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March 16, 2019
Sentimental About So Many Things from Canadian Needle Nana

I am trying my best to observe and even savour the beauty of the natural world around me while walking our little patch of wild land each day. Fresh snow reveals so many critters have walked my way, stepped in my footsteps even.  Our own little ecosystem! And they seem to be faring well considering all the tracks visible in the snow. This is just one way the winter season is special.

 Here at the back of our property, Murphy is crouching, assessing fox tracks with her very clever nose; they must have been fresh as she kept looking up ...

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December 20, 2018
Mitten Colour Wheel, OMG Stitching, Wrapping To Do from Canadian Needle Nana

It's not all cakes and bikkies here. :)
I  made a 2 lb loaf of whole wheat bread last weekend. I got out my electric bread maker and you all know how much pleasure these small appliances give me.  It tickles me to think that food can be cooking away without my attention, I guess.  It did a great job and I made tuna sandwiches for a late lunch one day that were so filling we weren't that hungry for supper.  These are big slices!  The Spruce Eats has 19 of the best bread maker recipes and I've ...

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October 29, 2018
Stitching on a Snowy Sunday from Canadian Needle Nana

Last of Autumn photos.  Imagine my surprise to see this aster making a final show despite two brushings of snow. Everything else has succumbed to their pre-winter fate. Alas covered in 5 cm of snow this morning.

Meanwhile inside, pretty purples and pinks as well.  One of four appliqued birds for this panel of the Pot of Flowers. Pure fun making these.

And more fun sewing. Fingers flying trying to accomplish my OMG but also just want to have a pumpkin piece finish for the fall. My Blanket Stitch skills are getting quite a workout!

Watching this show has helped ...

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October 5, 2018
Applique, BOM's and Cabela's Shopping from Canadian Needle Nana

Early morning view from my pet chair...yes, dark enough this early in the season to have lights on here at the wooden house.

I was considering harvesting the seeds from the tall standing cone flowers,

then remembered the idea of ugly gardening and how birds enjoy the flower leftovers.  Glancing out the kitchen window, Hubby and I watched as the late season dulled finches were doing just that...a whole flock of them spent a day feasting on the seeds. And I took a couple of " through the window" photos.

What fun it is to have these star blocks ...

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September 26, 2018
Watch, Read, Eat, Stitch, Repeat from Canadian Needle Nana

The Weather Today
Here just outside Ottawa, Ontario, Canada it is presently pouring down rain.  Cleanup from the tornadoes that occurred last week continues.  Missed us completely but the seeming randomness of how they touch down is so scary and now I can add tornado to my middle of the night things to fret about.  Thankfully, no one was killed despite all the damage.

Chores To be Done
I guess it's time to mop the floors.  Hubby says they are sticky in places.  His slippers are not gliding like they should, LOL.
The floor situation is not helped by ...

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March 14, 2018
Fabric Dieting and Bunny Love from Canadian Needle Nana

I read a post by a blogger who was saying she could accomplish so much stitching in front of the tv which perhaps was a sign of what tv shows have become.  It made me think which shows make me put down my stitching and actually watch, not just listen.  The list is very short.
Downton Abbey and The Crown come to mind. Fargo I also watched because I loved the characters and accents. Do you have any that make you actually watch?

Something those of you in the southern hemisphere need not worry about when it comes to ice ...

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February 13, 2018
5 Ways to Combat February from Canadian Needle Nana

Before I forget, the link to Ina Gartner's fabulous Beatty's Chocolate Cake is over on the right in the featured post. If you are a chocolate cake lover or have someone in the family who is, it is a terrific recipe...easy and delicious too.

Last weekend had me wearing my ice cleats on my boots and also doing some shovelling. The usual February mix of weather.  I decided to put out peanuts in the shell to lure the squirrels away from the bird feeders.  One small red squirrel found them first and had a field day.  Keeping ...

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January 11, 2018
Mrs. Tishell, Cabin Fever and Tidy Stitches from Canadian Needle Nana

Still freezing outside, Hubby still coughing but a little less, and I think I have put on weight with this stretch of staying indoors.  I guess that last will happen if a person is soothing themselves with hot chocolate and baked goods and not getting in their two walks a day.  Oh well, this too shall pass, as one of my grandmothers always said.

A Bit of Foolishness

I think I've mentioned I like to mimic accents.  I'm terrible at it but that doesn't stop me.
I've been wearing a lot of scarves and turtlenecks around ...

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November 6, 2017
The One With the Crooked Eye from Canadian Needle Nana

We are rained in today! After a glorious fall day I spent in the garden yesterday, we are now under a rainfall alert for today. I am so happy I got to muck about in the fresh air yesterday.

You know at times I've lamented finding clothes to suit/fit me?  Someone mentioned to me why not sew your own clothes.  She even gave me a link to a free pattern (thanks Marilyn who doesn't have a blog) and now I'm passing this information along to you.

The pattern is for a full gathered skirt and available ...

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October 1, 2017
What Dessert For a Heat Wave from Canadian Needle Nana

  Having daily heat warnings in late September was such a new thing for us here in Ontario.  Luckily it hadn't been continually muggy with it which is the part I dislike and can actually feel a little overcome.  Like the old time swooning ladies, LOL.

But that is certainly over. On my early morning walk with Rex and Murphy, there was a light frost over all the grass and a mist over the pond.

Time for a weekly dessert recently and no way was I turning on my oven.  I wanted something with no baking but my mouth was ...

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