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February 9, 2016
2016 – Is it going to be a good one? from Susan P Blog

2016 started with a bang, and I am afraid, not with sewing. I am smocking and doing cross-stitch. Although I have sorted my blocks for my blue quilt to work out which fabric combinations would be best for the last 7 blocks

But after today I am wondering this year might be a ‘health-issue’ year. I hope not. During the holiday I went for my 2-yearly mammogram. A couple of weeks later, on Friday (5 Feb, actually), I received an unexpected phone call at school. It was from a nurse at the Breast Screening clinic, asking if I could come ...

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Recent Customer Quilts from Sew Grateful Quilts

Just have a few to share with you today.

Joyce arranged for a friend’s antique family quilt top to be quilted. Sweet little bow tie quilt is quilted with Tea Rose pantograph.

Ann’s quilt is so big I had to lay it on my bed to get a photo. Pantograph is Bayside.

Ginny’s really cool lap quilt quilted with Bubbles pantograph.

Nancy’s kaleidoscope stars with Wildflower pantograph.

Guess Beau isn’t very good at predicting football games!

Thanks for stopping by.


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Design wall 2/8/16 Novelty Fun pattern from Always Quilts

I didn’t make any progress with the blue and white rows last week. Guess it’s not crunch time yet! LOL!!

I picked up some cute cat fabric a while back, and I gave a friend a piece of orange fabric. Well, she found the perfect orange that she wanted so she returned the orange that I’d given her. That orange matched the orange cats in the cat print so I decided that I could use our Novelty Fun pattern and make a quick quilt while watching the Super Bowl. The pattern calls for one outside border and ...

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February 8, 2016
How to Finish UFOs from Wedding Dress Blue

Haunted by UFOs? Melanie has some great insights that might help.

Catbird Quilt Studio

UFO:Unfinished Object; an art or crafting project that was begun but not finished, with some extended delay in making progress toward completion. The creator still intends to complete it, differentiating it from an abandoned project. UFO is a common term in quilting and knitting, but can apply to other creative endeavors such as writing, scrapbooking, painting, etc.

Over the last year or so, I’ve seen a lot more emphasis in quilting blogs on UFOs. Last year was a movement toward “A Lovely Year of ...

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One Week Today from On The Go Quilting

One week ago, at this precise time. I was on the operating table.  It’s been a week!  I am at home, with my husband and my son here for caregivers.  Actually, hubby is caring for me and son is caring for hubby.  You know they go through a lot when their wives are going through these things.

Our son arrived Thursday to see with his own eyes that I was okay.   I could see from the look in his eyes that he needed to be here.

I’m pretty helpless, and weak and tired.  BUT I”m on the ...

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One Week Today from Quilter in Motion

One week ago, at this precise time. I was on the operating table.  It’s been a week!  I am at home, with my husband and my son here for caregivers.  Actually, hubby is caring for me and son is caring for hubby.  You know they go through a lot when their wives are going through these things.

Our son arrived Thursday to see with his own eyes that I was okay.   I could see from the look in his eyes that he needed to be here.

I’m pretty helpless, and weak and tired.  BUT I”m on the ...

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The Dryad Collection by Shannon Brinkley from The Studiolo

Today I am thrilled to be a stop on the blog hop for Shannon Brinkley’s Dryad fabric collection with Fabri-Quilt. I first met Shannon because of our shared love of appliqué–her first book with Stash Books came out just before mine, and once I was aware of it and her unique collaged appliqué technique, I knew I had to meet her. Shannon’s new fabric collection is also informed by her love of appliqué, and comes complete with a focal print that mimics her collaged technique.


I also had the pleasure of being on the blog tour for ...

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Books on Monday – Quiltmaker’s 1000 Blocks from 120 Blocks

This will be a short review due to the nature of the book. Today we are looking at Quiltmaker’s 1,000 Blocks: A Collection of Quilt Blocks from Today’s Top Designers edited by Carolyn Beam, Paula Stoddard, Diane Volk Harris, Denise Starck, and Amy Rullkoetter. (The link below will benefit this blog.) If you are a …

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Quilty 365: Week 5 (sort of) from Me 'n' Henry Lee

Quilty 365When I say ‘sort of’, it’s actually Days 32 – 38, ie part-way through Week 5 and part-way into Week 6; but then, who cares? :)

I kept the circles a little more ‘traditional’ this week, but sorted out some different scraps to use, and also used some charm squares that have been sitting around for a year or three at least – the fact that they’ve previously been passed over many times in the past when I’ve been choosing fabric for quilts means this is a good way to put them to use!  One of these days I will ...

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The Push For NWI Comic-Con from Eric the Quilter

0207161641a 0207161641c 0207161641b 0207161643 0207161641 0207161642

I’ve been sweating up an embroidery storm! I ran into a little trouble with my tension at one point, but that is resolved! So far I have Totoro, Doctor Who, and Zelda. I would be more than welcome other suggestions. I really want to do some Harley Quinn, and Superman pictures as well. I only have one embroidery machine so one at a time! Wish me luck!

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Magazines by the #Pound from All Pressing Matters

Are almost outta here!!

My sewing machine was overdue for a tune up so daughter and I dropped it off at the shop last Wednesday. Not being one to stray too far from my sewing room, I decided to tackle about 17 years worth of quilting magazines. (That is the ONLY football reference you will hear from me today.)

Here is what will be leaving soon.

There are actually more than this, but you get the idea. The oldest magazine I found is from 1998. It’s got a pattern my MIL wants, so it’s going home with her ...

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February 7, 2016
Super Bowl Quilting from Heart Desire Creations

GO_Panthers (Large)

We are not a sports household. Football, basketball, baseball or hockey are never on our TV. However, it seems we’ve caught a bit of the Panthers Fever! Being in the Charlotte region, it is very contagious. We will have the game on today. Oh, there will be channel changing, but I’m sure we’ll stick to it for the fourth quarter. I even made Super Bowl Sunday worthy food!

Leading up to game time, I’ve decided to work in the studio a bit. I got my Studio Pro Big Shot cutting machine out and cut a collection ...

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Beau’s Super Bowl Prediction from Sew Grateful Quilts

Beau says Don’t Worry.

Go Panthers!


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Sew Thankful Sunday, February 2016 from The Crafty Quilter

{I love the idea of “paying it forward”.  I think the world would be a better place if we could spread some joy and acknowledgement of good deeds done by others.  I try to do that once a month for my Sew Thankful Sunday posts.  I highlight some great content that I’ve found on other people’s blogs that I hope will inspire you and reward the originator by bringing traffic to their site.  If your blog has been mentioned without your consent, please let me know and I will take you off the current list of featured bloggers ...

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February 6, 2016
State of the Stash 2016 from Stash Overflow

Today is my 65th birthday. My mother had to take to her bed, horrified at the thought that she is old enough to have a child my age. I belong to the Yahoo! group Stashbuster. Every year during our birthday month, we’re encouraged to write about the state of our stash.

The last two years I claimed that I was going to start tracking yardage in and out but that didn’t last long. I’m going to make another stab at it this year, hoping the third time is the charm.

I’ve definitely bought less fabric locally ...

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Owl Quilt from Seams Like Rain

I finished the owl quilt for my friend Sarah's baby:
Not the best picture ever taken, but you get the idea.  Here's a close-up:
​I intend to post the pattern soon, for anyone who might be interested.

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What have I been up to? from Distinctive Designs Quilting

I have been MIA for quite some time now, I know.

Personal news first, we are having another girl! She will be our third daughter, our girls are thrilled that they will be getting another sister, and my son’s only response was “at least it’s human.” Oh, the mind of a seven year-old! 

Now, on to my quilting adventures! I finished the beach scene that I named paradise on time and got it shipped out to it’s happy home. 

That one tired me out, so I took a couple of weeks off of quilting all together. 

Then ...

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Sashing without Cornerstones Plus New Training Opportunities from On Point Quilter

There is a lot going on this week -- especially on the Electric Quilt front.

Cornerstone Elimination

 In a Facebook group I am in, one of the members asked about eliminating the Cornerstones when creating a quilt using Electric Quilt.  I immediately thought of two ways to address her problem -- and after thinking some more came up with a third way.

My video this week demonstrates all three.  I would love to know which method you would prefer.
For each of my examples, I decided to assume a 10 inch block and 2-1/2 inch sashing and a setting of three ...

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Keeping Busy from Ruth Powers Blog

Yesterday was First Friday and I worked at the Topeka Art Guild Gallery where we have a new show up. It’s a good one! My entries this time around are “Fur Family Portrait”


and “Poppy!”

Poppy Workshop Samp

If you are in the area, definitely come see!!

I’m two days into my new Flint Hills landscape and having a great time sewing and creating again. It’s going to be a fall scene. Maybe after today, I will have enough done to post the progress……we’ll see!

Good news, “Splash” was accepted and will be showing at the MidAtlantic Quilt ...

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February 5, 2016
Preparing Patterns for Glue Basting Tutorial – Part 1 from Painting With Thread


Poppy Master for blog

Spring Poppy Master

  1. Using the Master of the pattern you have, in this case the Spring Poppies, tape it to a light source (window or light box). Lay a piece of freezer paper, shiny side down, on top of it an tape it down.
  1. Look for the piece(s) that will be the foremost with no other pieces on top of it or alone and trace them with a solid line. These pieces will get glued last. I number groupings (i.e.Large Poppy) with the lower numbers getting glued first and the higher numbers getting glued last. The lower ...

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