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July 23, 2014
My Stop on the College Days Blog Hop from What the Bobbin?

College Quilt Patterns


First of all, I’d like to thank my friend Soma @ Whims and fancies for inviting me to play along with the other designers on the College Days Blog Hop. Lots of fun!

College days blog hop


So, when brainstorming for a “college days” block to design, I automatically thought about keggers….what?  I was a non-traditional college student. I worked a full-time desk job. I would then leave work and take a couple college classes in the evenings. It took me 6 years to graduate. :) I went to a few college parties, but probably not as many as regular college kids. So, I ...

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July 22, 2014
celebrating with Olfa from Crazy Mom Quilts

You may or may not have heard, but Olfa is celebrating the 35th anniversary of the rotary cutter. That's a HUGE deal and I was super excited that they asked me to be a part of their celebration.

The second quilt I ever made was done without a rotary cutter. I used a square cardboard template and a pair of not-so-sharp scissors for the cutting. Having that experience, I am very thankful to have a rotary cutter to use daily! And I do...well, almost daily, anyway.

My favorite rotary cutter is the Splash, which I've been using ...

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What's a Gathering Bodkin? from Sew There I was...

I use a safety pin to insert elastic in a seam. Then I heard about bodkins while watching a sewing program on TV.  When Joann's had a sale and notions were 60% off, I decided to try it

I used one-eighth inch elastic and threaded it into the opening of the bodkin, The it was threaded through the gathering seam with the ball point end.  Just slides through the fabric and faster too! 
I used 1/8-inch elastic 
Thread elastic through bodkin hole
Begin by inserting ball point end into seam opening
Pull through to other end
Pull bodkin ...

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Eyeglass cases from Tink Squared

Eyeglass cases

It’s hot again, summer is back and my ambition level to anything outside is over and gone. I have elderberries dictating otherwise though… I think I’ll put them off one more day! This morning I cut out the fabric to make another dressform mannequin pincushion. Then I cut from quilted fabric scraps two more eyeglass cases and sewed them up.  I sure love my little featherweight free arm for stuff like this!

I did get some pasta dough made this morning.  I suppose I better go roll and cut it before I lose all my ambition today, I ...

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Mollie Makes USA from Sisboom

Yup you heard right and we love the editor Katherine Stevenson so much….She’s doing it all right now and boy is she bringing it. Props for the All Star Girl.  Lets just say a delight to work with and totally on her game. The 4th issue of Mollie Makes is dynamite (ok so maybe we are in it)  but even if we weren’t you would go CRay CRay!!  Packed with unbelievable crafts and totally upscale it is the go to CRaft Magazine of our time.  Yes I said it… So stop what you are doing and go ...

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Chevron Ombre Quilt and a Bunting from Seraphym

I've finally managed to get some photos of this quilt I made for my sister for her 21st birthday earlier this year. I'm glad to say she absolutely loves it, and appreciates the work that went into it, I know this because as young girls, my sister and I would spend some of our school holidays at our local quilt shop in sewing workshops. We would make Quillows, pillow cases, skirts and a range of other sewn goodies, but being a few years younger than me, her products were a bit "wonky" shall we say! We still joke ...

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Pat Sloan: Fabric 101 - Finding Friends from Pat Sloan's Blog

This Camera fabric has been calling my name.. and calling and calling.. until finally I went and got a 1/2 a yard.  It also comes in Black/white.. which I'm SURE I also need.  

pat sloan camera fabric 1

We are a HUGE Camera Family. I take photos .. my dad, his wife,  and husband have all been photographers for ever.. for fun, but they are all really good with a fancy camera.  I'm learning that part, but as I share in my Life with Pat series.. awesome photography is a huge inspiration to me.  

Do you see the adorable stars in some ...

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Garden of Quilted Possibilities and a Giveaway from Patchwork Posse

Today I am sharing all about the online quilt class- Garden of Quilted Possibilities and the wonderful world of Craftsy and there’s a giveaway included!    

First off- Craftsy is the place where you can find online quilting and sewing classes {along with a variety of other topics}.  There are patterns or shops, {check out mine here} projects pages, forums, kits, supplies and more!

Craftsy is a great place to go for information, patterns, and learning- from beginner to advanced.  There is definitely something for everyone.

Enter to win this Craftsy Class here!


The Garden of Quilted Possibilities is loaded ...

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Getting back to my sewing room from Made To Treasure

It is always a pleasure for me to come back to my sewing room and day dream. 

After getting an exclusive space for my passion in our new house, I'm yet to settle down properly.. I need some more time to make this space picture perfect. 

But the view outside the room is pretty green during this hot weather, when the temperature outside is around 40 degree Celsius during the mid day.

I'm back home after a few weeks trip to India. 

I usually shop fabrics and crochet threads while in India, this time I thought I have ...

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Pat Sloan: American Patchwork & Quilting Editors from Pat Sloan's Blog

Be sure to CLICK HERE to catch up on my prior shows!

1 APQ Editors

The Editors of American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine

Have a FULL show of tips for you today! 

Listen ON YOUR COMPUTER or download the PODCAST after the show!  The recording is available after 6pm eastern.

ITUNES subscription available - CLICK HERE To subscribe


My FACEBOOK Quilt Community CLICK HERE to Join

APQ magazine online

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July 21, 2014
lawn pillow cases from Crazy Mom Quilts

Over the weekend I sewed up a few cotton lawn pillow cases. They are luscious! The scraps were leftover from this quilt. Looking back I see that they have been sitting around two years. Gulp!
They are incredibly soft and they feel so fancy! Last month when I was on retreat, Jeni Baker mentioned that she made some pillowcases out of voile fabric, so I credit inspiration to her. I would not have thought to use such fine fabric for pillowcases, but what a great idea! Thank you, Jeni!
I added a thin flange of jade Kona cotton to separate ...

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You are loving “Jenny Eliza” from Sisboom

We are so smitten with this line and can’t thank you enough for creating all the beauty we are seeing on social media and we can’t say enough thank yous for all you do.  You enrich our lives with the items you create and inspire all of us with your unique eye!! So many talents so many gifts and we are struck dumb everyday with the multitude of  ideas.  We love Jenny Eliza and see that you love it also. Currently this line is selling at JoAnns and we couldn’t be more pleased with the Launch.  Their ...

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Quilt design a day – 7/21/2014 from What the Bobbin?








Minerals block

This is the block I created using Electric Quilt 7*affiliate link*. The design seeds picture serves as color and shape inspiration.



Minerals 1Minerals 2Minerals 4Minerals 5Minerals 7Minerals 8




wtb orange



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Bernina serger cover finished from Tink Squared

Bernina serger cover finished

Yay!  I am DONE with the covers!  Good thing too, because it was starting to be less fun.

The main body panel and the sides are quilted differently.  I did the body panel in swirls, and the sides are the same feathers I used on the rest of the covers.

I don’t know if you can tell in the pictures, but I couched cording down the sides of each red strip of fabric.

I’m ready for a break!  And here are all the covers I’ve made for my machines.

Now to clean up the disaster in my ...

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July 20, 2014
Ta da! The Vintage New Look 6510 Shift Dress Part 2 from Nita Dances

This is a follow-up post on my second vintage New Look 6510 shift dress.

You can read all about part 1 HERE . And the original shift dress which I sewed out of a sheet and which turned out very nice is posted HERE.

Remember this problem?


After much un-sewing and re-sewing and internet researching and head scratching…
may I have a Drum Roll Please! ……


Ta Da!


Yay! I made another shift dress!

It still didn’t turn out as nice as the first one I made, though. Why? I think that has to do with the fabric I used. This ...

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this and that from Ellyn's Place

This week has been unusually cool for Texas in July. We even had one day of glorious rain! Perfect weather for hanging out in the studio.

I finished up a birthday gift for a friend that I will share with you later....

 Tidied up the sewing space and decided I needed a new ironing board cover. After a little stash digging, I found these lovely fabrics which coordinate nicely with my room and freshen up my ironing board. I wonder what I intended to make with them originally? Hmm...
 The lady who works at the dry cleaners has taken a ...

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Sunday Stash – 7/20/2014 from What the Bobbin?



I couldn’t pass up the lady bug Tula Pink in voile….oh la la!



Don’t ya just love that fun galaxy knit and the vintage-y apples on lawn, I ordered from Girl Charlee? I may have to pet these a while before I decide just what to do with them.



What have you been stashin’?

wtb orange

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July 19, 2014
Irish Chain Quilt Finish from Melanie Ham Designs

I recently finished this quilt, the Irish Chain quilt from THIS Craftsy class.  I have wanted to make an irish chain for awhile now, and I had some lovely Joel Dewberry fabric and thought this would be a fun project.  What do you think?  I gave it to my bff, who also lives next door and doesn’t have one of my big quilts yet.  Her daughter has one, but she doesn’t.  One day all my friends and family will have something I have made for them and thats a fun feeling.


I filmed the process of how I ...

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Quilt design a day – 7/19/2014 from What the Bobbin?








yellow view Block

This is the block I created using Electric Quilt 7*affiliate link*. The design seeds picture serves as color and shape inspiration.



yellow view 3yellow view 5




wtb orange



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Pat Sloan: Life with Pat - Morning Routine from Pat Sloan's Blog

Morning routines.

I find morning routines interesting. I've been reading about them a bit as some people that write about the simpler way of life. And ones that remind me to enjoy what I'm doing not always zoom zoom right onto the next thing (my preferred work speed is about Mach 3).

Sewing with Jane today! #nestedchurndash watch for my quilt on June 10!

Somehow I found my way to a photographer's site. She had this really nice article on her morning ritual, her routine.

So that got me to thinking about how much my morning routine has changed over the years, I bet you ...

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