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August 27, 2014
WIP – 8/27/2014 from What the Bobbin?

Busy bee over here :) I’ve been cleaning out my sewing room a bit. Our house just feels too full of stuff lately. We’re having a neighborhood garage sale next month and I can’t wait to unload some crap. haha So, I decided to get rid of some sewing “stuff” that has been sitting around too long. I usually do this via Instagram and the #thegreatfabricdestash.  Anyway, all this is to say I’m clearing off a lot from my Future project list. Yay! Exciting stuff, huh? :)


image (3)

I sewed up a grouchy kitty for my #kittyminiswap partner. I ...

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Tutorial: prettify your towels from The Village Haberdashery

A couple of months ago we were wandering around Designers Guild on the Kings Road and I saw this stack of towels that had been embellished with colourful fabric. It’s such a simple and pretty idea, so I Instagrammed it and filed it away for a future project idea. This week, I decided to tackle it!



  • A towel. For the tutorial I used a hand towel from Sainsbury’s.
  • Fabric. I needed less than a skinny quarter of my fabric for one, but your fabric needs will vary significantly depending on your exact towel. The fabric I used ...

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Too much fun to blog. from Texas Freckles

That's my excuse. I've been having too much fun to blog. Why spend time on the computer when you have a fun place like this to play all day...


This is my new sewing studio! I finally did it; I leased a space and opened a sewing studio where I teach sewing to kids and adults! The studio is very near my home in an office suite. The building I'm in is actually an old church building and all of the classrooms have been converted to office suites. I signed the lease in the middle of May ...

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placemats again from Ellyn's Place

So, you all remember the placemat project, right? And the five, beautiful placemats I received from instagram friends? Well I have always thought it would be nice to have eight placemats, since my table seats eight, and I had every intention of making three more to complete my set. I just didn't intend to do them quickly!

Hubby has some folks in town for work this week and we decided that we would host them at our home for dinner tomorrow night. Perfect opportunity to use my placemats! He informed me there would be six, including us for dinner ...

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August 26, 2014
Episode 86 How to Destash on Instagram from Within A Quarter Inch

I recently did a major fabric destash on instagram. I shipped 178 packages from my home within 30 days. And I net over $3,700 dollars. This episode details how I did it. From determining your goals, finding the fabric to sell, setting prices, taking photos, finding followers, proper #hashtag usage, feed bombing, invoicing and shipping - this episode tells you everything you need to know! Below is an example of taking more than 1 picture and then a creating collage of them so you can have more than 1 photo to describe what you have to sell. I used my ...

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Patchwork Cushion Classes from Quilting Along the Grain

There is a lovely shop in Malmesbury called Dolly Bobbins. It is full of yummy yarn and bits and bobs for sewing.

I am lucky enough to be running a 6 week patchwork cushion course there next term.

The course covers:

  • Cutting fabrics with a rotary cutter and ruler
  • Making Half Square Triangles (HST)
  • How to sew patchwork accurately
  • How to machine quilt
  • How to make an 18" cushion

The course starts on Friday 12th September and costs £99.00 including all, equipment, materials and use of a sewing machine.

Please contact Tracey here to book a place.

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New Project, Old Fabric & the Gauntlet from Just Sayin' Sew

It’s all Linda’s fault.  Oh, and Cathi’s.  Linda is the genius behind the wonderful quilting tool called Inklingo.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.

It all started last Saturday.  I was calmly minding my own business, reading my emails and looking forward to a nice quiet weekend.  When in popped an email announcing a new blog post on the Inklingo blog.  And a new Inklingo collection called “Inklingo Stars.”  Linda had been teasing us with pictures on Facebook of these new fabulous stars that just beg for fussy cutting.

And I was in a mood.  My ...

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Pat Sloan: Little Wishes Pattern from Pat Sloan's Blog

My 'One for You, One for Me' fabric line is arriving at stores and it's SO EXCITING! Bolts bolts bolts! I designed several quilts and over the next few days I'm going to show you more photos of them.. close ups and details! Plus I have other colorways in digital form.. Let's get to it!

pat sloan little wishes 1

Little Wishes is one of my favorites. I love the BIG block which makes up quickly and shows off your favorite fabrics!

This is our photo shoot set up for the cover. The shipping Department has asked that I make cover quilts ...

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August 25, 2014
10 Quilty Secrets from Quilty Therapy

Amy’s post last week about her quilting secrets was a breath of fresh air.  I’m supposed to be working but instead I’m reading everyone’s little secrets.  They have made me laugh and say “I Agree!”  Plus I’m kinda ticked off at my internet company for having an outage and not being able to do my grown up job.

13 Spools

Thanks to my neighbor’s WiFi password I can vent my frustration on here.

1.  I iron and don’t press.  Many people have said this but I’m still really unsure what “pressing” is versus ironing ...

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monkeying around with a paint chip challenge from Ellyn's Place

At our August meeting of the McKinney Modern Quilt Guild I issued a paint chip challenge. I had gone to Walmart and helped myself to a large selection of free paint color sample cards. Even though they are free, I kept expecting some pimply faced employee to yell at me! I'm sure I looked so guilty glancing around the hardware department in total fear of getting caught! I took the samples home, cut the colors apart, put them in a paper bag, and shook them up. At the meeting each gal chose 3 random colors from the bag. These ...

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Pat Sloan: Sandi Blackwell, Kim Lapacek, and Susan Brubaker Knapp Chat with Pat! from Pat Sloan's Blog

Be sure to CLICK HERE to catch up on my prior podcasts!

Pat Sloan American Patchwork and Quilting radio Sandi Blackwell Aug 2014 guest

Sandi Blackwell is a designer that had a problem and came up with a solution! If love to set quilts on point but are not sure how, Sandi created a method you might love! I'm excited to learn about Sandi's quilt background today and hear about her method for setting blocks on point.

Pat Sloan American Patchwork and Quilting radio Kim Lapacek Aug 2014 guest

Quilt Designer Kim Lapacek loves to inspire and encourage us to quilt to follow our dreams. Her fabric choices are amazing, she put together fabrics many of us wouldn ...

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Cut, Press, Sew by Lori Holt from Cactus Needle

 Last June 
when I went home to Utah
I had a chance to meet up with my girlfriend
Lori Holt
of Bee In My Bonnet
 Lori is always so kind to 
something she knows I will love.
I was so happy to receive
her latest patterns
that was launched as a 
Sew Along on Lori's blog
in May
 Along with the pattern,
Lori included her own fabric lines
to complete the projects.
How lucky am I?
These little Mini's will be perfect for my sewing room wall  :)
I have had a few other quilt ...

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August 24, 2014
Laptop Bag for Lindsay from A Ditchin' Time Quilts

Happy Birthday Lindsay! 

Lindsay wanted one thing from Aunt Steph....a bag to carry her new Apple MacBook Pro that she received for her birthday from her mom.  Her favorite colors are blue and pink!  Amy Butler's new Hapi Collection was the perfect choice!!  

Thanks to Kristie from OCD: Obsessive Crafting Disorder, this great tutorial gave my the measurements and directions I needed to create this adorable messenger bag.  I used a heavy weight navy twill for the body of the bag.  I lined it with quilt batting and a blue flannel.

Two pockets on the back of the ...

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Pat Sloan: meet my new friends cat & vee! from Pat Sloan's Blog

One day while on Instagram I saw I was being 'tagged'.. popped on over to it and my good friend Jane from QuiltJane, had tagged me in a 'cat & vee' photo she shared from the quilt show in Australia.  

pat sloan cat and vee 1

This was a Squeal Worthy moment!! As it all transpired.. the lovely and uber talented Catherine and Vanita wanted to send me a package.  

When you open your mail box and see AUSTRALIA.. well.. my heart started to race.. just a bit.. wouldn't yours? 

pat sloan cat and vee 2

Inside it was a birthday present.. so very sweet!

pat sloan cat and vee 3

First level was chocolates and Tim Tams ...

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37 Weeks and Counting... from Cass Can Sew

We're half way through week 37 of this pregnancy now.   I've given baby instructions that she can make her entrance into the world anytime now.  And frankly, the sooner the better!  I'm a bit over this being pregnant thing now.... as you do when you get the end! I think I have everything ready to go now.   Singlets... tick!  Onesies.... tick!   Blankets, wraps, etc.... tick!   Nappies,

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Playing with Headscarves... from Cass Can Sew

A few weeks ago I decided to draft my own headscarf pattern for baby Stephanie.  I see headscarves everywhere at the moment and just adore them.  The 50's-60's style ones look super cute on little girls.  My friend is always posting pics on Instagram of her gorgeous toddler Zara donning funky headscarves. So I thought I'd whip one up for Steph. I think I came up with a pretty good pattern.

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Free Applique Template: The Quiet Fox from Cass Can Sew

I've been busy lately with another passion of mine, design. So today I thought I'd share with you this cute little free to download applique template, The Quiet Fox.  I've made The Quiet Fox available for free download to use in your next crafty project.  This template is perfect for applique, felt, scrapbooking, card making & more.   I sent The Quiet Fox out to a few lovely ladies for

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August 23, 2014
Organizing My Crafting Supplies from I Can Quilt Knit Crochet

    I'm still working on the granny square quilt.  I have the backing washed and I'm making the squares to piece the backing.  After the third block is pieced I have to iron the backing, sash the blocks and get the backing pieced.  It's coming along slow but sure.

    While I'm sewing on this quilt, I'm also organizing my crafting supplies.  Unfortunately my crafting supplies are spread out in three rooms and I'm having a hard time keeping track of them so I decided it was time to get my like items together and put ...

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Organizing My Crafting Supplies from I Can Quilt Knit Crochet

    I'm still working on the granny square quilt.  I have the backing washed and I'm making the squares to piece the backing.  After the third block is pieced I have to iron the backing, sash the blocks and get the backing pieced.  It's coming along slow but sure.

    While I'm sewing on this quilt, I'm also organizing my crafting supplies.  Unfortunately my crafting supplies are spread out in three rooms and I'm having a hard time keeping track of them so I decided it was time to get my like items together and put ...

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Pat Sloan: Pop! Quilt Pattern Remix! from Pat Sloan's Blog

I want to show you how to 'remix' an applique pattern by taking just part of it and use it somewhere else.  Because sometimes we don't want to make the whole thing. Or we sometimes we super love a section of it and think it would be great used another way! Let me show you how to Remix my "Pop!" pattern. 

pat sloan pop finished

Here is Pop! as the full 28" x 38" Wall Hanging, which is really not that big, so it's a perfect project to do when you are learning to applique, or want some instant gratification! Pop! is ...

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