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April 12, 2019
Tulipfest Sew Along - Gnomes and Tulips are darling! from Pat Sloan's Blog

Let's make TulipFest blocks this week!


Februrary favorites american jane

I have fallen in LOVE with this quilt from my good friend Sandy of American Jane! My kit arrived, I'm thinking I need to make the flag first.. or...maybe get one of the basket made as a "May Day" basket.. mmm. decisions decisions...

** BUY The pattern or Kit HERE **

Pat Sloan Tulipfest Sew along pic 2

I've made my 4 purple tulip blocks. I still think I'll do this one with just the 4, but I could change my mind, we quilters are like that!

This Weeks Assignment

  • If you are making the full ...

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April 8, 2019
Editor Show this week! from Pat Sloan's Blog

CLICK THE PLAYER & Listen to Show 415

LISTEN to THIS show right at the player above. 

American Patchwork Quilting Pocast episode 415 Editors

Hit the Road with the American Patchwork & Quilting Staff

This is the time of year where the weather’s getting nicer and everyone starts planning their summer vacations! Whether you’re planning a big getaway with the whole family or just want to fit in some smaller day trips with your girlfriends, we have some suggestions for how to fit sewing ...

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April 5, 2019
TulipFest - Tips for Making blocks! from Pat Sloan's Blog

Let's make TulipFest blocks this week!

Pat sloan tulipfest day 2

I'm going for a 4 block purple quilt.  So this week I'll get at least another block done. I really do love the yellow and gingham so I'm keeping that to think on what to do!

I have tips on Sew and Flip and HST this week. 

If making the full quilt make 6 blocks this week. ...or start.. or do the table runner.. or the placemats.

Pat sloan tulipfest day 2 pic 2

For the sew and flip I want to share with you how the amazing Frixon pen line will iron away. These pens are ...

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How about a little Emoji fun? from Pat Sloan's Blog

I LOVE having fun with quilts and so does my friend Gailen Runge.  She designed this super cut Emjoi quilt.


All the ones you know and USE are here!

With 60 mix and match items!


The quilt of them is darling. A fun quilt for a kid or your favorite internet friend!

I can see quilting a few phrases into the it that you use a lot

** Sew EMOJI Book ** 



How about your favorite 3 for a bolster pillow? 

Super fun in the den!

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Of course there is emoji FABRIC... some of it is on ...

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April 3, 2019
Christmas Figs Sew Along Block #16 a bit early! from Pat Sloan's Blog

** FIRST ** 

Februrary favorites american jane

I have fallen in LOVE with quilt from my good friend Sandy of American Jane!

There is the kit, pattern and her wonderful fabric line

** BUY HERE **

Article continues below these Amazon Goodies

Pat Sloan Christmas Fig block 16 pic 2

The Christmas Fig Book is Required

I'm doing this post easy as I have have some fun book tours on Fri & Saturday for you! And with Block #16 we are almost done, so I think we can do the next blocks a bit quicker and I've updated the schedule to every other week.  I've also started sewing my rows, I'll show you ...

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April 2, 2019
No FOOLING Charity Block #5 is ready & Block #4 of Out of this World! from Pat Sloan's Blog

Some people are SO good at April fools things.. me.. not so much.. so you might have lucked out as I'm not playing any tricks today.

There are 2 articles today, this is the Charity sewa along. And  there is also one later in the day for my FREE Block of the Month Out of This world. 

Pat Sloan Out of this World block 4 banner

Block #4 is Space Crazy!

When we love something we put it everyone!! Space is no different. I image it started during the 50s when the spac shows came out. You'll see my lunch box at the article.  From party themes ...

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April 1, 2019
Podcast this week is EPP, lively fabric, traditions and more! from Pat Sloan's Blog

Guests Ann Shaw, Karen Tripp, Kristy Daum, and Jyane Willis join Pat for a chat!

CLICK THE PLAYER & Listen to Show 415 -- My favorite find at the end!

LISTEN to THIS show right at the player above. 

American Patchwork Quilting Pocast episode 415 Ann Shaw - Copy

Ann Shaw is an amazing quiltmaker. Her quilts are filled with lively images full of color! If you have always wanted to understand how to develop a design and use lots of fabrics you’ll love to hear Ann’s tips

Visit her at

American Patchwork Quilting Pocast episode 415 Karen Tripp

Karen ...

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March 31, 2019
Did you check out my fireside chat? from Pat Sloan's Blog

Thank you for watching my Fireside Chat! I taped this on Mar 30, 2019, I'm so happy to have you as in my quilting neighborhood! LISTEN to the end for my GIVEAWAY and leave your comment below. 

**Go to  >> and subscribe to my videos, click the BELL to get notices of new ones!

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**See more on the Baby lock Jubilant and you can purchase it online. 

Also you might be eligible for free shipping and sometimes you get a discount code for signing up for ...

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March 30, 2019
TulipFest - Make a block! from Pat Sloan's Blog

Today for my TulipFest Sew Along it's time to make a block. 

Pat sloan seasons book tulip fest sew along

I just got my quilt back from my publisher and went outside to take this photo, just in time for today!

During this sew along you can make the quilt. Either this size, smaller or larger!

Pat sloan tulip runner

Or you can make a table runner.

I LOVE how this turned out and the quilting my friends Cindy & Dennis did for me is perfect. 


Maybe you want to add some placemats?

They are one of my favorite things to make to change out the seasons!

Pat sloan tulip fest full

The main quilt has 3 ...

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March 29, 2019
Do you love a deal as much as I do? from Pat Sloan's Blog

If you love a deal like I love a deal, here is one you'll want in on!

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I'm super excited to show you this great 3 month subscription discount at Bluprint where  you can take alI the classes with just one subscription. 
 You can go from “I wish I could” to “look ...

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March 25, 2019
Dreaming of Strawberries - FREE Pattern! from Pat Sloan's Blog

For our Button club project this month I'm ready for spring! 

Pat Sloan Button March Button club Pic 4

The Fat Quarter Shop button box this month has a theme of 'Grow'. With my daffodils coming up and buds on the trees, I'm really in spring mode, even if my Virginia weather throws me a curve ball of a cold day, my heart is already for spring!

When the Cheeky fabric arrived the other day i KNEW this fabric needed to be used soon!

Usually in February or March we have been down south for either an event or a little R&R.  This year neither ...

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Are you ready for my Tulip Fest Sew Along! from Pat Sloan's Blog

I can't wait any longer, let's get my Tulip Fest Sew Along started!

Pat sloan seasons book tulip 42

I love tulips and what is better than a BIG block tulip?

Several of them!

Pat sloan tulip bundle

After making the purple one I spotted these at the store. We were going out of town or I would have bought them, and today they didn't have them again. But this is what I'm loving, purple tulips!

I think I'll be back to the store tomorrow to see if they have the purple tulips again. 

For my Tulip Fest Sew along we are using my Celebrate ...

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March 24, 2019
My Favorite new helper and Christmas Fig Block #15 from Pat Sloan's Blog

** FIRST ** 

My new office assistant! 

Pat Sloan Book Stand 2

I've needed a book/pattern stand for a LONG time, this one works perfectly and it's aqua!

Super sturdy and easy to store when not in use this book stand is perfect!

Pat Sloan Book Stand 4

Here it is from the back.  I put that little wonder clip on the top since that side of the book is less pages and it holds it nice and flat!

BUY yourself a great BOOK STAND!

Article continues below these Amazon Goodies

Pat Sloan Christmas Fig block 15 pic 2

The Christmas Fig Book is Required

The Red & Green is just like the quilt in the book.

This ...

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March 18, 2019
Finish Alongs, saturated color, Style and how dreams come true all on my show today! from Pat Sloan's Blog

Guests Marci Debetaz, Carole Lyles Shaw, Shannon Fraser, and Kelli Fannin join Pat for a chat!

CLICK THE PLAYER & Listen to Show 414 -- My favorite find at the end!

LISTEN to THIS show right at the player above. 

American Patchwork Quilting Pocast episode 414 Marci Debetaz

Marci Debetaz is Marci Girl Designs and she hosts these wonderful Finish-A-Long! Who doesn’t need encouragement to finish? She also started sewing with Barbie clothing just like me, I knew I'd love her!

Visit her at http ...

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March 17, 2019
Are you going to sew with me? It's Quilt Day! from Pat Sloan's Blog

The third Saturday in March is Quilt day each year!  What better excuse is there than to gather a group of friends and sew all day long?

Pat Sloan Quilt Day

I'm sewing with you online and will be using this post to document my day. I plan on doing a few videos and I'll insert them here. 

I've got fabric options and 800 projects .. do you think that is enough?  I'm also continuing to sew on Sunday as.. well.. it's more fun to have a whole weekend for quilting!


To celebrate national quilt day, my friend Katy Jones ...

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March 15, 2019
A wonderful Free Aurifil Block and all mine together from Pat Sloan's Blog

I love the Aurifil Designer of the month day. What I love is getting to know each designer. March is Sedef Imer who is from Down Grapevine Lane. Once you read her interview you'll know why she selected that as her business name! This is my 9th year hosting and I'm inspired each month. Let's get to it! 

Image 3

Each year I pick a theme and give the designer a set of color criteria for their challenge block. Then I interview the monthly designer at the Aurifil  blog.

And each month share your block at the Aurifil interview ...

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March 14, 2019
Are you joining me Saturday? And it's Charity block #4! from Pat Sloan's Blog

Saturday is Quilt Day around the world!! And I'm HOME!! I can't tell you how excited I am to be able to host a fun day of quilting with all of you online

Also It is Block #4 of the Charity Sew Along with a design board trick I use. Now for the details!

*** IF YOU ARE reading this as an EMAIL NOTICE, click the banner or the 'READ MORE' at the end to come to my website.

Pat sloan norm 1

Saturday is the 3rd Saturday in March, officially Quilt DAY across the World! So grab a project and sew along ...

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March 13, 2019
Sneaky Peeky and Podcast Link from Tales from the Raspberry Rabbits

Hi my friend!  I hope you have been having a good week and a good March so far. The weather has been absolutely nuts around here. One day it is almost 80 the next day it's 40! Mother Nature is certainly not happy.

This week I want to share a little sneaky peeky of something new that I will be debuting either late April or early May. It's called "The Shell Collector."

This new design will be part of a whole new rabbit hole I am hopping down and I'm really excited to share it with you ...

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March 11, 2019
To Stitch every day for a year, pop ups, learning, and creativity today! from Pat Sloan's Blog

Guests Kelly Parker Smith, Joanne Hillestad, Kim Jamieson-Hirst, Michelle May join Pat for a chat!

CLICK THE PLAYER & Listen to Show 413 -- My favorite find at the end!

LISTEN to THIS show right at the player above. 

American Patchwork Quilting Pocast episode 413 Kelly Parker Smith

I might have found Kelly Parker Smith from Hello World via her witty engraved items .. Coffee Coffee Coffee anyone? But once I found out she has turned her graphics into fabric ...

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My Fireside chat, FREE Table runner & thoughts on when we make... from Pat Sloan's Blog

It was so fun to do a Fireside chat yesterday evening! If you've not watched one they are about 30 minutes long with a giveaway!  

AND at the end of this article is a download of my FREE table runner pattern we'll sew for Quilt day Sat Mach 16!

March 16 is International Quilt Day get signed up for my newsletter for details on my sew along!
MINKI KIM fabric winner has emailed me,.. the Other winner please Email me at
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The Goodies

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