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July 31, 2014
whew! from Frayed Edge

A lot of busyness going on, living every minute with as much oomph as I can muster!  A little trauma in our lives last week when Ian had to have a tonsillectomy, not a good experience for a 2 year old that has no concept of what's really happening to him!  After surgery, he stayed overnight with his papa, mama and favorite things near:  pillow, blankie, trains, ipad, juice, monkey and videos to distract from the soreness and strange surroundings.  Recovery has been a rocky road at home, with the most irritable and hard-to-please child that I have seen ...

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July 29, 2014
Sewing with the one who taught me from Pearl the Squirrel

I spent a few days visiting my folks in southern California. One of the more fun things I did was to sew with my mom. She's in her mid-80s and has Parkinson's, but she's determined to keep stitching.
She does seem to have a knack, however, for picking complicated projects. When I got there she had been working on a bag that had some really bad instructions and was feeling frustrated. I helped her finish it (and could certainly understand her frustration when I read the methods used in making the bag). Fortunately, she was happy with ...

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July 25, 2014
Cutting Edge Technology, continued. from Inside Quilters Newsletter

Have you picked up your copy of the August/September 2014 Quilters Newsletter? It’s our 45th anniversary issue! You can find it at the Quilt & Sew Shop if you’ve not yet seen it. It’s full of all kinds of cool stuff – stories, products and beautiful quilt patterns like the one for our cover quilt, Bonnie’s Rocky Mountain Star, designed by QN founder Bonnie Leman’s daughter, Mary Leman Austin. There’s also the conclusion to our quilting technology series, in which ZJ Humbach writes about the die cutting and digital cutting technology available today.

Well, there ...

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July 22, 2014
Fun Fanny Pack Tutorial from Flare Fabrics


I ride my bike a lot. And I like to have my arms free, while keeping my valuables close to me (instead of having them in my bike basket). So I decided it’s time to bring the fannypack back into style!

I made myself a fun pouch using fabric scraps from my stash and some fusible interfacing. Here’s a rough step-by-step tutorial!

You will need:

  • 2 pieces of fabric approximately 14″ by 20″ (one for the inside of the fanny pack, one for the outside)
  • an 8″ square for the pocket.
  • 1 yard of strap
  • 1 buckle
  • 1 ...

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July 21, 2014
BLOG HOPPING!! from That's Sew Kerry

Hello From Kerry Q

This week on the blog a post from the lovely Kerry Q about her Quilting Bee shinanigans!! She is such a talented little monkey, I can't tell you how lucky I feel to have found such a wonderful friend who is as loony and addicted to fabric as I am!! Enjoy.........

All of Kerry-Leigh's quilting bee adventures have inspired me to get involved as well, so in May I joined a 'Modern Bee', UK Hive 2! My group of ladies are spread across the UK from Wales to Leeds, and we kicked off our ...

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You are loving “Jenny Eliza” from Sisboom

We are so smitten with this line and can’t thank you enough for creating all the beauty we are seeing on social media and we can’t say enough thank yous for all you do.  You enrich our lives with the items you create and inspire all of us with your unique eye!! So many talents so many gifts and we are struck dumb everyday with the multitude of  ideas.  We love Jenny Eliza and see that you love it also. Currently this line is selling at JoAnns and we couldn’t be more pleased with the Launch.  Their ...

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July 18, 2014
I've been motivated... from Quilternity's Place

... to de-stash, clean out, purge... whatever you want to call it, I'm doing it. I've just put a cute bag pattern and the Bendable Bright Light (2 of them) in my shop.

I saw this Sleep Over Satchel made up in a wonderful Upholstery fabric and it was great. That's what I was planning to do, too, when I bought the pattern, but it would also look great in quilting cotton.

There will be lots more fun stuff in the next couple of weeks! Anyway, they're here, if you want to take a look.

Take care,

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Off the Wall Basting from Inside Quilters Newsletter

The thing about ideas that are just crazy enough to work is that a person must be crazy enough to try out the idea, to see if it will in fact work. As we’ve been settling into our home and filling it up with more furniture, the nice big floor spaces on which I used to spread out and baste my quilts are no longer very big. It’s really no fun crawling around on the floor to baste a big quilt, but basted they must be and it’s a tried and true method that works.

While I ...

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July 16, 2014
Pat Sloan: Star Quilt Round Up from Pat Sloan's Blog

Pat sloan star quilt roundup
This Free Quilt Pattern Round-up are quilts that I would love to make!  I think many will be great in scrappy versions.. hello Scrap Bag these are calling you!

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July 15, 2014
Watkins Star Pattern Release and Testers Reveal from Sew Incredibly Crazy

 After finishing my picnic quilt, I decided to

write the PATTERN
14 pages, 16 photos....
and you can find it HERE...
 I never imagined two years ago
when I picked up quilting that I
would be writing a pattern. 
I made a call out on my blog and some
very gracious ladies tested out
and here are a few of the results.....
Mary Pat of Quietly Quilting,
Shauna of Shauna's World
Maria of Mia's Creation

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July 14, 2014
Wedding Quilt from Flare Fabrics

finished front of quilt

I recently attended a good friend’s wedding in Quebec. My twin sister and I decided to make them a quilt as our gift to them! We made a queen size batik pinwheel quilt, using 18 squares from the Tiramisu layer cake from Hoffman and a 2 different neutral background batiks. For the backing, we used a wide back fabric and a piece left over from the top. We arranged the squares by colour, diagonally.  We were so happy with the outcome that it was difficult to give it away!

We pieced the top on our little Pfaff, but decided ...

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July 13, 2014
Sweetest New Pattern from Sisboom

Introducing the Tobago the wonderful mate to the Tortola dress/top which is only available in the bundle for now until October.  That bundle is a show stopper and you get quite the value!!!!! Join the Road Trip Pattern club…They are on the Third week of delivery s! Check it out here. 

Folks are loving the bundle and while you were busy doing that, Our Girl Carla was in the Scientific Seamstress lab whipping up the companion aptly named Tobago because she knows you all go cray cray for the mother daughter patterns.  So Monday check in with the ...

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July 12, 2014
Love a collaboration!! from Sisboom

Would love to hear what you think of Dandelion and Boo’s collaboration with Daisy and Poppy and Roses of Blue. We have joined together to raise money for Clown Doctors who bring some humour and smiles to children in hospital.  I love the idea of  of collaborating for a cause.  Making children laugh who are experiencing difficulty is probably the best cause there is.  Thank you for allowing us a glimpse of your happy moments in helping the cause. Best, Jenniferaprettysite

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July 11, 2014
QUILTING BLUES from That's Sew Kerry

Quilty Numbers

I feel like I have stalled a bit at the moment, not just with this quilt but with sewing and creativeness in general!! I have so much going on that I just can't find the time to sit down and make some progress and then when I do have some time I simply don't have the will! Do you think it is possible to have 'sewing' depression?? I am no doctor but I would wager that it could be an actual thing!!

Anyway sewing depression aside I have made a small amount of progress on Dad ...

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PDF Patterns are the bomb!!! from Sisboom


Check out this new pattern from Jen Hagadorn  of Tie Dye Diva Fame. Teresa Abel Martin does amazing things with our fabrics and we are so delighted she chose Beauty Queen for this ultra Party dress!!  Follow this link to purchase!!  Google Jennifer Paganelli Beauty Queen and lots of sellers pop up!!

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Pixel Perfection from Slightly Off Quilter


A few months ago, I posted about a wonderful lady, Knitette (aka Eileen from Scotland), from the Quilting Board who was in need of a Mine Craft pattern for a quilt for her grandson. Well today I got to see a picture of her finished quilt, and let me tell you, I do not know who was more excited, her for finishing it, or me for seeing it finished !


Isn’t this fantastic !

If you are interested in making one of your own, you can grab the PDF from the original post. Pixel Quilt. It is not a pattern, it ...

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July 10, 2014
Big News on FB Page on Friday!! from Buttermilk Basin Design Studio

Hey!  Every Friday on our FB page... Buttermilk Basin- we give away patterns! We call it "Lucky" Friday!  It's our way of saying thanks and getting to you better within the comments!  We hope you go like our page and leave a comment each Friday for a chance to WIN!!!  

This Friday I have exciting news to share with you on the "Lucky" Friday post!!!  Be sure to come check out the news!!! :)

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July 7, 2014
Love Thy Neighbour quilt from Hugs from Helen

yesterday was dark and dreary in Hobart, wet, wild and windy also… perfect quilting weather so I delved into my stash – I had a quilt wanting for my lovely neighbour who has recently moved into a nursing home… not too big, not too heavy, warm and snuggly to make her room feel more homely…

We always have fabric that we no longer love, or was a gift or prize (in my case) that possibly isn't our favourite anymore… I know I have ‘lots’ of this type of fabric, not my first choice but perfect for someone out there…So ...

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July 4, 2014
Celebrate Giveaway! from Inside Quilters Newsletter


Happy Fourth of July! A fun way to celebrate the holiday is to give away some free quilting stuff! We’ve got a fun little gift that’s full of happiness, nice quilts, celebration and a bit of red, white and blue. Would you like to know more?

fourthgiveaway Celebrate Giveaway!

Two incredible books and an amazing bag in which to store them. I hope you win!

There are two beautiful books from Schiffer Publishing, Eagle Motifs in America by Susan E. Wildemuth and Creating Celebration Quilts by ...

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July 2, 2014

Tricky Business....

This block is fast becoming a favourite in the Quilting Bee community, so far it is the most popular block to be chosen in both of my current Quilting Bees, bringing my total made to 4!! I do love making this block and each time seeing the differences that fabric choices and placements can make.

First up was "Radiant Orchid", Pantone's colour of the year and Rachel's colour choice of the month, the rest was completely up to our own imagination and, grey and floral what's not to love??

I had a few ...

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