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November 10, 2021
November Tablescapes and Treats from From My Carolina Home

It has been a while since we had anyone come to stay in our home. Last week, our friends that live in Ohio had been on vacation in Florida and came to visit us on their way home. We are a good layover point, and they planned to be here for a couple of nights. It is a motivating thing to be expecting company, and My Sweet Babboo and I did a lot of cleaning before they arrived. The floors haven’t gleamed this much since before covid, LOL!! Of course, I had to set a nice table, even though ...

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October 20, 2021
Autumn Jubilee Tablescape from From My Carolina Home

Because this is my favorite season of all, I have a lot of autumn inspired things to use in the kitchen and on the table. I adore these salad plates with the leaves, purchased some years ago when Pier 1 still had stores. The pumpkin bowls are also years old, and I get them out every fall for cereal in the mornings, and soup on chilly days. For this season, once again I challenge myself to create a new table using only what I already have. I wanted more color, so the burgundy tablecloth came out, topped with a little ...

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August 22, 2021
Sunday Chat from From My Carolina Home

With the summer winding down, I usually bring out my August placemats and table topper for a new tablescape. This year I haven’t been motivated to set a nice table, other than just the basics for me and My Sweet Babboo. So, maybe you’d like to see a couple of past tables with these patchwork linens from my Colors of August sewing from a couple of years ago. The pattern is on the link, with a second link from that one to show you the finish. I also did an improv table topper with the leftovers, that you ...

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July 18, 2021
Sunday Chat with a Lemon Tablescape from From My Carolina Home

Last weekend, we had our neighbors up for a cookout. I had thought to just leave up my July 4th tablescape, but that holiday was over, and it seemed that a summer theme was in order. So I put my blue and yellow table topper back on the table and added a yellow ceramic basket holding jars with fresh cut hydrangeas.

Sunny summer lemon plates top white dinner plates. Yellow napkins are held with flower pot napkin rings. Everyday flatware, crystal water glasses and individual salt and pepper shakers complete the settings.

The lemon plates were used to serve dessert ...

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May 23, 2021
Fresh Blue and Yellow Tablescape from From My Carolina Home

As soon as the blue and yellow table topper was done, I was charged up to do a pretty table with it. The colors are so perfect for the warmer days with lots of sunshine. Since I don’t have a lot of blue in tablescape stuff, doing this table will be a bit of a challenge using only what I already have. It has been ages since I have been rummaging at the thrift store.

Yellow chargers are topped with white everyday dinner plates, and my yellow print salad plates. I love these yellow print plates. I used to ...

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April 16, 2021
Al Fresco Tablescape from From My Carolina Home

With the warming weather, we love eating on the veranda. Last weekend we decided to invite our neighbors up for a springtime meal to enjoy it with us. I set the table so the couples were a bit farther apart, just to make them more comfortable. It has been a while since I had some tablescaping fun, so I took the opportunity to use what I have in a new way.

This bowl was the inspiration for the color scheme and theme. It has red and gold as the main colors, with chickens on the sides. I made a delicious ...

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March 17, 2021
Having Some Fun With Green from From My Carolina Home

Beyond the food, I’m not one that does a lot specifically for St Patrick’s Day. But I do have a couple of fun things I’ve done over the years, and thought you’d like to revisit some and see what is going on this year. It is the one day I bring out my Irish Coffee glass mugs. They aren’t big, about 6 ounces, but so festive and a fun excuse to add a bit of libation to an after dinner coffee.

To see this whole table, visit my post from 2015 on a beautiful, all ...

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March 15, 2021
Springtime Table and More from From My Carolina Home

Spring is still almost a week away, officially, but the warmer days seem to be here. Time for a springtime table to brighten up meal time. I looked in my stash of quilts and realized I have very little in the way of square table toppers. Mostly I make longer runners for the larger table in the dining room. So, I found a pretty fat quarter in a light green with a yellow floral print, folded the edges under and pressed it. It will just have to do. I put it in the center of the table and began pulling ...

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February 16, 2021
A Table for Fat Tuesday from From My Carolina Home

It’s Mardi Gras today! The last day of the Carnival season. Of course, this year there hasn’t been much party time, so a festive table will help bring a bit of cheer this week. We are staying home more than ever now, so some color on a rainy day is nice. Gold, green and purple are Mardi Gras colors. I did my previous tables with gold chargers, so this year I pulled out the green ones to build around.

I folded the napkins in a fleur-de-lis fold, held with a green ring. They are really yellow, but the ...

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January 3, 2021
Winter White Tablescape from From My Carolina Home

Putting all the holiday things away, January is a time when I like to clean the slate. After the clutter and fullness of decorating for Autumn and Christmas, my January decorating is usually simple. Of course that means a new tablescape, so I set a table with mostly white and took a few photos. Then I realized, I used all the same things as last year essentially the same way – snowflake plates, crystal napkin rings, silver chargers. The only difference is the centerpiece was round last year and didn’t have the mittens. Plus, instead of looking clean this year ...

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December 14, 2020
Setting a Christmas Table from From My Carolina Home

Using holiday dishes is a nice way to have some Christmas spirit, especially this year. It is fun to get out the boxes, and rediscover the fun little things that bring smiles, like this little reindeer kicking up his heels.

Earlier this year, I finished all my Vintage Christmas blocks into placemats, and ended up with 12. So, I asked My Sweet Babboo to choose the ones he liked best for his own places. I put out two on our kitchen counter with the two mugs I have that match the stoneware Christmas set. The adorable MINI car cookie jar ...

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October 25, 2020
A Tablescape for Two for Autumn Jubilee from From My Carolina Home

Tables for two have become the norm here this year, so for Autumn Jubilee (#AutumnJubilee2020), I have a festive fall tablescape for 2.  Without being able to have friends over, it is more important than ever that the table be a welcoming and seasonal place for a meal.  I try every year to use what I already have in new combinations, and I don’t think I’ve done this one before.  It begins with the placemats.  I made these before I began blogging.  I used a couple of yards of a lovely gold leaf printed on a plaid base ...

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July 13, 2020
Summer Green Tablescape from From My Carolina Home

We are eating more meals at home now, and it is really uplifting to make a pretty table for two.  Getting out special dishes and putting what I already have on a table in a new way is refreshing and fun.  Summer means everything is green and lush, and this was my inspiration for this tablescape.

Summer Green Tablescape

I got these salad plates at the thrift store some time ago, but I’ve not used them yet.  I originally thought they looked like a fall theme with the pumpkin and squash, but the colors were more summer-like.  I have tons of autumn ...

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May 22, 2020
Summer Tablescape for 2 from From My Carolina Home

It is the beginning of a holiday weekend, but it just doesn’t seem like a festive time with so many events canceled.  This weekend should be a riot of gardening in our downtown area with Garden Jubilee on Saturday and Sunday, but that is now moved to the individual garden centers.  This just isn’t the same as a festival.  It is hard to be excited when this weekend will be spent just like most every other day for the past two months. While I am not in a mood for patriotic festivities, I do think changing the table ...

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April 6, 2020
Springtime Tablescapes for Two from From My Carolina Home

Staying at home means making more meals in the kitchen and on the grill.  Setting a pretty table helps raise spirits, and eating outside is a nice change as the weather gets warmer.  So, I set a lovely but simple table to enjoy a warm evening.  My Sweet Babboo grilled some pork chops and we had a delicious dinner enjoying the scenery.

Spring Al Fresco Table at

Using a spring green and bright yellow theme, I put yellow napkins in clear rings, and set the table with everyday flatware.

Spring Al Fresco Table at

I found these covers at the thrift store some years ago and they are great to ...

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March 3, 2020
Springtime Tablescape from From My Carolina Home

Springtime seems to be coming early this year with warm days, brighter sunshine, and early flowers blooming.  This was the inspiration for a table with sunshine and springtime flowers, and one day blog hop.  Once again, I wanted to do this table with only what I had on hand, using the elements in a new way.

Springtime Tablescape at

Sunshine yellow napkins are held with watering can rings.  This was the perfect table for my grandmother’s silverplated flatware, a lovely pattern from King Edward called Moss Rose.  I only found out the pattern name a few months ago and was able to ...

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February 14, 2020
Table for Two from From My Carolina Home

This year I have not been inspired by Valentine’s Day.  Usually by now I have red hearts all over the place, with my two heart table toppers displayed prominently.  This year I didn’t even get them out until this week, and even now they seem boring, just the same-old same-old.  But it was time for the snowflakes to be packed away, so I decided to get out my French themed plates and build a table just for us two for this weekend.

Table for 2 at

I haven’t used the French rooster bowls in a while, and their colors blend well ...

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January 1, 2020
New Year Thrifted Tablescape, Recipe Ideas and a Quilt from From My Carolina Home

Happy New Year!  For our first holiday table of 2020, I gathered together a variety of gold and black items with an Asian theme.  Amazingly, when it was done, I realized that almost everything came from thrift stores and estate sales.  Only the flowers were new.  The napkins were purchased new some time ago, and have been used before.  All the dishes, chargers and accessories came from secondhand sources.  I found these things at four different estate sales and three different thrift stores.  What makes this successful is that I look for items with a commonality, in this case Japanese ...

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December 23, 2019
Merry Christmas Tablescape from From My Carolina Home

Early this month, I was the hostess for a luncheon, and wanted to do a lovely holiday table for the ladies to enjoy.  I had to ask My Sweet Babboo to add a leaf to the table to have enough space for eight place settings instead of the usual six.  I set the dining table with some of my favorite things, a mixture of elegance and whimsy.

Christmas Tablescape at

I put a red tablecloth on the table, topped with a quilted runner I’ve had for years.  I made it long before I started blogging, it is a mix of orphan blocks ...

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December 8, 2019
Christmas Cars Tablescape from From My Carolina Home

Last year we spent a truly delightful weekend in Lake Lure with our Mini car club.  During the gift exchange, I got this adorable cookie jar.  While I was in Greensboro last summer, I found some soup mugs with cars on them, and an idea for a tablescape formed.  I put the cookie jar on a new table topper that I just finished.

Christmas Cars Tablescape at

I wrapped some greenery around the base and added a couple of cute Christmas moose.

Christmas Cars Tablescape at

The table topper has two blocks, a tree and a bell.  The pattern for it is scheduled to publish at MadamSew next ...

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