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March 24, 2018
Yummy Colors from Sew Grateful Quilts

This flannel quilt by Patsy has such yummy colors and textures before I even put a needle to it. So I chose Simplicity pantograph and a dusty purple thread. Enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by.


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The story behind my quilt! from Quilting with Claire

I am so excited that my quilt “Remembering Sochi” will be featured this year at International Quilt Festival in the A Celebration of Color exhibit.  You can see it in Chicago from April 12 to the 14th and in Houston from November 8th to the 11th. I have been asked to prepare a short story … Continue reading "The story behind my quilt!"

The post The story behind my quilt! appeared first on Quilting With Claire.

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March 23, 2018
Here a zipper, there a zipper … from Quilting and More...

I had this brilliant idea to make a couple of small zippered bags, using some of the pretty zippers that are available these days. When I explored where to find them, I discovered that it was cheaper to buy a lot of them than to buy just a couple, so that’s what I did. Oh my! […]

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March 22, 2018
Craftsy Sale Info from 120 Blocks

Yes, this is an ad. But you know how often I cave on these Craftsy sales myself so…. Yes, that is up to 60% off! Just click HERE! And allow me to point out that Aurifil thread cones are $36 … Continue reading

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Painting on Silk Part 2 from Roxane Lessa Fine Textile Art


Please click on the title to read the full post.

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the new readers!

I’ve made some progress on the silk painting.Here is the mock up of the design again:
One of the things I discovered was to make the black darker I had to paint several layers and mix brown, blue and yellow into the black to make it richer and darker.  It took several tries. I used a wide flat brush to paint it on the silk which was ironed to the freezer paper pattern.
Next I mixed up some Pearl EX silver ...

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March 21, 2018
Kelli the Bag….Making Lady! from Jo's Country Junction

A post from Kelli–

Two weekends ago, I was talking to mom on the phone.  We were talking about shelving for the closet in her sewing room.  She was wanting new shelves and we had seen some when we had stopped in Minnesota, but she couldn’t remember what store it was at.  After a little bit of talking, we decided to make a go of it (And she told me we could go get drinks at McDonalds).

On our way down, we stopped at Merry’s Stitchins in Jesup.  I had never been there and I was sure glad ...

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Wednesday, Wednesday! from Terificreations's Weblog

I love that day! It’s a Snow Day here in the City. I declare shenanigans and am running to my sewing room shortly. While I was expecting to see snow on the ground already, it seems the predictors have upped the expected totals to somewhere between 12 and 18 inches. For the love of pete,… Continue reading Wednesday, Wednesday!

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Wednesday WIP’s from The Crafty Quilter

This seems like a good day to share some Wednesday WIP’s with you all.  The biggest work in process at the moment is our next granddaughter whose arrival date is today!  This picture of our daughter, Kelly, and Amelia was taken 25 days ago, but I photo-shopped the number to zero.  Baby sister has only gotten bigger and more active since then.

Kelly and Amelia Cutbirth waiting for baby sister to arrive!



I’ll let you know as soon as she arrives.  For now, everyone is waiting patiently (well, you know, kind of).  Spring has arrived in Texas and someone is ready for baseball season….


I am working on ...

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March 20, 2018
Kayla Reviews Complete Crochet Course for Beginners from Jo's Country Junction

People seek out all sorts of strange advice when they find out I’m a Family and Consumer Sciences teacher (aka Home Economics if you graduated before 1990 or live out of the United States). I can usually answer them from personal interest, but I certainly did not learn how to crochet (or make the perfect meringue… Or replace a zipper… Or can vegetables) in college. Unfortunately, needlework is widely viewed as a hobby instead of a skill worthy of class time.

I always recommend YouTube as the best place to learn the basics. My favorite channel for beginners is ...

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QQQ – Here I Am! from Words & Stitches


OK, if there was really a crown for most UFO’s, I be in serious contention for Queen!  I’ve been making quilts for about 35 years now and, while I’ve finished a bunch…there are a lot of UFO’s in my area.  My biggest UFO, however, is about 450 square feet and it’s not exactly a quilt.  It’s a quilting room!  When I bought my house, I loved the third floor bonus room space.  I claimed one end of it for my quilting area and the other two ends hosted a seating/play area for ...

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Moving ahead from Quilting with Kimberly

Our new home has this beautiful flowering tree in the front yard. I’m not familiar with the type of tree this is. Does anyone know what it is called?

So much has happened in the past four weeks my head is spinning! But God is great and we’re right where we’re supposed to be. After five months of waiting for interest from potential buyers, we received an offer on our Virginia home and closed the sale less than two weeks later. It was a hectic time; Kent and I met the packers and movers right after I ...

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March 19, 2018
Thrifty Finds and a Question from Jo's Country Junction

Recently Kalissa came over an hour before childcare ended and watched the kids for me so I could scoot off and do my errands.  It so hard with a 10 hour a day job to get to places when the stores are open.  Every once in a while I need to get out of here early to get to places that aren’t open after 5:30pm.

Being she came I got a chance to do my errands AND stop at the thrift store!!  (Yes I did put two exclamation points-I was excited I got a chance to go)  Anyway ...

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Knitted Some Fabric For Myself from Eric the Quilter


The nice thing about working in a knitting factory, is that when I need some special fabric for a special project, I can just make it.

The down side is, quilting with knits in a bitch. All the stabilizing, and gluing, and stitching… But you know what, it’s going to be totally worth it! At least that’s what I keep telling myself… More Pictures after the jump…

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Why Are We Always Looking to Blame from Victoria's Life On A Page

I guess the new excuse is mental illness.  I heard 2 news stories this morning on 970 talk.  One a police officer was shot several times serving a warrant and the other was a mother and child that was involved in a shooting and a house fire.   The news guy immediately pops up “well untreated mental illness is rampant in the US”.

So how did he come to that conclusion?  Why are we always looking to blame someone or something?  Part of the problem is we are so busy making excuses for evil people.  Like the school shooting in Florida ...

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Modern Plus Sign Quilts Book Hop is here! from The Crafty Quilter

Welcome to my turn on the Modern Plus Sign Quilts Book Hop.  I’m so excited and honored to participate in this event!  This is the first book collaboration for Cheryl Brickey of Meadow Mist Designs and Paige Alexander of Quilted Blooms, the authors of Modern Plus Sign Quilts.  This book is rooted in tradition with a classic block that is set in modern quilt designs.  There is something for everyone in these pages, and you’ll find that it is well-written and full of beautiful projects to make and tips to guide you along.

Image Source: C&T Publishing ...

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Quilt Qwazy Queens! from Words & Stitches


It’s on now…and, well, I was born two weeks late and some habits are hard to break!  Head over to  and see the schedule!  I’ll be back tomorrow with a look at some of my UFO’s…if I’m not the Queen of UFO’s then I’m definitely on the court!

See you soon!


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String Challenge and Lucy’s Baby Quilt from Jo's Country Junction

Yesterday I told you that I was lamenting about the gray fabric for Lucy’s quilt…well this is what I ended up with….. plain light grays.

See the rectangle that’s plain?  Well I want Lucy’s name to go there….so I hand drew out some letters.  Here they are.  The first “L” was too big.  This is the second version.

I’ve not really done this kind of applique much so I’m a newbie.  I decided to use Lori Holt’s method using sew in interfacing.  I didn’t know what way to turn the letter ...

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How to make 32 Half Square Triangles (HSTs) at Once from Alice Samuel's Quilt Co.

This is a detailed Tutorial on how to make 32 Half Square Triangles at once

The post How to make 32 Half Square Triangles (HSTs) at Once appeared first on Alice Samuel's Quilt Co..

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I Started A New Quilt from Eric the Quilter


I started a new quilt… not that I don’t have a bunch started. We all know how that goes. I’m also trying to go through all of my damn jelly rolls. I did a count, and I have over 70 jelly roll packs. Here is one down!

I’m not sure what I’m going to name it yet, but something about it screams “On Fire”. Can you tell I have a quilt type??? Hopefully I’ll finish this soon.

Follow the jump for more pictures.. 

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March 18, 2018
A Little Behind…. from Simple Bird Applique

Yes, I’m a little behind, but I will catch up…I promise:) This is the third block of Hugs and Kisses, a BOM I started on my website in January.


I have already finished my quilt in this cheery colorway, so I have started another one.  This time in warm browns and rich pinks and burgundies.  I’m not sure which one I love the most!IMG_2475

This is a fairly easy block and it will allow you to practice those points and gentle curves.  You will be a superstar when you finish this block!


I love to share this ...

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