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June 10, 2021
I Like Thursday # 99 ~"A Few of My Favorite Things" from Life in the Scrapatch


Good Morning from my secret garden!

Thankful 13                                     

It is Thursday so I linking up today with my blogging friends, 

I Like Thursday Bloggers @ Not Afraid of Color

to share the small joys of life. 

My garden is not really a secret and the gate is open.

My favorite rose, New Dawn, is blooming.

The scent is so light and sweet.

These roses are only two years old, 

as the gate was first featured in my

 I Like Thursday # 17 in June 2019.

This spring, we added the patio blocks and the small white table on the left.

Mr. Scrapatch ...

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June 3, 2021
I Like Thursday # 98 ~ Sitting and Stitching from Life in the Scrapatch


Life is telling me to take it slow and easy today.

I am sitting inside and stitching.

After the weekend long rains, I overdid it outside on Tuesday

while trying to catch up with my gardens.

I did get some of my window boxes and hanging baskets planted,

but then my knee said, "Slow down."

So I sat on my swing and was visited by this baby mockingbird on my garden gate.

The yellow diamond in the background is the "Go Slow" sign on the street light pole 

at the end of my driveway. 

Here is the view of my ...

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May 28, 2021
I Like Thursday # 97 ~ On Friday from Life in the Scrapatch

The first rose of summer always makes my heart happy.

Not only is it beautiful; it is hope itself.

This bush is covered with buds,

the promise of more beauty to come.

All it needs is water and sun and a little care.

I am thankful.

It is Friday, so I am late joining my friends,

I Like Thursday Bloggers @ Not Afraid of Color

to share the small joys of life. 

I tried several times yesterday to post, but blogger was being difficult.

I have had some issues today, too, so I hope this will appear on my blog ...

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May 21, 2021
I Like Thursday # 96 ~ Lilacs and Pink Sugar from Life in the Scrapatch

 My Rhododendrons are blooming ~ big and beautiful! 

My Lily of the Valley is blooming ~ small and white.

The view from my swing today while I enjoyed my morning coffee

 were these flats of petunias  purchased for my baskets and boxes. 

As it is Thursday I am joining my friends,

I Like Thursday Bloggers @ Not Afraid of Color

to appreciate the small joys of life. 

In this post yesterday,

I mentioned that we had to take Katniss to the vet for stitches and a lion cut. 

 Katniss is feeling much better and healing well.  

Here she is perched on top of ...

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May 13, 2021
I Like Thursday # 95 ~ Seize the Day from Life in the Scrapatch

Good Morning!

My Mother's legacy to my garden, her lilacs, are blooming this week.

They always bloom for Mother's Day. 

Their scent is so sweet. 

Mother's Day was a pleasant day for a backyard get together with my boys

and a zoom session with my daughter's family. 

As it is Thursday I am sharing the day with my blogging friends at

I Like Thursday Bloggers @ Not Afraid of Color

The image above is today's page from my 

Seize the Day Desk Calendar by Robin Pickens

It has been a quiet week, mostly sunny, sometimes breezy ...

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May 7, 2021
I Like Thursday # 94 ~ Spring Blooms and Birds from Life in the Scrapatch


Today was a bright, sunny and brisk spring day.

My tulips turned toward the sun and so did I.

I was able to enjoy the yard awhile today 

until the cool breeze sent me inside for a cup of tea.

The goldfinches enjoyed the seed in my feeders.

As did the sparrows and this new visitor.

This little guy is a Rose-Breasted Grosbeak.

I have never seen one in my yard.

They breed in our area but usually are only seen in meadow woods.

I am feeling honored by his now frequent visits to our feeders.

In the same family ...

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April 23, 2021
I Like Thursday #93 ~ Uplifting from Life in the Scrapatch


Welcome, Thursday Friends  <3

Our plum tree is budding,

It is a sunny and brisk spring day.

The forsythia is also enjoying the sun today.

although it is cold with a wind chill factor to 25 degrees F.

It has been a week of changeable weather.

Last week it was warm one day and the next day this happened.

We had about 6-8 inches of the white stuff before it stopped.

By Sunday is was gone.

Monday, Mr. Scrapatch took this photo when he came home from work at night.

I am on Day 16 of this 100 day email ...

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March 18, 2021
I Like Thursday #88 ~ Life in the Scrapatch from Life in the Scrapatch

Good Thursday Morning!

My quilty kitties and I are working on our project for an upcoming blog hop,
which I hope to have done in time.

Sewing is slow going for me at the moment
as my vision issues have gotten much worse in the last few weeks.
I saw my eye surgeon yesterday.
I may be deciding to have the transplant surgery in the next few months.
I would like to be fully vaccinated for Covid before this happens,
as it will require hospital care.
Hoping to get a vaccine appointment soon.

Our tulips are just starting to sprout ...

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March 11, 2021
I Like Thursday # 88 ~ Why I Quilt from Life in the Scrapatch


Photo of My Batik Layer Cake Quilt                   

The #IGQuiltFest2021 prompt for the day is

"Why do you quilt?"

This is something I could write volumes about, 

but choosing a photo to represent what I have to say is more difficult.

My reasons are 

1) I love to create.

"cre-ate  verb ... to bring (something) into existence"

2) Life is Beautiful ~ One Stitch at a Time

3)  I love fabric and color. 

4) I love to make the world a warmer place, one quilt at a time. 

5) I quilt because I am happy. 

Song of the Day:

His Eye is on ...

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March 4, 2021
I LIke Thursday #87 ~ Hello, March from Life in the Scrapatch

Hello, Spring Fabrics! 

I have added spring green to the pinks and whites and grays

 that have been appealing to me all year

and it adds in the spring greens and purple that March brings. 

I have no idea what I might like to make with this fabric.

I am just enjoying the pretty stack of fabrics.

I have brought out my spring quilts this week and posted them Here

for the sharing of the green.

This week I have been joining in the fun on the 


@ AmysCreativeSide

It is the first year I have participated although I enjoy ...

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February 25, 2021
I Like Thursday ~ Week #86 ~ Hope Sings from Life in the Scrapatch

This is "All a Twitter" fabric from Hoffman International.

I bought two yards of the large bird print a couple of years ago at a quilt show.
The text print is actually part of a panel that has seven other prints,
some of which are visible in the folds at the top of the photo.
This is one of my fabric treasures. 

I have a book of Emily Dickenson poems somewhere  with this quote.
 I got the book at the
when I was a teenager and thought myself a poet.

I pulled this fabric out because I ...

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February 18, 2021
I Like Thursday Week # 85 ~ Elevating from Life in the Scrapatch

I am quilting.

Word For the Day: 

  1. 1) raise or lift (something) up to a higher position.
  2.       2) raise to a more important or impressive level.

I am trying to elevate my quilting skills.

I do hand guided free motion without rulers or other aides,
guided only by my muse.

I do not aim for perfection, which I know is not achievable. 

I aim only to do what makes me happy.

I accept the bumps along the way as part of my quilting life.

I am happy.


Song For the Day
(one ...

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February 11, 2021
I Like Thursday # 84 ~ In My Quilty Corner from Life in the Scrapatch

Happy Thursday from my quilty corner of the world. 

I am sharing today with all the

I Like Thursday Bloggers @ Not Afraid of Color

for sharing the good things we have found this week. 

There has been days of snow that has added to the big piles around our house.

Nutmeg ahs wanted the back door open, sun, snow or cold so she can watch the critters and the birds.

It has been a week to make bread

My Basic Bread Baking Method Here 

The little kitties have been helpful in my sewing.

Here Maestro is pressing my blocks for ...

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February 5, 2021
I Like Thursday # 83 ~ Piece of Cake from Life in the Scrapatch

 It has been a "Life is Short ~ Eat Cake" kind of week.

A lot of shoveling, a little sewing and plenty of home cooking.

One day at a time and life is good.

As is this yummy cake ...

I found this recipe for 

Fruit Cocktail Cake @ LeeAnna's Blog Last Thursday

I cannot recall ever having seen this cake recipe.

Mr. Scrapatch likes fruit cocktail so I thought he might find it a treat.

He also loves maraschino cherries so I added extra of these and put one on top of the cream on his piece when we ate it ...

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January 28, 2021
I Like Thursday #82 ~ Adding Color to Winter Days from Life in the Scrapatch


A rainbow of color always makes me happy. 

These fabrics are for a new quilt that I am (finally) making for 2021.

A "Temperature Quilt" has been on my To-Do List for a few years.

A "Tiny House Quilt" has been on this list even longer.

A quilt that features the Kona Color of the Year ~ Horizon was added Here.

I have decided to check off all three of these boxes in one quilt.

I bought this jelly roll for the "sky" color for all my house blocks.

This is my color plan for my Temperature House Quilt 2021.

This ...

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January 21, 2021
I Like Thursday # 81 ~ Unity from Life in the Scrapatch

Photo Credit: New York Times

Field of Flags

Washington, DC



I had a long list of likes for this week in a draft post

but decided instead to post this one photo.

It looks like a quilt to me,

pieced together with many pieces of pretty colored fabric

and, like a quilt, it warms me

to my heart.

A Unity Quilt


I am hopeful.


Linking up in unity today with all the hopeful 

I Like Thursday Bloggers @ Not Afraid of Color


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January 9, 2021
I Like Thursday # 79 ~ Finding Things to Make Me Smile from Life in the Scrapatch

I need pretty fabric today.

This Colette Layer Cake has been in my stash for some time waiting for me to appreciate it.

I have decided to add some other stash fabrics to it

 and sew this free scrap quilt pattern:

Swirling Stars Free .pdf pattern 

from Fat Quarter Shop

Click on the link above to download your free pattern.

The directions call for triangles papers, 

but it could easily be done without them.

I like the papers and will probably be using them.

Let's look at these pretty fabric again.

I love the colors and they make me ...

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December 31, 2020
I Like Thursday # 80 ~ Celebrating Life's Gifts from Life in the Scrapatch

It was a week to celebrate
and all blessings,
great and small.

Our oldest son, Jon, joined us for Christmas this year.
Together we Zoomed to the homes of 

our son Matt and his Jess,

and our daughter, Marissa's family.

We opened the small gifts we sent to each other.

I am so blessed that we were able to share the day.

Here are some of my favorite new things ...

a signed copy of Quiltville Bonnie Hunter's new book and her triangle tool 
and the 3 in One Color Tool,

Fig Tree Quilts  Shirtings Sampler ...

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December 17, 2020
I Like Thursday # 79 ~ Snow and Sew from Life in the Scrapatch


Snowing ... snowing ... snowing.

We had about a foot when I woke up this morning 

and it will continue to snow until mid afternoon.

It is also very windy and cold.

It was an effort to even open out back door.

Nutmeg had to investigate then small patch of snow that got caught inside the door.

Kitty love to sit in the sun in this door and watch the birds and the critters.

No sun today and the backyard wildlife is sheltering in the evergreen trees and bushes.

 I will be staying inside and sewing, with occasional forays into the snow ...

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December 3, 2020
I Like Thursday # 74 ~ Baking Spirits Bright from Life in the Scrapatch


Winter is a time for cooking and baking. 

I love the warm scents of spices and baking and roasting goodness.

This was my Thanksgiving Apple Pie.

This was one of my best apple pies ever,

baked with a combination of Cortland and MacIntosh apples for a nearby orchard

and spiced just right.

I always add cinnamon, nutmeg and mace to my apple pies.

This year I found and added a teaspoon of this delicious blend of

Yuletide Cheer Spice from King Arthur Flour.

I looked for the product link and it is sold out for the season.

These are the ...

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