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May 4, 2014
Busy Quilty Week … Attended two Quilt Shows and Gave another Sashiko Lecture! from Janet Ann Creations

Yes it's Spring … the time when the Quilt Shows are just about every weekend!
For a quilter it's like having to decide which candy store to go into!

The week started out with a Quilt show in Rhode Island -
The Narragansett Bay Quilt Guild always puts on a fabulous show!

Here are a few of my favorites … in no particular order!

Just LOVE Turtles - so this quilt "Calypso" by Judy Chase 
really made me Smile!
Had to laugh … her inspiration was Jacques Cousteau!
I have such fond memories of watching his sea adventures
on his show … way back ...

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April 22, 2014
Sashiko Bag Hand quilted from Quilting Stories

Sashiko Bag

Christine M., a friend and member of our
quilting group kindly offered me a piece of 
indigo fabric brought from Japan.
I embroided it with Sashiko stitches.

Sashiko Bag

For the border and the inside, 
I added a piece of fabric I had in my stash.

Sashiko Bag

Another knitting bag!

Sashiko Bag

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April 13, 2014
All-over or e2e quilting on sashiko quilt from koolkat's quilting blog

This is Cheryl from Withcott's sashiko quilt being quilted in a clams e2e or all-over machine quilting pattern at KoolKat Quilting. By choosing a thread colour (charcoal) that blends with the background colour, the thread is almost invisible and impact on the sashiko is negligible.  This makes the machine quilting cost for this quilt cost-effective, and a similar approach can also be taken with applique or candlewick quilts.  

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All-over or e2e quilting on sashiko quilt from Koolkat Quilting

This is Cheryl from Withcott's sashiko quilt being quilted in a clams e2e or all-over machine quilting pattern at KoolKat Quilting. By choosing a thread colour (charcoal) that blends with the background colour, the thread is almost invisible and impact on the sashiko is negligible.  This makes the machine quilting cost for this quilt cost-effective, and a similar approach can also be taken with applique or candlewick quilts.  

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March 24, 2014
Ho, Ho, Ho and on We Sew March Link Party and Giveaway from Celtic Thistle Stitches

Welcome to the third of our monthly Ho, Ho, Ho and on We Sew Link Parties.

Last month's winner of the Bustle and Sew Handstitched Christmas eBook was Mara who has already highlighted a few projects to try for her Christmas crafting :)

Paula and I have a great giveway lined up for you this month too, and with St Patrick's Day a highlight of this month, it is very apt that this month's giveaway sponsor is the lovely Cindy from

Cindy, who lives in the beautiful city of Galway in the West of Ireland, has donated these ...

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February 18, 2014
A fall and some "Slow Sewing" from Janet Ann Creations

On Valentine's Day I was out playing with this cutie pie,

running around the yard - through the snow
when before I knew it …
found myself face first in the snow!
and in pain!
Of course Bella thought I was playing 
so she jumped on me!

Spent the last 3 days on the sofa with a pulled hamstring !!
Now I know why they lug the football players off the field with hamstring issues!
You just can not move.

Thank goodness the Olympics are on! 
and I've been able to do a little
"Slow Sewing" 
Love that they ...

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February 5, 2014
A Class Quilt from Quilting Solutions

Today's quilt is the result of a class taken by my daughter and myself many years ago.  Everyone in the class made the same quilt, but used different fabrics.  The main thing we learned was how to use freezer paper for appliqué.  We learned to secure the turned edges of the pieces to be appliquéd and then blind stitch them to the background.  The paper was then removed by making a slit in the background fabric.  I am not going to share the method we were taught in its entirety because it was very confusing and I generally don ...

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January 29, 2014
An Interview with Susan Sato of Easy Piecing from Terificreations's Weblog

Susan Sato photo
I met Susan Sato of Easy Piecing a few years ago, we catch up with each other in a variety of places. . .quilt shows, guild meetings. Susan carries some neat things in her booth, like dupioni silk (the good colors bright and fun like hot pink!) and some cool thread.  I’ve heard great things about her Sashiko Classes. I love that Susan keeps handwork alive and kicking in the quilting community.
TC: Hi Susan! Thanks so much for taking the time for an interview. Can you tell me a little bit about Easy Piecing?
Susan: Easy Piecing was created ...

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January 19, 2014
delightful haberdashers from Charm About You

I enjoy shopping online; the ease, the ability to order from the comfort of my sofa and the hours I can spend browsing beautiful fabrics and haberdashery. I like finding interesting and independent shops. Most importantly I like quality products and great service, which you will always find with my sponsors. I will also share other shops (not sponsored) that I like and would recommend. 

Recently I found the haberdashery while searching for some Sashiko thread. It is a shop full of beautiful products from Japan, including beautiful Nani Iro fabrics and other haberdashery from the Netherlands and Australia. They ...

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January 15, 2014
Monday's group from Quilting Stories

Small quilt
Ginette's quilt

What a great pleasure every monday to meet my dearest friends!
We all share the same passion for quilting. Each one has her own
project and this way we always enjoy to admire the progress of all 
those different and wonderful works.

Women sewing
Marie-Jo and Michele
Coffee time with a piece of cake.

Women sewing
Martine, Ginette, Agnes and Marie-Jo
Sewing... and chatting.




Martine has started a sashiko quilt.
Japanese influence.



Small blocks
Agnes' work
Lovely pouch sewed by Agnes, who is preparing
her blocks for a baby quilt.

Small blocks
Agnes' work

Michele's work ...

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December 28, 2013
Unwrapped from On The Go Quilting

My daughter has unwrapped her Christmas gifts so now I can share with you the things I made her for Christmas.  Today I want to share the Origami Cranes.  They were so much fun to make!

Sara has several titles in her job at Dartmouth College.  She’s the Manager of the Design Studio at the Performing Arts Center where she does a phenomenal job of juggling all the varied projects that cross her desk.  She has several designers that work under her and she has interns that she nurtures and encourages as they begin their graphic design careers.  Sometimes ...

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December 3, 2013
The Great Swiss Adventure Begins from Big Rig Quilting

Well, in just a few hours I board a plane in Buffalo, NY that will take me to Chicago, then switch planes and fly to Zurich.  I will arrive there tomorrow morning (Dec 4) and then head to Steckborn, Switzerland and the Bernina Headquarters.  Why - well as some of you know - I am going to be one of the testers on their new Longarm Machine.

While I won't be able to tell you details about the testing I will be able to share about my adventures in Switzerland. To help me out I thought I would take along my ...

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November 18, 2013
Inchie Quilt from Janet Ann Creations

Spent the week working on a cute little project
an "Inchie Quilt"

They are way too cute little quilt sandwiches
that can be made into all sorts of things!

Using the method featured in
"Inchie quilts" by Nadine Ruggles
and adding my own personal flare
I came up with this 16" Mini Quilt

  It features five "Inchie Quilts"
nestled into the center of folded flowers,
set into a nine patch
with Sashiko and beading,
and surrounded by a piped binding

The directions call for using 40 wt Rayon thread
of course I didn't have any
so went ahead and ...

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October 10, 2013
Sashiko and Keyfobs from The Quilted Magnolia

With hubby off work this week I haven’t been able to do much quilting or sewing after work.  I have been dabbling here and there in various things though.





I’ve been wanting to try my hand at sashiko for a while. My first attempt wasn’t that good since the chalk markings I spent a good amount of time putting on fabric rubbed right off… so I decided to take the easy route and purchase pre-printed sashiko fabric panels that have the stitch markings on them. MUCH better! I also ordered thread and sashiko needles. Sashiko in ...

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September 1, 2013
Pinspiration Sunday from Scraps of My Life

I love days when I don't have to leave my flat at all; I mean at all!  Today was one of those days - bliss!  Autumn has definitely been setting in here in Sweden - the leaves have been changing colours, the Rowan trees are loaded with berries and the conkers and acorns have already started falling.  The weather has also been turning to cloudy, rainy and a brisk, cold wind.  So all in all, a great day to stay inside and hermit.  So join me with grabbing your hot beverage of choice and curling up with some photo love.

Currently ...

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August 1, 2013
Turtle Stitching from Snippets of a Quilter

This is my first attempt at Sashiko, the pattern was printed on the fabric, so seemed pretty easy. I needed to make a birthday gift for a secret sister and this is it. I'm happy with how it turned out. I hope she will like it. My DH likes turtles, so keeping it secret from him was a bigger challenge. Now I need to start another one for him and keep it a secret again.....whew can I do it again???
Here is the fabric I put on the back, I'm so proud of the zipper. I hadn ...

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April 16, 2013
I Think I'm Turning Japanese from Major Thoughts

I really think so.

(Okay, it's an old song by the group The Vapors, but for me it's for realsies.)

I've had a love affair with all things Japanese since I visited there back in 2004. We were there because Joe had been made president of the local Rotary chapter that year and one of his "duties" was to attend the world conference. Duty? Hell yeah! The club picked up his tab so our only expense (besides meals and incidentals) was my plane ticket and a big boost to our hotel allowance. (I've got a "good ...

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I Did It. My Way. from Major Thoughts

We've already established that reading pattern directions is my kryptonite. Even when I was making dresses and blouses for Home Ec I needed help translating arrows and darts. The fact that my mother was a pretty accomplished "sewist" didn't help matters because she was left-handed and (to me) did everything upside down and backwards.

[gallery ids="2825,2826,2816"]

I wanted a purse made from my treasured stash of Japanese fabrics.  I knew how I wanted it to look, and I knew I had all the hardware and fabric and fusible fleece to do it.  I even had ...

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February 5, 2012
All Kantha'd Out from madebymariah

Well, where did the last month go? I've been busy, busy busy creating all sorts of samples for my City & Guilds course.

This morning was spent creating the Kantha sample below (shame the pink thread for the flower head doesn't show in the 'photo) and finishing a Sashiko sample (not photographed). 

The other photos below are of the sample for the first of five design briefs. I thought I'd go with free form curved piecing as I'd usually shy away from curves. The finished piece will be a table runner, three times the sample piece (middle ...

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August 31, 2011
Baby Lock Tech 2011 from Three Crafty Quilters

Thank you, St. Louis!
We had a great time at Baby Lock Tech 2011!

Johanna and Shirley have returned from the 2011 Baby Lock Tech, the annual convention for all things Baby Lock and affiliated businesses.  It was a blast!  Being the newest dealers there, we think, we just soaked up the excitement and knowledge from everyone participating.  Saturday night kicked off the weekend  - themed Go for the Gold!  Being our first time there, we enjoyed the speakers telling us the history of this family owned and operated (3rd generation) company.  From the people we met, we could feel the ...

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