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July 27, 2014
Now back to our regularly scheduled program from April Sewing Journal

Finally, I am getting back to quilting. For some time I have been considering my triangle template. Lately, I haven’t been very inspired. Last weekend I spent some time cleaning my sewing area. I was putting a big bin of small pieces of fabric away. I realized I had filled my blue bin. I decided then to start a blue quilt. Here is the result:


I am not sure if I want to work with these in stars as pictures or in a random/landscape way.  In any case, it feels good to start a new project!

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Pat Sloan: Did you Know I have digital books? from Pat Sloan's Blog

Are you a digital book person?

 I've written 30 books, many are now out of print, which is how it works for quilt books.  

pat sloan ebooks

But I still have many that can be purchased as digital books from my publisher!  

CLICK HERE to see all my books that you can get as digital copies.

Tell me, do you LIKE Digital books?

Digital Patterns? 

CLICK HERE for my Digital pattern store, many more will be coming in August!

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Sunday Stash – 7/27/2014 from What the Bobbin?





This is my haul from the sew-in I attended yesterday at Honey Bee Quilt shop. A few of these will show in my Texas quilt very soon.



I had to order reinforcements of Oval elements in mist. I just LOVE this print :)



Que the angels singing. Yes, that is Cotton+Steel basics. Love.




Ahh, the Mustang collection is my favorite. So many amazing prints. I will have to hold on to these for a while :)



What have you been stashin’?

wtb orange

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July 26, 2014
Ditty Bag & Boxy Pouch. from Sew Simple Life

The other day I made this ditty bag. I'd been meaning to make myself a new make-up bag. I had won $10 to MichellePatterns and used it to purchase the pattern. This is size medium. It's cute but I decided I'm going to give it to my teenager daughter for her own make-up.. or nail polish, or something.

Then yesterday I decided to make a boxy bag for myself. I'm always looking for ways to use my scraps and this ended up being the perfect project for that. I pieced a bunch of scraps together and ...

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Teacher's presents from Espritpatch

So today was finally the last day of term for the kids, the summer holiday has officially started and it will be very short with just under 6 weeks off. And of course, last night, I was frantically finishing the teacher's presents. I made some little key pouches from Heidi's tutorial (similar to the one I made last week for the sample swap at the Fat Quarterly Retreat). In total I made 10 of these little pouches: 1 as a trial that I kept for myself, 3 for the sample swaps, 5 for the teachers and 1 ...

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The Emperor's Invisible Quilting: A Sewing Machine Cover for the Bernina 750 QE, Part One from Cheeky Cognoscenti

Tedious, Unrewarding, Utterly Invisible Quilting In Progress
No, I have not been away on a glamorous vacation during the two and a half weeks since I last posted.  I have merely been busy cleaning, organizing, and shedding things (especially hoards of fabric remnants) that I don't really want, will never use, but that have been taking up valuable real estate in my office and studio.  Meanwhile, I concocted a scheme for what I thought would be a "quick and easy" project to sandwich between all the big, long haul projects I've got going on.  I started making a ...

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Quilt design a day – 7/25/2014 from What the Bobbin?








building block

This is the block I created using Electric Quilt 7*affiliate link*. The design seeds picture serves as color and shape inspiration.

Building 1


Building 2


Building 5














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July 25, 2014
Fabric Friday - American Made Brand from Stitching Times

I couldn't be more excited. This week I received my first shipment of American Made Brand fabrics. Have you heard about them? 

American grown cotton, spun into yarn here in the United States, woven into greige goods at one of our oldest weaving mills, and then on to an American dyeworks. I notice their latest marketing materials read "farm to fabric" and "not just made here, grown here", but I really love an earlier tagline.. "from dirt to shirt".

This may not sound so impressive until you realize how dramatic the decline in our textile industry. This may well ...

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Feelin' unicorny #funforFriday from TwynMawrMom

I'm feeling better, thanks for asking. Thanks for listening to me whine this week.

I had coffee with a friend yesterday who insisted I run the Philly marathon (ok she might have said 8k but I read between her eyes) and I started working on a project I've had in the works for a while now. 

My daughter and her bestie have fallen in love with these beautiful traditional-style dresses and I don't know how much longer this phase is going to last. I was really hoping I could make her one or two (or five million ...

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20+ Fabric YoYo Projects from Patchwork Posse

Let’s face it.  Yo-yo’s are a lot of fun to make…..but they have a tendancy to sit around and not be used in anything.

Fabric Yoyo’s are perfect for summer sewing.  Pack some fabric scraps, templates, needle and thread and you have the perfect sewing on the go project.

When the summer is over though, you might find your kit over flowing with more than enough yo-yo’s to make a queen sized quilt.  Yeah, that happens quicker than you think!

Over 20 fabric yoyo projects and tutorials | patchworkposse | easy sewing projects and free quilt patterns

Today we are going to find together projects that will get those yo-yo’s out ...

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Pat Sloan: Beautiful Wood Blocks from Pat Sloan's Blog

My friend Gina has an amazing business. She does digital embroidery designs and she helps people to earn a living.. 

pat sloan spools

When I was in Abilene TX Gina came to my workshop, as this is her guild, so exciting to be in HER home town!  She brought me one of the wood block stamps that she manufacturers and sells. 

The one she selected for me is the spool block, and it's BEAUTIFUL!  

CLICK HERE if you would like one

email Gina if you don't see what you are looking for

Pat Sloan Podcast

CLICK HERE to Listen to Gina tell us about ...

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What's a Gathering Bodkin? from Sew There I was...

I use a safety pin to insert elastic in a seam. Then I heard about bodkins while watching a sewing program on TV.  When Joann's had a sale and notions were 60% off, I decided to try it

I used one-eighth inch elastic and threaded it into the opening of the bodkin, The it was threaded through the gathering seam with the ball point end.  Just slides through the fabric and faster too! 
I used 1/8-inch elastic 
Thread elastic through bodkin hole
Begin by inserting ball point end into seam opening
Pull through to other end
Pull bodkin ...

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July 24, 2014
Little One Yard Wonders Giveaway! from Crafty Tammie

It's been awhile since I did a giveaway here on the old blog. So let's fix that, ok? How about a copy of the new Little One Yard Wonders book?! It came out recently, and is such a fun book!

The third in the One Yard Wonders series from Storey publishing, it's full of great projects. 101 projects, to be exact. Divided into chapters like Nursery, Bath Time & Bedtime, Imaginative Play, and Moms & Dads, there is a little something for everyone. Many of the clothing patterns are for the little ones, but several go to 7/8 ...

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Fat Quarterly retreat and a finished quilt from Espritpatch

Last week-end was the annual Fat Quarterly retreat in London and for the first time this year, I took part in the festivities and attended the Saturday sessions. Early start, late finish but a very very good day. Lots of sewing, chatting, socialising and some shopping too!

In the morning, I attended Rachel's class to make a Wiksten Tank top.

We didn't quite get there but nearly. I have the hem and binding left to sew on my top. We spent a long time learning about how to fit the pattern and how to measure the pattern and ...

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Pictures! from Quilting, Piece by Piece

I have to apologize for the quality of these pictures.  I don’t know what I did wrong (I suspect I had changed the camera settings and forgot to change them back.) Anyway, I’ve been promising them for weeks, so here they are:

And, in case I missed showing off the completed DayStars, here it is.  I didn't do the same Baptist Fan pattern I did on Catherine Wheels, but "bubbles."  It's cute!

In case I missed showing off the completed DayStars, here it is. I didn’t do the same Baptist Fan pattern I did on Catherine Wheels, but “bubbles.” It’s cute!

Sunflower Lattice is finally done!  Now I can make a date to meet my cousin and aunt for lunch and give it to her.

Sunflower Lattice is finally done! Now I can make a date to meet my cousin and aunt for lunch and give it to her.

Got Dots looks awesome finished.  My only problem is that I did very complex border quilting and you can't see it at all (which is actually a good thing, since it didn't turn out as nicely as I had envisioned.)

Got ...

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revisiting doors from Ellyn's Place

The other day I was going through some of my supplies and came across these forgotten stitcheries from 2012. After our trip to London (has it really been 2 years? seems like yesterday.) I was infatuated with the beautiful, colorful doorways we had seen. I recreated 2 of the door photos I had taken in fabric. Specifically, wool felt and embroidery on quilting cottons....
 And there they sat, all folded up in a drawer. So I bought two artists canvases & stretched them over, creating some interesting wall art for our house and another wonderful memory of the London trip.

Not ...

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Water Bottle Carrier with Clip Tutorial from Patchwork Posse

Water resistant fabric can be a bit tricky sometimes.  Not really sure what to make with it other than a table cloth.  During the summer we are going on hikes, riding bikes, camping and doing other outdoor activities…which means you need to bring along a water bottle.

water bottle holder with clip | patchwork posse | easy sewing projects and free quilt patterns

This oil cloth or laminate/waterproof fabric is perfect for making a little heavier duty holder.  If it gets a bit sticky with juice it can be quickly wiped off and ready to go again.

water bottle holder with clip | patchwork posse | easy sewing projects and free quilt patterns

The bottom of the bottle has criss cross straps to hold the bottle in place.  The clip ...

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Pat Sloan: Random Round Up from Pat Sloan's Blog

pat sloan july 2014 random roundup

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Pat Sloan: Newsletter and more from Pat Sloan's Blog

Pat sloan read newsletter online

CLICK HERE to read my latest Newsletter Online

Be sure you have signed up for your own copy at my right side bar, under my photo!

Pat sloan downton abbey winners

downton abbey winner

  • Magazine 1 went to Sue G. who wrote "I'm loving the costumes- the rich silks, the tiny buttons, all of the beautiful details that our modern clothes don't have. And the jewelry they wear with the clothes. And the hats! And the beautiful outdoor scenes of the English countryside! And Maggie Smith!! I'm a big fan. :)I'm loving the costumes- the rich silks, the tiny buttons, all ...

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July 23, 2014
teaching kids to sew, big stitch quilting from Ellyn's Place

The girls were back at ellyn's place today to work on their economy block pillows. They liked the big stitch hand quilting I had done on my sample & asked if I could teach them that. Why certainly!
 I love to hand stitch (I know that makes me an oddball to some of you!). I find it very relaxing. And ever since I discovered tiger tape, my hand stitching looks so even and tidy, I love it even more! So I got the tiger tape out and the girls set to work.

They did a wonderful job! Two of them ...

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