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May 26, 2015
a new guy in the house from Frayed Edge

Meet Phrenic Fred.
I have lusted after him on the shelf at Home Goods for long enough to see the price go to clearance.  So Fred came home with me!

If you are lucky, you can go get your own phrenic head! 
So, why do I like Fred, you might ask. 
Maybe it's the fact that during a large part of my career as a nurse, I worked in areas that had a neurology focus.  The brain is still a mysterious place in the present day.  The "science" of phrenology dates back about 200 years to the time when ...

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Pat Sloan: Seeing friends is the best.. isn't it? from Pat Sloan's Blog

I spent quite a few days in Minneapolis at the trade show then teaching at Gruber's quilt shop then doing a book signing at Barnes & Noble... yes .. a REAL book store! It was so exciting and so fun to have all that packed into one trip. 

Pat Sloan School house May 2015

Let me give you a little tour of my events. First day was schoolhouses, where we book time and share about something specific. I did THREE of these! The one above if for my latest book with my publisher Martingale 'Pat Sloan's Teach me to Applique'. I showed all the quilts, but ...

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Show your work! from The Ardent Thread

I love seeing what my customers do with the fabrics I sell. Some turn them into personal diversions, while others use them in their own craft businesses. Here are a few that have been shared with me.



Happi Babies

Fun bibs, happi coats, and accessories for babies, made using yukata and organic cotton fabrics.




Queen Bee Essentials – Handbags and accessories made from vibrant fabrics.


Diane S. shared her quilt from a pattern in Quilter’s Newsletter magazine from February/March 2014 using Kona Bay’s Tomorrow Morning Collection in blue.


Linda R. shared a gorgeous kimono made from Kona Bay ...

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White Linen Pillows from twin fibers

I've been doing some sewing for my own home over the weekend and today! I purchased some white linen fabric and used it to make a couple of pillows. I'm interested to see how the linen wears and softens over time since I've seen some really pretty linen slipcovers online.
The first pillow is made using bias cut strips of fabric that are sewn onto the pillow top in a lattice pattern.
I simply drew lines on the pillow front with a pencil and top stitched the bias strip through the center. Super simple and I think ...

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Nancy Zieman Knit Dress Sew Along – Finished from One Designer Pursuing her Dreams

This is the Nancy Zieman Knit Dress Sew Along dress: FI […] The post Nancy Zieman Knit Dress Sew Along – Finished appeared first on ReannaLily Designs.

See more sewing and quilting adventures from Jen Eskridge of ReannaLily Designs

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May 25, 2015
Random Projects: 1 Hour Basket from Becca's Crazy Projects

A couple months ago Kelby Sews posted this 1-Hour Basket Tutorial.  Somehow I managed to put off trying this great little project for weeks after everyone else had gotten in on the fun.
One Sunday afternoon I found the pattern I had printed out (you can find it through Kelby's site and on Craftsy) and decided it was time to round up some fabric and give it a go.  I don't have any progress photos as I was pretty much on a roll from the get-go.  I pieced the outer panels to fit.  My start to finish time ...

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Pat Sloan: My Favorite Podcast Encore Day from Pat Sloan's Blog

Today is an encore of my podcast from May 12, 2014

 Listen to host Pat Sloan chat with guests Ellen Murphy, Amy Smart, and Lynette Anderson on the American Patchwork & Quilting podcast.

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Listen to the podcast here.

Guest: Ellen Murphy of American Homestead

Topics: quilt piecing tips, embroidery tips

She says: "My biggest tip would be to square up as you go and to think about how you press your seams. That is very, very important in the precision of your block and then your quilt"



Guest: Amy Smart of Diary of a Quilter ...

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May 24, 2015
Fantasia Plus Quilt from Quilty Therapy

I realized this week I had not shared the finished Fantasia Plus Quilt.  The quilt was finished over a month ago.  Here are some quick details:

  • Solids are Kona Mint and Kona Azalea.
  • Quilting thread is a variegated purple, orange, and pink that was randomly in my stash.
  • Back is a vintage sheet, it’s beyond soft.

fantasia plus quilt

Now I remember why I haven’t shared it and it’s fitting for how I received the fabric.  The generous Sara Lawson lost her grandfather as she started getting her new fabric in.  He was a big part of her life and ...

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Chit Chat and Inspiration from Patchwork Posse


Did you know that you can follow along on Facebook and chit chat with me and everyone else in there? That’s right!  Like us and then you’ll see all the good stuff– like inspiration (posted just to help you find new things to sew), great deals and discounts for of course notions and fabrics you […]

The post Chit Chat and Inspiration appeared first on %%

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Zoe, an art quilt. Work in progress, day two! from Sew Simple Life

If you missed it, you can see how I started this quilt here.

After printing my line drawing poster sized I traced it onto a layer of freezer paper with a Sharpie. Then I went ahead and added some background lines and Zoe's name. I didn't color the entire thing but I did color some of the pieces that I knew I might not recognize for what they are later on.

Here is a close up of my... piecing lines I guess you can call them. They will help me later to keep everything where it's supposed ...

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‘Quilt-Along-With-Me’ Part Five: Binding! from 3and3quarters

GET THE PATTERN SHEET: QuiltAlongWithMe – Part Five

Way-hey! We’re so close to the end of this series, with only one more installment to go after this one! Where has the time gone!

So in part five, we’re looking at how to make and attach a ‘cheat’s binding’ (that is: Straight-Grain Binding) to the raw edges around our quilt using sewing machine and hand sewing techniques!

TBH, making and sewing the binding is my favourite, favourite step in quilt making. After sewing it on with the machine, there’s just something so calming about sitting down with your ...

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Pat Sloan: The Sweet Life - Block 8 from Pat Sloan's Blog

Time to sew Block 8 of my quilt The Sweet Life!

pat sloan the sweet life ironing board

I am so in love with this quilt and the fun images.. Block 8 might be about my favorite on the quilt (shhhh.. don't tell the others

Pat Sloan Sweet Life Sew Along block 8

Granny's Apron is for my grandmother that worked at the Farmer's market. She had to wear a white apron, but I bet if she could, she would have branched out a bit!

Pat Sloan Sweet Life Sew Along block 8b

This also reminds me of my first sewing project, a smocked dress. Learning to sew changed my life, I am forever grateful to my home ec teacher ...

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May 23, 2015
Bits from Quilt Market from Bear Patch Quilting

I have a hodge-podge of pictures taken at quilt market a week ago.  I didn't take as many pictures as usual.  (Sorry!)  I will do better next time!

Some interesting "big stitch" hand quilting.  I was thinking of my Slow Sew group when I saw this.

One of our long-time favorites, Stitchin' Sisters, with a couple new patterns.  Making good use of plastic screen and tape measures!  Watch for a class on how to use these hardware store staples in your next sewing project!

A galaxy of beautiful thread colors at Superior Threads--

Some quilting that caught my eye ...

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Pat Sloan: Red, White and Blue Quilt Show from Pat Sloan's Blog

This is the first in my series of Quilt Show Posts with a color theme! On this memorial day weekend I want to honor all those that are serving and have served in our military.  My father-in-law that was in WWII and Korea, my great uncle, my friends, and those I don't know. 

pat sloan red white and blue quilts

I designed this quilt for a fabric line I did a few years ago. It went on tour and at the end was given to a solider. 

Please scroll down and share a photo of YOUR Red, White & Blue quilt!

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The pattern ...

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May 22, 2015
Amelia approved! from Sew French

I whipped this bag up, as a Christmas gift, for our youngest grand-daughter, Amelia. Her family recently took up camping and you know, if you have ever camped, you can never have enough tote bags. Well, if you travel with … Continue reading

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How to Make Decorative Christmas Tree Pillows! from The Shabby

So we totally know that Christmas is pretty far away but with all of the festive collections that we have been getting we couldn't resist starting our decorations a little bit early! Today we are showing you how to make some really simple, but adorable, throw pillows! This is a beginner-friendly project and we are excited to share it with you so let's get started...
In today's project we used Holly's Tree Farm by Sweetwater for Moda, available now at Shabby Fabrics!

FREE pattern downloaded from Shabby Fabrics
Fabric of choice- this is a fat-quarter-friendly ...

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Esme Top Finish from Lily Patch Quilts

I am loving making this Esme Top from Sew Liberated. I do have to make minor adjustments to it but it's such a fun pattern and well worth it to make. My daughter chose this fun print from Cloud 9 Fabrics that was already in my stash. 

The only adjustment I did on this top was to raise the neckline. I personally think the neckline is way too low and wide at the shoulders so a little adjustment makes it fit quite nicely. The length is  just right for pairing with leggings.

I love the bit of gathering right ...

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Top 10 Sewing Pattern Stores from Patchwork Posse

sewing pattern stores

I am a big fan of finding new shops and learning something new– maybe a new technique or layout or whatever.   I totally enjoy giving something a try and following their patterns and maybe even their blog. One place I have found a great amount of talent is Craftsy.  It’s full of sewing pattern […]

The post Top 10 Sewing Pattern Stores appeared first on %%

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The Dumpling Pouch from Becca's Crazy Projects

I picked up this fabric last year at Quilt Odyssey in Hershey, PA.  It has been sitting on my shelves since then waiting for me to come up with a good use for it.
I have been seeing these dumpling pouches all over Instagram.  There were a few swaps and they are cute.  So I decided to go find the pattern and get sewing.  (You can find this free pattern on Michelle Patterns site.)
Until I printed the pattern, I didn't realize how tiny these pouches are.  How tiny?  Too small to get my phone into.  (This is where ...

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May 21, 2015
{ Red Letter Day : The First Block } from {The Sweetest Dreams}

I've finished four blocks already and number five is cut and ready to sew. I love this pattern ! It really comes together easily. Of course that's only because the instructions on all Thimble Blossom patterns are well written and clear. Even I can't make a mistake.
This is the first block I finished and so far, it's my favorite.
I really like this fabric line, Weeds by Me & My Sister Designs. I set aside enough fat quarters to make my own Red Letter Day quilt. I may just keep going once the first nine blocks are ...

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