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October 24, 2014
Circular Detour from Inside Quilters Newsletter

Even with all the excitement and bustle of everyone preparing for Market, I was able to take a little side trip away from thinking about quilts and making them, just for fun (and just for a bit. There’s a lot of quilting that needs to be done!). I recently found this great piece of fabric at the thrift store, a big panel printed with a circular motif.

circle1 Circular Detour

My big circular panel. $4.99 at the thrift store.

It might be fun to turn it into something I could wear. And what is more perfect for a big circular print ...

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Blogger’s Quilt Festival Entry #2 – Small Quilt from 120 Blocks

At 60″ in diameter and (if I’ve done my math correctly) 188.5″ in circumference, “Janni’s Christmas Celebration” tree skirt qualifies as a small quilt, I guess. Last year about this time, my eldest daughter asked if I would make her … Continue reading

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The Holiday Season Is Here, So Are Commissions from Eric the Quilter


Shades of grey are the background for this quilt. It’s going to be a Legend of Zelda commission, and the center it’s going to be sky blue! I’m so excited!

Tagged: legend of zelda, quilt, Zelda, Zelda Commission

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Houston Here I come!!! from Lisa H Calle's Blog

I leave tomorrow for Houston!!  Can’t wait.  Today is the last day of my 15% off PreHouston Sale!

Make sure you get those rulers!  If you’d like to get them while in Houston, I’ll be in the Urban Elementz booth #1324!  Come by and see me. I’ll show you how they work.

Better go pack!!!

Happy Quilting



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Kayla’s Weekend Charmer from Jo's Country Junction


Kayla brought a quilt top for me to quilt for her.  It’s a cutie and it’s simple and easy…it’s one of Kayla’s designs.


She did it as a free pattern on her blog with instructions broken up into three different days.  You can find the instructions by following the links.

Day One:  Cutting
Day Two: Sewing a block together
Day Three:  Assembling the top

It’s made with 50 5″ charm squares along with a little extra yardage…perfect for a quick baby quilt!


I ended up using a favorite quilt design and some pastel ...

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Friday Finds, October 24 from On The Go Quilting

I’m off at Retreat right now but I won’t disappoint you, dear Readers.  Here’s this week’s Friday Finds.  I hope you enjoy these fabulous Finds given by very generous bloggers.  I appreciate the use of their photos to share with you.


1.  Here’s a sweet Christmas ornament for you to start your Christmas sewing.  I found it HERE at Beck and Lundy’s blog.  The pattern is free and the tutorial will take you through the process.

2.  Here’s a great divided tote, with handles, that I think is great.  I know my bag ...

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Quilts by Velma Newman from The Unfinished Quilter

PictureDetail of "Shells" by Velma Newman

It was a busy summer and I was disappointed to miss Barbara McKie's "Quilts from Nature" exhibit this past July and August at The City Quilter in New York City.  So I was especially pleased when I recently had the opportunity to make a trip into the city to view the show by Velda Newman titled "Scale + Color + Vision." I felt as if I was seeing more nature quilts. Newman's work is colorful and beautiful but, maybe most interesting from a quilter's perspective is the way she exploits the medium. Breathtakingly ...

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Free Motion queen-sized quilt practice on a standard domestic machine from Wisonsin Quilting

Peggy Aare Free Motion Queen Practice

Front and Back showing Free Motion Quilting in a typical patchwork quilt. Click photo for a closer view.

I’m practicing  InboxJaunt  free motion quilting on a queen sized project.  I took some orphan blocks that no one wanted because the calicoes were “unfashionable” and constructed a top using lengthwise strips.  I Started with only a couple middle strips and their batting, later adding more strips and batting to one side of the center section.

The left side of the photo above is the “front” and is the side I’m sewing on. The right side is the (mostly plain ...

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I Finished My Bargello Quilt! from Eric the Quilter


1023141605c 1023141605d 1023141605a 1023141605 1023141604

I taught the class on it, and you saw the one my student made, so here is mine! I wanted fun and sporadic colors, but for my next one, I think I’ll do something more traditional. Maybe like, gold to brown, or something along those lines! This is also a present for a friend of my dad’s, so I really hope she likes it!

Tagged: Bargello

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October 23, 2014
Craftsy’s Halloween Flash Sale from 120 Blocks

(sponsored post) Take advantage of Craftsy’s Halloween Flash Sale happening now! Enjoy scary-good savings on select fabric, yarn and kits that are vanishing quickly. Hurry, this limited-time offer expires Friday October 24, 2014 at 11:59 PM MT. Shop Craftsy’s Hallowen … Continue reading

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A Student’s Bargello Quilt Top from Eric the Quilter

1022141701(1) 1022141701a(1) 1022141701b(1) 1022141701d(1) 1022141701c(1) 1022141700(1)

Today I taught a class over at Merrillville Sewing Center, and it was on Bargello quilts! One of my students made this adorable quilt top! I’m just so in love with it, I might want to make one for myself! She picked out the most gorgeous Jelly Roles!

Tagged: Bargello, Class, classes

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October 22, 2014
WiP Wednesday from Wasn't Quilt in a Day

Many moons ago I pulled fabric to make a Hexacabin quilt.  Finally, this weekend, I woke up early on Saturday morning and just had to create it.  I’ve always wanted to make a hexagon quilt, but sewing all those little pieces together is NEVER going to happen, so I was more than happy to try my friend Melanie’s technique for all the awesome log cabin style hexagon quilts I had seen on pinterest!  I’m obsessed with this quilt, and I know I’ll be making more.  Now I’m going to have a problem with buying all ...

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Aeroplane Bag from On The Go Quilting

Before the family death, I had started working on creating my Aeroplane Bag.  The aeroplane bag is a design by Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness and is it large enough to hold a short vacation’s worth of clothing and ‘stuff’ or, in my case, my sewing machine to take to the quilt retreat I’m going on THIS WEEK!!

Can you tell I’m excited about going to the my first quilt retreat ever?  While I’ve known of others, I couldn’t atttend due to timing, etc. so when my friends Cathie and Nicole invited me (for the ...

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Cecilia’s Quilts from Quilting and Life

Let’s start with the mile a minute quilts.




Then her sweet sun bonnet sue

And her beautiful fall quilt



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October 21, 2014
Almost Finished is Good! from Simple Bird Applique

To me, applique is about the journey, not about the destination.  With the kind of applique I do, there are 2 parts to the journey.  First, there is the prep work, which consists of ironing the seam allowance over a freezer paper template.  You can see how I prep my pieces in this blog post. If I had my way, I would prep all day long…literally!  I think it has something to do with “instant gratification”.  When I prep, I can see the design coming alive before my very eyes.  Very rewarding!

The second part of the applique journey ...

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Talking it up Tuesday from 120 Blocks

Today’s post is a bit of an advertisement, but the only thing I’m earning by posting it is sister points, so I hope you will bear with me on this. My sister and brother-in-law recently began a new venture, turning … Continue reading

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What Quilt is on Your Bed?? from Jo's Country Junction


It’s getting colder here…and I am determined to not turn on the heat yet.  That means we needed another quilt on the bed.

I had this one on….It’s my Odds and Ends quilt…one of my favorites.


But it’s time to cover that one up and add another quilt.  I debated on Labor Day Madness from Nickel Quilts by Pat Speth and Charlene Thode. ….It’s one of my favorites…EVER!  Ruby found me, jumped up on the bed and started “modeling”.  What a dog!!


But then ended up with my HUGE Easy Street.  This ...

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The Return Of My E-Cards from Eric the Quilter

It is the triumphant return of my sassy E Cards! I know it has been a while so here they are… more to come by this weekend!

they-said-sewing-was-cheaper-than-therapy-they-lied--fb357 trust-me-you-dont-want-to-follow-me-into-the-fabric-store-55b05 i-did-an-entire-quilt-in-one-day-i-need-to-walk-away-from-my-machine-but-i-cant-get-out-of-the-chair-59583 i-should-get-out-of-bed-and-quilt-something-but-criminal-minds-is-on--565f0 im-celebrating-the-fact-that-i-finished-an-entire-quilt-next-on-my-list-is-this-bottle-of-wine--efaed
Tagged: debauchery, E Cards, Shenanigans

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Quilted folder from Sew in Trouble



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Finished My Niece’s Quilt from Eric the Quilter

1019141532c(1) 1019141532(1) 1019141532a(1) 1019141532b(1) 1019141532d(1)

I am pleased to announce I finished this adorable baby quilt! You know, I went to Joann’s after work on Saturday to buy some pink flannel for the back and the cut counter had a huge line so I had to go shopping in my closet, and I used this plaid flannel I found. It turned out alright!

Tagged: Baby, Baby Quilt

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