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March 19, 2021
Baby Paw from Sew Sunshine

This week was either wind and rain, or wind and cold or just wind. I have been chomping at the bit to get out and get some photos. Today it was sun and wind so I went out. I had moments when the quilt almost went into orbit but caught a few to share at least. 

This is a Baby Paw. I have a great nephew that this is going to even though he just turned one already. ( I actually have his big brothers quilt even though he will turn 4) I digress.... ha

I had a bunch of solid ...

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March 5, 2021
Party At My House, Y'All! C'Mon and Link Up your TGIFF Finishes! from Cheeky Cognoscenti

Hello and HAPPY FRIDAY, everyone!  If you've come looking for the Thank Goodness It's FINISHED Friday Linky Party, welcome -- you're in the right place.  I'm delighted to be hosting this week's finish party.  

I'm so excited to share my finish this week.  I know I say this a lot, but I found another new favorite edge-to-edge quilting design that I am crushing on this week: 

37 x 37 HST Baby Quilt with Echo Bubble Meander E2E

This 37" x 37" quilt top was pieced by a fellow member of the Charlotte Quilters' Guild for ...

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March 4, 2021
Hello Buttercup - Dust Off a Quilt Book Blog Hop from Creatin' in the Sticks

 Today is my stop in the 
Dust Off a Quilt Book
Blog Hop
Hosted by Bea at Beaquilter.

So, Hello Buttercup.

The idea for the hop is to find an old quilt book on your shelf and make something from it.

Here is my lovely:

Quilts, Quilts, and More Quilts by Diana McClun and Laura Nownes
copyright 1993

To be honest, I don't know how I came about owning this book, but it was in a stack and it just called to me.  Especially this page:

I decided to change the layout of the blocks and make it my ...

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December 28, 2020
More Square Drama for a NICU Cuddle Quilt from Cheeky Cognoscenti

 Good Monday morning!  

More Square Drama E2E on a 39 x 42 Baby Quilt

I quilted a new E2E design yesterday on a 39" x 42" outreach top that was pieced by a fellow member of the Charlotte Quilters Guild.  Kind of fun, don't you think?  The digital design is called More Square Drama from Wasatch Quilting and it's dense but not thready because there's no backstitching.  I see marshmallows, or melting ice cubes, or roses, or Flintstone wheels, or fried eggs...  

I love quilting designs that can be chameleons like that, evoking something different each time ...

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December 20, 2020
Someone Pinch Me! My Mission Impossible Quilt was Juried Into QuiltCon Together 2021! from Cheeky Cognoscenti

You guys, I got the acceptance email two days ago, but I couldn't tell anyone about it at first because it seemed so unreal.  I had to go to bed, wake up in the morning, and check my email again to make sure it was still there.  My Mission Impossible quilt was accepted by the jurists into QuiltCon Together 2021!

Just a Glimpse of My Mission Impossible Quilt

This quilt is my original design, made for my oldest son's high school graduation in 2019 and sized to fit his XL Twin dorm bed when he went off to ...

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December 19, 2020
Study In Softness: Marybeth's Flannel-Backed Baby Quilt from Cheeky Cognoscenti

I just finished quilting this sweet and snuggly-soft baby quilt for my friend Marybeth.  Her #1 priority was keeping the quilting light enough so the quilt would be as soft as possible for tucking around a little one in a stroller.  Isn't it sweet?

Marybeth's Snuggly-Soft Baby Quilt

We chose the pantograph Gingersnap from Urban Elementz and I adjusted the pattern density in my IntelliQuilter to where the scale of the double circles complemented the scale of Marybeth's pieced squares and HSTs.  The thread is Glide in a pale blue color called Cloud.  

Gingersnap Pantograph from Urban ...

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November 10, 2020
Monogram Baby Quilt Finish + IntelliQuilter Computer Robotics Installation from Cheeky Cognoscenti

C is for Charlie, 42 x 42 prior to washing

First Big News: A Quilt Finish!

My AQS Letter Home QAL (resized, recolored, and with EPP monogram block added) is finished!  I wrapped it up last night, carefully packed it in a box along with big sister Margot's butterfly/clam shell quilt, and Bernie just entrusted the package to the safekeeping of UPS for its journey to New Mexico.  Godspeed, little quilts!  May you arrive safely and be literally loved to pieces!

Letter Home Monogram Baby, Quilting Completed

I ended up really liking how the the custom quilting came ...

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November 3, 2020
Goal Posts for November: The IntelliQuilter is Coming!! from Cheeky Cognoscenti

Good morning!  It's Election Day in the United States, but we've already voted early so there's nothing to do about that except wait and see what happens...  With civic duties already completed and no further power to affect the election outcome, I may as well shift my focus to what I CAN control: Quilting goals for the week and for the fresh, crisp month of November!

This Week's Goals:

Letter Home Monogram Baby Quilt Nearly Quilted

1. I'm still working on finishing up the last of my October goals, my Letter Home Monogram baby quilt ...

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November 1, 2020
Goodbye, October 2020! Baby Quilt Update (and Happy Halloween) from Cheeky Cognoscenti

 Well, October is officially a wrap.  The trick-or-treaters have gone home and my husband, younger son, and I have set ourselves to the task of finishing off the leftover candy.  I've powered off my long arm machine for the night, even though I'm only 2/5 of the way through quilting the baby quilt that was supposed to be Part Two of my One Monthly Goal for October.  Here's what Charlie's quilt looks like so far:

My Letter Home Monogram Baby Quilt is 2/5 Quilted

I loaded this quilt on my frame upside-down, so I ...

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October 30, 2020
Butterflies in Margot's Garden (Modern Baby Clam Shells) Ta-DONE! from Cheeky Cognoscenti

I'm finally able to share my Modern Baby Clam Shells finish with you!  Its final name is "Butterflies in Margot's Garden," named after the little girl for whom it was made.  (This quilt is my original design; no pattern currently available).

Butterflies in Margot's Garden, Before Washing, 42" x 42"

I have always washed my finished quilts prior to gifting them, for a number of reasons: I want to remove any skin oils, hand lotion, dust, quilt markings, washable basting glue, spray starch, etc that may have been applied to the quilt during the process of making ...

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October 20, 2020
Yes, I'm Still Here, Working On Baby Quilts... from Cheeky Cognoscenti

 Hello, my lovelies!  It felt good to step away from the blog for a few days.  

We brought our 19-year-old son home from college for the weekend so he could cast his very first vote in a Presidential election during Early Voting rather than having to change his voter registration to his college address.  My 17-year-old son has strong opinions about the election that he believes we're all entitled to hearing, and he is not pleased to be the only nonvoting member of the family.  ;-). Hah!

I made more progress on my baby quilt version of the AQS "Letter ...

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October 6, 2020
One Monthly Goal: October 2020 from Cheeky Cognoscenti

 I'm late to the OMG (One Monthly Goal) party this month, slipping in my link right before the OMG goal setting linky closes over at Elm Street Quilts.  I did not meet my September goal, and wasn't sure what my October goal should be.  So hard to pick ONE goal when so many are swirling around my monster to-do list!

October OMG Part I: Modern Baby Clam Shells Quilt

Okay, so my October OMG is going to be a two-fer-one special, because these two quilts are going to the same home.  By the time Halloween rolls around, I ...

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September 7, 2020
Using EQ8 with Pinterest to Create a Quilt Palette: AQS Letter Home, 5 Baby Quilt Options from Cheeky Cognoscenti

AQS Letter Home Quilt, Original Colorway

Have you seen the AQS Letter Home QAL?  This one-block quilt caught my eye as I was hunting for quick but interesting baby quilt ideas.  Although the QAL (quilt-along) instructions are for a 60" x 60" finished quilt, this easily becomes a 42" x 42" quilt by shrinking the block size to 8" and adding a 2" border.  I do like the original AQS colorway (shown above), but since I was resizing the quilt in my EQ8 quilt design software anyway I thought I'd experiment with some alternative color palettes to see if ...

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September 5, 2020
Of Butterflies for Modern Baby Clam Shells, a Veteran's Quilt, + Pantograph Patterns from Cheeky Cognoscenti

 Good morning and happy Labor Day weekend to readers in the United States!  I am DELIGHTED to share that I finally finished piecing the body of my Modern Baby Clam Shells quilt top!  

I'll be adding 2" borders in the same Grunge Sky background fabric later today.  For the moment, I'm just reveling in my smooth curves and the fact that this top came out so flat and so square.  

[Note to self: Machine piecing a clam shell quilt combines Y-seams with curved seams.  Definitely doable, but it was fiddly and tedious and it took me a week ...

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August 30, 2020
Machine Piecing the Modern Baby Clam Shells Quilt, with Help from QNM from Cheeky Cognoscenti

Hello, my lovelies!  My one and only weekly goal last week was to START -- just to start, not to finish, mind you! -- piecing my Modern Baby Clam Shells quilt.  I created the design in my EQ8 software in December of 2018, with a specific baby in mind whose due date was several weeks away...  Then it took me awhile to find the 9.5" acrylic clam shell templates I wanted to use (from an Australian Etsy seller who has since closed her shop).  Then I hemmed and hawed about the best way to cut out completely accurate 9.5" diameter ...

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June 20, 2020
Baby Quilt Done, Lap Quilt Started from The Cozy Quilter

Last week, I showed two piles of blocks for this baby quilt--the rectangular four patches and the I Spy blocks.  I have way too many I spy fabrics but could not resist buying this one to add to my collection--who doesn't love a popsicle in the summertime?  

I got busy at my sewing machine this week and put the quilt top together, quilted it on my DSM and did the binding...One completed baby quilt in less than a week!

Since I did not want to go out to a quilt store to buy backing, I pieced the backing ...

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June 6, 2020
Should I Jump Into BERNINA's Summer Sparkle QAL? from Cheeky Cognoscenti

Oh my gosh, you guys -- I'm so smitten with a new quilt idea that I'm tempted to mask up and head to my not-quite-local quilt shop right NOW to buy fabric.  Never mind that I'm still slogging away at the long arm machine on my Spirit Song quilt, or that my son's Beware the Ishmaelites sampler is still languishing, untouched and barely begun, and my Modern Baby Clam Shells quilt has been cut out and waiting for me to start piecing it for an entire year...  I have eight works in progress at the moment, and ...

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February 14, 2020
Valentine Snuggle Quilt from Creatin' in the Sticks

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today, I’m happy to be back over on the 
 to share my 
Valentine Snuggle Quilt

Combining patchwork with applique is one of my favorite ways to make quilts. 
When it came time to put the blocks together, I took advantage of the bright colors of the 
Michael Miller Fabrics Garden Pindot collection and made framed blocks.

Did you enjoy the
Thermoweb Valentine Sew-along?

Nothing makes fusible applique easier than
HeatNBond EZ Print Sheets

Check out all the details of the finished projects today at ...

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