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June 16, 2021
Eliza is a top from Making A Lather

I am happy with the top of Aunt Eliza's stars. This was my one monthly goal for May. Which I didn't get ready on time. It turned out larger than I expected. 82x 92. My favorite part is the border. I am not sure where it came from, but, I know it is a vintage piece since it was 36 inches wide. And it is so cute.

It was so windy that I almost didn't catch a shot of it before it rolled itself into a ball.

It is time for this quilt to live in the ...

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June 4, 2021
seeing stars from Making A Lather

 This is as far as I have gotten to a finish with this Bonnie Hunter quilt ufo, that, I started before she printed the pattern. I didn't like her version (xing) from string frenzy, so it was time to decide how to finish it. I have a vintage red fabric, I want for the borders.

I have bonnie Hunter quilt zuckerwatte from her book string fling. on the frame to quilt. So I may have a finish next week.

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May 27, 2021
eliza star from Making A Lather

I have started the sashing for Elizas star. So far, I have sewn 2 inch wof strips to each side of 5 1/2 inch wof strip of gingham x 4. I subcut them at 2 inches. I didn't calculate the sashings between rows, so, I will have to make and cut more.

I wanted to see at least a few sewn together. Not all the blocks are exactly the same size ( how did that happen haha) .I have to do a bit of stretching or easing. Most of the pieces are on the bias, so, I can. 

I ...

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May 22, 2021
red crumb stars from Making A Lather

I made 10 crumb stars for the rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy. May's color is red. After a few years of following along with the rainbow scrap challenge, I was surprised that there were very few small red scraps. I still have more than I need, but I have, apparently, weeded the smallest pieces out of the scraps. Even, the 2 1/2 inch strip bin was mostly long strips. And I have used all my 2 1/2 inch squares. It was a bit of a struggle to find the pieces for the crumb centers. 

After 3 ...

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May 3, 2021
May Goal from Making A Lather

I am not getting comment notification in my email - any fixes?

This is a Bonnie HUnter quilt ufo, that, I started before she printed the pattern. She showed making the blocks during a quilt cam, and, we were at least a year away from the book ( string frenzy) release. I had  most of the string centers in my stash of crumb blocks. I hunted around for the pattern, made it in 3 different sizes, chose my favorite size, and, made them in our room in Florida over Christmas. I thought I could get ahead a bit by having my blocks ...

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April 21, 2021
shirt sandwiches from Making A Lather

Sew day was Saturday with the guild. I had a new project I was anxious to start, and, I wanted to get the borders on this scrappy shirt quilt. I had started the string/crumb borders on Friday. When I laid the quilt out to measure, and cut the borders, I didn't like them at all. Which was a great reason to switch to my exciting new project. That was just what I needed to think about the borders for a bit, and, realize I just needed to keep going. Often, I don't like something at one stage ...

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April 12, 2021
more crumb stars from Making A Lather

 Over the weekend, I realized that I had made more crumb stars in other colors than in blue. I know blue is the scrap color I have the most, so why was I short on blue? Well, some had been scooped up in a cleaning job, and, had gone missing. And, I found a few more blue crumbs.....Now, I have 9 more blue crumb stars. The first blue ones are here

We have had a rainy weekend. Sometimes, in the Spring, a good rain makes all the flowers look brighter. Such a lovely time of year.

I am linking ...

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March 19, 2021
crossed strings from Making A Lather

Making the longer pieces for crossed strings, although challenging to find long enough pieces, is straightforward. sewing and cutting the side pieces takes a bit longer. I was aiming for 48 blocks. Once again, string piecing makes a mess. I grab a handful, and see if I can pull pieces to use out of the pile. 

After the piece is made and white was added, I still needed to cut it in half.

Of course, the best part is seeing all the block variations with all the different leftover bits and pieces from other projects.

sew much fun -free instructions ...

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March 13, 2021
crumby green from Making A Lather

I make the tiny houses from 2 inch scraps for the rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy. This is my second year making them. It will take several years, apparently, to make enough to use in a quilt. They are, after all, tiny.

I make the crumb stars from strings and crumbs, and the 2 1/2 inch strip bin for the   HSTS - ( half square triangles ). This is a new rainbow project this year. And a great excuse to play in the strings, which has ignited a flurry of string quilt starts.

My rainbow projects for 2021 with links:

tiny ...

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March 12, 2021
courthouse top from Making A Lather

I think I have a top for the  wonky courthouse quilt. I went from blocks to top pretty quickly. It is 56 x 72 - is that big enough? This is also the third wonky courthouse I have made, and, none of them have been quilted. But, I have more than enough strings and crumbs to sew many more. I started when I saw that Bonnie Hunter was making one.

I really like making these blocks. There is quick progress, and, it is very soothing to match pieces by the size that is needed. I grab a handful of  crumbs and ...

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March 8, 2021
☕ Do you know how to make the easiest crumb blocks? from Pat Sloan's Blog

I love the start of a week, it feels like a clean slate. And we get to visit this evening during the premier of my video! We have SUCH a great time! (8:00pm est HERE) 

The other day I mentioned that I'm working on some things that you'll see in a few months (or a year from now).  I'm doing a project with the Virginia Quilt museum, have you ever been there? They have wonderful displays housed in the pre-Civil war home in Harrisonburg Virginia. The neat part is that you can take online classes and ...

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March 1, 2021
more wonky courthouse from Making A Lather

I mentioned here that I was cleaning my scrappy work table and started a quilt.... just like that. This will be my third wonky courthouse steps. I haven't even quilted the first two. I have more strings and crumbs than I have time. These go so quickly and are such great fun. I am aiming for 63 blocks this time. I had a basket that I almost emptied, but, it is only one of several. So I filled it again with more.

lots of great leftovers in here

It's time in Indiana for maple syrup. We have a ...

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February 14, 2021
More crumb blocks from Elaine Adair Pieces

 At the last All Day Sew, I dug in my "good trash" and pulled out a bunch of fabrics.  Some of my quilting friends looked uhhhhhh doubtful.  They will see, next time we meet.  Here are some of the panels, or blocks.  Any size will do, any colors, but I kept the pieces mostly square or rectangular. 

 My letters are 4 inches, and after a review of Steam-a-Seam 2, this is the draft product.  

The borders will be reduced as needed, land I'll do a blanket stitch around the letters. Then I'll layer it with batting and do ...

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November 18, 2020
The More I Clean, the More Mess I Make from Needle and Foot

Know what I mean? I keep pulling bins and zip lok bags out to sort and organize. Then I find something fun and ditch the cleaning process and start sewing. I suppose I am kind of cleaning up but if you look at my sewing room, you wouldn’t really know it. Hahaha. Surely this is not unique to me. Cleaning up a mess usually means making a bigger mess temporarily. However, the inability to overcome the temptation to play with little bits here and there is certainly slowing down the process!

RSC18 nine patch
Just a sampling of the blocks I found ...

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September 21, 2020
shirt strings from Making A Lather

 I used to set aside the weekend for sewing string and crumbs at my treadle. But, after finishing 2 wonky courthouse tops, my living room was a disaster of a mess. I was trying to give up string quilting, but, alas, I miss it. And, I will begin again with the same promises I make to myself, that I will always clean up as I go. haha -I had cut papers for Bonnie Hunter's geese on a string in early Spring. I am making more shirt strings and crumbs as I cut for other projects, and they looked so ...

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July 28, 2020
Crumb Blocks from Elaine Adair Pieces

These are 4 big blocks/panels, each approx 10 x 12 in.  Pieces were all pulled quickly from my "trash", and sewed together with little plan nor thought.  I DID straighten out edges as needed, and pressed as I went.   Most pieces are from a recent quilt, still in process.  Some pieces were left larger than others, part of my plan.  Hopefully I'll get this project made up soon.  

These crumb blocks took 1 hr. and 20 minutes.  Great fun, do give it a try.  The floor is a mess.  

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June 24, 2020
WELCOME banner from Elaine Adair Pieces

This is all crumb piecing.  What FUN to sew it all together and have it end up kinda cute!  Didn't take long and I DID concentrate on these colors, all from the trash basket.  There is hand quilting around the letters.  The letters are outlined with black machine blanket stitches.  On the back corners, I sewed triangles into the binding, and inserted a short little dowel for hanging ease.

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June 19, 2020
Renovations, and Crumby Blocks from Elaine Adair Pieces

I am moving forward with much-needed small bathroom renovations.  Best part is new shower, this time with beautiful Onyx walls and same material for counter top.    The shower is in a corner, not huge, but serviceable.  Yeahhhh, no longer looking like a cave.  I'm just featuring "the mess".  If you've done construction or remodeling, you know. 

I ignored the necessary mess and changed direction, and tried making crumb blocks, taking throwaways from my trash basket.  Yes, it IS great fun!  I kept it geometric and stayed with the pink purples, turquoise, light greens, and then I added the ...

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February 9, 2019
A Finished "Squirrel"! from Indigo Threads

This post has been a long time coming.  I've actually had this quilt finished since August of last year so it could be in the guild quilt show, but I didn't have time to do a post nor did I have decent photos of the quilt.  Finally the stars have aligned!  I've finally managed to get some decent photos and I have time to post!

"Falling Crumbs"
80 x 95 inches
hanging at the quilt show

First, an explanation for my post title.  You'll see a Squirrel! logo on my left side bar.  Quiltdivajulie at Me ...

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