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August 6, 2022
New Collection of UFO's in 2022 from caledonia quilter

 I'm sitting on the back patio, 8:30 on Friday evening.  Current temp is 24c with a feels like 30c.  Saturday and Sunday are both forecast to be 30c with a feels like 40c.  Given a choice between this heat or late January temps of -20c I will take this.  In the wilting heat of the day I'll stay inside and do whatever is on my necessary list but as it cools down a bit in the late afternoon I'm back outside.  I'm blaming this love of summer for my new little crop of UFO's ...

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March 17, 2022
A Day In The Life (or five weeks worth of days) from caledonia quilter

I'm reading Her Turn by Katherine Ashenburg.  It's a good book, and I noticed that each chapter represents a week.  Since I haven't posted in quite a while I thought I'd borrow that format.

Feb 6 - 12

I started the week by giving myself another covid haircut.  I was due for a proper cut at the beginning of January, but it's not like anyone cares what I look like.  37 years married...if you get my drift.  Most of the time DH is happy if he notices that my shoes are still in the closet ...

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January 22, 2021
150 Years of Paper Needle Books from Collector with a Needle

150 Years of Paper Needle Books

Given the limits on gathering in person with the current   Covid situation, I am offering additional ZOOM programs open to individuals!

For more details go to the Virtual Program tab on this blog:


** You won't be on video, you can just set back and enjoy from the comfort of your home

** After the presentation you can join show and tell - only if you want!

** All of the program materials are mine (new photos)

** I'm here for you if you have questions!



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May 31, 2020
Let's Get Caught Up, Shall We? from caledonia quilter

Oh, fer crying out loud.  Now Blogger has gone and changed the posting format.  I hope this all comes out the way it usually does...

This started out as a bunch of butterfly blocks from a guild Block Of The Month.  Whoever won the blocks donated them back to the guild.  I thought (?) I had given all the guild donation quilt stuff to the new chair of those projects, but apparently my organizational skills are not what they should be.

I had a cute lilac print in my stash that worked well with the blocks.  I needed to add some ...

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April 19, 2020
Entertainment During The Pandemic, UFO's, Quilt Ideas, Local Happenings from caledonia quilter

At the moment I still have seven quilts here that I will be working on.  As they're ready I'll contact you and arrange a porch pickup.
I am not taking in any quilts until the provincial restriction on non-essential businesses has been lifted.  I realize you might find that to be an inconvenience, but as a rule I do what the "people in charge" tell me to do. Depending on how long this situation persists it might mean your booking in May gets delayed until Julember, or whenever.  With all the UFO's that are being ...

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March 15, 2020
What happened to February???? Lovely Embroidery from caledonia quilter

I have obviously been M.I.A. ...almost a month since I last posted?  Well, let me catch you up.

Oh, such a beautiful embroidered topper... tablecloth?

The maker is such a wonderful woman, she embroidered my name on there too.

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January 19, 2020
Jelly Roll Heart Quilt & New Year's Happenings (1 UFO down...) from caledonia quilter

This is a lovely, modern Jelly Roll quilt.

I really like the way the pantograph echoes the heart shape.

On New Years Day I stuck with my traditional activity - a friend came over, we stitched the afternoon away, then had Chinese Food for supper.
I started the year off by putting these UFO blocks together - this was a Block of the Month project at the Caledonia guild in 2016/2017.  After I completed the blocks I decided I was tired of the colours - I think I have too much red/yellow/blue in my house these days.

I completed the ...

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October 21, 2019
Piecework Front Cover and Fall Events from Collector with a Needle

So excited to have one of my sewing roll projects
 featured on the front cover of
Winter 2019 - New stands October 31, 2019

Come see the issue in Houston!
Limited Edition Kits (HERE)
Feature velvet and hand dyed wool by Ann Hermes
(Notes From The Quilt Lab)

***The kits are not shipping Internationally.  If you are coming to Houston, 
I might be able to hand deliver a kit - send me a convo***

Piecework Magazine is available (HERE)
Now Owned by Long Thread Media - new size, binding and paper!

Houston - Quilt Festival
Booth 2426 Main Aisle
Book Signing
Meet ...

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