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January 20, 2021
Batik Pineapple Log Cabin quilt top sewn............. from Exuberant Color

One of the 3 quilt tops is sewn together.  I usually cut my setting triangles oversized so the center design floats.  It is 45" x 58.5".  I thought it was going to be narrower than 45" so I could use just one width for backing.  Now I'll have to get creative.  I have several long narrow pieces of batiks cut away from other backings so I'll look there first.  This one won't get quilted this month because I have 6 planned ahead of it. 

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January 19, 2021
Multi-tasking again.............. from Exuberant Color

I cut the setting triangles from both orange Shaggy and red Cactus flower.  I need to cut a few more but I needed to see some on the design wall to decide which fabric to cut the rest from.  It is so much prettier in person.  Be sure to click on the photo to see the setting triangle fabrics closer.

On to the batik pineapple log cabin quilt top: I sewed the setting triangles onto the rows and added a strip on 2 of the corners to compensate for the size of the corner triangles.  The spots run in rows ...

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January 18, 2021
The other setting triangles........... from Exuberant Color

While I was in the basement pressing the setting triangle fabric for the 16 patch quilt I glanced over at my design wall which has had these pineapple blocks on it for a couple months.  I had been trying several neutral light prints for the setting triangles and then I saw this batik fabric and thought it might be fun.  The color is off in this photo since it is a dusty blue with beige spots.  I only had a yard of it and I cut all of the side triangles I needed.  This did not leave me a large ...

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January 6, 2021
Sidetrack and main project.............. from Exuberant Color

This is my view from the sewing chair.  I was cleaning off one of the cutting tables in the basement and I found a pencil box full of left over strips from 2 or 3 log cabin quilts.  So.....I had to see how many blocks I could make from them.

There is a variety of types of fabric: plaids, stripes, batiks, Kaffe fabric and other printed quilting fabric.  So I got that out of my system and went back to the project I'm really working on.

Here are the first 9 blocks of the Kaffe collective warm color ...

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January 5, 2021
Still kickin' at the New Year from Elaine Adair Pieces

I'm still here, working and sewing much of the time.  Hey, this home maintenance being completed by just ONE person takes a lot of time!  My spirits remain sorta OK, and I get lonesome, pretty much like everyone else.  A terrible anniversary is looming -  sad and scary but I will face it.  Time flew by so quickly, it is shocking.  I barely learn what day it is, and it's the next!  

During my blog lull, I have finished the quilting on this QOV, shown as a top previously.   

Love that striped binding!  Here's the back, much of ...

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December 13, 2020
Modern Log Cabin from a Layer Cake! Fast Pattern called Retro Tiles from Quilt Addicts Anonymous from Quilt Addicts Anonymous

You may think we forgot how to count. But today’s video is not a mistake … we are bringing you a 13th Make of Christmas!

We originally planned to remake Retro Tiles, my modern log cabin quilt using a layer cake with Polar Magic by Lemoni for FIGO. But when it was time to start filming, we still didn’t have the white fabric we ordered a month previously for the background.

But white 10-inch square packs AND white yardage arrived after I started shooting, so we decided to squeeze one bonus video in for you.

In this video we ...

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December 8, 2020
Last block made............ from Exuberant Color

The 18th pineapple log cabin block is finally finished and on the design wall with the other 17.  Now I'm starting to audition fabric for the setting triangles.

This batik might be a little too dark so I'll try some more today.

I got the Christmas box down off the top shelf and got the Christmas quilt out.  Click here to see the whole quilt.

I bought this patriotic Santa in 1994 and made a little rug that year for him to stand on.  Luckily I have been able to find both pieces each year.  One thing I ...

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December 3, 2020
7 more blocks............ from Exuberant Color

 I got in a few sessions of sewing yesterday and finished 7 more of the batik pineapple blocks.

I took them downstairs to the design wall where the original 10 blocks were.  They are about 14" across on the diagonal so this would be 42" wide and 56" long.  It would be another recliner chair size quilt or even a baby quilt, an elegant baby quilt.  

I need to make one more block.  I have one dark block that I might try in it to see if it looks like the black sheep of the quilt.

The bouquet of little ...

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November 30, 2020
Sunday sewing........ from Exuberant Color

I  started out sewing pieces for 10 more pineapple blocks.  When it came time to turn the iron on I switched to another project.

 I have over 20 masks cut out with flannel on at least one side.  A lot of friends are cold weather walkers.

This is one side of the first 8, all flannel on this side.

This is the reverse side of the first 8.  Five of them have flannel on this side too.

The other three have Charley Harper fabric on them.  This one is a little hard to see the print, a squirrel and birds ...

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November 29, 2020
Pandemic Porch Quilt Show, Days 36-39: Airplanes, Civil War, Play Castle, Flower Power from Gefilte Quilt

Day 36: Airplane Blanket This family favorite was made for my kids, in the late 90s, from a delightful print of animals flying airplanes.

The border features consecutive yellow triangles, called "flying geese," made into giant arrows with the help of a multi-colored stripe serving as each arrow's shaft.  

Day 37: A Very Civil War
Our country survived the Civil War, and I hung this war-era quilt on November 3, just before the election, as a reminder to vote!
I found these blocks in a rural antique shop in upstate NY in the early 90s - there was a big ...

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3 almost done blocks............... from Exuberant Color

I have finally made the decision that I'm not going to finish any project this month.  Instead I'm just going to work on what I want to.   I started 3 pineapple log cabin blocks last night.  They are just missing their light corners right now.  I don't know how many blocks I'm going to make because they will be set on point and I need to start the layout to calculate it.  This will be another throw quilt so it won't take a lot of blocks.  I have 10 leftovers and now 3 new ones ...

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November 27, 2020
Cutting table............ from Exuberant Color

I cleaned off this cutting table yesterday and immediately chose 2 projects to work on.  I have stratas sewn for a throw size Kaffe Trip Around the World.  I need to sew the last seam to make them into a tube and then slice off segments to start designing on the wall.

The other project is to go through that box of batik scraps and choose some to cut for more pineapple log cabin blocks.  I only need blocks with light centers and corners to go with the 10 blocks I have in the orphan block box.  I can see ...

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November 20, 2020
Bear from Espritpatch

November had started as a rather productive month for me while hubby was floored with Covid. But then unsurprisingly, I caught Covid too and I wasn't able to do much as I was so so tired and slept a lot.  So there has been virtually no sewing at all last week. I was hoping to make up for it at the week-end, but I was still very tired with virtually no energy on Saturday and didn't do much then either.

I did eventually start playing with the strips of fabric I had cut out the previous week-end from ...

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Ein Muster-Test - Pattern Testing from Quilt Collection M.

 Karen fragte nach Testern für ihr neues Muster GeoOptics. Das ist ein total interessantes Log Cabin Layout. Log Cabin stand schon sehr lange auf meiner To-Do-Liste, also keine Frage, dass ich es testen wollte. Karen kenne ich übrigens aus der To be A Bee (Randersacker)-Gruppe...

Schaut euch das Ergebnis an: ist das nicht toll geworden? Ich musste einfach mit dem Ergebnis anfangen!

Karen asked for testers of her new pattern GeoOptics and I was totally excited to be part of the testing  team. A log cabin has been on my to do list for ages and I was ...

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November 15, 2020
Log Cabin QOV from Elaine Adair Pieces

Investigating into a closet, I found an entire box of red/white/blue fabrics, obviously forgotten.  There was even a book wrapped inside the fabrics.  For me, "out of sight, out of mind"!   (That also works in reverse when shopping!)   But I made this Log Cabin recently.  And I must admit to using that 8 in. Log Cabin Trim Tool, to justify purchasing it years ago, and frankly, I liked it.  Sometimes I get too casual and careless when sewing a simple pattern but using the Trim Tool kept me much neater, more precise.  My border finishes at 1 inch ...

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November 9, 2020
Modern Log Cabin Quilt Pattern & Tutorial! No more wonky log cabin blocks! from Quilt Addicts Anonymous

Today’s tutorial is packed with lots of tips and tricks to make a fabulous log cabin that doesn’t get all wonky!

If you’ve ever made one and found that the outside strips just seem to be too long, then you’ll know exactly what I mean about wonky log cabins. With all the seams, it is super easy for your log cabin blocks to get off in size and for the strips to stretch out as you sew and press.

I show you how to have perfect blocks every time by cutting your log cabin strips on ...

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November 5, 2020
Pandemic Porch Quilt Show Days 25-28 : Over Japan from Gefilte Quilt

 Day #25: Tokyo Life

I made this quilt in 1999, a cathartic project working through memories of living in Japan for a year and a half, in the early 1980s.
Tokyo was indescribably dense, and everything seemed tinier than in the US - cars, furniture, cups, plates, clothes, and especially the people. Most of the women and many of the men were smaller than me - I felt like a massive Barney the Dinosaur, especially when perched on ludicrously petite chairs. Each day, I lumbered through a fascinating shopping street, decorated with strings of artificial flowers. The novelty fabric in the center ...

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October 20, 2020
Pandemic Porch Quilt Show, Days 14 - 19: Altered Cowboys and Beyond from Gefilte Quilt

My show is going strong! Here's the third batch. 

Pandemic Porch Quilt Show, Day #14: Cowboy Quilt
This quilt was made circa 1998, when my adorable little boy wanted to be a cowboy.
At the time, I was not only enchanted with my growing baby humans, but also my growing baby fabric stash, especially this brown border print:
As a new quilter, I did some reckless things. In this case, I cut the outer edges, on the sides and bottom, into hanging diamonds. What's worse, I chose a relatively thick red denim bandana print to bind them. (On ...

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October 12, 2020
Chevron Log Cabin from Applique 'n Patch Quilting

This afternoon, the leaves are swirling around in the wind; the sky is ugly.  A cold front is moving in.  Tonight we are expecting -2C (28.4F).  We could have snow on the ground in the morning. 

I took advantage of a break before the temperature starts to drop and took photos of my latest quilt finish.

"Chevron Log Cabin".  I sure loved making this quilt.  A combination of printed and solid fabrics were used.

What the sun and tree shadows does to a photo?  It takes on a whole different look!
It was windy and the top of the ...

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September 17, 2020
Waterfall Throw Quilt in Moda Grunge Quilt Pattern! from Busy Hands Quilts

I'm excited to share the new Waterfall quilt pattern today!  Waterfall is the latest Busy Hands Quilts pattern and is stash friendly.


Waterfall is all about letting the fabric shine!  I love the gradating ombre colorwash effect in this quilt design.  The colors just blend, mesh, meld {so many words!} together in a soothing way.

It's easier to get this effect than you think.  Here's how you create it yourself:
  • Grab the pattern.
  • Select two colorways that meld together.
  • Gather five hues of ...

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