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March 14, 2020
rsc teal from Making A Lather

The color for March and the rainbow scrap challenge is teal. I chose a more aqua color for my shine quilt.

I dug through my 2 inch scraps and found a little of everything for the tiny houses.

My rainbow projects for 2020 with links:
 Irish chain
row by row
scraptastic star
country road

I am linking to:

rsc20 super saturday

oh scrap
UFO busting - I am featured this week

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March 11, 2020
I May Have A Scrap Problem - Inspiration! from Confessions of a Fabric Addict

Hi, all!

It's been a while since I had the time to post on Scrappy Wednesday, because I've been trying to get my quilt studio organized and set up.  But I've been seeing such a lot of fabulous inspiration on Instagram under the hashtag #scrapquilt that I think it's time to share some of them with you!  

Isn't this a beauty?  I think that it's a Jacob's Ladder variation, and I love the contrast of the darks and lights!

This is such a great way to use up solid scraps, and the small ...

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March 8, 2020
A Little Housekeeping - Part 3 from Sew........This Is My Blog

A freshly covered ironing board, a newly covered design wall, and now it's time to sort and organize scraps!  My scraps have been stored willy-nilly for a very long time.  Well, forever, actually.    

Some in stacking drawers .....

..... some in plastic bins .....

..... more in plastic shoeboxes .....

..... and even more in plastic, bulk sized Biscotti containers.  (I know!)

When I pulled all this together into one place I wondered if I really knew what I might be getting into.  What I was getting into was a tangled mess!

I pulled out all the reds and began pressing .....

..... stacking .....

..... and cutting into ...

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March 6, 2020
Baby Heart Log Cabin Quilt from Dizzy Quilts

Our family will be welcoming baby twin girls in just a few weeks and I couldn't be more excited!

When I asked my daughter-in-law which colours she'll be using in the nursery, she said white, gold and pink. I had the perfect stack of fat quarters in my stash and decided to pair that with some pink scraps. I found a scrappy log cabin pattern from Sew Can She a little while ago and went with that!

I love the gold in the background fabrics. This was a really easy and fun quilt top to put together - just ...

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March 5, 2020
Scrap quilts tidy up from Crazy Quilter on a Bike!

So much to write about - so little time! Well, it wouldn't make sense to write about everything on one day and I'm still working on the clean-up from Sunday. That Sunday was an extremely productive day. I almost got derailed yesterday. As I was quilting, I spotted a project from my UFO list that I want to take to our sewing retreat so I should get that prepped. It's not even on the worktables, it was under the long arm (we won't go there).

I pulled it out and opened up the pattern. Oh boy - there ...

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March 4, 2020
Inventory Quilt Project from Stitchin at Home

Have you heard of the Inventory Quilt Project being hosted by Just Wanna Quilt? The idea is to use one piece of each fabric in your stash to make a quilt to show your stash all in one quilt. You can use fabrics in one colour, for example or maybe the more the merrier version. I'm the more the merrier kind a gal with my project.

 I am one of the featured designers and my turn to showcase my project and pattern is today March 4th.

The pattern I'm using is called 'Flipping Out'. I know strange name ...

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March 2, 2020
Mountain High, Valley Low - The improv triangle QAL from Sew Sunshine

"Mountain High, Valley Low" 
48" x 38"
improv from scraps
line quilting in diamond pattern

The improv triangle QAL with Nicholas Ball on IG was so much fun. It was just the most glorious distraction for me. I was able to sit down and make a few blocks at a time and didn't have to worry about measurements and sizes. It was just what I needed during my waiting game with my health issues. 

The back piece was something I hand dyed a while back. I think it worked pretty great for this back with a few leftover blocks ...

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February 29, 2020
Leaping over orange from The Academic Quilter

Hello all, and happy leap day! I know why we get an extra day in February every four years, but wouldn't you all rather have an extra day in June? We had a minor snow squall here today, so I'm going with yes on June 31 instead of February 29.

There is a *lot* going on in my life right now. I mean, a LOT.  We went to my grandson's 4th birthday party and got to see all the grandkids, and as soon as we got home we both got hit with the worst colds ever, the ...

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February 25, 2020
to do shoofly from Making A Lather

My hubby's heart catheritization went well - no blockages. But, it was a long day. There were 2 emergency hearts that were the high priority, so we did a lot of waiting. The prceedure was 15 minutes, but we were there from 10:30 am to 9:30 pm. Now, we wait to see if the back surgery will be rescheduled. My mind has been a little absent lately. I was grateful for the fun little bits of machine time I have had. It does soothe the soul. I have a few new shoofly blocks.

And the pile is growing ...

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February 24, 2020
Scraps galore from Crazy Quilter on a Bike!

Can you believe the weather? It's glorious! A bit cooler today, but still above zero and so nice to get out and walk. And the sidewalks are clear of ice, although one does have to be careful as there are still a few patches of hidden ice, for the most part, they are clear. That makes me very happy.

I got a lot done yesterday. It was a super productive sewing day (Sit n Sew) which doesn't happen often. I'll share that with you tomorrow. Today it's all about the scraps. I was waiting to get ...

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February 22, 2020
Scrap happy from Crazy Quilter on a Bike!

Another AWESOME day. It's hard when you're an optimist to have a bad day!

My typical genre of book is a murder mystery that I've gotten away from in the last little while so I was quite excited to get back into that. I had a paperback that I must have picked up at a used book sale. I went to read it last month, only to find that the first 6 pages were missing. It could easily happen, but this is the only time so far where pages were missing. I did find the book electronically ...

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February 21, 2020
spike and valley block from Making A Lather

I am reorganizing my projects( always) that I keep in my sewing room. I keep long term ufos somewhere else, and like to keep on -going projects in my room for easy access. I still have last year's projects in the room, and hope to move them out to make room for what I am currently making.
Every time I am sure one needs to move, I am so tempted to drop everything else, and work on the old project "just" a little longer.
I started this block using a new bloc loc ruler. At the start, I cut ...

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February 20, 2020
At A Snail's Pace {Frolic Mystery Quilt} from Little Bunny Quilts

I am still slowly (so slowly) but surely making little bits of progress on my Frolic mystery quilt.

Last year I finished the top of my Good Fortune quilt top on (or about) February 13th. Now, I did do a half-ished sized quilt last year and I am doing the full quilt this year in addition to this being a much more complicated quilt and not feeling my normal motivation in December and January.

However, I have completed all of my navy blocks!

This includes the stray block that I shared last time in the lower right hand corner. And ...

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February 19, 2020

Good morning quilters!  Since I haven't gotten up to the Attic Window Quilt Shop in a few days, I thought I'd show you what I've been up to.  I saw an excellent video by Sewn Up about making fabric from your scraps.  I don't know about you but I have a ton of fabric scraps that I cannot throw away.  When I saw TeresaDownUnder's video I decided to try it.  
At first I thought I would make a pinwheel quilt out of all those scraps, but when I saw another post on Sewn Up about ...

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I May Have A Scrap Problem... Reorganizing! from Confessions of a Fabric Addict

Hi, all!

It's been a busy week around here, and I'm  happy to say my sewing studio is finally starting to shape up!  My long arm machine is back up...

...and hooray, I managed to get my IKEA wire drawers underneath it!  At the other house I had plastic storage tubs full of scraps under the front of the machine, but I really don't think I want to do that here.  And that means it's time for a little reorganization!  

I think I'm going to use the wire drawers to sort and store my scraps ...

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February 17, 2020
Star Kissed Quiltalong: Block Sizes from Wedding Dress Blue

A few more thoughts on scale.  It is remarkable how different blocks look made in different sizes.


I have tried the Star Kissed block in four sizes now.  Here they are based on 1-1/4″ squares, 1-1/2″, 2″ and 2-1/2″.


The blocks finish at 10″, 14″, 21″ and 28″.  WOW!  There’s something to think about!

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String Flying Geese from Heart Desire Creations

Although it’s not yet quilted, my Tula Strings is a flimsy that I am SO happy with! However, there were over 200 cuts leftover which I have now turned into triangles.


Lots of solid shot cottons have been cut into more triangles to turn the strings into flying geese.  About half are even pinned! These will be going to a sew-in with me next month where I will be joining two friends for two evenings.


Why such ahead of time prep?  I’ve been in the midst of a massive cleanout of our home – closets, storage, and workrooms.  The ...

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February 16, 2020
woven finish from Making A Lather

We had the prettiest, fluffy snowfall, and, I was anxious to get a photo of this recent finish. What a fun combination. I started this quilt last year, as part of the rainbow scrap challenge. Every month I made the 4 patches in the color of the month from 2 1/2 inch squares. Otherwise, it would have been a quick and easy quilt to make.

I used a variegated thread and a free motion swirl pattern. It finished at 54 x 60 inches, and has 429 pieces, and used 7 1/4  yards of fabric ( mostly scraps ). I used ...

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February 14, 2020
A Precarious Quilt Finish from Dizzy Quilts

Like many quilters, my sewing room is in danger of being overtaken by scraps! I have a shoebox-size plastic bin full of scraps for every colour of the rainbow and in some cases, a couple of bins for the same colour. So at the start of this year, I knew I really needed to get these scraps under control. For 2020, I want to make AT LEAST five scrappy quilts and Precarious is the first one.

The pattern is from the book Stash Statement by Kelly Young. I purchased this book a while ago (because I've been trying to ...

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February 12, 2020
courthouse steps quilt from Making A Lather

Slowly, I have been making Bonnie Hunter's wonky log cabin quilt using my strings and crumbs bins. Her pattern calls for 120 blocks and I have one done already that size, but this one, I have started putting it together with 72 blocks. I want to see if 8 x 9 looks like a decent size. I am sewing into blocks of 4.

I have decided to throw the frolic mystery quilt border pieces in as leader and enders along with my other projects. That way, before I know it, I will have the borders pieced and ready to ...

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