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October 24, 2014
another divided basket from Crazy Mom Quilts

Welcome to finish it up Friday!

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to take a class from the ever-so-lovely Anna of Noodlehead. She taught her divided basket class at the Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild. It was wonderful to have a full day dedicated to sewing with few other distractions. You know it's bad when you have to take a class so you have time to sew! (hahaha!)

The divided basket is a fun pattern to sew up! I actually took my time for once, making deliberate decisions every step of the way--rather than trying to speed my way through ...

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Pat Sloan: Featured Friend Frances Newcombe from Pat Sloan's Blog

It was love at first sight when I saw Frances Newcombe's fabric. THEN I meet her and that just put stars in my eyes like all those cartoons!  Frances makes EVERYONE feel like you have known her for years and are her very best friend... of course we are! You have to love finding amazing people like Frances and wanting them in your life. If ONLY she didn't live on the 'other' coast!

Frances newcombe and pat sloan

Listen to my chat with Frances on 6/2/14

Frances newcombe 2

This quilt is Better Homes & Gardens Easy Applique' "Heart and Hand"pg 23 I changed ...

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October 23, 2014
#kittyminiquiltswap from Swink Girl Quilts

Boy, these instagram swaps are addictive!  My second foray into IG swapping was the #kittyminiquiltswap. I had a couple ideas but all that fell to the wayside when I spotted Elizabeth Hartman's cat quilt. I'm a sucker for a rainbow quilt, folks, all day long. I followed Elizabeth's tutorial for making cat blocks and here's what I came up with. My partner said she likes grey, purple, and green, so I though I did pretty well color wise. I also quilted it with a very light purple variegated aurifil thread.

Before quilting.

Quilted and bound.

The ...

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Pat Sloan: Featured Shop from Pat Sloan's Blog

I want to start featuring shops that have my fabric, thread, books and patterns! 

Pat sloan featured shop


First I want to share a shop that is on Amazon, as so many of you tell me  you shop there often for all kinds of things.  My Friend Christa wears a lot of hats. She is a shop owner, a designer and she travels to teach quilting.

Christa specializes in precuts and Aurifil thread.. what a SUPER combo, right?  What I love is that she has my PERFECT Box of Aurifil Neutrals and my PERFECT Box of colors. Since I travel so ...

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Every sewer needs The Beetle Bag from Brown Bird Designs Quilts

The first time I realized that I needed a sewing kit for my car was when I took my first sewing class at Bernina Las Cruces. I think I must have spent a full hour, if not an hour in a half getting all of my tools together to putting them into different bags. That was the first time I had REALLY attempted to sew on my Bernina Aurora 440. I needed a backup plan. I decided to take my old Phaff with me too. After I pack and loaded all of my stuff into my car I was off ...

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Cosmetic Bags from caledonia quilter

Today's mission was to make a few cosmetic bags. The Caledonia guild will be donating these, filled with toiletries, to the local women's shelter. Diane & Karen cleaned out some of their travel size products and brought them along to help stuff the bags. The real pattern that was handed out at the guild meeting has gone mising, so I had to wing it.
Additionally, I've finished a top for the Binbrook guild challenge, made four placemat tops, and made four cell phone wallets for my girlies here. I think my KP duties are finally over, after the ...

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Birthday Bandy – October from What the Bobbin?



I decided to make birthday girl Raquel……wait for it……a pillow. I know, y’all are surprised!


Anyway, this pillow is supposed to be a french buldog, Raquel just adopted a cutie-pie Frenchie. Working with all black fabric for the frenchie fell a little flat. I think it’s cute in the “it’s handmade with love” kinda way. haha



Instead of calling her homely, I’ve decided to say she has personality! :)


I found the perfect backing fabric again. Isn’t it adorable!? I’m still crushing on lapped zips for the back of pillows. Getting faster at ...

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October 22, 2014
Pat Sloan: Featured Friend Amy Smart from Pat Sloan's Blog

I found Amy Smart's website years ago and have been a fan ever since. I love her style, her writing, her teaching methods. AND Amy is one smart and encouraging cookie!  She has a wonderful free learn to quilt tutorial that you can point your friends to when they tell you 'I want to learn!'

Listen to my chats with Amy on 5/12/14 and 2/18/13 

Amy Smart

SO excited to be able to share my favorite quilt. In some ways, picking a favorite quilt is like picking a favorite family member. You like them all for different ...

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Black Cat Crossing from Creatin' in the Sticks

Welcome to my stop in the
Black Cat Crossing Blog Hop
sponsored by

Everyone is welcome to visit.
It's really not haunted.

Except maybe this spider....

The black cat family is arriving to make this house a home.

Add a little furniture

and a house becomes a home

The fabric in the house and furniture is Maywood Studio Black Cat Crossing.

The house was made with a few modifications from McCall's pattern 8346 from the year 1982.

Thank you Madame Samm and Wendy for this wicked hop!

Please visit the other wicked blogs of the ...

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WIP – 10/22/2014 from What the Bobbin?


IMG_0222 IMG_0224


I finished up my stash bee blocks for Oct. I realized I have almost completely depleted my stash of solids. Where do they go?




Next up for the pillow parade is this awesome Hurricane block pattern I tested for Littlebunnyquilts a while back. I hope I have the perfect backing fabric in my stash again :)









What have you been working on?

wtb orange


Oct To-Do:

  • Starbucks coasters swap due 11/7 Done
  • Four-in-art “lights” challenge due 11/1 Done
  • Sew Kitschy May, July, &Aug
  • Halloween Marcelle Medallion Wonkyville
  • Texas Road Trip QAL – Make a back
  • Cut scraps for patchwork quilt Started
  • Birthday ...

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October 21, 2014
ON THE FIRST DAY OF CHRISTMAS.... from That's Sew Kerry

Feeling Festive

Good grief there are only 64 days until Christmas, I am not at all prepared, I haven't even written my list for Santa! I have however been very busy making a special treat for my special little monkey, that looks a little like this

An advent calender that comes in the form of a kit from the wonderful Stitch Witch, they are just gorgeous and really simple to put together.

It all comes very neatly printed on one piece of fabric, which gets cut up into various sections and then attached as needed. To start with I ...

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Update… from Sew Create It

Time for an update. I've been having a really good time posting progress pictures on Instagram, but wanted to share what I've been working on in more detail. I have to say Instagram has really spurred me on to share more as-it-happens pictures.  Plus, getting the hearts and comments along the way has kept me motivated. Jan from Be*mused put it perfectly on her blog yesterday that when you blog you almost save up the pictures until you have enough to post, but Instagram seems to be the forum to drop in with little snippets. Not ...

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Prep Work for a Craft Booth from Once Sewn

label for handmade items

My new adventure, you know, the one where I am trying to be a craft booth seller? Well, let me just say that I had no idea what I was getting myself into. It is my hope that my misadventures will help others to have a much better go of it.

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Fairy Pillow and a cheap DIY pillow form from What the Bobbin?


This lovely fairy is another pattern I tested for @ Tartankiwi. You can download this fairy pattern for FREE in her Crafsty shop.



I think my girl has claimed this pillow :)




I’m getting much better at the lapped zip installation. Yay!



Want to save a few bucks on pillow forms? I bought this 20X26″ pillow at Target for $4, I noticed Wal-mart has them for $2.5.



Mark the pillow at 20.5″ and cut through the case.



Shove excess filling into the pillow. I like my pillows really full. Fold under the case about .5. Sew it up.



Et ...

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Pat Sloan: Life with Pat - food talk from Pat Sloan's Blog

I am addicted to food blogs, recipes and pinterest boards loaded with good stuff to eat. I read and ... ummm .... drool might be the right word! The other day I saw this article and just have to share it with you

Pat sloan food talk

A owner of a very expensive restaurant decided to treat a group of 2nd graders to his fancy 7 course meal. He hired a really good video person to film the dinner and then the magic happend!

He tells you that he never was exposed to different foods as a child, he grew up in the country on a ...

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Eyeball Coasters Tutorial from Patchwork Posse

I am over on the Thermoweb blog with a quick tutorial for making eye ball coasters tutorial!

These are so crazy and kind of fun.  They are great for adding a conversation piece to your halloween party


 You’ll find the full tutorial here– Eye Ball Coasters Tutorial

Materials Needed:

Thermoweb Fabric Fuse

Thermoweb Vinyl 

felt- black and white for the eye

felt- colors for the eye

fabric for backing

pinking shears

circle template– here is a printable circle template if you need



Eyeball Coasters Tutorial

What color of eyes will you make?

The post Eyeball Coasters Tutorial appeared first ...

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October 20, 2014
sew together bag (with modifications) from Crazy Mom Quilts

I made yet another sew together bag! (This is my 5th one in less than a year.) It was a gift for my friend Brianne, who had a birthday last week. When I took the photos I had to laugh, because it looks like they were taken in black and white, but don't be fooled, they ARE in full color. That girl loves some gray! :)
I used my friend Steffani's zipper end modifications, which I explain in more detail below. The tab ends makes the assembly a little bit easier...which is welcome! 4 zippers in one pouch ...

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Starting Over from Sew Diva Diane

Sometimes when I am bored I hit the “Next Blog” button on my blog. It starts out with sewing blogs and then morphs into all types of different blogs, from poetry to foreign philosophers on motorcycles.

Sometimes I hit blogs that have not been updated in months and even years.  Some people say goodbye, some change formats and some people just stop posting. Did they get bored? Change life circumstances? Or, as some have told me, get a life?

No, I am not stopping.  As I have stated before, I like my blog. I look at it as a diary ...

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First on the railing from caledonia quilter

When you realize, five (?) years after cutting out all those half-hexagons, that you only have HALF of a king size quilt, first you utter many UNlady-like words.  Then you UNstitch the quilt into three equal panels.   Stitch it back together, filling in with a coordinating neutral.  Presto-change-o.  King size.
This was supposed to have been totally finished back in June for a guild UFO challenge.  Har har. That cost me a $10.00 penalty.  To add insult to injury, the new puppy here on retreat PEED on this last night.  Nice. Thanks, Anni.

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Cecil the Cockatoo Pillow from What the Bobbin?



I’ve had this pattern test block for Quiet Play’s Cockatoo pattern sitting around for a while. So….of course he should become a pillow too! I bordered him in some Lizzy House pearl bracelets. Don’t those pearl bracelets come in handy for like every project?







Since I plan on selling this pillow I wanted to deviate from my basic envelop closure. I decided to give a lapped zipper installation a shot. I used this tutorial over at Riley Blake Designs.  As you can see, in my excitement, I put the backing on inside out…backwards…whatever ...

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