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August 12, 2019
Bohemian Bird Pattern from Alamosa Quilter

I made my first Bohemian Bird several years ago. Long before owning a quilt shop was even on my radar.

When I opened my shop I needed things to display and on a whim hung up my little Bohemian Birds. I only had two at the time. When I started carrying Sue Spargo merchandise I made a third. Then the requests for the pattern began.

I started working on a pattern a few months ago. I realized that in order to write a good pattern I needed to make another one. Here she is:

I have named them all thus ...

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July 25, 2019
Christmas in July and a Free Pattern! from Telling Stories Through the Needle's Eye

Christmas in July is an advertising gimmick that we can be subjected to around this time of year, but for quilters, it's a good reminder to get going on all those Christmas projects! This July, I (Kara) am jumping on that early Christmas bandwagon and teaching a wool ornament at the USO. For 77 years, the United Service Organization has been helping the U.S. military and their families, so it is an honor to be able to help in a small way. We will be making a variation of the tree ornament that we posted this past December ...

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July 2, 2019
Happy Canada Day! from Thread Head

A few weeks ago I finished combing another raw fleece, and this week I dyed almost half of it (the other part was left natural).

I dyed most of it shades of grey and then small amounts different bright colours.

Using a drum carder I blended it all together.

Here the fibre is ready for spinning. I chose to divide the colours into two colour groups so that I could make a marled yarn (each of the plies will be a different colour).

I wanted to create yarn for a grey sweater with a bit of interest. I spun and ...

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June 13, 2019
Maine Musings and Attic Heirlooms from Telling Stories Through the Needle's Eye

We are back!

Last week we had to take a little break to work on some of our upcoming deadlines, so our needles were a-flying. Now that we have had a little time to catch up and breath, I (Kara) thought I would share a little bit from my most recent travel adventure.

Normally, our travels take us somewhere in Europe, but this time we headed back across the pond to Maine—one of our favorite places in the world. Our niece was getting married in Boothbay Harbor, and while that was the primary reason for our travel, the picture ...

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June 5, 2019
Crochet Starburst Poncho from Becca's Crazy Projects

I've had this Caron Big Cakes Self Striping Yarn in my collection for a while now. I have been playing with the idea of using a shawl tutorial from the Fiber Spider to make a starburst poncho. I sat still long enough give it a go. 
I used foundation double crochet to start the poncho. Realized it wasn't right and ripped it back.
Started the foundation double crochet again, and realized there was a problem with the join for the beginning of the round. 
The third time I managed to get it right!
After that, I wasn't ...

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June 4, 2019
Another Stash Busting Project from The Quilt Rat

Okay, first of all let me was someone else's stash...and I had help (thank you Susan). A few years back, a good friend showed me some wool fabric she was planning to rid herself of. She had been a rug hooker for many years but had pretty much given up that hobby for several others, so of course, I could not resist these beautiful hand dyed wools and said that perhaps I could do something with it. Well...guess came to my house only to sit on a shelf until I finally decided I ...

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May 30, 2019
Pattern Sale! from Telling Stories Through the Needle's Eye

Everyone loves a sale, right?! Well, we are having one!

We are having a wonderful time teaching our Block of the Month quilt, In the Garden, at Primitive Homespuns Wool & Needleworks. We are about halfway through the second round, and these ladies are inspiring us with their choices and skills! Each month, we share our progress, and I (Teri) am amazed by their beautiful work. It is fun to watch them get ideas from each other, and I may be learning as much from some of them as they are from me. (And Kara, who got to come to the ...

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May 28, 2019
Another Bag of Wool from Thread Head

During renovations I have been combing a raw fleece (when I woke up too early to make noise around the house).

I ended up with 562g of clean fibre. I plan on dyeing about half of it shades of grey, maybe some black, and drum carding it all back together, with some small bits of dyed silk noil or sari silk for a bit of a pop of colour.

There will be enough for a sweater.

We have had some new birds at the feeder this week -

A Red-headed Woodpecker-

and a Canada Goose -

Some other birds that I didn ...

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May 27, 2019
Black Cat Cowl from Becca's Crazy Projects

I picked up this fun yarn about a year ago (who is counting these things?) and finally found a pattern that I thought would be perfect. I don't often buy DK or sport weight yarn because I just don't know what to do with it. I mostly buy fingering yarn. I also mostly make shawls, which can be knit with as little as 100 grams of fingering yarn, though a 200 gram shawl is an amazing thing. The yarn is the colorway Black Cat and I bought it from Brediculous Yarns. You can find her great yarns on ...

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May 20, 2019
Yarn Caking from Becca's Crazy Projects

I have so much yarn. Some I picked up earlier this month during the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. This is Yarn Hero Fiber Arts.
The blue is called video games and the pink is called bikini. I love self-striping yarn, and this combines the marled look with self-striping. 
These fun self-striping yarns are going to become something amazing. Not that I know what that is right now, but when I figure it out, the yarn is ready to go!
This is some fingering I painted using Easter egg coloring kits. If you're interested in experimental yarn coloring, I ...

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May 9, 2019
Ramblings from a Fiber Fanatic from Telling Stories Through the Needle's Eye

I (Teri) love fibers—cotton, wool, silk, velvet, linen: I love it all. I enjoy exploring different textures and methods for manipulating the various materials. Below are a few samplings of some newly acquired fibers that we are hoping to play with for our newest project. We may just find that we have garnered some fun experimental experiences, but who knows? It will indeed be fun to explore.

Wool thread
Alpaca roving
Chenille threads

Scrumptious silks and velvets 
Wool and angora roving
More alpaca

While appliqué and embroidery are my passion, I am not averse to learning something new. Hence ...

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May 8, 2019
2019 Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival from Becca's Crazy Projects

I promised to share the details about my recent trip to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. First, if you go to this event and have never seen the working dogs, you are totally missing out on some great work. The Sheepdog Demonstrations are great every year. I didn't get many photos but I think this one was the best.
I stopped buying yarn when my bag was full. That still took most of the day. There is so much to see at the festival. I want to try so many new yarns. Some shops are so crowded you ...

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April 25, 2019
new rug hooking from Making A Lather

Mr. Frosty #1 is complete and I have started Mr. Frosty #2.

If I am doing a dark night sky, I am not sure what color to make the hat yet. I  want it to contrast. So black won't work. I guess I will get colorful.

Carolyn finished her moon rug - very cute.

I am linking to:

creative compulsions

needle and thread Thursdays

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April 17, 2019
fair and square from Making A Lather

Two Friday group sews, and all the 4 patches are attached for Fair and square, a quiltville pattern. I am thrilled with the scrappy goodness.

I have the framing pieces cut, and will start adding them to the blocks at the next Friday group sew. It won't be this Friday as hubby and I are off to a fiber festival for the day.

Yesterday was rug hooking guild, and I started mr. snowman. He is going to be so cute.

I am linking to:


midweek makers

Oh Scrap

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Crochet Faster! from Becca's Crazy Projects

I picked up this fun yarn last year at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. We're quickly approaching the next Sheep and Wool Festival, so I figured I should get hooking. This is a free pattern on Ravelry (linked below). You can read about what I picked up during the 2018 Sheep and Wool Festival.
They yarn is from yarnhygge. It is a very nice fingering with such fun color. 
I don't know if I'll finish in time for the Sheep and Wool Festival (first weekend in May) but I'm going to give it a go ...

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April 16, 2019
new rug hooking project from Making A Lather

I have been very slow on rug hooking my circles rug. I started 4 circles in January, and have just finished them. I was doing this as an in between project. I had finished the Cleveland rug, and I hadn't decided what the next project would be.  I have some really great projects in the planning stages. I just couldn't decide.

It will be a big rug. Each of the bigger circles are 4 1/2 inches and I fill in with whatever size will fit. I have a long way to go, But, I have a new ...

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March 16, 2019
touching base . . . from Count it *all* JOY!

Greetings!  Just checking in real briefly to update my shoulder progress . . .
Which, all things considered, is going extremely well!  I'm very pleased, as are my PT gurus and my doc. What I need to be careful of is not getting ahead of myself; I feel so good I want to do things it's not time to do yet. Yikes! 

And to say Happy National Quilting Day! I'm totally bummed that I'm not ready to do any quilting (or stitching of any kind, for that matter--typing is exhausting enough), but when I googled "national quilting day", I ...

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March 5, 2019
Still Progressing! from Thread Head

My sweater is still progressing nicely - I just have a bit more to knit.

I did finish combing another bit of raw fleece - this one just over 100g.

As part of my experimenting with the raw fleeces, I tried dyeing it in a pot for a change. I find that the spun yarn is easy to dye, but the unspun fibre doesn't take the dye as easily. Dyeing it in a pot seemed to work really well.

I am making a three ply yarn, I hope for socks (the above photo shows the dyed fibre, drum carded fibre and ...

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February 12, 2019
3 Quilts & the Journey Continues from Where Art & Life Meet

I think about art all the time: the process, the way life impacts it…  Wondering about how other people will see it, whether they will approve, like or dislike it, is the biggest buzz kill to creativity that I know of.  But, I find, silencing those worries often difficult.  The best steps I know to… Continue reading 3 Quilts & the Journey Continues

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February 11, 2019
Crochet: Dragon Scale Gloves from Becca's Crazy Projects

A crafty friend of mine shared a desire to make a pair of Dragon Scale Fingerless Mitts. I decided to try my hand at a pair as well. I grabbed a some fun self-striping yarn. This is Knit Picks Chroma Worsted. It is a light worsted, so it worked up great! 
There are loads of tutorials on YouTube to make some version of these mitts. I used this tutorial to learn the stitch. I thought it was a clever way to use simple double crochet stitches to make something different. 
I had just enough of this colorway of yarn to ...

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