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June 23, 2017
Straight line quilting from Factotum of Arts

I have to say I am a huge fan of my domestic machine walking foot and straight-line quilting. Its my preferred quilting technique, when choosing a quilt design for my quilts, which are mostly minimalistic in design. I do find it so versatile.


I hear so often from folks how easy it is or how quick it is to do straight-line quilting. The comment of easy or quick sometimes irks me as it lessens the effort and design thought that can be required for quilting straight lines. So, I am going to respectfully disagree that its easy and quick. Here ...

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So, there’s this! from Terificreations's Weblog

Maddie Kertay, and Cheryl Sleboda encouraged me to submit classes for Fall Quilt Market. After some thought I submitted three classes, and two are accepted. First up on Saturday October 28 is Creating Consumer Confidence—Machine Sales; the second is Sunday October 29th Creating Confidence in the In-Store Talent. Having worked in quilt shops on and off … Continue reading So, there’s this!

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» On The Go Quilting




Stephanie over at Modern Sewciety blog mentioned this tutorial in her latest newsletter, the Stych.  I hadn’t seen it before and thought it was such a great idea.  What about sending it along with the children when they go off to camp? How about taking it along to quilt retreat?  Clever item to have and give!  Travel Toothbrush and Toothpaste Holder HERE.  The design is actually from Anna at Noodlehead.


I think I may make a few for the gift shop when I can find time, and terrycloth.

2.  The “Take Note” Notebook Wallet Tutorial is HERE and it ...

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June 22, 2017
In love with my latest project from Susan P Blog

The past couple of weeks I have been knitting and I absolutely love the end-result </p>
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Two for Today from On The Go Quilting

I have two projects in process today.  Well, two that I’m going to tell you about and show you a little.  There are ALWAYS others, aren’t there?  The projects that are just sitting patiently on the shelf waiting for us to find the time.

Yessiree!  That’s what my projects are waiting for, my time.  There just doesn’t seem to be enough of it these days.  I have been working on a June Swap project for the past few days and I can’t show you that until after the weekend.  My partner should receive her package ...

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So excited! from Simple Bird Applique

So excited to announce my quilt, To Everything There Is A Season, has won the Award of Excellence in Applique at Quilt Canada 2017!  This quilt is superbly machine quilted by Rose Bell of Fancy Feathers.

It was a thrill just to have my quilt juried in, but to win an award is definitely the icing on the cake.  For those that have asked, the complete pattern for this quilt will be available on the website mid-July.  We are fine-tuning a few of the blocks, so sit tight!

Meanwhile, I am busy getting my borders ready for the current BOM ...

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June 21, 2017
Kelli Tries Succulents–AGAIN! from Jo's Country Junction


A post from Kelli–


So it’s no secreat that I have a black thumb.  Nothing about my thumb is green.  I have however managed to keep a poinsettia alive for almost 3 years….but I think my Grandma Kramer may have a bit of a hand in that one.  Last summer, mom called me after a visit with Connie and told me that Connie had left something for me.  I was super excited cause Connie always seems to know what I like–and this time was the same!  She had taken an old flour sifter and put a few ...

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Gain up to 4-1/2 extra hours in every day from RaNae Merrill Studio

How often have you said “I wish I could have more time in the day?” Here’s how.

I used to wake up in the morning feeling tired and anxious. I always felt like I didn’t have enough time to do the things I wanted to do. The day “just got away from me” until I reached the end of the day feeling like I didn’t do enough. And I never got enough time to quilt!

Does this sound like you?

When I stopped to ask myself why I realized there were a couple of things going on ...

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Yea for UFO’s! from Monkey's on the Porch

I really am feeling like I am getting out of this funk (finally) and I was able to get some more UFO’s completed.

Remember the Flower Of the Month series?  I was able to get TWO of them done!  And these kits were also cut generously enough that I could get the small quilt and a block out of them.  This one is August and the flower was gladioli.  I will say that I am not a fan of this one.  Some of the fabric is pretty but it is incredibly busy and hard on my eyes.  The trickiest ...

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Finished My Batik Charm Quilt Top from Eric the Quilter


True Love! That’s all I feel for this! I can’t even describe it in words. I had all the charm packs lying around, and I just decided to use them! I don’t know what I was saving them for, but damn it! It looks good! Now, part of me wants to try some funky free motion quilting on it, the other part wants me to use an embroidery motif, and the last part says send it off to be quilted. I’m not sure! Part of me is asking if I trust myself enough to free motion ...

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No-Sew Pattern Kits from Quiltwoman Blog

My name is Genevieve Rees, and I started Kits by Kalt in 2010 creating No-Sew patterns and kits. I have always been interested in crafts, sewing, and quilting. I even learned to cross stitch as a Camp Fire Girl. For several years I had been making the Heirloom Balls, Pinecones and Evergreen Trees. I give them away every Christmas to virtually every person I came into contact with. Countless friends and family told me I should be selling the ornaments.  Knowing that I would not be able to keep up with mass demand I decided to market them as patterns ...

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Getting ready for the baby from Home is Where the Quilts Live

IMG_2684[1]I love my grandchildren.  So far, I have five (3 girls, 2 boys) and two more on the way.  The next is a girl and she will be born on Aug 16.  Since it is a C-section the date is pretty set.  The next one is due Jan 21, 2018 so it is too early to know what the sex is.  I can’t wait to find out since there are quilts that need to be made!!

The baby coming in Aug needs some quilts to come home to.  I love making schnibble quilts for the grandkids as they are ...

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Craft a powerful tagline from Professional Quilter

What’s in a tagline? The purpose of a tagline is to express your brand differentiation. It’s to say who you are compared to your competition.  It’s to get people to want to know more about your company and how you can help them. The best taglines have an emotional component.

Do you recognize these taglines?

Make Creativity Happen
Made to Create
Designed by a Quilter, for Quilters
For People Who Love to Sew
Make More Art, Spend Less Money

They belong to companies in the arts fields. I’m guessing that you knew most of them. If ...

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Quilty Thoughts from Wedding Dress Blue

quilting quotes funny | Silent & Sometimes Silly Sunday!

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June 20, 2017
A Few Things you Should Know from Tales of a Stitcher

A few things you should know.

I am not God. I am a seeker just as you are. We are all on this journey together.


While we are all traveling down the same road, some of us are further along in the journey—Hence some of us are teachers and some of us are students. It is good to tell yourself this when you enter a new space of learning.


We all learn from each other. I learn from you. You learn from me. In fact, by then end of our time together, we may discover that you are further ...

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Selfie Time! from Jo's Country Junction


Every month I team up with U.S. Cellular and share a little about my Samsung Galaxy S7 Smart Phone.  This is one of those posts.

According to a recent U.S. Cellular survey, 71 percent of cell phone users keep themselves entertained by taking photos and posting on social media.

In fact, there’s now a national day to celebrate it on June 21 (that’s tomorrow): National Selfie Day.

To participate, all you need is a smartphone with a good quality camera.  The key to a good selfie shot is to make sure that your device has a ...

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Upgrading a Longarm vs. Buying for the First Time from The Champ Life

I wanted to do a more in-depth explanation of what prompted me to upgrade my machine and why I picked my new one: an Innova 22″ with Lightning Stitch. It probably goes without saying but just for clarity’s sake: I bought my machine myself, I am not in any way affiliated with Innova, or anyone else for that matter. I wanted to definitely make that clear because this post may kind of come off like a sales pitch since I’m talking about why I purchased a new machine that I’m enthusiastic about, but it’s not.

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Design wall 6/20/17 string star quilts from Always Quilts

My design wall is bare today, I hope to fix that soon, as I am working on my next string quilt. 

Last time I posted, my design wall had the beginning of the string stars quilt on it. It is now finished. 

After finding an old string quilt top in an antique store I decided that it would be fun to make the same pattern with today’s fabrics. The old top (right) is dated back to around the late 1800’s judging by the fabrics used in it. (I’ve been told)  Mine (left) was made from scraps from ...

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Chocolate Cake and Quilting from Terificreations's Weblog

When you’re doing your work, when you’re creating an offering, there’s no more important question to answer than, “what sort of quality are we seeking here?” – Seth Godin Thinking clearly about quality. The sunset last night was something to behold, leaving me wishing for more photos or a video, the color changed so quickly. … Continue reading Chocolate Cake and Quilting

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Let the Quilting Begin from Roxane Lessa Fine Textile Art

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Hi Everyone! Happy Summer!

Summer is officially here in North Carolina, with all the heat, humidity, and thunder storms.  I love all the lush vegetation and flowers around me too.  But, I am determined to get in some quilting time in along with the pool time. How about you?  Are you getting in any quilting time?

Last time, I talked about deciding how to quilt your quilt.  And I spent the last week or so getting Opal 2 ready to quilt.  I long ago abandoned safety pin basting my quilt ...

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