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September 2, 2014
Fall Door Panel and fabric sale from From My Carolina Home

I love autumn, and generally cannot resist autumn themed fabrics or things like this door panel with fall decorations of leaves and pumpkins.  I had to have this panel, but to get it I had to buy the whole bolt of door panels and I don’t need this many!  I have them for sale at the wholesale price of $6 plus shipping in my Etsy Store. How would you use this panel? As Curtains or a flag? As a lap quilt? Adding more blocks or borders? Table Runner or Front Door decoration?  Here is the panel, it measures 23 ...

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New Fabrics from Lily Patch Quilts

On our weekend family getaway, I stopped by The Intrepid Thread and picked up some fabrics and patterns for a couple of sewing projects. DD wanted these Tim Holtz fabrics for a tunic.

She picked out this pattern from Green Bee. We are going to change it up just a bit by using the smaller butterfly print for the yoke and sleeves.

These orange and black prints were on sale so I picked them up. I might make a skirt with the scroll print on the bottom and the other two prints maybe a blouse or more skirts. I could ...

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September 1, 2014
2 finishes from Frayed Edge

I have finally had a little uninterrupted (well, mostly) time in my sewing room to finish up some things for new classes at the store.  Right now is the back to school time of year, and that carries over to the store, too!  We have a long list of new classes opening up, for a full list go to the "Classes" tab on the website and choose the list of classes from the drop down menu.

I am really happy to finally get things pulled together for a new class I have wanted to get organized for quite awhile.  Since ...

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Pat Sloan: Aurifil's September Designer Interview from Pat Sloan's Blog

I am delighted to have interviewed my good friend Pat Wys for the Aurifil Designer of the Month event! She is "Miss September'!

2014 Pat Wys aurifil designer button

Pat is super talented, a great friend, and super fun! PLUS an incredible hostess! I had the honor of being invited to her home for a huge dinner party .. complete with fine china and crystal.. it was an amazing evening!

Pat sloan sept 2014 aurifil block which opt

Her block and it's meaning is so touching.. you may need a tissue for this one..oh my gosh!  And you'll learn a few things about her you might not know!

I tried out 2 ...

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Green Faerie Shrug and an Elder God from Becca's Crazy Projects

A friend of mine shared a link to this great tutorial and pattern from Choly Knight for making a tiny, stuffed Elder God.  I couldn't resist.  While out and about on my Sunday morning, I picked up some sewing patterns and my Darling Husband helped me pick out a couple pieces of fleece from the remnant bin.

That looks like an awful lot of fabric for a stuffie, I know.  We'll come back to the Elder One later.  These two remnants cost me about $6.50 and were more than enough to make the stuffie and a sweater ...

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Pat Sloan: Encore Show with Lisa Calle, Jessie Aller, Kim Niedzwiecki and Roseann Kermes from Pat Sloan's Blog

Welcome September!! I have to tell you, this summer has not felt like any other here in Northern Virginia. It has been so mild and beautiful, normally we would have had scorching heat and humidity in August, but instead I felt like I was in Maine with cool mornings and evenings.. and highs of only 80 or so.

I feel September's arrival is going to be interesting.. I'm hoping we continue with this beautiful and amazing weather on this labor day 2014!

Error: Please contact the site admin.

Today we have an Encore show as all my guests ...

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Hand Sewing from Hayling Quilts!

So, when I'm not at home, I'm stuck in the car somewhere, waiting for someone (usually my husband who can talk for England to anyone!) then I like to do some handsewing.

I find sewing by hand very calming, even though I'm not great at it! I'm yet to master how to hide my stitches sometimes, but I'm getting better and I just tend to think of all those on view stitches as showing you all my hard work!

I have a box in the car. A very pretty pink box, with a swirly patterned ...

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Got it Covered from Heart Desire Creations

Just got back from a week in the mountains at the New River and it was wonderful! Of course I brought some handwork to do while relaxing on the front porch.  Warning! Do not take only one project.  I soon discovered I needed to execute the hand work another way, but did not have what I needed. That left me with the bulk of the week with no handwork! I did finish two books which was amazing. I have certainly learned my lesson!

machine cover

I did get a small project done a couple of weeks ago. My sewing studio tends to ...

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August 31, 2014
new corset top from April Sewing Journal


I finished another one of the kits I created to go on the trip a few weeks ago. I really like it, but my husband and my son insist it is not flattering.


I actually think I just need something better to wear with it. I may over dye it to create more unity. Here is the back:


So after finishing this one, I started on my next kit. This is a long sleeve bolero. I plan to strip piece the sleeves. Once I started on it, Steve said it should be a skirt:


I like this idea so I ...

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Birthday bandy August from What the Bobbin?


fussy xmas

I completely forgot to share my make for the August birthday girl Cinda. She mentioned she would like some Christmas pillows etc. I of course, went with a Christmas fussy square pillow. I think it turned out pretty cute! Unfortunately, I only have the picture that Cinda took on Instagram. I’ve been having all kinds of technical difficulties lately. Sigh.


wtb orange



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August 30, 2014
Caribbean Colors: 2014 Emmy Awards from Sisboom

If you don’t already know, the bold, vibrant, joyful and stunning colors used in all of Jennifer’s lines are a tribute to her time growing up in the Caribbean.  That’s right, Jennifer grew up in St. Croix! How cool is that?! Bold colors are popping up all over the place these days and we want to share with you some of our favorites! Here is our first installment of a new series called Caribbean Colors! Today our focus will be the 2014 Emmy Awards! Here are our winners for Best Dressed in Caribbean Colors on a Red ...

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August 29, 2014
Pat Sloan: Globetrotting my FREE Block of the month - Block 9 from Pat Sloan's Blog

Barcelona Spain!  I have had a BLAST picking 9 cities to share with you in my Free Globetrotting Block of the Month. Some are cities I've live in or visited. And many are the cities I WANT to visit, Like Barcelona!

pat sloan globetrotting block 9 button

CLICK HERE to get the pattern at FreeQuiltPatterns.Info

Sept is the time to get all these blocks finished. In October I have the setting and it's a bit more than one block. That gives you Oct and Nov to have your top done and quilted.. oh.. did I say QUILTED? 

Read on.. you will want to ...

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Insta Jenny Eliza Love! from Sisboom

Nothing motivates us harder at Sis Boom than the love we receive from all of you so today we’re celebrating Jenny Eliza through your eyes!  So here are some “#JennyEliza” pics we found within the past week on Instagram! We hope they bring you as much joy as they bring us:je1je2je3je4je5Keep the photos coming!!–Lisa





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Pat Sloan: Easy Kitchen Projects Book Review from Pat Sloan's Blog

I LOVE when my friends select my fabric to use in the books they write, it's SO darn exciting to see how they use the fabric! 

pat sloan book review 1

My good friend Lorine Mason wrote this adorable book full of easy, fun and quick kitchen projects. She used a lot of my fabric and the projects are so well written, great diagrams, super tips AND yummy photography.. yeah Lorine!

pat sloan book review 2

This potholder is awesome, can't you see making a set of these as a housewarming gift, a gift for your host when invited to dinner, or maybe make a set for your ...

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Rayon Challis Projects from From My Carolina Home

Recently I pulled out a bunch of stuff to take to a sale, and among the fabrics were several pieces of beautiful rayon challis.  I used to make a lot of my clothes, and these fabrics have been around my closet for years.  I kept thinking I would sell them, but no takers when I took them to the various sidewalk sales.  I actually thought about just donating them somewhere, but the last time I got them out, I was again struck by how pretty the prints are.  I was inspired by the Lace Edged Skirt refashion project too.  It ...

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My Creative Space from Hayling Quilts!

We're all guilty of it, aren't we? Letting our crafting workspace become an absolute tip? We promise ourselves that next time we'll tidy up a bit, but when the next time comes along, we just want to sew and quilt and be creative not tackle that mess we've produced as an additional worry.

Besides, if you're anything like me, you already spend most of your spare time doing housework, why add to the list?

I'll tell you why.

I know someone who makes cards. She's really good at it, she's got all ...

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Kitschy Scissors from Cactus Needle

"Kitschy Scissors"
as opposed to 
"Kitchen Scissors"
*Austin, Texas
Definition of Kitschy (noun)
"Things (such as movies or works of art)
that are of low quality
and that many people
find amusing and enjoyable."
Well, If the scissors fit, 
wear them :)

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Paintbrush Pouch from Lily Patch Quilts

I haven't had much time for sewing and crafting lately. I did manage to get a few things done for our kids. DD asked for a paintbrush holder and she chose this owl print. This was really quick to make. I used a laminated fabric for the lining since the brushes would be wet when she uses them at school.

 This was my first time using laminated fabric. I used paperclips to hold the fabric pieces together and started sewing away. I love the large zipper pull. It makes it nice and easy to grab and she loves it ...

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August 28, 2014
Blocks and A Bonus! from Bear Patch Quilting

The City Sampler returns!  These are blocks 51-54, and a fine group they are!  
Several ways to work some triangles into the blocks, shifting colors for different effects.
Thanks, Kristina, for your inspiring stitching!
And thanks, Tula Pink, for an inspiring book.
Remember to pick up your copy at Bear Patch Quilting Co.!

blocks 51-54
 And now for the bonus today!  This comes direct from the boss lady, Debbie.  She has unleashed her inner crafty self with a bottle of Mod Podge!  This is the second time she has made a great floorcloth for Quilt MN.  The Itasca mat was ...

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Sis Boom Bed! from Sisboom

Hi Everyone!

As I previously mentioned, my professional background includes putting together bedding collections.  In fact, long before I joined Sis Boom, I was using Jennifer’s lines to make duvets, sheet sets, dust ruffles, upholstered headboards, toss pillows, curtains and more! While my mind automatically sees a large scale floral and thinks “duvet,” you guys turn the same exact print into the most beautiful clothing, quilts, aprons, shower curtains, etc. I have ever seen! I am CONSTANTLY blown away by your creativity. Since you have been so gracious in sharing your creations with us, I’d thought I’d ...

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