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July 31, 2014
Class at Mill House Quilts with Kim from Mulberry Patch Quilts

Hi All!

The summer has flown by–can you believe it’s going to be August tomorrow?  Where did it go?…

I did take time to take a wonderful class at MILL HOUSE QUILTS. There’s major road construction going on in Waunakee, but you can still easily navigate to the store.

Notice the window dressing?…


The class was taught by Kim Lapacek on “How to Be a Blogger”.  It was jam packed with great information, and I’m sure my blogs will be getting better because of it.  Thanks Kim! I’m ...

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A little something…. from Lisa H Calle's Blog

I have been working hard on a book proposal.  It is a lot of work and sometimes I wonder if I am really up for it.  Yep, I am.  Right now I am working on the projects for the proposal.  Since I can’t really show you the quilt… here is a little something… I am working on a part that I LOVE! Can you guess?


Happy Quilting


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Amaryllis from Ruth Powers Blog

I’ve tried unsuccessfully to rebloom my Amaryllis inside in the wintertime for the last couple of years, but got only foliage. I set them outside this past spring to die back, but the early rains revived them and this is what happened! The other pot still has only foliage so far.


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Made This At Work – WIP from Eric the Quilter


This is a total work in progress since I still have to make it a bit more decorative, but I think this bib is just so cute! I want to make a few more to perfect it!

Tagged: Baby, Baby Bibs, Bibs

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July 30, 2014
Success . . . from The Spiromandalas

A fried sent this to me today — I thought you might appreciate it.


Succeeding In Life Even If You Don’t Feel Like You Are….

We all feel like failures from time to time. While this is a normal feeling, you have to find a way to see yourself and your life from a different perspective. Sometimes we ignore the “little things.” Just because you are not a millionaire, don’t live in a mansion, and you don’t drive a fancy car, that doesn’t mean you’re a failure. In fact, it’s quite the contrary.
Here are ...

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Free Paper-pieced rose — color variations from Wisonsin Quilting

Rose Quilt Paper Piecing

The free instructions and templates for the pink rose illustrated here can be downloaded at The Inbox Jaunt.

The above illustrations suggests other colorways you might try.   You will need 3 background colors and 10 shades for the rose itself and  5 other colors for the stems and buds.



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Setting Sail from Simple Bird Applique

After I finished the second border of Sue Garman’s “Friends of Baltimore”, I was ready for a bit of a break!  I took a couple of days and started the next block of “Ladies of the Sea”.  First I glued the bias in place for the wreath of leaves and flowers.  I find it easier to put glue on the background rather than on the bias stem.



It took me a while to find 3 blues in my stash that worked as light, medium and dark flowers in the same tones.  Here is the dark….


…and the medium….


….and ...

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Stray Dog from Ruth Powers Blog

On the fifth of July I saw a strange dog near our house. Thinking it might be someone’s pet scared off by fireworks I tried to check for a tag but could not get close. A few days later it showed up inside our fenced yard! It is much smaller than our dogs so must have squeezed under a gate. We have been feeding it in hopes of gaining trust enough to catch it but so far not even close.


At least I see that it is a “he” which is a relief! He has learned to come for ...

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Working On A Birthday Present from Eric the Quilter

IMG-20140727-02412 Thornton-20140727-02416 Thornton-20140727-02415 Thornton-20140727-02414 Thornton-20140727-02413

I’ve had this quilt top for almost a year and now it is time to do something with it! It’s a birthday present for a friend of mine, and when it was just brown and blue it was a little too boring, so I added these diamonds to help make it pop, and to draw your eye to the center of the quit. What do you think of the applique? Does it make it pop?


Tagged: applique, Blooming 9 Patch

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July 29, 2014
Coop Quilt from On The Go Quilting

Ever heard of one?

#1 (and only) grandson is visiting for the week.   We are doing a lot of different things but one of our feature activities is creating a “Coop Quilt” for the family chicken coop.   They don’t have a barn but as backyard farmers, they wanted a barn quilt so I converted that idea to a “Coop Quilt”.  It’s going to be 18″x18″ based on where it will hang, the big door they will use to get in and out of the coop for cleaning and maintenance.

The chickens are in the coop; the coop ...

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Time’s almost up! from The Sassy Quilter


Time is almost up!

The Last Chance Link Up for the Triangle Quilt Along ends July 31st at midnight/EST, so you only have a few more days to get a pic of your finished quilt in the link up! That is just enough time to get that binding done or even have an all night marathon quilting session:)


Want to know the top secret prize???

A $25 gift certificate to Fat Quarter Shop!


a free pattern from Swirly Girls Designs!

and I think I’ll throw in an Aurifil thread sampler for you too!

A lot of you ...

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Christmas Quilt from Sew Grateful Quilts

I’m so behind in posting customer’s quilts. Saw this one in my photo file and realized I never posted pictures.

Patsy did a great job on this cute appliqué wallhanging. Here’s lots of pictures of the blocks. My camera made them slightly more intense red color.

Light custom quilting including swirls, ribbon meander, landscape meander, holly.









Spent some time at Oak Island with son and his crew the first of July. Had a great time.






They had fireworks but they were a bit far away.

Thanks for stopping by.

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July 28, 2014
Ready, Set, Quilt- Quilt Minnesota starts Friday! from Katie's Blog

Are you ready for the biggest quilting event in Minnesota?  It’s time for our state-wide shop hop, Quilt Minnesota!! Starting this Friday, August 1st, 2014 quilters from across the state will head out on a quilting adventure.  We can’t wait to see all of the familiar faces and new ones too as you visit us here at Bay Window Quilt Shop.  We’re ready with lots of projects featuring this year’s exclusive Quilt Minnesota fabric.  Check out the picture below to see what we have in store.

bay window quilt mn

We used two of my patterns: The Three Yard Throw ...

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Run to Coldwater Creek!! from Lisa H Calle's Blog

I have been remiss in posting here…. I am working out my neck issues and hope to get back to quilting on my domestic.

My wonderful assistant, whom I could not do without, found a wonderful table at Coldwater Creek.  This is a clothing store which is closing.  It is huge 4′ x 9’!  As we looked at it in the store, my only thought was how in the world we get this into the studio!  Judy told me not to worry about that and did I like it?  Heck yes!  But how in the world will we get it ...

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My Modern Crazy Quilt Is Coming Together! from Eric the Quilter

IMG-20140727-02407 IMG-20140727-02410 IMG-20140727-02409 IMG-20140727-02408 IMG-20140727-02406

Here goes nothing! I’ve been randomly piecing this thing together all night. I’ve also been watching the Paradise on Netflix, so it was a long and interesting night. I hope everyone likes it! My class meets next Wednesday so I still need to do a little more work on it! Wish me luck!

Tagged: crazy quilts, fabric scraps, modern quilt, scrap, scrap quilt

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9e1036231b29e1171406b53dda0d1381f0b61fcc3c1359ab2e from Rock Springs Crafts


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Books on Monday: Fat Quarter Style from 120 Blocks

As I drove home from a weekend in Chicago with my sister and eldest daughter (with a brief visit to my youngest daughter and son-in-law in their new home on my way home), I wondered which of my old books … Continue reading

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July 27, 2014
Deviation: Ghost Bike from From Edge 2 Edge

I am going to deviate from my usual blog posts. I have a personal rule that I do not get political or off art topic on this website and blog. My intent is to only deal with art issues. Today, I am going to go against my own standard. 

David and I went to a #ghost_bike installation yesterday. This was held for a man, Matt Carp, that David and his group rode with on Saturdays. He was killed on Wednesday late afternoon when a driver crossed into the bike lane and struck him from behind. The event was well attended ...

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Pantograph Quilting Lookin Good from Sew Grateful Quilts

Sometimes pantographs looks great on quilts. Just look at these!!

Barbara’s happy quilt-I want to snuggle with this one.




Ann’s-rich colors-used King Tut thread in purples and blues




Nikki’s – one of Bonnie Hunter’s scrap mysteries



Carolyn’s blue and white-one of my favorite color combinations



I’m fortunate to have such great quilt tops to quilt.

Occasionally I do something other than quilt. My husband and I took Greg’s youngest for a pony ride. Isn’t he sweet looking (the child that is).


The pony kept poking Craig in the leg.


Thanks for stopping by ...

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Show and Tell Sunday from On The Go Quilting

First, I have to say I received my bundle of fat quarters that I won from Clothworks AMB Challenge and Giveaway.  They are gorgeous colors, just what was pictured in the information about the Challenge and Giveaway.  I’m working now on figuring out how I can use them in a Farm to Fabric theme for the Challenge.  Beautiful greens, fabulous blues and a neutral white!    Awesome.AMB FQP giveaway


Second, I also received a surprise from Clothworks and Candice Hoffman, the Creative Director at Clothworks.   In my mail when I picked it up from my daughter’s house were two packages from ...

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