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August 10, 2020
» Pat Sloan's Blog

Thank you so much everybody for sewing along with me and cheering me on as I recovery from 2 broken wrist, 2 carpal tunnel surgery's and broken bones in my fingers. You are marvelous and patient with me on the projects and tremendous friends, I love you 💕


it's really a joy to doIng my daily videos (here if you missed some) and to see all of your quilts, notes, and comments.

My daily  videos will continue along with the monthly calendar

my status

  • On Monday August 10th I go in again ... hopefully to get the red cast off ...

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August 1, 2020
Download your Calendar, Morning Mugs & Free Summer Dream Project from Pat Sloan's Blog

Multicoloured Pastel Flowers Simple Calendar (9)

** in this post**

  • Our August Calendar
  • (NOT free)  morning mugs sew along
  • Daily video
  • (FREE) mini quilt & chance to win an Oliso mini iron from my friend Amy Smart

**August  Calendar Download**


Download Pat Sloan August 2020 calendar


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Pat sloan mugs

**(NOT free) Morning mugs Sew Along **

I've been enjoying Tea in my morning mug recently. 

IMG_8852 IMG_8861 IMG_8867
IMG_8868 IMG_8857 IMG_8865

this week you'll make the 6 morning mugs.  go ahead and do this Sashing so that that's done at the end of the week

Super cute fabric is at

 Coffee mugs to drink out of ...

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June 4, 2020
Christmas In July, it's going to be fun! from Pat Sloan's Blog


Who love a GREAT Christmas in July project?? Me.... Me.... ME!!

In this article:

  • NEW! July 2 - Jelly Snowflake Mystery
  • Daily Videos - June is Quilt your Own Quilt
  • June 24 - Block Wednesday 'Going on a Picnic'
  • June 29 - Jolly Bar Sew Along
  • July 23 - Good Morning Mugs Sew Along
  • Fabulous National Park Panels!
  • Status of 'Bring Home the Tree' Sew along

SIGN UP for Notices so you don't miss a thing!

Jollyseason-fqb-circle Gladtidings-fqb-circle_1 Il_570xN.1887837689_4oyb

*** Jelly Snowflake - The Schedule & Fabric ***

Every Thursday In July starting with July 2, which is my day to kick it off! Then you'll visit my friends, Bev ...

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May 25, 2020
Out West - The Layout! from Pat Sloan's Blog

Pat Sloan Out West layout pattern button

*** Time for the Layout! ***

This month is the layout. Remember this when you write me in October asking for the layout.. wink! I'm also putting it on the project page at so you can always find it there along with any blocks you need to download. 

In this article:

  • Daily Challenge Video 
  • Tips
  • The download in PINK 
  • Share your block photo at the end!

*** Video ***

Make a pillow today! Or share the photo of one you have made

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May 21, 2020
OPEN for Timely UPDATES from Pat Sloan's Blog

Pat sloan book delivery2

Hello friend!  

I need to do a major recap post to bring you up to date.. honestly it helps me to get this all down so we can see what is going on.

First up.. that box... my book quilts shipping to my amazing publisher, Martingale!  Woohoo!!  The book will be at least 6 months before it is out, and as of today... I'm done! 

And there is more.. much more....  

So Buckle Up Buttercup... 

In this article is:

  • Sneak Peek My new fabric line, coming to your store in October 2020!
  • Jolly Bar Sew Along - New Start Date ...

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May 6, 2020
Week #5, Lets rocket through the Baby Charming blocks! from Pat Sloan's Blog

Pat sloan baby charming week 5

*** Charming Baby Quilt Along Week #5  ***

We are are week 4 of this sampler and I am loving all your blcks! Who did you make one of your first quilts for? Many us made them for a baby! My friend Melissa Corry wrote this awesome new book 'Charming Baby' quilts where all the quilts start with charm packs, so fun!

*** In this Post  ***

  • My blocks
  • Directions to tell you want in the book you need to make
  • The Rosie block has a kit available to make like the book!
  • My sampler put together!  I know its early, but i ...

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March 21, 2020
Do you want some Quilt Day Fun! from Pat Sloan's Blog

**** Crazy Quilty March - Challenge 21 ***

If you are joining me from the Shop tour, thank you for stopping in!!!  I hope you will join my sew alongs and my online community!


For Crazy Quilty March Challenge 21 is to Sew on International Quilt Day!

** What's below:

  • Scrap Happy Little Wishes Block download - Make this block or sew on a project you want to do
  • Designer Shop Hop - Get the first List to hop today!
  • Hang ...

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October 16, 2019
Perfect 5, blocks 3 & 4 from the Charm pack book from Pat Sloan's Blog

Article continues below these Amazon Goodies

Pat sloan block 2 and 3 pic 3

*** My Blocks *** 

I'm making one of each block from the bonus sampler that goes along with the Perfect 5 book.  The sampler sheet & photo are at the end. 

So as I'm making this weeks blocks I realized that I was thinking about how they are constructed. I was analyzing if this block was 'fun' to make, because if it was fun then I'll go back and use it for a full quilt. 

  • Top block is Sugar Cookies.. and I REALLY love it! this layout is like the full quilt in the ...

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October 10, 2019
Sew A Table Runner with me + Videos! from Pat Sloan's Blog

Pat Sloan table runner pic banner

*** The Details ***

Thank you for joining my Bonnie Lane Table runner Sew Along! For this 3 part sew along I'm going to have a video each week.  

After the video in the post will be a short tutorial with photos for those who have trouble watching video. And at the end is the assignment for this week. 

  • DATES - Oct 10 to Oct 24
  • Number of blocks- Four
  • Runner SIZE -  24" x 78"
  • Technique - All Pieced
  • ENTER YOUR ...

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