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April 20, 2014
Carpetbags are packed, I'm ready to go! from quiltscapes

Heading to Paducah next week ~ yes, I get to make the trek to Quilt Mecca!  Paducah is home to the National Quilt Museum, and with vendors, classes, events, and a quilt show... well,  I'm just a little giddy.  Besides, my Soldier's Star quilt is on display in it's last AQS quilt week stop after being on the road for nearly a year, so I might as well go, right?  That's as good an excuse as any. :)

I'm getting all packed, and I'll be taking one or two CARPETBAGS with me - (sometimes referred to by ...

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BEE INSPIRED! from That's Sew Kerry

Hive 17 Progress

Although only a few weeks in I am already so amazed by the talents of my fellow quilters and the wonderful work they have been doing!! I wish September would hurry up so I can be Queen, although I still have no idea which pattern to choose and even less of a clue on fabric and/or color choices. 

However Katie, our Queen this month, knew exactly what she was after and this is how its coming along so far.....

This block was created by Kathy Rutter, her fabric selection was as follows: 
The center is pearl ...

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April 18, 2014
Gradation Nation from Inside Quilters Newsletter

Have you had a chance to look through our latest issue yet? The April/May 2014 issue of Quilters Newsletter (available at the Quilt and Sew Shop if you haven’t got a copy yet) is full of all kinds of cool stuff, but I want to talk about a single block that appears in the issue. One of the fabric lines featured in Staff Picks is the brightly fabulous Flower Power collection by Red Rooster Fabrics. I was lucky enough to use these fabrics to make the block that’s pictured. The fun thing is the block pattern is ...

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Ten Reasons to Join a Quilting Guild from Quiltwoman Blog

Have you been on the fence about joining a guild? You searched for reasons to join a guild and cannot decide? Here, we give you our top ten reasons to join a quilting guild.

Ten Reasons to Join a Quilting Guild

ten reasons to join a quilting guild

Guild Name Tags and Postcards Pattern

1. Gain friendships from like-minded quilters. The first reason to join a quilting guild is that doing so will offer you the opportunity to meet quilters and sewers who are just like you. Do you sometimes feel that nobody else “gets” you? Being around people who would rather quilt than do almost anything ...

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Quilt Design A Day from Play Crafts

Thanks everyone for the lovely comments on the Paper Boat pattern we released on Wednesday!

In the meantime, more days have passed so more designs have been made.


3-18: feathered hues and blossoming hues – Playing with minimalism and repeats. I like that the one on the right evokes a cherry blossom feel without being too literal.

As of today, I’ve been making a design-a-day for two months. Wowza!


3-19: sprouting hues – I was inspired by the way ivy climbs up a wall which is both beautiful and destructive.

I feel like I’m starting to find my style, and ...

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April 17, 2014
How to Make a No Applique Quilt from Quiltwoman Blog

no applique quilt

Lisa Mullenburg creates adorable quilts that feature dogs, dinosaurs and owls among many other characters. Her story is interesting. She started designing quilts for her Mother to make, so that Mom could make quilts for each of her grandchildren. She quilts with a method she calls “counted quilts” which is a no applique quilt method, and also is the name of her quilt business.


The technique is simple, yet brilliant. First, you cut your fabric into strips.


Next, you cut the strips into pieces following the instructions in the pattern.

mapFinally, you assemble the pieces using 1/4″ straight seams ...

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April 16, 2014
Quilting for Health from Quiltwoman Blog

quilting for health

Shake up Five Placemats Pattern

Hobbies like sewing and crafting have long been recognized for their health benefits. Engaging in arts is relaxing, engaging and can have significant health benefits. But quilting, a study by Glasgow University found, is “uniquely” good for you. Read on to discover this unique study on quilting for health.

Quilting for Health

quilting for health

Rose Moss Quilt Pattern

Students interviewed a small group of  30 quilters and found that quilting improved their cognitive, creative and emotional well-being. 

The study concluded that the use of bright colors was ‘uplifting’, the activity distracted  from the stress of work, and ...

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Toy Boat, Toy Boat, Toy Boat from Play Crafts

First of all, our website had some technical difficulties on Monday, but there was a new color theory post that went up in case you missed it. Analogous colors are my favorite go-to color scheme, so I really enjoyed chatting about it!

Second of all, thank you everyone for your kind words and great advice in regards to my design overload post. Sometimes I really need to be reminded to stop worrying so much!

I’m still ruminating on some of the advice, but I will continue to post all the designs, even if they’re a month old when ...

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Layer Cake Rag Quilt from Heather Spence Designs

the truth is after the first two times i did rag quilts i wasn’t a huge fan. but, then again, i did use 2″ squares…on a twin size quilt. and i didn’t use the right scissors. seriously. what was i thinking?!? i’ll skip the long story between then and now but this is what i’ve come up with… isn’t it cute?? so here’s the tutorial […]

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April 14, 2014
little things from Ellyn's Place

Hello friends. Yes, I know I've been a slacky blogger. One of those darned spring colds hit me last week and I was as lazy as can be! Ok, enough excuses. One day I did get it in my head I needed to play around with a tumbler template that I've had for ages. I dug out a charm pack of Wishes and put together this little topper....

 Cute, huh? Maybe it will become a pillow. Or a mini. Not sure just yet, but it was fun and easy to do. I also put my new paper piecing ...

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April 12, 2014
Sneak peak of my new book, Fabulously Fast Quilts from Diary of a Quilter

I had a GREAT mail weekend this last weekend. An advance copy of my book, Fabulously Fast Quilts arrived and I got to hold it in my hands for the very first time. It still feels so surreal.
Also arriving in the mail were 8 of the 12 quilts I sent off last May. (The other 4 are still with the publisher for marketing purposes.) This was my first time seeing them againo. The book writing/publishing business is such an interesting thing. You create quilts, some as long as a year and a half before you ever get to ...

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I’m on Craftsy! from 3 am Inspiration

So excited my bargello class has launched on Craftsy!! I got this fabulous opportunity to be filmed in Denver, for a week. Quite an experience, really–have your hair and makeup done every day, wear clothes that aren’t wrinkled and baggy(okay, you all know that Madison picked out my wardrobe!) and actually eat dinner based on what you want, not what place has a good kids menu!

Title Card for BlogAnd that doesn’t even get into why I was there! To talk bargello of course! I got to talk about three different bargello projects while everyone listened attentively–well they ...

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Working With Fun Fabrics! Laminate and Cuddle from 3 am Inspiration

Below is a guide or some pointers we came up with when working with those two categories of Fun Fabrics! Not hard to do, just a little different than the regular quilting fabrics.

Fun Fabrics Guide


Please also see a previous post with the Cuddle Tutorial if you’re working with those plush fabrics!

Two tilting at windmills quilts with the nosy dog

Daughter #1 and #2 gave up their quilts for a photo–dog would like to steal them!!

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April 11, 2014
Pat Sloan: Let's make a Spring Chick! from Pat Sloan's Blog

I couldn't stand it... at my Facebook group I shared some fabric for making a single Spring chick. And that pile of fabric has been sitting on my cutting table... looking so nice and spring like!

Pat Sloan Spring Chick free pattern

So I did it! 

While I was working on other projects today I cut into my precious stash of Kate Spain fabric for the background. This blue and white is so fresh and clean!

And yellow dots.. oh the dots!! A perfect chick right? 

Pat sloan spring peep quilt along

The original pattern is a table runner, which gives you 3 places to find and use awesome chick fabric ...

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Easter Butterfly Eggs from France Nadeau

Eggs, flowers, pastel colors. All things we like to see in Spring. And why not add some butterflies, as a reminder that the hot Summer days are not so far off? The free pdf pattern can be found here, in French … Continue reading

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Casual Quilt from Inside Quilters Newsletter

Most of the time I want to make interesting and attractive quilts, which require a fair amount of time, patience and thought, but sometimes I’d just like to get one done already. I was at sort of an in-between place recently, where I’d finished an involved project and I wasn’t sure that I wanted to get into another detailed and time-consuming quilt just yet. I wanted to make something quick, easy and fun.

So I turned to my WIPs. Lori has her PIGS (Projects In Grocery Sacks), and since I don’t tend to keep my stuff ...

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April 10, 2014
What we Love about Barb Sackel’s New Garland Patterns from Quiltwoman Blog

new garland patterns

Happy Easter Garland Pattern

Designer Barb Sackel of Rose Cottage Quilting has introduced her fun, new line of garland patterns that are easy fast and fun! Here is what we love about Barb’s new garland patterns. 

1. They are no-sew patterns. We all love to sew. But sometimes creating something that doesn’t require a machine, needle and thread is just downright fun. It’s refreshing that these new garland patterns require few supplies and can be created fast.

new garland patterns

Merry Christmas Garland Pattern

2. They are great for novelty fabrics. OK, so you bought a yard of sports themed ...

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April 9, 2014
Quilting for Charity from Quiltwoman Blog

quilting for charity

FREE Wheelchair Tote Pattern

Quilting for charity can be a wonderful way to give back while putting your skills to use at the same time. While we enjoy quilting, we enjoy the act of presenting our creations to charitable causes that much more. Take a look at three charities we love.

Project Linus

Since 1998, Project Linus has donated over 5 million blankets to children in hospitals, shelters and social service agencies. National President Carol Babbitt and Vice President Mary Balagna direct and orchestrate the activities of Project Linus chapters located across the United States. Both have been involved with ...

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Patchwork Napkin Testers from Gen X Quilters

A HUGE thank you goes out to all of those who volunteered on Instagram to help me test the Patchwork Napkins pattern.  Testers feedback is always so helpful in tweaking the pattern to make just right.  

Here are their inspiring samples.  Notice not everyone used linen - it looks fantastic when you change up the front color!

Sara - @saralynnnnn

Sara - @saralynnnnn
Tisha - Quilty Therapy - @quiltytherapy

Heather - @heather81203

Maureen - @mellen

Jeri - @jerigirltx Instagram & flickr

Megan - Tales of Ineptitude - @talesofineptitude

Megan - Tales of Ineptitude - @talesofineptitude

Kelli - @kelli0annie

Erin - @ermire

Brenda - @mocha911
Rachel - Sew Happily - @rsbooth

Lisa - Moe-Shelley Sock Monkeys ...

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March Quilty Madness. A recap. from quiltscapes

Thanks to all those who took the time to comment on the giveaway the other day to share how you began your quilting journey - and what quilty things you did in celebration of National Quilt Day this month!  Wonderful stories - lots of creating and sharing going on in the quilt world - one stitch at a time.

Around here, we definitely honored National Quilting Day/Week/Month, all month long!  Here are some highlights:

Daughter Chelsea made this batik Star Medallion lap quilt top about 6 years ago.  She drew out the quilting motifs for me to quilt and calls it ...

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