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January 18, 2017
My Brainiac Bric-a-brac from CollectInTexas Gal

Bric-a-brac refers to lesser 'objets d'art'  which form collections of curios.  The term is thought to be of French origin and became popular during the Victorian era.

I'm pretty sure my collection of bric-a-brac used as containers in the studio are more curious than curios.  I can say, some of them are 'objets d'art' since I made them while teaching a coil clay pottery class.  Made as a 'demo' and glazed with an unlabeled bottle of under glaze...imagine my surprise when it came out of the kiln.

My students dubbed it 'Brainiac'.  Their coil pots also ...

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We Made It: Pixel Hearts Pillow from The Cloth Parcel

Diane’s front porch bench needed a Valentine-themed pillow for the upcoming holiday.  We used our Patchwork by Fusible Grid Tutorial to whip up this gorgeous and easy pixel hearts pillow, so check that post for the particulars on a project like this.  Arrange your squares in the design you want, and fuse them down.  It […]

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Golden Coins Baby Lock Love of Sewing Challenge Construction tips! from Pat Sloan's Blog

Today are my thoughts on putting the coins together. This really is a quick quilt, I saw several in progress at my Facebook group plus one that as done!

Pat sloan golden coins solo high res

Here is the full quilt hanging outside on a chilly day when we in Virginia had a dusting of snow.

Pat sloan golden coins piecing tips 1

The pattern is below if you have not yet downloaded it.

I am using a jelly roll because

  1. The strips are already cut into 2.5" wide
  2. And I wanted to variety of the full line of fabric .. because I love working that way!
  3. you can use your scraps or other ...

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Quilt sizes graphic! from Art Gallery Fabrics-The Creative Blog

Hello my dearest makers!

I'm back with another useful info graphic as I promised! I'm glad some of you found the Yardage fabric graphic very helpful! Today, I will show you the most popular quilt sizes. Sometimes there's moments we can't visualize how some quilt sizes look compared to others, so this chart will help you decide how big you want to sew your quilt. This chart is perfect to have it in your sewing room for your upcoming projects! If you guys have any other ideas for more informational charts you would like to collect ...

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Technology: Friend or Foe? from Lisa H Calle's Blog

images-58With the advances many gifted humans have made throughout time it is not surprising to witness applied science making its way into the quilting world.  Beginning with the birth of the first patented sewing machine in 1791 to the now visible computerized quilting machines; mechanics has evolved quilting into an amazing hobby and business.

Somehow in this ever-changing quilting world I still embrace the tried and true, (a.k.a the old-fashioned way) pencil and paper.  Bells and whistles are in abundance; enhancing the efficiency and uniqueness to what can be created with a small needle and thread.  Yet, I ...

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A New Toy & a Gadget! from Heart Desire Creations

scan-n-cut-largeAfter over a year of questioning and procrastinating, I bought a Brother Scan N’ Cut! What a cool machine. No, I haven’t used it very much yet, but did play a little before Christmas. I made some sewing related Christmas ornaments and Yoga related ornaments using sticky back vinyl. I also made Christmas gift tags. There is a learning curve, and I have a way to go, but I don’t think it will be difficult.


Sorry for the camera reflection. Couldn’t take another pic – I no longer have the ornament!

yoga-ornament-large yoga-ornament-2-large

There are a couple of fabric/quilting ...

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Philippians 2:6. Finish The Old, Then Welcome The New! Yes! from Faith, Trust and Breast Cancer

Philippians 2:6

Jesus lived this verse! 
Though He is our LORD, He doesn’t lord it over us.
He gently invites us to serve Him.
He doesn’t use His divine status to woe us.
He uses loving tenderness to bring us to Him.


Verse 6 brings me to tears, especially when I read it in context.  I’m caught off guard because I have read this verse so many times before, yet today I seem to be one with Christ in understanding His sacrifice and my ...

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A Taste of Things to Come from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories

I am working on a new project. Our Beta students are putting on a skit to support a member who is running for State Secretary. Our campaign theme, Mad about Maddie, plays off the Alice in Wonderland idea. That means we need costumes. Lots of costumes. Expensive costumes. We can't afford costumes.

Costume for the Queen of Diamonds
and a checked bow tie for the Mad Hatter

How do you get costumes that you can't afford? You make them yourself. That is the things I've teased you about. I've already begun. But there are still many ...

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Quilt Along with me for Charity this year! from Pat Sloan's Blog

1 FlashSale-PatSloan-Banner

This is my 3rd year making a quilt to be auctioned for Charity. It's an honor to do this and I am partnering with the Fat Quarter shop & Moda fabrics to raise money this year. Take a look at the project, it's really fun!

The Patchwork Quilt Along is a year full of quilting fun for a great cause! 

This is the full quilt, it's just Beautiful!  
If you love this exact quilt you can Order the Patchwork Quilt Kit & Backing!
Pat Sloan Patchwork Charity block 1

Block #1 is called Souvenir of Friendship.

These are super fun and fast to do!  I ...

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January 17, 2017
Flora Supply Case Sew Along from Lily Patch Quilts

I was able to spend some time sewing the inside pockets of the Flora Supply Case. These fabrics are all from my stash. I was going to use mesh for a couple of the pockets as the pattern instructed but when I needed it I couldn't find it.

The pattern did not call for interfacing for the inside lining or the zipper pocket, but I went ahead and added the interfacing. 

I like to add some stability to these areas. Hopefully it won't be too bulky when I go and sew the exterior zipper on. The other thing ...

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January 16, 2017
Learn about Transparency in quilt and How a fabric and change a simple design + a FREE pattern! from Pat Sloan's Blog

  1 Flash-Sale-Header
My guests today are Yvonne Fuchs, Paula Nadelstern, and my Q&A Sections

SHOW #326 and the start of Year 7 of weekly Talk Shows with Pat Sloan

LISTEN to THIS show right at the player above. 

Prior Shows can be Listened to at MY Podcast Guest List page!

ITUNES subscription available - Subscribe HERE 

GET the APP to listen on your Android

American Patchwork Quilting Pocast episode 326 Yvonne Fuchs

Yvonne Fuchs designs, teaches and writes as ‘Quilting Jet Girl - sewing at the speed of sound’. … she is my kind of gal! She has a great design style plus shares ...

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New Product Announcement from Joy Studio

We are sew very excited to announce a


“She Who Sews”

product line from



These beautifully made products were chosen for an exclusive program


will soon be delivering to select JoAnn’s stores.

It is a continued privilege to share the art and the positive messages that have come to be associated with the Handmaids® series. Absolutely loving these sewing inspired items!

The collection includes

Bob’s (nesting) Boxes . . ,


langjoystudio3  •

boxed note cards, note pads, planners . ,




journals and lots more!


See them all in February 2017 at


Our LANG (mug) cup runneth over.




Filed under ...

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Catch All Rope BasketI like making rope baskets. They are a... from Living Water Quilter

Catch All Rope Basket

I like making rope baskets. They are a quick project when we need a diversion  or break from long-term projects.

This basket matches my cutting mat and will hold all my tote and zippered pouch supplies. It is just the right size. One hundred feet of rope creates a basket that is 9 ½ inches in diameter and 5 ¾ inches high.

If you would like to make one in this fun color, it was made with 3/16in x100 feet diamond braid polyester rope purchased at Home Depot. There is an assortment of colors available.

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My day on the Baby Lock Love of Sewing Challenge + Free Quilt Pattern! from Pat Sloan's Blog

SEW excited to be kicking off my week in the Baby Lock 'Love of Sewing' challenge!  I have a yummy free quilt pattern for you ... let me tell you about it the project.  

Pat sloan babylock youtube video1sm

Each of the 12 designers is showing you a different feature on the Baby Lock Destiny II.

You can see all the designers, their projects & videos at loveofsewingchallenge.html

Since I quilt, I'm showcasing quilting with the walking foot. And I've designed a fast and easy quilt for you so that you can use your walking foot to quilt it! In my 2nd video I ...

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The Little Engine That Could from Quilting with Care

19 days! There are only NINETEEN days until our grand opening.  Between picking up fabric, ordering notions, planning greatness, and so much more, I have barely had any time to sit at my machine and have a sew date.  “Soon” I keep telling myself… soon.     Soon the shop opens. Soon I will be able […]

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January 15, 2017
birthday stashing from Charm About You

A random mix of new goodies this week. It was my birthday on Thursday so there were some lovely presents, I had a really nice day and my husband and I went to see La La Land which was such a beautiful film. I can't stop humming the theme song! I had a visit from my sister and brother-in-law this weekend along with my Dad and Nan. It's been great and I love relaxing family weekends!

My only purchase this week was embroidery thread from SewandSo, I have plans for this lovely lot. I think the variegated ones ...

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Toaster sweater 1 is a T-shirt! from Espritpatch

After battling with my overlocker last week-end, I finally took the plunge and tried some clothes sewing, with jersey as well! 

I had signed up to #SewMyStyle on Instagram and the first pattern for January is a Toaster Sweater by Sew House Seven.I have been willing to try clothes making for a while and I figured that would give me the push I needed to get started.

I had cut the pattern and then the fabric, yes one step at a time as I was quite scared! So on Saturday, I started assembling the pieces. And surprise, it went ...

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January 14, 2017
Kicking off the 2017 Aurifil Designer of the Month Challenge! from Pat Sloan's Blog

1 Flash-Sale-Header

My Favorite day of the month is Aurifil Designer Challenge day!  Our theme this year is the rainbow of colors found in the color wheel. Each designer is assigned a color going around the wheel and first up is the amazing Janet Clare.

2017 Jan Aurifil designer Janet Clare2

I'm lucky enough to call Janet and her husband Tony friends. We have been Moda designers together and always have a chance to catch up twice a year at the trade shows. I also personally love Janet's style and her fabrics (i do hoard them... you should too!)

Go ahead and read my interview with ...

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Sewing time! from Espritpatch

I had some sewing time last week-end so I thought it would be a good idea to get my overlocker out of its box again and play with it. I started with an easy project making some napkins that I had cut a while

My next project was a bit more complicated but had been on my to-do list for a while so I thought it would be good to cross it off! I started making my bean bag with the inner layer that I made out of a thin white cotton and that went well and was so ...

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Another cat from April Sewing Journal

When I made the last block, I cut this blue cat away. I saved the cut away part and created a background:

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