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February 27, 2015
Pat Sloan: T-shirt Quilts Class Review from Pat Sloan's Blog

pat sloan tshirt quilt class review collage

So many of you want to learn to do a t-shirt quilt that I have reviewed this craftsy class by Winnie Fleming. She is a great instructor and you will learn a ton about how to turn your t-shirts into extraordinary memory quilts. 

  • Cutting the Logo - how to handle those special parts that we really don't want to mess up. There are amazing tips on how to think about these parts to combine them in the most effective way.
  • Handling the shirts - From cutting, to stabilizing, to sizing the blocks we are given step by step directions.  
  • Have you ...

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February 26, 2015
More finishes from Espritpatch

There are been another stream of birthday parties and cooking/baking for the kiddies and last week was half term so the kids were on holidays while my Mum spent the week with us so I must admit I didn't spend much time sewing. I caught up this week as there were quite a few deadlines looming. First there was the Downton Swap that was due on Tuesday. I finished the mug rug on Monday night. I had pieced the block earlier this month and it waited until the last minute to finish it. This was my A lovely ...

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Another Vintage New Look 6510: are you kidding me? from Nita Dances

Well, what can I say?

007It was Valentine’s Day and for the very first time I was going to a Big Band dance as a general audience member and not as the bari player! A gal needs a new dress for such a monumental occasion, don’t you agree? I mean…I held down the bottom end for what…17+ years… and never heard ‘em out front! Not once! Calls for a new dress, don’t ‘cha think?

003And reason #2 (as if I need a reason #2 to sew a dress): the Big Band is in Whitehorse, duh ...

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{ A little slicing and a little sewing } from {The Sweetest Dreams}

Last night I finally got around to cutting up the charms for the  patchwork pillow made from Whitewashed Cottage.
I even sewed three of the rows together. {of course, after taking a ridiculous amount of time laying out the 2 1/2" squares into a pleasing design.}
It took me two rows to figure out a foolproof way to be sure the chain-pieced pairs were put together in the right order. Sometimes I struggle with the obvious, like closing a box top with the alternating up-down on the flaps. It usually takes three tries before I get it right. Makes ...

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behind the scenes: assembly line sewing from edeenut

I'm pretty happy to sew in an assembly line. I actually enjoy it. I would guess most people might think it's boring.
For Valentine's Day, I offered a gift set, along with, Bellazamia Jewelry, that included a red linen padded pouch of mine and an arrow necklace of hers with some other goodies.
We offered ten of these set and I decided to take some pictures of my fun assembly process.

Here is the beginning process, getting the fronts and backs prepared with the lining and zippers all stacked up.

After adding the zippers, the sides and ...

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February 25, 2015
Butterfly Tea Towel Pattern from Jacquelynne Steves



The weather here has been soooo cold- last week we had a couple of days where it never got over 18 F (that’s -8 C!!!) We had about 4″ of snow, which I really don’t mind because it’s pretty, but I can do without the arctic temperatures! Alfie hates going out on days like this- I can’t say I blame him. He’s not really fond of wearing his coat either, but it can’t be helped- Chihuahua’s don’t do well in sub-zero temperatures. He’s such a sweetie-pie, though, giving kisses whenever he ...

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Think Big Quilt Book Pillow Challenge from Patchwork Posse

think big pillow2

Today I am so excited to join a bunch of other quilters in helping Amy get the news out about her book– Think Big Quilts. She gave us a challenge to use the books patterns or for inspiration and make ourselves a pillow. How can we do this? Because the book is all about BIG […]

The post Think Big Quilt Book Pillow Challenge appeared first on %%

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New Sewing: My Aeroplane Bag from Fabrics 'n Flowers

I sewed something that is not a quilt! I am pretty proud of myself, but have to give some credit to help, or at least moral support, provided by my mom. She is a great sewist and helped me with this pattern. I had long admired the Aeroplane Bag pattern by Sara Lawson (Sew Sweetness), […]

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Quilting and Sewing News from Living Water Quilter

First up - Free Motion Quilting classes My love for free motion quilting  has expanded into teaching...

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February 24, 2015
Me Sewing from I'm Studio Lou

Well, the last couple of days I finally found some time to sew for me, well, not actually for me, they are gifts, but not for a mag, so it feels the same! I made a couple of open wide … Continue reading

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Springtime Sewing | Shabby Exclusive Patterns from The Shabby

It's almost here! Spring! For some of you (I'm looking at you East-Coasters) I'm sure it can't come soon enough! Springtime is when re-growth and renewal happens in our lives and all around us. I think, and you'll probably agree, that there is no better way to celebrate Spring than by creating a new and cherished keepsake.

March 20th is the day marked on our calendars as the beginning of the season to come but I personally believe it is never too soon to start planning a project!

We here at Shabby Fabrics pride ourselves ...

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The Tomato Pin Cushion-A Free Motion Quilt Tutorial from The Inbox jaunt

Good morning, Quilters! Happy Tuesday!  How’s the weather where YOU live? There’s no tomatoes in my garden right now…just ice. It’s was -17F here in Minnesota for the last few days.  (Good quilting weather!) Do any of you have one … Continue reading 

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Tutorial: Apron from empty chip bags from Craft Gossip

Crisps Packet Apron Recycled

Vicky of Inspire, Create, Upcycle transformed some empty crisp packets (chips in the U.S.) into this unique apron. To a quilter’s eye, it’s patchwork, specifically, a one-patch design. She shares on her blog how she made it, including how she got her hands on so many bags.

Go to Recycled Crisp Packet Apron DIY and get started on your own apron.

{Image credit: Inspire, Create, Upcycle}

via Craftgawker

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February 23, 2015
My Farmer's Wife quilt from Texas Freckles

Farmers Wife

I can't believe it, but I FINALLY finished the blocks for my Farmer's Wife quilt! I started on this quilt in the summer of 2011.  I made 71 blocks from the book and threw in one of my own.

Farmers Wife

Farmer's Wife templates
Because I'm not a fan of paper piecing, all but two of my blocks were made using templates. For the squares, rectangles, and triangles, I just made notes on the template sizes and used the dimensions to cut the pieces, but I used the laminated templates for all of the angular or oddly sized pieces.

Farmers Wife
Unfortunately, I got ...

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Gossamer Fabric Collection: Vintage Breeze Table Runner Tutorial from Art Gallery Fabrics-The Creative Blog

Hello Sewers!

Who is ready for spring? I've been working with Gossamer fabric collection designed by Sharon Holland and the soft, pastel colors remind me of the smells of spring, and the warm breeze that it brings! What lovely things do you plan on making with the Gossamer collection. To get inspired take a look at the Gossamer lookbook by clicking here! I was inspired to create a table runner called Vintage Breeze. The use of the solid white fabric helps the main prints of the collection pop and showcase the collections beauty and charm. 



Here is what you ...

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Pat Sloan: Think BIG tour and giveaway from Pat Sloan's Blog

Amy Ellis has a new book called 'Think BIG' ... Quilts... Runner... and Pillows from 18" blocks.

Pat Sloan think big book tour button

When she invited me to review the book and come on her tour I said yes! I LOVE big blocks and what's even better is I love Amy!  This is a very clever book.. let me tell you about it. 

Pat Sloan think big book tour

Her book has each quilt in FIVE sizes, which makes it so useful.

How often do you find a quilt you want to make and it's not the right size? She has taken all the guess work out of changing the size ...

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Epic Death Star Quilt – Part 1 from What the Bobbin?


So it all began with a ginormous print out of the Death Star under construction. I printed this out on my home printer “poster style”. I had to tape many…..many pages together to get the 36″ in diameter Death Star. I also taped over the entire surface to sort of laminate the whole pattern for durability.


For the first layer I removed the white background portion. This. Took. Forever.


I took the Doe fabric in the picture above and pressed some double-sided adhesive tear away stabilizer to to it. I then placed the Death Star pattern face down to ...

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Pat Sloan: Free quilt pattern, bag and sewing caddy from my Guests! from Pat Sloan's Blog

Error: Please contact the site admin.

Pat Sloan chats with Sara Lawson, Roseann Kermes and Valori Wells! 

And the END are links to a FREE pattern from EACH of my guests!

American Patchwork and Quilting Pocast guests Sara Lawson Feb 2015

Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness is a bag making expert! She give us some great tips for adding hardware to your project... some that I didn't realize were so easy! Below is a link to a free pattern for small bag above.

Roseann Kermes guest Feb 23 2015

Have you ever wondered about hiring speakers and teachers for your event? Roseann and I give you ...

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New year goal challenge prize from edeenut

For over a year now, my family has been on this goal kick. We keep doing a challenge to keep each other accountable for our goals. Remember I mentioned it here back in 2014?

We offer prizes that you really want to win to help motivate you.
For the very first challenge, I offered a hand sewn pillow in the colors the winner got to choose. This was sewn and sent to my oldest sister who won the first round.

I'm a little intimidated to send things to this particular sister that I have sewn, She is the one ...

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February 22, 2015
Un poco de reciclaje from labores con encanto

Este vestido se lo he hecho a una amiga de un abrigo de hace años pasado de moda.
Era un abrigo ochentero, largo y con una esclavina sobre los hombros, siento no haberle hecho foto. La piel en color granate de muy buena calidad.
Una vez que el año pasado me atreví con los arreglos de  pieles ella me propuso si le haría algo con ese abrigo, no suelo comprometerme a hacer cosas para otros pero esto me lo tomé como un reto para mí misma.
La verdad es que ha sido un trabajo duro que me ha llevado muchas ...

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