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June 13, 2018
I May Have A Scrap Problem... Strings, Strings Everywhere! from Confessions of a Fabric Addict

Hi, all!

Well, despite all efforts to avoid it, Tuesday snuck up on me, and I almost forgot to write a scrappy blogpost for Wednesday!  But here I am, with a little bit of a fun quilt to share!  Here's the story...

It all started with this picture that I found on Pinterest.  Suddenly the huge pile of strings we have at church took on a different glamour!  And so, using a 5" square for the center, I started going around the square with those strings.  My only requirement was that they be straight and even.  Round and round ...

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June 5, 2018
Journal Quilt for June from Creating Chaos

Moving on from yellow, this month's JQ is yellow and green.

I started with a random pieced panel in the centre which was created using fused fabric which I bonded to a backing fabric and then cut to shape.  This was then bordered as a log cabin first with yellow which I then cut at angles before completing with a green border.

I was a bit worried about the raw edges on the centre panel so decided to machine quilt narrow lines and hope it was enough.

You may recall that one of the criteria for my quilts this ...

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May 24, 2018
workshops – novas datas! from Ritacor

é com muito prazer que vos anuncio as primeiras datas de workshops para este ano! dia 23 de junho, sábado, temos uma aula de manhã (das 10h às 14h) dedicada aos half-square triangles e outra à tarde (15h – 19h) outra aula dedicada ao clássico bloco Log Cabin. o sítio é o melhor possível: a Retrosaria, … More workshops – novas datas!

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May 8, 2018
Variety and options from Stitchin' Therapy

  Time just gets away from me and blogging takes a hit it seems.  I did not realize it had been a week since I posted.  I was able to get thru most of the items I put on my list to accomplish last week. 

    I had the floral log cabin up on the design wall, and in need of squaring up the edges.  Got that taken care of and decided I needed a small border at least.  So I added that.  Now, she needs pinning and quilting.  I ordered batting and it arrived yesterday, so I am putting that onto ...

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May 4, 2018
Frida mini-quilt from Ritacor

a Frida Kahlo continua a ser uma inspiração: parece que agora está na moda e que há várias marcas de pronto-a-vestir que fizeram t-shirts inspiradas nela, mas no meu trabalho tem sido uma constante desde sempre. desta vez fiz uma pequena coleção de mini-quilts com o dia da mãe em mente – são uma prenda … More Frida mini-quilt

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April 30, 2018
Ready for quilting from Elsie Quilts

It is nice to have a few quilts ready to quilt, and the tarp off my machine which was there to protect it from flying plaster/dust. Now to get at it...

Scott's king-size is draped over my craft table, ironed, all the hiccups fixed, etc. Hi Edith... It looks much better than it did when you were here. I washed the backing and it came out smoother and no wrinkles at all. The batting was one long piece equivalent for two kings, so hubby and I rolled it on the bar under my machine. It needs a trim ...

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April 27, 2018
On point from Stitchin' Therapy

    I love the look of blocks set on point,
but I sure hate the joining potion of the assembly.    To be clear it is the corners that make me batty.  So I tend to cut over-sized triangles to be sure everything fits.   I only ended up with one set that had to be ripped out....because of a setting triangle going in the wrong direction.  I am sure you never had that happen :) 

  Any way, by the time I reached this point 2 days ago, my wrist was in agony.  Inflammation from over use and low pressure system, I think ...

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April 25, 2018
A Scrappy Pineapple Quilt! from Quilting through Rose-colored Trifocals!

I just finished quilting this scrappy pineapple lap size quilt -- doesn't it look great.
It began life as a demonstration/teaching sample for Marti Michell's 1" Pineapple Set and I recently finished the piecing and decided to gift it to one of my nephews.
This is the third pineapple quilt I've made using Marti's templates -- the best part is once the pieces are cut, there is no trimming, no paper to remove, and the blocks are consistent in size!
I was feeling intimidated about the "how" of quilting it, but I'm pretty happy with the ...

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April 20, 2018
Last blocks from Stitchin' Therapy

   I cut and added the setting triangles on the floral log cabin on the design wall......and realized I was 4 blocks short.  Honestly, I can't seem to count anything correctly any more. 

  I stitched up the last 4 blocks and they need a good pressing.  So yes!  My adventure for the weekend will be rearranging the whole layout, and beginning to join the rows. 
  And since I seem to have forgotten how to count, I probably will need to cut another group of setting triangles.  I have the fabric because I bought extra.  A little voice told me ...

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April 19, 2018
One more treasure to share from Crazy Quilter on a Bike!

Of course, you realize when I say SHARE, I mean share visually with you. Of course, I'm not sharing this project with you! 

I seem to be a magnet for UFOs. And I don't mind. It does depend on the UFO of course and while I was prepping for that presentation on log cabin quilts, I came across another treasure that I had forgotten about. This one was donated to me by someone in one of my guilds. I don't think I purchased it. So yes (and NO JUDGING HERE), if you have a cool project that ...

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April 15, 2018
On the wall again from Stitchin' Therapy

  A couple of days ago  I got that wild hair and started shifting furniture and moving things around in the sewing room.  I wanted a better configuration for sewing with some elbow room.    Since I am usually an accident waiting to happen....... it did.   I caught my foot on the mat under my chair, I stumbled, but luckily landed in the chair.  Unfortunately, I caught my wrist in an awkward position and it is quite sore.....not broke or damaged, but quite sore.   So everything came to an abrupt stop.  I got no further and  stuff is in a mixed ...

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April 14, 2018
It's Never Quite As 'Quick and Easy' As It Seems from Quilty Folk

Sometimes we have quilt projects that just need time to simmer. Dozens of potentially good ideas spin around in our brains for precisely how to move forward. And tho at times it feels really complicated, the minute it all 'clicks' into place, then we feel so relieved that we gave it time and space to get things right. In the meantime, there are generally lots of other projects that can more than fill up our creative time.

Adding a simple round of borders for Tidbits quilt
It's really is good to have numerous quilt projects on the go, all ...

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April 9, 2018
Let go....don't over design from Stitchin' Therapy

  As easy as I said this block was to construct, it sure has me second guessing myself.  Not the construction, but the values of fabrics and the placement.  I added another dozen or so blocks to the previous ones. 

  I found myself thinking I should maybe add dark value sashing between the blocks.   For sure the added strips  give a very  3-D effect, but  for  some reason it appears too stark to me.    Maybe over contrived or over designed......I decided no to the extra strip for sashing.   I am willing to let go.   I am willing to let the ...

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April 7, 2018
Pandora's box from Crazy Quilter on a Bike!

 I seem to be running around these days. It was sale day at The Hobby Horse yesterday (and again today - 30% off the fabric on the bolt) and I helped out for the day. I used to work in the store, but it's been a long, long time since I cut fabric all day. It was loads of fun and got to see a lot of familiar faces. BUT I was exhausted when I got home. I don't think I even got a chance to open my book before I was out!

Today, I'm teaching a class ...

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April 4, 2018
Another month, another Journal Quilt from Creating Chaos

For my April Journal Quilt I reached orange and yellow on the colour wheel and although on the face of it there is a traditional look to it, I used a variety of widths for the strips and included some orange and yellow striped strips too.  The centre square is also from the striped fabric.

I used a hand made block for the gelli printing on some of the yellow strips, using string wrapped around a piece of card and using an orange fabric paint.

To finish I machine quilted in straight lines from top to bottom, again varying the ...

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Barn Raising Log Cabin from Lost Quilt Come Home Page

Dodie Rife is asking for help locating this Barn Raising Log Cabin quilt. It was donated to NOVA by Steve Butler. This quilt was last seen on February 5, 2018 at NOVA Center in Billings, Montana. The quilt was on display and being offered for sale to benefit NOVA. When staff came to work on Tuesday morning, it was missing.

This is a king size quilt with two king size shams. The main colors are gold and brown calico. It was made around 1970.

If you have any information about this quilt, please contact Dodie at, or notify ...

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March 27, 2018
hand piecing a quilt ??? from Sotak Handmade

Last few weeks I've been looking for a handwork project I could do while watching a show with my kids, or waiting in a carpool lane. Knitting is my usual go to project when sewing machine is not an option, but this time I was ready for some change.

I thought about cross stitch for like a second but I knew right away it wouldn't do as I lack patience and get too frustrated with all the mistakes I tend to make when working on a cross stitch project. I then pulled out my epp (english paper piecing ...

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March 22, 2018
The Rules of Quilting from Terificreations's Weblog

And she said Flowers are red young man Green leaves are green There’s no need to see flowers any other way Than the way they always have been seen Harry Chapin Flowers are Red The other day the topic of Community came up on the Faith blog as a result of leaving a quilting group.… Continue reading The Rules of Quilting

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March 19, 2018
Time to build a log cabin from Stitchin' Therapy

  We made a trip to the local used book store over the weekend.  I picked up a book, A Log Cabin Notebook, by Mary Ellen Hopkins.  She was one of the first and best quilters to break things down into simple steps.    I have several of her books, but not this one!  So for $3 I was happy.
   We all know you could spend a lifetime making log cabin quilts and never have two the same.   With this book you have a lot of inspiration.  It  has a good tutorial on log cabin blocks... from traditional methods to chain piecing ...

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March 18, 2018
Imogene’s Log Cabin from Quilted Joy

The Log Cabin quilt has been around for awhile, but it still manages to take my breath away. There are so many different ways to play with color placement to create really imaginative and fun designs! 

Imogene's Log Cabin is a beautiful example of a classic log cabin in black and red. She cleverly chose fabrics that allowed for the gradient darkening of the two halves while not adding additional colors outside the three main colors of red, black, and white.

Imogene created this Log Cabin as a gift for a relative. For those natives in Louisville, it comes as no surprise that this is a University of Louisville quilt to pay homage to their favorite university.

Imogene's Log Cabin is a beautiful example of a classic log cabin in black and red. She cleverly chose fabrics that allowed for the gradient darkening of the two halves while not adding additional colors outside the three main colors of red, black, and white.

Imogene chose a combination of solids and patterns to create this tri-colored quilt. I thought this was a creative way not to stray from the school’s colors ...

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