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July 4, 2015
Kids and Sewing – School holidays from Sewn by Leanne

Kids and Sewing.

Well it is school holidays here for two weeks.  It is when I try desperately to balance Sewing and the kids needs and desires !!  Do I achieve this balance ??  I guess the answer to this fabulous question depends on the day, hour, and minute.  When it all goes pear shaped – do I reassess – yes;  do I have the solution – No; and do I try to achieve too much – always.

Kids and Sewing

For years now, I have been a list person.  There is a LONG LONG to do list, a weekly to do list and a daily to do list ...

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July 3, 2015
Happy Camper Pot Holders Tute (+ free pattern) from Craft Gossip

Camper Pot Holder pattern tutorialAre you a happy camper when you travel? I recall a trip my family made to Six Flags Over Texas theme park during summer break. There were four of us kids plus two adults in a Volkswagen bug, the original model. No fancy RV, but we were happy campers, alright.

Suzy of Suzy’s Artsy-Craftsy Sitcom shares on her blog detailed instructions for how to make these Happy Camper Quilted Pot Holders. Cheerful and practical, these would sew up in no time.

Click the link Free Pattern: Happy Camper Quilted Pot Holders! to get started.

Thanks goes to CraftyStacy for ...

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TGIFF: 4th of July Table Runner from Hobbies Up To Here

Last week I started a table runner for my in-laws to celebrate their annual 4th of July BBQ. I’ve been going to these BBQ’s for five years now so I wanted to thank them for inviting and including me for so many years.

It was apart of the Southern California Quilter’s Run we participated in last week. I picked up this kit to go along with the block pattern we received for free. I really like how it turned out, all these different blues and reds and whites. Very patriotic without being overdone.
I learned a lot ...

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Silk Serendipity and Skirt Stymied, Stagnating from Cheeky Cognoscenti

FrankenWhiggish Rose Meets YLI Silk Thread
Happy Friday, everyone!  It's been a mixed week in my sewing world, so let's start with the good, shall we?  After breaking my left thumb and right collar bone in a bicycle accident on March 22nd, I was able to resume my FrankenWhiggish Rose needleturn applique project this week.  Yay!  I still can't bend that thumb normally and it hurts too much if I try to use my left thumb and pointer finger to precrease the applique shapes along the stitching line, but I can do that with my right hand ...

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to market, to market from ocd: obsessive craft disorder

So this spring I got myself a sewing room (more on that later!!).  But in the process of moving my stash, I realized how much I had hidden in the bowels of every closet of my home!  Time to streamline a bit.  So I took all my very favorite must-keep fabrics and put them on the shelves, which left me with multiple containers full of "second string" fabrics that I needed to do something with.  While I plan to destash some eventually, I decided the best way to get rid of it was to sew it up!  So, along with ...

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Sewing Projects for Your Dog from Patchwork Posse

easy sewing projects for dogs

Sewing projects for our pets is one of my favorite things.  We have a cat, dog, two birds, two fish, two chickens and one duck.  So far, the dog and cat are the only pets that get a little sewn project. My favorite part about it—- they don’t complain!  They enjoy their new little beds, […]

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Embroidered Thank You for a Queen Bee from Becca's Crazy Projects

My Darling Husband asked me to make a thank you gift for a friend.  The somewhat loose request asked for a bag (or something) with a bee embroidery.  Not one to turn down a challenge, I came up with a plan.

I found this tiny bee design from Urban Threads and thought it would really make the zipper tab so much better.
The wide-open pouch design is a free tutorial from Noodle-head.  I've made more than a few of these and I love how easy they are and how great the finished bag can be.  These bags are great ...

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Pat Sloan: Cue the Fireworks I'm giving away a quilt top! from Pat Sloan's Blog

Sometimes a project calls my name, and it might be doing that for years. I buy the fabric, I have the pattern, I might even get it out and look at the project over the years, but it doesn't get made.

Flag quilt top given away 1

Even when it's really easy, really fun, and I KNOW it's going to make me happy to work on it.

So the other day I pulled out the fabrics and patterns for... 

Flag quilt top given away 2sm

This gigantic flag quilt! The fabrics are from Jane Sassaman from quite a few years ago. That gingham plaid is HUGE.. the sashing is ...

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Flag Fabrics Fly Proudly in Fashions from CollectInTexas Gal

For those of you are Fabric Junkies, you probably notice that fabric follows what is 'Trending', as they say in the social media world.   For instance when there is an event that triggers a wave of 'Patriotic Passion', it is quickly reflected throughout just about every commercial avenue imaginable.

Fabric designers and the Textile Companies they design for are quick to jump on the Patriotic Passion Wagon to give the Fabric and Fashion world a plethora of Red White and Blue in a variety of themes from Vintage to the latest in Pop Graphic Designs.  As a Fabric Collector...ahem ...

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July 2, 2015
April 2015 Finishes from From Blank Pages . . .

Since I'll be posting lots of finishes this week, this blog post is also a part of A Week of Finishes, an event I put together in 2013, and decided to revisit again. If you have any recent finishes you'd like to link up, grab a button and please do! (you can share blog posts, flickr photos, or IG photos.) I love to see what other people have been making!

from blank pages...

Here are my finishes from April. I don't feel like it was very much... so hopefully I'm not forgetting anything. 

 I made a church bag for ...

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Patriotic Patchwork Pillow Project from Jacquelynne Steves

Patriotic Patchwork Pillow- Jacquelynne Steves

Patriotic Patchwork Pillow- Jacquelynne Steves

(Don’t you just love the alliteration in my post title??)…..

Anyhow… I know that the 4th of July is just a couple of days away, but this Patriotic Patchwork Pillow project can be put together in less than 2 hours! (And for my Canadian friends, yes- I totally missed Canada Day yesterday, but patriotism doesn’t go out of season, right?) This project has patterns for a star AND a maple leaf. This is the perfect scrappy project!


(POST NOTE- A Canadian reader just suggested that the stripes for the Canadian version might be more appropriate going up and ...

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The Best Ways to Transfer Designs to Fabric from Patchwork Posse

design on fabric (1024x768)

Hi, Wendy back again from Sugarlane Designs with a tip for starting your stitchery. So, you’ve printed off your embroidery design and you’re as keen as mustard to start BUT……. How do you get that design from the paper onto your fabric? Here’s a few of the most popular ways that might help. Before I […]

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Pat Sloan: I am a sucker for a really cute sew along, how about you? from Pat Sloan's Blog

oh my gosh I do think I'm crazy sometimes! My friends at the Fat Quarter shop are hosting this super cute sew along in July.. you know ... Christmas in July. 


I took one look and decided I had to make it! It's small, not many blocks and it's one type a week.. a cute wreath, a present, a tree.. easy peasy right? 

The fabric they are using is SO ADORABLE! Seriously I've got links at the end.. the little deer.. i must.. must have. 

Pat Sloan little joys fabric

Resistance is Futile at this point, I'm head over heels and ...

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How I Match My Fabrics! from 3and3quarters

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you’ve had so much planned to do but by the end of the week, hardly nothing has been done?

Yeh, that’s one of the weeks I’m currently experiencing!

Here it is, a windy, chilly Thursday afternoon and I find that my sticky-note to-do list is still full of those task I wanted to get done on Monday! Gahh!! When did life get so busy and full?!

Anyway, let’s all calm down and allow me to use this small amount of time I’ve discovered this afternoon to ...

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July 1, 2015
March 2015 Finishes from From Blank Pages . . .

Since I'll be posting lots of finishes this week, this blog post is also a part of A Week of Finishes, an event I put together in 2013, and decided to revisit again. If you have any recent finishes you'd like to link up, grab a button and please do! (you can share blog posts, flickr photos, or IG photos.) I love to see what other people have been making!

from blank pages...

Alright! Finally getting around to documenting my finishes! Here are the things I finished in March! :)

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Pat Sloan: Vacation Time Block 7 you won't guess the name! from Pat Sloan's Blog

For my July Vacation time block I decided to have some FUN with the name!! 

2015 7 July Vacation Time Block button

'The Hot Dog Stand'... seriously how can a vacation go by without having one? When you go download the pattern and watch my video I'll tell you how I like to take mine... but there is another way!

pat sloan hot dog sign

Here is the wonderful menu at the Hot Dog Stand on the last ship I was on... we may have tried all these by the end of the 7 days... wink!

So what is the OTHER way I like to eat a hot dog? 

As a ...

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Things I Want to Make from Sew Simple Life

I am writing this list now to get it out of my head and for a reference to come back to later. There are so many things I want to make and my mind is always swirling.

First, I've already made my son a monogram wall hanging... so I have to make three more for my three daughters.

Second, my father asked for a quilt. I am thinking lap quilt with some kind of golf theme to it. Not sure where to even look for golf themed fabric but I will find some! ** edited to add: Just kidding. I ...

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All Points Patchwork Book from Patchwork Posse


A little bit ago I got a happy email from Diane of CraftPod announcing her newest book All Points Patchwork is being printed and asked if I would like a copy. Of course!  This beauty is all about hand stitching, more importantly english paper piecing.  I totally couldn’t pass up the chance! It arrived and […]

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Little bits and pieces from Granny Maud's Girl

I have a few tiny finishes to report.

On my last trip to Victoria to visit my stepdaughter, I bought some red and white checked mason jars at a discount store.

As I explained in an earlier post, I make a bladder to contain the stuffing, cut and gather a circle for the top, and use a hot-melt glue gun to secure it all in place. A bit of felt glued to the underside of the lid hides the mess. For these, heavy stuffing such as crushed walnut shells sits better than poufy stuffing like hobby fill.

Mason jar pincushions

I had to ...

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June 30, 2015
Pat Sloan: My Favorite tools at Thermoweb are on sale! from Pat Sloan's Blog

You know how I LOVE the therm-o-web company and products and I found out they have a great sale, 25% off and free shipping on $30.00 or more, excellent!

Pat sloan thermoweb project review

Let me tell you a bit about this group of my favorites from therm-o-web. 

  • Heat n Bond Lite - This is my 'go to' fusible. I use it for all my fusible applique. Have you had the fusible fall off the paper when working with a product? Well Heat n Bond doesn't do that, it's so dependable I've been using it for years! It comes in tubes, sheets ...

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