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September 20, 2018
Farmer’s Wife Friday: Week 4 Blocks from Hexy Lady

If you have been following along you know that I spent a great deal of time this week joining blocks together. See the previous two posts for more on that. Having done all that work I hope to be forgiven for sewing fewer blocks than usual this week. I’m still ahead of the game. Here are the blocks for week four:

#8 Bouquet (revisited)

Kona solids used are Carnation, Orange, Tangerine, and Coral. This is the first appearance of Carnation in the quilt.

I had made this block previously, but did not like the way it turned out, so ...

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Big Bass Bob- who’s that? from Roxane Lessa Fine Textile Art


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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the new readers!

I have been commissioned to make a fish quilt.  Not just any fish- has to be a big bass fish. But here’s the back story….
My boyfriend is an avid bass fisherman. He has fished with his buddy, Bob for 20 + years.  As a result I have learned way more than I bargained for about bass fishing, :).  Well, as a gift to his buddy, he asked me to make him an art quilt that documents his love for bass fishing.  Also, I ...

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Greater Ann Arbor Area Quilt Guild Show 2 from 120 Blocks

Here comes the next batch. I won’t waste your time with small talk. I’m sorry that this one is cut off. It was hiding behind the quilt a bit. I hate it when that happens. I love this one! Some … Continue reading

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This Week in Three from Terificreations's Weblog

This week I’ve been piecing a quilt top for a blog tour with Scott Hansen of Blue Nickel Studios and Banyan Batiks, which happens Saturday, September 22nd. I’ve interviewed Scott, asking him all the weird and wonderful questions that befit a couple of Generation Q Magazine editors. There will be an opportunity to win a… Continue reading This Week in Three

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Charity Quilt from Ronda and Janelle from Jo's Country Junction

I have charity quilts in from Ronda.  Ronda does such a great job so blog readers are sending things directly to her.  She’s a whiz and works so fast.

Ronda writes:
I have three finishes for you to share!  I received an email from Janelle, who asked if I would be interested in four quilt tops to quilt, bind, and donate.  I emailed her back that yes, I would take them.  So you can imagine my surprise ~ and delight! ~ when the box arrived and there were eight quilt tops instead!  They are all about 45 inches square, so just ...

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Upper Left Corner from Hexy Lady

My Farmer’s Wife is coming together. Here is the reveal of the upper left corner as promised.

Putting these pieces together has been an exercise in patience. Each sashing piece needs to be eased because the process of sewing multiple pieces together into blocks adds some length to the sides of the blocks.

Each piece of sashing is sewn about an inch and then tied off. I then match up the other side of that sashing piece to the edge of the block, sew an inch into the length and tie it off before easing the center of the ...

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September 19, 2018
Auction Recap from Jo's Country Junction

A post from Kelli–

As you know, we had Jason’s Grandma’s auction last weekend on Saturday.  It was a pretty hot day for an auction, but I’m just glad that it wasn’t raining.  The auctioneer ended up running things so that there were two rings going through the entire time.  The auction started at 9 and surprisingly was done at 2:30.  I had not had a good morning, but was pretty sure that I was done puking for the day when we left–Gotta love morning or all day sickness!  I ended up getting a ...

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Catnip fabric quilt from Lakardia

Catnip full view

I picked up a few charm packs of Catnip at my local quilt shop and thought, “hmm. I would like to do something with these.” That was it. No plans.

It’s fun for me to buy some fabric and just see where things go. This time, it was sewing the precut pieces in a rhythm of light, dark, light, dark. Some of the collection isn’t really light or dark, so it involved a lot of squinting and taking pictures with my phone to get it right.

A few rows in, I started see a pattern emerge in a ...

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10 Minutes To More Creativity from Professional Quilter

Only 10 minutes to more creativity? That sounds doable, right? It is, and it’s as simple as sitting quietly and focusing on your breath.

For the past several years I have been recommending meditation to my private clients.

At our Creative Arts Business Summit, I lead a guided meditation. For some of my clients, this is a powerful exercise.

I also have my own meditation practice that is part of my morning ritual. I was around meditation for a long time before I started to practice. My sister has taught mindfulness meditation for more than 10 years after many ...

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Greater Ann Arbor Area Quilt Guild Show 1 from 120 Blocks

Yes, I have been very lax in posting my quilt show visits this summer. My only excuse is that there is a lot happening around here that has kept my mind on other things. I will try to remedy that … Continue reading

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September 18, 2018
STOP the Presses: We have news!!! from Jo's Country Junction

I have news of the VERY happiest kind.  Well actually Kelli and I have news.  It’s Kelli’s news but I’m sharing it.

Kelli carved pumpkins a little early this year.  Pumpkin on the far left…Jason’s with a tractor.  Pumpkin on the far right…a paw print for their dog Puppycat.  The pumpkin in the middle.  Kelli’s.  Notice the baby pumpkin inside that says March 2019!!

Yes, you guessed it.  Kelli and Jason are expecting.  We are absolutely thrilled.  It took a few trips to the doctor, a few meds and lots of prayers but ...

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Weekend Update from 120 Blocks

I didn’t do much over the weekend here. I certainly didn’t participate in Quilt with a Jelly Roll Day. I don’t know if I was just being contrary or stubborn, or if I figured that I’d done enough Jelly Roll … Continue reading

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2018 Ohio State Fair Ribbon Win from Lakardia

Hiya friends! I want to share with you my first sewing award. This summer I entered my bag into our State Fair’s quilted accessories class, and, I placed second! It’s the Poolside Tote from Noodlehead (pattern link here) and I made it with Cotton + Steel’s Poolside fabric collection (see the collection here). Cottons on the outsides and handles, and linen on the inside.

Poolside Tote 1 05.29.2018

The judges liked my work, but there’s a few things I want to share with you:

In this tote, I chose to use a fusible foam to give it sturdiness, but, I learned ...

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September 17, 2018
Blogger’s Quilt Festival, Fall 2018 from 120 Blocks

I see that Amy’s Creative Side is hosting the Blogger’s Quilt Festival once again. You can click on that link to join in the fun or just see what everyone else is sharing. This time I’m sharing my Christmas Jelly … Continue reading

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Made Up My Mind About Sashing from Hexy Lady

I gave the subject of sashing a great deal of thought. At first I thought I would use the lightest value of Pink that I have. After laying out blocks on the Pink I decided that I did not like the result. I then tried a darker value called Carnation. I was still unimpressed.

Then I decided to use a variety of the values for the sashing of each area. I was stumped though about how to impose just a tiny bit of order to that potential chaos until I came up with the idea of outlining some blocks with ...

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String Challenge from Jo's Country Junction

I had a busy week.  Childcare is still settling into the new routine.  It’s going okay but I’ll be happier in a couple weeks when we are all truly settled in.  Hubby was gone some of the evening last week as he was busy cutting forth crop hay.  Friday night we were off to Minnesota for a reunion.  Saturday auction.  Sunday Kelli and Kayla were home for Carver’s 2nd birthday party and we had a retirement party.  BUSY.  Oh-and I’m ripping apart and reorganizing the basement.  Typically I don’t like busy weekends like that but ...

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Looking for a Few Good Quilters… from Quilter's Thread

…to fill up the QT Summit November 6th-8th in Lake Geneva, WI.

SIGN UP with a friend by October 4th and receive FREE LODGING for the nights of November 6th and 7th, a $100 value.

Use the Coupon Code: FreeLodging when you sign up and email the friends’ names to

In addition, all participants will receive a FREE COPY of Lisa’s new eBook: COLOR: Obsession, Joy & Torment. (Available October 8, 2018.)

About the Summit:

You’ll be Making Traditional Quilt Blocks Your Own….this is a theory class about design, but you’ll leave with something ...

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September 16, 2018
An Interview with Alex Anderson from Terificreations's Weblog

Often the work we do is a gift, in part for the work, in part for the people we meet along the way. People who set the tone of engaging quilters to explore the work they do, showing us options for that exploring. As a quilter, like all of us, she leads by example in… Continue reading An Interview with Alex Anderson

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Joyful Sabbath from Wedding Dress Blue

An image of a hiker combined with a quote by Brother Owen: “The Savior … is the way.”

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Q3 Finish-A-Long Finish #1 from 120 Blocks

I finally have a finish for this quarter! I finished my Jelly Roll Rug! It is currently residing in its new home by my front door. I may need to add some nonslip backing to keep it from slipping on … Continue reading

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