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July 5, 2019
Quilts of Valor Blog Hop Featuring Freedom by Island Batik from Quilted Delights

Welcome to the final day of the Quilts of Valor Blog Hop, hosted by Jen of Dizzy Quilter

The mission of the Quilts of Valor Foundation is to cover service members and veterans touched by war with comforting and healing Quilts of Valor.

 This past November I happened upon a Quilt of Valor Ceremony during the city's yearly Jingle Bell Market.  I had never been to one, so I sat down to see what it was all about.

I had heard of Quilts of Valor and knew of their mission, but had never actually witnessed anyone getting a quilt ...

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June 3, 2019
Sampler Quilt of Valor from From My Carolina Home

When quilting buddy Sheryl contacted me to see if I would do a Quilt of Valor for her, I immediately said yes.  She brought over a wonderful Double Friendship Star quilt, beautifully pieced with white sashing and a navy blue border.

Quilt of Valor at

Ah, look at that, perfectly measured and sewn borders.

Quilt of Valor at

I quilted it with red Glide thread with Bottom Line in the bobbin.

Quilt of Valor at

The pantograph is Fascination, one I use a lot.

Quilt of Valor at

When I ran out of bobbin thread in the middle of a row, I thought I would show you how I take care of that.  I tie off ...

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May 1, 2019
Sampler Quilt of Valor from From My Carolina Home

With another QOV presentation coming up in July, I thought it would be a good time to pull out some orphan blocks that were sent to me.  I know some of these came from dear reader friend Melanie T.  I think some also came from another reader, but I cannot remember who – Phyllis D, was it you?  Anyway, I had 10, so all I had to do was come up with two more.  I actually had the one in the top right, the red and white star, from a Moda event.  So all I really needed to do was make ...

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January 9, 2019
A Collaborative Quilt of Valor from From My Carolina Home

I received these red, white and blue patriotic blocks blocks from sweet friend Melanie almost a year ago when I was looking for some patriotic orphan blocks to make another Quilt of Valor.  She thought they would make a wonderful quilt with the patriotic prints, but needed some help getting it finished, and was willing for them to go to a local veteran here.   I was involved with the Fire Quilt project at the time and I put them aside to assemble later.  They were in a bag with some patriotic scraps, and I forgot about them.  Then I needed ...

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November 21, 2018
A Quilt of Valor Story from From My Carolina Home

Working on Quilts of Valor is so rewarding.  The red, white and blue patterns are as varied as the quilters who make them.  A few months ago, I made one as part of a Fat Quarter Shop Classic and Vintage event, a double nine patch.

Double Nine Patch at From My Carolina Home

I sent it off to the local QOV chapter and forgot about it.

Double Nine Patch at From My Carolina Home

Then, a couple of weeks ago, the chairperson sent me an email asking me to be a part of the presentation ceremony. My quilt was to be given to a young woman named Kelly Weaver, an Air Force veteran. I had to ...

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March 7, 2018
QOV Stars and Bars from From My Carolina Home

I’m working on two secret projects right now that I can’t talk about yet, so it’s a good time to show you the last of the Quilts of Valor completed before the holidays last fall.  Normally I am not a fan of jelly-roll race quilts, but this one found a way to be interesting with a bit of pizzazz in the stars on the ends, and blue bars flanking the jelly roll strips in the middle.  Update note – this was pieced by a quilter in  Myrtle Beach, I cannot take credit for the design, I only quilted ...

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December 28, 2017
Quilt of Valor and On Ringo Lake Update from The Modern Diary

I finally had a minute to go and see if Alycia Quilts had posted a picture of my QOV donation after someone quilted it and sure enough I found it--way back in October she posted it.  My life is so crazy busy that I do not get to read all my favorite blogs as much as I used to!  I know Barb and Kathy's were in the same box but I did not find them yet...
Update on On Ringo Lake--I finished clue three sewing at Becky's on Tuesday (she is all caught up and I am behind ...

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December 4, 2017
Sew Day Patriotic Nine Patch Stars from From My Carolina Home

We had our second sew day to work on the patriotic quilt, five more friends sewing on my machines, pressing seams, cutting sashing and cornerstones, and making binding.  Of course, we had a pot luck lunch too, and did take a nice break to enjoy a meal.  I decided to do the Nine Patch Star on the first sew day, but didn’t show it to you then. I had worked on the Classic and Vintage Fat Quarter Shop design for a patriotic quilt, and they have now pushed their reveal back to January.   So, I went with the Nine ...

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November 29, 2017
Embroidered Stars Quilt and more quilting from From My Carolina Home

The stars and bars design on this next Quilt of Valor was interesting and a wonderful way to use up scraps, but I had a moment of pause when I realized the bar of stars on the left side vertical panel was embroidered.  I have not worked with this type of fabric on the longarm before.

Quilt of Valor at From My Carolina Home

Have you seen this embroidered star fabric in the stores? I have recently, and would not have thought of using it on a quilt as it is heavier than the standard quilting cotton, and the stars are heavily embroidered with a substantial thread build ...

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November 6, 2017
Quilt of Valor Barn Raising from From My Carolina Home

This barn raising setting for the next Quilt of Valor was so interesting with the variety of patriotic prints and mix of colors with a bit of gold.  I liked the transition from a light beige to a darker beige background as the blocks go from center to edge.  I loaded it longways in order to get the maximum amount of quilting per row.

Quilt of Valor Barn Raising at From My Carolina Home

I folded it up to check the borders.  Look at that, perfectly straight!  What a joy!  I do not know who pieced the top, but she (he?) did a fabulous job.

Quilt of Valor Barn Raising at From My Carolina Home

The pantograph is one I ...

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October 8, 2017
From quilt show 2017 and QOV from Stitchin' Therapy

No automatic alt text available.
Made by Shelia 

    From the Quilt Show  2017 style!
I borrowed/stole a couple of photos of friends to share.

   Stained Glass Cathedral Window quilt was 12 years in the making.  This is a close up of part of the big, huge thing!   It has traveled with Shelia, been an ever-present take along project for so many years that she is sad it is finished.  Well, maybe not, because I saw a big grin on her face.  
  Working the Admissions Desk with Sarge was exhausting.  You have to know her to believe how much energy she consumes!  As a man ...

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September 8, 2017
Quilt of Valor Four Patch from From My Carolina Home

Moving to the next Quilt of Valor, this one was a four patch design, alternating with printed large squares, and a red border. It had a masculine look to it, so I decided to use a pantograph called Tiger Swirl on it. The points have a flame-like feel, meant to be like a tiger’s stripes, with curved lines.

Quilt of Valor Four Patch at From My Carolina Home

Folding it up to check the borders, there was a little bit extra but not too bad. You can see how the outer edge of the red angles just a bit downward at the edge compared to the joining seam on ...

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April 11, 2015
Bad Blogger, Bad, Bad Blogger..... from Scrap Basket

So it's been 3 months since I last posted.....sigh, where does the time get to? I'm trying to decide whether or not to continue blogging or to just give it up since I seem to be so bad doing it on any kind of regular basis.

In my last post you saw my poor Winston Ways which had some unfortunate bleeding in the wash. Well, I'm happy to report that the problem has been resolved. A HUGE thank you goes out to Vicki Welsh and her fabulous information on dealing with bleeding fabric. After a nice ...

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January 15, 2015
Two More from Scrap Basket

I've been busy trying to become better friends with Fiona, my new Innova. Two more tops have been quilted.

First up is a QOV mystery quilt-along from last summer that Alycia hosted. The quilt was designed by Vicki Welsh. The quilt called for five fabrics but I was determined to use only fabric from my stash. So, here's my scrappy version of the Allegiance quilt along which I'm calling Stars of Valor. It still needs binding.

Also finished, bound and on the guest bed is Winston Ways. This was a Bonnie Hunter class I took at Block ...

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