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November 17, 2017
Beginner’s Guide to Machine Quilting: Quilting Feathers, Part 1 from Quilted Joy

One of the techniques many new (and experienced) longarm quilters want to jump into is quilting feathers. Who can blame them? Feathers are a classic and beautiful quilting design. Unfortunately, they can be a little challenging. I’ve heard a few quilters say they simply can’t do feathers. Practice is the key to mastering feathers on your longarm, but it also helps to find the style of feather that speaks to you.

Did you realize there are a huge variety of quilting feathers? If not, I’d highly recommend you jump over to the APQS blog. We recently began ...

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November 16, 2017
Quilts and Pineapples from ~ CowgirlQuilter ~

This is the customer quilt that I quilted yesterday!  A childhood friend of my brother, hand pieced it.  I think he injured his back years ago and quilts occasionally to stay busy.  As I mentioned, he hand pieced this one.  I also will be doing the binding, which I will work on that today.  That is pretty much all that I have on my schedule for the day.  That will take up pretty much all of my day as I need to trim, square it up, cut and sew the binding by hand. 
As soon as I got that quilted ...

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November 15, 2017
Quilts, Horses, and Kids... from ~ CowgirlQuilter ~

 Lot's of quilty goodness!  It's been a few days since I have posted but here ya go....

First off, somehow I miss taking pics of TWO t-shirt quilts!  No clue how I did that but I did.  :(  

Here is a cute tree quilt.  It turned out nice.  I did a small stipple on it with burgundy thread. 
 Another angle...
 A close up...
 This is a panel that I quilted for a lady. 
 Another view...
  I also did this binding by hand...
 Another customer memory quilt.  This was made by the same lady as the 2 t-shirt quilts that ...

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November 14, 2017
scrappy rag rug from Making A Lather

I have finished another rag rug using my homemade rug loom. I had an entire bucket of fabric that didn't make the cut even for a string quilt, so I used them in this rug. It measures 28 x 38 inches and lays so perfectly flat on the floor. That is why I love them better than crochet or braided rag rugs. The technique is called twining.
I made the frame here.

 I have a new quilt on the frame with a music theme.

I am linking to:
Free Motion by the River
to do tuesday
too ...

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November 8, 2017
3 Quilts in 2 days!!!! from ~ CowgirlQuilter ~

 I'm on a roll!  LOL!  I've quilted 3 quilts in 2 days!  Technically 2 of them were KING size and one was a baby quilt.  :)  So here we go...

I would have loved to have kept this one!  I love how the sunflowers just pop against that background.  Lot's of stippling on this baby and that makes those sunflowers puff up.  She did an awesome job piecing it.  
 So after quilting on that one most of the day, I then loaded this baby quilt on the longarm.  It only measured 35x45 so it was quick work.  The ...

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November 6, 2017
18 and counting.... from ~ CowgirlQuilter ~

 Yesterday I get the binding on that king size quilt finished.  It was hand sewn binding so it took me a while to finish.  So now this quilt is ready to be picked up today.  Shew....
 I got this loaded on the frame and the quilting started.   I will finish it up today.  I don't have to do the binding on this one, just the quilting.  She requested a stipple which is fine with me as I can do that faster than doing a pantograph.  :)  It is being quilting in burgundy thread to match the backing.  This one is ...

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November 5, 2017
Busy Times... from ~ CowgirlQuilter ~

 Another customer quilt finished!  :)  This was the king size quilt that I had to piece the 10 yards of flannel backing for.  I love the fabrics used in this one. 
 A pic showing the quilting...
 Last night I did get the binding cut and sewn on by machine and today after Church I will jump in and get the hand sewing done so it can be picked up on Monday.  I haven't been having to do many bindings lately. 

 Friday evening when I went to pick Richard up from work, I stopped by Walmart and picked up a new ...

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November 3, 2017
Longarm Quilting and Life Updates from ~ CowgirlQuilter ~

 Here are the latest customer quilts and then I will give you a life update.  :)  These first two quilts were pieced by the same lady.  The first one is a t-shirt quilt and she wanted a large stipple of both of them.  I've never had a t-shirt quilt pieced like this one.  No stabilizer instead she cut the t-shirt section out and did a zig-zag stitch to the background square. 
 This is the other quilt of hers.  This one was a bit of a bugger to quilt as it was hand pieced from flannel pajama pants so it was ...

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October 31, 2017
Quilts, Gifts, and Veggies from ~ CowgirlQuilter ~

 Yesterday I quilted this KING size quilt.  Sorry it's blurry but it had lots of fun fabrics and a solid purple backing.  I enjoyed quilting it.  I quilted it with a beautiful purple Glide thread. 
I finished up the baby quilt that I had been working on and gifted it on Saturday.  I didn't end up going to the baby shower but I took it and dropped it off at Amy's house early that morning.  This is for her grandbaby.  She took it on to the shower for me.  I'm not going to post pics of ...

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October 24, 2017
I'm on a roll... from ~ CowgirlQuilter ~

 Another customer quilt off the longarm!  YAY!  Now on to another...
I enjoyed quilting this one.  She pieced it really well so it was easy to quilt.  The bottom border did have a little fullness but I tried to ease it in as best I could. 
She wanted a simple stipple so that goes rather quickly.  

Today I will am going to try to load another one on the longarm and pick out all of that baby quilt that I botched the other day.  :(  I need it for a gift on Saturday so I don't have much time.  I ...

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October 21, 2017
Another one down... from ~ CowgirlQuilter ~

My latest customer quilt is finished!  I'll admit this one was trying.  The fabrics were very stretchy.  The customer and I decided that an overall large stipple was best for it.  So many different fabric textures that it was just very stretchy to quilt.  In the end, I think it turned out pretty good.  Sorry the pics are blurry.
Last night I loaded another one on the frame so it is ready to go this morning!  It is a very pretty patchwork.  I'll post pics of it tomorrow.  

Have you ever been in a big hurry and messed ...

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October 18, 2017
Fairs, Festivals and Quilting from ~ CowgirlQuilter ~

 I finally got my aunt's quilt finished.  Not sure what the name of the pattern is but it's pretty. 
 I still need to clip some threads and bury some knots but I'll do that this morning.  I figure she will pick it up later today.  I used the panto called, "Slick" on it. 
 This past weekend I helped my brother John and SIL, Kellie at a local fair.  He sets up at fairs and festivals in his spare time.  He has a train that he takes kids for rides, a gem mine, cotton candy booth and now ...

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October 11, 2017
Zombie Jamboree from Becca's Crazy Projects

The September 2017 UFO Challenge was number 2. Spring Water Designs is trying to keep me on-track to finish so many things this year. 

I got lucky and managed to squeak this one in before October 1st. I call this one Zombie Jamboree. I wanted a quilt design that didn't hide the many fun zombie prints in the bundle, so I went with large blocks and coordinating solids. It isn't a big quilt. It is just big enough to put on the back of the couch for some spooky fun for October. 

I attached and finished the binding ...

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October 8, 2017
3 Months ago, Wow! from I Patch and Quilt

Yes, it has been 3 months last my last blogpost. WOW! I didn’t even realize it was that long. I will need several blogpost to share everything with you.

One of the most important things that happened these last 3 months, is that my longarm machine arrived!  I have been wanting a longarm from the moment I first laid eyes on one in a YouTube video somewhere in 2013.

Getting a longarm in Europe means you don’t have a lot of brands to choose from. I selected the Handi Quilter Avanté which gave me the best quality for ...

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October 4, 2017
Blocks are finished and some baking from ~ CowgirlQuilter ~

 I got a little more quilting done on this customer quilt.  It belongs to my aunt. 
 Here is a larger photo of it.  I am about halfway through right now.  I hope to finish it up today.  I forgot what she said the name of it was but it's very pretty.
 I also finished piecing ALL 80 of my blocks!  I hope to slowly assemble this between customer quilts.  These blocks are so fast and easy!  A friend of mine used Halloween fabrics in these blocks and it turned out super cute. 
 Today I am going to try to ...

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October 3, 2017
Blocks, Quilts and Cookies from ~ CowgirlQuilter ~

 I did get a little sewing done for me yesterday!!!  YAY!  I have a couple of blocks pinned above my machine to make sure that I sew them together correctly.  The one on the left is my Garlic Knots and I need to make more of those blocks to get my quilt top a large queen size.  The one on the left is the blocks that I am working on right now.  They are pretty much the same other than the size, one is made from all squares and the other is squares and rectangles.
 This little pile of blocks ...

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October 2, 2017
Customer Quilts and Some Piecing.... from ~ CowgirlQuilter ~

 Here are the blocks that I have been piecing.  I'm just piecing a few here and there between the canning, quilting and just life in general.  

I found these blocks and I had cut them all out a few years ago but had not pieced them.  The pattern is called, "Lattice Bones" and it came out of a quilt magazine.  Weird name really but cute block. 
 I have more of the blocks done than this but I was just throwing them up on the design wall.  The plan is to piece 80 blocks for an 8x10 setting.  I think ...

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September 30, 2017
Life has been busy! from ~ CowgirlQuilter ~

 Sorry that I have been MIA for a while.  Life has just been so busy.  I got a little overwhelmed with all of the canning, quilting and just life in general.  I'll slowly catch you up on it all.

I'll start with a couple of the quilts that I have quilted over the past couple of months.  

This beautiful Dresden...  A family friend and neighbor brought this quilt top by to see if I could quilt it for her  before October 7th.  Her grandson is getting married and she wants to give it as a wedding gift. 
 Doug ...

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September 27, 2017
double delight from Making A Lather

I found the box of my Double Delight project in the ufo closet.  Again, all the pieces are there, all I need to do is start laying out the rows. I am challenged when it comes to on point settings. I really need to arrange and rearrange before I start to sew. And still I might find a setting triangle turned wrong. This was Bonnie Hunter's 3rd mystery quilt, so it needs to get finished. I love the colors and the scrappy fabrics.

Again, I am in no hurry and plan to use this as my away project at ...

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Quiltville Mystery Quilt 2016: Quilting En Provence Part Two from Becca's Crazy Projects

It took me more than a little time to finish the quilting on En Provence. I went with this all-over swirl design. Like all of my quilting, this is exclusively hand-guided work. No computers for my long arm. That means all the errors are my own. Quilted using Superior Threads So Fine! #50.
I've pieced the 400+ inches of binding. I'll attach and finish this binding by machine so I can be finished with this quilt. I'll be ready for the next mystery quilt.

You can buy En Provence as a digital download directly from Quiltville.

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