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October 7, 2015
Finished My Nickel Quilt Top…. I’m In Love! from Eric the Quilter

1006151937 1006151937a 1006151937b 1006151938 1006151938a

It was my first nickel quilt, and I just love it! Some of the colors repeated a bit more than I would have liked, but I think it turned out grand! No I just have to baste and quilt it, and then make the matching pillow shams. I’m thinking I’m going to do some 2″ squares for the pillow shams… I think… That might change… Wish me luck!

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My Awesome Aunts!!! from Jo's Country Junction


A post from Kelli–

I don’t know if you know this, but I have some pretty awesome aunts!

A few weeks ago, Jason’s aunt Julie–who I now fully claim as mine–stopped over with some left overs from the Ice Cream Social that the Youth Group at our church sponsored.  She knows that Jason would like to go to these kinds of things, but getting away from the farm is really hard for him and she knows that I’m super busy with school, so she brought us some goodies!  When she stopped over, we got to ...

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October 6, 2015
Surface design with Markal Oil Sticks from Claire Passmore

A very big 'Thank you' to LA-CO Industries Inc and Artemio

My love of Markal oil stick paint grew even stronger this week. I am presently working on a new quilt and am in the process of using these great paints as part of the design. Whilst I was busy exploring new ways of using them on some fabric samples I wondered if the good people who manufacture them would be willing to let me have some samples to use as part of my 'Techniques' workshop which is coming soon on 18th October. So I looked them up on the ...

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Tuesday Treasure...Daughter's First Quilt from Patchwork Stories


Nineteen years ago my youngest daughter made her first quilt to enter into the Puyallup, Washington State Fair. She was 10 and had dreams of owning a horse. Her horse panel quilt was as close as she ever came to that dream.

We selected the fabrics together and decided on the block and overall quilt size. It was going to be a large lap size that would fit the top of her twin bed. The piecing went well but we worked on it in stages so as not to get overwhelmed or frustrated. Since it was her first quilt I ...

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You’ve Mastered Pie Crust from Jo's Country Junction


I had to laugh on Sunday night.  Hubby, while eating a piece of peach pie I had made earlier in the day and said to me, “You know Honey, I think you’ve mastered pie crust.”

I smiled.  It was about as sweet as a compliment as I’ll ever get from him…and you know something, I think he’s right.  I have mastered pie crusts-maybe not it looks but the flavor is good and I don’t have to “think” about it when I make pie.  It’s all just automatic.  I don’t have to be super ...

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Snapshots from On The Go Quilting

Last week I became aware of Occasional Piece blog HERE and her “Snapshot” quilt. I just think it’s a really cute and clever idea.  Apparently this block has been around for a while, but this was the first time I had seen “Snapshot”.

There is a tutorial on that post of how to make the Snapshot blocks. Each block consists of a 2.5″ block that’s been fussy-cut to feature a specific item.  I guess you could use just regular prints but why when there’s so many cute novelty fabrics?

I got up early this morning while ...

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October 5, 2015
I’ve Got Mail! from All Pressing Matters

These arrived today! Can’t wait to give them a try!

The Fancy Fox II is a much bigger block than what I used here.

This way I won’t have to do my own math! Booya!


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Free Fabric… How to Get Yours! from PatternJam

Many of you may know that PatternJam has been giving away oodles of free fabric!  In fact, we’ve sent fabric to people all over the world: Germany, Australia, Scotland, England, Indonesia, Canada and everywhere in the USA!

Why the Free Fabric?

Well, because getting noticed as a new business is a tough thing to do!  We’ve built an amazing tool for quilt design and we are confident that if people come and give it a try, they will want to share it with their friends.  That’s the best scenario for helping our business grow– people sharing PatternJam ...

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What a Crazy Way to Work from Inside Quilters Newsletter

Some of you will laugh at me today; some of you will shake your heads and say, “I just couldn’t do that.” But, here’s what I sewed on this weekend.

Last week in my blog, I told you about the churn dash blocks I’d finished and talked about the fact that I want to set them on point. I had them hanging on a strange half-size design wall in the sewing room.

101 3661 What a Crazy Way to Work

My 36 Churn Dash Blocks

Well, this weekend, I realized that there wasn’t enough room on that makeshift design wall I had in the ...

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Design wall 10/5/15 string, panel and row by row from Always Quilts

Here it is another Monday. Boy, they seem to come fast!

I was gone a few days last week so not much sewing took place. I have to decide what to do with my rows from the row by row exchange. For now they are hanging on my design wall. Along with the extra blocks I have…….

Hmmm…….since I don’t know what to do with it at the time, I’m sewing on a few string blocks. I need lots of these, so I sew on them in between other projects. 

What I really want to sew on ...

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2015 Fall Mystery – Sunday, November 1 from Quilt Patterns from Seattle

Fall Leaves by Pam Link

You are all invited to my 2015 Fall Mystery.

First Clue will be posted at midnight Pacific Time on October 31.

This is to accommodate early morning quilters in other time zones

It is appropriate for beginning quilters as well as being interesting for more advanced quilters.

(There is one sewing task to be completed before the mystery starts.  This will be posted next week.

I do this so you are better able to complete a Baby/Lap or Comfort quilt top in one day.)


It is available as a Scrap Quilt or a Three Fabric Quilt.

You also have ...

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Whew! I’m back! from Quilting and More...

Last night I had a very nasty surprise when I wanted to check something on this blog. The whole blog was gone!! Gulp! All that remained was some text that indicated a problem with the coding in the “theme” I use here. Ack! Of course I did the wrong thing right away — it figures. I called my hosting company; these […]

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Farmer’s Wife Quilt: Becky, Bonnie, and Aunt from Hexy Lady


This is a report on my progress for the first week of the Farmer’s Wife QAL which has been organized by Angie Wilson from Gnome Angel. We had three blocks to do this week named Becky, Bonnie, and Aunt. Moving forward we will be doing only two blocks per week. It will take us a year to complete all of the blocks for this quilt unless we are doing a reduced size version with fewer blocks. Some members of the QAL are already talking about doing two quilts simultaneously.

This QAL is based on the book “The Farmer ...

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Books on Monday – Amazingly Simple Triangle Stars from 120 Blocks

Today we are looking at Amazingly Simple Triangle Stars: Deceptively Easy Quilts from One Block by Barbara H. Cline. What follows is indeed an Amazon Associate link. (Yes, I might gain a little cash from your purchase if you use … Continue reading

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Stash Report from Jo's Country Junction


I’ve been busy with working on a wedding quilt.  The wedding is this weekend so I have it loaded and am working on the quilting…you know me, always down to the minute.  Always working on a deadline whether it be a gifted quilt or a publication quilt.

So far, I’m really liking this quilt.  It’s not fancy but great for a gifted quilt.


I’ve also been working on a mystery project that I’m giving you a sneak peak of.

I’ve got the  last stitches put in this so next up..a good ironing ...

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Birthday Presents from On The Go Quilting

You’ve been waiting a while to see what I made for our daughter’s birthday.  Today we were finally able to spend some time with her, take her to dinner and give her the gifts I made.  Grandson Jack and hubby Dave were at Six Flags in Massachusetts with the Youth Group from church so it was just Sara and the pups, Penny Lane and Rigby.

First off, I decided to give Sara the “Fly” wallhanging.  I didn’t have a place to hang it here and thought she might like to hang it in her office or at ...

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DEER from Distinctive Designs Quilting

On Thursday evening I had my first ever car accident. I hit a deer at 50 MPH (the speed limit there is 55). I was driving along and all of the sudden it was two feet away! I am fine, but my poor car is going to need some work! 

It will need new lights and the mount that holds them in place, a new grill, and possibly a new radiator….but other than that she’s okay!

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Fibonacci Workshop in Orlando from Carol Lyles Shaw

I had a great time with the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild on Saturday.  I ran my Fibonacci Quilt with Frames and Spacers Workshop.  There was so much variety in the fabric stashes everyone brought.  Here are some pix showing how versatile this pattern is!

The design is part of a series of quilts created by Sheryl Schleicher and myself. Patterns (or maybe a self-published book?) will be showing up for sale starting in 2016.

Orlando 13 Orlando 9 Orlando 11 Orlando 1 Orlando 3 Orlando 6 orlando 5 Orlando 4

















And, this lovely group brought a fabulous chocolate cake!  Here’s Debbe wearing the Patchwork Threads T-Shirt she bought at Quiltcon 2015. Orlando Modern Quilt Guild ...

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October 4, 2015
Finally! from All Pressing Matters

After sewing so many things that aren’t my favorite colors or fabrics, I finally got to sew something pink today! I purchased this Lori Holt pattern some time ago and finally had some time to give it a go!

There weren’t too many pieces but some of them were teeny tiny!

I think that the P pieces were 3/4″ x 1 1/4″. Tiny for sure!

What? I haven’t mentioned what block this is?

That’s right! Let’s see if you can figure it out as we near the end….

The first bit of sewing ...

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A spiral mandala in the West Village from The Spiromandalas


Seen today at the intersection of 8th Avenue and Hudson Street….

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