Eric the Quilter

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For the longest time I had this UFO sitting in my closet. I designed it when I first started quilting as a wedding present to my cousin and his wife. However, it was a tad bit beyond my skill set two and a half years ago, and it got shelved. I was not good at y-seams. Now 30 months later I was rifling around in my closet looking for some red fat quarters for the Red blooming 9 patch I’m working on, and I found the box with the quilt contents. I popped it open and though… “Well, I ...

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Beach quilt from A Pieceful Journey

I love to make quilts as gifts for people. Recently, my mom bought a little place at the beach and I knew instantly that I needed to make her a quilt for her little hide-away. beach quilt fabric

I found these fat quarter bundles for sale at Fat Quarter Shop. They’re Artisan Spirit Sandscapes by Northcott Fabric.

I’m flying by the seat of my pants with this one. I used my trusty graph paper and designed a quilt old school style. Beach quilt planThe beach where my mom’s place is, is near Twin Rocks, so I incorporated that into the design. I ...

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Episode 1703!!!!! from Lisa H Calle's Blog

Yeah!!! its finally here…. I feel like I’ve been waiting forever.. I had so much fun filming this, I hope you enjoy watching!

Tune in!

Quilt on, My Friends!


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Books on Monday – The Modern Medallion Workbook from 120 Blocks

Today we will move away from crazy quilts to medallion quilts. This week we are looking at The Modern Medallion Workbook: 11 Quilt Projects to Make, Mix & Match by Janice Zeller Ryan and Beth Vassalo. The two links below … Continue reading

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What I’m Working On…. from Jo's Country Junction


Well the retreat is over…Ahhhhh…now for a little relaxed sewing time for us..NOT!!

We’re back in the thick of things already.  Over the week I did EEEEK out a little me time sewing and managed to get the Garden Party blocks finished.

I had done a big count and figured out with the changes I am making to the quilt that I would need more chain blocks than I had so whipped up 14 more blocks and finished the remaining 34 hot cross blocks.

I ended up needed 144 hot cross blocks and 121 chain blocks ...

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Another Super-Hero quilt is in the works…. from All Pressing Matters

Oh yeah, I’m a wee bit tired of looking at the super hero fabric but the husband said,


The cash-ola will support a children’s home that is very dear to us, so of course I will make another Super-Hero quilt. In reality, this is number four. Husband has his and there are two others for a couple little boys that are special to me. So number four is in the works!

I started out making four patch units with these two fabrics. I suppose I could ...

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Picked a Backing for Roots/Routes from From Edge 2 Edge

PictureBacking batik for Roots/Routes

I have discovered that I need to have a backing on my Roots/Routes quilt or I cannot do any "pre-stitching". The fabric is just too temperamental to cooperate with me. I need a little more "tooth" to needle through.

Good news and bad news:
  • Good: Fortunately, I happened to have two yards of this batik that will blend beautifully with the front of my quilt. I will be able to use the thread colors I want and still have them blend with the backing. 
  • Bad: This appears to be the only piece of fabric ...

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August 2, 2015
Watching Netflix And Sewing from Eric the Quilter

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I’ve been binge watching “Hot Wet American Summer: First Day of Camp” on Netflix. It’s so bad, it’s good! Also while this amazing senseless drivel is pouring out of my laptop speakers, I’ve been sewing away on this Blooming 9 Patch! I just love the red-work vibe it’s giving off! The customer who ordered it said Red and White and do what I want. I’m so happy when people give me creative license. I feel so awesome about this quilt! I’ve almost got it all together, and hopefully I’ll start quilting it ...

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Low Volume Quilt Progress: Post Eight from Hexy Lady

This week I managed to put together five more flowers using the greenish colored low volume fabric. I now have a total of 63 flowers.

Those of you visiting from Jessica’s Monday Morning Star Count might enjoy reading my recent post about my Kona Log Cabin Quilt progress.

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Bed of Roses…continued from Simple Bird Applique

Oh I hate when that happens!  I pushed the Publish button a little too quickly!  The patterns are not on the website yet.  The patterns will be on the website this afternoon…I promise. So sorry for the confusion:)


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Bed of Roses – Block 3 from Simple Bird Applique

When I begin a new quilting project, I soon form an impression or a feeling about the quilt.  The impression I have about Sue Garman’s “Bed of Roses” is that it is a perfect example of the quote by Aristotle: “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.  The part (or pieces) of this quilt are actually quite simple….bias strips, circles and very simple shapes.  Put them altogether and you end up with an awesome and very complex looking block.  This block (and Blocks 1 & 2) are available on my website Simple Bird Studio.  You can ...

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Sunday Show and Tell from On The Go Quilting

Yesterday afternoon, after our work week ended, I got a chance to work play with my Bernina and some cloth.

I chose muslin as my plan for the day was to create a mock-up of the carrying case I want to make for my Featherweight sewing machine.  As I’ve mentioned before, the machine is in fabulous shape but the box is pretty beaten up.

I worry about carrying it by the handle so I’ve been thinking of making a carrying case just to be safe.  This is a change from my original idea of decoupaging the inside and ...

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Sew Thankful Sunday, August 2015 from The Crafty Quilter

{I love the idea of “paying it forward”.  I think the world would be a better place if we could spread some joy and acknowledgement of good deeds done by others.  I try to do that once a month for my Sew Thankful Sunday posts.  I highlight some great content that I’ve found on other people’s blogs that I hope will inspire you and reward the originator by bringing traffic to their site.  If your blog has been mentioned without your consent, please let me know and I will take you off the current list of featured bloggers ...

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Let’s Picnic! from Heart Desire Creations

I’ve been working on quilts for each of my brother’s five children and have been giving them to each one by one. My nephew and his wife and four children came for a visit today, visiting from NY state. It was a joy to see them and I had never even met my one grand niece and nephew. It was fun to give them their quilt in person. I was tickled when the oldest said, “Oh – we can put it over us when we watch TV!” I make some quilts to be displayed on the wall, but mostly ...

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August 1, 2015
Playing with Kite Tails - A Custom Quilting Option from On Point Quilter

Let's Go Fly a Kite, marked with potential quilt spaces for custom quilting.
I have a fair number of "interesting" spaces to fill on my kite quilt.  So I thought I would play a bit with Kite Tails.  My Art and Stitch video this week is about drafting a Kite Tail motif and then playing with it as a "motif fill" and on a curvy line as a motif stitch.  This is super simple with a lot of "play" opportunities.
Kite Motif from Art and Stitch Video Tutorial
Here are the designs from the video.
Art and Stitch Video Tutorial
Kite Motif Fill from ...

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