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August 21, 2021
Varun from Sew Preeti Quilts

I have named him Varun, after the Hindu deity of sea and sky and rain. By now Varun has traveled the width of the country and reached Bernie on the west coast.

Varun  - 60" by 80"

Varun - Green Backing

Each plus block finished at 10" square. 48 blocks were arranged 6 by 8 for a finished quilt measuring 60" by 80". Varun is my contribution to the Positivity QAL and is a Mercyful Quilt

Thank you from Mercy Hospital

Mercyful Quilts Update

Wrapped with Kindness (may need tissues)

A Note from Mercy Hospital

Here are the pictures showing the progression ...

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August 19, 2021
Eagle Panel Quilt of Valor from From My Carolina Home

It has been a crazy few days, with Hurricane Fred stopping by as a tropical storm on its way up north. The rain began on Monday with the brunt of it on Tuesday. Of course, a tree came down on our road, taking out a power line on Tuesday. The storm resulted in a lot of flooding and power outages all over the area Tuesday and Wednesday. Thankfully, we have a generator so I could still get sewing done and be online, at least until the most severe part of the storm hit on Tuesday afternoon. But on Wednesday in ...

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August 9, 2021
Batik Quilt of Valor from From My Carolina Home

While most Quilts of Valor recipients prefer a patriotic theme color scheme, there are some that would rather have one that is more suited to their decor. Some also have issues with post traumatic stress where a patriotic theme would be too painful to see everyday. With that in mind, we like to have a few Quilts of Valor in the closet to award that are more everyday in colors. This particular quilt top was made by a lady in Oklahoma, specifically for a veteran who lives here. The top is all batik fabrics. The backing is a thin polyester ...

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July 30, 2021
And, Ta-dah! A Quilt Kit from Wedding Dress Blue

Since I already have FOUR quilts in progress, I really should have used my extended sewing time today to work on them. And I did. A little.

But then I heard the call of the scraps. I received these beauties recently and even had an idea of what I wanted to do with them.

A whole lot of cutting later I had a pile of small pieces that will be thrown away.

And an entire quilt kit, ready to use. As soon as I finish at least one of the four. Probably…

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June 22, 2021
Churn Dash Quilt of Valor from From My Carolina Home

A lovely Quilt of Valor was given to me to quilt, and I finished the work on it over the weekend. The design is simple, basically a churn dash with a star center. For each block, you’d make four flying geese units, then place them with some half square triangles, additional bars, and a solid center square. Then the quilt top was sashed to bring it up to the minimum size for a Quilt of Valor.

The backing was a wide back, my favorite to use, but there was a minor problem. The corners were clipped, presumably to keep ...

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February 18, 2021
String Quilts from Quiltnotes All Blogs

Traditionally string quilts are pieced using a foundation of lightweight muslin or newspapers. In old quilts you often see the newspapers still inside. A string quilt uses long scraps of fabric. You can use scraps of any color or use coordinating colors for your quilt.

For my Quilts of Valor I use scraps of blue and red with a single white or tan fabric on the diagonal. I place the blue fabrics on one side of the diagonal and the red fabrics on the other side. This creates a look that is similar to the log cabin block. Where log ...

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October 19, 2020
Dad's Quilt of Valor and More from The Modern Diary

I am really enjoying the Once Upon a Book Club boxes!  I read this one in a few days.  Normally I think Picoult is a bit to fluffy but this book had lots of info on Egypt, death dualas, etc.  I actually really enjoyed it and was not sure which couple to root for!
I am also really getting into solo gaming!  I have been playing Tiny Epic Zombies almost everyday.  I need to teach it to Kathy so we can play competitive or cooperatively, but so far I got my ten bucks out of this used game (which arrived ...

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March 23, 2020
Patriotic Lemoynes from If These Threads Could Talk

It is late March 2020. Most of us are quarantined inside. At least those of us in New York are! I had planned to schedule a class at Stash away Quilt Shoppe in Rome NY, for a Quilt of Valor using the Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star ruler. I decided to just post the lesson here and share it with anyone who would like to make Patriotic Lemoynes.

I went to my EQ8 software and designed this quilt for Lynn. This is a great skill builder for those that took the Tucker University Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star class but haven’t ...

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March 11, 2020
Quilt Sashing with Cornerstones from From My Carolina Home

These nine patch star blocks were started last October at an overnight retreat, and then I set them aside for completion later.  I had managed to get the stars mostly done, but had to bring them home to complete them as I didn’t have the corner white squares with me.  I made 20 stars in all with nine-patch centers using a jelly roll in patriotic colors.

Day Retreat at From My Carolina Home

At the end of February, our local group held its bi-annual quilt retreat, where we can leave our machines for three days, but we sleep at home. Due to travel, I could only ...

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December 2, 2019
Quilting the Quilt of Valor from From My Carolina Home

When we left this Quilt of Valor, it had the sashing finished and border added to bring it up to the right size.  If you missed the first post showing the block and how it was made, click on Quilt of Valor.

Quilt of Valor at

It was loaded on the longarm, and I chose a navy blue thread for quilting.  This time I used a cotton Masterpiece thread on top and Bottom Line in the bobbin.

Quilt of Valor at

I have a Stars and Stripes pantograph, and I just don’t like it.  It is so linear that it is not only difficult to get the ...

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