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April 22, 2019
Glad Surprise That is Spring from Canadian Needle Nana

Heavy rain and the odd thunderclap were keeping us inside for the most part. It came with wind too lashing about the trees.
 We went out for our walks but I worried Hubby would get cold from the dampness.  I grew up with those notions; did you?
Bit brighter today and there is no doubt "spring is breaking in glad surprise" all around us.

For instance, the phoebe has returned to the rafters of the tiny garage by the pond. Last year two nests were inside and the birds didn't seem to mind the closeness. Having a pond on ...

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April 21, 2019
Santa goes to Mt Maunganui from Romany Quilting

I finished stitching my Santa block in Mt Maunganui.  Here he is with his sack of toys, going off to gather us the reindeer and climb in his sleigh.

Hello Santa

We are up in Mt Maunganui over Easter attending a caravan rally, one of 50 vans and campers.  I discovered one of our neighbour’s  had a lovely quilt on her caravan bed and she kindly allowed me to take a photo to share.  Margaret loves dogs so was delighted to come across this quilt in a quilt shop, fell in love with it and just had to buy ...

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April 15, 2019
Avocado, Birds, Free Patterns from Canadian Needle Nana

Lately this has been my favourite lunch which I make sure I eat by 1 pm.  Two slices of dark rye bread, a little olive oil, an avocado and a sprinkling of pink salt. I find avocado, like bananas, filling.

 I have to work on not gobbling it down and am practising mindful chewing.  Yes, that's a thing and pretty tiresome too but necessary for me as I have a tendency to inhale my food.  Even with this, I tend to forget sometimes and then I'm a big old turkey, gobble, gobble.
As a Newfoundlander, we are known ...

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April 13, 2019
Photograph Blocks And More from Canadian Needle Nana

A most welcome April but the wild melting/freezing/snowing cycle we've been experiencing is mostly unspringlike but making the landscape take on a harshness just the same.  Exposed are last autumn's withered leaves, all the stumps and sticks and suddenly there are even soggy areas where you can go over your boots. Unlike the crisp freshness of winter air, walking today, the air had a smell that was a little woody and earthy.
But the Canada Geese are returning! I was mesmerized by that very moody March sky.

  Yes that early spring smell is familiar to me ...

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Pin Cushions and Cross Stitch from Canadian Needle Nana

Was my life too a that led me here on this calm Sunday thinking grateful thoughts for the journey that has been my life. There have been valleys to trudge through but also mountain tops to wave from. Maybe there was a purpose to all the happenings that came before; perhaps to lead me here to this very spot of beautiful land that I troll every day for little sights that please my eyes and make me happy.
Like this very fluffed up mourning dove for instance.  There were just the two together trying to stay warm.  Love ...

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April 4, 2019
A Spring "Egg"stravaganza! from Telling Stories Through the Needle's Eye

Signs of spring are everywhere here in Germany! When I (Kara) came home from the Academy of Appliqué, blooms of all kinds were just starting to peek through. Now, after a few weeks back, spring is here in full force. Daffodils and tulips are everywhere, primroses are emerging from the leaves in the forest, and the fruit trees are ready to burst forth with their glorious blossoms!

Spring and Easter are well celebrated in Germany. There is a Fruhlingsfest or Springfest, and there are even Easter markets similar to the beloved Christmas markets. While I have not been to an ...

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April 1, 2019
Calving...Spring 2019 from May Your Bobbin Always Be Full

Spring has arrived here in Western Oregon

The pastures are full of cow and calf pairs

The camellia bush is in full bloom

A new calf is born...

Mama cow cleans her new baby...

Vern...2 year old steer 
(bottle calf from 2 years ago)

also comes by to help clean the new calf.

An eagle perches along the river looking for fish

A calf snuggles up against mama

The calves gang up to play!

The grass is greening up,

the cattle are grazing more and eating less hay,

summer is on the way.

I continue to stitch Dresden Plate ...

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March 26, 2019
Modern Day Dinosaur from Romany Quilting

Did you know that New Zealand can claim to have a modern day dinosaur?  We saw one of these living fossils recently when we visited Nga Manu Nature Reserve.  Peering into an enclosure, we saw  one sitting still, as they do, basking in the sunshine.  There were several young ones in another enclosure, but they we too small for us to spot as they hid amongst the greenery. 

Tuatara showing the spines on his back

Tuatara are the only surviving members of the order Sphenodontia, which was well represented by many species during the age of the dinosaurs, some 200 ...

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March 25, 2019
Reinventing the Basket from Canadian Needle Nana

This would be a good day for the Kitchen Drawer Police to visit me.  I spent my domestic pursuit time today cleaning out the four big drawers beside the sink.  How does it ever seem a good idea to keep take-out packets of soya sauce there?  Or pens, or rubber bands, old toothpicks, plastic spoons, or coasters. When I have perfectly good designated areas for all that stuff.  In a hurry, I guess.  But in retirement should I ever be in that big a hurry.

Another thing I did was make Hubby a cake.  Honestly we are still celebrating his ...

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Perennial Dreams from From the Strawberry Patch...

It came to me in a dream last summer: the most lovely of all perennial gardens, it was filled with color and fragrance, it was a haven for birds and butterflies; it was right outside the door from my studio, just beyond the side porch. And then--I awakened! I recounted my dream to Mr. Goodneedle. We decided last fall that this was, definitely, a dream that we could work on together to make a

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Perennial Dreams from From the Strawberry Patch...

It came to me in a dream last summer: the most lovely of all perennial gardens, it was filled with color and fragrance, it was a haven for birds and butterflies; it was right outside the door from my studio, just beyond the side porch. And then--I awakened! I recounted my dream to Mr. Goodneedle. We decided last fall that this was, definitely, a dream that we could work on together to make a

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March 20, 2019
Online Fusses, SAL, A Truly Canadian Bird from Canadian Needle Nana

Hubby, having eaten his oatmeal breakfast, has retired to his computer eager to finish making a sale online.  I've told you how he has driven motorcycles all his life but gave it a break last summer after having a little mishap the year before. Here with one of his pride and joys.

 But he has longed to return to the road and his brush with mortality last month has spurred him onward in achieving that.  He is buying something called a Ryker, a 3 wheeled vehicle that I must admit seems like just the ticket if a 79 year ...

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March 14, 2019
Goats, Calves, Turkey Vultures... from May Your Bobbin Always Be Full

What's happening @ Kessi Farms

Remember Golden Girl?

She is now a mama:

This is her second calf...

She is an excellent mom!

They're BACK...

Yes, the Turkey Vultures have returned

to Western Oregon

They enjoy a morning solar bath

near our calving grounds...

We counted more than 

20 Turkey Vultures today.

The baby goats are growing like weeds!

I have included a video....enjoy:

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CLICK HERE:  to see My Quilts

May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi

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March 13, 2019
Fox and Owl, Lilies and Milkman from Canadian Needle Nana

I wonder how the early pioneers did it for we are not long from those times here in Ontario. Their marks of old stones for fences zig zag through this property still.  Their triumph over nature in the true sense of the phrase puts our complaining about winter weather- a snow storm today, into perspective especially when I read detailed accounts of their agonizing experiences settling Lanark county.

As  you may know we are surrounded by woods here and this allows us to get up close to nature.  Here is an instance that was very close.
 I glanced out the ...

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March 4, 2019
Owls,OMG's, Other Things from Canadian Needle Nana

Winter, the Huntsman, is still riding through his iron glade here outside Ottawa, Canada. We are very much a winter wonderland with narry a sighting of spring to be seen even with these hopeful eyes.  For I am starting to think this is enough now.  Let's move to the next season please.

Indoors there has been baking and reading going on and tending to my little garden.  A sunny week has perked them up.

And stitching too.  The slow kind with the counted cross stitching daily and this too.
Bonhommes en Chapeaux is now a basted sandwich with some ...

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February 26, 2019
Baking, Birds, Books and Stitching from Canadian Needle Nana

The still early darkness is making long evenings, even longer nights for sleep, leisurely mornings for us retirees, comforting ourselves with food and hot drinks all the while. Sort of housebound but in reality not. This winter seems to be going on long without a break, not giving us any hint of an end in sight just yet.
We are comfortable though and only uncomfortable from our own doing...over eating and not walking as far or as long. The urge to treat yourself seems stronger when the outside weather is cold and too much treat type food has found ...

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February 20, 2019
Tea, Crochet, Birds, Stitching from Canadian Needle Nana

Tea cups and time pieces, once so important, are now to be found in the thrift shops.
 I have a few tea cups here inherited from first wife. I remember the only English lady in a tiny village I was teaching in showing me how to pour tea properly so everyone got the same strength in their cup. I took that knowledge to heart.  I remember Dad telling us that in the Korean war, any time they camped with English troops, tea would be offered and to his surprise, even to those injured.

Hubby would definitely second this!
Image result for tea hierarchy
 And growing ...

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February 4, 2019
Free Patterns, Stitching And Feeding the Birds from Canadian Needle Nana

Happy February to all!
Half way through the winter and the sun on our backs this morning had real warmth to it despite the freezing air temperature.
Here is the February block for A Patchwork Year called Forget Me Not, designed by the wonderful Kathy Schmitz.

Hubby has just had to use one of his favourite toys, the snow tractor/blower. ☺

A little update on my Cornwall Cottage Sampler, designed by Karen Kluba for Rosewood Manor.  It is large at 294 x 294 stitches, 2 strands on 32 count linen.  It features a border of half quaker motifs...a pleasure ...

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January 19, 2019
Grandparents, Birds, Dogs, Stitching from Canadian Needle Nana

My elderly grandparents liked to sit in a darkening kitchen and listen to the clock tick.
 I was always too shy to ask that a light be turned on so sat with my book in my lap and pretended it wasn't there for I didn't want them to feel badly they had neglected to turn on a light for me. It would seem to be a surprise to them that suddenly it was dark and we needed a light. I would have to say they had a high level of contentment just sitting like that with each other ...

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January 4, 2019
How I Spent New Year's Eve/ Christmas Gifts from Canadian Needle Nana

Sleep is precious.
My quest for better sleep has led me to consider many sleep related things. I have tried to find the perfect pillow, use higher thread count pillow cases, invest in a beautiful mattress and a cosy duvet with colourful covers that I love.  Because I know for me, I do find comfort in these small things.
 I'm baffled as to why such a simple thing as sleeping eludes me sometimes. I'm getting my hour of fresh air every day, moving my body lots, eating mostly well...a bit more sugar than usual lately though.
 I ...

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