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September 23, 2022
September Scrap Busting, Mushroom Madness, Jenny's Dressing and Jacquelynne's Free Pattern from Canadian Needle Nana

 I never tire of walking this property in every season. Each time my eye lands on something new or different to take note of. I was happy to read Ralph's quote that  describes my experiences as I try to have an attentive eye too.

As a good example of that, it is newly mushroom season and a bountiful one here at the wooden house. Much to Ned's delight, we've taken extra walks with the camera, foraging for mushrooms, not to eat but to photograph.  I'm going to get my mushroom books (yes, nerdy me, I ...

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August 29, 2022
Three Free Patterns, Favourite Summer Spot, Panama Pyramids, Flight of Fancy Progress from Canadian Needle Nana

August 25 view of the pond. 
In the midst of all the pleasures of this property is this little pond, I sit down here most summer mornings with my camera and Ned beside me. Both of us looking, looking, looking. Me for birds- haven't a clue what he is looking for but he keeps his head on a swirl and seems to enjoy the experience as well. We don't speak and seem to hold our breaths waiting for something great to appear/happen. It always seems we are both reluctant to finally give in, leave the peace and ...

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August 26, 2022
Bird Behaviour, Crochet Granny Stripe, Karnak Wall Hanging Sewing, Watching Love Me from Canadian Needle Nana

Our week is off to a good start here at the wooden house. Weather wise, it has turned humid again with rain and thunderstorms. But that hasn't stopped me from  sitting down by the pond with my camera early mornings- so far I have captured nothing. But using the quiet time, Ned with me, to have my inside voice repeat how fortunate I am and grateful too for my days here on this wonderful land. 

Closer to the house I did capture something a little unusual. I saw movement in the flower bed one day and it turned out ...

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August 1, 2022
Three Free Patterns, Kaffe Table Runner, Wheel Within a Wheel Progress, Me in the Garden from Canadian Needle Nana

The deer have been around and gnawed down a couple of hosta plants; here they eat the same one and leave all the rest. 
I've finished the impromptu/squirrel project, the Kaffe Table Runner. It finished at 13 by 25 inches. I enjoyed the hand quilting part of this project and how it used up some very old scraps.
I decided, because it was geometrical, I would try some rounded edges for the quilting as contrast. Sharing with the Purple Party at So Scrappy.
I cut a cardboard template and used my hera tool to make the quilting lines ...

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July 18, 2022
Three Free Patterns, Chocolate Strawberry Cake, Kim's Flower Pots, Purples For July from Canadian Needle Nana

I'm not feeling up to par this morning. Yesterday I turned my left ankle on a late afternoon walk (am I fit to leave the house anymore???) and it throbbed lightly in the night, enough to wake me around 2 and I didn't get back to sleep till 4 ish. Up at 6:30 per usual with Ned and relieved the ankle is a little sore but totally walkable. That's the good news.

And that aside, what bothered me is this... it didn't occur to me to get up and take a Tylenol. That link between ...

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July 11, 2022
Three Free Patterns, Hand Embroidery, Summer Baskets, Poppy Love, Great Banana Muffins from Canadian Needle Nana

The Icelandic Poppies were in bloom. They bring very striking colour to the garden but my little complaint is they do not stay long. This particular orange is so glowing, you can't see details on the petals. If there is such a thing as electric colour this would be it.

The centers are equally wonderful. I have a small bank of reds too but they are not as interesting as these.

I bought a huge bag of bananas for $1 at Walmart  There were nineteen bananas and I ate most of them. But I also made a batch of ...

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June 22, 2022
Thursdays' Three Free Patterns, Blooming Times, Lemon Cake, In My Genes from Canadian Needle Nana

The view out my kitchen window now the rose bushes on either side of the walkway are in bloom.  They will rebloom till frost gets at them in late October.

That box is one we keep there for deliveries. We started doing that during the pandemic and found it worked well. I think the drivers probably like it too with not having to come up all our steps. 

Another cake from daughter...a lemon one that I really loved. She made the lemon curd and combined it with a mousse cream topping.  It was just the treat with a cup ...

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June 13, 2022
Three Freebies on a Thursday, Hubby's New Toy, Tumbling Blocks, Rabbit in White Socks from Canadian Needle Nana

Hubby with his latest purchase.  Something called a Spyder which is three wheeled and has power steering.  I'm filing this only live once! He rides mid week with a group of similarly vintage drivers who ride the back roads and take all the precautions. I really don't worry about him...that much.

In the tall woods, I spied this little fellow. The ears gave him away.
His close up! His paws were still winter white when this photo was taken.
A new feature on this blog...I'll try to corral the free patterns to Thursday ...

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May 1, 2022
Weekly Wonders at the Wooden House from Canadian Needle Nana

The Eastern Phoebes are nest building on the back of the house. I'd cleared out last years nests and two pairs are using the exact spots again. Location, location, location, I guess. LOL

It was Anzac Day, April 25, recently. Newfoundlanders were the only North Americans to fight along side the Australian and New Zealand forces at Gallipoli in World War I. This event is marked by the Royal Newfoundland Regiment each year. In 2021, the bands of both forces, while continents apart, linked up to make this video.  The piece is called Invercargill, named after a city in ...

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April 11, 2022
Canadian Spring, A Gardener's Alphabet, Links, Free Patterns, Inspiring Quilts from Canadian Needle Nana

Crabapple Hill Designs A Garden's Alphabet BOM, pink crayon tinted and embroidered. Blocks all done; assembly required.

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April 1, 2022
All Time Best Thrift Store Find, Scrappy Table Runner, Crocheted Olympic Bouquets, The Beautiful Butterfly's Ball from Canadian Needle Nana

 Time to share with you all (if I haven't done so already; my memory for past blog items is fuzzy) my very best bargain from a thrift store.  I was told the set had just been brought in from a farm house about to be sold. The sugar was still in the sugar bowl. This is Petit Point by Royal Albert, a pattern discontinued in 1997. 

 I paid $130 for the set and at the cash got a 10% reduction for spending over a hundred dollars there.  I examined the pieces well, checked the backstamps, etc. because it all ...

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March 12, 2022
Strategies, Sunflowers, Monkey Brain, Irish Soda Bread from Canadian Needle Nana

Several of you have shown your pretty Sunflower projects while our thoughts are with the incredibly sad plight of the Ukrainians. Hubby has upped his donation to Doctors Without Borders who have medical teams there assisting. Holding our breath as this all unfolds.  I got out the well used Sunflowers tabletopper I'd made  many years ago.  Its' blue and yellow sunniness will take on a whole new meaning for me now.
I made Irish Soda Bread last week.  Hubby loves bread and while I love it too, I try not to eat too much of it.  I found the ...

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December 2, 2021
Three Stitchy Things, Yuletide Blanket, Hockey Boy from Canadian Needle Nana

I heard the Barred Owls calling Wednesday night, one to another from different parts of the woods. Hubby saw one on his late afternoon walk last week flying silently and low through the trees, low enough that Ned chased it.  Below is another shot from that photo shoot last month...a little better than the blob I showed you before.( I didn't realize I could "lighten" the photo; duh, always learning!) Beautiful feathers and that very dark staring eye. He was staring at me!

 We had a dash of winter and the pond froze over enough the neighbours' daughter ...

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November 30, 2021
Quilt Bible Blocks, Snowmen Table Runner, 3 Free Seasonal Patterns, Neddy's Growing! from Canadian Needle Nana

 I tumbled down a rabbit hole this week I can tell you!! On a whim I decided to get out my scrappy Quilt Bible blocks and see what they looked like all together. The floor was the only space free to lay them out.  I'd already made the decision to use a light blue fabric for the sashing as Rosemary had used in her book. I figured she's the expert and actually I think it is working okay. 

 I'd thought of black but didn't have enough on hand and white is over used by me. I ...

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October 30, 2021
Five Fabulous Things to Like on a Late October Thursday from Canadian Needle Nana

 So many things to like and share this Thursday!

Daughter and Robbie made these spooky gingerbread cookies and dropped them off on their way to Saunders Farm last Saturday. That's a popular spot here known for their haunted hay rides and a kid friendly one too. 
At the Flosstube channel, popular Elizabethanncanstitch (who has an infectious laugh) shared how she made this Halloween pillow.  I thought it a great idea...appliquing a Halloween motif onto a background of autumn fabrics.
Btw, many of the flosstube folks also quilt so include a separate section in each video relating to their ...

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October 20, 2021
What I Did on The Weekend, Tiny Trees Dilemma, Free Patterns from Canadian Needle Nana

 Just now on our walk, the barred owl flew over our heads low enough I could hear the sound of its wings flapping. Ned chased it, not very far as he doesn't stray from me. I realized I give this a significance, like it means something to see it and I wondered why. I realized I tend to think of all the critters and birds I spy as here for me, their audience somehow. A foolish notion but if that be so, I guarantee I am an appreciative one.

 Always a surprise when I see these very late blooming ...

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September 26, 2021
Rule #7, Embroidered Primitive Mini Quilt, Links, Shopping from Canadian Needle Nana

 Rule #7 All life on earth is vulnerable. Money, intellect, education or prestige don't protect against all the ills that can befall us. So there is nothing that has happened to me or will happen to me where I can say those two little words, why me.  While I didn't say that out loud when I lost everything in the fire, a part of me inside felt let down by the universe.

 I'd been through enough by then with my various losses to know I wasn't special enough to be given a free pass from bad ...

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August 24, 2021
Links, Free Patterns, Sawtooth Stars, Delicious Black Forest Trifle from Canadian Needle Nana

 It was a week of horrid muggy weather setting a dew point record.  I had a vague idea of what that meant but looked it up anyway. Muggy is what a high dew point means; in our case, very muggy.  Dew point is not something I ever had to concern myself with in Newfoundland. But that broke overnight on Saturday and the temperature went down to 10C so very refreshing on the morning walk with the dogs.

The last of the lilies coincided with the hostas in bloom which is happy news for the bumblebees. 

One of these days I ...

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March 19, 2021
69th Spring Still Holds Surprises from Canadian Needle Nana

 You'd think my 69th March would hold no surprises for me. But the suddenly melting snow, emerging sidewalks, sun feeling so hot on my back I had to unzip my coat and remove my woolen toque, all took me by surprise. This happened in just the last three days but so wonderful. Temperatures above zero and even into double digits one day like what spring is meant to be. Now if only the snow can stay away and a hex on freezing rain too. 

And the birds started chirping just like that. I've heard the male cardinals now ...

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March 3, 2021
Links, Minor Quilting Mystery, Snug Bunny from Canadian Needle Nana

February is moving along quickly and out rather quietly.
 Have had more gently but steadily falling snow that's been going on for days and then some warmer temperatures. Those loosened the banks of icy snow on our roof and that came down in a series of crashes that sounded like thunder. Where it all landed on the front steps made for quite a shoveling job, one that required Hubby's help too. In fact, we couldn't lift it...wet snow is heavy, so wound up fashioning a new set of steps out of snow. 
This old photo shows ...

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