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January 17, 2019
Sew Your Stash 2019 | 3 from A Quilting Life

Sew Your Stash 2019 | 3 A Quilting Life

Hello! Welcome to the Sew Your Stash 2019 | 3 post. I have so many ideas on this subject! And…it’s been really helping me to sit down and get all of my ideas better organized. I’ve actually been following through on things and have made a lot of good progress this week. Sew Your Stash […]

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January 12, 2019

Hoi lieve allemaal,
daar ben ik dan eindelijk met de MYSTERIE,...
De mysterie waar ik al maanden mysterieus mee bezig ben,...
De mysterie waar jullie zo benieuwd naar zijn,
en waarvan het tijdstip van de onthulling elke keer weer vooruit geschoven werd,...
Het duurde even voordat ik dit Supergoof ontwerp de wijde wereld in wilde sturen.
Maar vandaag is het zo ver.

Het begon allemaal met Kleine Muis.
Kleine Muis die in mijn verhaaltjes mijn quiltcoach is,...
Die mij helpt, en steunt,...
en af en toe een zetje in de rug geeft als dat nodig is,...
Ik begreep uit de ...

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January 11, 2019
Sew Your Stash 2019 | 2 from A Quilting Life

Sew Your Stash 2019 | 2

Hello! I hope you’re having a great week! Welcome to Sew Your Stash 2019 | 2. Today I’m talking about all things “sew your stash.” This is the second post in my new series of posts to help each of us use our time and our fabric stash to create some wonderful projects in 2019. […]

The post Sew Your Stash 2019 | 2 appeared first on A Quilting Life.

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December 10, 2018
Sassy Tip-106 from The Sassy Quilter

 photo sass_zps1d67b1d3.gif

Sassy tip #106:

Trimming Half Square Triangles!

I recently was at a quilt retreat and shared these tips that I use to make speedy work of trimming half square triangles…

This ruler right here is a life saver!

Related image

•With this ruler you are trimming two sides of the triangle at one time!

You just line up your stitched line with the size HST you are looking for and zip zip.

•Now the next step is how to get those dog ears off of there!

I use a cut diamond as my mental reference…

Related image

You want to cut the corners of ...

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November 13, 2018
"Over een pluutje, 'n ontbijtje en,..." from Supergoof Quilts

 het is weer zover.

De hoogste tijd om over het volgende deel van de teckeltjesquilt,
'Plaatjes & Praatjes van Margootje',
te vertellen.

Deel 3 heeft,
 en dat is bij elk van de 12 delen van deze B.O.M.,
3 verhaaltjes,
3 blokken,
3 kleurenfoto's,
3 werktekeningen,
3 omschrijvingen.

In blok 7 zie je dat Margootje vrolijk rond stapt in de regen.
Dat heeft wat voetjes laarsjes in de aarde gehad,
voordat ze overstag ging,...
en naar buiten stapte,...

Bij blok 8,
krijg je een kijkje in de keuken,...

Het teckeltje Margootje is schijnbaar een ontbijtje aan het ...

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November 8, 2018
8 Tips to create a perfect quilt block from The Crafty Quilter

Today I have 8 Tips to help you create a perfect quilt block.  I know perfection is over-rated, but when it comes to quilting, it sure does help when you’re putting a quilt together.

8 tips to create the perfect quilt block. Being able to produce quilt blocks that are accurate makes it so much easier to create a quilt top when all of the puzzle pieces fit! Julie @ The Crafty Quilter shares her tips so you can experience that too.


Now that I’ve been quilting for over 20 years, I can happily say that my quilt blocks turn out just right (most of the time).  I pay attention to what works and what doesn’t, and fix the parts that don’t work.  I also take lots of classes and watch for new products and trends.

I love being able to produce quilt blocks ...

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October 24, 2018
"Rond klungelen" from Supergoof Quilts

Hoi lieve allemaal,
daar zijn we weer.

We hebben de afgelopen week,
 lekker een beetje rond geklungeld,...

lekker beepeeën

een beetje

oftewel broderie perse,...

van dit,...

een Olifant-op-de-fiets-Japie

en een beetje van dat

knikkebollen in de bloemenweidjes,...

een beetje van zus
een beetje zo...

lekker luieren

we waren weleens hier,...
want wat was het heerlijk weer.

bij Angamode

en ook weleens daar,...
in de kledingwinkel,
met voor de kijkers,
links Gootje,
midden in Goof,
en rechts Anga.

Want met die meer dan 40 kilootjes minder Goof,
is het aanvullen van de garderobe,
een noodzakelijk iets ...

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October 20, 2018
Quilting/Embroidery Problem Solving from Terificreations's Weblog

The other day I posted this, “While working on some embroidery I thought my machine had a problem. I’d get started stitching and the stabilizer would tear, the thread was building up underneath in a most unbecoming way. Re-threaded, cleaned, oiled, changed the needle, checked the stitch plate. Still happening. I decided to change the… Continue reading Quilting/Embroidery Problem Solving

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October 3, 2018
a helpful remedy from Crazy Mom Quilts

I don't often wash my quilts right after they are finished, but as I mentioned last week, I washed and dried my broken dishes quilt to get that lovely crinkle. I got the crinkle I was after, but I also discovered that the turquoise dye in one of the quilt blocks bled quite a lot. Ugh. There is a lot of red in the quilt, so I thought that it would be one of the red fabrics that would give me trouble. Nope. I discovered the issue AFTER I had dried the quilt in the drier. Blergh.

I shared ...

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August 31, 2018
More Quick Art Quilt Tips - Off the Wall Friday from Creations - Quilts, Art, Whatever by Nina-Marie Sayre

Before I get to this week's tips, I want to thank you for all the encouragement last week.  I was feeling pretty low and empty and I appreciate you all listening!  This week things seem so much better.  I did take a good look at balance in my life and scheduled a bunch of time off between now and Christmas.  As you all probably know, when things look their lowest its probably because some part of  your life is out of balance.  So I thought with some time off to play domestic goddess and quiet time in my studio ...

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August 30, 2018
Staying organized with my Quilter’s Planner from The Crafty Quilter

The start of a new school year is always a good time to get organized, develop a routine and schedule, and do some fall cleaning.  Many people use a planner to make their lives run smoothly.  This is my third year using The Quilter’s Planner and it really works for me.  It’s a great tool to keep my personal life, business (blogging) priorities, and quilting projects all organized in one place.

The Crafty Quilter shares tips for making your planner useful and effective, plus how she uses The Quilter's Planner to stay organized and creative at the same time!

The Crafty Quilter shares tips for making your planner useful and effective, plus how she uses The Quilter's Planner to stay organized and creative at the same time!

Full disclosure:  I am an affiliate of the Quilter’s Planner and if you purchase a planner using any of the relevant links on this page, I ...

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August 16, 2018
How to Avoid a Bias Disaster from Quilter Chic

Inside: Half-square and quarter-square triangles explained.

I was quilting a customer’s quilt recently, and all the edges were on the bias. All of them. How does this happen? Was it on purpose?

In this post you’ll learn when to use a half-square triangle, and when to use a quarter-square triangle. This will help you if you run into a pattern that is written incorrectly, as my customer’s quilt pattern must have been.

This is a half-square triangle. It is cut once across the diagonal.

Half-square triangles

This is a quarter-square triangle. It is cut twice across both diagonals.

Quarter-square triangles in quilting

In ...

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July 29, 2018
Sewing Machine Pin Cushion from Heart Desire Creations


Here’s a quick and fun little project – and it’s very handy! I wrote this pattern and prepared little kits for a quilt retreat as a make and take for each person attending. I find this very handy on my Passport sewing machine which is the one I travel with. Hope you enjoy it and I would love to know if you made one!

Materials:  Strip fabric 2 1/2″ wide x size needed. (Decide where on the vertical portion of your sewing machine you want your pincushion and measure around, add 2 1/2″.)

Batting: cut rectangle 4 ...

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July 26, 2018
A Quilting Calculator from Val's Quilting Studio

I use a Smartphone and wanted to share a very helpful ap I found to determine fabric yardage. I often  create my own quilts without even a pattern and am often left to geuss how much backing or binding I will need to finish it. Robert Kaufman Fabrics and Quilters Paradise teamed up to create: QuiltingCalc. 
There are a variety of subject areas to choose from as you can see below:

I have only used this to determine my backing, batting and binding but can 
tell you it has taken the guess work on determining how much fabric I need ...

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July 19, 2018
Fuse Your Batting Pieces! from Val's Quilting Studio

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say, I have a pile of batting remnants. 
All different sizes. All taking up space. All unused.

Last week I was piecing the backing for a crib size quilt when I realized I didn't have the white batting I needed, yet I had numerous remnants of such. I then remembered some Heat Press Batting Together I had won during one of our many blog events, yet had absentmindedly tucked away.  

So I dug it out and set out to use it to "piece" five remnants of white batting together.  It ...

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Quilting Made Easy with Riley Blake and Cricut from Expect Moore

As an avid quilter, I love it when quilting can be made easier. There are so many steps and parts to quilting, so when some of those can be taken out for us, it makes quilting easier (and more enjoyable)! Quilt kits are a great option when looking to make a quilt. You know that all the fabric you need is in the kit (yay for no quilt math!), and you know that all the fabrics will work together wonderfully. That is why I was super excited when Cricut asked me to share a bit about their new Riley Blake ...

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July 18, 2018
"Van roze wolkjes,..." from Supergoof Quilts

Hoi lieve allemaal,
daar ben ik weer,
in deze warme zomermaand,
nu met deel 11 van de Margootje BOM.

Een teckeltjesquilt voor jong en oud,
die met plaatjes & praatjes verteld over een roze teckeltje,
dat altijd een strikje in haar staartje heeft,...

Blok 31,
gaat over het luilak-teckeltje,
dat heerlijk in een hangmat ligt,...

Een vrolijk blokje,
waar een snoezig verhaaltje bij hoort,...

In blok 32,
gaat Margootje op avontuur,...

lekker kite-surfen,

op een heel bijzondere manier,....

En blokje 33?
Dat is een speciaal blokje,

waar Margootje roze bolletjes wol mag kiezen,
bij de roze schaapjeswolkboerderij.

En hoe ...

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Should you be blogging? from Professional Quilter



Do you have a blog? I have been blogging consistently since early 2007. First my blog posts were monthly with an occasional extra post. Within 18 months I went to twice a month, and then another 18 months later, I went to weekly posts. Occasionally, I’ve posted more than once a week, but in all that time I have not missed a week.

Blogging can be fun and creative. It can add to your business growth and lets you connect with your tribe. Blogging lets you be seen as an expert with a viable business. Blogging lets you create ...

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What type of spray starch to use for quilting? from The Crafty Quilter

Spray starch has become a hot topic in the quilting community over the last few years.  I have become a fan of using starch to prepare my fabric for cutting and piecing, but there are so many choices!  So what type of spray starch should you use for quilting?  And maybe you’re wondering why starch at all?

What type of spray starch should you use for quilting and why? Julie @ The Crafty Quilter answers those questions and more.


I’ve done some research and I’ll give you the facts (as I know them to be) on the different types of spray starch and the advantages/disadvantages of each.  Let me start by talking about why I think it’s ...

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July 12, 2018
"Zo gaat dat in een Quilt-Thuis,..." from Supergoof Quilts

Waar waren we gebleven?

Bij het in mekaar zetten van de Margootje quilt.

De teckeltjesquilt.
De Plaatjes & Praatjes van Margootje quilt.
Een roze teckeltje,
met een roze strikje in haar staartje,
dat zoveel avonturen beleefde,
dat daar heel wat plaatjes en praatjes van zijn,...

36 Blokken.
Allemaal al doorgequilt,
maar ze moesten nog wel 'even' aan mekaar gezet worden.

En dat 'even' ging best wel snel.
In anderhalve week is het klusje geklaard.
Zoals altijd met het handje,
er komt nooit een naaimachine aan te pas.

In die anderhalve week,
had deze Goof bijzondere momenten,...

Zo was er sprake van ...

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