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June 9, 2019
Sunday Quilt Inspiration: Stacked Quilts from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories

I have a board, titled "Stacked Quilts," which is I created for pinning the myriad ways that people have found to display and store their quilt collections. Trunks, chairs, armoires, cabinets, baskets, quilt hangers, ladders and many more. Here are a few interesting ones. 

ladders on wall

Quilts cabinet:  I WANT ONE!!!! :-D

Tour Lisa Bongean's Home, Studio, and Warehouse |

Sue Daurio's Quilting Adventures: May was a great month, now lets see what June has in store for us

love black & white quilts - a reference to vintage aesthetics while the simple color palette allows them to fit in seamlessly with modern piecesLove

Quilt storage idea - baby changing table

Quilt top storage, via Flickr.

Adore this idea for storing and displaying quilts - where can I get one? :) #whimziequiltz

The Painted Quiltfaded quilts...The top one is on my bed right now...Not faded though!!

Don't these pictures of quilts piled and stacked and displayed give you the urge to go make a quilt? What's your favorite way to store or display your quilts?

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January 25, 2019
Can I Get A Whoop Whoop? A Week of Finishes! from Confessions of a Fabric Addict

Hi, all!

It seems like most of the country has been in the grips of a cold snap this week, and we all know what that means - more time for sewing!  And since it's Friday, that means it's time for us to get our whoop whoop on!  Are you ready?  Let's get started!


I'm not very fond of cold weather, so staying snugged up in my nice warm studio is my idea of fun!  And I had a lot of fun this week, finishing up some projects both old and new.  

quilted these two tops ...

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October 29, 2018
Sunday Quilt Inspiration: pegboards from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories

Since last week's organization ideas were so popular, I thought I'd add a few more. This one is all about pegboards. Here's hoping your craft studio finds a peg board or two.

Creative storage inspiration is anything but in short supply with this collection of 21 Ways to Easily Organize your Craft Room or Workshop. Not only will you have a place for all your supplies, it’ll look great too!When I was planning my new sewing room I spent rather a lot of time browsing the internet looking for ideas, particularly for storage. I came across a post on Honeybear Lane about how to make a lar…

Stephanie's Sewing Set-up, Pegboard to the rescue!

 Pegboard Sewing Supply Storage | $100 Craft & Sewing Room Makeover | DIY Home Decor | Budget Decorating | $100 Room Challenge

Extra large pegboard for sewing tools.  Make it easier by buying frames instead of building but either way a great idea for organizing tools and making them handy!

My Sewing Room - Pegboard from Block Designs; Clock and frame from Habitat; Thread rack from Amazon

Gueessss what? Peg board wall is done and on the blog!!!! I love it so much. Like LOVE. Like kind of mad I didn't do it like 3 years ago! And while you are there-- check out the 25 other awesome craft rooms! I'm sharing a few of my favorites in my Instagram stories!

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October 22, 2018
Sunday Quilt Inspiration: studio organization from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories

While beautiful and fun, these organization ideas won't break the bank!

Like the book shelves along the wall...and the sewing station.

Any kind of furniture with drawers: dressers, file cabinets, desks. If it has drawers, it will make a great piece to add to your space.
Cutting Table (Dresser side) and Design Wall | Flickr - Photo Sharing!Flat storage drawers for fabric. Great space!

Drawer units can be extremely useful when you need to keep your small things stored in one place where you can easily find them. ALEX has 6 drawers, castors and a white finished back, so that you can move it from room to room and still look good.

ikea helmer hack with rifle paper on drawersStationary cutting table with self-healing cutting top and storage drawers underneath  [La Bella Vie]

You don't need drawers  - this is so much better

Furniture with shelves can hold a multitude of items: fabric, books and mags, baskets and boxes, tools. If you find a bookshelf, snap it up, paint it and voila! fabulous storage.

Check out this colorful and organized craft room makeover with a giant pegboard and get inspired by dozens more craft rooms!I love seeing Artists stuff cupboards to the gills with supplies and their favorite things

Don't forget cubbies!

Who doesn't love rolling storage? Or storage for rolls?

How to choose machine embroidery stabilizers by Nancy Zieman | Sewing With NancyLove the idea of having an ironing board on wheels; this would be perfect in the sewing room.

Craft Closet and Rolling Craft Cart: this is absolutely brilliant! I think I even have one of these old sewing tables in the basement. Ahhhhh! so perfect.Vinyl Storage Solution for Small Spaces (And First Look at My New Craft Room) - Silhouette School

10 Craft Room Pegboard Organization Ideas | Love the color combination!

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May 23, 2018
I May Have a Scrap Problem... Leftover Binding! from Confessions of a Fabric Addict

Hi, all!

I definitely have a scrap problem this week - my scrap bucket is starting to overflow, but no time to deal with it as I work hard on the end of Hands2Help!  But I did do a little clean-up today putting away binding scraps, so I thought I'd share my process with you!

I started with some leftover binding, and added my tools - something to measure with, post-it notes, a pencil, and some short straight pins!

Step one:  measure that binding scrap!  (Duh!)  This isn't rocket science, you just want a general length.  I usually round down ...

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March 20, 2018
Clear View. from Sunburnt Quilts

Still not a lot happening here in the way of finishes. This little clear view pouch is the only offering. It was part of a kit from a stitching day with Gail Pan last  year. It did have an embroidery to go on the fabric side, but I am keeping that for another purpose.

I am collecting a lot of small pieces from both wool and felt projects and want several of these pouches to use for storage. So, more to come.

Another project that is very time consuming is the McKenna Ryan quilt I am working on. I have ...

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March 5, 2018
Sunday Quilt Inspiration: Ladders from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories

I know I'm stretching this a bit, but I love old ladders for storing or hanging quilts. So today I'm hoping to inspire you with some beautiful quilts on a few ladders.

I spent time arranging my oldest quilts on my ladder yesterday. Our foyer is two stories tall and has the stairway in it. I was able to tilt the ten foot ladder towards the first landing to place t…

Decorating With Quilts: I love this idea! I have an antique small ladder I used to put towels on in guest bathroom. I have a beautiful quilt rack my father-in-law made for us, but this is another option on a small bedroom wall. Read More at:

Simple design, basic power tools, and a few boards help you make this great quilt rack. You can hang as many as four quilts on the rungs of this graceful rack. The design of this ladder-style quilt r...Displaying quilts on old wooden ladders. Wide rail.. better for old quilts.

Image result for decorating with quilts on the wall

Swinging-Arm Quilt RackA quilt ladder that hubby built for me has some festive quilts on it. #24daysofchristmasfromourhousetoyours2016  check out @yellowfarmhouse @myrty50 @sfeigner @basketnut1 @cfander8

I really like the idea in the picture above on  the right. The rungs swivel so that hanging the quilts is easy and each rung can be set so that all the quilts can be seen.

Great display idea ...found on yellowfarmhousetypepad

vintage store display ideas - Google Search

An Inspired, Bohemian Home in the California Desert | Design*SpongeElämää villa honkasalossa

Some ideas for ladders include 
  • old bunk bed, half of an old wooden step ladder
  • a wooden single-side ladder
  • turning a step ladder into a shelf by adding boards across ...

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February 21, 2018
Thinking ahead! from Crazy Quilter on a Bike!

I didn't get a lot of sewing or quilting done yesterday. I'm going to have to rejig my schedule a wee bit in order to not lose that quilting/sewing time.

I'm doing the 60-day challenge at the gym with the intention of losing 10 pounds of FAT!  Every Tuesday, there's a class to introduce us to different classes at the gym. Yesterday was bodyweight training. Simple exercises that didn't require any equipment, but I was dead at the end! A very effective workout that you could do anywhere or only do part of them ...

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February 15, 2018
Name tag and Studio Pics from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories

I made a quick name tag to wear at our monthly guild meetings. I've escaped having to do that for several years because I was rarely able to attend. 

Now that I can attend every month and am president, I need to set a good example. Am I right? Besides there's a $1 fine every time I show up without a name tag. That was also okay but, let's face it, the fines will begin to add up now.

I've joined several sewing/quilting groups on Facebook recently. One of them is all about craft rooms ...

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February 7, 2018
I May Have A Scrap Problem...But I'm Working On It! from Confessions of a Fabric Addict

Hi, all!

have to say, my February Scrap Attack goal has really got my cutting mojo going!   I spent the last week cutting up scraps all the time, it seems.  

I got started with this bag, which contained a lot of the remains from some of the last few t-shirt quilts I've made...

...and started cutting the largest pieces I could from the remains.  I used either my 20" wide template or my 15" wide template, and cut either full or partial squares, depending on the size of the t-shirt.  Most of my blocks ended up being 15 ...

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January 29, 2018
Storage in the Studio {scour and scrub} from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories

I've wanted to do a little cleaning in the studio for a while now. The problems of stuff piled and stacked in every inch of real estate overwhelms me. Additionally, there are things that simply do not belong in the studio. Period.

The new cabinet the middle part
with drawers is what we started with.

I started working on the problems a few weeks ago when I asked Richard to help me. Now, Richard is one of those people who is patient and loving and truly wants to help. Now. Right NOW.

After painting, there's lots of storage ...

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January 15, 2018
Tiny Dresden Party week 2 from Ellyn's Place

The tiny dresden party continues over on Instagram! I shared my week one finishes here. I was having so much fun making embellished hoops I decided to keep on making them! Two more finished for week two....
As before, my dresdens are smaller than 5 inches. I love adding chain stitch and sequins...
And this one has an aqua sequined center and tiny black beads at the dresden points...
All of the colorful sequins and tiny beads were creating a mess in my studio. Not that I'm a neat-nick or anything (confession, I'm NOT) but they were making ...

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November 2, 2017
Pin It Weekly #220 from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories

What's happening on your Pinterest?  

30's Diamond Scrap QuiltVintage Antique ~ Jade Diamond Mountains ~ Quilt Top ~ Hand Stitched 77 X 68, eBay, ladybuggs1965

Love the old quilts that are somewhat faded and show that they were used and loved.

Vintage-30s-FARMHOUSE-Cottage-Feedsack-Broken-Dishes-QUILT-Pastel-Peach-GreenGrandmothers Flower Garden Quilt Vintage Flour Sack Fabrics

yellow Irish chain variation from Land's End

I've been too busy writing to do much pinning, but I have pinned a few vintage quilts to my "heart, quilts" board.  A few other folks have been pinning some interesting photos, however. Check out what Lou Cariveau pinned to her boards

fun little Norwegian gnomes
Image detail for -Nyform Trolls, Dancing Trolls, Troll Figurines, Scandinavian Trolls

Baba Jaga. Love his nose

and some pretty aprons
reversible pillowcase apronFloral Cobbler Apron

Repurpose and upcycle a vintage coat rack.  Use it to display a vintage linen collection.  I would paint it pink, white or green. Hang jewelry???

and these smart sewing room organizational ideas

great storage for craft roomRibbon spool organizer ~ take it further for my collection, drill holes in a lazy susan and mount the dowels.

My My 99cent store knockoff Rubbermaid-lovin heart is all a-flutter for this ORGANIZED wall!  #office

This last one is my favorite (can we say "Mary likes vintage"?
Where Women Create & Where Women Cook studio

Thanks, Lou, for your pins! 
And now, dear reader, what have you been pinning lately?

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September 13, 2017
Back to School Sewing- Open Wide Pencil Bag Tutorial from Art Gallery Fabrics-The Creative Blog

Hi Everyone, 

School is back in full swing and I hope you are all ready for a great new school year. To help with the transition from summer to class room fun we created a fun back to school tutorial. The Open Wide Pencil Bag  makes a perfect gift for anybody going back to school or who has a lot of crafty supplies to store and tote around with them. We made our pencil bag with Joyful Fusions fabric by AGF and added fun applique elements and decorative stitches. This fun fabric mixed with Bernina's fun stitches is a ...

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March 22, 2017
My Stash Storage from Seacoast Quilter

Happy Wednesday,

After posting about my sewing stash storage several of my local friends asked about it. And I just happened to get new boxes, and a new fabric line in the last couple days. So I thought I'd share photos.

Here is the fabric that came, called Bally Hall by designer Di Ford-Hall. I bought a bundle with a yard of each of the large bird prints and fat quarters of the rest, from Reproduction Fabrics. As you can see it has a lovely color palette and is dated mid-nineteenth century. I don't know what I'll ...

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June 24, 2015
Fabric Storage from Cottage Quilt Studio

I love to walk into my studio and see all of the beautiful fabrics on the shelves. However, I do not like to fold them and try to keep them neat and organized when they are folded.

I never seem to fold them the same size….so I decide to invest in some Polar Notions fabric boards. They are so easy to use and keep the fabric on display, neat and organized. I have gotten up to 10 yards on 1 board or as little as a yard. I have 100 of these boards and need to order 200-300 more ...

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October 29, 2014
Studio update – new spool racks from Blue Square Quilting

My sister is my blog’s biggest fan and has been giving me a hard time for not posting anything since June. She is right of course. So this one if for you, Frédérique !

If you have been following this blog for a while, you know that I do all my work in my converted attic. An attic has obvious challenges in terms of storage, mainly due to the lack of straight walls. Over the last couple of years, I have accumulated a large number of big thread spools that I stored in plastic containers. And because they were stored ...

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