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March 25, 2020
Call Me Badge Holder from Becca's Crazy Projects

Last week I shared my first Call Me badge holder. Saturday I grabbed some fabrics to make a couple more. This time, I used this fun tentacle print from Spoonflower. 
Darling Husband wanted something bright and difficult to miss. I think this hit the mark. 
This one is a little wider than the first one I made and I'm super pleased with how it turned out. 
Now he will be ready the next time we get to attend a convention. 
I made myself a slightly larger one, too. I love the happy crab and jellyfish!

Tools and supplies (af ...

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January 23, 2020
Strange Thrills: Put Your Quilts on Mugs, Notecards, Pillows, and/or Other Quilts! from Gefilte Quilt

Here are the two latest fat-quarters to enter my fabric stash. I'm certain that no one else on earth owns these fabrics. The first:

What the heck is it? A photograph of my recent Chicago quilt, downsized from its original 72 inches wide, to only 9 inches across. Six copies fit on a fat-quarter of fabric (FQs are 18" x 22"). 

They were printed onto a lovely organic cotton sateen by the custom printer Spoonflower's usual price is about $13.00 per FQ - I took advantage of a two-for-one sale to pay that price for the ...

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January 20, 2020
Turn Your Maxi Quilts into Adorable Mini Quilts (and Maybe a Mug) from Gefilte Quilt

In our last installment, I put photos of quilts that are about 70" wide onto fat-quarters of organic cotton sateen, with the help of I downsized each image to about 6" across.  Here's the fat-quarter with images of my Los Angeles quilt. Before cutting it up, it fit 8 photos, plus four partial images along the top. 
I decided to make the reprints into individual wallhangings, and this time I not only added borders, but also quilted around each building with "invisible" monofilament thread. Here's a finished Chicago wallhanging, 10" wide including borders:
The original quilt ...

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December 31, 2019
Los Angeles II: A Modern City Quilt from Gefilte Quilt

I'm on a roll with city quilts! I've made two New York quilts,  a Chicago quilt, and now, a second Los Angeles quilt. (Photos of  earlier quilts and an instructional booklet are here.) Below is the second Los Angeles quilt: 

It's a wedding present (a scant year-and-a-half late!) for my dear friend Elizabeth and her groom Rick, who whisked her away to the East Coast, leaving her family and friends happy for them, but sorry for ourselves. 

In my first LA quilt, I recreated significant buildings that would be fun to translate into fabric. For this quilt ...

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December 8, 2019
Cut and Paste from Quilting Solutions

My sewing machine had been gone for almost 4 weeks.  I finally called on a Friday and they apparently scrambled because they had it ready to pick up on Monday.  Now tell me, why couldn't they have done that 3 weeks ago?  The intermittently functioning Start button performed to perfection for them so nothing was done to solve that problem.  The foot pedal works great...even though it is sluggish and jumpy so nothing was done on that.  I am linked to this outfit for the one-year warranty, but after that I will find someone else to work on ...

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November 17, 2019
Withdrawal from Quilting Solutions

My sewing machine is in the shop for annual service and hopefully a fix for the cranky start button.

I finished the Mayan mask although I will wait until I attach it to the fabric before adding the feather headdress.  Can't proceed until I have my machine back.

Mayan mask without feather headdress.
I started working again on the Christmas bow for my collie Lady.

Photo that I am copying into a quilt (dog herself is done).
I have tried piecing.  I have tried painting with acrylic and Paintstiks.  I have tried different fabrics.  I just can't get ...

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