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November 19, 2021
Out of Left Field from The Snarky Quilter

Mid-2021 I wrote down a rough list of possible projects: Sail – Greece, turquoise circles, unknown family, and pink prints. I finished the first two and began the third, which left the enigmatic pink prints. At some point during lockdown … Continue reading

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November 13, 2021
Log Cabin Triangle Tree Placemats from Sew Karen-ly Created...

The name might be a mouthful, but it gives the whole picture of what this pattern is about:  tree-shaped placemats made log-cabin style.  These clever mats are sure to be a hit on the table, and they go together really quickly. Because they are strip-pieced, you can easily sew a set in a day.  

The mats are sized to accommodate a dinner plate and cutlery. Because of their shape, they fit beautifully on either a rectangular or round table.
The need for binding has been eliminated, and the quilting is kept to a minimum: in the ditch between seams, and ...

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September 28, 2021
Heading Home from Romany Quilting

All good things have to come to an end, and our trip away was winding down as the four of us started heading home.  Gemma was her usual relaxed self during our time away – she tolerates the car travel by cuddling up besides me facing backwards.  It’s always a bit scary for her getting from the car to the caravan, but once inside she is perfectly happy and relaxed.


She loves looking out the windows, or just having a snooze

Heading home, our first stop was Ashley Park, north of Wanganui.  It is many years since we have been ...

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August 30, 2021
The Birth Place Forest of Silver Springs from Kim Hanson Quilts

Good day everyone. I wrote this piece for Woods Reader, a beautiful, inspiring publication based in Spring Lake, Minnesota. It can be found in their Winter 2020/2021 issue.


The grassy green field was alive with energy and vitality. School children, in groups of five or so, squealed with delight taking turns kicking the black and white soccer ball. Dogs barked; their owners allowing them freedom to run and play. The rush of four lanes of traffic roared by, leading in and out of the neighbourhood. Yet, the instant I stepped onto the spongy path of the Birth Place Forest ...

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August 20, 2021
Academy 2022 Offerings—Part 2 from Telling Stories Through the Needle's Eye

We are so excited about The Academy of Appliqué next year that we can hardly wait! The joy of anticipating a week with stitching friends, old—perhaps we should say experienced—and new always fills us will delight, but this year promises to be something especially wonderful!

Last week, Kara shared two of the blocks we will be teaching in Williamsburg next year. In both sessions, we are offering choices for you, so that you can choose either option, or both. In our first session, we add the Butterfly and Trillium to the Cascading Creek—both blocks from our Woodland ...

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December 28, 2020
trees from Making A Lather

Next year, 2021, I want to work on my swap houses block quilt. Four of my quilting friends and I swapped little 4 1/2 inch houses in 2015

My friend, and one of the swap partners, suggested we bring them to the Saturday sew in, and, at least, take a look at them. Maybe, by doing that, our heads might start percolating ideas for the quilt. It did mine. I knew I wanted to have trees in the mix, so I tried a few and was hooked. They are busy, the houses are busy, so I will need a ...

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December 25, 2020
MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL from Romany Quilting

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, from our home to yours.


The Christmas Mice

Our Christmas Day started with the traditional family breakfast of hot croissants filled with ham and cheese, and a pot of “real” coffee.  Then we joined friends Dot and Derek and son Brent for Christmas Lunch out at a local restaurant, The George.    With three lunch sittings, the place was heaving with people, most of them oldies out with grown children, it seemed, and some of the patrons looked so much older than us, we commented.  Unfortunately, our table was situated right by the door ...

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December 21, 2020
Tree traditions from The Academic Quilter

Hi everyone, and welcome to my stop on the Holiday Tales and Traditions blog hop! Bernie at Needle and Foot organized this hop to spread a little holiday cheer. I know this holiday is different from all the others, and at least some of us are having a bit of a time this season. It's been a hard year, so let's pull up a chair, grab a cup of whatever you like, and share some happy stories of our holiday traditions. At the end of my post today, there is a small giveaway just to spread a little ...

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November 28, 2020
Strung from the trees from The Academic Quilter

 Hi everyone, and happy after-Thanksgiving! I hope you are having a really restful weekend following what was, for us, a very strange holiday. It was just us here, which was very, very different from what we usually have. I actually did my first 5K the first thing in the morning (see sweaty picture at the bottom of this post), then relaxed and cooked a small dinner for the two of us.We had turkey thighs (which are incredibly inexpensive), potatoes, gravy, and Zoomed with the family, and somehow we polished off a whole pie. I have no idea how that ...

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November 24, 2020
Where are we Now? from Romany Quilting

Leaving Taupo behind we spent the next night out in rural Paeroa.  You may remember that we had discovered that the young Lone Pine planted behind the  National Army Museum had originated from seeds collected in 2012 from the Turkish red pine growing at Paeroa Golf Course.  We were so close – of course we wanted to see this famous tree.   So we drove off to see if the staff at the golf club could help us in our quest.  They were so helpful and we were kindly escorted over the greens to see the tree and the accompanying plaque.


“There ...

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August 2, 2020
August in the Garden from From My Carolina Home

It is hard to believe it is August, this year is going by in a blur of days that mostly look the same.  But there have been a few happenings here, and the flower show keeps going.  Time for a long and picture heavy post!!  Vibrant pink geraniums bloom profusely in just one pot.

August in the Garden at

In the front flowerbed, the penstemmon phlox is putting on a show.

August in the Garden at

A fleeting glimpse of the hummingbird in the shadows, lower right.  They are usually gone by the time I can get the camera on and focused.

August in the Garden at

The hydrangeas are blooming so much that I ...

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June 21, 2020
Holiday Stitching from Romany Quilting

Not a great deal of stitching has been happening on this trip – just a little more on my teddy stitchery.  I’ve now added some blue flowers to the yellow daisy garland, it’s looking quite nice I think.  By doing a little stitching here and there, it all slowly adds up.

A little more done on this

We had a fun day out with Awakeri Rail Adventures the other day   on one of those dinky little  rail carts, traveling along the former Taneatua Branch Line.  Rail traffic declined over the years and the line closed in 2001.  Awakeri Rail ...

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May 30, 2020
Critter homes are heaven right here. from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories


Richard and I have been enjoying our backyard. The weather has been beautiful, though it is warming up somewhat. Lunch is generally a sandwich and fruit under the catalpa trees. There are two in our yard. They give deep, dark shade. See the red chair? That's my retirement rocker from BHS. Next to it are a green table that Rich made for me and his old green chair from the camper. 

This electrical pole is near the slough, or small lake, on the side of our house. The woodpeckers have made several large holes, which other birds have claimed ...

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May 4, 2020
Let's take a walk from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories

Succulents...I've been trying to fill this pot for three years. I might succeed!
Richard and I have been trying to walk. We want to get in better shape but we also need to get outside and breathe in the fresh air. 

A pot of color next to the studio door
Sometimes we walk together, sometimes one of us Richard will get some steps in early. I've increased my walking to three miles three times a week and two miles on alternate days. 

I've been enjoying seeing everything in my yard grow and bloom. Wednesday I ...

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April 22, 2020
Tane Mahuta from Romany Quilting

Inspired by the Tiny Tree stitch-along by Temecula Quilt Co  the idea for this project evolved and grew.  Using two New Zealand batik designs, kowhai tree and ferns, I decided to make the blocks a little bigger.  And instead of stitching the multiple block designs which were offered in the stitch-along, I decided on pinwheel blocks only.

Tane Mahuta

The tree section was free motion quilted in large stipple, and what a time I had.  Because I do FMQ irregularly, it takes me a while to work out what to do, usually after a spate of nothing much happening because ...

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January 22, 2020
Wordless Wednesday from Allen Quilts

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December 14, 2019
Christmas 2019: A TREE from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories

I have not been doing much crafting. Or sewing. Or quilting. However, before leaving for Disney I made a couple of decorations for the tree. They are simply strings of large beads on a very thin wire. I added skinny ribbon to hang them on the branches. 

I really like them. They aren't showy like most ornaments, but they are pretty. I hung each one on a branch so that it dangles freely any time the tree moves, which is when the tykes are here. That's been a few days in the last two weeks.

At nap time ...

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October 9, 2019
Carrying it Over from Romany Quilting

This week I’ve decided to carry over my “roll of the dice” project, number 5, machine quilting my Christmas Mystery Quilt.  Somehow or other last week I pulled a muscle/strained my  side so couldn’t spend much time at the sewing machine.  Felt so sore I even resorted to a “nana nap” or two in the afternoons, and I always think I’m not nearly old enough to do this!  But the pain has eased a lot now when I move, although it hasn’t gone completely I’m sure I’ll be right very soon. 

Slowly machine ...

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September 19, 2019
Temenos or Sacred space from Sew Sunshine

"Tremenos" - a greek word
Meaning - temenos (plural temenoi or temene) A piece of land marked off from common uses and assigned as an official domain, especially to a king, chief, or god. A sacred circle where one can be oneself without fear.
This is a Bee quilt. My Beemates were given strange pieces of fabric I cut from sari underskirts.  My sister helped to care for a lady and when she died there were a few leftover saris that her children didn't want and several cotton colored underskirts she had made herself. I really liked the idea of using ...

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December 31, 2016
Pixel color inspiration from ART GIRL

I was looking for a photo and when I cropped it and zoomed in I saw these pixels in the top corner - the original picture was a photo with colorful trees in the background. I've thought about this idea off and on for several years- find pretty, interesting pixel groups in my photographs, then make quilts based on the color groupings or use the color palette as a starter for a painting.

The above square was taken from a small portion of this:

Which was taken from a small portion of this tree photo:

Think of all the possibilities ...

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