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September 20, 2020
Well-Loved Ladies QAL: Whig Rose from Nestlings By Robin


Welcome to Block 2.
The photo above is a portion of 
a circa 1860 quilt in my collection.
The quilting is applique' outline,
leaves, rosettes, and a gorgeous 
plant of some kind in the border.
The blocks are huge so I had
to reduce for my oversized blocks:)
Yes that is a blue polka dot
in the stems!!!
This is why there is blue in this
block only and I was just 
as surprised as you may be.

where I showcase the 
variations of designs and 
it is exciting to announce that 
this lecture will ...

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August 28, 2020
Antique Quilt Redo from Humble Quilts

I found pieces and strips of this quilt in an antique store. 

So I bought it and then took it apart patch by patch. I then asked friends to search their stash for similar fabric on the patches that couldn't be re-used. 
It is such a sweet quilt and I wonder about the maker and the wonderful variety of fabrics he or she used. 

Its hard to tell which fabrics are new and which are old. 
That is why it is important to label your quilt with the current date and maybe short sentence about its history. 

 I love ...

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July 30, 2020
Mid Summer Quilt Finish from Gray Barn Designs

We interrupt our Christmas in July/August paper piecing project to present a palette-cleansing scrappy, double Irish chain, low-volume quilt finish.

Cindy and I were estate sale shopping last year (or the year before — is your concept of time messed up too????) and I stumbled on an old quilt in need of some love. The quilt was in pretty rough shape, but it just called to me. I bought it for the tag price of $5 because I loved the uniform bold blue squares and the clever quilting. I mention the quilting because what looks like many small white pieces ...

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July 10, 2020
Virtual Quilts: Viewing, Studying and Enjoying Them in New Ways from Repro Quilt Lover

If you belong to a quilt guild, visit quilt exhibits, participate in workshops, take classes, or study quilt history, you have likely had an event canceled or postponed. If you are anything like me it’s been a lot more than one. This has left me wondering how I can fulfill my desire to view quilts and, equally important, to socialize and learn from other quilters. I miss my people! How can I get my quilt fix when everything I used to do is canceled or on hold?

Fortunately, I didn’t have to create the opportunities, I just needed ...

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April 7, 2020
MY Quilt Candy Virtual Quilt Show Tomorrow from Nestlings By Robin

April 8th at 2pm (EST) join me on my FB page, 
Invite your friends and guild members 
to join the fun!
This will be a great way to decide that you
need me to come teach at your guild:)

Get ready to be shocked and amazed?

Shocked because who knows how 
this fiasco will play out as 
I perform my FIRST EVER FB Live video-LOL!

Amazed by the lovely quilts I will be 
sharing with you in this 
Virtual Quilt Show.
The theme is "Favorite Quilts" and 
that is not as easy as it sounds 
because they ...

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March 31, 2020
Quilters Eye Candy Virtual Trunk Shows from Nestlings By Robin

Welcome to the Quilt Candy Virtual Trunk Show 2020
Invite your friends and your guild members
to view hundreds of lovely quilts over the
next 10 days!

ALL times are Eastern Standard Time
Below is the schedule for every day listing
the designer and his or her FB page link
so that you can tune in for a LIVE Quilt Show!
Don't miss the FUN!
April 1 

12pm  Andi Stanfield
1pm   Nancy Scott
2pm   becky jorgensen
3pm   carolina moore
4pm   Jackie Kunkel       https://www.facebook ...

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March 13, 2020
Quilters are the Best Part 2 from Humble Quilts

Here is Elizabeth and Roy snuggled in the quilt that Mona sent. 
Here is a comment she left on Wednesday's blog post:
Dear beautiful ladies,
As I sit here, tears streaming down my face, holding a beautiful baby boy wrapped in a love quilt, I am humbled by your kindness and generosity ❤️
Thank you Mona for the amazing quilt you sent us; I love it so much. Little Roy gets warn out really easily right now during this healing period and he loves me to hold him when he sleeps, now he’s all comfy on my lap wrapped ...

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January 21, 2020
Strawberries and Cream from From the Strawberry Patch...

Strawberries and Cream ~ 60" X 68" I finally finished piecing and quilting this scrappy quilt from years ago, it was inspired by an antique quilt that I saw at a  Quilt Guild "show and tell" and fell in love with. I drafted the pattern and set to work. This may just be one of my favorite all-time quilts.  I backed it with this precious strawberry print. Naming this one was a natural.  I don't

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Strawberries and Cream from From the Strawberry Patch...

Strawberries and Cream ~ 60" X 68" I finally finished piecing and quilting this scrappy quilt from years ago, it was inspired by an antique quilt that I saw at a  Quilt Guild "show and tell" and fell in love with. I drafted the pattern and set to work. This may just be one of my favorite all-time quilts.  I backed it with this precious strawberry print. Naming this one was a natural.  I don't

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January 17, 2020
Friday This and That from Humble Quilts

Remember this quilt? I asked Barbara Brackman about it and this was her response:

I noticed that quilt on your blog. Interesting because of the red behind the lilies. Dating hard as so little to go on. All the fabrics not very good clues. But you wouldn't see a red & green style quilt like this in the 1830s so now we are up to 1840...
The earliest examples I have in the pattern are in the early 1840s.
More reason to think after 1840

R & G quilts 1840 to 1890 but in conservative places like Penn you see them ...

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December 28, 2019
Grand Rapids Adventure from Nestlings By Robin

August of 2019 I flew to 
Grand Rapids, Michigan to
take my appraisal test that
I had been training for
close to 3 years.

 Here are a couple of shots from inside
the convention center that sits 
along the Grand River.
My test would take place over 2 days.
A friend from Florida (also training to 
be an appraiser) was in town so we 
hung out taking in a lecture,
walking the floor looking at quilts,
and attending one of the Quilts of Valor
presentations where 3 quilts were gifted to Veterans.

 Montage of old quilts (above)
and new quilts ...

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December 22, 2019
Vintage Quilt Sunday from Humble Quilts

Here's a fun quilt in my collection. The heavy quilting is keeping the layers together. 
I adore this setting! It is the same setting Sally Post used in THIS quilt.

Most of the quilting is done with hanging diamonds. But the setting triangles near the border change hanging diamond direction. 

The quilting is not tiny and precise, but she did take time to think about the actual quilting of this piece. The quilt is completed by hand.

I wonder what her thought was with putting the small pieces of red behind the flower buds?

 The border has baptist fan ...

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December 15, 2019
Living History Series from Nestlings By Robin

Coming in 2020 (SO WEIRD to write that!) 
I will introduce my Living History Series 
of workshops for guilds to book in 2021.

How interested would you be in 
seeing and touching and learning
about a 100+ year old
quilt and then making a small updated
reproduction of that same quilt?

That is what we will be 
doing in each 3 hour class.
You aren't out a lot of time
or money and you get to 
be a part of our quilting ancestry!

If you are super excited about
this idea, keep an eye out
for Houston next year ...

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December 6, 2019
Thanksgiving Pattern Winners- Happy Friday! from Humble Quilts

The winner of Gracie Lu's Rail Fence is The Joyful Quilter! She was a commenter on my blog.

The winner of Goodnight Darlene from the Facebook comments is Pam Taylor.

Please send me your mailing addresses and I'll get the pattern in the mail. Thanks for playing along and Thank you Kevin for your generosity and talent!

Poor Elsa got into something yesterday and ripped up her feet. We had to make an emergency trip to the vet's office. One of her pads is tore up and on the other foot her dewclaw was torn. Unfortunately it ...

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November 13, 2019
Kovals Antique Quilt Exhibit- Houston from Humble Quilts

Joe and Mary Koval generously shared an amazing array of antique quilts in Houston! Here's a sampling.

 This was actually one of my favorites. I can't get enough of this setting!!

 If I had to make 14 diamonds meet in the center, I'd never have a quilt!
 It's okay to cut up a toile. Still makes a pretty effective and fun quilt.

 I'm so glad I don't worry about which direction my stripes run!

 As precise looking as this applique is................
The maker added this funky folk art dog? I love it!

Quilts that ...

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November 6, 2019
Quilts and Friendships from Humble Quilts

Sometimes you meet new friends! 

And sometimes you pick up right where you left off with other friends! I met both of these ladies working in the education dept at IQF so at least I have 2 positive things from that event!! I also believe working those early mornings, long days, long week gave me a super appreciation for my unscheduled time at the quilt show. I didn't miss working one little bit!

 Donna (I hope I'm remembering correctly) approached me at the show and told me she was a blog reader. She had just made this purchase ...

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October 25, 2019
Antique Bed Turning and Quilt Show from Humble Quilts

Last Friday on my way to the race I left town early so I could enjoy a quilt show in Hood River! 
I enjoyed an antique quilt bed turning the most. 

 I absolutely loved the applique birds on this one.

Not quite sure about the corners on this one.

Sometimes the simplest ones can be the sweetest.

Pretty sure these are old blocks, newly set and quilted. 

 The next few were a few of my new favs.

If you want to read a little about the recovery of the stolen pickup...... 

One of our customers saw our vehicle (He was ...

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October 18, 2019
Aurora Quilts Rhapsody in Blue from Humble Quilts

The theme for the 47th Annual Old Aurora VColony Quilt show was "Rhapsody in Blue" I feel a theme for 2019!!

Here are a few faves:

 What a fun border!!

 Another cool border.
One of my favorites!
Old top, newly quilted.

Another lovely and humble quilt with fabric patterns going every which way!!

Look at that stuffed stem! Cool quilting too.

How about this kind of sashing? Yes? or No? 

Antique quilt, reproduced quilt.

Love that green and red print.

I didn't share my favorite here because I  took so many photos!! 

I'm off to Hood River for ...

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October 14, 2019
Vintage Quilts Monday from Humble Quilts

More quilts from Suzette's collection!!
I love the solid green, although I know I'd find it hard to replicate. 

 But the amazing fabrics the quiltmaker used makes it such a special quilt!

Simple design, but oh so fine!

YES! I say yes to pink and blue!!

This was a newer quilt top.  Each block had fussy cutting!! 

Almost every single block had fussy cut pieces!! 
And look at this! She/he finished every seam- just like a serger, but by hand!! Is that crazy, or what?

I was asked to do another relay- this one is just for ...

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October 7, 2019
Vintage Beauties Part 2 from Humble Quilts

Suzette kept pulling out quilts to share with me! And now I get to share them with you!!

 This one was a real beauty. As you are checking out the fabric, don't miss the quilting!!  It looks like it was marked and quilted by a mathematician!!
 My favorite print was the poison green with spots!!
 Will someone please reproduce this one???!!

This diamond had to tiniest poverty patch to make it the size it need to be!!

 That blue looks like Prussian to me. Your thoughts?
 Look at this blue!! And the red!  Love them! The brown is the ...

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