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July 11, 2019
Are you ready to make pumpkins? Witch's Night Out Block #1 from Pat Sloan's Blog

Here we go for a Fun Witch's Night Out Sew Along!

Pat sloan witch block 1 pic 3

I am making my Witch's Night Out with  the fabric in the book. I had the fabric sent in advance so I was ready to host this sew along.  Below I will show you which pieces I'd use from the starter and I'll make one pumpkin, not all of them, in the fabric from the starter.  Remember you need to add a bit more to the starter bundle, dig in your stash!

On my Project page I show you the block order. I'm mixing ...

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July 9, 2019
Free Merry Mini Sew Along Block #2 from Pat Sloan's Blog


Do you love Christmas in July? That means getting a project all done in time to use this winter!

If you’re joining me for the first time visiting for the Mini Quilt Christmas Quilt Along, I'm so excited you are here! I'm Pat, and I’ve been quilting 'online' since 1999!  I write quilt books, do videos and tutorials, host sew alongs, design fabric for Benartex, and share it all with my worldwide online neighborhood of quilters. Find out more about my sew alongs HERE and join my online neighborhood HERE

Block #2 is wonderful, are you ...

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July 1, 2019
FREE block #7 for Out of the World BOM from Pat Sloan's Blog

If you have not done it yet... 

Pat Sloan Out of this World block 7 button

For my Block #7 celebrates the 50th anniversary of the First Moon Walk, July 20th, 1969. Do those moons just make you SMILE?? They are perfect for the Moon Walk block, had to use them!

**CLICK HERE to Download at Free Quilt Patterns, read my article, then come back to watch the videos on Karen!

**Share a photo of your block #7  below by Aug 1, 2019 and I ...

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June 27, 2019
Winter Wonderland Block #2 and catch up with #1! from Pat Sloan's Blog

I'm in love with the fabric kit we have for Winter Wonderland's books cover quilt, the Sleigh Bell Sampler!

At the end I've included the sew along information on Witches night out and Summer Celebrate the Seasons 

Pat Sloan Sleigh Bell block pic 1

Block #2 is the Scotty dog and it's so darn cute!!  I have a few tips and a short video for making this block below. There is one section you need to be sure you don't have your pieces turned, rest is regular sew and flip!  

The ...

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May 31, 2019
FREE Block #6 Out of This world! from Pat Sloan's Blog

If you have not done it yet... 

Pat Sloan Out of this World block 6 button

For my Block #6 I want to celebrate the many books about Space.

There are so many types of book, you'll find I focused on just 2 types. Research for the article I came across Stan Lee and had such fun learning about him. own below I share some links. 

**CLICK HERE to Download at Free Quilt Patterns, read my article, then come back to watch the videos ...

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April 2, 2019
No FOOLING Charity Block #5 is ready & Block #4 of Out of this World! from Pat Sloan's Blog

Some people are SO good at April fools things.. me.. not so much.. so you might have lucked out as I'm not playing any tricks today.

There are 2 articles today, this is the Charity sewa along. And  there is also one later in the day for my FREE Block of the Month Out of This world. 

Pat Sloan Out of this World block 4 banner

Block #4 is Space Crazy!

When we love something we put it everyone!! Space is no different. I image it started during the 50s when the spac shows came out. You'll see my lunch box at the article.  From party themes ...

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March 17, 2019
Are you going to sew with me? It's Quilt Day! from Pat Sloan's Blog

The third Saturday in March is Quilt day each year!  What better excuse is there than to gather a group of friends and sew all day long?

Pat Sloan Quilt Day

I'm sewing with you online and will be using this post to document my day. I plan on doing a few videos and I'll insert them here. 

I've got fabric options and 800 projects .. do you think that is enough?  I'm also continuing to sew on Sunday as.. well.. it's more fun to have a whole weekend for quilting!


To celebrate national quilt day, my friend Katy Jones ...

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March 14, 2019
Are you joining me Saturday? And it's Charity block #4! from Pat Sloan's Blog

Saturday is Quilt Day around the world!! And I'm HOME!! I can't tell you how excited I am to be able to host a fun day of quilting with all of you online

Also It is Block #4 of the Charity Sew Along with a design board trick I use. Now for the details!

*** IF YOU ARE reading this as an EMAIL NOTICE, click the banner or the 'READ MORE' at the end to come to my website.

Pat sloan norm 1

Saturday is the 3rd Saturday in March, officially Quilt DAY across the World! So grab a project and sew along ...

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March 11, 2019
My Fireside chat, FREE Table runner & thoughts on when we make... from Pat Sloan's Blog

It was so fun to do a Fireside chat yesterday evening! If you've not watched one they are about 30 minutes long with a giveaway!  

AND at the end of this article is a download of my FREE table runner pattern we'll sew for Quilt day Sat Mach 16!

March 16 is International Quilt Day get signed up for my newsletter for details on my sew along!
MINKI KIM fabric winner has emailed me,.. the Other winner please Email me at
**Facebook Group
**Enter your email to get my free newsletter
The Goodies

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March 3, 2019
Out of this World FREE Block #3 + The Charity Quilt Along #3 from Pat Sloan's Blog

Article continues below these Amazon Goodies

For the next few months on the 1st there are TWO releases.. so  I've combined them because many of you are doing both my "Out of this World" and the Charity "Threadology" Quilt along.

  • Out of this world this week is a surprise AND I have a tutorial on my floating Square in a Square. 
  • The Charity Block is such a COOL block you'll want to make a whole quilt of them.   Let's get started. 

Pat Sloan Out of this World block 3 button

Block #3 is Where we Learn about Space

And you will see there are FOUR identical ...

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February 1, 2019
Out of this World FREE Block #2 from Pat Sloan's Blog

Article continues below these Amazon Goodies

Block #2 of "Out of this World"... My Space theme this month is....

Pat Sloan Out of This World block 2 Button

Block #2 is about the Space Show!

TV shows... The Jetsons, My Favorite Martian, how about Mork & Mindy? 

Then on the 'Big Screen' we have so many incredible shows, any Star Wars or Trekkies sewing along?

** LINK at the end...

Pat Sloan 2019 out of this world pic 2

There are still a JUST a few kits left, if you want to use the same fabric as I am. Links below to individual pieces if you just want to pick up a couple...



Pat Sloan space options


Once you ...

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January 3, 2019
Are you ready for another of my Splendid blocks? from Pat Sloan's Blog

Article continues below these Amazon Goodies

Today is another of my Splendid Sampler 2 blocks. And I have a bonus mini quilt layout of them and a photo of my blocks so far!

Pat Sloan Splendid Sampler 2 Pat Star light

This week there are 4 blocks for you to stitch up

I had this stripe (still available HERE) that seemed just perfect to add into my quilt. I'd used it for my bees on the Honey bee block. Now I wish I'd used it sooner,'s not in the mix!

Pat Sloan Splendid Sampler 1 to 37 blocks pic 1

Here are all my blocks. I'm sewing ...

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December 31, 2018
Out of This World FREE Block #1 from Pat Sloan's Blog

Article continues below these Amazon Goodies

I am SO excited with my 2019 Block of the Month theme "Out of this World"!! Today is the day for Block #1..

Did you know this is my 6th year of designing, writing  and hosting a Free Mystery Block of the Month (BOM) for  If you are new to my sew alongs, read at the end to learn how this one works.

Pat Sloan Out of This World block 1 button

Do you have a love of all things Space like I do?  

Did you watch the moon landings and get hooked? Do you work in the space industry? Do ...

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December 28, 2018
A fun FREE small quilt to make! from Pat Sloan's Blog

I'm the last month of the Fat Quarter shops year of color bundles, and my bundle is, I'm sure you know.... 

Pat Sloan FQS red banner

Red!! I was so excited when the color choices came out and I was able to select the red month, yeah! I have a project you can do super fast to enjoy the bundle. Also it's fabulous to add to your collection to enhance your red stack. Mine seems get used up so quickly. Red Fat Quarter Bundle

Pat Sloan FQS red 1

Here they are .... so yummy!

Pat Sloan FQS red 3

For my project I'm pairing the red with ...

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November 18, 2018
Behind the Scenes on my Antique Memories block + a Bonus Layout! from Pat Sloan's Blog

Article continues below these Amazon Goodies

I'm so excited to tell you the story behind my Splendid Sampler 2 quilt block today.

Pat Sloan Splendid Sampler 2 Antique Memories pic 1

First the block!

It is a traditional log cabin in the Court House Step Setting.

Pat Sloan Splendid Sampler 2 Antique Memories pic 2  Pat Sloan Splendid Sampler 2 Antique Memories pic 3

Because it's an easy block, I decided to try out 2 colorways for my 100 block quilt. 

I really love the taupe, it's soothing and I could see a whole quilt like this. I've never done one in all taupe. You can see them together at the end and tell me which you would use!

The Design boards help ...

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2019 Mystery Project Announcements!! Are you ready for the fun? from Pat Sloan's Blog

Article continues below these Amazon Goodies

This post is FULL of things!

  • My 2019 Mystery BOM theme & Fabric
  • My First Weekly Mystery for 2019 Theme & Fabric
  • Let's Go Camping Quilt Show! Enter your quilt at the end to be in the running for a prize!

Pat Sloan Lets Go Camping top

I actually have the quilt quilted, but no binding on it yet.  I will get that done in December and take photos!

At the end, share your quilt (tops are ok!) so you are entered into my giveaway

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October 11, 2018
Fabulous Fabric Series - Kitties & a Jelly Roll Quilt from Pat Sloan's Blog

Start your FREE 7 Day Bluprint Trial! Dive into thousands of hours of expert taught videos.

My 'Fabulous Fabric' series continues with Halloween fabric in another few designs of mine, lets start with kitties!

Pat Sloan Halloween Kitties pic 4

I want to show you how to use that fabric you love.  Instead of putting it on a shelf, get out patterns and make up things! I love making simple fast projects to showcase these cute bundle, so I can enjoy the fabric in a quilt. 

Today is

  • Tips on Kitty making
  • A bonus layout of multiple kitties
  • And my 'Go To' Jelly roll' pattern at the end!

Pat Sloan Halloween Kitties pic 1

I applique using Heat n Bond lite to do my raw edge fusible applique ...

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October 3, 2018
Fabulous Fabric Series - My Halloween Boden w/videos! from Pat Sloan's Blog

Start your FREE 7 Day Bluprint Trial! Dive into thousands of hours of expert taught videos.

I'm kicking off my new series 'Fabulous Fabric' with Halloween fabric. We all find fabric we love, then we have to figure out a project to make. I love making simple fast projects to showcase a cute bundle, so I can enjoy the fabric in a quilt. 

Pat Sloan Fabulous Fabric Series Halloween Boden

For my first Fabulous Fabric I selected a Halloween fabric line and bought the following

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August 21, 2018
Are you ready for my new Sew Along with a quilt i fell in love with! from Pat Sloan's Blog

Sometimes I go stop in my tracks when I see a quilt, this is one that did it for me! My friend Joanna of Figtree Loves antique quilts. She designed this quilt using vintage blocks in a gorgeous and classic Red/Green/Cream.  

Pat Sloan Figtree Christmas

The blocks seem to float as she used the same cream for ALL the block backgrounds and I love the effect!

She worked created this gorgeous book with all the blocks, and 10 bonus projects using single blocks, it's so cool!

And I decided..... 

Christmas Fig Quilt joanna quilt 2

I HAD to make it

And sewing is WAY more fun with ...

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June 30, 2018
Charity block #6 and a 6 big block layout! from Pat Sloan's Blog

Block #6 is the last for the Clementine Charity quilt along! I am sew along with my friends at The Fat Quarter shop and Moda fabrics.

Pat sloan charity block 6 button

The project supports St. Judes, which does amazing work for children.
There are six big blocks like mine above, and six smaller versions for the original quilt. 

All Six of my big blocks!  The fabrics I'm using are

My quilt will be auctioned to support St. Judes, so honored!

Block #6 is Strawberry Star.. and the videos by Fat Quarter Shop shows ...

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