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August 8, 2022
Virtual Class Today from Quilting My Way

 I spent the day cleaning up and getting ready. Then when 1 pm arrived, went into the computer room and started my class. 

If anyone is a member of BDEIG, this class was well worth taking. It's a class on teaching. I was listening more than anything because it's about what to expect when teaching a class. What we need to work on, how we need to get ready, and more. It went till 5 pm tonight. 

I got supper going and then just sat and soaked all the information in. I'm looking forward to trying it ...

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August 7, 2022
Went To The Movies - And Walked OUT from Quilting My Way

 This morning I was just enjoying playing games. Then we decided to go to the Brad Pitt movie that was at the theater at 12:30 pm. 

We arrived, paid, and got popcorn and a drink. Went into the theater and waited. When the trailers came on, they were showing horror movies that are coming out. I had to look away so many times! It was awful. I like movies that don't show them cutting heads off or blood guessing! (sp) I like to be entertained not horrified! Not my kind of movies. Once that was over, the movie ...

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August 5, 2022
OOPS - Nothing New Today from Quilting My Way

 This morning Patrick and I went up to Olympia for my pulmonary doctor appointment. I had to do my breathing tests and walk for 6 mins. It was pretty easy today. I didn't mind. Then when I was done with those, my appointment wasn't for another hour and more. So, the gal told us she would check me out and I could go get something to eat. We went downstairs and got a couple drinks. Then we went out to the car. I got a call saying they shouldn't have let me go and that she would ...

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August 2, 2022
Took A Day Off from Quilting My Way

This morning I was up and ready to head to Connie's. As I was waiting, I got a text asking if I got the "message." Said no and went to the phone answer machine. She has a cold that could be COVID. So, she was taking 5 days of quarantine. That took care of that. 

Still needed to do errors for Phil. So, Patrick and I took a trip to town. I waited at Rite Aid for 30 mins. They hadn't opened yet. I waited 10 mins for them to open. Then had to come back later. Headed ...

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July 31, 2022
What Is It About A HOT Day?! from Quilting My Way

We woke early today. I dressed to stay cool....yeah, right! I had to change my top 4 times to get one that didn't make me feel hot and sweaty! Still didn't get there, but I tried. I even wear my tank top that is skin tight while we were home. 

Of course, that's when Debbie shows up. My belly hanging out for everyone to see. The kind where I think it looks awful on people who go out in public like that! And here I am showing it off to Debbie. Oh, well. I sat outside ...

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July 23, 2022
Spent 18 HOURS in ER from Quilting My Way

 Thought that might get me off the hook for not posting. lol This is a "book" so grab some tea or coffee and sit to enjoy. May be boring at time - we all know how I write! lol 

Okay, let's start with Thursday. Since I had to leave around 11 am, I decided to try and get some more beading done. 

After three rows, I got working on getting everything ready to go. By that time I had to leave. Needed to drop Phillips Birthday card off. 

The day of the presentation. We had a great turn out. Six ...

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July 19, 2022
Spending The Day In Olympia from Quilting My Way

Today we started out by waiting till it was time to leave. Patrick had his appointment at 11:30 am and I had mine at 3:20 pm. 

I sat and worked on my embroidery work. I did get some done, but not much. After his appointment we headed to Costco for lunch. After lunch, we went into the shop and picked up crab and corn on the cob. That was dinner - when we finally made it home. 

Then we headed over to Falls Terrace. There is a park there that is part of the brewery (no longer a brewery ...

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July 16, 2022
Hello Friday from Quilting My Way

 This morning Patrick was out the door for golfing. I was enjoying my time. I played games and then vacuumed. Got laundry in and was just eating lunch when I got a call from mom. - I was PLANNING to work on the bindings of the quilts I have. Mom asked if I would come over and go shopping with her. She's still a little weak, so she wanted someone with her - just in case. 

Next thing I know, I'm out the door. Traffic is awful! More trucks and cars then usual. Got to moms and we went over ...

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July 15, 2022
A "Nada" Day from Quilting My Way

Today we started out with things to do. First off was the bank. Then it was the dump. Patrick had the truck loaded with garden stuff. After the dump we headed to the veggie stall. I had to pick up a tomato. Man!! Tomato's are expensive!! I couldn't believe they are $3 a lb. UGH

Next stop was Staples to grab a box. We have to get the two quilts ready to go. Which meant we had to make a stop at the museum. Dropped off 2 quilts and picked up 2 more. We are going to sent ...

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July 7, 2022
Road Trip - Westport! from Quilting My Way

 Yesterday Patrick came up with the idea to take a road trip to the ocean. We decided to go. I was thrilled because I haven't been to the beach in ages! We left around 10 am. 

It was a good ride. We chatted about different things. Stopped and got ice cream for lunch. Yum!!

We walked up to the birds. Patrick kept walking closer to them and they got up and walked toward the water. They didn't run and fly, just walked away. It was comical!

This guy was behind me when I was taking the pictures. It ...

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July 4, 2022
Spending The Day With Friends from Quilting My Way

 This morning was cleaning up. We got the house clean and ready for our friends, Nick and Joanne. Once the house was clean, we worked on relaxing before they got here. 

They were early this time. It was nice. We played dominoes for awhile and Nick won. Then we had supper - steak, corn on the cob, fruit salad, and beans. When supper was over, we enjoyed the deck for awhile till it got just a little too cool to be out there. Came back in and played Rummicube (sp). Of course Patrick had to win that one. 

They were enjoying ...

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July 3, 2022
Movies and Beading from Quilting My Way

 This morning I played games. Then around noon we left to go to the movies. We saw "Minions" (sp). It was good. Not as good as some of the others, but I did laugh, so that was good. I enjoyed watching the movie. It's a good break from what is going on. 

We headed to Safeway to get our shopping in. We did pretty good. Got most of what we needed. Prices are going down on some things, up on others. We did pretty good. I like to save where I can. I did get some more savings on ...

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July 2, 2022
Made Time For Embroidery from Quilting My Way

 We didn't have a quilt meeting today. That actually worked out good for me. I was tired of running around all week. 

First things first. I needed to get laundry going. So, I spent most of the day paying attention to the laundry. While that was going I wrote a letter to a family member, folded laundry, played games and worked on my bookkeeping. 

Then I finally decided it was time to do my embroidery. I wanted to get the flower done to see how it turns out. 

I was able to finish the first one and work on ...

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July 1, 2022
Not A Day For Play from Quilting My Way

This morning I had to get a few more things done before going to moms. First on the list was cleaning up the kitchen and kitty litter. Then it was going on the computer and getting things worked out for QOV. I had to print out some labels, send reimbursement forms, and send a tax form. I spent 2 hours on the computer getting things going for QOV. Called Nancy to see about the 4th. We are doing 4 veterans. Once all that was done, I vacuumed and loaded the car. Mom called to say the vet called to say ...

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June 30, 2022
Blah, Day from Quilting My Way

I headed over to moms and dropped off stuff with my son first. Then I dropped off 2 quilts with mom. Once that was done, I waiting on Bob to show up. We then went through mom's Hawaiian patterns. He decided on the Bird of Paradise.  We talked about the color. Mom gave him a price and he didn't blink. 

I stopped at the museum and picked up 3 quilts for the 4th. We will be giving out 4 quilts at the Gathering Place in Stillwaters. I also picked up the box with all the stuff in it ...

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June 29, 2022
Disaster from Espritpatch

 Just when I thought I'd finally have a sewing corner, I walked into the office/craft room on Friday morning to find it had about 1cm of water on the floor... we had heavy rains due to a thunderstorms and it seems that water accumulated under the floor of the room and eventually passed over the brand new laminate flooring that was laid about 3 months ago...

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Another Day Out And About from Quilting My Way

This week is not my favorite week. Way too much going on! I was taking Sophie to the vet today. I had a chip put in her. Man! I'm glad it wasn't me. I felt so sorry for her when he put that in! She didn't make a peep! Then he gave her her rabies shot. He almost forgot. lol Then we came back home. She didn't let out a peep on the way home. I couldn't believe it. She usually lets me know how upset she is. 

She couldn't get close enough to ...

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June 20, 2022
Cleaning And Bowling from Quilting My Way


Today we just enjoyed the day. I worked on laundry and baked "blondies" for Patrick. They turned out really good. 

I pretty much played games all day. I am coming out of my slump - but not all the way. I have embroidery tomorrow, so I'll do better then. I was thinking today I needed to finish the quilt top downstairs and finish the beading on the table. So, my mind is getting back to thinking of things I was working on. 

We had bowling tonight. I do love 9 pin no ...

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June 19, 2022
Still In A Slump But Doing Fine from Quilting My Way

 This morning we talked about going to the movies. I thought that would we fun. So, around noon we headed to the theater and saw "Buzz Lightyear." I love animated movies and that was a good pick me up. I really enjoyed the movie but did miss Buzz Lightyear's voice. This time it was the "Capt America's" voice. I liked Tim Allen better. I did get used to it and really got into the movie. Well worth seeing. 

Came back home and I played games. Then I worked on supper. Patrick is working on an excel program to ...

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June 18, 2022
Not A Good Day For Me from Quilting My Way

 This morning I decided not to go to moms for quilting. I had planned on it, till last night. Then this morning I went back to sleep. 

I couldn't get myself to work on anything but play games. I realized later this afternoon that it was because Father's Day is Sunday, and my father isn't around. I'm very emotional since I realized it. I guess you can say it's depression, but I was playing games. - Good excuse. We did go to Phil's to get Patrick's pie he baked for him. Emily made him ...

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