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July 4, 2020
Enjoying The Day With Mom from Quilting My Way

This morning I was ready to help Patrick with painting the wall. I received a call from mom, she asked if she could come over. Patrick didn't want her to come, but I noticed she was emotional. I told her to come on over. She called again, trying to say she had stuff she could do at home, Patrick told her to get her butt over here. She decided to come and picked up some Starbucks drinks for all of us.

Before mom arrived, I helped Patrick take the china cabinet apart. We moved all the furniture that was ...

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July 3, 2020
Brr, its cold outside from Romany Quilting

Yes, it’s cold, but it is winter, after all.  We've had days of chilly temperatures, the sort of damp cold that seems to get into your bones.  Thanks goodness, as retirees, we don’t have to wait in the cold these dark, dank winter mornings to do the daily commute – those days are over.  Being winter, I changed the covers on our recliner chairs, replacing the lighter summer ones with what I call our “Polar Bear” covers.  Nice and extra snuggly to sit in.


Yes, that’s my knitting on the chair.  Perhaps you noticed that it is ...

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June 6, 2020
Taking Stock from Romany Quilting

I’ve just done a bit of a “stock take”  This came about because of a recent question I had from Janice who blogs at  She wanted to know if the sampler quilt blocks I had just made into a top was my oldest UFO?  I knew there were a couple of other half done old projects still hanging about, so perhaps I should get them out of the crates and see exactly what I had.  This partially constructed Clamshell top is the oldest one.  I started it ages ago – so long back in the mists ...

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May 31, 2020
Binding Time from Romany Quilting

Today I’ve been enjoying some slow stitching time, hand stitching the binding down on my neutral strings  donation quilt.  This is always a very pleasant task, one which I quite enjoy.


Of course, before I got to this stage, I had to sit and machine quilt it.  Once I removed Gemma from the chair by my sewing machine – with the quilt to be worked on draped over the back.  It’s obviously nice and cozy there for her.

My turn on the chair now, Gemma

I kept the quilting simple, in the ditch around the sashing,serpentine stitch through ...

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May 27, 2020
Projects and UFO’s and cooking from The Crafty Quilter

We are still sheltering in place here in Northern California. All this time at home finds me knee deep in sewing projects, UFO’s and cooking in the kitchen – all the things!

I wanted something easy and fun to do in my sewing room, so I decided to catch up with the Silver Linings Free Sew Along with Jacquelynne Steves. You can still sign up for this one and it’s perfect for beginners. This will be a small project that includes twelve 6″ blocks with optional embroidery squares to add in. The first three blocks have been released and ...

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May 26, 2020
Number One on the List from Romany Quilting

What UFO to work on this week?  The roll of the dice tells me it is number one on my list, the second neutral strings quilt I’m making from my supply of previously stitched neutral strings blocks.  There are still enough blocks left in the bag to complete a third cot quilt – so you can see I had a good supply of them tucked away.  Its all layered and pinned up, ready to go, so I’ll see how I get on with the quilting this week.
Ready for quilting

I’m really pleased that I’ve achieved the ...

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May 15, 2020
Friday Finish from Romany Quilting

My Sampler top is now finished, once I had decided what to do with the border.  Although I had some floral fabric left, used in each block, it wasn’t enough to go right around.  I know, I thought, I’ll make some four patches, using  shades of red which tone in with the colour of the focus fabric.

Four patches

Once again, I had help when I was measuring up the borders before pinning each one in place.

A helping hand from Gemma

Job done – borders attached

Today I’ve prepared the binding, always like to get that done ...

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May 12, 2020
If, At First... from From the Strawberry Patch...

... you don't succeed; you know the rest. May was my month to finish one of eight selected UFO's for 2020.  I chose this one, I had all of the fabrics already pre-selected, the colors were perfect! Onward and upward; this was a no-brainer... or was it?  I framed the first four blocks and was less than impressed with the results. There was too much going on in those framing block strips, it

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If, At First... from From the Strawberry Patch...

... you don't succeed; you know the rest. May was my month to finish one of eight selected UFO's for 2020.  I chose this one, I had all of the fabrics already pre-selected, the colors were perfect! Onward and upward; this was a no-brainer... or was it?  I framed the first four blocks and was less than impressed with the results. There was too much going on in those framing block strips, it

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May 11, 2020
Happy Mother’s Day from Romany Quilting

Happy Mother’s Day, (I know I’m a day late)  to all the Mum’s out there – hope you all had a great Sunday.  Ours was a very quiet, stay at home kind of day.  But I did have the excitement of opening a parcel, couriered down from my daughter Nicky.  Wonder what’s inside?

For Mother’s Day

Inside was a little hand woven basket, or kete, made from flax.  Wonder how she managed to do that, it looks a bit tricky to me.  And a little cellophane bag of no, not potpourri as I first thought, but ...

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May 8, 2020
Top (almost) finished from Romany Quilting

I’ve been working away this week assembling my rather old (from year 2000) swap blocks into a top.  These have been tucked away in a crate all this time and only now get the chance to come out and be liberated.  Row by row the blocks have been sewn together, adding pale lilac sashing.  And as I usually do, while stitching my main project, I do leader and ender sewing as well.  In this case, assembling blocks for a donation quilt, it’s amazing how quickly these get stitched up.

Sashing strips and leader and ender sewing

With the ...

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May 7, 2020
Stitching and Mopping from Romany Quilting

It’s been head down at the sewing machine today, working on my “Old UFO” from the year 2000.  It’s been tucked away for so long and now only just coming out into the light of day.  Most of the blocks were from an internet Birthday Block exchange, and I stitched a couple of extra ones for myself.

Two rows assembled

For each block I received, I made and posted one to each participant during their birthday month, so it was a year long commitment.  There was only one sent to me which I remade, as it had yellow ...

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May 6, 2020
How Old is this UFO? from Romany Quilting

It’s time to “roll the dice” again (don’t the weeks roll around quickly) and this week I’m working on number 2 on my list, my Sampler quilt.  This poor project has been sitting on the list for ages, waiting for it’s number to be called.  As well as waiting on the list, the Sampler quilt has been tucked away  in a crate for absolutely ages, since the year 2000, in fact.  Out of sight, out of mind, I guess.

Blocks for Sampler quilt

Way back then, I was a member of the internet quilt group, Southern ...

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May 1, 2020
What happened in April from Romany Quilting

Looking back, it  seems that April has been a very productive month.  Mind you, we have all been in Level 4 Lockdown here in New Zealand, just moving to Level 3 with similar restrictions, so hardly any tripping around at all.  I remember that I often used to comment on my lack of stitching endeavours, saying something like “not much time for sewing as we will be away in the caravan this weekend etc”.  Well, during Lockdown that hasn’t happened for a while and all weekends lately have been spent at home, including Easter and Anzac weekends.  So….. a ...

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April 29, 2020
Another Roll of the Dice from Romany Quilting

Here we go again, another week, and another dice roll.  Oops, don’t think it happened last week, but who’s counting these days?  This week I will be working on number one from my List of Six, my neutral strings blocks.  This was started quite some time ago, so I’m pleased to have it to the top of the list again.  I had stitched a whole pile of neutral string pieced blocks, made ages  ago when I started on “Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll”, a Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt.  This was as far as I got with the quilt ...

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April 22, 2020
Tane Mahuta from Romany Quilting

Inspired by the Tiny Tree stitch-along by Temecula Quilt Co  the idea for this project evolved and grew.  Using two New Zealand batik designs, kowhai tree and ferns, I decided to make the blocks a little bigger.  And instead of stitching the multiple block designs which were offered in the stitch-along, I decided on pinwheel blocks only.

Tane Mahuta

The tree section was free motion quilted in large stipple, and what a time I had.  Because I do FMQ irregularly, it takes me a while to work out what to do, usually after a spate of nothing much happening because ...

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April 18, 2020
The Tiny Tree is Growing from Romany Quilting

Its now Week Four of Lockdown and I'm still keeping myself busy, pottering around.  Lately I’ve been working on assembling my blocks from the Temecula Tiny Tree stitch-along from late last year.  As already mentioned, I’m doing my version a little differently, mainly because I really didn’t want to stitch tiny blocks of 2 3/4in unfinished!  So my tiny tree is already growing.

Of course Gemma wanted to help, jumping up on the bed as soon as I laid the quilt top out to see how it was looking.  I don’t have a design ...

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April 15, 2020
Easter has been and gone from Romany Quilting

Easter 2020 has been and gone, and it was quite a different experience for all of us in Lockdown.  A few Easter buns were eaten but there was a mild panic when I couldn’t find where I had put the peppermint marshmallow Easter Eggs.  After looking through the pantry a couple of times, they were finally tracked down.  What bliss, an Easter Egg to nibble on after dinner.  It doesn’t take much to make us happy these days, does it?

Easter Saturday was a different day, as we had to drive up to Palmerston North Hospital (50km each ...

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April 12, 2020
Under the Sea from Romany Quilting

There’s quite a bit of “slow stitching” on this project, all stitched some time ago now.  I’ve spent the last few days putting it all together, using a pastel stripe for the sashing strips.  “Under the Sea” was a Block of the Month stitchery designed by Willowberry Designs in 2010.

Under the Sea

The blocks contain all sorts of whimsical sea creatures.  I rather like Josephine Jellyfish with her pink bow and purple tendrils.

Josephine Jellyfish

Another hour or so over the long weekend and I had the small quilt layered and pinned.  Plus the binding prepared.  It ...

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April 8, 2020
Roll the Dice Again from Romany Quilting

Today is Day 15 of our Lockdown, staying home as we should, and keeping ourselves occupied.   It was time to roll the dice again, bringing up number 5.  Which is a bag of stitchery blocks which I did some years ago, and they have been residing in a bag all this time.  “Under the Sea” was a Block of the Month stitchery designed by Willowberry Designs in 2010.  I had the patterns enlarged at the copy shop, and used Perle No 5 threads.  After stitching, the designs were highlighted with fabric pens. 

Nine stitchery blocks

Gemma is helping

The first ...

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