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April 16, 2014
WIP – 4/16/2014 from What the Bobbin?


This Snowdrop flower quilt design is now a paper piece quilt block. I had to give it a test before sending the pattern off to a reader who requested to use the block pattern.


I think it turned out pretty cute. :)




I’m also working on making this design into a paper pieced pattern.


My first try didn’t work. Darn it! i will rework the pattern a bit and give it another test soon.


What have you been working on?

wtb orange

April To-DO

  • Frowny frog secret DONE
  • Birthday Bash – Nicole 4/20 DONE
  • Birthday Bandy – Joey 4/30
  • Four-in-art “Landmark ...

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Sunshine On A Cloudy Day Quilt Finish from Cactus Needle

 I've now finished the top of
Sunshine On A Cloudy Day
and it's ready to be sent off to
for the long arm quilting.
 If you look closely 
you can see all of this quilt is make up
Half Square Triangles
Pattern Design by 
Emily Bailey (Aunt Em's Quilts)
 I love how the placement of the 
half square triangles make up
the center block to be a 
pinwheel surrounded by a star.
 Using 5 inch Half Square Triangle paper
made each HST so accurate
that ...

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WIP Wednesday – 3 Finishes already from Pieced With Love

1) Dresden Pillow - finished my first Dresden Pillow, and totally love it so easy and fast.IMG_4276 (2)
2) Hexie Pillow –- I used a tutorial by Modern Handcraft, it looked totally easy but it wasnt so easy like I first thought. Had quite some problems with all this glueing things, but at the end, its not perfect, but I like it anyway.
IMG_4271 (2)
3) Every Which Way Quilt –- Totally proud of this quilt, using the first time my soon to be released pattern and Amelie is loving it too. More about it here.
Once Upon A Time Sampler -–Started March, its ...

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Q2 FAL – Finish # 1 – Dresden Pillow from Pieced With Love

My first finish for this Quarter and I really love it, and never thought that dresden is this easy, dont know why I waited so long to try them.   This pillow is listed here in the Q2 FAL List.

IMG_4276 (2)


Measurements: 16” x 16”

Fabric: I dont know

Quilting: Outlines


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Q2 FAL – Finish # 2 – Hexie Pillow from Pieced With Love

Somehow I deleted my other 2 finishes so I have to post them again. Here is my second pillow using a tutorial by Modern Handcraft. It was a total mess and I found it quite hard with all this glueing stuff, but somehow i got it finished. Its far from perfect, but I like it.  This pillow is listed here in the Q2 FAL List.

IMG_4271 (2)


Measurements: 16” x 16”

Fabric: I dont know

Quilting: Outlines


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Q2 FAL & AYOLF April – Finish #3 – Every Which Way from Pieced With Love


Finished my very first quilt with my own pattern and couldnt love it anymore. I wanted to take some great outdoor shots, but since weeks the weather is now just rainy, cloudy, windy or something else, thats not great for being outdoors with a new quilt. So I decided to take them later and just do some indoor pics in the kids room. Amelie already loves her quilt, even if its not yet gifted to her.   This quilt is listed here in the Q2 FAL List.



Quilt Stats:

Measurements: 48” x 71”

Fabric: Lottie Da by Heather Bailey

Backing + Binding ...

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My SUPER POWER!! from Sew Incredibly Crazy

 If you are looking for the EQ7 Hop Post you can find it HERE.
I do believe that we
are all blessed with certain
SUPER Powers.
It is how we use
them that makes all
the difference.
When the Super Powers hop
came around, I thought ahhh
this should be really pretty easy.
Then, it came down to
what do I really like to do.
Well, the list could fill up
a page of likes and loves.
I thought I would share with you
a little more about me.  If,
you have followed me awhile,
you know how much I ...

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April 15, 2014
Nunn Designs Pincushion from Sisboom

Get out of TOWN. This is the cutest little thing we’ve ever laid our eyes on. It’s a ring, it’s a statement piece, it’s a pincushion, my friends!

Better yet, Nunn designs offers a sweet tutorial so you can make this little gem at home in your craft studio. Swoon.

happy crafting :)




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Pat Sloan: Sew Along - Never Enough Chocolate! from Pat Sloan's Blog

Time for a fun Sew Along using My 'Never Enough Chocolate' pattern! 

Pat Sloan Never Enough chocolate Sew Along

Do you have a favorite fabric that you really want to use, but just haven't yet? Not the right project, not sure, can't bare the thought of cutting into it (oh yeah.. been there!)   

I would like to challenge you to use that fabric in my Never Enough Chocolate Sew Along! 

Pat Sloan Never enough Chocolate quilt variations

I have made my pattern in many fabrics and here are four of the versions!  You can see how different the quilt looks with different fabrics, yummy right?

Pat sloan never enough chocolate one for you option

It's not a Sew along unless ...

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The Sewing Essentials from Melanie Ham Designs

Hi Everyone!  I have a new video up!  It’s The Sewing Essentials!  This list is for you if you have recently purchased a sewing machine and aren’t sure what to do next!  Here are some great items to invest in up front, but not too many things so you don’t break the bank!  What are your sewing essentials?


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» Pat Sloan's Blog

 Pat sloan digital pattern download button

My NEW Digital Pattern Store is OPEN!  CLICK HERE to go to the pattern page

SCROLL DOWN for the Latest BLog Post


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Pat Sloan: Thread Color Quick Tip from Pat Sloan's Blog

I'm putting a section in my next book on thread and was doing a photo shoot of my samples and thought you might like a Quick Tip!

Pat sloan thread color quick tip

I store my thread in these awesome containers and stack them on my shelf.  I got them at Amazon.  I have 6 shallow ones and 3 deep ones to hold LOTS Of thread!  yummy right? 

Romanoff 5" Stowaway® Letter Box Red

Pat sloan picking a color

For this aqua fabric I selected sevearl threads to try.  Pulling a single strand out I set all the spools to take a look at them.  I like seeing several threads ...

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Quilt Design a Day – 4/15/2014 from What the Bobbin?





Diamon feathers block

This is the block I created in using Electric Quilt 7*affiliate link*. The design seeds picture serves as color and shape inspiration.

Diamon feathers




Diamon feathers2


I like this one best. It’s like pretty little birds on a wire…flipped.

Joint the fun over on the Quilt Design a Day Facebook group.

wtb orange




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Riley Blake Designs Union Jack Pajama Pant Tutorial from My Fabric Obsession

A friend of mine mentioned she would love to see Riley Blake's Union Jack panels made up into a pair of pajama pants with each leg being a different print. I thought it was brilliant, so Miranda, this tutorial is for you!

Let's get started!
I decided to start with the basic Red, White and Blue panel, but Riley Blake came out with the cutest Pink, Purple and Yellow panels as well. I'm sure I'll be making more of these jammies in every color! 
Before cutting into the fabric, I decided to add a little visual ...

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April 14, 2014
Spring Floral Wall Hanging from From My Carolina Home

One of the challenges this year for our local quilting group is a President’s UFO challenge.  We are to list four projects that are in progress or not yet started, that we agree to finish before February 2015.  One of mine was to make a Spring Floral Wall Hanging.

I knew we were going to have a program on Wool applique, so I decided to do one for spring.  I thought it would fit the challenge, and I’d have a show and tell for the meeting too.


I started  by making the tulips and the green calyx base ...

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Pat Sloan: Talks to Amy Friend, Carla Crim, Nancy Mahoney and Bec Mcallister from Pat Sloan's Blog

Be sure to CLICK HERE to catch up on my prior shows!

Pat Sloan American Patchwork and Quilting radio Amy Friend guest

Amy Friend and I meet during some Therm-o-webs design team chats. Many of the designs for Therm-o-web are paper and mixed media artists. So whenever a I have a chance to chat with another quilt person on the team I'm excited! Amy is a designer, one of the founders of the SeaCoast Modern Quilt Guild and involved with the 'To Boston with Love' banner exhibit.

Amy IMGP5560a

Post on To Boston with Love

Pat Sloan American Patchwork and Quilting radio Carla Crim guest

Carla Crim of the Scientific Seamstress ...

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little things from Ellyn's Place

Hello friends. Yes, I know I've been a slacky blogger. One of those darned spring colds hit me last week and I was as lazy as can be! Ok, enough excuses. One day I did get it in my head I needed to play around with a tumbler template that I've had for ages. I dug out a charm pack of Wishes and put together this little topper....

 Cute, huh? Maybe it will become a pillow. Or a mini. Not sure just yet, but it was fun and easy to do. I also put my new paper piecing ...

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Quilt Design a Day – 4/14/2014 from What the Bobbin?





Denim Block

This is the block I created in using Electric Quilt 7*affiliate link*. The design seeds picture serves as color and shape inspiration.



I was inspired by the shape and construction of the belt-loops. All the belt-loops on my husband’s jeans are always falling off. He uses them to pull up his pants, I guess. Does anyone else have this problem? haha  Anyway, I think this is a very dude friendly quilt design. I may just make one up for my belt-loop ripping husband.

Joint the fun over on the Quilt Design a Day Facebook group.

wtb orange




36 total ...

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Fun, fun, fun! from Quilternity's Place

It seems that having fun has become my mantra and that's ok with me. Believe me - I'm making up for lost time! Making these bags has been fun. For some reason, this is a pattern that I find easy and when it's finished it looks great! I took three of these in to share with my quilting group on Thursday and two of them sold. Another is spoken for and the last one will go into my shop. And, I've got more cut out and ready to sew!

This is the bag that is listed in ...

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Talking ‘bout the Next Generation… from Sew Create It

After completely 12 weeks of Sewing Club at the school the one person that I can really see has caught the sewing bug is my own daughter.  When she started joining me on a Monday afternoon I think she did it because she “had” to, but as time has gone on and her skill has improved she has started to ask to sew outside of class time.

I still have a few repairs to make to this Singer hand-crank, but as it is working DD2 wanted to have a go with it to work on her book cover that ...

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