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March 26, 2015
Finished Jacket! from Quilting Stories

Knitted jacket
Knitted jacket
Table mats
Table mats
Blue shades
Cheese cake

Here I am, wearing my finished knitted jacket! I know you were all sooo eager to see it! (I am joking). Anyway, the thing I prefer in this jacket is the silver broach I used to attach it! I ordered it from my friend who is creating wonderful jewels. You can see some of them here. As regards the jacket itself, the real color looks rather like the first picture than like the second one. I am quite satisfied with my knitting as it is very warm, soft and pleasant to wear.

Last Monday was as usual so pleasant! We ...

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A few quick finishes. from Sew Simple Life

I made this zippered pouch with pink scraps. I was testing to see how a zipper would look if I only covered one end and left the other end uncovered.

Doing the zipper that way apparently let's it open wider, so that was neat.

Then I wanted to try sewing lace on something. I've never used lace before. I really love how this came out.

These are both available in my little shop.

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the year of littles from Ellyn's Place

I wonder if I'll actually make any quilts this year? I'm sure I will, but so far 2015 has been a year of little projects. Bee blocks, bags, pouches, pin cushions.... everything but quilts! Here are my latest finishes.....

Bee blocks ready for Sarah....

Another Petunia Peacock pin cushion (a shop sample for the class I'm going to teach at Stitched with Love)

Petunia was soon joined by Daisy Hedgehog (also a shop sample!). Daisy is a new pattern from Jennifer Jangles, just like Petunia.

And lastly, another Dainty Tote, by Three Owls Handmade. This one I ...

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WIP...Child's Dress from Lily Patch Quilts

This dress was a LOOONG WIP because I had to show various finishing techniques on the inside of the dress. The finishing had a Hong Kong finish, blind hem, serged edges and many other kinds of finishes. The Hong Kong finish was a new technique that I've never even heard of but I think it will come in handy for some projects I have in mind. 

As you can see the dress needed to have gathers and a Peter Pan collar. I do love the gathered look especially for a child's dress and its nice to have a ...

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March 25, 2015
Forever Bound Pillows and Wall Hangings from The Cloth Parcel

Did you know that our Forever Bound quilt blocks can also be made into pillows and wall hangings?  Sometimes it’s easier than making the entire quilt to do one block at a time.  We did our Happy Home and Bridal Couple blocks as wall hangings, and the Bustling Beehive and Family Album blocks as pillows. […]

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Thimbles thimbles thimbles! And more thimbles. from The Ardent Thread

As an avowed thimble-hater in my youth, I never expected to carry so many in my shop that I would actually use.
metal_palm_thimbleYou may have heard me evangelize the merits of a sashiko palm thimble, either leather or metal, and seen me wearing both at a quilt show or teaching event. I do use these regularly and find they take the stress out of sashiko and allow me to sew for longer than I would without a thimble. They may seem awkward to start with if you are unaccustomed to them, but once you find the right balance and rhythm ...

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I Didn't Know You Couldn't Leave A Comment! from Once Sewn

Blog Comments ~
This morning thanks to a very thoughtful person, it came to my attention that the commenting system on this blog wasn't working! I had been wondering why I haven't had at least one comment here or there in the last three months. Now I know and I am so grateful that someone found a way to leave a comment through Etsy. 

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Winter Work Update from Bonnie's Girl

My, how time flies when you are frozen into a human shaped ice cube!  Now that I am thawing, I have realized that I have not written for several weeks.  Never fear, that does not mean that I haven't been sewing, knitting, and yes even biking.  I have.  

I have a new grandson on the way, so much of what I have been doing is finishing up projects for others and myself, as well as reorganizing my sewing room in preparation for some serious grandma sewing. I cannot wait to get my hands on some great children's prints ...

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Hello again! from Scraps of Life

Well it has continued to snow and I was so not happy about it!
But what can you do except stay inside and quilt

Awhile back I made these design board from Lori Holts tutorial HERE
 They are the slickest things ever!
I have been laying out the block pieces for this quilt I am working on, then I just take the whole stack of design boards to the machine an sew

I definately need to make some more as I only have 6 large ones for now.
Oh and the above quilt is almost finished! It is sew pretty ...

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Bunnies and Kitties – Sewing from France Nadeau

I found the patterns for these bunnies and kitties in an old magazine: Le Idee di Susanna, Febbraio 1998. I cut the forms into leftover fabrics and even into old clothes. Cotton, polyester, corduroy. Flowers and plaids. The bunnies are 5 … Continue reading

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Little Lavender Sachet from Patchwork Posse

hand made lavender sachet Great for stitching in drawers, cars and wherever you need a yummy smell.

A lavender sachet doesn’t have to be a specific size or shape.  These little sachets are a triangle.  They even have a little ribbon loop so you can hook it onto something or grab it easy. Besides using them in your drawers and maybe your fabric shelf these would be great to use as fabric […]

The post Little Lavender Sachet appeared first on %%

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March 24, 2015
Pat Sloan: Let's see what's inside + a giveaway from Pat Sloan's Blog

I shared my new book's arrival with you the other day HERE, and now I'm sitting on pins and needles awaiting cartons of books! 

Pat Sloan Teach Me to Applique

I want to share quilts from my book. Flower Pop is a wonderful way to use up scraps, and then use a  Bella Solids border so you can have some amazing quilting done on it.

Pat Sloan Teach Me to Applique

My Favorite fruit has to be cherries!!  Pair them with a chain block and this is a wonderful quilt to snuggle under.

Pat Sloan Teach Me to Applique

Meadow Breeze pairs up my Aqua fabrics with lots of pretty peach prints. Gorgeous on a bed ...

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International Quilting Day from Thread Head

This past Saturday was International Quilting Day. I finished up a few projects.

I pieced the pillow top last week, and machine quilted and finished it this weekend. I started piecing the table topper last weekend and finished it this weekend. The little coaster/mug mat I made this weekend as part of a sew along.

For the pillow I added a piece of needlepoint that my Mother made a while ago - it has been waiting around for the right project and I thought it went very well with the French General fabric.

The diamond shaped table topper was made ...

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March 23, 2015
Pat Sloan: Free Herringbone pattern, laces and Paperpieced blocks from my Guests! from Pat Sloan's Blog


Pat Sloan: Free pattern from my guests Maureen Cracknell, Joan Lucchese and Suzanne Marshall! And the END are links to a FREE patterns from my guests! 

American Patchwork and Quilting Pocast guests Maureen Cracknell March 2015

Designer Maureen Cracknell has been creating inviting projects for a few years now, sharing at her very popular website and facebook back. This fall she showed her new fabric line and some amazing freeform machine 'sketching' with her needle and thread, it's so cool! We are going to chat about designing fabric and how ...

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Easter Decorations from Sewn With Grace

My daughter brought me a bunch of daffodils over the weekend.  It was the push I needed to get the Easter decorations out.  It is cold and grey today which makes it hard to believe it's spring.  This is the time of year when you hope that all the snow is gone.  We Michiganders know anything is possible.  No matter what is going on outside, it's spring inside!  Sweet Amy sent me some fabric with an order and it was the perfect combination for the Easter bolster for my church pew.  This is an area in my entryway ...

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Studio Happenings from Scraps of Life

Saturday was National Quilting day and I played with fabric all. day. long.
Did you?

I finished up this client quilt for Hazel.
 Hazel chose my new favourite design called Gypsy Feathers. 
It is such an awesome design for quilts with negative space. 

And I put together 2 of the 12 blocks for a quilt for me. 
I LOVE these colours!
This is going to be one purrrrty quilt!

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Sewing with kids. from Sew Simple Life

My 7 year old has been asking me if she can sew for a while now. I decided we would go ahead and do it, I would teach her how to sew.

For the most part it wasn't that bad and she did really well (I'm so proud). 

She said she wanted to make a pillow. I told her to pick some fabrics and I have to say it was really hard to step back and just let her do her own thing. I kept asking if she was sure she wanted those fabrics together? Yes, she was ...

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Teeny Tiny Mermaid Block from What the Bobbin?


teeny tiny mermaid pic

Here is my newest pattern, my Teeny Tiny Mermaid. You can find it over in my Craftsy shop. The file includes a 4″ & 12″ (finished) block patterns.





I’ve only had a chance to try out the 4″ block, boy is she cute! If I do say so myself ;)  I think this one is destined to become a pincushion. First, I need to learn how to embroider some eyes etc.


If you use one of my patterns, I’d love to see your project. Tag me over on Instagram or drop me a line.



wtb orange



16 total views, 16 views ...

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Teeny Tiny Macaroons Block Pattern from What the Bobbin?

Teeny Tiny Macaroons color pic


I’ve been busy designing patterns and I forgot to share them here. Sorry! First up, is my Teeny Tiny Macaroon pattern. You can find it over in my Craftsy shop. The file includes a 4″ & 12″ (finished) block patterns.


Big Momma Macaroons


I whipped up my test blocks in some Lizzy House pearl bracelets. Too sweet! :)


If you use one of my patterns, I’d love to see your project. Tag me over on Instagram or drop me a line.



wtb orange



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March 22, 2015
Epic Death Star Quilt Part-2 from What the Bobbin?



After assembling all the layers I did a zig-zag stitch on all the raw edges. I ended up stitching over everything twice because I’m so worried it will all fall apart. After stitiching, I went over everything with fray-check. It took two and half bottles!




Thanks to an Instagram friend I was able to acquire enough Lizzy House Constellations to do the entire background of the quilt. Unheard of! I know!  I a super lucky…so is Hubby since it’s his quilt.

I still think it would look better with a pieced background.

Death star closeup


This quilt was truly a ...

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